The following story is fictional. As such, it is not based on any real events or people. All characters are over eighteen, and you must be over eighteen to read it. My stories contain graphic sexual content and offensive language. In real life, be respectful of others and never engage in anything even vaguely non-consensual. Use protection.


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Bradley von Acht

Caucasian; Age 22; Straight, brown hair; Blue eyes; 6' 4"; 200 lbs.

University Senior; President -- Pi Kappa Epsilon (PIKE); QB -- University Football team

Jon Swenson

Caucasian; Age 19; Neck-length, straight, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 5' 10"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Treasurer -- PIKE Social Cmte;

High School Football QB & Baseball


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, black hair -- shaggy bangs; Blue eyes; 6' 2"; 170 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- PIKE; High School Football & Wrestling


Caucasian; Age 21; Straight, dark, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 6' 2"; 185 lbs; Striking resemblance -- young Tom Brady

University Senior; Vice President -- PIKE; RB -- University Football team


Caucasian; Age 21; Curly blonde hair; 6' 2"; Blue eyes; 175 lbs.

University Senior; Member -- PIKE; Rower -- University team


African American; Age 20; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 4"; 200 lbs.

University Junior; Boarding School Football & Baseball


Caucasian; Age 20; Short, white-blonde hair; Blue eyes; 6' 1"; 170 lbs.

University Junior; Secretary -- PIKE; Wrestler -- University team


Caucasian; Age 21; Straight, brown hair; 6' 2"; Brown eyes; 170lbs.

University Senior; Treasurer -- PIKE; Football (Sidelined) University team


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, light auburn hair; Blue eyes; 6' 0"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE); High School Football & Baseball


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, black hair -- shaggy bangs; Dark brown eyes; 6' 0"; 170 lbs.; Olive completion (Italian)

University Sophomore; Member -- TKE; Rugby -- University team


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, dark blonde hair; Light gray-green eyes; 6' 1"; 175 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- TKE; Rugby -- University team; Boarding School Rugby


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, brown hair; Brown eyes; 5' 11"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- PIKE; High School Football & Basketball


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, dark auburn hair; Brown eyes; 6' 0"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- PIKE; High School Football & Basketball


Caucasian; Age 20; Neck-length, straight brown hair; Hazel eyes; 6' 2"; 175 lbs.

High School Football (RB) & Baseball


Caucasian; Age 20; Straight, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 6' 1"; 170 lbs.

High School Football & Baseball


Biracial (Black/White); Age 22; Wide mohawk w/ long, tight, bouncy curls; Brown eyes; 6' 3"; 225 lbs.; Striking resemblance to Patrick Mahomes

University Senior; Vice President -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas); TE -- University Football team


African American; Age 21; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 5"; 210 lbs.

University Senior; President -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas)


African American; Age 20; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 3"; 190 lbs.

University Junior; Active -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas)


African American; Age 20; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 6"; 215 lbs.

University Junior; Active -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas)







Chapter 16


Kevin was almost to the door of the PIKE house at 10:30 p.m., on his way back from studying at Bergman Hall on a Sunday night, when a police cruiser pulled up at the front of the house. Kevin couldn't tell who was in the backseat though, due to it being so dark outside. It was terribly cold outside, as he watched a policeman help Brad out of the cruiser. Had it not been for his size and hair color, Kevin wouldn't have immediately recognized Brad. The policeman helping Brad was a 23-year-old rookie, new to the force and green around the ears. Kevin questioned both Brad and the cop about what had happened, but Brad just looked blankly to the sidewalk. "He won't talk. We found him walking like this in just his t-shirt and jeans around 4:30 this afternoon, so we picked him up and took him to the hospital. He has a broken rib--among other things, so you're going to have to be careful with him. The doctor also gave him some pills for the pain and an antibiotic; they're in his coat pocket." (Colin had let Darnell, Trevon, and Deshawn know Brad called him a nigger, so, in addition to each of them fucking Brad several times, the three of them also beat the fuck out of the star quarterback afterward.) Both Brad's eyes were black and swollen, he had a cut down the side of his cheek requiring several stitches, and his torso was wrapped in bandages. Brad also had other, small cuts and bruises and was limping from a twisted ankle. The quarterback also had stitches near his anus, but of course, the cop said nothing about those. "We took him down to the tank afterward and got him a shirt and this coat from the donation bin. We tried to get him to tell us who did this, but he's not talking--at all. I mean to say he hasn't said a single word since we picked him up. The doctor thinks he's in shock." As the cop turned Brad over to Kevin, he grabbed Brad by the shoulders, looking him in the face, and said, "Brad, think it over. If you decide you'd like to speak with us about this, call us, and we'll come get you; or come down to the station; this case is open and will stay open. You shouldn't let whoever did this to you get away with it. They'll only do it to someone else, Brad. Now, take care of yourself and know that everything else from today is absolutely confidential."

