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Chapter 12


Brad woke up after a very troubled sleep. The drugs Colin had given him hadn't really allowed him restful, deep sleep, rather it was more accurate to say he'd been in-and-out of consciousness. Brad found himself in a strange room, lying next to a strange guy--yes, a good-looking guy, but a stranger nonetheless. He panicked on many levels. He'd always been very careful about his reputation and lying in the nude next to strange man meant he'd potentially left his reputation exposed. Brad panicked also, because he had no idea where he was and no memory of the previous night...yet. He sat up quickly and threw his legs over the side of the bed. Scanning the floor and the rest of the room, his clothes were nowhere to be seen. The clock near the bed read 3:09 p.m. His heart was racing and he was legitimately frightened.

Ryan, had been awake for a little while but was lying next to Brad with his eyes closed, equally disturbed, wondering how the last few hours had changed his life. When Brad woke up so quickly and swung his legs over the side of the bed, Ryan didn't know what to do. He'd never been with a guy, and Brad was physically imposing and the epitome of masculinity. With a girl, Ryan would have sat up and gently rubbed her shoulder, comforting her. However, this didn't seem the thing to do, so he got up and walked around the bed to sit next to Brad. As he approached, he could see Brad was nervous and agitated, and as he went to sit next to him, Brad stood forcefully shoving Ryan away. The shove was so violent Ryan's back hit his dresser, and he fell to the floor. Brad yelled, "Where are my fucking clothes??" Ryan was so stunned and, in the moment, frightened, he couldn't speak. "I s-a-i-d, where are my fucking clothes and where am I??"

Ryan stuttered, "'re clothes are..are down the hall", then he thought to mention Jon, " Jon's room" and still seeing anger and confusion in Brad's eyes, quickly added, "Jon Swenson."

It would take several hours (and even days) before Brad much of the previous night's events pieced back together, so he was still confused. `Okay', he thought, `so I'm in Jon's house. What the fuck am I doing here?? And who's this faggot??' Questions were whirring through his addled head.

Ryan started to stand, offering, " you want me to go get them for you?"

Brad stood like an angry giant looming over him, looking like he might hit Ryan. Yelling, "Keep your faggot hands off me!" Ryan shrank back to the floor, and Brad walked right out his door, nude--all 6' 4" of the White Adonis. Ryan was devastated. Brad had turned his whole life on its head in just a few hours. Everything he thought about himself had forever changed. He'd thought he might be able to lean on Brad for support through this new, densely foggy forest, but he was all alone this new reality. Ryan had never treated anyone like this nor had he ever been treated by anyone with such careless disregard. Ryan started sobbing--deep sobs from the heart. Rising, he closed his door that Brad had left open, locked it, and went back to bed, sobbing, lying in a fetal position. He had never felt this alone and in a foreign land.

Brad was a stud and an athlete, used to being around other men nude, so it didn't bother him one bit walking down the hall in the nude to Jon's door. Outside the door, however, sat his shoes and two paper bags--his clothes in one, his coat folded in the other. He was already angry and confused, and, seeing his clothes in bags in the hallway like this angered him even more. In Brad's mind, Jon should be honored to have him as a friend (and tormentor). It would've been more appropriate for Jon to have washed and dried his clothes, not put them out in the hallway. Brad couldn't yell or bang on Jon's door, as he didn't want a scene, where a bunch of strangers opened their doors to see him--a famous football player--in the hall, in the nude, banging on Jon's door. Brad tried the knob, but it was locked. Controlling his anger, he quietly knocked. There was no answer. He gruffly whispered through the door, "If you're in there, you'd better open up if you know what's good for you!" Silence answered. `Well, fuck this!' he thought, `I can't stand out here forever', so Brad took his clothes out and dressed. He quickly saw the back of the expensive, down coat was covered in dried cum, renewing his anger, but he turned it inside out. Everything was there--his phone, wallet, and keys--except three things. He noticed right away his vile of G was missing. Grabbing his keys, he thought he go inside Jon's room to see if Jon was inside, not answering. Jon had taken his key from Brad's key ring, which infuriated Brad. Brad went downstairs to get an Uber. Looking at his phone, he saw he had text messages but ignored them, moving right to the Uber app. While waiting for the car, on a whim, he checked his wallet. He'd had a lot of money in his wallet when he'd gone to the bars last night, and there was only $54 inside. Brad hadn't pieced it together yet, but Colin had taken the $500 Brad had offered, after all--although, as yet, Brad hadn't remembered Colin from the previous evening's events. Brad didn't feel well at all. He was exhausted throughout his body, and he felt so strange, like he'd smoked several blunts or something. He couldn't put his finger on it. On top of this, his anger had given him quite a headache. The car came, and getting inside, he thought, `I can't wait to crawl in my own bed and sleep all this off.' It would be a short ride to the frat house, but remembering he had text messages, he dug his phone out. There was one from Luke in the morning, asking him where he was and if he wanted to grab lunch somewhere. The second one was from an unfamiliar number, with a video attached. The text said, "Ur gonna love this, dude! Hey, thx for the $500! Consider it ur first installment. We'll chat soon." `Okay,' Brad thought, `now I know where a chunk of my money went.' He was still in fog as to the events the previous night when he clicked on the video. Sitting in the backseat of the Uber with the volume (unfortunately) on high, the screen showed Brad on his back with a ginormous Black cock fucking his mouth. The phone blared, "You L-O-V-E this BLACK cock, White Boy?? You want it in yo' big, QUARTERBACK P-U-S-S-Y??" Brad couldn't close the video quick enough. The driver, a student there at the university, glanced over his shoulder at a very red-faced, disheveled Brad, who, of course, he recognized. Brad, shoving the phone back in his pocket, not looking at the driver, said, "Friends.... always joking around..." Before long, Brad was in his room, at the house, chair under the doorknob, lying in a fetal position of his own, shocked and terrified.




Jon was, in fact, in his room, when Brad got his clothes. He'd laid awake, feigning sleep when Todd woke and left without a word. He felt awful for a whole host of problems--largely the result of his situation with Brad. Jon laid in bed now in a fetal position, sobbing, with his future completely shattered. After Todd left, Jon gathered Brad's clothes, intending to fold and hang them in his room, so they wouldn't be so wrinkled. Jon saw he had messages on his phone--the first being from Kevin timestamped 2:38 a.m. It had a video attached with no message. The video, complete with sound, showed stallion Kevin fucking Tess stupid on what appeared to be one of the downstairs sofas at the house. Tess looked like she'd been sitting on the sofa in the nude and pulled down, with her head crooked on the back cushion. A nude Kevin was fucking her, with her legs spread apart--one ankle in each of his hands. It had been filmed on Kevin's phone by another brother, who'd walked in on them. Of course, she was moaning and answering in the affirmative to Kevin's questions if she wanted to be his bitch, if she thought Jon was a fag, and if she wanted to marry his cock. Soon, another nude frat brother--headless in the video--climbs on the sofa, feeding her his big, juicy cock. Then it stopped. Nothing more.

Jon cried and cried--deep wells of sadness rising within him. He didn't look at the other texts, which were innocent texts from Mason and Chris, asking if he wanted to meet the at Bergman Hall to study, etc. His world, he felt, was over. Had Brad not drugged and used him and Kevin not overheard Brad through Jon's door that day, none of this would ever have happened. Now, Todd knew Jon's secret also, and, although Todd had his own secret, Jon didn't believe there was any evidence with which Brad could use against Todd. In addition, his neighbor, Colin, had eaten and fingered that gave him so much pleaser. Jon had no memory of watching Colin giving Brad a facial, so he, like Ryan, felt alone, open, and exposed...for what he'd become. What's more, he'd been disgraced by Kevin in front of unknown frat brothers, when Kevin asked Tess if she thought he was gay, and, of course, there was the devastation of Kevin using his girlfriend for all to see.

Jon never wanted to see Brad...or Kevin...or Todd ever again. He felt his secret was out, and Brad had no hold over him now. He wanted nothing ever to do with this asshole who'd ruined his life again. Jon didn't even want Brad in his room to get his clothes; he thought Brad would try to manipulate or even get violent with him. For a minute, Jon wondered whatever happened to the asshole last night, disappearing without his stuff. Then he answered himself immediately, saying he didn't give a fuck, as long as Brad wasn't around him. Jon got out of bed long enough to remove his room key from Brad's keyring, fold Brad's clothes, put everything in paper bags, and set bags in the hallway, outside his door. He locked his door and even propped his chair under the knob, in case the larger guy got violent. Then he went straight back to bed.

Lying there in his tears and gloom, he reflected on his sexuality. He did think guys were handsome. Some had caught his attention over the years. Jon had on occasion beat-off, imagining these studs fucking big breasted girls. Jon tried remembering when it all began, and he recalled being a Freshman in high school and cutting a certain graduating Senior's photo from his hometown newspaper. The guy, Greg, was s-o-o-o handsome. All the girls wanted Greg. Jon hid the newspaper clipping between the pages of a book in his bedroom, and when no one was home, Jon would get the picture out, lay on top of a pillow in his bed, and fuck the pillow while staring at the guy's photo. Jon told himself he was imaging being that stud, fucking a big breasted girl, not the one being fucked by the stud. Why then did he stare into the stud's beautiful eyes the whole time he fucked that pillow? He cut several studs' photos from the newspaper the next two years, fucking the pillow, staring at their faces.

Although he honestly didn't recognize it himself, Jon had an extraordinarily handsome face. He always had girls after him, but, while popular, Jon was shy and didn't start dating until his Sophomore year in high school. All these dates were innocent, involving nothing more than French kissing, but one thing they all had in common was the fact these girls told him he had a nice butt. While Jon grew in adolescence to his current 5' 11", he never lost his `boy butt'. In fact, probably due to all his workouts, it plumped out very nicely. Jons buttocks ripened into hard melons that arced in a perfect half-moon from the base of the `V' of his back. In the locker room after football or baseball practice, older boys teased him about his `sweet ass'--sometimes even grabbing at it. Jon, being stoic, ignored the teasing and grab-ass. At the same time, some of these boys had developed into really handsome studs, who had straight hair, like Jon, and had grown it to the base of their necks, tucking it behind their ears. (Photos of some of these dudes Jon had also clipped from the newspaper.) In his Sophomore year of high school, wanting to be like them--Jon told himself--he began growing his straight, white-blonde hair to the base of his neck--its length today--tucking it behind his ears.

Jon became better at football, and beginning his Junior year, he became the school's Varsity quarterback, making him more popular with the girls...and the subject of jealousy by a couple Senior boys on the team. One of those Seniors was a 6' 2" stud, named Tyler, the former quarterback, who had shoulder-length, light brown hair and dark brown eyes. After the first game that season, the coach switched positions between he and Jon, making Jon the quarterback and Tyler a running back. After a hard lecture from the coach, Tyler agreed to be a team player and work closely with Jon. Nevertheless, Tyler resented both the coach and Jon. The other Senior player was corn-fed, 6' 1" stud, named Dave, with short, blonde hair and blue eyes. Tyler and Dave were best buds, and Tyler was more-or-less the leader. For over three years, Jon buried a memory deeply within his brain--an incident following the last game of the season that year. Over his years in high school, Jon thought he'd developed a friendship with the two Senior boys, so when Tyler and Dave approached Jon after the game, asking him to come celebrate with them, Jon was flattered, calling home for permission to stay overnight at Tyler's. Jon wanted to be like (and be liked by) the older, handsome studs.

Earlier that day, Tyler had nabbed four bottles of Stoli vodka from his older brother's house. (His older brother, being an owner of a redneck bar in the small town, had tons of liquor at his house. Tyler knew his brother would never miss four, lousy bottles.) Tyler's dad had a small cabin at a lake in the next county, so the three boys piled in Tyler's brand new 4-wheel drive truck. Jon was in the middle, and Dave sat with his arm across the top of the seat behind Jon's neck. The cabin was almost 40 miles away, so Dave started making vodka tonics in plastic cups for he and Jon (who'd never had alcohol in his life). In the cab of the truck at night, Jon really couldn't tell how much vodka was being mixed, not that he'd have known any better. Naturally, Jon was pretty worn-out from the game, being tackled so many times.

By the time they turned off the highway onto the gravel road leading to the cabin 10 miles away, Dave had already given Jon two, very strong vodka tonics and was making a third. Dave, on the other hand, was still nursing his first drink, whereas Tyler, being the driver, had none. By the time they pulled into the clearing in the woods around the cabin, Jon had finished his third, very strong drink. Another notable detail was Dave's arm had wrapped around the smaller boy's shoulder, pulling Jon in close to him. Dave's hand was rubbing the center of Jon's chest. It was bitterly cold outside, so between the high heat in the cab, the booze, and Dave's hand rubbing his chest, Jon felt very sleepy and very safe. Tyler's new truck had a sunroof, so when he turned off the ignition, he said, "Man, I haven't had any booze yet. It's warm in here and cold as a witch's tits out there. Let's sit here a while and drink, so we can watch the stars, before we go inside." And so, they did. Dave made Tyler a strong vodka tonic--at Tyler's request--and made sweet Jon a fourth. Tyler and Dave first shot the shit about the game, while Jon sat, clouded in drink, and then they talked about pussy and tits--in vivid detail. The two Seniors talked about their big cocks going in-and-out of select, prime pussy, they talked about tit-fucking a few girls, and they talked about blow-jobs.

