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Bradley von Acht

Caucasian; Age 22; Straight, brown hair; Blue eyes; 6' 4"; 200 lbs.

University Senior; President -- Pi Kappa Epsilon (PIKE); QB -- University Football team

Jon Swenson

Caucasian; Age 19; Neck-length, straight, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 5' 10"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Treasurer -- PIKE Social Cmte;

High School Football QB & Baseball


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, black hair -- shaggy bangs; Blue eyes; 6' 2"; 170 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- PIKE; High School Football & Wrestling


Caucasian; Age 21; Straight, dark, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 6' 2"; 185 lbs; Striking resemblance -- young Tom Brady

University Senior; Vice President -- PIKE; RB -- University Football team


Caucasian; Age 21; Curly blonde hair; 6' 2"; Blue eyes; 175 lbs.

University Senior; Member -- PIKE; Rower -- University team


African American; Age 20; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 4"; 200 lbs.

University Junior; Boarding School Football & Baseball


Caucasian; Age 20; Short, white-blonde hair; Blue eyes; 6' 1"; 170 lbs.

University Junior; Secretary -- PIKE; Wrestler -- University team


Caucasian; Age 21; Straight, brown hair; 6' 2"; Brown eyes; 170lbs.

University Senior; Treasurer -- PIKE; Football (Sidelined) University team


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, light auburn hair; Blue eyes; 6' 0"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE); High School Football & Baseball


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, black hair -- shaggy bangs; Dark brown eyes; 6' 0"; 170 lbs.; Olive completion (Italian)

University Sophomore; Member -- TKE; Rugby -- University team


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, dark blonde hair; Light gray-green eyes; 6' 1"; 175 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- TKE; Rugby -- University team; Boarding School Rugby


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, brown hair; Brown eyes; 5' 11"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- PIKE; High School Football & Basketball


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, dark auburn hair; Brown eyes; 6' 0"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- PIKE; High School Football & Basketball


Caucasian; Age 20; Neck-length, straight brown hair; Hazel eyes; 6' 2"; 175 lbs.

High School Football (RB) & Baseball


Caucasian; Age 20; Straight, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 6' 1"; 170 lbs.

High School Football & Baseball


Biracial (Black/White); Age 22; Wide mohawk w/ long, tight, bouncy curls; Brown eyes; 6' 3"; 225 lbs.; Striking resemblance to Patrick Mahomes

University Senior; Vice President -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas); TE -- University Football team


African American; Age 21; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 5"; 210 lbs.

University Senior; President -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas)


African American; Age 20; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 3"; 190 lbs.

University Senior; Active -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas)


African American; Age 20; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 6"; 215 lbs.

University Senior; Active -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas)






Chapter 13


"GO FUCK YOURSELF!" was the text message received by Colin from Brad. Brad wasn't as smart as he thought himself to be. Unlike all his previous punking, this effort to punk Brad meant a good deal to Colin. Yes, it was the money he planned to milk from Brad, but it was also an ego thing. To control the university's star quarterback--who was likely to go to the Pros--meant, not only a small fortune of money for Colin, but also the power trip he'd get for years to come of `owning' a national celebrity, being the `man behind the man'. The text reply Brad sent, however, was a stumbling block for Colin. He had to show Brad he meant business without giving up the game, forcing Colin to devise a new approach.

If Colin knew one of Brad's friends from the frat--besides the queer next door--he might consider letting that person in on Brad's secret...with the intention of punking that dude later, knocking the friend out of the game. All this was risky, though, as this friend--being tempted at a later date by greed--might decide to `sell' his knowledge of Brad. Colin thought about this problem for four days, not texting anything to Brad.

During this time, he listened to the queer next door being fucked, but Colin had little interest in Jon. Firstly, the cracker had no money from which Colin could extort. He'd watched the dude for a few months now, and, based on the ordinary clothes Jon wore and his possessions Colin saw in his room, it was obvious there would be nothing significant to gain financially from the boy. Secondly, half the fun was punking or turning-out straight dudes--i.e., the fights they put up and the walls of manhood you got to break down. Colin loved the rush of power he got from inflicting great psychological trauma on a dude, and it was pretty clear, Brad had already turned Jon out; it would only be a short amount of time now before Jon was a full-fledged faggot. The fact he'd now listened though the walls to a total of four, different dudes fucking Jon was proof of this. Jon was attracting guys like flies to shit now. No, Brad was the game now: breaking the bigshot meant money and ego for Colin--not to mention the joy it brought, breaking a big asshole.

Colin's friend, Deshawn, had a friend, Darnell, who was a close friend to a tight end on the university's football team, Tyrese, who, like Brad, was also destined for the Pros. Deshawn, Darnell, and Tyrese were members of a Black fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha (nicknamed Ice Cold Brothas), where Tyrese was Vice President. If Colin could team-up with Tyrese, the two together would have significant power over Brad, because the last thing on earth Brad would want is for the whole football team to find out he took it up the ass. If Colin could only contact Tyrese directly, he'd be willing to split the financial benefits with the fullback. Of course, Colin didn't want Deshawn or Darnell in on this deal, as it would greatly reduce Colin's financial gain as well as his degree of power over Brad. Including Tyrese on the punking of Brad, however, would actually increase Colin's leverage over Brad, due not only to Tyrese being on the university's football team but also because Tyrese would be going to the Pros along with the quarterback. How could he be introduced to Tyrese? Brad's obstinance had really thrown a wrench in Colin's plans, resulting in four days of Colin rethinking his strategy.

By Thursday, however, things were falling into place for Colin. He and Deshawn always grabbed lunch at the Student Union following a class they had together that day, and Thursday was no exception. Colin still had no idea how he was going to bring up Tyrese--or if he even could--but he didn't have to worry for long. On the way to the Union, Deshawn invited Colin to a Valentine's Day party they were having at Alpha Phi Alpha on Saturday night. Colin's concern now was whether Tyrese would be there, whether he'd be able to corner the brotha, and--the biggest concern--whether Tyrese would be down for turning out Brad.




Colin arrived at the party Saturday night about an hour after it started, decked out in his finest--down to his Rolex watch. He quickly found his friend, Deshawn, at the bar with both Darnell and Tyrese. Tyrese was a pretty hot brotha, who looked an awful lot like Patrick Mahomes. Tyrese was biracial too, having a Black father and a White mother, making the brotha light-skinned, and just like his lookalike, Tyrese wore a wide mohawk with long, tight curls that bounced. To top it off--as if he weren't already handsome enough, the brotha had small ears close to his head and dimples when he smiled. Tyrese (as you can imagine) was quite the pussy magnet on campus, and tonight was no exception. He had four White and two Black chicks vying for his attention throughout the night, making it exceptionally difficult for Colin to get near him, let alone talk to him, but Colin was a lucky dude. After two beers, Colin had to walk the dog, so he got in very long line for one of the bathrooms. It happened that Tyrese also had to go to the restroom, but living there in the house, he headed upstairs, where the line would be short, if at all. Tyrese had quite a bit to drink, so he was unusually friendly. On his way to the staircase, Tyrese saw Colin waiting in the long line and told him to follow him upstairs, where he wouldn't have to wait long.

The line upstairs was only three-deep, and although the other brothas offered their places to Tyrese, he declined, saying he'd wait his turn. Colin found his opening. "I know it's early, but have got any ideas who may draft you yet, if you don't mind me asking?"

Tyrese smiled, replying, "No clue, bro. I had a few calls from the Eagles and some from the Bears and some from the Saints, but you know, it's pretty competitive ...and nerve-wracking at times. I just hope I get drafted somewhere."

Colin assured the tight end, "Oh, you will, will. No doubt in my mind. I hear Brad's been putting out feelers. You know anything about his situation?"

At the mention of Brad's name, the smile dropped from Tyrese's face. In a low voice so he wouldn't be overheard, the light-skinned brotha replied, "Oh, don't get me started, bro. Between you and me, Brad's a giant cunt! ...and that's insulting cunts! I can't stand the idiot! You know, he actually made fun of my mother and me being biracial, bro?? ...and multiple times too! One time, he told me, `Your mom loves that African dick, huh?' He laughed! He thought he was being funny! Dude is so stoo-pid! He's just a major asshole!"

"Tyrese, I want show you something I have on my phone. When you get done in the restroom, is there somewhere we can talk privately...for just a couple of minutes. You're seriously gonna wanna see what I have on this cracker."

Of course, this peaked Tyrese's curiosity, though he really didn't want anything to do with the cunt, Brad. Nonetheless, his curiosity won out. "Sure, bro! We can go to Darnell's room. I'll wait here for you until you get done."

Soon both brothas were in Darnell's room, and Colin had to preface what he was about to show the tight end. A lot was riding on this preface. Tyrese might be more conservative and homophobic, and not only out Brad to the public but also say something to Darnell and Deshawn. Colin knew Deshawn would only be pissed that Colin hadn't been prepared to let him in on it from the beginning; the brotha would be totally down for punking Brad. Colin was taking a gamble, but he'd hung out enough with Deshawn and Darnell to know that Darnell punked a cracker one time. So, with any luck, Tyrese would be game for this. Colin began, "I live in a boarding house there on Clinton Street, and there's this PIKE cracker living next door. Friday night, I run into his girlfriend coming up the stairs. Ooooo, she's on FIRE, and she's all but shaking her pussy at me." Tyrese laughed, and Colin continued, "Anyway, she tells me they're going to the Lookout, so I head there later to see if I can get me any blonde muff. I get there, and I find the cracker who lives next door to me, standing with two of his frat bros--one of whom is your buddy, Brad." Tyrese groaned. "I watched him buy them drinks, then after bit, he all but carries my neighbor to the bathroom with the other PIKE following. After the fact, I find out Brad slipped them both G, took them to the bathroom, and punked them both. Now, having heard them through my walls in my room, I know for a fact Brad punked the one dude a few times before, and that's the reason I knew his girl was in play. The other cracker was cherry."

