Breaking Lance


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Chapter 9 - Lance meets his dead father.

Vince stood at the mantlepiece looking at Anthony's picture, he was sobbing now, he hadn't cried like that for five years since Anthony passed away. He couldn't understand it, how could Lance have gotten to him like that? Why didn't he see what was happening?

Vince was a crisis point, he'd been holding on the love he had for Anthony all this time, never wanting it to slip away, never wanting anything to replace that special relationship they had. Then Lance came along and threatened it by saying I love you. At that moment Vince felt like he was cheating on Anthony, not because of what Lance said, but because he'd allowed thoughts of his beloved Anthony to slip from his mind. Lance had caused him to forget, that scared him.

He headed upstairs and took a shower, it didn't help, he couldn't get the images of what he and Lance did together. After getting dressed he sat in the garden with a hot drink, it was the same there, images of Lance mowing the lawn naked and erect kept haunting him. He headed back inside and looked at the cellar door, he knew going down there would be the same. It was upsetting him more and more, it always used to be fond memories of him and Anthony but now Lance was dominating his thoughts.

He decided to do some housework and try to get his mind off the boy when he came across the video camera they used on the first night. When he pressed play it resumed from the point where Vince first fucked Lance, Rob had captured the moment when Lance blew his load as Vince first penetrated him. His cock stirred as he watched. Rob did a close up of Lance's face as Vince pounded his ass and he looked straight at the camera, his heart skipped.

He snapped the camera shut and grabbed the car keys but before leaving he took one last look at Anthony's picture before he removed it from the mantlepiece and placed in a drawer.

The moment Vince saw Lance look at the camera he knew it was meant to be, he knew he was in love and he knew it was time to move on. Five years is more than long enough to grieve for someone. Here was a chance to find the happiness he once shared with Anthony but now he was terrified that he'd blown it. He had to find Lance fast.

* * *

Lance was feeling drained as he reached his house, he just needed to sleep, hopefully he'd feel better when he woke up. However when he walked into the hallway he saw several suitcases. He called out and his mother shouted from upstairs.

"Where have you been? I've been trying to reach you all weekend!" Shouted his mother as she came bounding down the stairs. She was a large woman at 180 pounds and waddled more than walked. Despite her weight though she was still very attractive and had no problem finding boyfriends.

"I've been with friends, what's with the suitcases?"

"What friends?" She asked suspiciously.

"Just friends. Mom why are there suitcases in the hall?" He asked again not wanting to tell her he'd been fucked for the first time.

"I've been trying to get you all weekend," she repeated as she headed to the kitchen, Lance followed, "Oh and did you take the rent money?"

Lance had forgotten about that so he dished her the money from his pocket. "Yeah, sorry, I just needed to borrow it," he said sheepishly.

She looked at him a little stunned, "Well it's no matter anyway, We're leaving."

"What? No! Not again, you can't keep doing this to me. I've made new friends here and I'm damned if I'm going to keep following you round the country!" He shouted in frustration.

"Lance you have to come," she said with an urgency in her voice he hadn't heard before.

"Why? You did this last time, you've fallen out with Andy haven't you. Did he hit you?"

"No, it's not Andy, although the little weasel can go and rot in hell for I care."

Although Lance didn't like Andy and Andy didn't like him his mother was besotted with him so to hear her say that was a bit of a surprise.

"Well if it ain't Andy what the fuck is it? Mom I'm fed up with this moving around, I ain't going anywhere until you tell me what the fuck is going on!" Lance was getting irate now.

She shook her head, "You're right," she said putting her head in her hands, "it's time I told you the truth."

"Truth? What are you talking about?"

"It's your father," She started.

"My father? He's dead, what's he got to do with this"

"He's not dead."

"What! But you said.."

"I know what I told you, I only did that to protect you."

"Protect me! What the fuck are you talking about?" Lance shouted.

"Look I know you're upset."

"Upset? UPSET? How the fuck do you think I feel now?! You've lied to me for the past ten years!" Lance rants. "What lame fucking reason do you have for telling me he's dead?!"

"Because he's a murderer," she said.

Lance suddenly felt like he'd been hit by a truck, "A m-m-murderer?" he sat down opposite his mother in a daze.