During the course of this banter, Dave had helped Jon drink his fourth drink, holding the cup for him. Afterward, Dave asked Jon, "Aren't you warm, buddy?" then popped open the top few buttons of Jon's shirt. The blonde, corn-fed stud still had Jon pulled up close to him, and his right hand was rubbing one of Jon's hard pecs. "I gotta keep my little quarterback warm..." Of course, this was contradictory to his earlier question, but a very inebriated Jon was clueless. "All this talk of pussy and tits has me worked up! If I don't' do something about it, I'm gonna cream in my pants! Let's let it have a little air. What d'ya say?"

Tyler spoke for he and Jon, saying, "Hell ya!! Jon and I wanna see the big cock that tit-fucked Beth Ann! Don't we, Jon?"

Jon really didn't know what they were talking about, but he heard his name and a question, so he slurred, "Yeah, whatever..."

Dave pulled his arm from around Jon and not only popped open his jeans, but he lifted up and pushed them down his legs, where they sat around his ankles. Naturally, neither Tyler nor Dave wore underwear that night. Then Dave's left arm wrapped around Jon's neck again, and his right hand returned to rubbing Jon's pec. Dave's thick, 8" cock stood straight up from its base in thick, blonde pubes, its head glistening with precum. "Feel good, buddy? I'm keeping you warm, yeah?" Dave asked.

Jon slurred, "Yeah..." He was so drunk now.

Tyler started the truck again for heat, and it was quiet for three or four minutes, while Tyler and Dave occasionally pointed at some stars. Dave had unbuttoned the rest of Jon's shirt, and the blonde stud was rubbing Jon's chest with one hand, while his other massaged Jon's neck. Dave said, "Look over there, Jon", pointing out the passenger window, upward, toward the sky. Jon heard Dave talking about some star he was supposed to see. Dave moved Jon so his back was at a slight angle to the seat, angling the boy toward himself. Dave's right hand kept massaging Jon's neck; his left, rubbing the boy's pecs. Tyler and Dave started talking low and sexy about one cheerleader or another. They talked in graphic detail about their cocks. Dave would occasionally remove his right hand from Jon's pec to wrap around his big, thick cock, making sure to get a load of precum on his big hand then hold over Jon's mouth, asking the boy if he could smell him. Jon's intoxicated brain thought Dave was joking with him--boys being boys. Afterward, Dave would wipe his goo under Jon's nose and across his mouth, returning to rub Jon's bare, hairless chest.

Tyler kicked his shoes off and pulled his jeans off completely, revealing a very hard, thick, 9" cock--its base set amongst soft, lush, brown pubes. Jon, however, didn't see this, due to the angle which Dave had him. The inside of truck was 75 degrees, and Tyler cut the engine again. Tyler got up with his knee on the seat, sliding up behind Jon. What a sight this made--Tyler's broad shoulders, moving down to the `V' in the small of his back...his round, hard rump...his hard, 9" cock, sticking straight up...his shoulder-length, light brown hair, tucked behind his ears. Tyler was a hell of a stud, and now behind, sweet Jon, he slowly pulled Jon's coat and shirt off at the same time. In a quiet voice, Tyler said, "Quit hogging our little quarterback, Dave. Let me help keep my buddy warm." Jon's inebriated brain still thought the boys were just joking with him, using Jon as their foil. Jon was very drunk now and he thought he and the Seniors were all just bonding more. Dave's left hand now slid down Jon's warm, smooth skin to the small of Jon's back, so that Tyler--now up against Jon's back--could wrap his right arm around Jon's chest and play with his nipples. Now, both jocks helped Jon drink the untouched vodka Dave had earlier made Tyler. Jon shook his head in disgust at the straight vodka drink, but the two older boys kept coaxing him, holding the cup for him. With his hand rubbing the small of Jon's back, Dave felt Tyler's big cock pressed against the back of his hand--it almost felt like Tyler was slowly fucking the back of his hand. The more Tyler rubbed his cock against Dave's hand and Jon's smooth back, the more his cock leaked its sticky, runny precum. To Tyler, his cock action felt like Dave was jacking him off, but then Dave's hand dipped into the back of Jon's jeans and slid under Jon's briefs. Now, with Dave's big hand inside Jon's pants, Tyler's nuts rubbed against Dave's hand movements under Jon's jeans. Dave's big middle finger made its way into the tight crevasse between Jon's amazing, hard buttocks. Jon's brain--deep in a drunken haze--now realized he was feeling Tyler's big, hot cock against his back, and he felt its precum running down his back, joining Dave's finger in his crack. Tyler put his hot mouth over the pretty blonde hair on Jon's ear and began talking low and seductively. Jon was almost done with his fifth drink, but because the he was taking too long, Tyler told Dave to finish it off. Dave had Tyler's sticky precum all over the palm of his hand and the middle finger he had slowly rubbing in-and-out of Jon's very tight valley. Tyler and Dave had never done anything remotely gay with each other or anyone else, and Dave, seeing Tyler in action, was getting a little high from it--like he'd smoked a couple of joints.

Jon's blurry eyes fixated on the big, hard, juicy cock that Dave slowly was slowly jacking with his right hand. Dave talked low and seductive also, taking great pauses between statements. "Shelly has pretty, blonde hair like you, Jon... Man, I sure miss her... Your hair is actually prettier than Shelly's, Jon... Don't you think, Tyler?"

Tyler's mouth was over Jon's left ear, whispering "I think Jon's prettier than Shelly, period..." Tyler's left arm was wrapped tightly around Jon's chest pinning against his own muscular chest. Tyler's right hand was alternating between softly rubbing Jon's neck and petting his cheeks.

"Jon, help a dude," Dave quietly said. "My hand's getting tired." When Jon's hands stayed limply at his sides, Dave reached over and grabbed Jon's, left hand, wrapping his fingers around the base of his warm cock. Jon saw Dave's hand holding his own over the big, hard, juicy cock, but Jon wasn't really sure it was his own hand. "Oh dude... Dude, your hand feels s-o m-u-c-h b-e-t-t-e-r than a-n-y girl's, Jon... Jack it for me, buddy... Come on, help me out... Don't you like me, Jon? A-l-l these years in sports together... And I'm going away at the end of the year... I'm gonna miss you s-o much, Jon..."

Tyler had been rubbing his nose through Jon's hair, smelling its fresh scent, and intermittently whispering, "Y-e-a-h..." seductively. "Such b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l hair..." Tyler's hot breath against his ear and his warm chest pressed against his back was doing a number on Jon. The breathy voice in his ear, whispering, "Y-e-a-h, help him, Jon... Oh f-u-c-k, you're s-o f-u-c-k-i-n' hot, Jon... I've wanted to be with you for s-o l-o-n-g..." Jon was now in a trance, his mouth hung open. He'd never felt so loved.

"You need two hands, babe..." Dave whispered and pulled Jon's other hand onto his shaft. Jon watched his hands--now both wrapped around the big, thick cock--begin slowly jacking Dave's cock...without Dave's hands holding his on the big, thick, wet cock. It felt so warm and powerful in Jon's hands, belonging to someone he'd subconsciously long thought was so hot--both boys, Jon had long thought were hot studs.

The long fingers on Tyler's right hand moved from Jon's cheek to his lips, softly rubbing across them. Then Tyler slid a finger in Jon's open mouth, slowly rubbing back-and-forth across his very wet tongue. Jon's tongue reflexively curled around it. Tyler's thick tongue had pushed its way through the soft, blonde hair over Jon's ear, licking and probing. "Suck..." Tyler whispered, and Jon closed his lips over the finger now softly fucking his mouth, his tongue curling over and around the erotic visitors. Tyler and Dave had only loosely plotted this night of corruption. Everything said and done was strictly impromptu, occasionally winking and nodding at each other. Tyler leaned more heavily on Jon's back, bending him forward a little. He continued whispering and tonguing, "You know, Jon... Dave and I help each other..." Jon's slobber ran over his bottom lip with each outward fuck of Tyler's finger. "I suck Dave's cock, and he sucks mine." None of this was true, though. "Look at that cock, Jon... You can't blame me... I fuckin' l-o-v-e Dave's cock... It's so b-i-g and j-u-i-c-y..." Jon was limp in Tyler's arm now--Tyler's warm, breathy voice and his wet tongue in his ear had fully seduced the boy. Tyler continued, breathy, "Look at it, Jon... I l-o-v-e running my tongue around that j-u-i-c-y cock... Dave's j-u-i-c-e, man... His juice tastes s-o f-u-c-k-i-n' g-o-o-d... Don't judge me, babe..." Sitting there watching his stud buddy, Tyler, was having quite an effect on Dave too. If Dave was being honest with himself, he'd always thought Tyler was handsome, and there Tyler was, without his pants on, his round, hard butt humping against Jon's back. And all the sex talk, Tyler saying all the stuff about Dave's cock, was seducing him too. Dave's cock was leaking just watching broad-shouldered Tyler, with his nose in Jon's hair...Tyler's long, light brown hair mixing with Jon's beautiful, blonde hair. Tyler kept alternating between whispering in Jon's ear and licking and probing it. "And when Dave shoots his t-h-i-c-k c-u-m in my mouth... Babe, I hold it in my mouth, swirlin' his goo around... I hate swallowin' it just because I l-o-v-e his fuckin' cum s-o m-u-c-h... Jon, I wanna s-u-c-k your cock so badly... You have n-o clue how much..." Tyler slowly removed his fingers, pulling a thick stream of saliva with them. "Y-e-a-h... Dave and I... We go way back, don't we, Dave?"

Dave felt he'd smoke three, fat joints or something. "Y-e-a-h..." Dave answered.

Tyler pulled Dave's open hand out of the back of Jon's jeans and put it over his thick, 9" cock. "Pull on it for me, Dave..." Dave looked straight out the front windshield, his eyes glazed over, as his finger's wrapped around Tyler's thick, gooey meat. Dave couldn't look at Tyler: he knew what he was now doing was wrong--wrapping his big hand around Tyler's thick, wet cock, jacking it slowly, feeling the soft, silky skin slide over the hard muscle beneath. Tyler's cock felt s-o fucking h-o-t in Dave's hand. Dave was intoxicated with his bud...and with Jon. He'd been eyeing Jon since Jon was in 8th grade, and he couldn't believe he'd managed to get him this position.

Tyler wove his fingers into the back of Jon's hair and began pressing the boy's head down. Dave--the All-American, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, corn-fed stud--went unexpectedly off-script, pulling Jon's face to his with his free hand, covering Jon's wet mouth with his own. Cupping Jon's neck, Dave's large, wet tongue probed and dueled with Jon's with an intensity that would later haunt him. The whole episode in the truck that night would forever haunt the Senior. Dave kissed Jon for at least two minutes, moaning inside the boy's mouth. As Dave pulled away, saliva from his mouth hung like a thread between the two, breaking from Jon's mouth, yet still hanging from Dave's before finally dropping onto his shirt. As he leaned back in his seat, Dave's hand that cupped Jon's neck now helped guide the younger boy's head down. Jon's blurry eyes saw the thick, wet, 8" slab of meat and the lush, blonde pubes below coming more and more into focus as he opened his mouth wider, sucking his first cock.

Although Jon was extremely drunk, he'd remember how sweet Dave's precum was and how good Dave smelled down there. He wouldn't, however, remember how he whored himself on the cock--how he bobbed and twisted his head on it, trying to get it all inside his mouth. The boy was a natural, taking to it like he'd been doing it for years. He wouldn't remember how his nose ran...or how much he saliva with which he coated the thing...or how he'd managed to get all but 3" inside his mouth and throat. Jon did remember, at the end, licking the cum from Dave's pubes and balls

With Jon bent over sucking Dave like a starved calf, Tyler's hands were free, and with Dave's eyes rolling up in his head with ecstasy, Tyler casually reached over, putting one hand behind the All-American stud's head and the other on the back of his neck, and bent Dave's head over Jon's back. Lost in the haze of sex, Dave's open mouth took the cockhead inside, and closing his lips over Tyler's cockhead, Dave began doing what numerous cheerleaders had done to him. He licked around Tyler's cock, gathering as much of the sweet goo and swallowing it. As best he could--bent over Jon's back--Dave bobbed and sucked on his buddy's cock. In that moment in the truck, Dave really craved his buddy's cum inside him. Dave felt reassured when he felt Tyler's hand slide from the back of his neck into the top of his sweatshirt, rubbing his back. Dave and Tyler had known each other since Kindergarten, and Tyler had always been the leader of the two. Dave had always played second fiddle to Tyler...and it never bothered him...nor would it ever.