Kevin couldn't believe how awful Brad looked. He also had a cut under one of his eyes, and Brad's hair was matted and flecked with dried blood, where a nurse had washed small cuts with hydrogen peroxide. (Deshawn had broken a bottle over Brad's head--the breaking glass cutting his scalp.) Brad was silent as Kevin helped him to the stairs. A couple dozen guys in the main room, who'd been bantering and watching ESPN, stood and fell silent, watching Kevin help Brad up the staircase. Brad was in great pain trying to get up the stairs, and it took Kevin quite a while to get Brad to his third-floor room.

Taylor--having taken up residence in Brad's room, worried sick since his best friend's disappearance nearly 24 hours previous--got a text from one of the guys downstairs that Brad was on his way upstairs. When Taylor opened Brad's door and saw Kevin helping Brad down the hall, Taylor couldn't believe his eyes. While helping Brad inside, Kevin repeated to Taylor what the cop had told him, adding that Brad was in shock and not talking. Kevin helped Brad to his bed, as Taylor wrote a `do not disturb' sign, taped it on Brad's door, and wedged a chair under its knob.

Unfortunately for Taylor, Kevin didn't give a flying fuck about Brad. Kevin simply saw an `opportunity'--whether it was gaining compromising information on Brad, compromising information about someone else, or some other yet-to-be-revealed opportunity, everything Kevin did, he did for his own benefit. "WELL?? What are you waiting for, CUNT??" Kevin yelled at Taylor. "Get his coat off! Get his shoes off! Ya goddamned faggot!"

Taylor was mortified! Brad was his best friend...probably his only friend, and here Kevin was, basically outing him. Taylor glanced at Brad, but Brad was staring blankly at the floor. In an attempt at saving face, Taylor threw his shoulders back and said, "Shut the fuck up, Kev..."

Kevin interrupted him, questioning, "What?? What are you going to do? Huh, Tay-Tay?? Are you going to spit my cum out next time, instead of swallowing it? Is that what you're gonna do to me??"

All the color dropped from Taylor's face. He felt his stomach rolling and thought he was going to vomit for a few seconds. Looking down at Brad, it was as if the quarterback was deaf--still staring in front of him at the floor.

"Now, get his fucking coat and shoes off, queer!"

Desperately trying to think of anything to save face, Taylor yelled back, "Why don't you??"

Kevin almost laughed, wondering if Taylor realized he sounded like a first grader, but instead, Kevin rushed the jock, throwing him against the wall--his fists clutching the collar of Taylor's shirt. "YOU don't EVER raise your voice to your superiors! And YOU don't EVER tell ME to do anything! Got it, faggot!" Kevin screamed, bits of spittle flying in Taylor's face.

Taylor's eyes were wide with fear, knowing Brad was homophobic. "Okay, okay..." Taylor whispered, pleading "but Brad...", motioning with his head toward Brad. In that moment, Taylor thought Kevin must be psychotic; he was unaware Kevin had overheard Luke fucking him.

