Dogslave training

This story, which is entirely fictional, contains dog training and full toilet training between two or more men. If you are not into this, don't read on.

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By Lewis.

Chapter One

The dogslave sat on on the floor in front of its Master doggy-style, a couple of feet away from His black leather boots. It had known its Master for six months and had been to His house almost every weekend during that time for the dog training it had so craved since it was old enough to remember. The previous week Master had given the dogslave an envelope after the weekend of training was over and told it to think about it and bring it back with it the following week. Once the dogslave got home it quickly opened the letter and found a note and a slave contract typed up inside:


Over the last few months I have enjiyed training you as My dogslave very much and find that weekends are no longer enough. I want to fully own you. If you sign this contract, lasting 5 years, you will become My property. You will quit your job and live as My slave 24/7/365. Sign the contract and bring it with you next week if this is also what you want.

Dogslave contract:

  1. Dogslave does not own anything. All its money and property will belong to its Master.

  2. Dogslave will no longer communicate to its friends/family.

  3. Dogslave will follow all of Master's commands instantly

  4. The dogslave must submit sexually both to its Master and any of Master's friends any time they wish to use it.

  5. The dogslave will remain on all fours, at boot level, all of the time. It will not be allowed on furniture or in Master's bed, unless it is explicitly stated this behaviour is allowed.

  6. The dogslave will piss and shit only when ordered to by Master. It will always piss and shit outside like the dog it is.

  7. The dogslave will eat and drink whatever it is given. It will either eat out of its dog bowl or directly from the floor. The dogslave must completely empty the contents of it bowl/clean the floor entirely, with its mouth.

  8. The dogslave will undergo toilet training such that it will become a full toilet slave for its Master and all of its Master's friends.

  9. The dogslave must never stimulate itself without the express permission of the Master.

  10. The dogslave will be completely naked at all times apart from its dog collar which will be locked on.

  11. The dogslave's body may be altered in any way the Master desires. This includes tattooing, piercing etc.

  12. The dogslave will follow all rules immediately or will be disciplined hard by use of the whip, extended periods of chastity/bondage or any other methods the Master may consider.



After reading the contract, dogslave's cock with throbbing and oozing large amounts of pre cum, such that a wet patch was forming on his jeans. It grabbed the nearest pen and signed. A week later it was sitting doggy style in front of its new Master.

Master's muscled arms held two objects: a leather 2” lockable dog collar and a thick metal leash. He took a step towards the dogslave in front of Him.

“Once this dog collar is locked on, it symbolises that I own you boy,” Master drawled in His gorgeous Southern American accent. He bent down, buckled the collar around His dogslave's thick neck and then locked it in place with a small brash padlock. Next He clipped on the leash. Underneath the Master's leather chaps His massive 8.5” dick was also hard as a rock and dripping. He unzipped the fly and pulled out His thick cock. It jutted out from underneath His toned abs at a 45 degree angle. He tugged slightly on the leash.

“Suck!” The Master commanded.

The dogslave instantly got onto all fours and ran the short way over to its Master's cock. Thedogslave took the giant tool fully into its mouth as it had been trained to do, and the Master could see His dogslave's throat bulge as it struggled to accommodate His cock head. The dogslave caressed the cock head with its throat muscles and felt warm pre cum slide down its neck. It pulled back and began to worship its Master cock with its mouth, sucking gently, tonguing its Master's piss slit and then deep-throating Him again.

At 23 years old, Master Andy could last a long time before He had to cum, and He fully intended to make the dogslave wait for that great honour. For a full hour the dogslave sucked and licked its Master's dick. It took both of His balls into its mouth – each easily the size of a large egg and gently sucked on those, before returning its tongue back to the swollen cock head and the rest of the rock hard shaft.

Eventually Master Andy grabbed His dogslave by the collar and began to hump its mouth as He pumped hot cum down His new dog's throat. The Master spurted at least 10 loads of cum down the willing dog's throat, and it greedily swallowed it all, not wanting to waste the tiniest drop. When the Master had at last finished cumming, He released His hold on the dog collar and the dogslave began to clean the cock head of any residual semen, as it had been trained to do. Beneath the dogslave's rock hard dick, a large pool of pre-cum had formed.