"Ten years ago your father caught me with another man, he went berserk but the man managed to escape. Your father tracked him down though and the man was found dead the next day, your father got life for his murder. He was on his way back to get me and you when the police caught up with him." She explained.

Lance looked at the her in disbelief, "Are you taking the piss?"

"Lance please, that wasn't the only thing. He used to abuse you, he regularly beat you, have you forgotten."

"No! You're lying, he never laid a hand on me, he loved me, he wouldn't do that!"

"Look we don't have much time."

"Why are you lying to me? Why do we have to move again?"

"Because he got an early release from prison two weeks ago, he's trying to find us," she replied.

They heard the front door close, "Did you lock the door when you come in?" She asked suddenly very fearful. Lance didn't say a word as they heard footsteps approach the kitchen.

"Lance, look at you, all grown up," A voice says behind him. Lance spun round and saw a tall scrawny man standing in the doorway. His clothes were shabby and dirty, his hair was a mess and he'd got a weeks worth of growth on his chin.

"Dad?" Lance asked.

* * *

Vince drove aimlessly, he had no idea where Lance lived, who would know? Robert, he introduced them he might just know. Vince dialled his number.

"Robert were does Lance live?" He asked before Rob could speak.

"Vince, nice to hear from you too, yes I'm well, thanks for asking," Robert replied sarcastically.

"Very funny, look I really need to know where he lives, " Vince pressed.

"You sound stressed, what happened?" Robert asked.

"Please Robert, just tell me where he lives," Vince asked again getting irate.

"I'm not telling you anything until you calm down, are you driving?"


"Come and get me, I'll show you and we can talk about it in the car," Robert suggested.

"Ok I'll be there in ten minutes." Vince hung up and swung the car in a U turn hard causing the tires to screech.

* * *

"Roger please leave us alone," Lance's mother begged.

"Leave you alone? What the fuck do you think I've been doing for the last ten years! I've been stuck in that hell hole and not once did you come to visit! I've missed my boy, I just want to get to know him," Roger said as he walked up to Lance and stroked his hair.

His touch was like a trigger, suddenly memories came flooding back, the nice loving gently father he remembered was gone, instead replaced by memories of regular beatings and abuse. He remembered this mans temper and drunken rages and how Lance would often be on the receiving end of them. Lance quickly stood up and backed away in fear.

Roger looked back, hurt in his eyes that quickly turned to rage, "What have you done to him? He's my son, he shouldn't be afraid of me! You fucking bitch! You whore! You're the cause of all this."

Roger flew at Lance's mother grabbing her by the throat and despite his scrawny appearance lifted her out of the chair. Lance panicked and jumped on his father's back to pull him off, Roger landed a lucky blow with his elbow into Lance's stomach knocking the wind out of him. His mother was trying to scream but Roger's grip was suffocating her. Lance quickly jumped on his father again but this time Roger spun round and head butted him breaking his nose and causing it to burst open with blood pouring out.

Roger let go of Lance's mother and grabbed hold of Lance flinging him across the kitchen, his rage giving him incredible strength. Lance hit the counter hard and felt something snap in his right arm. The pain didn't have time to register as he fell to the floor and Roger literally put the boot in. Using his steel capped boots he kicked Lance hard, in the head and chest. Lance screamed out, only vaguely aware of his mother trying to stop Roger. He held out his left arm to try and stop the kicks only to have it smashed against the kitchen cupboard. Roger didn't stop, his rage in full fury, and as he placed a blow to Lance's head he blacked out.

* * *

Vince pulled up at Robert's and was about to get out when Robert and Nathan came out of the house.

"So come on, spill the beans," Nathan said as he climbed in the back seat.

"Where are we going?" Vince asked.

"Woodside," Robert replied as he climbed in the front, he only just had time to close the door when Vince slammed his foot on the accelerator.

"Whoa! I think someone has the hots real bad for Lance," Nathan said. "Come on Vince tell us what happened?"

"It turns out Lance is gay and a natural sub, we had a lot of fun yesterday and we kind of got to know each other quite well, he really took to being a slave," Vince started, "This morning he said something that got me scared."

"He said he loved you," Nathan piped in, Vince felt irked by his intuition.


"So what's the problem?" Robert asked.

"I kicked him out," Vince replied.

"You kicked him out? Why?" Robert pressed.