Indeed, Kevin was quite angry at Taylor--not because he had any feelings for the running back, but rather, because Kevin didn't like sharing ...not at all. Kevin unclenched his fists, chuckling, "Pussy..." in Taylor's face, then ordering, "Now, fuckin' strip him, bitch ...get him ready for beddie-bye." With that, Kevin sat down on the bed next to Brad and began, "So Big Brad got beat, huh?" Laughing, he continued, "Or should I say, `Big Brad got boxed'?" There was no reaction from Brad, though Taylor winced at Kevin's poor taste. "O-k-a-y... I admit that was a lame punch, but I just couldn't resist, having listened to you call me `twerp' for the past year and a half." Kevin was no `twerp'--nowhere near it. Brad called him that, because Kevin was a Freshman and because he hadn't tried out for any university sports. Kevin should've been thankful, as the nickname was almost endearing.

Taylor had hung the cheap coat up and was on his knees, having just removed Brad's shoes and socks. He started to stand to unbutton Brad's shirt, when Kevin ordered Taylor to stay kneeled between Brad's legs. "Stay. Get between his legs and unbutton his shirt. I'll cut down the back of it off with my pocket knife." When Taylor looked at him shocked, Kevin said, "What the fuck's wrong with you? Dude's got his abdomen wrapped from a broken rib, for Christ sake! Pulling it off his shoulders is going to hurt him more, stupid ... and it's not like this is one of his designer shirts or something, having come from the police `donation' bin," Kevin laughed. Having cut the down the back, it was pretty easy lifting the collar over Brad's head and pulling the shirt off by its arms in front. Not only was Taylor shocked by Brad's bandaged abdomen, he was also shocked by the number of cuts and bruises over his arms and torso. Brad had really been worked over.

"Unbutton his fucking jeans! What are you waiting for, bitch?" Kevin ordered, snapping Taylor from his shock. Taylor didn't like Kevin talking to him like this, but he feared the asshole would say more if he balked.

As Taylor unbuttoned Brad's jeans, the quarterback's light brown pubes revealed Brad wore no underwear. `They must've removed them in the hospital', Taylor thought. As he finished unbuttoning the jeans, Brad's monster cock flopped out--not hard, but nonetheless, impressive. Taylor's eyes were like those of a deer caught in headlights. Brad's musk permeated Taylor's nose, making the running back dizzy.

"Pull his jeans off from his feet", Kevin said quietly.

With his jeans now off, Brad sat nude, in silence on the bed--the abdominal bandages being his only covering. Taylor felt immensely sorry for his friend. He didn't mind being on his knees between his friend's knees now, considering it allowed Taylor within inches of Brad's beautiful, perfect cock. Taylor's nostrils flared, breathing in his quarterback's intoxicating musk.

"He's had a very rough night. Don't ya think?" Kevin quietly threw out. Taylor nodded, staring at Brad's big cock. Kevin threw his arm over Brad's shoulders and rubbed Brad's cheek with the back of his free hand. "You've had a bad night, haven't you, Brad?" but this was met by continued silence. It seemed Brad was mentally nowhere to be found, and to prove this, Kevin leaned in, kissing Brad on the cheek near his mouth. Taylor was stunned Brad hadn't reacted ...and frankly, so was Kevin. Kevin was trying to determine whether he could orchestrate anything, and it seemed the odds were in his favor. He started rubbing Brad's chest, back-and-forth, whispering in his ear, "We love you, Brad. We don't care how bunged-up you are, do we, Tay?" prompting the boy on his knees to choke out a `no', while watching Kevin's hand rub and squeeze Brad's big pec. "Yeah, we love you, stud ... We'll make you feel better, Bradley." Kevin bent his face to Brad's neck, where he lapped up its length, coming to rest in Brad's ear. Kevin's long fingers slid through Brad's light brown pubes, wrapping themselves around the girth of his huge cock. Still, Brad had no reaction. Taylor was both dumbfounded and mesmerized: he was dumbfounded Brad would let any dude touch him like that, while at the same, he was mesmerized by Brad's growing cock. Kevin jacked the growing cock, while dropping his mouth over one of Brad's amazing pecs, licking and sucking the big, brown nipple. Taylor was beyond stunned. What would Brad do if he remembered any of this? Kevin raised his mouth just enough to tell Taylor, "Make him feel better, Tay. Suck that big cock, buddy." Kevin's hot, wet mouth covered Brad's nipple again, as his big hand reached back, grabbing Taylor's dirty blonde hair and pulling his face right into Brad's pubes. Kevin pushed Brad back onto the bed, hoisting the quarterback onto a pillow and fully into his bed. Lifting a dazed Taylor off the wall, Kevin once again threw the running back against the wall, grabbing his hair with one hand, while groping his cock with the other. In Taylor's face, Kevin taunted the stud, "You're a full-fledged faggot, aren't you? You like me rubbing your cock? Huh?" Taylor nodded, afraid of his own voice. "Yeah? How about this?" Kevin reached around, grabbing one of Taylor's round glutes, causing him to nod again. "You'd ride his fucking donkey cock right now, if I told you, wouldn't you?"

