The following story is fictional. As such, it is not based on any real events or people. All characters are over eighteen, and you must be over eighteen to read it. My stories contain graphic sexual content and offensive language. In real life, be respectful of others and never engage in anything even vaguely non-consensual. Use protection.


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Bradley von Acht

Caucasian; Age 22; Straight, brown hair; Blue eyes; 6' 4"; 200 lbs.

University Senior; President -- Pi Kappa Epsilon (PIKE); QB -- University Football team

Jon Swenson

Caucasian; Age 19; Neck-length, straight, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 5' 10"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Treasurer -- PIKE Social Cmte;

High School Football QB & Baseball


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, black hair -- shaggy bangs; Blue eyes; 6' 2"; 170 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- PIKE; High School Football & Wrestling


Caucasian; Age 21; Straight, dark, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 6' 2"; 185 lbs; Striking resemblance -- young Tom Brady

University Senior; Vice President -- PIKE; RB -- University Football team


Caucasian; Age 21; Curly blonde hair; 6' 2"; Blue eyes; 175 lbs.

University Senior; Member -- PIKE; Rower -- University team


African American; Age 20; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 4"; 200 lbs.

University Junior; Boarding School Football & Baseball


Caucasian; Age 20; Short, white-blonde hair; Blue eyes; 6' 1"; 170 lbs.

University Junior; Secretary -- PIKE; Wrestler -- University team


Caucasian; Age 21; Straight, brown hair; 6' 2"; Brown eyes; 170lbs.

University Senior; Treasurer -- PIKE; Football (Sidelined) University team


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, light auburn hair; Blue eyes; 6' 0"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE); High School Football & Baseball


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, black hair -- shaggy bangs; Dark brown eyes; 6' 0"; 170 lbs.; Olive completion (Italian)

University Sophomore; Member -- TKE; Rugby -- University team


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, dark blonde hair; Light gray-green eyes; 6' 1"; 175 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- TKE; Rugby -- University team; Boarding School Rugby


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, brown hair; Brown eyes; 5' 11"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- PIKE; High School Football & Basketball


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, dark auburn hair; Brown eyes; 6' 0"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- PIKE; High School Football & Basketball


Caucasian; Age 20; Neck-length, straight brown hair; Hazel eyes; 6' 2"; 175 lbs.

High School Football (RB) & Baseball


Caucasian; Age 20; Straight, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 6' 1"; 170 lbs.

High School Football & Baseball


Biracial (Black/White); Age 22; Wide mohawk w/ long, tight, bouncy curls; Brown eyes; 6' 3"; 225 lbs.; Striking resemblance to Patrick Mahomes

University Senior; Vice President -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas); TE -- University Football team


African American; Age 21; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 5"; 210 lbs.

University Senior; President -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas)


African American; Age 20; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 3"; 190 lbs.

University Junior; Active -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas)


African American; Age 20; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 6"; 215 lbs.

University Junior; Active -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas)







Chapter 15


When Ryan came out of the bathroom, wrapped in just a bath towel from having just taken a shower, he'd been shocked to see Chase leaving Jon's room. Jon had been fucked by Dylan, and both Jon and Dylan had sucked Chase's huge cock--Chase having turned out his TKE brother and fellow rugby player, Dylan. When Jon had come back from classes earlier, he'd overheard Chase shouting homophobic words at Dylan, which had totally caught Ryan by surprise. Ryan belonged to the same frat, TKE, as Chase and Dylan, but neither of those boys liked Ryan, thinking him some sort of goody-goody and therefore a fag. Ryan was not a fag, though he'd been manhandled and seduced by a drugged-out, physically stronger Brad into sucking Brad's cock just a few days earlier.

Dylan and Chase felt there had to be something `wrong' with Ryan, as he seemed to perfect--outgoing, a straight-A student, always smiling and positive, never swearing, perfect know the type. It was also a fact, Ryan had tried-out for the gymnastics team and had been a male football cheerleader this past season--both of which Chase and Dylan thought proved without a doubt Ryan was, at the least, a closet case. This wasn't true, though Ryan had nothing at all against gay people.