"Because I got scared, I still haven't got over losing Anthony, I though that Lance was a threat to the love I still have for him."

"But Anthony's dead, you have to move on, Christ know we've been saying this for the last five years," Nathan said.

"I know, I know, but the thing is after Lance left I couldn't get him out of my head and I suddenly realised you guys are right, I do need to move on."

"Oh my God you're in love with him!" Nathan announced.

"Yes I am."

"Oh Vince, that's wonderful, I'm so happy for you," Robert rejoiced.

"I just hope I haven't blown it," Vince added.

"We'll soon find out," Robert said. "It's next left then number 23."

* * *

Lance came to and saw his mother lying on the kitchen floor, he could hear someone knocking on the front door. Looking up he saw Roger crouching down behind the kitchen units. Lance tried to move but he couldn't and the pain hit him, he screamed. Roger rushed over and hit him hard across the head and Lance blacked out again.

* * *

Vince had knocked the door and was about to leave when he heard the scream. Trying the door he found it unlocked so he cautiously opened it and saw the luggage in the hallway. Vince's army training kicked in and he slowly made his way down the hall keeping an eye on all possible exits. When he reached the kitchen door he peeked round slowly. First he saw a large woman lying motionless on the floor, as he moved further in he saw Lance, the sight shocked him, he was covered in blood and his mouth and eye's were swollen. He panted to rush over and help him but he knew the attacker could still be around, he cautiously moved in when a figure rushed him. Vince's army instinct kicked in and spinning round caught the attacker off guard sending him flying past. Vince landed a blow to his back and the attacker smashed against the wall.

Vince regrouped and looked at his attacker as the assailant got up, he time he noticed he had a knife. Roger lunged for him but Vince deftly stepped aside, as Roger's hand passed in front of him Vince grabbed and twisted it causing the knife to fall out and sent Roger flying through the air, landing on his back. Vince quickly stepped over him and with one hard blow knocked him unconscious.

Knowing that Roger could come to at any moment he looked round the kitchen and found a ball of string, good enough for his needs he tied Roger making sure he wouldn't be able to escape.

He checked Lance, he needed a hospital. He checked his mother, she wasn't breathing. Vince pulled out his phone and called the police.

Robert and Nathan were waiting patiently in the car when they suddenly saw Vince carrying Lance out of the house, they were shocked when the saw the condition that Lance was in.

"Nathan get out the car," Vince ordered, Nathan did so and Vince lay Lance on the back seat.

"Get him to the hospital, I'll be along later," Vince said handing his keys to Nathan.

"What happened?" Robert asked.

"I'll explain later but I need to stay here until the police arrive," Vince replied, "Now go!"

With that Robert and Nathan sped off.

* * *

Lance woke slowly, everything was blurry but he knew this wasn't a room he recognised.

"He's waking up," it was a familiar voice.

"I'll go and get him," another familiar voice.

He could make out the shape of a person leaving the room, he blinked a few times and things started to seem a little clearer.

"Hey trouble how you feeling?" the first voice says.

He looks at the person speaking but he still can't make his features, "Like thuckin' thit." He replied groggily.

His words sounded strange, licking his lips he realised they were swollen. Lance blinked a few times more and was finally able to recognise Robert.

"What are you doing here? And where is here?"

"You're in hospital, you was badly beaten," Robert informed him.

It all came flooding back, he looked down and saw both his arms in plaster and his chest covered in bandages. "God he really did a numder on me," he said, then suddenly remembers seeing his mother on the kitchen floor, "Thuck! My Mom! Where's my mom?"

Just then two police women entered the room.

"If you can give us a moment Mr Frink," the one officer said.

Robert left and one of the officers sat next to his bed.

"Lance Southall, is that your name?" She asked.

"Yeth that's me, where's my mom?"

The officers looked at each other, Lance can tell there's something wrong.

"I'm officer Bryant and this is officer Cole, we'd like to ask you a few questions if we may?" Bryant asked.

"Not until you tell me were my Mom is!" he shouted, Suddenly pain shot through his body and he cried out flinging his head back on the pillow.

"Get a nurse," Bryant said to Cole.

Lance was gritting his teeth hard, the pain unbearable, just as a nurse entered the room.

"Hello Lance, glad to see you're awake, I'm just going to give you something for the pain," he said.