"Yeah," Taylor whispered, breathily.

"Yeah... just like you rode Luke's, right??" Taylor's eyes flew open in fear. "You think I'm deaf??" Silence followed, with Kevin's nose almost touching Taylor's cheek and his hand grabbing and squeezing the boy's big buttock. "Say, `I'm nothing but a cock-hungry faggot, dressed up in a football uniform.' Fuckin' say it, you goddamned fag-whore!"

"I'm nothing but a cock-hungry fag in a football uniform," Taylor stammered in a very quiet, frightened voice. He wasn't exactly frightened of Kevin, rather, he was frightened by the truth of the statement.

"Close enough," Kevin whispered, covering Taylor's mouth with his own. As his thick, wet tongue dueled with Taylor's ravenous tongue, Kevin was rapidly unbuttoning Taylor's jeans, yanking them along with Taylor's sexy, red boxer briefs off the football player's big, round glutes. As Kevin pulled his mouth away from Taylor's, a long thread of saliva hung in the air, suspended between the two mouths for a brief moment before breaking and falling away. "Strip and get between Brad's legs. I wanna see you try to suck that fuckin' hog." Taylor was so turned-on there wasn't a thing Kevin could tell him to do that he'd refuse. There was something about Kevin--besides his hot looks--that threw Taylor under his spell.

Kevin laid on the other side of Brad's hip, jacking the humongous cock in front of Taylor's hungry face. Kevin was almost as hypnotized by the giant cock and the feel of its silky hardness under his hand. "Suck his fucking balls, bitch," Kevin ordered Taylor--his voice husky with his own lust. Taylor dropped his face between Brad's warm, hairy thighs, lapping at the bull-sized balls, drugged by Brad's scent. Kevin hovered above, occasionally watching Taylor but increasingly entranced by the huge cock in his hand. When a large, white drop of Brad's goo appeared, Kevin's breathing became shallow, and his head began spinning ...until he found his tongue lapping across the eye to taste Brad's essence. One lap wasn't sufficient, and he found his lips glued around the eye, sucking the sweet nectar. After a while, he could faintly hear Taylor whining, but Kevin had his mouth full, with about 3" of the massive cockhead--his tongue rolling around the fat thing, covered in Brad's thick sperm. Kevin was crazed by the massive cock, and he was oblivious to the fact he'd pushed Taylor away and now, himself, rested between Brad's thick thighs--one hand jerking the huge cock, while the other groped a massive glute below. Kevin pulled off the cock briefly to lap down the length of the quarterback's meat and run his nose through the soft pubes below. Taking the cock in his mouth again, Kevin opened his throat, swallowing a few more inches of the horse cock. There is something primal...animalistic...about lust. All someone can think about is getting the seed inside them somehow, especially when the scent and taste are just right, and right now, the scent and taste were just right for Kevin.