Ryan had been deeply disturbed by the circumstances a few days earlier where a physically bigger, stronger Brad had manhandled him and where he'd ended-up sucking Brad's massive cock. Brad had treated Ryan horribly afterward, and Ryan hoped to try to block the whole experience out of his mind. He'd been dating Sarah for some time, so Ryan tried convincing himself it was one of those `college experiences' that would never happen again and would not define his future. What's more, Ryan really liked Sarah.

After his long, warm shower, Ryan had momentarily forgotten he'd heard Chase shouting homophobic words in Jon's room. Ryan had no idea Chase and Dylan even knew Jon. When Ryan left the bathroom afterward and ran into Chase leaving Jon's room, he'd slipped-up, saying, "I thought I heard y..." followed by stammering, "umm...I mean, I...uh...." Chase had dismissed it, saying "It's cool" then becoming remarkably, uncharacteristically friendly to Ryan, asking to see his room. Had he not been a fellow TKE, Ryan probably would have smiled, saying, "Maybe some other time, dude. I'm awfully busy right now." However, as he was a sworn brother to Chase, he felt he had no other choice but to smile, unlock his room, and let the rugby player inside. He should not have been so trusting.

Ryan was a pretty handsome guy as was, of course, Chase, but Chase had an inch and 15 pounds on Ryan. Chase was all-muscle, being on the university rugby team--practicing and working out daily--whereas Ryan kept himself fit by going to the gym about five times a week. Ryan would've been a tempting victim under any circumstances, but now his slender, muscular body was only covered by a bath towel ...and he knew too much about Chase's activities, so the latter thought. Chase could not have his reputation ruined within the frat should Ryan slip-up and say something to someone else. Chase had no knowledge of what exactly Ryan had heard, but it was clear Ryan was embarrassed by it. It was, therefore, a pretty good chance he'd heard them Chase and the others having sex in Jon's room.

Ryan entered the room first, having unlocked it, followed by Chase who closed the door, carefully flipping the deadbolt lock. Ryan thought Chase would take a look around his room and leave, so instead of dressing in front of Chase, he walked to his bed and sat down, assuming that if Chase did stay for a minute, he'd prefer sitting in Ryan's armchair. Instead, Chase took of his winter coat, hanging it on a hook by the door, and took off his shoes. Ryan was confused: Chase and Dylan had sneered at him and laughed behind his back over the past year and a half. Why would Chase want to stay and talk now?

So Ryan walked into his closet to put on some clothes, feeling insecure around the rugby player. Meanwhile, by the door--out of Ryan's line of sight--Chase quickly stripped off his clothes, leaving them strewn on the floor. To be clear, Chase didn't care whether Ryan realized he was stripping or not: he'd have done so with or without Ryan watching him, protesting. It just didn't matter to Chase, though it was convenient Ryan had gone into his closet. `At least there'll be no yelling yet, and I can take him by surprise', Chase thought.

In the closet with his back to its door, Ryan had finally decided what to wear and had begun dressing. He'd put on a pair of white underwear and had one leg inside a pair of corduroys, when Chase entered wearing only his belt. The bigger, stronger boy easily put Ryan in a choke-hold, whispering hotly in his ear, "Why are you dressing for me, babe?" Ryan could barely breathe, and his blue eyes were wide open as his hands struggled, trying to pull the big, strong arm from around his neck. "I know you're secret, Ryan, and unfortunately for you, you know mine. Now we're going over to your bed for a little talk, okay?" Ryan squawked out an `okay'--his hands still struggling with the choking arm. Chase looked around the closet, and seeing a robe hanging on the back of the door, he yanked its belt off. Seeing Ryan's socks folded neatly on a shelf, Chase grabbed a pair and proceeded dragging Ryan out of the closet and across his room to the bed.