Unaware Dave was actually imitating what Jon was doing to him, Dave began twisting and bobbing on Tyler's cock. Dave's tongue rubbed its underside trying to get more juice. He'd come off Tyler's cock and lick around its juicy head, then slam the meat down his throat again. Dave loved Tyler, and he was showing how much. When Dave himself began shooting his thick, white cream into Jon's wet, sucking mouth, Tyler pushed Dave's head back and ordered, "Tongue out." Jacking and staring at Tyler's big, thick, 9" cock, now coated his saliva and Tyler's precum, and being in the haze of his own orgasm, Dave jacked Tyler's cock, pointing it at his big tongue, sticking out his open mouth. Shots of thick, white cum fired out Tyler's cock, splattering mostly across Dave's handsome face, into his open mouth--and even onto his ear and in his hair. Jon felt some of it dropping on his back, when he Tyler order Dave, "Scrape it off and eat it all... Lick it off his back... Don't waste my seed." Jon was licking Dave's balls, when he finally heard Tyler say, "Now, suck it off" ... followed by the sound of another cocksucker.




Lying in bed, feeling alone, in grief at the loss of Tess and his heterosexuality, Jon couldn't remember much of that night, having been tricked into drinking (essentially) five, large cups of mostly vodka. He'd been able to bury this first incident deep inside his brain, refusing to open the tiny brain cell within which he'd sealed it, for a number of reasons--not the least of which was his terribly drunken state that night. The second reason was the fact that beginning the very next morning, nothing was ever spoken about the evening to or in front of Jon. Both the macho Senior boys knew what they'd done to Jon was wrong. Also, neither Senior was able to mention the night's affair, because to mention it was to acknowledge their participation in gay activities. Therefore, neither Tyler nor Dave ever apologized to Jon, and neither tried to torment him about it. It was a small, conservative town, after all. In the cabin that night, Tyler and Dave slept in twin beds, while Jon was made to sleep on the floor, and nothing else happened that night. The truck ride home the next morning was absolutely silent, and neither Tyler nor Dave ever spoke to or acknowledged Jon again...ever. (People can be very strange.) The third--and most likely the strongest--reason Jon was able to pack that memory into a tiny cell, is Cynthia, a very beautiful cheerleader with very nice, perky breasts and pink nipples. Just by coincidence, Cynthia had long been in-heat over Jon, flirting with him, shoving her perky breasts in his face and so on. The next week following the night with the Seniors, Cynthia--exhausted from waiting on Jon to ask her--came out and asked Jon directly for a date, to which he gladly accepted. Being in-heat, Cynthia was very soon riding Jon's cock in the backseat of his car and trying--as best as any female can--to suck the boy's 7" cock. Jon had other girls from that time forward, so in Jon's mind, all was well: the entire night never happened.


Jon laid in bed for two days--all day Saturday and Sunday. He kept his phone off. He only got up to drink water from his fridge and eat some cereal twice. He had no appetite, couldn't focus on his studies, and had no energy. All he could think about, worry about, was his sexuality, his exposure, and, of course, beautiful Tess.

Someone knocked on Jon's door late Saturday night, waking him, but Jon kept quiet. Another knock came Sunday morning, and again, he kept quiet. Sunday afternoon, Mason knocked on Jon's door. Jon lay quietly in bed. Mason talked through the door in case Jon was inside. "Jon, I'm worried about you. No one's seen or heard from you since Friday night. I'm s-o sorry about Tess. Buddy, she wasn't worthy of you, and there are s-o many others out there who are. If you're in there, come with me to study. It'll do you good to get out. Hey, if it matters, I gave that asshole a black eye for you!" Mason chuckled. "Okay, well, I'm going to Bergman Hall now. I'll probably be there until 6, so I hope you show up." Then his friend--his one, true friend, Jon thought--left. So, Mason didn't know the whole story...yet, Jon thought. Mason was more naïve and innocent than he, but Kevin will soon open his mouth. Then Mason wouldn't think much of him. Mason was so straight--always talking sports, cars, and girls--to find out the truth about Jon sucking balls would really overwhelm the dude, and Jon didn't blame him. It overwhelmed himself.

Late Sunday night, Jon decided to get himself together. He got up, shaved, and showered. He fixed himself a sandwich and turned his phone on. There were four text messages from Brad, two from Kevin, three from Mason, and two from Chris. He deleted them all, reading only those from Mason and Chris--Jon couldn't bear any cruelty from Brad or Kevin right now. He had to be careful with Brad and Kevin, for the time-being though. Jon didn't yet know the answer to his problems, but Brad had videos of Jon, moaning and sucking his huge cock. Kevin had his own video too, taken after he'd taken Jon's virginity, of Jon with his ass up and cum oozing out. The creep in the next room over had done things to him, and Colin probably had a video too, for all Jon knew. To top it off, Kevin had the video with Tess on his cock agreeing she thought Jon was gay, and not only would Kevin show this clip around, but there were two bros that helped video it...and god knows how many stood there watching it live! Kevin was already letting cats out of bags: he constantly bragged about his sexual conquests, having a big mouth he couldn't keep shut to save his soul...if he had one.

If he were being truthful to himself, Jon briefly thought, he did think of cock now. Jon didn't know if it was just the events of the past month that was causing him to have these gay thoughts or whether they came from inside him somewhere. He'd see a handsome dude and immediately start thinking of sucking his cock. `I'm sick', Jon thought. `I need psychiatric help.' A part of our stud's brain was actually whispering things to him, that he tried very hard to kill. Little voices were saying he actually craved stud cock. He had dreams of lying nude on a table somewhere with hot guys in a circle around him. One dude was fucking him, while he took turns sucking the other dudes. He'd had the dream at least a couple times now--both recently. He couldn't tell who any of the guys were, though...except one. Matt was fucking him, and then he appeared over Jon, shooting his cum all over his face and in his open mouth. Matt, of all people!!! You couldn't find a more descent person than Matt! Jon felt like scum of the earth for just thinking of such a nice person doing anything remotely like this. Jon reasoned there must be some memory that was causing these awful nightmares, and he guessed it was due to watching Matt wrestle last Winter. Jon wasn't into wrestling, but he, Mason, and Chris went two or three times to watch their frat bro. `J-e-s-u-s, G-o-d...' Jon thought, `if a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g would be responsible for the dreams, it must've been what I saw--up-close--those nights!' Jon and his friends had second row seats, and he could still see Matt in that singlet, that left little to the imagination. Jon didn't see why people didn't pick on Matt for his butt. Matt looked like he was the i-d-e-a-l in male beauty, to Jon's thinking--short, white-blonde hair, deep blue eyes, extraordinarily handsome face, perfect teeth...Matt looked like he was picked out of a corn field somewhere. And what cock he must have! Jon sat in his desk chair with his eyes closed, rubbing his cock, while he imagined Matt nude. `God, how I'd love to suck Matt's cock!'

Jon shook himself awake: he absolutely had to get control of himself somehow! How could he possibly go back to the house, thinking these thoughts. It suddenly occurred to Jon: how did Brad pick him out? Jon had a girlfriend. Was he sending out some sort of signal? Had he been staring too often and too long at dudes' packages? If Jon did do any of these things, he definitely couldn't go back. Jon might end-up having 147 macho, horny bros fucking his ass...and that wasn't going to happen. No way!

Getting out of the frat would be next to impossible, though, and it didn't solve the problem what he'd do next year or the year after, when, undoubtedly, he'd run into Kevin somewhere--on the Quad or in a bookstore or wherever. Brad and Kevin were master manipulators. Maybe Jon would have to transfer schools next year, but he'd need to find some good reasons for doing so, to convince his family. There were only two ways out of the frat: being expelled by the local chapter or asking national for a release. Both required very compelling reasons, for which Jon could think of none. One thing was definitely true: they'd never expel Brad...never. Expel a Senior? ...the President? and a famous, star football player? Never! Besides, Jon would never do that to Brad. Which made Jon wonder why he always seemed to cower to other guys? Why did he always allow himself to be led by other dudes? Did he want to gravel to bigger, stronger guys? It seemed every time Jon was around guys to whom he was attracted, he nearly always felt somehow less a man than they. Jon felt the need to please them or to make them happy someway. Yep! He was a sicko, Jon thought. He put clean bedding on the bed, turned the lights out, and eventually drifted to sleep.




Matt finished and submitted his latest Statistics assignment. It was 11:30 Sunday evening. He'd had a very troubled and confusing past 24 hours or so. He'd avoided his best bud, Luke, going to the gym super early, and studying in the Physics Library (as opposed to Bergman Hall). When Luke called him late this afternoon, wondering if Matt wanted to grab a burger, Matt was pleasant but said he wasn't feeling well. While misleading, Matt reasoned, it wasn't lying; he wasn't feeling well psychologically, meaning he was disturbed by what he'd seen.

It was too late, too rude to go see him now, but he entered Jon's address in his phone for tomorrow. `What the heck is going on here?' he thought. From what Matt knew, it was exceptionally difficult to get a release from national. Matt always liked Jon. This had to be over the deal between Kevin and Tess. `That was a strange mess!' he thought. (Of course, Matt hadn't seen or heard of the downstairs fucking, yet, either.) Matt laid in bed in the dark, trying to go to sleep. The email from Jon had Matt reflecting on what he'd witnessed between Kevin and Todd. Kevin was a strange dude...screwing his best friend's girlfriend one minute and really putting it to Todd the next. Matt didn't care for Kevin, but it wasn't due to whatever Kevin's sexuality was. Matt didn't care for Kevin's arrogant, bossy, self-centered personality. All the same, Kevin was a brother. Besides, Matt got along with everyone. He didn't like conflict. As Matt laid there with his eyes closed, the loop began again. He saw Kevin's hard butt rising up, while he laid on top of Todd. Matt had to admit, Kevin had a nice butt ...okay yeah, he was handsome...still he wasn't nice. Matt saw Kevin's long, thick dick pulling up out of Todd. It was a piece, Matt thought. What was he saying? And Kevin wasn't nice. Todd sure liked what Kevin was doing to him. Kevin had skills... Yeah, dude has skills... And for the third time since seeing everything just yesterday afternoon, our blonde-haired, blue-eyed, All-American, corn-fed wrestler let a finger slide behind his taint, while he jacked himself off, wondering how it felt being underneath Kevin.




The next morning, Matt didn't get up as early as he'd planned. He'd had troubled dreams on-and-off through the night...dreams with thrusting cocks and awesome glutes...dreams that left him deeply disturbed. Nonetheless, Matt got ready to go to the gym and class afterward. As Matt approached the staircase, Kevin was coming down from the third floor. Matt said `hi' and asked Kevin if he had a minute.

"Sure, dude! What's up?" Kevin replied.

"Well, if you have a minute, maybe you come to my room?" Matt asked.

Kevin wondered what was up. Matt had helped Luke breakup the fight Saturday, so maybe he was going to get a lecture from Matt on `brotherhood', `integrity', and some of that other bullshit. Matt made Kevin sick. Everyone liked Matt. He was such a goody-two-shoes--always acting better than everyone else. Deep down, Matt was probably just a filthy as he was, Kevin bet. Matt offered his small sofa to Kevin, turning his back to remove his backpack and coat. When Matt started for his desk chair, Kevin grabbed his arm and pulled him onto the sofa, right next to Kevin. "Sit here with me and be comfortable, Matty" Kevin smiled.

Matt collected himself and started, "So I wanted to talk about this fight between you and Mason..."

Kevin interrupted Matt, throwing his arm around Matt's neck and pulling his face towards Kevin's own. Pointing at his black eye, he laughed, "You think my shiner's pretty, Matty?"

With Kevin's arm around his neck, Matt pulled himself back a bit. Matt felt uncomfortable with Kevin but didn't want to insult him by asking him to remove his arm from around his neck. Besides, that went counter to what Matt was about to argue. "I'm being serious, Kevin. We're all brothers here, and we're supposed to treat each other as brothers, with respect..."

Again, Kevin interrupted Matt. "Hey, Mason's the one who came at me! Not the other way around, Matty!" With his arm around Matt's neck, Kevin's big hand patted the All-American boy's big with every point he was trying to make.

Matt thought, `Since when does anyone around here call me `Matty'?' Ignoring it for now, Matt went back to the topic, "Yeah, so I know that, Kevin, and I'm going to talk to him too--sometime today, if I can catch him. This whole thing bothers me, Kevin, because it sets a bad example--not just to the pledges but the actives as well." While Matt talked, Kevin leaned more into Matt, pulling their heads closer, like they were old friends. Kevin's big hand was slowly rubbing from the Matt's pec to the center of his chest--just like fathers do with sons or athletes do to each other on the sidelines. Comfort, though, is not what Kevin had in mind. Matt was a bit distracted, but he persevered, "I'd like Mason to apologize to you at council, Thursday, and you to apologize to Mason. You guys are friends, Kevin. Don't throw it away."