Tyrese's eyes were as big as saucers, but, he was laughing wildly too, which Colin took to be a good sign. "WHAT?? No fucking way! You saw it?? How can that be? The place is packed almost every night!"

"Listen, you ever notice that employee bathroom down past coat check? Brad has something going with the manager there, Mike. I saw Brad passing him money a handful of times that night, and it wasn't for drinks. Mike works behind the bar too--big guy, black hair, tats up his arms. Anyway, somehow Brad has a key to that bathroom. He gets them drunk and takes them back there for fun and games, see? I saw them going back there, and I saw them coming out afterwards...and I saw Brad locking the room afterward. Both punks had dried cum on their faces and in their hair, and the jeans on one of them was soaked in piss. Reeked to high heaven."

Tyrese was trying to get his head around this. He didn't know whether to believe Colin or whether he was full of shit. Regardless, it was a crazy story that made him laugh. "So you filmed this on your phone??"

"Nah, bear with me. So I go up to them as they're leaving and say I'll help get my neighbor home, because, bro, he was all fucked-up. This is how the party ended for Brad that night." Colin finished, handing Tyrese the phone.

As the video played, Tyrese very quickly stopped laughing. His eyes were huge, and his chin was on the floor. It was quiet as death for a couple minutes after the clip, with Tyrese staring out his window into the black night, trying to wrap his head around it. "This is you fucking Brad?"

"Yep," Colin replied.

"Wow... I don't' know what to say." The tight end was shocked by the video.

"So," Colin began, "I see a business opportunity as well as an opportunity to psychologically fuck a major asshole. Brad has money, you know. His folks are loaded, and he's on his way to the Pros. Smell me? He can't afford this video going viral, let alone his current or future teammates and coaches. The guy's a total cunt, like you say, and he's been doing this kind of thing to others his whole life--an example of which are the two PIKE crackers. Between you and me, I take great pleasure in tearing down Whitey, but, in this particular case, I need your help--your partnership--to make this work." At this point, Colin showed him Brad's reply to the video Colin texted him--i.e., the "GO FUCK YOURSELF!" reply. "White boy doesn't wanna play. He's calling my bluff. He'll change his mind quicker than a New York minute ...if he gets the video from you. Then it's game-on."

Tyrese stared coldly at Colin, thinking, and Colin stared coldly back. After about two minutes, Tyrese looked down at Colin's phone in his hand and began messing with the screen. Handing it back to Colin, there was a ding from Tyrese's phone. Tyrese messed with its screen, typing.

Brad was hanging out with Luke and Taylor at a bar, chatting up some babes, when he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Pulling it out, there was message from a strange number, reading, "You're right. My mom loves that African dick, and from the looks of it, so do you. Ty". Another message came seconds later from the same number...with the video.




"Bradley, so what happened to your friend in Indianapolis?" a busty, 20-year-old brunette asked.

"Huh? What?" Brad stared over the heads of those around him at nothing in particular, looking lost and very pale all of a sudden.

"Bradley, you were telling us the funny story about your friend!" the girl exclaimed, anxious to hear the punchline and hopefully to suck some football cock that night.

"What?" Brad asked, eyes as if in shock, growing more pale by the second.

"I said... you were telling us about your friend visiting Indianapolis. What happened??" the pretty girl prodded.

"I don't remember." Brad flatly said.

"Dude! What the fuck is wrong with you?? Shelly, here, wants to know the rest of the story! And of course, whatever Shelly wants, I want too." Luke chimed in, flirting with the girl, hoping to pick over Brad's rejects.

"I think I've got to go. I'm not feeling well now." Brad dully stated.

"Are you okay, man?" Taylor asked, genuinely concerned by the look in Brad's eyes (or absence therein), his coloring, and his behavior.

Brad set his drink down and made his way through the crowd, walking out the front door of the bar without his coat, still in coat check.

"What the FUCK?? I think I'd better go after him." Taylor announced, quickly pushing his way through the crowd after Brad. By the time, Taylor got out the door, Brad was about 50' down the sidewalk, so Taylor jogged to catch up to him. Brad wasn't even walking in the right direction for going back to the frat house, let alone calling an Uber or trying to flag a taxi. He wasn't walking quickly, so it didn't take long for Taylor to catch up to him. "Brad! Dude! Stop! You don't even have your coat, and it's freezing out here!" Brad kept walking, so Taylor threw him up against a building. "Dude! What the fuck is going on??" It didn't even seem like Brad saw Taylor: he was just staring blankly with his mouth open. He didn't answer. There was nothing Brad could say. It'd taken him a couple of minutes to figure out who `Ty' was, but he'd made the connection finally. For all he knew, Colin had sent that video to multiple team members, and the word was already out. Hell, Taylor probably had a text from Tyrese if he'd just check his fucking phone, Brad thought; then he wouldn't be so concerned about him! "Okay, give me your fucking coat check tag." Brad stared blankly at Taylor. All he could think about now was how his future at the Pros was over before it had started and the public disgrace he would be--not only to himself but to his family and his brothers at PIKE, who'd expel him both from the house and the frat itself. Fed up, Taylor started searching Brad's pockets for the tag, finally finding it in Brad's shirt pocket. "Okay, we're going back to the bar for our coats. Got it?" Brad blankly shook his head `no'. "What?? Okay, you're going to wait right there between those buildings for me then." Taylor pointed to 6' gap--a walkway--between two red brick buildings (stores) a few feet back in the direction from which they'd come. "Come on." Taylor had to put an arm over Brad's shoulders to get him to move, leading him to the little alleyway between the buildings. Taylor led him about 10' into the alleyway, where Brad would be out of the wind, and wouldn't leave until Brad finally nodded that he would wait for him. Taylor pushed his way through the crowd toward coat check--which was the opposite direction from where their friends were congregated. He butted in line, apologizing that it was an emergency, and got their coats.

Meanwhile, Brad's phone dinged and vibrated again. It was a third text from Tyrese's number, coming 10 minutes following the video text. "Get your faggity ass to 909 N Scott St. There's a carriage house garage in back. Go there. Climb the stairs on the side and knock on the door. You've got 1 hour."

This was the address of the Ice Cold Brothas, which used to be a private mansion with a carriage house in back. The carriage house was a stone building, originally built as a small, four-horse stables with one, large room above used for the living quarters of the coachman. In the years following broughams, the stables had been converted to a one-car garage with an old wooden garage door, typical of the 1920s. After the frat purchased the property, it installed a bathroom and shower in the garage--on the end opposite the garage doors--and it fixed up the interior of the upstairs to serve as a living quarter for one frat bro. Its small kitchen area was modernized, hardwood floors were laid over the old, existing subflooring, and its original, small fireplace was cleaned and made usable again (although its heat came from a small gas furnace downstairs, next to the bathroom and water heater). Tyrese had a new BMW, and being a star football player, he'd been allowed to rent the garage for the past couple of years. President of the frat normally took this as his living quarter, but this year's President preferred a single room in the main house. Tyrese, as Vice President, then quickly claimed the old carriage house quarters for his.

When Taylor got back to the alleyway where he left Brad, it was empty, save for a rat on top of a trashcan in the back.


End -- Chapter 13


Chapter 14


The taxi dropped Brad off in the old, narrow driveway at Alpha Phi Alpha at 12:10 a.m. Brad could tell a party was going full-blast inside the old house, what with the music blaring and all the people he could see through the windows. He'd never been so scared in his life and couldn't keep his teeth from chattering. Brad had no idea how many guys would be in the carriage house waiting for him, but whether it was 10 or 50, he had no doubt it would probably be the worst night of his 22-year-old life. Walking the long drive back to the garage, Brad could see lights on upstairs behind the closed blinds. When he was about two-thirds the way down the drive, Brad dropped to his knees with dry heaves, but because he was afraid being seen by anyone from the party, he got himself up and soon found himself climbing the stairs along the side of the carriage house and knocking on the door.

Brad could hear laughing from inside when the door opened and a cloud of pot smoke poured out into the cold, night air. A wide-smiling Tyrese opened the door, yanking Brad inside by his shirt collar. "Get your fucking faggot ass inside! ...unless you wanna be sucking all the Brothas off." Tyrese yanked Brad so hard, he ripped his shirt, throwing a weak-kneed Brad 8' across the hardwood floor. "But then again, you like that `African dick' as much as my mom, I see." Tyrese and Colin burst out laughing more. "By the way, since the time you asked me that, I've been wondering if you say `COON cock' or, better yet, `NIGGER cock' with your cracker friends? Come can tell us. We're all friends here, aren't we? I'm mean, you've ALWAYS been so nice to the brothas on the team! Hell, Colin here made you half-nigger the other night! ...cumming up your ass and in your mouth so much! ...that is, IF you weren't already before! ...going on the DL into the hood and taking AFRICAN cock up your ass and in your mouth at the same time..." Tyrese and Colin laughed so hard at that last jibe. "How long have you been whoring yourself on AFRICAN cock anyway?? I mean, you just met Colin Friday night, and you were swinging on it within an hour, I hear! ...practically begging for it!" Changing to a nicer tone, Tyrese told Brad to get his snow-covered shoes off and put them on the mat by the door. He then asked Colin for the big blunt and sat down in one of the two armchairs next to the cold fireplace.