“Clean!” The Master ordered and pointed to the puddle on the tiled kitchen floor.

The dogslave immediately dropped its head to the pre-cum and began to lick it up with it's tongue.

“Good boy.” The Master patted Him on the head and ran His hand through his dogslave's short blond hair. “Cage.” Master Andy order. The dog immediately began to walk on all fours towards a wooden door in front of it. This lead down a short flight or stairs into the Master's basement. Master Andy followed, holding the leash. The dogslave descended the stairs and walked across the small room, filled with S/M equipment. At the opposite end one corner had been barred off. Thick metal bars were screwed into the bare concrete walls and a small 2 foot by 2 foot door set into them. This resulted in a triangular cage that was just big enough to accommodate a dog basket and a dog bowl. The dogslave immediately lay down its dog basket.

Master Andy still had His cock hanging out from His chaps, although His erection had subsided. He put His dick through the bars and aimed at the dog bowl before starting to piss. Quickly the dogslave's bowl filled up with golden liquid until it was almost over flowing. Eventually the Master stopped pissing, and the last few drops ended up on the floor.

“Thought you might be thirsty after all that hard work,” the Master joked. “Lap it up, and make sure you clean the floor up too!”

The dogslave crawled out of the dog basket and put it's head to the stainless steal dog bowl. It inhaled deeply, catching the scent of its Master's piss, and then stuck out its tongue and began vigorously lapping up the acrid liquid. More piss spilled out of the dog bowl and onto the concrete floor as the dogslave drank.

“Good dog.” The Master said. His hard-on had return. “The only drink a slave should have. Certainly the only one you'll be getting, boy.”

After a few minutes, the dogslave had managed to completely empty the metal dog bowl of piss, and was starting to lick the floor clean. Once done, Master gave it another order:

“Present your arse to the door of your cage, boy.”

Quickly the dogslave turned around and spread its legs wide so that Master had full access to its shaved hole. Master Andy took a medium sized metal butt plug from a shelf, coated it in lube and then proceeded to work the device into His dogslave's arse hole.

“You will always sleep with a butt plug shoved up your arse. You will be punished if I find it has fallen out in the morning. Now, LAY DOWN.”

The dogslave once again resumed its position, curled up in its basket, and the Master padlocked the door of the cage shut. His slave was going nowhere, that was for sure.

“Night boy. Remember, absolutely no touching yourself. I'll know. Sleep well. I've got a hard day's training planned for tomorrow.” A wicked grin spread across the Master's face, and then he turned around and walked up the stairs. The light in the basement went off, and the dogslave heard the door being locked.

It was cool in the basement, and the basket was too small and uncomfortable. On top of this, the dogslave's dick was rock hard, and its cock head was swollen and had taken on a deep purple colour. It wanted nothing more than to reach down with its paw and stroke its cock. Even once would be enough, but he dared not, remembering what its Master had said to it. Eventually the dogslave got to sleep, and woke to the sound of the Master opening the door at the top of the basement stairs.

“Morning boy!”

Quickly the dogslave got out of its basket and began woofing loudly. Its head was pressed to the bars of the cage, desperate for release.

“Okay, okay. Quiet down boy.” The Master said, though really he enjoyed the way His dogslave sounded. Over the last few months he had got it to sound almost identical to a real dog.

Master bent down to unlock the cage door, and as soon as it was open, the dogslave rushed out and began licking the Master's black leather boots as it had been taught to do. Master held the lead in His hand and clipped it onto His dogslave's collar. After a few minutes of boot licking the Master turned and led His dog upstairs to the kitchen, and then proceeded to open the back door, which looked out onto a very large field. Large trees lined the bottom end, about 200 meters away. In fact, this was only a small part of the land Master Andy owned. He had inherited the remote thousand acre ranch from His late parents, and intended to put it to very good use.

“Come on boy.” Master said, talking down to His slave. He began walking over towards the line of trees, and the dogslave followed, doing its best to keep up on all fours. The Master kept a tight leash to encourage the dog to walk faster. After a minute they reached the trees, and the Master reached down and gently pulled out the butt plug that had been stuffed up the dog's arse all night. The slave felt empty without it, but suddenly in its absence, realised that it desperately needed to shit, as well as piss. It began barking loudly at its Master. Master Andy grinned and patted His dogslave's head.