At the bed, Chase released Ryan, and while the boy was coughing, trying to catch his breath, the strong rugby player threw three gut punches into him. "We can do this the hard way or the easy way. It makes no difference to me." Ryan picked himself off the floor, crouching away from the bigger boy in fear. The corduroys had fallen off while he was drug across his room, but Ryan still had his underwear on. He looked at the door, and assuming it was unlocked, Ryan made a run for it. He didn't even get two feet before being easily tackled to the floor by Chase. Ryan laid on his stomach, yelling for help, while Chase sat on his back--his knees pinning Ryan's arms down. Reaching back, Chase grabbed one of the socks and the cotton robe belt he'd dropped when Ryan tried running for the door. Chase shoved the sock in Ryan's mouth and wrapped the robe belt twice around Ryan's head, securing the sock, before tying it tightly. Chase sat back, freeing Ryan's numbed arms and undid the only article of clothing he wore--a belt around his slim waist. Grabbing Ryan's flailing arms, Chase cinched the boy's hands behind his back, using his belt. Chase had learned this very tactic (and many others) from Colin while attending the boys boarding school back East together. Colin had taught him well, including to always punch a couple of holes in his belt where he'd be able to cinch a pair of hands or legs tightly. Colin's motto was to always be prepared for the wonderful opportunities life provides.

Chase lifted Ryan off the floor, and despite Ryan's attempts at kicking him, he put him face-down on the bed. Ryan wouldn't be able to kick very effectively, not being able to see Chase from behind. After he positioned Ryan on the bed, Chase walked around to the head of the bed, crouching down to speak to Ryan. Ryan's eyes were wild with terror, and he was desperately trying to make noise, though it was so muted as to be ineffective. Nevertheless, Ryan was terrified, and so he tried screaming anyway (as fruitless as it was). Chase reached over and started petting Ryan's soft, light auburn hair. "Dude, I know you want me. I could see it from the first day of pledge last year." With his head sideways on the bed, Ryan tried shaking his head `no' and saying `no' through the muzzle. "It's okay. You don't need to deny it. It's just you and me here." Ryan tried yelling again. "Now, now, don't get so excited with joy. Save your energy for our time together today." Ryan was crying now, and unable to wipe his eyes, the tears poured out of his pretty blue eyes. Because he had no choice but to rest his face sideways on the bed, the tears from his left eye ran across the bridge of his nose and into his right eye, blinding him further. Snot ran out his nose, sliding over his right cheek and onto the bed, and because he could only breathe through his nose, the snot made it harder for Ryan to breathe, causing him further panic. Chase continued tormenting the boy, "You're such a good boy, Ryan--going to church, being an Honors Student, coming up with these projects for TKE to help the poor,... Dude, you've got to be taking it up the ass or wanting desperately to do so." Ryan's crying continued to the point Chase was getting a little concerned about his breathing, but! ...he wasn't going to do anything about it yet. "Plus, you're a fucking cheerleader! How gay is that??" Chase laughed at his own insult. "And then I heard you tried out for gymnastics team, and if that ain't screaming `Fuck me in the ass!' I don't know what is..."

Chase paused, taking the corner of the sheet to wipe under Ryan's nose. "I know I'm hot, and because you're a faggot, you've no doubt been jonesing for my big cock for over a year and a half now! Cheer up! This is your lucky day!" Ryan tried rolling to the other side of the bed, hoping he could somehow get himself in a sitting position, where he might be able to run. The problem was, not only being able to get upright, but that the door was behind Chase...with its deadbolt set, no less. Ryan renewed his efforts at screaming, which, of course, was nearly impossible. Chase simply stood up, reached across the bed, and rolled Ryan back in position. "You're sure a feisty thing, I'll give you that." Chase walked to the foot of the bed, leaned up, and yanked Ryan's white underwear up and over Ryan's beautiful, hard, round ass, pulling the briefs off and dropping them on the floor. "H-o-l-y fuck, Dude! You must do a lot of squats to get such a plump, little butt like that! What a fine ass you have, dude!" Chase walked back to the head of the bed, his very hard, 11" cock leading the way. "Look what you've done to me, dude!" Chase leaned on the bed, slapping Ryan's face with his cock.