Colin, sitting in one of the chairs next to Tyrese, passed him the blunt and waited for Brad to get his shoes off. Walking to the door where Brad was just leaning up from having put his shoes down, Colin hauled off and slugged him first in the gut and then an upper cut to the jaw. With the second punch, Brad fell backward onto the hard floor again. "GO FUCK YOURSELF! I believe that's what you said, wasn't it?" While Colin seemed to throw the punches with ease, his face afterward was in a rage, and Brad--trying to get up again--was now even more scared than he was walking down the long driveway. Colin was built like a quarterback himself, and his face now was frightening. "I told you to GET THE FUCK UP!" Brad knew he was fucked: with the video these two had, he wouldn't dare try to defend himself, so he rose with his hands open, raised outward in front of his face--both to show he wouldn't try to fight as well as to (hopefully) block punches to his pretty face. Colin started laughing, "Look at you! Big, fucking pussy! Big, goddamned football player, looking like he might piss his panties!" Tyrese was laughing too, but whether it was from the show or the blunts he and Colin had smoked, who could say? Between the threat of the video, the violence, and the taunting, Brad was fighting back crying--something he hadn't experienced in well-over 10 years. He was backing away from Colin, still with his hands up, which made the two boys laugh even harder. Colin threw his hands in the air and walked back to Tyrese, asking for the blunt. He took a hit off it, letting Brad put his guard down a bit. Looking at Brad, Colin said in a normal voice, "Hey cracker! You so sexy standing over there in the dark like that... Let's shotgun, k?" Seeing Brad still had his hands in front of himself, Colin took another hit and continued in a more seductive tone of voice, "Chill, yo... I'm done with that, White Boy... We're gonna be friends now. I'm gonna take another big, ole hit, go over there in the dark, and we're gonna shotgun, yo..." Colin took a big hit, passed the blunt back to Tyrese, and walked over to Brad, who had, by now, backed himself against a wall.

As Brad still had his hands up a bit, Tyrese shouted from his chair, "Get the hands down and open your fucking mouth, Brad..." Colin was not only built like Brad, but he was a strikingly handsome, Black man with an angular face and a straight, slender nose. "Open your mouth, Brad, you goddamned moron!" Tyrese shouted again.

Colin got really close to Brad, wrapping his left hand around the small of Brad's back and his right through the brown hair on the back of Brad's head. Hesitantly, Brad opened his mouth, not trusting Colin...and, most certainly, not appreciating any of the gay crap. While Brad did have to admit to himself the dude was hot--actor-model hot--he still wasn't up for the gay crap, especially not with a Black dude. Colin covered Brad's mouth with his own, blowing the smoke into Brad's open mouth. Colin's left hand slid its way down and over one of Brad's hard glutes, grabbing a handful, and began grinding his junk into Brad's. Tilting his head, Colin slid his long, thick tongue into Brad's mouth, and while Brad had no desire to kiss this dude, Colin's tongue stimulated a natural reaction from Brad's own. Brad's eyes were wide open, his hands at his sides, but his tongue--while not going inside Colin's mouth--was nonetheless rubbing against and curling around the probing foreign tongue. "You best lighten up, White Boy," Colin purred, diving his hot, wet tongue inside Brad's mouth again.

Still, Brad was way too frightened and upset to relax. `What will they do with the video? Have they done anything already? Were more guys on their way? What do they want from me? How much of this is going to be sexual?' All these questions and more were and continued flying through Brad's head. He shuddered thinking about any sexual stuff with guys.

Colin gave up with the softer approach...for now anyway. He dropped his hands, stepped back, and threw six more punches into Brad, with the quarterback sliding down the wall and falling over on his side. Brad would have a terrible black eye and swollen lip for days afterward, but at the moment, his eye was swelling, and blood ran from his mouth.

Having finished the blunt, Tyrese sauntered across the room. "Yo, White Boy's had enough for now, I think. Ain't that right, Bradley?"

Brad was openly crying now. His nerves and the hate emanating from Colin had got the better of him. "What do you want from me?? What are you gonna do with the video?" Brad tried asking through his crying. "How many already know??"

Tyrese crouched down, pulling Brad's torso off the floor and between his knees. Brad was sobbing uncontrollably. It wasn't the violence that upset Brad: it was the fact that at least two people had seen the awful video and that, for the first time in his life, Brad was at the mercy of someone else. Brad's mom and dad couldn't help him out of this situation, because Brad could not--under any condition--let them know about the video. Brad was so fucked, and he knew it.

Tyrese had one arm around Brad's shoulders to keep him upright and the other around the front of Brad's face, petting his soft hair. "Now, now... Calm down, baby girl... Shhh... Calm down now..." Brad's nerves had really got the better of him, as he continued crying and blubbering--his tears mixing with snot and blood. The eye that took a punch was swelling rapidly and burned like a motherfucker. Of course, the salt from the tears didn't help. Tyrese continued holding Brad up, cooing to him, and petting his soft, brown hair. The fact this was asshole Brad caused Tyrese's 9" cock to chub. "Now, now, pretty girl... First thing you're gonna do is suck our big, African cocks..." Tyrese had to pause due to Brad's louder sobs. "Then you're gonna show me your pretty, pink pussy, so I can get my big, African cock all-up in that... shhh, shhh... and then we're gonna try to get you pregnant, girl... Shhh... Calm down, now. I know you're excited an all, and so am I, my pretty, pretty baby..."

Colin couldn't control his laughter. He was back across the room, leaning against the fireplace, laughing to himself.

Tyrese began standing, trying to get Brad off the floor. "Come on now, baby... My knees are getting tired, and if anyone's knees should be getting sore, it's yours, baby girl..." Tyrese got Brad up, but he was still crying into his hands, trying to hide his shame from the world. Tyrese gently backed Brad against the wall and tried pulling Brad's hands away from his face. "Come on, Bradley, I just wanna take a look at that eye and your mouth... Come on, now..." With a little more coaxing and effort, he managed to get the hand covering Brad's eye down. Brad was slowly getting control of his emotions, but he looked a mess. His shirt was ruined by the blood and ripped collar, and he even had some blood on his jeans. "Oooo... You're gonna have a shiner for sure. You're gonna need a lot of eye shadow and foundation to hide it, let me tell you..."

Colin burst out laughing again. Ty had turned out--not only to be cool and smart--but also pretty damned funny!

"Come on, let's get your blouse off, so we can use your camisole to clean your face." Forgetting himself a moment, Brad tried pushing Tyrese's hands away from the buttons on his shirt. Tyrese slapped him hard across the face, though fortunately for Brad, it was the side opposite his swollen eye and bloodied mouth. Brad had nowhere to flinch or duck, being against the wall, but his big hands flew up in front of his face again, trying to protect it. "Now look what you made me do!" Tyrese said with sarcastic affection. Then in a whirlwind, Tyrese violently pushed Brad's arms away and grabbed a hold of the front of Brad's shirt, pushing his face into Brad's. "Do you have ANY FUCKING IDEA how much SHIT you're IN?? ANY??"

Brad--quickly realizing his mistake, stammered an apologetic, "S-s-sorry, sorry ...I-I forgot...I-I didn't mean to..."

"You are so goddamned right you're sorry!" Tyrese yelled in Brad's face. "You're gonna be even sorrier when we're done with you! I don't even have to TELL you what your future will be like if someone from the Inquirer or any of a hundred sports bloggers gets this video! Do I??"

"N-n-no, no..." Brad shook his head in total-fear meltdown.

Tyrese continued yelling, his nose a half-inch from Brad's, "You are gonna do EVERY-MOTHERFUCKING-THING we TELL you! DO YOU UNDERSTAND??"

"Y-y-yes, yes..." Brad answered.

"If we tell you to SUCK COCK, you are gonna take these cocks ALL the way down your motherfucking throat `til your flossing your teeth with our PUBES! DO YOU UNDERSTAND??" Tyrese yelled.

Again, Brad stammered out a `yes', but he was losing it again and began crying too.

Tyrese ignored the blubbering, screaming in Brad's face, "If we say `SPREAD `EM', you are gonna bounce on our COCKS `til they come OUT your MOTHERFUCKING MOUTH! DO YOU UNDERSTAND??"

Brad couldn't open either of his eyes due to the tears and the swelling, and he couldn't talk for crying, so he nodded.

With his face still in Brad's, Tyrese began unbuttoning Brad's shirt, and in a low, seductive voice, he purred, "I don't know about you, but all this roughhouse and your tears of joy have made me awful horny, baby..." Underneath his jeans now, Tyrese's 9" cock was fully erect. Seeing `Big Man' Brad--the one nearly always stealing the limelight--reduced to his current pathetic state proved to be a major turn-on for Tyrese. Brad's cheeks were covered in tears, snot ran from his nose, and the left side of his mouth was bloodied. Still nose-to-nose with Brad, Tyrese grabbed one of Brad's hands and put it on top of his jeans. "See what you're doing to me, Brad? You've got me awful worked-up now..." Surprising Colin across the room (and probably himself too), Tyrese tilted his head, covered Brad's blubbering mouth, and started tongue-diving the stud quarterback. Tasting all Brad's fluids got Tyrese even more turned on. His big hands squeezed Brad's pecs, while he dry-humped Brad against the wall. Tyrese loved the salty, sweet taste of Brad's tears and snot mixed together, and he even liked the salty, metallic taste of Brad's blood. For Tyrese, there was something wildly erotic having something so intimate and taboo as someone else's blood and snot on his tongue and inside his body forever ...or was it because these fluids belonged to Brad? Tyrese wanted more of Brad's blood and snot inside him, so he withdrew his long, thick tongue--only to lap the side of Brad's mouth and across Brad's upper lip, pulling the mixture inside his own mouth and savoring Brad's taste. Brad had stopped crying due to shock, but his hand remained smashed between their groins, where Tyrese was now dry-humping him. Without being aware, Brad was gently squeezing Tyrese's cock. "You taste so fuckin' good, Brad... you know it?" Tyrese whispered in Brad's open, panting mouth. Showing even more passion now, Tyrese dug his tongue back inside Brad's wet mouth, and this time, Brad's tongue was actively engaged. From all the terror it hand endured the past hour or so, Brad's mind was exhausted and numb, functioning only on response to stimulus now. One of Tyrese's hands remained squeezing Brad's pec, but the other shoved its way inside the back of Brad's jeans. Tyrese dropped his other hand to pop open the top two buttons on Brad's jeans, loosening them enough for his other groping hand, then returning it to maul Brad's pec more. As a reaction to Tyrese's grinding and humping, Brad spread his legs a little further apart, and, in reaction to the affection, his free hand went from hanging at his side to resting on Tyrese's hip.