"Dude!" Kevin abruptly pulled Matt's neck towards himself, and surprised, Matt turned to look at Kevin, finding Kevin leaning his forehead against Matt's. "Dude! What am I supposed to apologize for?" He paused. "Because I've got a big cock and know how to use it??" Matt was flustered. It's hard to relax when someone's angry eyes are 2" from your own, not to mention that Matt felt his personal space invaded. Kevin quickly pulled away, though, staring forward, and pretending to act hurt. He'd pulled his arm back from around Matt's neck, lying it in his lap. He stretched his long legs, still staring forward but now pouting. "Everyone's always mad at me, dude. I don't have any friends here, Matty. I don't think I've ever had real friends. The bros think I'm arrogant... that I fuck around too much... But I can't help it, Matty..." and here, Kevin paused a little longer, still staring straight ahead. "It's all a front... My heart feels for someone I can never approach, you know? ...someone who'd hate me if I told them how I really feel I get frustrated and fuck a random to get my mind off it ...and I couldn't bear it if ...if he hated me" and Kevin started crying! Kevin was a great actor. He realized Todd would be graduating in May, and he'd need a new live-in cunt next year. If Kevin could catch Matt, he'd have himself such a pretty suck-boy. And Kevin would love nothing better than to break All-American turn him into a cock-whore. Kevin might even rent him out for fucks, if and when he got tired of him. Kevin was smart: he realized he needed to play into Matt's good, kind, caring nature, and what better way than sympathy?

Matt was totally confused. None of this was the subject he'd brought Kevin in to talk about. Now he had this bigger, macho dude crying. Besides, Matt thought Kevin was with Todd. They roomed together, and Matt had seen them fucking. Matt just assumed the two were a thing--a downlow thing, but still a thing. Matt was so innocent and naïve ...and, well, not a perfect student. Matt put his arm around Kevin's shoulders, "Um...dude, it's okay ...we've all been there..." Matt struggled to think what to say, and in the confusing twist of the conversation, Matt didn't catch that Kevin used the masculine pronoun `he' the center of his love interest. "I've been there... um... Have you tried talking to her at all?"

Kevin now had his head turned away, wiping his eyes, pretending to get under control. "See dude? You don't get it. You're not listening."

"Yeah, I am, Kevin. Look, none of us hate you. I don't hate you..."

Kevin turned his face back to Matt, feigning relief, "You don't hate me, Matty??"

"No, Kev..."

Matt didn't even get Kevin's name out, when Kevin hugged him overenthusiastically, sliding Matt sideways and down onto the cushion. Kevin covered his hot, wet mouth over Matt's, diving his thick, eager tongue into Matt's divinely sweet mouth. Matt was in shock! He'd never been kissed by a dude...much less one who's big cock he'd seen ploughing in-and-out of another dude--a big cock that caused him much restless sleep lately. Matt's thigh was trapped between Kevin's legs, and he could feel Kevin's cock--this very same, very hot cock--riding his thigh. With Kevin's tongue in his mouth and his big, hard cock on his thigh, Matt was quickly losing his senses. Matt didn't know what to do with his hands, so he placed them lightly around the small of Kevin's back, but his tongue--on auto-pilot--began tentatively rubbing Kevin's thick tongue in return.

Then Matt snapped out of it, trying to get control. He tried getting his hands between he and Kevin to push the bigger boy off. Kevin was relentless, though. Kevin slid his warm, wet tongue from the corner of Matt's mouth, across his cheek, and into Matt's ear, and began lustfully whispering, "Oh Matt, it's been you all along ...since I first saw you last year's driven me crazy ...all last year, all summer, all this year... you're constantly on my mind, Matt" Kevin's big hands were rubbing all over Matt's muscular back, his tongue licking Matt's ear. With one of Matt's hands now gently trying to push against his shoulder, Kevin--the ultimate seducer--cocked his head and dove into Matt's mouth again. At the same time, Kevin pulled his hand from under Matt's back--the hand opposite the one with which Matt pushing--and began rubbing and groping Matt's pec. Matt had never experienced such passion. This very masculine passion was unexpectedly, highly erotic for him. Matt felt good being on the receiving end--of being on the feminine end--of such strong passion from this muscular, handsome stud, and Matt's 10" cock was uncomfortably hard now. The feeling of being sexually mauled by the bigger boy made him light-headed. Matt heard himself m-o-a-n-i-n-g into Kevin's hot, wet mouth. This time, when Kevin pulled his tongue out, he slid the fat, wet thing down the front of Matt's neck and onto where it could reach on Matt's amazing chest--trying to unbutton the top buttons on Matt's shirt with one hand. Kevin needed to suck Matt into this sexual haze further, and he intended licking and sucking Matt's pink nipples.

However, catching his breath and gaining his senses a bit, Matt now pushed a harder against Kevin. He didn't want to hurt Kevin's obviously strong feelings toward him--hell, Matt never wanted to hurt anyone's feelings--but something told him he needed to stop this. "Dude... Dude, listen... Dude man, get off me... Kevin, stop!" Hearing Matt yell `stop' and feeling much stronger pressure now from Matt's pushing against him, Kevin relented, not wanting to overplay his hand with this `goody two shoes'. Kevin thought he may even have to lower himself to `courting' Matt ...but it would result in much satisfaction later! Kevin sat back up, allowing Matt to sit back up. In fact, Matt got off the sofa completely, stepping about 4' away.

Kevin, looking down at his knees, like an ashamed boy, apologized. "I'm... I'm really sorry, Matt."

Not wanting to hurt Kevin's obviously tender feelings, Matt said, "No, no, don't be sorry, Kevin." Then Kevin looked up at Matt, hopefully, happily. But Matt quickly clarified, "Um... no, not that way. know I'm straight, right? I've got a girlfriend. Look, dude, I think you're a great guy and really hot!" quickly adding, "...I mean, if I were that way."

Kevin looked down, forcing quiet tears, making his nose red. "But Matt, you kissed me back... you were hard too... I felt it..."

Matt didn't know what to say to that. It caused him to stumble, searching for the right words, which he wasn't good at. "S-o ... I don't know what to say..."

Kevin--still looking down, wiping his face, and now with red--asked mournfully--like he might start crying again, "So are you saying there's no hope? You won't even, like, maybe go to dinner with me sometime...or shoot some pool? You won't even do this?" Then the tears came. My god, what a great actor Kevin was!!! All he had to do was put himself in the position he was playing! It all came naturally! Truly amazing!

Matt stepped forward and sat down again, putting his arm over Kevin's shoulder. "Yes, of course, we can do things together... but as friends, okay? I think you're a really hot guy, Kevin! I just don't think it's possible for me..."

Looking up at Matt--his face red, tears still streaming, eyes bloodshot--Kevin asked, "Then there's hope?"

Looking at this very handsome stud, having felt his big cock on his thigh, and having those incredibly passionate kisses, Matt was super confused, so he blurted out anything to relieve this horrible situation. "Yeah, okay, listen, I'll go out with you but as friends first. We'll see. I've got a girlfriend, Kev... I don't know how to handle any of this."

Looking back down, wiping his face with his hands and shirt sleeve, a now-sobered Kev, said, "Okay", paused, then added, "You won't tell anyone about me will you?"

"Of course not Kev! I promise you, I will never tell what happened in this room today. Okay?"

"K", was all Kevin said, and then he stood.

Matt stood too. There was an awkward pause, and neither were looking at each other. Finally Matt asked, "So... um... about this Thursday night, will you... um... will you maybe think about accepting Mason's apology and apologizing in return?"

This time, Kevin turned and hugged Matt tightly, "I'll do anything for you, Matty... anything."

They parted amiably, smiling. Matt stayed in his room about five minutes, letting Kevin get out of the house. He sat at his desk, wondering what all this meant, why he was even entertaining these thoughts, and wondering who Kevin really was. Then he started back out, and this time, at almost the same spot at the top, Matt met grand slam into his friend he'd been avoiding, Luke.



"Dude!!!" Luke hugged his best bro. "Where have you been?? And why haven't you called or texted me back?? I've been looking for you since Friday night! Where are you off to now?"

"Um... I'm on my way to the gym," Matt replied.

"I'm on my way to Portfolio Management. Ugh! It's so hard, dude! I'd almost rather be castrated!" Luke laughed, while Matt only half-chuckled, looking away with embarrassment. Matt had a very vivid picture of Luke's big balls and cock, slamming into Taylor's b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l butt! Matt was very uncomfortable for the second time today...and both times, much too close together. Luke went on, "N-a-h, no castrations for your boy, Luke, here!" Luke grabbed his junk, adding, "I'm saving them up for you, buddy," winking at Matt. Luke loved seeing his best bud blush, so he goaded the boy. Matt didn't talk trash and blushed with anything remotely naughty. As a towhead-blonde, Matt had very fair skin...and consequently scarlet blushes, that Luke found hysterical.

Matt and Luke talked a little bit about an NBA game then a little bit about Matt's upcoming wrestling match. Then Luke circled back to the first part of their conversation, "Hey, you didn't answer my question! Where were you hiding out all weekend??"

"Oh dude, studying, working on a paper, working know, same grind..." Then Matt wondered if Luke might come clean--about Taylor and him--so he added, "Where have you been?? I was looking for you late Saturday afternoon, but you weren't around. Then I went upstairs to check with Taylor but changed my mind." Matt didn't think this was lying: he did, in fact, look for Luke first; he did, in fact, did go upstairs; and he did, in fact, change his mind. Matt hoped his best bro, Luke, would talk to him. (Perhaps, subconsciously--unacknowledged by Matt--he needed to talk with someone about questioning his own sexuality?) The two were now walking on the sidewalk together.

"You were looking for me Saturday? After the fight?" Luke asked.

Matt answered, "Yeah"

Luke joked back, laughing loudly, "Oh, I was with Tay-Tay!! We were really getting it on! He's down for the d, and I really put it to him!!!"

Matt only lightly blushed this time, looking straight ahead, "What was that like? ...I mean, putting it to a guy?" Matt couldn't believe he just said that. The incident with Luke moments ago had Matt's head in a jumble.

They'd arrived at the street corner where Matt had to turn to go to the gym, and now it was Luke's time to blush. "Matt, I was just kidding."

Matt, looking straight at Luke, simply replied, "Were you?" Luke's face turned white, his mouth was open, but no words came out. You could tease Matt, but you couldn't look into that face and lie. Matt let him off the hook, though, and smiling, he said, "Well, you gotta get to class, and I gotta train. So we'll see ya later!"

Luke just muttered a `yeah' back at Matt and watched walk the other direction. He was stunned. Had Matt heard them through the door? Had someone else heard and said something to Matt? Or was Matt just trying to be funny? Dazed, Luke turned and went to class.




That morning, Jon met Mason in front of Jon's house, and they went together to Western Civ II, a class they happened to share. Mason tried bring up the `Tess thing' with statement of sympathy, but Jon politely cut him off, "Hey Mase, it's all cool. Everything's cool. You don't mind if we don't talk about, right?"

"Uh... Sure, Jon. I'm really sorry for bringing it up." Mason did feel badly for bringing it up. That shithead, Kevin, had sent Chris and him the video taken of Tess, which Mason thought to be categorically and abnormally cruel. Mason now realized Kevin obviously sent it to Jon, proving how psychologically disturbed Kevin was.

"Don't be sorry. Let's just talk about something else." They walked the rest of the way to class, talking NBA.

They got to class about five minutes before it started, and he and Mason sat in the middle of the back row. The two had no sooner got settled then Dylan and his buddy, Chase, from Tau Kappa Epsilon, sat in the seats next to Jon. Jon's heart sunk. He now remembered this was the dude who approached he and Todd when they were waiting on Brad at coat check at the bar Friday night. Jon hadn't remembered the incident until seeing Dylan's face, and it a-l-l came running back to him. "Hey, buddy!!" Dylan said boisterously, like they were old friends. Mason, on the opposite side of Jon, looked over, didn't recognize the dude, and turned back to his laptop, reading an article he'd found.

Jon was mortified. Mason was on the other side of him, so Jon was really worried what Dylan might say. Jon tried to smile and said `hi'. Jon glanced at Mason and saw he wasn't paying attention. Dylan sat down, got his laptop out, then threw his arm over the back of Jon's chair. He leaned over and whispered in Jon's ear, "Name's Dylan. I've been thinking about you a-l-l weekend, pretty girl." and, with his other hand, Dylan grabbed his substantial, hardening cock though his jeans. Jon looked down, then frightened Mason might notice, he looked over at friend, who was still intently reading that article. The professor had come in but was still organizing his materials. Jon looked back at Dylan's package. The dude was still groping the big thing.

Something Pavlovian comes over someone who's a true cock-whore. I imagine it's similar to the torture an addict goes through. Jon knew he shouldn't look at Dylan's package, but he did; he couldn't help himself. Jon's breathing became shallow, and he felt warm and light-headed. It's almost like an out-of-body experience: it's you, but it's not you; you see things, but it's impossible to do anything. Of course, it didn't help matters at all that Dylan was very hot! The dude stood 6' 1"; thick, straight, black hair; olive complexion; and big, dark eyes--almost black. Dylan, in fact, came from Italian descent. When Jon glanced at Dylan face, he felt hypnotized by the boy's big, dark eyes--like, it was very hard to not fall in.