I don't think it's possible to adequately express the terror Ryan--or anyone in Ryan's position--was suffering at this moment. He was helpless, wondering `why' Chase was doing this to him. What had he done? Why did Chase think he was gay? Had he given reason for Chase to believe he wanted to have sex with him? Any victim of rape frequently looks to themselves as being at fault. This was what Ryan was busy trying to piece together at this time ... that and trying to breathe through his renewed crying.

Crouching down and putting his face inches in front of Ryan's, Chase continued, saying, "I have to say, Ryan, you're a really hot dude, whether you know it or not. With an ass like that, it's hard for me to believe you're a virgin, but I'm gonna ask anyway. If you really are a virgin, nod your head; if not, try shaking your head side-to-side." A tearful Ryan nodded his head, of course. "Well, we'll see... but, just in case you really are, I handle you really good this first time."

Ryan's tear-filled eyes widened in renewed fright. `What did Chase mean by `first time'?' Ryan thought.

Chase used the sheet again to wipe Ryan's nose. "I really don't know why you're putting on such a show... Most people would die to be in the position you're in ...seriously dude. You know, I've got a confession: I've fucked a lot of cheerleaders, but I've never fucked a redheaded one ...and you do have pretty hair too. And I love your pale pink nipples, dude. I can't wait to suck on them... Well, I'm done chatting with you for now. Oh, one last thing... when I tell you to push out like you're taking a shit, I'm telling you that for your own good. If you fight it, dude, I'm gonna end-up ripping your ass, and seriously, do you really think anyone will believe you if you say you were raped? ... Mr. Cheerleader ... really? And look at me. I'm manly, and I'm on the university rugby team. Would anyone really believe someone like me--with a girlfriend--would stoop to faggot sex? I don't think so. So when I say push out, do yourself a favor, because it's going up your shitter whether you want it or not."

Chase reached over Ryan's head and grabbed his other pillow, shoving it underneath Ryan's cock. Then he yanked the pillow out from under Ryan's head, saying, "You don't need this." Chase pushed one arm under Ryan's waist, lifting his midsection high enough to stack the second pillow on top of the first, then he walked around to the end of the bed, viewing Ryan's beautiful, pale, almost hairless ass. Climbing on the bed, Chase grabbed a big, hard buttock in each hand, spreading them apart and sliding his big, hard cock up and down the narrow valley between. "Dude, you've got such a sweet, little pussy. When I'm done with you today, you're gonna be begging me to marry you." Ryan began physically shaking. His tears had stopped, but that was because he was going into shock.

Then Chase pulled back and dropped his face down onto Ryan's freshly showered man-pussy. Lapping his thick, wet tongue over Ryan's pale pink rosebud brought a shudder from Ryan's mute body. Chase felt Ryan's legs shudder, and he watched the boy's plump globes jiggle with the shudder. Chuckling, Chase grabbed a big, fat glute in each hand and dove into this very beautiful, virgin pussy. Chase lapped Ryan's valley from his taint, across the sweet rosebud, and up to his back. Chase repeated this journey with his tongue several times, and each time, he seemed more in love with Ryan's pussy--craving it, hungry for it. He even dropped lower, licking and sucking each of Ryan's balls. Chase reached between the top pillow and Ryan's waist, wrapping his hand around Ryan's hard, 7 " cock. Chase jerked on it a couple of times then pulled his hand back. "Dude, that's more like it. See? I knew you secretly lusted for me, and baby, I'm gonna make those sweet dreams come true for you." Ryan's cock may have been hard, but his body lay motionless and mute, in shock. Chase moaned, as he began tongue fucking the little pussy, which, in turn, sucked back on his tongue. The tongue and cunt French kissed each other for nearly 10 minutes. Chase rutted in the pussy. He was in love with this pussy.