“Okay boy. Go and find a tree and do whatever you need to do.” He unclipped the leash from the dogslave's collar, and watched as the dog scampered off to the nearest tree and sniffed the base. It then cocked its leg and a jet of piss suddenly erupted from its dick, splashing against the tree trunk. Once done pissing, the dog returned to the all-fours position and then began to squat – its arse a few inches from the base of the tree. The dogslave farted a couple of times, and then a large a large piece of shit which must have been over a foot long fell out of its arse hole and made a pile on the grass. When the dogslave was finished shitting, it ran back over to where its Master was standing.

“Oh no you don't. Go over there and give the mess you've just created a good sniff, slave.”

The dogslave reluctantly walked over to the large pile of shit, and dropped its head to it. It then proceeded to properly investigated the mess it had made, rapidly inhaling and exhaling through its nose as a real dog does. It moved around, sniffing the entire base of the tree where its piss and shit lay. After a minute of so of investigating its own waste with its nose, it ran back over to its Master.

“Good boy. Smell good?” The Master asked, with an evil grin spreading across His face.

“Grrrr!” The dogslave replied negatively.

“Well your gonna have to get used to it slave. Now, clean this!” He presented the shitty butt plug to the dog, and held it close to its mouth. Large chunks of brown shit clung to the metal plug. The dogslave instinctively pulled back, but the Master grabbed hold of His dog's collar and forcibly inserted the butt plug into its mouth for a cleaning. The dogslave retched slightly, and then got on with the task of cleaning its plug. After 5 minutes of sucking on the plug, the Master pulled the plug out of the dogslave's mouth and inspected it. No shit remained. Master Andy then inserted the plug back into its arsehole.

“Good job, boy. Now come on, let's get you some breakfast.”

Master Andy jerked on the leash and dog and Master walked briskly back to the house. A large stainless steal dog bowl was placed in the corner of the kitchen, and the dogslave sat by it, doggy style, waiting for its Master to feed it. Master opened a cupboard and took out a can and a very large bag with a picture of a real dog on it.

“You will be fed on the cheapest dog food that I can find.” The Master said matter-of-factly. “I'm not wasting good money on you. Remember, you're to clean your bowl completely!”

With that the Master open the tin and dumped the brown mushy contents into the dog bowl and then pour a little dry mixer in. He the proceeded to mix the ingredients together with a fork. The dog bent its head to the bowl, but the Master quickly swatted it on the arse coupled with a loud “NO!”.

“A dogslave will eat only when it is told to eat. Got it?”

“Woof!” Apologetically. The dogslave looked at the floor, not wanting to anger its Master further.

“Firstly, I'm gonna eat.”

With that the Mater set about preparing Himself a delicious breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, beans and toast with a large mug of coffee on the side. The smell of the cooking meat made the dogslave's stomach growl.

Once the Master had prepared His meal and was sat down at the breakfast table He gave the command to His dog:


The dogslave lowered its head to the metal bowl and began to take bites of the foul smelling dog food. It felt the urge to throw up with every mouthful, but continued regardless with its meal, knowing it would be severely punished if it did. Eventually the slave managed to force down the contents of the bowl and it sat in front of it, looking at its Master's feet as He sat at the table, leisurely eating His breakfast whilst reading the newspaper, apparently ignoring His dogslave completely. He turned the page, then glanced down at His slave sitting in front of the bowl.

“Lick it clean so it shines, slave!”

The dogslave immediately followed His order, vigorously licking the remaining brown pieces of dog food from the metal bowl. Once it has completed this its Master gave it the order to heel. Immediately the dog ran over to His side. The Master pulled the dogslave under the table and proceeded to unbutton his fly. His large cock flopped out. The Master grabbed His dogslave's collar and pulled its mouth onto His tool. A few seconds later hot piss began to fill the slave's mouth. It gulped it down as quickly as it could, not wanting a drop to spill onto the floor. Once the Master had stopped pissing down His slave's throat, His cock began to harden.

“Suck.” The Master ordered.

The slave complied instantly, and began licking at the swollen cockhead and tonguing the piss slit, before deepthroating His dick whilst its Master moaned with pleasure.