Jon was scared to death his very good friend, Mason, was going to realize what was going on--that, or after class, these guys were going to paint a very explicit, detailed picture of what they saw Friday night. Jon doubted that, from his angle, Mason could see Dylan now leering at Jon, groping his junk, but he sat forward, hoping to block any view Mason had. Dylan leaned over again, whispering, "After class... you and I...let's become better acquainted. You said you live nearby. We'll go there. K, babe?" Jon looked straight at Dylan--his eyes full of fear. Then Dylan took Jon's closest hand and pulled it over onto his big cock. Jon's eyes began rolling up. He thought he might faint. Chase, Dylan's friend, began snickering, and Dylan told him to shut up, letting go of Jon's hand. Jon looked at the professor, as Dylan whispered, "Don't worry about my buddy here. He does what I tell him." The dude's warm breath in Jon's ear, coupled with his low, sexy voice, had put Jon in a sort of a trance. While Jon was staring at the professor, the only thing he heard was Dylan's low, seductive voice. "You and me, huh? After class?" And Jon nodded, staring straight forward. "Leave it to me. I'll handle things." Then Dylan sat back in his seat, leaving Jon hearing nothing but his deep whisper over-and-over again in his ears for the next hour.

When class ended and everyone started putting their laptops and so forth in their backpacks, standing getting their coats on, and talking to their friends, Jon was slower getting his things together than Mason. Jon had no idea what was going to happen. Was Dylan just fucking with him? Would he out him to Mason? Jon could think of many scenarios, but he thought he'd better be seated. He was shaking with nerves, not knowing what his fate would be. Mason had another class after this, and Jon usually went to Bergman Hall afterward to study. Berman Hall was enroute to Mason's next class, so the two usually walked together that far. Mason had just stood to put his coat on, when Dylan reached his hand over Jon to introduce himself to Mason. "Hey, my name's Dylan. Are you a friend of Jon's?"

"Yeah man, I'm Mason." Jon had his head down, zipping his backpack. Mason shook Dylan's hand, and asked, "You and Jon know each other??" Jon didn't know if he was going to throw up or not. Dylan's friend, Chase, was laughing to himself. This didn't look good.

"Well, we hung out at the bar together last Friday night. We were standing there, ordering drinks, and I recognized him from class here, so we chatted it up for a while! Jon, here, got pretty wasted, and I had to help him home." Jon was so relieved, although Chase was still chuckling to himself. Jon thought Chase was pretty hot too, though he seemed like he might be a little dangerous--something in his eyes and behavior. Chase stood about the same height as Dylan, 6' 1", 180 lbs., clean-cut, dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and muscular. Both Chase and Dylan played rugby in high school and were now on the university team, which is where they first met. Chase was definitely hot, but the dude also seemed unpredictable.

Mason smiled, saying, "Well, it's a good thing you were there to help him!! ... Don't I know you from somewhere, though?"

Dylan, stepping back so he could introduce his friend, replied, "Yeah, we're in Tau Kappa Epsilon. I've seen you guys at some Greek mixers too. That's where you probably saw my bud, Chase, and I."

Mason reached his hand out to Chase, saying, "Mason. It's nice to meet you, dude!" Chase smiled and shook his hand. By this time, Jon was putting his coat on, when Mason said to Dylan and Chase, "All of us will have to have a drink together soon...and I'll make sure this one doesn't get so plastered!" pointing at Jon. "It's really cool meeting some TKEs! But hey, I've got a class, so Jon and I probably need to take off now."

Dylan said, "Well, I was just gonna ask Jon if he wanted to grab coffee or something. Do you have class now, Jon?"

Jon answered flatly, "Nope."

Mason looked at Jon and asked, "You okay, Jon? You look really pale."

"I'm okay. Coffee will probably help" Jon reassured Mason.

Mason said his goodbyes and left. Turning back to Jon, he said, "Now then, that went well, don't ya think?" and Jon smiled, grateful Dylan had been kind. The classroom had pretty much emptied at this point.

"Yeah, we didn't once mention your cum covered face or your pissed pants, but we can next time, if you'd like...or we could always put the word out with a couple of our PIKE friends! That ought to put you in good at your house." It was clear from the gleam in his eyes and his smile Chase would like nothing better to do this. Speaking of our friends at PIKE, we ran into one of them Sunday, and we casually brought up meeting a `Jon' with long blonde hair at the Lookout Friday night. And dude! Guess what? He says he was your Big Brother! Luke, dude! Can you fuckin' believe it? What are the odds???"

Dylan and Chase were laughing pretty hard, then Dylan picked up where Chase left off, "And dude! You will never in a million years believe what he showed us!!! He showed us a video of some dude in PIKE apparently fucking your girlfriend??!! ...on the downstairs sofa at the house!!!! What the fuck, dude!!!!"

Jon fell backward into the desk and started falling to the floor, but Dylan managed to grab him before he hit the floor. Jon's head was really spinning, and his peripheral vision was blacking out. Dylan got Jon back in a chair. Both Dylan and Chase looked at each other, seeing how white Jon looked now.

On their way to class, Chase and Dylan had stopped at a convenience store. Dylan knew Chase had bought a big bottle of orange juice along with his coffee, so he asked Chase, "Do you have any orange juice left?" Chase handed him the bottle, and Dylan crouched down to look at Jon's face. "Here, have some of this." As some color came back and the dizziness stopped, Dylan helped Jon up, saying, "We're all gonna be such good friends. Now, lead the way, babe!" putting a hand on Jon's butt and getting a good feel. Dylan had been dreaming about Jon and his incredible ass for some time now. Near-fainting or not, nothing was stopping this show today.

Luke had been Jon's Big Brother throughout last year. God knows why Luke didn't like Jon, but whatever the reason, it most certainly didn't come from Jon, who was his normal pleasant, quiet self. Jon didn't whine, argue, or complain--no matter the shitty things he was forced to do. (Others, like Kevin, certainly did, though!) Sure, Jon didn't care for some of the hazing, but he took it and smiled. From the beginning, Luke distanced himself from Jon, and when Luke did interact with Jon, it seemed he went out of his way, being hateful and mean. The fact Luke showed that video to Dylan and Chase was a sign of the level of disrespect Luke had for Jon. Also, how many other strangers had Luke shown the video? When Jon realized Dylan and Chase were acquainted enough with Luke to chat him up, he knew his fate was sealed with these boys. Jon knew he'd have to do anything and everything these two guys wanted him to do.

Jon was nervous on the short walk home--so much so, he couldn't stop his teeth from chattering...and it wasn't from the cold. Dylan was on one side of Jon and Chase on the other. He felt this must be what a prisoner feels like when being escorted. The walk was mostly silent, with Dylan and Chase making a rare comment over Jon's head, to each other. As the three tromped up the stairs to the second floor, Jon led, with Dylan immediately behind and Chase bringing up the rear. Dylan stared at Jon's amazing ass on the way up the stairs, wanting to yank Jon's pants off right there, sticking his tongue so far up Jon's little, pink hole it came out his mouth. Chase was actually thinking the same thing but about Dylan's ass, which, having seen it in the showers, had given him many jackoff fantasies. Dylan somewhat underestimated Chase, in that the latter boy was far more experienced and far kinkier than he realized or was himself. With Dylan's impressive social connections, Chase let Dylan be the leader...for now. Both, though, were alphas.

Dylan was actually a little `soft' for Jon. He'd watched Jon in class, and Dylan had, in fact, noticed the jock at a few mixers. He had a real thing for blondes and redheads, and the girl Dylan currently dated, Claire, was brunette. However, it was more than Jon's shoulder-length, white-blonde hair, tucked behind his small ears or Jon's amazing, round ass that drew Dylan. It was also Jon's muscular, 5' 11" frame, with slightly broad shoulders, tapering to that award-winning ass. As much as Dylan loved fucking chicks, there was something especially erotic about the idea of fucking a dude, like Jon. Dylan had long fantasized about shoving his big cock up a dude's ass, but Jon would be his first. As much as it was all these aspects, Dylan was also drawn to Jon's demeaner and his face and eyes. Jon acted so respectful and pleasant, and to Dylan, he looked angelic. Dylan thought Jon could easily be a top male model, if he wanted--the boy looked so handsome.

Chase, on the other hand, had always been wild, sexually...and a bit otherwise too. While he didn't come from as wealthy a family as Dylan, his family had done well (albeit `new money'), and he'd been to an all-boys boarding school back East. This, of course, is where he began fucking weaker dudes. A Black dude a year older than him, Colin, had tried to make Chase his punk, but it turned out--at the time, anyway--younger Chase was equally as strong as Colin, and, in time, the two, alpha boys became friends. Colin taught Chase the art of punking and the two shared boys. However, due to a certain incident at the beginning of Chase's Junior year--Colin's Senior year--his father was forced to transfer Chase to another boarding school. When Dylan first mentioned `getting all up in' Jon to Chase last semester, after the two saw Jon at a Greek mixer, Chase was intrigued. Chase hadn't had boy pussy since his Senior year in boarding school, and while it was certainly hot sex, Chase hadn't particularly seen the need for it since he was now living in the land of pussy--college. In addition, Chase--always the wild one--was currently dating a pretty smokin' Black chick, Shanice, who kept him well-entertained in bed...or in quiet stairwells...or between 5th floor bookstacks at the Main Library...or even once letting one of his frat brothers watch them go at it. Anyway, with the number of hot chicks available, Chase was intrigued by Dylan's near-constant obsession about `getting all up in' Jon and was anxious to witness the spectacle. However, Chase also realized Jon would be Dylan's first boy pussy, which might very well explain Dylan's excitement and preoccupation--Chase, being wild himself, could appreciate this.

After the boys entered Jon's room and removed their coats and shoes, Chase went directly to the bed, stripping off his clothes, but as the other two had done so, Dylan pinned Jon against the back of his door and grabbed a fist full of Jon's beautiful hair, both surprising and hurting Jon, causing him to yell. Dylan covered Jon's open mouth with his and began kissing Jon, his wet, ravenous tongue, exploring Jon's mouth and curling and dueling with his tongue. The stud's free hand squeezed and rubbed Jon's defined pec. Dylan's legs pinned one of Jon's legs, and Jon could feel the long, hard cock against his pelvis. Jon felt drool running over the corner of his mouth and down his cheek and heard Dylan moaning into his mouth. Dylan let go of Jon's hair and pulled his tongue from Jon's hungry mouth--only to turn his head and attack Jon's mouth at a different angle. Dylan unbuttoned Jon's jeans, letting them drop around his ankles, as saliva from the two mouths slid down their necks and inside their shirts. Dylan's big hands slipped inside the back of Jon's briefs--each grabbing one of Jon's hard, round glutes, squeezing and kneading them. One of Jon's hands began exploring Dylan's back, while the other wove itself into Dylan's straight, black hair on the back of his head--his fingers loving its soft, thick feel. When Dylan pulled his head back, he asked, "You like that? You want more??"

Jon's blue eyes were wide, staring longingly at this very handsome, olive-skinned dude, "Yeah... Oh yeah..." A split-second thought passed through his mind, `I could definitely be gay for this guy. He's so handsome.'

Chase, meanwhile, was fully-nude on the bed, sitting up against the headboard, stroking his very impressive cock--what was only around 7" soft, was now a very thick 11". Its head already glistened from the show he'd just watched. Dylan grabbed Jon by the back of the neck and turned to guide the boy to the bed. Seeing his buddy's huge, hard cock waiting for Jon, he was shocked! Sure, he'd seen Chase in the locker room hundreds of times now, but he wasn't hard then. He had no idea Chase was such a `grower-not-a-shower'. "Whoa, dude!!! That thing's a fuckin' monster! No wonder Shanice is so happy with you!!"

"You like it? I made it myself." Chase replied, laughing.

Dylan laughed too, "You put 8-incher to shame, buddy! It's a good thing we agreed I get his pussy first!" Dylan's cock wasn't as thick as Chase's either, and he did feel a little inferior to his friend. All the same, he laughed along with Chase. As they got to the bed, Dylan pulled his shirt over his head and told Jon to strip for him. Jon was so embarrassed: his own 8" cock was very hard, pushing his knit briefs straight out. Jon turned his back to the two boys, unbuttoned his shirt, dropping it in an armchair, pulled his t-shirt over his head, tossing it too in the chair, and pulled his socks off. Leaving his boxer briefs to the last, Jon took a deep breath and prepared himself for the inevitable comments about, not only his butt, but also his now-hard cock. When he finally pulled them off, both boys were whooping things, like `Hell yeah!!!', `She's hot for us!', and `She can't wait to suck my cock!'. They'd hit the boy pussy jackpot, and they knew this. The boy's slightly broad shoulders narrowed in a `V' to the small of his back, and his large, hard glutes formed a perfect half-moon below. Jon's neck and face burned red with embarrassment, with his eyes cast downward to the floor. This would also be the first time Jon would be doing sexual acts with two guys at the same time--while sober. He felt even more so exposed now--having live, mutual witnesses of his depravity.