Kevin felt hands spreading his round rump as a thick, wet tongue lapped across his virgin flower. Lost in lust, Kevin spread his legs far apart, arching his ass up, begging for more tongue. Taylor eagerly lapped and sucked the tiny rosebud, milking Kevin's big cock underneath. Kevin heard himself moaning--like any number of the many girls he'd fucked--but he didn't recognize it as his own voice. The wet tongue on and in his anus drove Kevin to bob and twist wildly on the giant cock in his mouth and throat. Tears, sweat, and snot running from his nose all ran down to his lips stretched unimaginably wide around the huge cock. White precum slipped from the corners of Kevin's mouth, rolling down the long, thick shaft, painting it a glossy white.

Kevin felt Taylor's long, thick finger press itself inside his tight, virgin hole, but he was too in-love with Brad's cock to care. When the long finger began sawing in-and-out of his ass, rubbing back-and-forth over the nut deep inside him, Kevin pushed his round butt higher, sucking even more of the giant cock into his throat.

Brad--who'd been as silent as death--now began a low moan, feeling Kevin's tight throat muscles squeezing his cock. His big quarterback hands gently grabbed the sides of Kevin's head, petting his soft, thick hair, while murmuring `so good ... so good'. A second long, thick finger pressed inside Kevin, joining the other, rubbing back-and-forth over his nut and sending wild lights through Kevin's brain. Somewhere between Brad's quiet, murmuring voice, his fingers running through his thick, straight black hair, and the two fingers rubbing across his nut, Kevin's nose came to rest in soft, lush pubes.

Soon, the long fingers withdrew from Kevin's hungry, sucking ass, and it wasn't long after, that Kevin felt Taylor's hands grabbing him by his hips. However, when Kevin felt Taylor's thick, 8" cock running back-and-forth through his tight valley, pressing against his flower, the fog in Kevin's brain lifted, and he very reluctantly pulled himself off Brad's thick slab of meat. Raising himself on his knees, Kevin pivoted off the bed, slapping Taylor hard across his handsome face. "What are you thinking? If I was a faggot like you, you wouldn't be even remotely worthy!" Taylor was stunned, embarrassed, and ashamed he'd even thought about fucking Kevin, as the red blush of shame crept up his neck and over his face. Kevin was only to be worshipped and whatever way Kevin chose.

Looking at Taylor, Kevin pointed at Brad's huge cock, ordering, "Suck, faggot!" The thought fleetingly crossed Taylor's mind, `Why does he call me a faggot when he's just had that giant cock down his throat?' but the site of Brad's beautiful cock quickly pushed the question from Taylor's mind, as he crawled on the bed between Brad's long legs and thick, muscular thighs.

Kevin got back on the bed too, but this time, he slid up to the head of the bed. Looking in Brad's eyes this time, however, Kevin knew something about Brad he hadn't known a half-hour earlier. At one point, while sucking Brad's thick, sweet sperm, Kevin reached under to finger Brad's rosebud, but nearing their target, Kevin's fingers met with the packing and bandages covering the stitches there, and Kevin knew immediately what had happened to Brad. Kevin's mouth covered Brad's, as he drew Brad into his seductive web.

Since being pushed down the stairs at the carriage house around 4 p.m., Brad had a continuous loop playing over-and-over of his nightmare treatment at the hands of the Alpha Phi Alphas. Kevin's excellent throat had helped the slow down, and now, with his sensuous kisses, the loop was breaking up. Brad had always found Kevin extraordinarily handsome, but he'd been too cocky, too tough-guy for Brad to think he could be broken. That's the reason Brad went after Jon. Jon was quiet and easy-going--low-hanging fruit, so to speak. Kevin would have been the apple at the top of the tree, requiring a lot of effort to subdue.