Colin would've loved to be filming this, but, considering he and Tyrese didn't know (and, therefore, trust) each other, Tyrese made them search each other and lock their two phones in his car. Tyrese then climbed a wooden ladder built on the wall (from its time as a stables) and put his keys on a shelf near the ceiling downstairs. Tyrese was smart. `It's just as well', Colin reasoned, `I'd not only have two football players to worry about, but I'd likely have all the Ice Cold Brothas too.' Colin clapped loudly once, stood, and walked back across the room, saying, "Okay... You two are giving me blue balls..." Hearing Colin's voice snapped Tyrese from his sexual haze, causing him to step away from Brad, blush, and cross his arms in a macho pose, while Brad rebuttoned his jeans and went on high-terror alert. Getting back in Brad's face, Colin started rubbing insult to injury, "Now, you gonna open yo mouf like a ignorunt nigger and let yo new massa see if I loosens or breaks any yo teef." Brad opened his mouth, wherein Colin pulled his lips out. Peering at the teeth, Colin tentatively said, "I thinks they alright, missa Ty. She do have pretty teef, do... Good breedin' stock, I say... but fus, I needs to check `em mo betta... Cracker, you watch my hands now..." Colin shoved one down the front of his jeans and down to his groin, getting his fingers coved in his oils and scent. "Open yo mouf, nigger... I needs to feel yo gums now. I hopes my fingers don't smell too bad, Boy..." Brad closed his functioning eye to this humiliation, but Colin instructed otherwise, "You keep yo eye open, nigger, and look me in da eyes, while I checks yo teef..." Brad smelled and tasted Colin's musty essence on the three, large fingers, as they entered his mouth and rubbed his tongue and gums. Though it made him want to wretch, Brad knew better than to fuck with this dude. "Yeah Missa Ty, dis one be good breedin' stock, fo sho... Fum now on, I bets she no soona get one outta diapers dan she gits anotha one in `em!" Tyrese couldn't help but laugh at Colin and the humiliation he dispensed. It reminded Tyrese how much Brad deserved this. Reverting to his low, seductive voice, Colin told Brad, "Now, suck fingers, girl. I don't want your slobber on them when I take them out." Pulling them out slowly, Colin wiped them on Brad's shirt.

Turning to Tyrese, Colin motioned, "Come on, let's go back over there to the the light. We can sit and smoke, while she strips for us. You too, Whitey," he threw over his shoulder at Brad. The three walked back to the armchairs in front of the small fireplace, where Colin and Tyrese sat with their big, long legs stretched out in front of them. Brad stood in front of them, looking down, not knowing what he was supposed to do, if anything. Colin had already rolled two, large blunts that lay on the side table between the two chairs. He fired one up, taking a few hits before passing it to Tyrese. "Okay, cracker, striptease for us--real sexy and all..." Brad didn't know how to striptease. Besides, it sounded pretty gay to him, and there wasn't any music anyway. Tyrese had already unbuttoned his shirt, so he ignored Colin and began stiffly taking it off like normal. "I SAID STRIPTEASE, you stupid cunt!" Colin's screamed, startling both Brad and Tyrese. "Okay. Here, I'll show you." Colin got behind Brad, wrapping his arms around Brad's chest, grabbing a big pec in each of his dark Black hands, and grinding his 13" monster into Brad's hard, plump ass. Colin whispered seductively into Brad's ear, "See, you don't just take off your shirt. In fact, you don't take it off at all ...yet. You leave it open, hanging on your shoulders. Then for the audience, you grab one of your big pecs, on top of your white t-shirt and start squeezing them, like I'm doing, see? It feels good to you and for the audience, right?" Colin started tweaking Brad's nipples through the t-shirt, while Tyrese watched, smoking the blunt and rubbing his hard-on. "Yeah? Feels good, don't it?"

Brad mumbled, "I guess..."

"Yeah, it feels real good, tweaking your titties ...getting `em all hard and pointy through that soft t-shirt," Colin purred in Brad's ear, while grinding his massive cock against Brad's hard, round ass. It did feel good to Brad, but he didn't want to admit anything to this asshole. He also thought Colin's big cock against his ass felt good, but he didn't want to admit that to himself. Colin kicked Brad's feet apart a bit, trying to loosen up the stiff jock. Colin kept one hand squeezing a big pec, while his other hand slid down Brad's hard abs and began slowly pulling the white t-shirt out of Brad's jeans. "See, pretty girl? You got to seduce the audience a little. Show `em those pretty abs...that flat stomach...and that little, delicate hint of a treasure trail at the top of those low-cut jeans, see? You ain't takin' nothing off yet: you're just giving us hints at your beauty ...and you are a sexy thing, as much as I hate admitting it, babe..." Colin's long, thick tongue began licking and probing Brad's ear--an especially erogenous zone for the quarterback. Brad was getting a little high from all the pot smoke in the room too. Colin's big Black hand rubbed back-and-forth across Brad's exposed pale, white abs, his mouth covered Brad's ear, and Brad began moaning--his own monster cock hardening. "See? Show `em how sexy you are ...and you are, pretty girl." Brad's mouth hung open, he was limp against Colin, and he was lost in the moment. Brad's nerves had taken quite a ride tonight, and his mind was exhausted. Brad's moaning grew louder, as Colin's tongue continued its magic. Without leaving Brad's ear, Colin's big hand slid down, groping and squeezing Brad's giant cock.

Tyrese stood, taking off his jeans and underwear, leaving himself naked below the waist. He sat back in the armchair again, stretching out his long, brown legs and very slowly jacking his 9" cock. Tyrese didn't dare touch himself too much, though, as the show Colin was putting on with Brad had the sexy tight end fired-up--goo caking his big cockhead. When he'd brought Colin over from the main house earlier, Tyrese put a bottle of gin and a bottle of tonic water along with a couple of large tumblers on the side table, but the two ended-up smoking a couple of Colin's blunts instead. Now Tyrese fixed himself a gin-and-tonic, hoping to cool his cock down a bit. However, while Tyrese was making out with Brad across the room, Colin dumped a little G in the tonic water. Colin was very much aware he had to tread carefully with Tyrese: the Ice Cold Brothas would--no doubt--come after Colin if he tried anything funny with the tight end. Colin just wanted to see how far he might be able to push the two football players. Tyrese had been exceedingly enthusiastic about going after Brad upon seeing the video, and the tight end's eagerness to lick the snot and blood off his quarterback's face seemed pretty...well, Colin. Now, sexy Tyrese now drank a laced gin-and-tonic.

Sucking and licking Brad's thick neck now, Brad moaned like a whore, as Colin's hand popped open the buttons of his jeans. "Let `em fall, pretty girl... We gotta show `em some of that pretty White skin now. As the Diesel jeans dropped down Brad's muscular thighs and long legs, Tyrese was treated to the sight of Brad wearing a pair of white, bikini briefs--his giant cock laying sideways, pushing the briefs away from its glistening, 3" head, poking out the top. Tyrese licked his lips and drank some more. "Step out of those jeans, baby girl." Brad tried not zoning, but he was so relieved Colin was treating him nicely now. He thought it was better to endure the gay stuff than to feel Colin's punches. "Tyrese, bring that drink over here for baby girl, please..."

"Sure thing, bro..." Tyrese slurred. "Let me make Brad his own, though. I got this one half-gone." Tyrese was way high from the sticky pot. He made a drink for Brad in one of the large tumblers, however, when he stood to walk the 8' to Brad, he was incredibly dizzy, saying, "Whoa! ... I guess I made mine too strong, yo!"

"Sit then. We'll get closer" Colin ordered, guiding Brad--in his stocking feet--to stand 3' immediately in front of Tyrese. Brad reached down and got the drink. He really needed one, Brad thought, after the night he'd had so far. He took big mouthfuls of the refreshing drink, washing away the taste of blood in his mouth. Colin let Brad drink for about five minutes, rubbing his chest from behind, licking the stud's neck.

Finishing his drink, Tyrese made himself another. "That bud is sticky, yo..." Tyrese slurred. "That's some good weed, Col..."

Colin chuckled, and seeing Brad had finished his drink, he announced, "Okay, show time again, baby..." Standing 3' in front of his teammate, Brad still wore his ruined shirt, a white, cotton t-shirt, a pair of white, bikini briefs--stretched vulgarly away from his groin by the hard, giant cock lying sideways beneath the cotton--and, of course, a pair of grey ankle socks. Sitting in the armchair, Tyrese took in the sight of his sexy-as-fuck teammate. He loved Brad's muscular, nearly hairless thighs, and his long legs with their light covering of fine, light brown hair. However, Tyrese was increasingly riveted by the massive cock behind the white briefs--its fat, 3" head, glistening with goo already showing itself. For four years now, Tyrese had watched the quarterback's big cock in the locker room. It was nice for a White dude, hanging about 8" soft, but Tyrese couldn't believe--that hard--the thing grew to such an enormous size! `F U C K!' Tyrese thought, `I can't wait to see that monster!' Brad's handsome face, though, was a bit painful to see--with his left eye swollen shut, the left side of his mouth bruised and swollen, a bruise on his jaw and another on his right cheek. Tyrese felt sorry for Brad. All that said, Tyrese still thought the quarterback was hot.