"Now, get on your knees and get my pants off" Dylan said excitedly, who only had jeans remaining (being he'd gone commando that day in anticipation). On his knees, Jon, only lightly blushing now, looked up across the olive-skinned six-pack, over the broad shoulders, and pleadingly into the strikingly handsome face and shining brown eyes, smiling down on him. "Do it" was all Dylan said. Jon unbuttoned Dylan's jeans--each button revealing dense, lush, black pubes--and with each opened button came a fresh scent, unique to the stud...a scent making Jon's mind go places he didn't want it to. With the last button, the jeans fell to the floor, where the stud kicked them away. The beautiful, straight, 8" cock bounced free, and Jon's eyes were rolling up. He really was in love with stud cock. He braced his hands on the rugby player's hard, muscular thighs to keep himself steady and to try to give himself the willpower to resist.

"I'll ask you this once only...just once..." Dylan started. "Do you want me?"

Jon couldn't help himself; he fucking craved this Italian boy's cock. Besides, these two knew Luke, and he had no compelling reason allowing him out of the frat. His breathing was shallow, and the heat from the boy's hard, lightly-hairy thighs was sending him to that place again. "Yes."

"If we let you have our cocks, they must be the ONLY cocks coming anywhere around you. Who exactly is or has recently touched you? I want names. If you're not honest, I'll find out, and it won't be pretty," came the next question from Dylan.

Jon was lightly panting, feeling the saliva pooling inside his open mouth, "Brad got me drunk. That's how this whole stuff started: he bribed me with a video he'd taken. I only did oral with him. Then my friend, Kevin, overheard us ...and he ...and he did me three times, but he won't have anything to do with me now, except ...except..."

Chase excitedly interrupted, "Kevin! That's the name of the dude in the video Luke showed us! Remember??" Then, to Jon, Chase asked, "You said your friend's name was `Kevin'? Is this the same dude who fucked your girl??" Getting emotional but keeping control, Jon could only nod, looking down at the floor. "Dude, I'd beat your ass in the ground if you ever fucked Shanice least not without my permission!" Chase said to Dylan, who just rolled his eyes, chuckling.

"Some fuckin' friend!!!! Some fuckin' frat!!!! PIKEs aren't bros if they're doing that to each other! ... Go on..."

"Then the guy in the next room ...he showed up after you guys did ...that the bar. I blew him. Brad drugged me, though! I'd never have done any of this, had Brad not ...messed with me!"

"Stop," Dylan ordered, "You're getting off the subject. Who and what else??"

"That's it ...and now you guys." Jon's nose was red, and tears fell down his face.

Above him, Dylan gave him an ultimatum, "Listen to me... Chase and I will figure a way to keep these assholes away from you, BUT... you will be our boy-whore, and our boy-whore alone. Those are the terms. Take `em or leave `em. But consider this... If we can take care of Brad and Kevin--which I'm pretty sure we can--then things at your frat will stop, meaning they'll leave you alone and things will go back to normal ...especially next year when Brad's not around ...or Luke for that matter. Right, Chase?"

"Sure, boss" Chase replied, winking--still against the headboard, slowly jacking his glistening monster.

"We won't use drugs or alcohol on you, and we ...Wait, what's that stuff you use, Chase??"

"Poppers," Chase answered.

"So, no drugs except these poppers, but I don't think they're a real drug ...but what do I know? I've never used them ...but Chase and Shanice use them all the time..."

"Occasionally." Chase corrected Dylan.

"Okay, occasionally they use these poppers ...AND we might occasionally smoke a joint or two with you. We don't care if you have pussy ...BUT I don't really think you want any ...not deep down." Jon, who'd been zoning on the dripping cock in front of him, heard the bit about having pussy and not wanting any, and he looked up at Dylan with a truly perplexed expression. So Chase interjected, "Dude, don't get me wrong: you look totally straight, but your eyes tell a different story ...and what beautiful eyes. Don't ya think, Chase?"

Chase, who Jon couldn't see from his position on the floor, rolled his eyes again, replying, "Y-e-a-h, b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l eyes, l-o-v-e-r...", jacking that monster cock.

Dylan rolled his eyes back at his friend, shaking his head. "Anyway, I'm certain we can fix things for you ...BUT you will be our, private cock whore ONLY. Those are the terms. Do you accept?"

Jon looked back over his shoulder, up on the bed at the dirty blonde, jacking that big, fucking, juicy cock. Looking back up at Dylan, seeking reassurance, Jon asked, "You really think you can stop all this?? And with my neighbor too? Really?"

"I said `yes'," Dylan answered, adding, "We might even set you up with a chick ...if you're still unconvinced after this afternoon."

"Okay... I agree." Jon said, wary this was all just `talk'.

At this point, Chase spoke up. He was more than a little disgusted at the softer tone Dylan was delivering--making the whole thing into an `exchange of services'. Chase had broken many faggots in his boarding school days and being nice wasn't how to go about it. If he was going to have a faggot, he wanted 100%. The dude was either all the way in or not. All this talk of promising chicks to the fag, just about made him want to puke. "SO LISTEN UP, YO!" yelled Chase yelled, whose face was red with anger, startling both Dylan and Jon, both of whom were looking at Chase with eyes like saucers.

Dylan, of course, had seen his friend being angry and aggressive in rugby matches, but he'd always called the shots between the two. "What the F..." Dylan started, before being cutoff.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP, DYLAN!! I'M NOT DOWN FOR ALL THIS SHIT!! PROMISING THE FAG GIRLS!! This isn't any GODDAMN NEGOTIATIONS!! WHAT THE FUCK, DYLAN?? I never agreed to ANY of this shit!! If the fag does WELL, ...if he follows ORDERS, then MAYBE I'll help out. But he's 100% FAGGOT, and you KNOW it!! He'll agree to suck my cock, eat my ass, take my cock up his shitter...and ANYTHING ELSE I can think of!! Then MAYBE I'll help out!" Silence filled the air for several seconds following Chase's rant. His face was still red, and he'd actually spit saliva while he'd ranted. Jon was frozen in fear, staring over his shoulder at Chase. Dylan was looking back-and-forth between the two--mouth agape--worried that Chase would scare Jon off! "Let me make this very CLEAR to the faggot! IF I help, this will be a LOT of WORK, and I ALWAYS get paid for my work. UNDERSTAND, FAGGOT??" Jon was actually trembling and couldn't find his voice, so he nodded. "GODDAMN YOU!!! UNLESS YOU GOT MY COCK IN YOUR MOUTH, YOU FUCKING SPEAK WHEN I ASK YOU A QUESTION!!" Jon coughed and answered `yes'.

Dylan was pissed! However, there wasn't much he thought he should say or do at the moment. He'd give Chase a piece of his mind later. Needless to say, the tension in the room was high. Chase was trying to calm down, so he said, "Faggot, you got any booze in here. I think it would do us all good to have a little drink right now."

"Yeah, I've got some bourbon in the closet, but that's it?" Jon answered, fearing the wrong answer.

"You got ice?" Chase asked.

"Yeah?" replied a terrified Jon.

"Well, fill three glasses with ice, bring `em over here to the side table, and go get your bourbon." Chase ordered. Dylan was disgusted. He sat in the armchair and flipped Chase off when Jon had his back turned. Chase chuckled, please with himself. Jon only had large, plastic glasses, so he just filled them half-way with ice and set them on the bedside table. Chase rolled his eyes and shook his head after Jon turned his back. Jon brought back his Four Roses bourbon and handed it to Chase, who turned around and filled the glasses two-thirds the way up! Now, Dylan was shaking his head, however, he did think it would do them good to chill for a minute. After all, all of them had lost their hardons during the rant. "Hey Sweet Cheeks, bring your laptop here, so I can find some `inspiration' for us," meaning, of course, porn. Jon brought him his laptop, and within a couple of minutes, Chase found some straight porn, setting the laptop on the side table at an angle so all three could see it. Then he sat back against the headboard and patted the bed next to him, signaling Jon to come sit by him. Chase may have been crude around the edges, but he was most definitely a hottie. With much trepidation, Jon sat on the edge of the bed. With their glasses nearly full of bourbon, Chase told Jon, "No, next to me ... with your back against my shoulder. I wanna wrap my arm around your chest, so I feel those pretty, pink nipples, girl. I wanna be able to smell that pretty hair." Jon got positioned as directed, wherein Chase wrapped his arm around Jon's chest, playing with his nipple. He stuck his nose in the hair on the back of Jon's hair, inhaling Jon's fresh scent. "Hohoho...Dyl, girl smells s-o s-w-e-e-t! You're gonna fuckin' l-o-v-e it! ... DRINK everyone! We're celebrating here!" Dylan and Jon drank, while Chase took turns sipping and talking seductively in Jon's ear, "I gotta agree with Dylan: other than Shanice, I haven't seen a pussy as sweet as yours in a l-o-n-g time! You like her ass, Dyl?"

"Yes, she does have a nice ass...and nice tits and a nice body..." Dylan winked at Chase, as Chase cut him off.

"A-l-r-i-g-h-t enough. Sounds like you're probably afraid you'll call out [in falsetto] `Shanice! Oh god, Shanice!' while you're fuckin' Claire! Am I right?" Both boys laughed. Between the bourbon, the sound of the porn, and Chase's joking, the mood was quickly lifting again. Chase's cock was on the rise again. Chase, in his sexy voice, said in the hair over Jon's ear, "See those two bitches, babe?" meaning the porn actresses. "You're W-A-Y hotter than those two! You think you can suck my b-i-g c-o-c-k as good as those whores? Huh?"

Jon was getting tipsy, having had no breakfast. "Maybe?" he answered hesitantly. Jon's cock was getting hard, from watching the porn and stealing glances at Dylan, stroking his cock in the armchair. Chase dropped his hand from Jon's pec to his cock, slowly jacking on it a while. Jon thought maybe the dude's bark was worse than his bite...if he was willing to touch Jon's cock like that. Chase's reason, though, was to get Jon to let down his guard and to get him in the mood to really service the boys.

After about 20 minutes, the boys had finally finished their drinks and were ready for their test drive. Dylan told Jon to shut off the porn, so he could focus on his first boy-pussy. As Dylan stood, Chase asked, "One last thing before you start, will you please get my poppers from my coat pocket and toss them to me?" Dylan chugged the rest of his drink and tossed Chase his poppers. Even drunk--which Jon was now--he recognized the brown bottle and felt a sense of foreboding. "Now, watch, you two." Chase put a finger to the side of his nose and took a big hit from the other. Tossing the bottle back to Dylan, Chase told the two of them to take a hit too, then toss the bottle back to him.

Now, Dylan prepared to pick up where they'd left off--with Jon on his knees before his hard, 8" cock. Looking up at this incredibly hot, rugby player--across his ripped abs and amazing pecs, Jon wanted to give Dylan pleasure. Jon wanted Dylan's cock in his mouth. Dylan was so different than Jon--with his olive skin, big, shiny brown eyes, and that soft, straight, black hair he'd felt earlier when Dylan pinned him to the back of the door. His head was spinning a little, but he wasn't sure if it was the bourbon or being only inches from Dylan's beautiful cock. When Dylan smiled down at him, Jon's hands went to the back of Dylan's thighs and his face went right into the thick, soft, black pubes around the base of Dylan's cock. Jon's hands rubbed up-and-down the backs Dylan's meaty thighs, feeling every muscle as though he were memorizing them. He ran his nose through his soft, thick, black pubes, dragging his wet tongue along. It was in this moment, Jon finally realized he wasn't straight. He didn't know what he was, but Jon knew he definitely loved men... he loved their strength... and he loved cock. More than anything in this moment, Jon wanted to serve this beautiful stud and to make him happy. Strong, beautiful studs, like these, deserved pleasure ...they were owed pleasure, and Jon felt honored to have been chosen by them--all of them: Tyler and Dave, Brad, Kevin, Colin, and now these two. He'd been chosen by these gods, and their cum would always be inside him, making him a more worthy person.

Everything about this stud intoxicated Jon. Dylan's skin was so soft tan. His masculine, lightly-hairy thighs made Jon feel so protected. He felt Dylan's fingers caressing his hair. Jon's hands slid up the curves above Dylan's thighs and onto his very round, hard butt. Like a blind person, Jon memorized Dylan's butt with his hands ...and what a fine, powerful butt it was.

`When had this all begun?' Jon thought. `How long have I kept this locked away? Who else's nuts would I lick and feel grateful?'

Jon licked Dylan's nuts. Jon heard Dylan moaning above him, rubbing his upper back with one hand and running his fingers through Jon's hair with the other. What Jon didn't realize is that he'd been moaning on Dylan since his nose rested within Dylan's soft, dense pubes. Jon took first one nut in his mouth, washing it with his thick tongue, then repeating with the other one, and Dylan moaned louder. Dylan barely caught the bottle of poppers tossed to him, but he did and took a hit. Tossing the bottle back to Chase, Dylan thought Jon was doing more than fine without them.