Now, Kevin was treating Brad with such tenderness--with his arm under Brad's neck, cradling him, as his hot, wet tongue explored Brad's mouth. Kevin's other hand groped and squeezed one of Brad's large, muscular pecs. Then the dam broke. Brad began crying like a little boy. Though Brad could certainly feel someone sucking his cock into their throat, with his sore and swollen eyes, the mystery person was out of Brad's field of vision. Brad didn't even realize Taylor was in the room! He thought Kevin had found him in the carriage house--the star quarterback was that mentally out-of-it. Brad cried, blubbering that they had to get out of there, while Kevin tried soothing the quarterback, trying to assure him he was safe ...inside his room at the PIKE house. Taylor pulled off the cock, climbed off the bed, and sat nude on the floor--out-of-sight, silently crying as he listened. It took quite a while and many tender kisses before Kevin could sooth, quiet, and subdue his prey. Kevin whispered softly and seductively many lies of affection in Brad's ear--many tender lies, before his thick tongue once again explored Brad's hot, wet mouth. When Kevin's tongue finally withdrew the second time, he slid the saliva-coated orifice across Brad's cheek to his ear, slowly lapping and probing, while whispering how hot Brad was. Brad moaned and whimpered, wrapping his muscular arms around Kevin. Drawing Kevin back to his mouth, they kissed again, while Brad ran fingers through Kevin's soft, thick hair. When he pulled out this time, Kevin slid his tongue down Brad's neck, across one of his big pecs, and onto its large, flat nipple. Kevin's mouth sealed over it, sucking and flicking it with his wet tongue, as both Brad's hands now gently ran their fingers through Kevin's hair. With both the large hands on his head, Kevin couldn't move his head too much, but his eyes scanned down the length of Brad's body as they locked target to Taylor's, who sat on the floor, watching Kevin from the end of the bed. With his free hand, Kevin pointed at Brad's cock and snapped his fingers, prompting Taylor to climb back on the bed and have at Brad's massive cock again.

Kevin spent quite a while, sucking and licking both Brad's nipples, driving Brad nuts, but Kevin was totally uninhibited and animalistic when it came to sex: he liked to go wild and get dirty. The previous year around 1 a.m., Kevin fucked a girl from a bar one night completely nude in the grass with a crowd of coeds watching; when a friend stripped and straddled her face, feeding her his cock, Kevin pulled out, walked around and shoved his big, cunt juice-covered cock down the friend's throat, completely turning the guy out. (Of course, Kevin never spoke to him again, and the dude transferred schools to start over with a clean slate.) Things others considered `gay', to Kevin, were just sexual acts animals did to each other, and to Kevin, humans were just like dogs when it came to sex. The only limit Kevin had was taking it in the ass. He drew the line there. So when Kevin slid his thick, wet tongue off one of Brad's nipples and into one of his armpits, it shouldn't surprise anyone. Brad's scent--just like the musky scent in Brad's pubes--did have a noticeable effect on Kevin. It was as though he hadn't eaten in a month: Kevin couldn't get enough of Brad--lapping the soft hair in Brad's armpit, sucking and moaning. It drove Brad nuts too--moaning and whispering how he'd longed for Kevin and how handsome he thought the boy.

When he finally withdrew from Brad's (now wet) pit, Kevin got up on his knees, pivoted, and straddled Brad's upper chest, leaving Brad to stare directly at Kevin's round, plump butt. Kevin knew he had a hot ass. He did squats every-fucking-day. Backing up, Kevin soon felt Brad's nose in his tight valley and his mouth on his virgin, pink, rosebud. Kevin moaned as he felt the tongue lapping and pressing on his flower, but he heard Brad deeply moaning as well. Brad's arms were trapped under Kevin's lower legs, so Kevin pulled his hard, round cheeks apart, allowing the thick, wet tongue deep inside his hot ass.

Looking down the bed, Kevin saw that Taylor, too, had managed to get Brad's whole fucking cock in his throat--tears, snot, and precum foamed around Taylor's lips. Kevin thumped him on the head, signaling Taylor to pull his throat off the donkey cock. When he'd done so, Kevin sneered, ordering Taylor to "Fuck him."