Colin ground his package against Brad's big, round ass hidden beneath his sexy briefs, while his mouth once again covered a lost and moaning Brad. His big Black hands against the beautiful White abs began slowly raising the bottom of Brad's t-shirt. Up, up, up, Colin raised the t-shirt until Brad's ripped, eight-pack abs were on display for Tyrese. Colin guided Brad a little closer, so that now the two stood between Ty's outstretched legs and about 2' from his face. Tyrese was totally fucked-up now, having finished his second drink. "Feel these abs, Ty... They're incredible..." Colin's low, husky voice encouraged. Tyrese reached up, running his big, brown hands over and over the smooth, White skin. He had an incredible urge to lick them, but he didn't. Colin pulled Brad's t-shirt even higher, exposing Brad's big pecs with their pale pink nipples. "Look at her tits, Ty... F u c k me... I could suck on these pretty tits for days..." Colin continued in his low, seductive voice. Tyrese's cock stood straight up, leaking its precum, as he slid his big hands higher up, squeezing Brad's pecs. Ty felt a big string of drool escape the corner of his mouth, running over his cheek, falling on his shirt below. By now, about 4" of Brad's cock had pulled itself over the top of his white briefs. Colin stepped back a moment to pull Brad's ruined shirt the rest of the way off, throwing it on the floor in front of Brad. Then he pulled Brad's t-shirt over his head, dropping it on top of the shirt. Wrapping his arms around the stud again, his big, dark Black hands began slowly lowering Brad's white bikini briefs ...very slowly and seductively--all the time, licking around and inside Brad's ear. Tyrese was fascinated by the giant cock, slowly revealing itself ... now bouncing free ... hard and straight ... now pointing direct at his face. Because of its huge size--a thick, hard 13"--it was now less than 6" from Ty's own face. Tyrese inhaled Brad's sweet, musky scent and took in the sight of Brad's thick, lush, light brown pubes. He wanted to stick his nose in them, but, again, he held back. Colin shimmied Brad's briefs down his legs, holding onto them as Brad stepped out of them. Reaching around, Colin handed the white briefs to Tyrese, who was so high, he covered his nose and mouth with the briefs, smelling his stud teammate. Colin reached around, grabbing the huge base of Brad's cock, and pumped it a few times, noting Tyrese's fixation on the mammoth cock and its fat, goo-covered head. "Feel this fuckin' cock, Ty..." Colin purred, "It's so hot... and silky... yet so hard..." Colin withdrew his hand, as Tyrese reached out with both hands to grab its huge shaft. Tyrese had never touched another dude's cock before, and...well...Colin had touched it, so no biggie, right? Tyrese had seen big cocks in the locker room and showers, of course, but never hard like this ...except for in online porn and those were probably faked somehow. This one was massive ...and on a fucking White boy, no less. Four years ago, Tyrese had wanted to be friends with Brad, but the dude made fun of him and his family too, which really hurt Tyrese--though he couldn't tell why it hurt so much. He'd grown up hearing racist comments and having to deal with assholes like Brad, so it shouldn't have bothered Tyrese so much...but it did. "Look at big, fuckin' head, Ty..." A big, white drop of cum slid out of the head, falling through the air, landing on Ty's curly, black pubes. "White Boy's cum is so sweet, bro... I got a mouthful of it last weekend, and I can say it's definitely a lot sweeter than mine..." Tyrese slowly jacked the giant cock, as Colin edged Brad a tiny bit forward. "That fat head looks like a White girl's big, ole juicy nipple, don't it? Just a big, ole nipple... See all that milk she's producing? She's producing it for you..." The fat cockhead was only about 3" from Ty's open mouth, and his eyes were practically crossed, staring at it. It looked so fucking juicy, with a glistening, cloudy film of goo covering it, and a big, white drop filling its eye. "We're gonna make her your baby momma, Ty... Taste that sweet titty milk..." Zoning on all the pot and the G, Tyrese stuck his pink tongue out, licking across the big, wet nipple. The cream was sweet ...sweet and sticky. Brad moaned, which may have encouraged Tyrese ...or maybe it was just the cream's sweetness. Whatever the case, the tight end lapped his big, thick tongue over the nipple again ...and again. "Squeeze her nipple again to pump some more of that cream out..." and Tyrese squeezed the shaft of Brad's cock, producing another big, white drop. "Suck that nipple, Ty... Get all that sweet cream out..." and Ty's lips sealed around the eye, sucking and licking. Brad moaned again, feeling the suction and thick tongue flicking his little eye. "Yeah, that's it... Squeeze that titty, Ty... Jerk on it..." and Ty's hands began jerking and squeezing the big, White cock. Not only was Brad moaning, but Tyrese moaned, tasting the sweet goo on his tongue. "Get that whole tit in your mouth, Tyrese, and suck on it..." Colin purred, and Ty's lips slipped down over the cockhead--his tongue swirling around the nipple, his mouth sucking on the sweet titty. Tyrese loved this goo; he wanted to eat it every day, if he could. "Yeah, jerk that titty, Ty... Suck that tit..." Tyrese opened his mouth wider, taking more of the beautiful tit inside, while he jacked Brad's cock with much more enthusiasm, wanting more of the tit's sweet cream. A steady stream of Brad's precum covered Ty's tongue, as it rolled around on the big cockhead. Tyrese moaned, as he began sucking his quarterback in earnest. "Yeah, that's it... Bob your head on that big thing..." Colin unbuttoned his own jeans, letting them fall on the floor. Brad was totally unsteady on his feet--from the G and from the wonderful blowjob he was getting, so, keeping one arm wrapped around Brad, Colin used one hand to get his own briefs over his hips and down his long legs. Now, his hard, dark Black, 13" cock rested between Brad's plump, lily white butt. Colin whispered very quietly in Brad's ear, "Feel her hair while that nigga sucks your cock..." Zoned-out Brad placed his hands on the head now bobbing on his meat. Ty's long, tight curls on his wide mohawk were so soft. Even in his drugged state, this activity was familiar to Brad; he'd had countless cheerleaders and sorority girls suck on the end of his cock, so he was quite familiar with the activity of petting their hair. This one's hair felt different--with its faded sides--and it turned Brad on. Colin quietly whispered in Brad's ear, "Tell her to suck your cock."

Brad's husky voice slurred out, "Suck my cock... Come on `n suck my cock, bitch..."

Tyrese was so fucking horny from the G, and the big, long fingers in his hawk were a phenomenal turn-on for him. He vaguely heard the word `cock' from Brad's husky voice, but all that mattered to Tyrese was wanting more of this big, juicy thing of Brad's in his mouth. `Yeah, I'm making Brad happy... He's such a god... I love his sweet fuckin' goo, man... His big hands are on my head, pettin' my hair...he must love me now...finally...'. These were some of the thoughts going through Ty's drugged-up mind.

"Yeah, suck my cock... Suck it.... Yeah, that's it..." Brad slurred some more.

Tyrese open his mouth more and twisted his head on the big, fucking thing in his mouth. `Brad's fuckin' cock... Suck Brad's fuckin' cock... Show him how good you are...' Ty thought. All he could smell was Brad. All he could taste was Brad. Tyrese had wanted this for four, long years. He wanted this White stud inside him forever. His throat had opened and about 3" of Brad's cock had wedged its way inside, as Ty's tongue rubbed the bottom of the shaft inside his mouth. The big cock in his mouth and throat made his eyes tear and his nose run, but Tyrese didn't care: he was making his beautiful dude--his quarterback--happy. They'd be a team forever, the G told him.

Colin told Brad to hold on to Tyrese's shoulders instead of his head, so the tight end could bob and twist more on his horse cock, taking more in his hot, squeezing throat. After Brad slid his hands onto his tight end's big shoulders, Colin gambled that Brad could keep his balance long enough for him to grab the poppers from his coat pocket and the bottle of lube on the floor next to the armchair. Coming back, Colin knelt between the two football players and held the bottle in front of Ty's nose. The tight end had so much cock in his throat already, it was a little hard getting the bottle close to a nostril, but Colin is an artist, getting three hits to the biracial stud. Standing, Colin stuck the bottle under Brad's nostril, closing his other one, "Inhale, baby," and an already drugged-up Brad followed instructions...five times.

Getting behind Brad, Colin couldn't resist his ass; only Jon had a rounder, plumper ass, in Colin's opinion. The dark Black stud knelt behind the White quarterback, pulled his firm, round globes apart, and swiped his wide tongue across that pretty rosebud, eliciting a loud moan from the football stud. "Ah, fuck yeah!" Brad slurred, and Colin obliged, licking...tongue fucking...and sucking Brad's pink pussyhole. Brad was on sensation overload! His tight end bobbed and twisted on his cock with determined enthusiasm. Tyrese had about 7" of Brad inside him. Looking down, Brad saw Tyrese staring up at him with his big, brown eyes, his mouth stretched wide around his giant cock. Tears ran out the far corners of both his eye, snot ran out his nose and down over his cheeks, and Brad's white precum edged out the corners of his insanely stretched mouth. Now someone was eating his ass, and words couldn't describe how good it felt to Brad. The quarterback spread his long legs further apart and bent forward a little more, trying to give complete access to the person eating his ass. After about 5 minutes of this, Brad felt a long, thick finger sliding into his ass, rubbing across his hard nut inside. "Oh FUCK!! Oh YEAH!! FUCK MY ASS, YEAH!!" Brad's eyes rolled in his head, as the finger-fucked back-and-forth across that fucking spot inside him! Lights flashed behind his eyelids. Then a second long, thick finger slid inside, next to the first. The tight throat squeezed repeatedly around his fat cock, and Brad began firing. Colin could tell immediately due to the intense squeezing around his fingers, so he quickly pulled them out and pulled Brad back from Tyrese. Colin wanted to make sure Ty got a mouthful or ten of Brad's thick sperm. The giant cock came sliding out of Ty's tight throat and, with it, what must have been a half-cup of precum and saliva, spilling down Ty's chin. Brad was firing so many big, thick globs of white cum Tyrese couldn't swallow it quickly enough, though he certainly tried. Globs of Brad's precious seed belched out the corners of Ty's lips, sliding down his chin to fall on his own black pubes below. Ty sucked on the cockhead, he rubbed his wide tongue around the bottom of the massive head--anything to get more of Brad's sweet cum and anything to please Brad. When the sucking and licking became too sensitive, Brad had to pull his meat away from his tight end's determined mouth. Brad thought it was quite possibly the very best blowjob he'd ever had! Even in his drug-hazed mind, he seemed to recognize this. Tyrese looked down at all Brad's white cum on his pubes and gathered it on his fingers, smiling up at Brad as he sucked the goo from his fingers. Brad actually felt like bending down and kissing Tyrese, and he probably would have, had Colin not started leading him to Ty's bed.