Hurry the fuck up! He thought. The nurse pulled back the bedclothes to administer an injection in his leg. To his horror he realised he was naked apart from his bandaged chest and dressings, the officers and nurse could clearly see his genitals and the fact he was shaved. He felt the needle enter his leg and the pain slowly subside. Embarrassment hit him from his nudity.

"Well someone likes to keep trim," the nurse said patting him on the leg before covering him back up. Lance coloured up a bright red.

"Mr Southall, can you tell us in your own words what happened yesterday?"

"Yesterday? How long hab I been out?" Lance asked shocked.

"You were bought in yesterday by Mr Frink, Please Mr Southall we need to hear from you exactly what happened." Bryant pressed.

"I told you I'm not thaying anything till I know my mother is ok," he insisted.

The officers looked at each other again and Cole nodded to her partner. Lance was fearing the worst.

"I'm sorry to say that your mother is dead."

Those words hit like a ton of bricks, "No! You're lying! She can't be," he remembered seeing her lying motionless on the floor, tears welled up in his eyes, "No please thay it isn't true.

"I'm afraid it is."

Lance threw his head back into the pillow and howled, it seemed like his whole world had fallen apart. He started sobbing, almost hyperventilating. Bryant told Cole to see if he was allowed anything to drink.

"You've just had a bad shock so try and take a deep breath and breathe slowly."

Lance followed her instructions and he began to calm down. Soon he was breathing better, still sobbing but now able to speak. Cole returned with a carton of orange juice and a straw. Holding his up to his lips he took a few sips.

"Do you think you're ok to talk about what happened?" Bryant asked.

Lanced nodded then proceeded to tell the officers all that happened.

"That'th all I can remember," he said after getting to the point where he blacked out for the second time.

"You'll be please to know your father has been arrested and is in custody. You're very luck Mr Tranter came along when he did," Bryant said. Lance looked at them confused, he never knew Vince's surname so Lance had no idea who Mr Tranter was. "We'll send him in shortly, he wants to speak to you."

The officers stood up, "Is there anyone we can call for you? Grandparents? Uncles? Aunts?" Bryant asked.

"No, Mom was an only child and her parents died a long time ago." Lance explained.

"Is there no one at all you can think of? You're going to need someone to help care for you for the next few weeks," Bryant asked. Lance immediately thought of Vince but dismissed the thought almost as quick, Vince made it clear he wasn't welcome. Maybe Rob, maybe he would help. "Have a think about it, I'm sure someone will come to mind."

The officers left and Lance closed his eyes, he was tired and in grief, he wished dearly that Vince could be there, he would know what to do. Tears trickle down his cheeks.

* * *

Vince was waiting outside Lance's room when the officer came out. "How is he?" Vince asked concerned.

"He's just had a bad shock hearing about his mother, he's very upset," Bryant informed him.

"He's going to need someone to help care for him over the next few weeks, do you know anyone?" She asked.

"Yes, he's going to come and stay with me," Vince informed her.

"Thanks for your help Mr Tranter, we may need to ask you some more questions later, do we have a way to contact you?" Cole asked.

"Yes I gave my details to the officer at the scene," Vince replied.

"Good, you can go in now," Cole said as she walked away.

Vince quickly entered the room and saw Lance lying in the hospital bed, both is eyes and lips swollen and black from his beating. He sat on the stool next to Lance's bed and placed his hand on the boy's leg. Lance opened his eyes and took a short breath when he saw Vince's handsome face smiling back at him. Tears filled his eyes and he started to cry, he was overjoyed to see Vince again but his emotions overwhelmed him as he broke down.

Vince leaned forward and kissed him on the forehead, "You're going to be ok, I'm going to make sure of that," He said in a soft soothing voice.

Vince stayed like that, his lips against Lance's forehead while he cried, stroking his leg, he wanted to hold him tight but the boy was far to fragile to touch at the moment.

"Why are you here?" Lance eventually was able to say.

Vince considered giving him a full explanation but instead he just said, "Because I love you."

A huge smile spread across Lance's face, "When did you realise?" he asked.

"After you left, I couldn't get you out of my mind, I'm so sorry Lance, I was horrible to you yesterday and if I hadn't kicked you out none of this would ever have happened, it's all my fault." Vince replied tears filling his eyes.