Finally, the blonde stud pulled back, saying, "Girl, you got any lube?" Pausing, he added, "Probably not, huh? You're such a goody-goody. You're probably a total virgin, aren't ya?" Ryan remained silent, unmoving--his eyes wide, staring almost unblinkingly across the room at nothing. Chase rummaged through a couple of dresser drawers before moving into the closet to look through Ryan's toiletries. Still finding nothing, Chase pulled Ryan's wet washrag and bath towel from his laundry basket. Spotting Ryan's mini-fridge next to his desk, Chase looked inside--his eyes landing on a tub of margarine. Not ideal, but it beat nothing. Climbing back on the bed, Chase dropped the towel and washrag next to Ryan's leg and stuck his middle finger in the margarine. He began rubbing small circles around the now puffy lips--puffy from Chase's sucking and lustful French kisses shared between the two. Chase rested the side of his model-handsome face on one of Ryan's hard, round butt cheeks, watching his long, thick finger, as it slowly eased itself inside the wanton cunt. Chase was almost in a trance, amazed at having landed such a primo pussy--his free hand jacking his own cock, eager and wet. He watched his hand, while its long, thick finger dug and stirred inside sweet Ryan, searching for the boy's nut. Finding it, Chase pulled his finger out and stuck it and the finger next to it in the margarine. Pushing both slippery fingers inside Ryan's sucking, squeezing pussy, Chase found the nut again and began slowly fucking both fingers across it, back-and-forth. `What an amazing, ass!' Chase thought, `It ranks right up there with Jon's..." Horned-up as he'd hadn't been in a long time, Chase began licking and kissing the plump, hard glutes, pushing Ryan's knees further apart. After a considerable time making love to the plump buttock, Chase stopped finger-fucking the squeezing cunt and reached into the tub of margarine, grabbing a handful to lube his hard, 11" cock--its head already gooey with lust.

Chase wiped his hands on the bath towel and yelled "Push out!" With Ryan silent and unmoving, Chase hauled off and slapped the back of Ryan's head, ordering him again to push out. Ryan felt the slap but was dazed and confused. His mind wasn't functioning. He felt Chase pressing his fat cockhead against his secret place, but he couldn't remember what Chase said earlier--his mind had shutdown, in shock. "Listen up!" Chase began, "Push out like you're going to the goddamned bathroom and keep pushing! Otherwise, I'm still coming in, but afterwards, you're gonna need an operation. Got it?" Ryan thought, `Maybe if I don't push, he'll give up', so he didn't. Finding Ryan uncooperative, Chase started slapping Ryan's head and didn't stop until Ryan began crying again. "Are you gonna fucking PUSH now??" Chase yelled, and Ryan nodded. Pressing his 2" diameter cockhead harder against Ryan's rosebud, the little flower finally opened, folding itself tightly around Chase's fat cock. It was a good thing for Chase that Ryan had a sock wedged in his mouth, as Ryan would've screamed like he'd never done before in his life--the pain being excruciating for the boy. Tears and snot poured from Ryan as Chase continued pushing further inside. Then Ryan blacked out.

Chase shook his head and laughed. This happened several times with his new converts at boarding school. He didn't give a fuck...for this first fuck anyway. `Ryan was definitely a virgin', Chase thought to himself. He knew full-well Ryan had never done or said anything that would've indicated he was gay. In fact, after he and Dylan let Ryan know they weren't interested in being friendly with him, Chase thought Ryan acted indifferent to them, and in no way did Ryan act like he tried to avoid them. Ryan still smiled when near Dylan and Chase, and it was as if their making fun of him had no effect on the cheerleader...other than he didn't act like he wanted to hang with them. Chase had never caught Ryan checking out other guys (like fags were known to do), nor did he think Ryan `acted' gay. It was just that the guy seemed too perfect, too religious, and too positive. Of course, the cheerleader and gymnastics thing seemed pretty gay, but Chase knew those things, in themselves, didn't indicate anything. Really, these particular circumstances provided Chase the reason and opportunity to fuck the boy up. Chase hadn't known Ryan lived there, but when he walked out of Jon's room and caught Ryan's slip-of-the-tongue and subsequent blushing and stammering, Chase knew instantly Ryan had heard something inappropriate from Jon's room. The opportunity had presented itself, and Chase seized it. He would very much enjoy to tearing Ryan down, and, in the process, he fully intended to enjoy fucking this very good-looking boy's beautiful ass ...multiple times.