Brad's bangs stuck to his forehead from sweat, as Colin sat him down on the bed. "Ty, why don't you make yourself and Brad a drink, so you can cool down and catch your breath?"

Colin was nude from the waist down too, as he sat down in the armchair next to Tyrese. The tight end almost overfilled the tonic water, when his eyes locked onto Colin's dark Black, 13" cock. In fact, it was Colin warning him that kept Tyrese from making a mess. "FUCK, man! You're all COCK!" Ty slurred out. Ty had probably had enough G for the night, but Colin didn't care--not for what he had planned.

"You'd better let me carry Brad's drink to him. I'll be right back." Brad had laid back on the bed, so Colin grabbed his hands and pulled the White stud up in a sitting position. Colin sat beside Brad on the side of the bed with his arm around Brad's shoulders to keep him upright. With his other hand, he helped Brad drink the G-laced gin-and-tonic. Brad was terribly thirsty from his sexual climax, so once again, he took big gulps from the glass. When he finished, Colin made Brad take five hits from the bottle of poppers, then he got Brad in position on the bed--face-down, ass-up. Going back to Tyrese, who was just finishing his drink, Colin held the poppers under Ty's nose, getting the sexy, biracial stud to take five hits also. Colin pulled Tyrese out of the chair and helped him back to the bed, but once Tyrese saw Brad's big, round ass, he fell face-first into that ass, licking, eating and sucking Brad's sweet pussy. Colin sat down next to Brad's ass, facing Tyrese. Helping the sexy stud, Colin pulled Brad's hard, round globes apart for Ty. It was impossible to tell which of the two was moaning the loudest--Brad or Tyrese.

Brad spread his knees further apart, giving Tyrese more access to his little rosebud and moaning like a $2 whore. "Eat my fucking ass, Ty!! ... Oh FUCK, dude! You're the best!! ... Oh, FUCK, MAN!!"

Colin tried getting Ty's attention by speaking to him, but the jock wanted nothing but to eat his teammate's pussy. Finally, Colin grabbed a handful of the long curls on Ty's wide mohawk and pulled his face out of Brad's cunt. "Time to finger-fuck this pretty pussy, dude. Here's the lube. Do your middle finger first. I'll hold these tight glutes apart, okay? Remember, this is what you've been dreaming about for a long time, and having fucked this tight pussy, I guarantee you, it's the best one you'll ever have." Colin figured out Ty's subconscious crush on Brad on his own, and he delivered the sentence with kindness and sincerity. (He was a great actor.) As Tyrese began finger-fucking the little rosebud, Colin whispered where to look for Brad's nut and, once he found it, how to fuck back-and-forth across it with his finger. Very quickly, Tyrese found the hard nut, and Brad began pushing his butt back on the finger and spitting out obscenities.

Colin laid on his back, so his face was even with and under Brad's. He unscrewed the poppers and held the bottle up to Brad's nose, holding one nostril closed. Colin let Brad have two hits as sweat from Brad's bangs dripped down on his face. Even through all the drugs and poppers--and maybe because of inhibitions they gave him--when Colin pulled the bottle away, Brad incoherently slurred out, "Hate you, motherfucker nigger...", and if that wasn't bad enough, Brad spit on Colin's face laying beneath him.

Colin controlled his rage and chuckled sinisterly. He gathered the spit off his face and sucked it off his fingers, saying, "You're gonna regret even thinking those words by the time I'm done with you. Word is bond, cracker." Colin started to get out from under Brad, when he grabbed him by the hair on the side of his head, yanking it sideways, hissing, "Listen up, you goddamned stupid motherfucker, I've got your phone now, and before you get it back, I will have copied every single one of your contacts. How cooperative you nice you play with me...will determine just how much damage I do to you. And just so you know, this is a LONG game we're playing, you goddamned cunt!"

On the bed now, on his knees behind Brad's hiked up cunt, Tyrese had two, long fingers sliding in-and-out of the moaning quarterback. Colin climbed in behind Tyrese, massaging his big shoulders. Colin whispered seductively in Ty's ear, "You ready to fuck your boy?"

Tyrese huskily answered, "Oh, yeah! I've been waiting for this for a long time now." Ty's 9" cock was rock hard, pointing straight out, and its 2" diameter head gooey with anticipation, ready to search Brad's secret place. Tyrese was distracted a bit by the feel of Colin's 13" mega-cock sliding along his big, plump ass: the cock felt good, and its feel was kind of hypnotizing Tyrese.

Having seen Tyrese in the nude now, Colin retracted his `big, fuckable butt list': Jon had now moved to second place. `Maybe it's unfair, though, to group Black and White asses in the same category...' Colin thought to himself. Regardless, he couldn't believe his luck, seeing the biracial brotha's ass: it plumped out behind the stud in a perfect half-moon--hard and tan. `He got the nigga's butt in his DNA' Colin mused, as his monster cock slid around on the globes. "So let's get you lubed. What'd ya say?"

"Yeah," Ty quietly replied. Colin grabbed the bottle of lube, and wrapping his arms around Tyrese, he began coating the big cock. Tyrese hadn't expected Colin to climb on the bed behind him, much less lube his cock for him. Tyrese began panting, seeing and feeling the big, Black hand going up-and-down his cock and feeling the Black monster cock sliding up-and-down between his big globes. "'d better stop," Ty panted.

"Feels good, don't it?" Colin purred.

"Yeah...yeah...but...but I'm gonna lose it," Ty pleaded. Tyrese felt a big glob of Colin's precum running down between his tight crack. It felt taboo and erotic, but he wasn't comfortable with this feeling. Yeah, he'd sucked his first cock tonight, but sucking cock and taking it in the ass were two entirely different things. His fucking Brad would mark Brad as the woman, not him ...although there were other, subconscious reasons for fucking Brad, but Tyrese wasn't willing to open that Pandora's box yet. Still, this huge, Black cock felt so good, rubbing slowly up-and-down between his big globes.

After Colin finished lubing Tyrese's big cock, he whispered in Ty's ear various instructions, such as lubing Brad's pussy more (before the big entrance) and that, once he'd got his cock completely inside Brad, to wait two or three minutes to let Brad get used to it. Pouring more lube over his cockhead, Tyrese pushed and pushed against the unwilling rosebud. Pushing Tyrese down over Brad's back, Colin reigned a powerful slap on Brad's head, "Push out, CUNT! you're going to the bathroom, or I promise we'll will rip your fuckin' ass to shreds." Reigning another powerful slap down on Brad's head, Colin added with foreboding, "Now, push out like you're taking a shit, you goddamned cunt! Do it for mommy and daddy! ...take one for the TEAM!"

When Colin leaned down over Tyrese to deliver his powerful head slaps, Colin's giant cock pushed forcefully across Ty's rosebud, causing the tight end's eyes to roll up in his head. Tyrese had no idea what was going on in his head, but it was a good thing he was too high on drugs to think much about it. Having bellowed his orders Brad, however, Colin sat back up on his knees, allowing Tyrese back up on his.

Tyrese pushed hard, and this time, the flower opened around his fat cockhead. Tyrese was in heaven. His drugged mind felt like he was fucking god--Ty's god, Brad...the flower he'd been after for years now. Brad screamed at the breach, but--repeating Colin's whisperings in his ear--Tyrese kept assuring Brad the pain would leave soon...very soon. Colin didn't mind playing `good cop -- bad cop', as long as it got him the results he sought for the night's events. Colin threw the poppers down in front of Brad, whispering seductively in Ty's ear to tell the quarterback to take a couple more hits and bite the pillow.

Brad's cunt was tighter than any of the numerous cunts Tyrese had fucked. He pushed a little more and got about 5" of his cock inside. Colin whispered in Ty's ear to pull out, re-lube, then go for broke. Brad was getting high from this wonderful bottle! It relieved this extraordinary pain. Tyrese shoved his 9" cock inside Brad a second time, pushing all the way until his kinky, Black pubes scratched against Brad's smooth, White butt. Brad yelled obscenities again, begging Tyrese to take his cock out, but Brad's speech was slurry...and not quite as adamant as you'd expect. You see, Ty's big cock had slid right across the hard nut inside Brad on its first entrance

"Lay down on his back, and let him get used to you," Colin instructed, pushing Ty's shoulders down. "Get the bottle of poppers from Brad and take some hits while you wait." Tyrese took four hits from the wonderful bottle. "I'll make it up to you now, while you're waiting..." Scooting back, Colin took in the view of Tyrese's big, round ass in front of him. He grabbed a hard glute in each hand and spread them apart to see Ty's sweet, virgin rosebud. Then Colin slid his long, wide tongue over Ty's taint and up to his sweet rosebud--up-and-down his tongue retraced its path, flittering over the virgin rosebud.