`Who else? Who else have I wanted?' Jon wondered as his tongue licked Dylan's taint, generating a "Oh f-u-c-k!" from Dylan above. `Of course, Matt... since I first saw him during Rush last year... I'd give a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g to be with Matt. Matt is a saint and looks like an angel. And Taylor... who couldn't fall in love with is beautiful face... I even masturbated thinking of Taylor's cock in my mouth. Who have I been kidding? Oh fuck yeah... and the dude down the hall, Ryan... that beautiful, constant smile of his... I'd suck his cock on the fucking sidewalk if he asked!'

Jon rubbed Dylan's cock across the side of his face and into his hair, eliciting more moans from Dylan above. Dylan smelled so fucking good! ...s-o f-u-c-k-i-n-g g-o-o-d! If he died right now, Jon thought, he'd be the happiest he'd ever been. He smelled so much better than the other three he remembered: Brad, Kevin, and Colin. He took the beautiful cockhead in his mouth, rolling his tongue around it, lapping and swallowing his sweet goo. Dylan felt his legs get weak, and he had to gently push Jon's head off his cock. Jon looked up with the saddest, blue eyes, causing a heavily panting Dylan to have to explain, "Oh babe... babe, you're gonna make me cum... give me a minute... you're so beautiful, dude"

Chase, meanwhile, had been fascinated with the show. `This fag has skills!' he thought of Jon. Chase also noticed, looking at his buddy in silhouette, how plump and perfectly curved Dylan's ass was. Because of Dylan's Italian genetics, his skin looked perpetually tan, which also made his ass look ripe for eating. `Yeah, I'd definitely eat his butt for days!' Chase thought to himself. "Okay, while you're cooling down, cowboy, I'd like my turn. Climb up here between my legs, girl." Jon crawled onto the foot of the bed, noticing, in front of him, how large Chase's feet were. He crawled between the seemingly `forever long', muscular legs...between the thick, muscular the thick, glistening, 11" cock ahead of him. "Y-e-a-h, pretty girl, you a-r-e a beautiful girl," Chase said--sincerely--running his long fingers through Jon's long, blonde hair. Jon looked at Chase's drop-dead handsome face and into those green eyes, and he didn't see mockery or meanness. "Come here," and Jon sat back on his knees, now looking straight into Chase's face. One of Chase's big arms reached around Jon's slim waist, while the other reached between Jon's broad shoulders--its hand sliding under Jon's hair and onto the back of Jon's head, pulling the boy's mouth onto his. Chase's long, thick, wet tongue filled Jon's mouth, and Jon's finger's ran through Chase's dirty blonde hair on the back of his head. The hand on Jon's waist slid over one of Jon's hard, round glutes, squeezing and rubbing it, and the kissing only intensified--heads changing angles, hands roaming, feeling. Wetness covered their mouths, and Chase's long, thick, middle finger slid from the top of Jon's butt into that tight channel separating Jon's amazing, hard, round glutes--sliding down...down...down...and over Jon's pink rosebud. Chase's light covering of chest hair felt so manly against his own, Jon thought.

Watching from the armchair at the foot of the bed, it was all Dylan could do to keep from cumming. He didn't dare touch his cock. Then Chase broke the kiss, and sliding his mouth into Jon's ear, he whispered, "I'll help you. I'll help you, girl. I promise." Without being pressed downward or any suggestion, Jon lowered his head, hovering over the 2.5" cockhead before putting his lips onto it, suckling it, tasting its sweet flavor, and he wanted more. With Jon's amazing butt arched up, on display for him, Dylan could sit no more. The pink rosebud hiding between Jon's `work-of-art' glutes called to him, like the Greek sirens, and Dylan was helpless under its control. Jon's pale skin was so beautiful to Dylan, as his darker, olive-skinned hands roamed over Jon's awesome glutes. Lowering his head to them, Dylan licked and kissed the perfect spheres, licking from the bottom of their upward curve to the top. Dylan's face, resting on its side against Jon's round, hard glute, breathed Jon's scent. His nose came to rest at the top of Jon's crack, and Dylan took more of the boy's scent in, licking, kissing. Dylan was infatuated with Jon. He'd dreamt of the boy. He wanted to be with Jon--he was so fair and beautiful. His strong hands stretched Jon's glutes apart, and he stuck his nose and fat, wet tongue inside the boy's valley, licking, smelling Jon's fresh scent.

Chase poked him, handing Dylan the poppers, and Dylan took three more hits, his head now flying far, far away. Dylan dove into Jon's secret place, lapping, kissing, sucking the little rosebud, eliciting louder m-o-a-n-s from Jon. Chase held Jon's head up, pressing one side of Jon's nose, and the boy took two hits.

Jon licked down Chase's huge, 11" cock, and he ran his nose and tongue through Chase's thick, dark blonde pubes, breathing Chase's surprisingly fresh scent. Now flying high, Jon went at the giant cock with determination. He took the head in his warm, wet mouth, and drool ran down the long, thick cock, disappearing somewhere in Chase's pubes. Jon rubbed his wet tongue on the cock's underside, coaxing more, sweet precum that gathered in his mouth and ran down the length of the cock. Jon bobbed and twisted his head, trying to cram more of the meat inside his throat. Jon's long, soft, blonde hair, pooling, brushing, and flipping around on his thighs and abs, felt and looked just like a girl's, Chase thought. `Jon's gonna make a g-r-e-a-t suck-boy, whenever I'm super-horny or need something different', Chase thought, `He's fucking a-m-a-z-i-n-g with cock!' Jon, in fact, was starved for cock.

Down Jon's back, Chase saw Dylan's shiny, straight black hair bouncing against the round rump, as Dylan fucked the boy with his long tongue. Jon's pink rosebud was sloppy with Dylan's saliva and drool. As he pulled back from the pretty pussy, Dylan saw his drool and slop was so much that it covered Jon's large, taut nut sack, and without blinking, he ran his tongue over-and-over Jon's balls, moaning on them. Until he heard Chase say, "Get the lube out of my backpack", and Dylan greatest desire was to claim--to mark--this boy as his ...well, his and Chase's ...but maybe he to get Chase to find his own dude. Dylan climbed back on the bed behind Jon's upturned butt--his cock now dripping with both precum and lube. Dylan poured lube at the top of Jon's narrow valley and on his fingers, rubbing small circles around Jon's secret place--rubbing, pressing, rubbing, pressing--until his long, thick, middle finger slipped inside the warm, squeezing canal. Dylan fucked the boy's pussy with the whole length of his long finger--in-and-out--and Jon m-o-a-n-e-d around the big cock now in his throat. Soon, Dylan added a second finger and began twisting and fucking Jon's sweet hole. He stretched the fingers apart, pouring more lube between the little lips. Fucking Jon with his long fingers, Dylan finally found the hard thing Chase told him to find, and he rubbed his fingers back-and-forth across it, just as Chase had coached him. M-o-a-n-i-n-g loudly, Jon took two more inches of Chase's cock inside his squeezing throat.

Jon was high on the poppers and bourbon, and Chase's big hands, gripping each side of his head, pulled his head up-and-down on the cock--in-and-out of this throat--loudly saying nasty things to him--things that, for whatever reason, seemed to make Jon want to please the big jock more. Chase took his hands off Jon's head, and the boy bobbed and twisted eagerly on the giant cock. "Yeah! Suck that cock, faggot! Take it in your throat, come on! ... Oh YEAH!! That's it!! Whore yourself on my big cock, ya fuckin' faggot!!" High and wanting to please this stud, wanting his seed inside him, Jon opened his throat for the first time, letting part of the cock drill its way inside. Chase felt the little stud breathing on his cock from his nose--now with 8" of the 11" inside his warm, wet, squeezing throat. Even Shanice--his well-seasoned whore--wasn't able to take this much of his 11" cock. Jon's mouth was stretched wide around the massive cock, his snot and tears mixed with his abundant saliva and Chase's precum, forming a white, frothy mixture that constantly flowed around his lips and over his chin, falling in long thick strings down to the bed below. Chase held the poppers down to one of Jon's nostrils, letting the boy inhale more.

Waiting no longer, Dylan mounted his filly, pressing the head of his 8" cock against this very special pussy. Jon felt the head of Dylan's cock pressing, and he willing spread his knees and pushed out. Jon needed Dylan inside him. Jon wanted Dylan's DNA inside him, recoding his own. With Jon backing his butt up, pushing out, Dylan's cock slowly sank into the hot, squeezing cunt--all 8" slid slowly into the tight vagina. For a minute, Dylan thought he was in heaven, and so did Jon, feeling Dylan's soft pubes pressed against his butt and Dylan's big balls against his taint. A week ago, Chase had coached Dylan to hold his cock still at first to let Jon get used to his cock, so Dylan held still for a couple of minutes. In front of him on the bed, Chase reached up with the bottle, and the olive-skinned jock took four, big hits, before handing it back to Chase.

Dylan's head was spinning, and he felt warm and unrestrained. Then he began slowly fucking his beautiful girl. `I want to run away with this boy', Dylan thought, `Fuck Claire!' he thought. Dylan's round, perpetually tan butt, slowly pulled back, then slowly pushed in, gradually picking up speed. Jon spread his knees a bit more, pushing back on the retreating cock. Dylan's big cock was rubbing back-and-forth and back-and-forth across that fucking place inside him--that place that drove him fucking crazy. Streams of sweat ran across Dylan's pecs and abs, dropping down on Jon's sweaty back. Dylan's head spun with the poppers. He wanted nuzzled in Jon's hair, whispering to him how much he loved him, so he laid across Jon's back--their sweat mixing, pasting the two together.

Dylan was pressing Jon down on the bed, causing Jon to push down on Chase's big cock and making it uncomfortable for Chase. The dirty blonde rugby jock pulled Jon off his big cock, telling him to suck his balls instead. Jon laid his head sideways against Chase's meaty, hair thighs, licking and sucking Chase's big balls. Dylan laid his head on top of Jon's cheek, licking and kissing it, sliding his wet tongue across the side of Jon's face to the hair covering Jon's ear. Dylan ran his nose through Jon's hair, smelling its sweet scent. Dylan stuck his tongue through the long, blonde hair, licking and probing Jon's ear. Chase reached down and grabbed a fist full of the thick, straight, black hair on the back of Dylan's head, lifting it up and sticking the poppers under Dylan's nose. The popper's made Dylan's brain f-l-y and gave him wild abandon! Dylan l-o-v-e-d fucking Jon's butt--still hiked above the bed, pushing back with every retreat of the cock fucking it. With Dylan lying across Jon's back and Jon's ass hiked up, Chase was enjoying watching Dylan's round, tan butt flying up and bouncing when it slammed back into Jon's pussy. Chase shouted, "Yeah!! Fuck that ass, Dylan!! Look at you go!! Pump that cock into him!! I love watching your ass bounce when it hits him, Dyl!! You gotta fine, fucking ass on you, buddy!! Fuck that pussy, Dyl!! Fuck it!! Get up on your hands, Dylan!"

Everything was spinning so fast, Dylan couldn't grasp what was said to him. "Huh?"

"I said, get up on your hands and fuck him!! Quit trying to lay on her when she's sucking my balls!!" Chase ordered.

Dylan got the part about needing to be on his hands, so he lifted himself up--his hard, round butt bouncing as he slammed his cock into Jon's steaming, squeezing pussy. All he knew at the time was that he felt wonderful--so fucking high--and he was finally fucking the dude he'd been watching for a very long time now. With Jon's head lying sideways sucking Chase's balls and Dylan on his hands now, the fat head of Chase's huge, 11" cock was now level with Dylan's cheek. Chase began running his fingers through the back of Dylan's hair, "Oh dude, your hair is so fuckin' soft! You don't mind me feeling it, do ya?" Dylan didn't really register the question, but he did feel Chase's fingers in his hair on back of his head. He was panting and sweating, and he couldn't get enough of Jon's pussy. Chase wiped his goo on his huge cockhead onboth Dylan's cheeks, and Dylan saw the giant cock as it passed under his nose, wiping its goo there. Now Dylan inhaled the scent of Chase's precum. All Dylan could see was this massive cockhead, as Chase slapped it against his cheeks, splattering its goo. Chase rubbed his cock through the Dylan's soft hair. Dylan eyes were nearly crossed, staring at his friend's huge cock under his nose. Dylan loved his buddy, and he wished his cock was that big ...that perfect, ...and g-o-d it smelled s-o f-u-c-k-i-n' g-o-o-d too! The big, fucking cock was all Dylan's eyes saw, and Jon's hot, squeezing pussy is all he felt ...besides Chase's fingers in his hair. The massive cockhead's eye was filled with white goo now, and Chase painted Dylan's open lips with the goo. Dylan unconsciously licked his lips, tasting his buddy. The fingers tightened in Dylan's soft hair, pressing his mouth down ...down ...and over the big, juicy cockhead, and for the first time in his 19 years, Dylan had a cock in his pretty mouth. Dylan rolled his tongue around the big head, lapping its leaking goo. He sucked on the head, wanting more of his bro's sweet juice. "Oh f-u-c-k, Y-E-A-H, Dylan!! LAP that juice up!! ... Oh FUCK, your tongue feels so GREAT, Dyl!! SUCK my FUCKIN' COCK, buddy!!!!" The scent of his buddy's cock was like and aphrodisiac to Dylan!! Chase's cum--slimed on Dylan's tongue--tasted great to the tan jock!!! Chase pulled his fingers out of Dylan's hair, because his bro was bobbing on his own--bobbing and fucking, with that big, round butt bouncing into Jon. Chase slid a long arm down, Dylan's back groping of his buddy's fine, round ass. `Yeah, I'll tap that ass one of these days', Chase promised himself.