The muscular, blonde rugby player pushed Ryan's knees further apart as he sunk his long, thick cock down into Ryan. `Oh my god, this is pussy is the shit!' Chase thought, reveling in its tightness and the wild spasming of the cunt around his python. `Maybe he isn't gay, but he will be by the time I'm done with him...' Chase thought. When his pubes finally hit Ryan's very round but hard glutes, Chase was in heaven! He actually hadn't had a reason to fuck around with a dude since the summer before his Freshman year in college. Once at college, hot chicks were throwing themselves at the model-handsome rugby player with his mesmerizing light grey-green eyes. Then Chase had stumbled on that nasty fuck machine, Shanice (who also happened to be a cheerleader), and Chase loved the fact he could humiliate her by making her fuck him in public and the like. Nevertheless, when his pubes landed against Ryan's magnificent pussy, Chase couldn't believe his luck! Chase removed the belt around Ryan's wrists, so he could lay on top of the boy. He wasn't concerned in the least in his ability to control the hot cheerleader. Chase laid down over Ryan's back, his light covering of chest hair pressed against the boy's smooth, pale skin. Chased wrapped his muscular arms around Ryan's listless body, cupping the hot stud's hard pecs. He laid there for about five minutes, kissing and licking Ryan's neck. Chase wished he had a more cooperative victim, so the goddamned robe belt wasn't blocking Ryan's ears or limiting his access to Ryan's beautiful hair. Chase loved tonguing ears, and he really loved running his nose through their hair, smelling a person's scent. At least for now, he'd have to keep Ryan muffled.

After plenty of time, letting Ryan's new cunt get used to its new owner, Chase began raising his hips up slowly, pulling his log of a cock back, then slowly pushing back into this wonderful fucking cunt. Up-and-down Chase's hard, round butt rose and fell--slowly at first, but gradually building speed. He felt his cock going back-and-forth over Ryan's hard nut.

Ryan came-to, feeling the intense pain of the fuck. He tried screaming, but of course, he couldn't make any noise to speak of. He tried throwing Chase off, but the stronger boy's hold was too tight. Ryan felt like he was dying, and in many ways, he was.

Chase's big cock ploughed in-and-out of Ryan's tight pussy, while he bit and sucked the boy's pale neck. Chase enjoyed this fuck immensely--with boy's cunt squeezing and spasming around his cock wildly. "Are you enjoying this yet, girl? ...`cause I sure am," Chase panted, sweat dripping off his forehead. "You have one tight pussy, Ryan. I'm gonna be ploughing your cunt on a regular basis, baby."

Ryan had given up the fight now and laid underneath the stud limply. He was still in incredible pain, although less so now. Ryan felt humiliated, feeling Chase's blonde pubes banging against big, round butt, having a dude biting and sucking his neck, and hearing himself referred to with feminine pronouns. However, his once-virgin boy-cunt squeezed and spasmed around Chase's cock much too wildly, and soon, Ryan felt hot jets of cum shooting inside him. Chase was cursing him and banging hard into his jiggling butt. Ryan felt emasculated and dirty and would now forever carry Chase inside him. He would never be the same.

Chase finished cumming and laid on top of the outgoing, popular Honors student, sweating and panting. He laid for (what seemed to Ryan to be) 10 minutes on top of Ryan, kissing his neck, telling him what a pretty girl he was. Ryan felt like a girl now...with a dude's cum in his ass. He never imagined getting fucked by a dude...never. Now Ryan had a big, muscular dude, laying on top of him, whose cock was fully-imbedded inside Ryan--its pubes rubbing against Ryan's smooth butt. Finally, Chase pulled his 11" cock out of the newly-minted pussy, leaving Ryan nauseated, feeling the new sensation of thick cum sliding out his butt and down over his balls. Ryan had no fight left in him, as he felt Chase cinching his wrists together again with the belt. Chase easily lifted Ryan's hips, pulling the pillow out, and then lifted Ryan's head, strategically placing the pillow such that Ryan's nose lay where Chase's cum had pooled. The muscular, dirty blonde-haired demigod climbed back in bed and pulled the covers over them, where they both slept for an hour and a half.