"Oh... oh... oh my god... What are... what are you doing back there?? Oh fuck!" There weren't any words to describe the crazy, wild sensations happening, and the four hits of the poppers along with all the G had put Tyrese in wildly filthy, whorishly erotic state. No chick had ever touched him there nor had he ever thought about anyone doing this to him. It felt out of this world! Using his own knees, Tyrese pushed Brad's knees a little further apart, spreading his own ass to accommodate this fantastic new sensation. "Oh fuck... Oh Jesus... That... Oh fuck... That feels... Oh my god..." Colin didn't answer, sliding his big, wet tongue lower to Ty's tight ball sack wedged against Brad's ass, where he licked and sucked Ty's big balls. Tyrese had Brad's cunt squeezing his fat cock, and Colin was doing things back there that were shorting the wiring in his brain. "Oh fuck me! Don't fuckin' stop!" Ty panted. Colin, finished with Ty's balls, retraced his path across Ty's taint and onto Ty's pretty, little rosebud. Pulling Tyrese's big globes apart again, Colin French kissed Ty's sweet, little lips back there, sliding his tongue into the hungry mouth. "Oh god... Don't stop... I never... I never... Oh fuck..." Colin's Black face was buried between the two, big, tan globes, as he sucked Ty's ass then curled his tongue, tongue-fucking the tight end. Tyrese moaned like a fucking whore, uttering combinations of obscenities he'd never even thought of before. Tyrese pushed his big ass back on the tongue, thereby lifting his cock slowly across Brad's nut.

"Oh-h-h fuck!" Brad moaned, pushing back on the retreating cock.

There began a slow fucking of Brad, with Colin's face in Ty's butt, and Ty's cock sliding back-and-forth across Brad's secret place inside his pussy. At some point amidst the moaning, swearing football players, Colin lubed his long middle finger and sunk it into Ty's virgin cunt, where it dug around until finding Ty's hard nut. "Oh you fucking whore..." Ty moaned, but it wasn't clear whether he was talking to Brad or himself, spreading his knees apart further. Laying on top of Brad's back and now fucking his quarterback at an easy pace, Tyrese sucked Brad's thick neck in several places, marking the stud as his property. The tight end stuck his nose into his idol's thick, silky soft hair, pushing it around, inhaling Brad's scent. Ty covered Brad's ear with his mouth, exploring it with his tongue and whispering filty things to the quarterback. At one point, Tyrese grabbed Brad by his hair, yanking his face sideways on the pillow, so Brad could see him. "Who owns this ass now?? Huh? Are you my bitch, Brad??"

"Oh, fuck yeah!" Brad moaned.

"No bitch, say my name," Ty ordered. "Say, `I'm Tyrese's cunt," and Brad moaned out the response. "I will sleep with him anytime he wants, and I will do anything he says," and Brad eagerly moaned the promises. "Say, `I'm Tyrese's NIGGER! And I will date NO one else but Tyrese for the rest of the year.' Say it!" and once again, Brad moaned out the response and promise. "This means breaking up with that cunt you're dating, got it?? Now, say it!" Brad couldn't even remember Anne's name, but he got it out they'd already broken up. "Yeah, you've got one fine fuckin' cunt, Brad!"

About this time, having finger-fucked Tyrese with two, long, thick fingers, Colin applied a numbing agent mixed with Ketamine (an illegal party drug and anesthesia) in and around Ty's butthole, then he climbed off the bed for a couple of minutes. Colin came back with a glass of about two-thirds of a cup of fizzy tonic water. Holding it to Tyrese's mouth, Colin told him to drink--that he was going to dehydrate. Stupidly, Ty opened his mouth and let Colin gradually feed him the drink. Colin put the glass down on the nightstand, and climbed back on the bed behind Tyrese's big, bubble butt, pounding Brad's pussy. He told Tyrese he needed to slow down--that he'd enjoy the fuck a whole lot more the longer he could stretch it. Now going at a slower pace, Colin lubed Ty's sweet, virgin pussy, then he began running his giant, lubed cock up-and-down the narrow valley between Ty's big globes.

Through the haze of the poppers and GHB (and a couple of other things), a voice warned Tyrese that he was about to get fucked and that was a line that could not be crossed. Tyrese started leaning back up, "What are..."

Colin pushed Tyrese back down, "Chill, yo... I'm just trying to slow you down a little. You're gonna cum too fast, Ty..."

"No one fucks me." Tyrese slurred out. He felt like he was spinning around, though he wasn't.

"Don't worry about it. Chill... This feels good, doesn't it?" Colin asked, rubbing his huge cock back-and-forth through Ty's narrow valley, pausing at the little rosebud to press, then repeating the movement. There was an awkward pause, before Tyrese reluctantly and hesitantly uttered a `yeah', but he slurred out another warning. Colin kept dragging his hard, Black cock back-and-forth, and Tyrese resumed slowly fucking a moaning Brad. After around five minutes of this, the pressing on Ty's rosebud became more demanding, but the numbing agent and the K--along with the drugs in the tonic water--lowered Ty's awareness. Then Colin laid down over Ty's sweaty back

"What are you doing?" Tyrese slurred.

"Shhh, now... Just go with the flow..." Colin whispered, diving his tongue in Ty's ear. Tyrese couldn't really move though, as he was, for the most part, trapped under the Black alpha stud. Colin's giant cock was poised at Ty's secret place. "Go on, push up... Keep fucking your bitch... Push against my hand..." If Tyrese hadn't been drugged, he'd have realized the nonsense Colin was saying; he'd have also realized Colin's long arms were wrapped around both he and Brad. "Let go and push, baby..." Tyrese was pushing but Colin's `hand' was keeping him from raising his ass up. The tongue in Tyrese's ear drove him crazy. "Push baby..." and Colin's big cockhead squeezed its way into the tight end's numbed secret place. "A-h-h-h... o-o-o-o, that's it..." Colin kept pushing into the deflowered rosebud. He kept pushing until he found Ty's real cunt. Tyrese's brain was flying high, when Colin grabbed the long, bouncy curls of his wide mohawk turning his head sideways. Tyrese's mouth was open, yelling at the pain of his hair being yanked, when Colin's mouth covered it, diving his big tongue inside to duel with Ty's own. As Colin continued kissing the sexy tight end, he rubbed his massive cock back-and-forth over the nut hidden deep inside Ty's cunt. When Tyrese began kissing Colin back, he let up on Ty's hair. Colin began rocking further into the stud until he was fully-imbedded inside Ty's new pussy. "Feel that? Feel my pubes against your hot pussy?"

Tyrese's eyes flew wide open. How could he not realize that humongous cock was up his ass? It was then the biracial stud understood the source his pleasure back there and became frightened, slurring, "You gotta off me..."

Colin made fun of him, taunting, "Are you trying to tell me to get my HUGE COCK out of your new PUSSY??" He laughed until Tyrese began trying to throw him off, and that's when Colin wrapped his powerful arm tightly around Ty's thick neck. "You settle down, now, cowboy... You and I are gonna ride the range together..." Colin began rocking his horse cock back-and-forth across Ty's nut, licking inside the tight end's ear. When Colin felt Tyrese become more limp beneath him and began hearing mewling from the tight end, Colin began raising his hard, Black ass higher, picking up the speed and force of his fucks. Tyrese was moaning and panting beneath him, when Colin pulled out and pulled Tyrese out of Brad. Colin was so powerful he flipped Tyrese over on his back next to Brad, threw Ty's legs over his arms, and lined his ginormous cock up with the tight end's spasming cunt, guiding it once again inside the humiliated jock, who had his eyes closed to the shame. Colin yelled, "Keep your fucking eyes open, Mr. Big Football Jock! I want you to see what's happening to you." When Tyrese shook his head `no' and kept his eyes closed, Colin hauled off and slapped him hard across the face. Colin's cock fucked in-and-out of Ty's cunt, while the big jock beneath moaned and stared up at Colin's exceptionally handsome, dark face. "Yeah! You're likin' this BIG time, aren't ya?? Big fuckin' football player takin' my big COCK up his CUNT!!! Ain't that right??" When Tyrese lay there, staring up at Colin, drool slipping out the corner of his mouth, saying nothing, Colin yelled it again, "I said...Ain't that right?? You've got a big PUSSY down here, don't ya?? Fuckin' REPEAT IT!!"

"I've got pussy..." Tyrese slurred.

"That's right! You've got a big CUNT down here, and you fuckin' LOVE my big COCK, don't ya??"

"I love your cock..." the tight end slurred. Ty's hand reached up to slide across Colin's ripped abs.

"Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about..." Colin grabbed one of Tyrese's ankles in each of his big hands, spread the football player's legs wide apart and began power-fucking the sexy stud. Both Ty's hands now roamed Colin's magnificent abs and pecs. "Yeah... you LOVE this REAL African COCK, don't ya?? REPEAT IT!"

Drool ran from both corners of Ty's mouth, sliding down over his cheeks, and with his head bouncing on the bed he repeated, "I love your African cock..."

"Louder!" Colin yelled, stopping to grind his pubes against the new pussy, rotating his hard butt, stirring the pot."

Ty's eyes rolled in his head and sparks of light flew inside his brain, as he tried yelling back, "I LOVE your African COCK!"

Colin yelled again, "LOUDER!"

"I LOVE YOUR AFRICAN COCK!" and Tyrese meant it too. Deep down he LOVED what was happening--even through the haze of drugs. Tyrese had never imagined getting fucked would feel so great! If he died right now, he'd be the happiest he'd been in a long time. The dark face looking down on him was so handsome--long, angular, with small ears almost flat against the head. Its nose was long and thin, the lips fat and pink against the dark face. It was the eyes, though that were so captivating: shiny, black irises against the whites of the eyes--bright, intelligent, knowing.