“Good boy. Keep it up slave.” The Master used the collar around His dogslave's neck to push and pull its mouth up and down His cock at the desired speed. Soon wads of cum were being fired down the slave's throat. The slave licked its Master's cockhead clean, and He then put His dick back into His chaps.

“Now, go to your cage, slave.” Master Andy commanded it. Reluctantly the slave turned around, and crawled away on all fours to the door to the basement, nudged it open with one paw, and then descended down the stairs case and got into its basket in its cage. The Master cleared away the breakfast items and the Himself went down to the cage.

“Heel!” The Master said, and the dogslave immediately crawled out of the cage and sat by its Master's left boot, as it had been trained to do. The Master put a hand around the back of its neck, and gripped tightly.

“Punishment time for doggy,” he said sadistically. “You took much, much too long eating your breakfast boy. Dog's attack their food, as if they were on the verge of starvation. I demand the same from you. Lie down!”

With that the dogslave lay face down on the cold basement floor, and the Master went about locking wrist and ankle restraints to it, which it then attached to rings in the floor via padlocks. The end result was the dogslave tied down to the floor, spread-eagle with its back and arse vulnerably exposed. Despite this, the slave was rock hard.

The Master went to a draw and selected a leather flogger with around 20 tassels, each ending in a knot.

“This should do nicely boy.” The Master smirked. On the floor, the slave began to whimper. “Silence!” The Master yelled. He walked over, so His boots were in front of the slave's head. “Lick my boots in gratitude for the punishment you are about to receive slave!” He ordered. The slave struggled to lift its head up from the position it was in, but soon got its tongue to work, polishing the black leather boots until they gleamed.

“Don't forget the soles boy.” The Master tilted His boot slightly to give His slave access to the underside. Bits of mud were stuck in the tread from when the Master had walked His slave to allow it to take a piss and shit, but the slave licked on regardless. It had been given an order, and was not going to risk increasing the punishment it was about to receive by not obeying it properly. After the boots were spotlessly clean, the Master ordered it to stop, and walked around to position Himself behind the slave.

“How many lashes do you think boy?” He asked rhetorically, knowing the slave could not speak, and had no influence over its punishment, even if it could. “I'm thinking 30 strokes should do it. Yes, 30. That's also the number of seconds I'm going to give you to clean your bowl of dog food from now on. If any food remains after 30 seconds, it will be discarded, and you will go without food for 48 hours. We'll see how quickly you can eat after that. Got it?”

“Woof.” The dogslave barked.

With that the Master raised the flogger high and brought it down onto the dogslave's back. There was a loud thwacking sound as the leather tassels laid into the dog's back followed shortly after by the dogslave yelping in pain.

“1.” The Master said.

Again, Master brought down the whip hard onto the dogslave's back. It yelped again, this time a little louder, as the whip increased the stinging and heat it felt over its back and arse.

“2...3...4...5...6...” The Master kept count.

After 25 strokes the dogslave's back and arse was completely red and welts had appeared all over its skin. The dogslave was now howling in pain after each stroke, although its doggy cock was of course still rock hard against the dungeon floor.

“26...27...28...29...30. There that should learn you to be more grateful for the food I provide you, boy. Now remember, clean your bowl quickly like a good dog. I can tell you, the pain I can inflict upon you by starvation will be much worse than this. Now, lick my hand in gratitude for the punishment you have just received, and then start on my cock!”

The Master leaned down and placed His right hand near the dogslave's mouth. It instantly began to lick it eagerly until His hand was dripping with saliva. The dogslave was then released from its position tied down on the floor and its Master's cock was promptly shoved into its mouth, The dogslave's sucked and licked at its Master's hard, thick cock which was oozing pre cum at an alarming rate. Giving His dogslave a good whipping always made Master Andy especially horny, and within a few minutes of cock sucking He was pumping load after load of thick, creamy cum down the dogslave's throat. It continued sucking, greedy for more of its Master's cum, until He pulled His cock out of its mouth and told it to go to its basket. Master Andy, having no more need for His dogslave at this time, locked it into its cage and then walked upstairs, turning out the light as He went. It was always good to give any slave a few hours alone to think about its punishment He thought. Besides, He had several phone calls to make to arrange that nights entertainment...

To be continued.

Thanks for reading.