When Chase woke, it was 5:30 p.m., and he was horny again. He laid there watching Ryan for a while before pulling the robe belt down below one of Ryan's cute ears. `It's too bad he isn't a bitch', Chase thought, `we'd have perfect kids.' "Hey, wakie-wakie..." Chase said, shaking Ryan awake. Ryan awoke, seeing the exceptionally handsome stud's face laying on a pillow next to his, looking him. Ryan immediately felt like he may vomit, realizing his nightmare was, in fact, reality. Chase opened the belt cinching Ryan's wrists, rubbing one of them, before placing Ryan's hand around his thick, hard cock. Ryan tried jerking it away, but Chase's grip on his wrist was too tight. "Look what you've done to me, babe. You've gone and got me hard again, girl!" Chase chuckled. "Jack my big, hard cock, Ry... Go on, baby girl. Feel the big piece of meat that was just inside you, shooting my sperm inside your cunt." When Ryan merely held it, Chase squeezed Ryan's wrist, until Ryan winced in pain and nodded. Releasing his wrist, Chase began again, "That's it.... Oh fuck, you're a fuckin' pro at jacking cocks, ya fag! I'll bet you're excited, thinking about this big ole cock shoved in your cunt again, aren't you?" Chase let Ryan jack his cock awhile, while staring at the buff cheerleader. If Ryan didn't have that stupid gag in his mouth, Chase would've probably kissed him; it's doubtful Ryan even realized he was that good looking. Instead, Chase reached over and rested a hand on the small of Ryan's back, letting it travel south...up onto the big glutes, letting his long, thick middle finger slide down into Ryan's trench. Rubbing the pad of his finger over Ryan's puffy rosebud, the buff cheerleader jacked Chase's cock with even more skill, more finesse.

Chase leaned over and kissed Ryan's cheek, huskily whispering, "Now, your first fuck was pretty brutal, wasn't it? It didn't have to be, had you been a little more cooperative. Margarine isn't at all a good lube, is it?" Ryan laid there, looking into the rugby player's beautiful face, silently crying. "Nod, if you have any lube...or anything we can use for lube, like, Vaseline." Ryan nodded, still skillfully jacking Chase's stud cock. "Good. Now, I'm going to pull the belt and sock out of your mouth, so you can tell me where it is. If you yell or do anything, I give you my promise you will sorely regret it. Understand?" Ryan nodded again, his tears dripping on the pillow below. Chase pulled the belt down to Ryan's chin. "Now, tell me what and where this lube is."

"I've got some lube ... in the closet, in a box on the far end of the shelf above my clothes on hangers," Ryan choked out, tears dripping on the pillow below.

"Good boy..." Chase commended him.

As Chase started to put the sock back in his mouth, Ryan began pleading with his tormentor not to gag him again--promising not to yell or scream--but Chase couldn't take any chances just yet. "I'm sorry, girl. I really am..." stuffing the sock back in the crying boy's mouth. After securing the sock with the robe belt again, Chase went to the closet, pulling the box off the shelf. Inside was not only the lube, but also three Playboy magazines. Coming out of the closet, Chase laughed, taunting the All-American boy, "Well, well, well... Our little church-going, goody-goody, Honor student does have impure thoughts after all!" Continuing to laugh, he added, "Although, Playboy is kind of lame, Ry...the `thinking man's' porn, you know. I take it you read it for the journalism, right, Ryan?" Chase pulled Ryan about a foot lower on the bed, yanked the pillow out from under his head again, and lifted Ryan's pelvis, shoving it again under the boy's hips. He then reached over, grabbing the pillow he'd slept on, and placed it under Ryan's neck, such that the top part supported Ryan's chin. Opening a Playboy to the centerfold--a beautiful, busty, blonde girl--Chase laid it on the bed under Ryan's eyes. "This is you, Ryan. You're not a man anymore: you're just a cunt ... a cunt for men to fuck. In fact, from now on, you're gonna walk down the sidewalk, thinking, `how big's this dude's cock? ... how big is this dude's cock?' Cock is all you're gonna think about from now on. You're gonna crave cock in your pussy and in your mouth ...and preferably both at the same time. In fact, you're not fit at all to be a TKE ...but for now anyway, I'll keep my mouth shut. You are this chick in the centerfold, Ry ...and you remember that when I'm fucking you from now on. See her pussy, Ry? That's what you have now. It used to be something else, but now, it's that pretty pussy in the pic. You're a girl now...with my baby batter inside you..." With his eyes open, Ryan had no choice but to look at the centerfold, and he blushed with shame at the things Chase said to him.