Colin power-fucked his newest bitch, grinding his pubes against Ty's big, round butt--his sweat dripping down onto the tan body of the bitch below already glistening with his own sweat. Ty's rock hard, 9" cock bounced against his ripped abs--its head splatting new deposits of precum to the pool already there. Ty's cunt walls spasmed against the fucking horse cock stretching them beyond his wildest imagination; the giant cockhead throbbed and pounded against the nut deep inside him. Colin grabbed Ty's drool-covered chin, and sneering down on the football player, he yelled, "You're just a big CUNT, aren't ya? ...just here on earth to serve REAL men, like me, aren't ya??" When the bouncing face stared blankly up at him, saying nothing, Colin smacked Tyrese--nothing as hard as he'd slapped or punched Brad, but it hurt nonetheless. Colin yelled again, "REPEAT AFTER ME: I have a needy CUNT, NOT a butthole--a needy CUNT!"

As if in a trance, Tyrese repeated, "I have a needy cunt. It's not a butthole."

Infuriated, Colin slapped the boy again, yelling, "Say: I have a needy CUNT, NOT a butthole, but a big, needy CUNT!" When Tyrese managed to repeat what he was told, he tried pulling Colin down to kiss, but Colin was having none of it...yet. "Say: My greedy CUNT is just here on earth to serve REAL men, like Colin!"

Panting and near the point of no return, Ty incorrectly repeated, "I'm just here to serve real men, like you!"

Colin slapped him harder this time, yelling, "Wrong, shit-for-brains! Say, `My greedy CUNT is just here on earth to serve REAL men, like Colin!' Say it!"

"My greedy cunt is just here on earth to serve real men, like you!" Tyrese--whose hands were roaming Colin's chest, groping and feeling his muscles and pecs--wrapped around Colin's neck and managed to forcefully pull the Black stud down on top of him. Colin's tongue dove into Ty's hungry mouth, while his hard, Black glutes hiked up-and-down, pounding into the tight end's new cunt. With that last attack on his nut, Ty's eyes rolled in his head, and his 9" cock, trapped between the bodies of the two studs, began firing thick, white globs of sticky cum, temporarily sealing their chests together, while they kissed.

Colin rotated his hard butt against Ty's big, round ass, stirring the tight end's wildly spasming cunt, gripping his cock hungrily. As the lights started flashing behind Colin's eyes, he bit down on Ty's thick neck, sucking greedily, while his pelvis rapidly, repeated slammed into the milking, squeezing cunt, shooting load after load after load of his thick, white sperm into the moaning tight end. As his orgasm subsided, Colin kept his mammoth cock buried deep inside Ty's cunt, while thick, white cum oozed around the dark, Black shaft, pushing itself backward, outside the tan, biracial stud's cunt.

While Colin was willing to partner with Tyrese to bring Brad to heel, there could only be one alpha, and he was it. Colin eventually pulled out of Tyrese, climbed off the bed, and walked around to Brad's snoring head. Pulling the pillow out from under it, Colin grabbed Brad by his soft, light brown hair and slapped his face several times, rudely waking the sleeping quarterback. "Slide down about a foot, bitch!!" pointing toward the foot of the bed. "Slide down, you goddamned faggot!" Confused--but momentarily--Colin climbed back on the bed, sitting where the pillow had been. "Now, CLEAN MY COCK, bitch! Start with my BALLS, cunt!" With his head, now trapped between Colin's thick, Black thighs, Brad reluctantly opened his mouth and began licking the putrid mixture of cum, lube, and Ty's ass juices from Colin's bull balls. Tyrese remained with his head on the pillow next to Colin, staring mindlessly at the scene next to him, feeling the rush of cum flowing out of his cunt and onto the bedding below. Winking at Tyrese, Colin told him, "Rest up while you enjoy the show, Ty. I want you to fuck her brains out as soon as the bitch finishes cleaning my cock. It's gonna be a l-o-n-g night for her."




The clock on the stove read 3:25 a.m., and the party inside the main house had wound down. A few were passed out in the living room, but most had either retired upstairs or gone home. Deshawn, Darnell, and another friend, Trevon, had all struck out and were in the kitchen, having one last drink. None of the three were very tired, all having slept most of the day prior, and none of the three ready to call it a night...though it was clearly time to do so. Trevon got up from the table and ambled to the kitchen sink to rinse his glass and drink some water. Looking out the window above the sink into the cold, dark night, he saw the lights back at the carriage house were still on. "Yo, Tyrese still be up! Wanna go see what he's up too? ... or who he's up in?" Trevon winked at the other two.

Darnell's eyes twinkled, recalling how early Tyrese must have left the party--not having seen him for hours now. The thought of bundling up to go out in the zero-degree cold, however, dampened his enthusiasm. "Nah, bro, it's too cold outside. `Sides, he probably fell asleep with the lights on."

"Come on, nigga! He ain't be at the party for hours! He's got to be fuckin' one--or more--of those White chicks hanging on him earlier! Why else he leave the party so soon?" Trevon paused, recalling an incident about a year ago, "Yo, remember that time we all fucked that White bitch cheerleader all night that time in yo room??" All three brothas laughed, remembering the event.

Now, Deshawn chimed in, saying to Darnell, "Come on, nigga! He probably got a party goin' on ova there! Let's go see what he up too!"

Darnell relented, and the brothas trudged through the frozen snow toward the carriage house with Trevon in the lead. When they got to the stairs, Darnell grabbed Trevon's arm, warning him, "Yo, we'd betta go up quietly. What if he be with that blonde? What's her name? ...Heather? He like her, and I don't think he'd wanna share...or embarrass her. If it's that brunette, then, hell yeah, we POUND on that door!!" The three brothas chuckled at that, and with Trevon agreeing, they proceeded quietly up the stairs.

Upstairs, the blinds were pulled, however, the cheap miniblinds on the window nearest the door were bent. Someone had once tossed a football inside, hitting the blinds and bending them up. When they got close to the top, Trevon stopped to look through the bent part of the blinds, and he couldn't believe his eyes. By the look of shock on his face, you might have thought he'd seen a little, green man from Mars. It just didn't make sense. Trevon's mouth hung open in shock, as the cold air turned his breath into white clouds.

Darnell shook his arm, whispering, "Yo, what you see?" Trevon couldn't talk. He couldn't even look back at Darnell. As if in shock, Trevon backed away from the window, stepped up to the landing, and sat down in the frozen snow, staring blankly ahead. Darnell moved up three stairs, taking Trevon's spot at the blinds. Darnell's mouth hung open in surprise (not shock). There was his best friend, Tyrese on his knees on the bed, fucking the hell out of some White dude, while Deshawn's friend, Collin, straddled the guy's chest, feeding him his dark Black python. Darnell couldn't tell who the White guy was, other than he was a big guy--by the length of his body, the size of his hands, and the size of his thighs. Whoever he was, though, he was enjoying things, as his large, White hands roamed all over Collin's dark Black glutes, and his big legs were wrapped around Tyrese's waist. Even in the bitter cold, Darnell's cock chubbed, seeing Ty's big, round ass, bouncing as he slammed into the White cunt. `What a fuckin' booty!' Darnell thought.

Darnell stepped away from the window, looked up at his friend, sitting in the snow on the landing--still staring blankly ahead--and stepped up to sit next to him on the landing. Deshawn took Darnell's place at the window, looking through the bent blinds. Deshawn started chuckling, whispering, "Colin be shooting all ova the honky's face now! Hehehe..." Both Darnell and Deshawn lived on the wild side, and both had fucked or gotten blow jobs from inferior crackers in the past. "I don't recall any White dudes at our party. Do you?" Deshawn asked the other two, still staring through the opening in the blinds.

"Nope," Darnell answered, adding "I don't mind sloppy thirds, though."

"I think Ty be cumming in the faggot now... kinda looks like it anyway..." Deshawn relayed to his friends.

Trevon, who hadn't uttered a word since looking through the blinds, stood up, walked to the door, and turned its ice-cold knob. When Tyrese let Brad into his room, he'd turned the flimsy lock in the middle of the doorknob, not the deadbolt...or so he thought. A rush of cold air blew into the room, as Trevon walked inside, with Darnell and Deshawn on his heels. Colin still straddling Brad's chest, slapping his spent cock against the facial he'd just given Brad, looked over his shoulder in shock at the entry of the three Ice Cold Brothas and furious at Tyrese's fuck-up. He immediately jumped off Brad and the bed, while Tyrese--shocked at the entry of his brothas--yanked his cock from Brad's cunt, turning to stare at the three intruders.

The three intruders, however, were preoccupied, taking their boots off, throwing their coats on the floor, and stripping out of their clothes. Darnell, now naked, walked toward the bed, asking Tyrese, "Nigga, who you got there? And why you ain't shared?" Now recognizing the cum-covered face of university's star quarterback, Darnell pushed Tyrese out of way and climbed on the bed, his hard 9" cock leading the way, throwing over his shoulder, "Fuck that! I don't mind sloppy eighths in this case!" Flipping Brad over, Darnell told Brad, "Ima take you like the bitch you is!" and sunk his hard cock into Brad's cum-filled hole--all the way in, pushing Ty's cum out and saturating his pubes with the tight end's cum

This happened as Deshawn climbed on the bed and sat in front of Brad, pulling the quarterback's mouth down onto his hard, 10", `African' cock. Knowing Colin like the back of his hand, Deshawn yelled at him, "Nigger, you got some explaining to do when we done with this faggot!"

Trevon, staring a Tyrese's big glutes, began noticing dried, white, flaky patches on the tight end's light brown booty and down his legs. Colin--angry he'd lost everything on Brad now--decided to throw Tyrese to the wolves. Seeing Trevon with a furrowed brow, staring the dried cum on Ty's big glutes, Colin waited until he caught Trevon's eyes, at which time Colin winked and nodded down at Tyrese's big, round ass, smiling slyly. Trevon's face was all-smiles, as he walked up to Tyrese, grabbing a big glute in each hand.

It would be a very long, life-changing night for Brad ...and for Tyrese.


End -- Chapter 14