"No it's not your fault," Lance replied "you wasn't to know."

"Well I'm glad I found you when I did."

"That was you?"

Vince explained what happened, "You're my hero," Lance said smiling. Vince smiled back and squeezed his leg.

Just then the nurse came back in with the doctor.

"Good morning Mr Southall," The doctor said. A stout Asian man in is mid fifties, going bald and a belly that betrayed his love for food. "I'm glad you're awake, how are you feeling?"

"I've felt better," Lance joked."

"Well at least you still have a sense of humour," the doctor replied, "I can tell you that you've got two broken arms, four broken ribs, a fracture to your jaw and a lot of bruising. We're going to keep you in overnight to keep an eye on you and make sure there isn't anything else we may have missed. All being well you should be able to go home tomorrow."

All the while the nurse was checking Lance's temperature and pulse. Lance looked at him and the nurse winked. He was very handsome, tall and slim and very blond. Lance thought he looked like a surfer. The nurse winked again before they both left.

"How would you like to come and live with me? Even if it doesn't work out between us I could use some company, I've been on my own for too long." Vince said.

Lance's eyes widened, "Really? You want me to live with you?"

"Yeah, what do you say?"

"Does that mean I get to be your full time slave?"

"If that's what you want."

"You bet that's what I want, yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!" Lance shouted causing pain in his chest, "Ow!"

"Careful, don't go getting so excited."

"How can I not? I'm going to live with the fella I love."

They looked at each other smiling for what seemed like an age until the nurse cam back in.

"Visiting times over I'm afraid," He said as he checked Lance's pulse again.

Vince stood, "I'll be back in the morning to collect you, sleep well," he said, he gave Lance a squeeze on his leg and left.

The nurse took Lance's temperature again and checked the dressings, that was when Lance got an itch, a bad one.

Lance tried to move his arms but he couldn't get them anywhere near his itch.

"Everything alright?" the nurse asked seeing him trying to move.

"No I got an itch." Lance said without thinking.


Lance coloured up, "Er, well it's um..."

"Your pubes?" Lance went an even brighter red as the nurse pulled back the bedclothes. "The problem with shaving is they always itch when they grow back," he said and began to scratch at his growing pubes.

Lance groaned at the relief but then to his dismay he began to stiffen.

"Er, sorry," Lance said blushing again.

The nurse laughed, "Don't worry, I'd get an erection if someone touched me down there," he said, "Tell you what why don't I shave them again for you, that way they won't itch for another couple of days."

Lance didn't even get a chance to reply before he nurse exited the room leaving Lance exposed, he groaned when he saw the nurse had even left the door open too. Anyone passing could see him lying half naked with a full erection. Fortunately the nurse returned fairly quickly with some shaving foam and a razor and locked the door behind him.

He wasted no time in applying the foam and rubbing it in. Lance enjoyed the sensation. The nurse then lifted up his very hard cock with one hand and began shaving his pubic region. Lance closed his eyes, he soon realised however that as the nurse was shaving him he was also wanking him. Lance was astounded that the nurse was giving him a hand job! Lance groaned and pushed his head into the pillow.

Soon the nurse had finished shaving him and wiped the excess foam away with a cloth, all the time keeping hold of Lance's cock and slowly wanking him.

"How does that feel?" the nurse asked as he stroked the smooth skin.

"Wonderful" Lance replied not sure if he meant the pubes or him being wanked.

Suddenly he felt something warm over the end of his cock and looked down to see it disappear into the nurses mouth. Lance threw his head back again, he couldn't believe it, he was getting a blow job from a male nurse, he groaned when he felt it slip into the nurses throat. Lance could feel his orgasm brewing as the nurse deep throated him.

"Oh God I'm gonna cum!" Lance announced, the nurse sucked more aggressively.

Lance let out a long high pitched groan as his cock erupted into the nurse's mouth and the nurse swallowed all that Lance had to offer.

"Feel better?" the nurse asked pulling off Lance's now spent cock.

"Fuck yeah! Thanks."

"My pleasure," the nurse smiled, he wiped down Lance's cock then covered him back up."I'll be back to check on you later."

Lance closed his eyes, now exhausted, then suddenly he realised he would be attending his mother's funeral soon. Tears welled up and and he cried himself to sleep.