Although Dylan never had a cock in his mouth before, the Italian stud was a natural at it. He kept thinking how much he'd been drawn to Chase from the fucking hot the dude was. Dylan was the one who'd approached Chase first, introducing himself at the rugby meet-and-greet. Dylan wished Chase had done to him what Chase had done to those boys at boarding school. Chase smelled and tasted so fucking good! He wanted his bud's cum inside him, and Dylan hoped he did well enough that Chase would let him suck his huge cock a lot more. Dylan bobbed his hot, wet mouth up-and-down on the big cock. Dylan remembered how certain chicks sucked him, so he started imitating them, twisting his head on the thing. Sweat now matted his black bangs to his forehead and dripped off his nose. Sweat poured over temples and down his face, joining the snot running from his nose. Dylan began wondering what it would be like having Chase on top of him, like he was with Jon right now. Dylan dropped to his elbows, and Chase began fucking his mouth. Dylan was more than a natural: he was one of the fortunate cocksuckers blessed without a gag reflex. All he had to do was open his throat and take this cock! Dylan ground his cock around inside Jon, and Jon moaned into the bed below, pushing back against the soft, black pubes pounding against his pale butt. Dylan moaned around the mammoth cock in his throat, as his cute nose made its way into Chase's dirty blonde pubes. `I want his cum so badly', Dylan thought.

Jon's pussy felt SO FUCKIN' GREAT around Dylan's cock, milking and squeezing it! Before he'd taken Chase's cock in his mouth, Dylan had watched as he ground his pelvis around Jon's cunt--his thick, black pubes grinding against Jon's pale butt. Dylan stirred his cock around in Jon's hot pussy. Dylan couldn't decide which was better: his buddy's cock down his throat or Jon's incredible cunt milking his own cock. Hiking his round ass up in the air, pulling his thick, wet cock almost out, Dylan slammed his cock back in, grinding and stirring against Jon's hard butt. Jon was mindless, moaning and panting below, "Fuck... Oh, FUCK! Fuckin' fuck me... Cum in my ass, Dylan... O-h-h-h D-y-l-a-n... There... Oh yeah, there! Fuck my ASS, Dylan..." Hearing Jon's voice made Dylan want Jon even more...if that was even possible. Dylan thought he'd do ANYTHING for the boy beneath him!! Hiking his round, tan ass way up, slamming down inside the milking cunt, grinding, stirring--over and over again and again ... until... Jon's hard, 8" cock, swinging in the air, started firing rope after rope after rope of thick, white globs of cum all over the bedding beneath the swinging cock. Jon m-o-a-n-e-d in ecstasy! Never had Jon felt this way with a woman...never... only with Kevin and now, Dylan... and Jon saw clearly for the first time.

Flashes of light filled Dylan's brain with the sensations of Jon's rapidly contracting pussy. This was NOTHING like fucking a girl--all loose. The hard squeezing and sucking of Jon's cunt sucked the cum out of Dylan's balls, and Dylan could hold back no longer--slamming and grinding his cock into this fantastic cunt, shooting load after load of his thick, white goo deep inside the beautiful jock beneath him. Electric flashes went off in Dylan's head with the firing of each load of cum, filling the cunt inside. With each last upward swing of Dylan's round butt, his thick cock was covered in white goo, and with each final downward drive, his thick, black pubes splatted into the excess cum. Drops of his own thick cum clung to his pubes as Dylan finally pulled out his exhausted thick, 8" cock. When the cock pulled out of Jon, he could feel Dylan's thick, white goo flowing out the puffy lips of his rosebud, rolling over his taint and balls, settling finally on the bedding. Jon felt sated and happy.

Dylan still had one job left. He wanted to make his frat bro and fellow rugby player happy. Dylan loved Chase. They'd been through hell together last year, pledging TKE and playing some pretty mean rugby matches. Yeah, he loved Chase! What of it? Sure, the dude was rough around the edges! ...but he was wild and fun to be around too! ...and he fuckin' looked like a goddamn model! Dylan never realized his bro had such a fucking HUGE cock, and it really turned Dylan on! Chase, for his part, half-way couldn't believe how easy it'd been turning Dylan out! He was a chick-fucking frat bro and fairly tough rugby player. In that regard, it was hard seeing him as the cock-hungry cocksucker he clearly was. On the other hand, Dylan was so good-looking he was almost pretty. For sure, Chase thought, Dyl could be a model. But weren't all really, really good-looking guys faggots?? Then, from the time they saw Jon at a Greek mixer, Dylan kept bringing up the idea of punking the dude to Chase fairly the point it was annoyed Chase. Considering this, it all made sense that his buddy liked the D ...and Chase was more than happy to oblige, being one for kink and variety.

With Jon rolling to the side, looking the other way, the other two got on their knees. Dylan couldn't get quite as much of his buddy's beautiful cock in his throat that way, but he had his hands free now--rubbing Chase's balls with one, and rubbing and feeling his big, hard glute with the other. Dylan loved whoring on this cock. He wanted to please his stud friend, who Dylan realized now was stronger than him all along. "Yeah, you're BOTH a couple of COCK-WHORES, aren't you??" Chase loudly taunted his friend. "I pretty much figured it, when you started carrying on about this one! ... YEAH, SUCK my COCK, FAGGOT!! OH... OH...YEAH...OH FUCK, EAT MY CUM, YOU GODDAMN CUNT!!" and Chase fired his first volleys of thick, rich, white cum deep inside his new suck-boy. Pulling completely out of Dylan's sucking throat and mouth, Chase fired the remaining several volleys all over the pretty, olive-skinned, face of his fellow rugby player and frat bro. Dylan held his mouth open and his tongue out, catching a couple of the shots but missing most. `What a fuckin' faggot whore!!!' Chase thought, `wanting my cum that much!!' The thick, sticky, white goo was in Dylan's black hair, across his forehead, in one eye, and on both cheeks. The stuff ran down his neck and onto his broad pecs.

Chase climbed off the bed and grabbed some paper towels for his bud. Handing them to him, he bent over, whispering in his ear, "Don't worry, Dyl. Your secret's safe with me. We're still friends and all, as long as you keep this shit in the closet. The minute--no, the second--you hold your eyes too long on someone's cock in the locker room or you slip-up with Jon, here, in public, you're gonna wish you'd never met me. Got it?? You guys can hang with me in public--or with each other or whatever--but only as straight guys...not the couple of faggots you are. Are you listening??

"Yeah, Chase," Dylan quietly replied, now absorbing the immensity of all that just went down.

"Do you understand??"

"Yeah, Chase, I understand." Dylan answered, wiping the cum out of his eye and off his face as best he could.

"And another thing... Faggots don't lead; straight men lead. From now on, I call the shots, not you. Got it?"

"Yes, Chase." Dylan answered.

Adding as an afterthought, Chase said, "And if you ask nicely, I'll let you suck my cock the 5th floor bookstacks at the Main Library, just like Shanice." Chase was only half-kidding, not laughing at his own joke ...and neither did Dylan.

Dylan laid down on the bed spooning Jon, pulling the boy close to him. Dylan was glad Jon hadn't watched, because he now felt ashamed--lesser a man than the one he was when he'd entered Jon's room. Chase finished dressing and asked Dylan if he was going to lay there all day. Dylan told him to go on without him, and, as though nothing at all had happened, Chase said, "Cool. Catch you later!" and walked out. Dylan pulled the covers over he and Jon, and they fell asleep.




Something more had happened, though--something more than Chase knew before he turned Jon's doorknob to leave. About an hour or so earlier, Ryan came home from class. As the handsome auburn-haired boy neared the stop of the staircase, he heard very clear shouting, coming from behind Jon's door. Reaching the top of the stairs, he heard, "SHUT THE FUCK UP, DYLAN!! I'M NOT DOWN FOR ALL THIS SHIT!! PROMISING THE FAG GIRLS!! ..." Ryan thought, `I know that voice...', but he kept walking on down the hall to his door. Then he made the connection. The voice he'd heard was that belonging to his frat bro, Chase! It had to be Chase, because Chase's best friend was Dylan, another frat bro of Ryan's. The two were practically joined at the hip--Dylan and Chase. Why, though, would they be in Jon's room?? And why would they be yelling at each other?? "PROMISING THE FAG GIRLS!!" rang in Ryan's ears. This was another bizarre twist of deeply troubling events, happening since he sucked his first cock two days ago. To everyone, Ryan was `Mr. Perfect'. Ryan was extraordinarily handsome and outgoing, exuding positivity and having an air of purity and wholesomeness about himself. Ryan was friendly to everyone, having that million-dollar-smile, and he was extremely intelligent. The 19-year-old was no virgin, but he treated girls with the utmost respect. Hell, he even attended church with his family when he was home. Almost everyone liked Ryan...almost. Being the type of person he was did have his detractors--those who were jealous, for example. Chase, Dylan, and Ryan were in the same TKE pledge class last year, and all were Sophomore actives now. TKE was the second largest fraternity on campus--second to Jon's PIKE--so Ryan's pledge class was large, having 27 boys. At the time, Ryan had been trying out for the gymnastics team, and it was even rumored he'd tried out to be a male football cheerleader. Naturally, to Chase and Dylan--as rugby players--all this seemed too `gay' for them, especially coupled with Ryan's goody-two-shoes, happy persona. When Ryan had tried to make friends with Chase and Dylan, they gave him the cold-shoulder and sneered at him behind his back ...which is how things stood today. Given Ryan's outgoing personality, he accepted this and moved on to make friends with other bros in the frat. Ryan did make a point to avoid too much interaction with Chase, especially. He'd observed Chase, and between his behavior and something in the boy's eyes, Ryan didn't exactly trust him. Chase seemed unpredictable and wild to Ryan. So, Ryan was friendly--after all, they were frat bros--but he kept a certain distance from the two--NOT that Chase and Dylan ever gave Ryan reason to believe they wanted to be best buds with him.

So, with "PROMISING THE FAG GIRLS!!" ringing in his ears, as he stepped inside his room, Ryan shook it off, telling himself it was absolutely none of his business. Ryan liked Jon. He'd chatted Jon up a few times, but having seen what he'd seen in the wee-hours Saturday morning, he realized there was much more about Jon than he'd guessed. Since Saturday morning, when Ryan had sucked Brad's cock, his perfectly ordered world had been tipped on its head, especially since he'd never considered sucking cock ...well, not seriously considered it, anyway.

Ryan hadn't slept well the past three nights, having graphic, lewd dreams he'd never had before, and he didn't know how he should act or what he should say--if anything--to Sarah, the girl Ryan was currently dating--especially considering how badly treated him Saturday afternoon. Consequently, Ryan had overslept this morning and had to skip his shower, in order to get to class on-time. After he put his books away and did a few, little things in his room, Ryan decided to go across the hall and shower, so he put a towel around his waist and grabbed his bathroom kit. Taking a long, hot shower helped Ryan forget his problems and relax, and today, Ryan took a very long shower. When he finished, he combed his straight, light-auburn hair in the fogged-over mirror, parting it on the side, and blow-dried it, leaving his hair fluffy. Tying the towel around his waist, Ryan opened the bathroom door, preparing to step back across the hall to his room, when Jon's door down the hallway opened. Chase's eyes locked on Ryan's as he closed the door behind him. Chase had no idea `goody-two-shoes' lived there, so he was genuinely taken aback. Ryan, being his cheery self and greatly relaxed from his hot shower, waved and smiled brightly at Chase ... and without thinking, he greeted Chase, saying, "I thought I heard your...", stopping mid-sentence. Ryan looked to the side, searching for the words to correct his faux pas, "umm...I mean, I...uh..."

Chase knew instantly Ryan had overheard something sexual from behind Jon's door. He could tell by the red blush on the boy's face and his stammering to backout of his awkward mistake. Chase had no idea what Ryan now knew about Dylan, Jon, and him, but he did recognize this as a big threat to him and his standing at TKE. With uncharacteristic friendliness and a charming smile, the handsome stud walked directly down the hall to Ryan. "Buddy, I had no idea you lived here! How's it going?"

Ryan stood there, confused by Chase's effusive behavior and stammered back, "I'm fine, dude! And you?"

"Let me see your room, dude! Living along must be sweet! My roomie, Zach, at the house drives me crazy at times!" Chase said, now standing next to Ryan. Ryan always tried to think the best of people. That's how he was raised. Ryan's parents and grandparents--back in that small town--were the exact same way. So while he was confused by Chase's friendliness, he smiled and unlocked his door.

Hours later, Ryan would deeply regret letting this super-handsome jock inside.


End -- Chapter 12