Taking the damp washcloth, Chase carefully wiped Ryan's butt, wiping away the margarine and cum mixture. Seeing Ryan's puffy, pink pussy, Chase couldn't resist laying his face down between the big, round glutes, pulling them apart, and lapping and sucking the sweet cunt. After a bit, Chase heard what sounded like moaning from Ryan, and indeed, when Chase pulled his face back, Ryan's jiggly butt followed its seducer. Sucking on the pouty cunt, Chase tasted his cum as the thick, slimy substance slid across his tongue and down his throat. He could clearly see why chicks craved his cum.

Ryan was conflicted: this part--cunnilingus (or more accurately, rimming)--felt incredible, while the part to come terrorized him. Until Brad rimmed the boy (once) recently, no one had ever touched the secret place between his legs. Ryan had no idea it felt so fucking great, and the buff cheerleader arched his back and spread his knees further apart, providing greater access to the invading tongue, attacking his cunt. For a moment--staring at the centerfold--Ryan believed he might, in fact, have a pussy back there, and had he not had the gag in his mouth, Ryan would have certainly sounded just like a girl, moaning and writhing around. However, too soon for Ryan's liking, the tongue withdrew, and lubed fingers entered, coating the walls of his pussy with lube. First one, then two long, lubed fingers entered his hole, fucking him with lube. The fingers rode back-and-forth across something inside him that set fireworks off in his brain: Ryan wasn't even able to think anymore--the pleasure was so intense. Then this too stopped, and the boy felt Chase's hard, spongy cockhead pressing at his gate.

"Now, push out! you're going to the bathroom. Push!" Chase ordered, and this time--knowing the consequences--Ryan complied, praying for less pain than before. Chase pushed hard against the beautiful flower, and it opened, welcoming the hard, thick post. `Oh my god, this is such a great pussy', Chase thought, as the warm, spasming walls of Ryan's cunt welcomed his cock. Ryan whimpered and cried, but the pain was much less--what with the lube and his cooperation. It helped, too, that Chase was sliding inside slowly, letting Ryan's pussy used to its new owner.

When Chase's cock hit bottom again and Ryan felt the stud's pubes against his round butt, Ryan was still crying but not as badly as he did the first time. In fact, it wasn't until the fourth time Chase fucked him--at 4 a.m.--that Ryan was actually getting into it. By the fourth fuck, not only were Ryan's hand's uncinched, but he also no longer needed the sock and gag. In fact, by the fourth fuck, Ryan was on his back with his arms and legs wrapped tightly around the rugby player, French kissing the model-handsome stud. By 9:30 a.m., Ryan was between Chase's legs, sucking his big cock--his second only cock, after Brad's. You might even say Ryan was infatuated with Chase's the eagerness with which he tried deep throating it. Ten minutes later, Ryan was riding Chase's cock for his fifth ever fuck. (To be 19 again...) The Ryan of 24 hours previous would not have recognized the Ryan of a day later. After he took the fifth batch of Chase's sperm, Ryan was down, licking and sucking the cum from Chase's blonde pubes. Ryan never knew sex could be so great, and at 11 a.m., he was greatly saddened to hear Chase say he had to leave. In fact, Ryan begged him to stay, telling Chase he could shower there, while he went downstairs to fix him lunch. Chase was quite pleased with himself, as he walked out of the boarding house, having gently declined to stay: he would definitely be back for more action soon, while the buff, light-auburn haired cheerleader would (very shortly) be breaking things off with Sarah ...much to his own surprise.


End -- Chapter 15