Taylor was confused, whispering, "You mean you want me to ride him or fuck him with my cock?"

Kevin rolled his eyes, replying hatefully, "Of course, ride him. The only thing you can fuck is pussy, and apparently you don't even do that very well."

It hurt Taylor's feelings hearing Kevin's hateful comments and being slapped around by the hot stud, but he hoped Kevin would ultimately forgive him for allowing Luke inside his hot cunt. "It's too big, though..." Taylor worried.

"Trust me, you were made for cock. Now fuck him," Kevin snapped.

The young-Tom Brady lookalike scooted forward, positioning his big, round jock-ass over his best friend's horse cock. Taylor puffed-out his amazing, buff chest, as he reached back, aligning the 13" cock with its gooey-white head to his sweet jock-pussy. Taylor didn't admit this to himself yet, but he was fast becoming a cock-whore--fucking dreaming about cocks, craving cum, sizing-up other dudes' packages... Yeah, Taylor wanted--no, needed--Brad's big ole cock pumping in-and-out of his hungry pussy. `If I were a girl', Taylor thought, `I'd let Brad fuck me all the time ...okay, yeah, Brad and definitely Kevin. I'd let them fuck me and carry their babies... yeah... okay, and Luke too... I'd be his `go-to' whore any day... yeah... and Matt too, definitely Matt... I'd let him fuck me in public...he's so fuckin' hot...' Yeah, Taylor was fast becoming a cock-whore.

Taylor strained, throwing his head back, grimacing, with his eyes clenched shut. The 6' 4" football jock held the giant cock near its head, while pushing out with his primo-pussy. It took three or four minutes and a lot of concentration, but coupled with his craving, the fat cockhead finally slipped its way inside Taylor's warm pussy. Taylor stared wide-eyed and gaping-mouthed at Kevin. "That's it... You did it, girl. I knew you could...", Kevin encouraged, smiling his phony, warm smile and dimples. He leaned forward, spreading and pushing his hard, round ass back on Brad's ravenous mouth. (Brad loved eating virgin pussy--guy or girl, it didn't matter--and Kevin's was especially fresh and smooth.) Kevin grabbed Taylor by the back of his head, pulling him in for a long, wet kiss. By pulling Taylor forward, Kevin knew Taylor's cunt would spread apart a little more, and so it did, taking 4" more of the mega-cock. Taylor panted into Kevin's mouth, saying he couldn't take any more of the cock. "Yeah, you can, baby... Do it for me... Take deep breaths, okay?"

Brad was feeling the love, coming more awake from his nightmare, and more back to his former self. He still didn't know who was fucking him, but whoever it was, that dude had one fantastic pussy--hot, warm, milking his shaft. He had Kevin's pussy in his mouth, and Brad couldn't get enough of it. Brad bucked his hips up a couple of times, leaving about 3" of his cock to go.

When Kevin licked his way down Taylor's neck, across his broad, flat pec, and onto his pale pink nipple, Taylor's eyes rolled in head, and thinking `fuck it', he dropped his big, round ass down onto Brad's groin. While Taylor was in pain, Brad's soft pubes against is round pussy felt so erotically perfect to him. With Kevin jacking his thick, 8" cock while sucking his little tit, Taylor waited, becoming more and more accustomed to the giant cock in his cunt. Slowly, as the pain diminished, Taylor began grinding and rotating on Brad's massive cock.

Forgetting himself--what with the incredible rim job he was getting--Kevin dropped down further, licking Taylor's blonde pubes. Leaning down freed Brad's arms, and after wetting his long, thick middle finger, Brad sunk it inside Kevin's pretty, pink pussy. His finger went right across Kevin's hard nut, slowly sawing back-and-forth over it. Kevin's eyes rolled in his head, as he pushed back on the big finger. Moaning like a whore, himself, Kevin licked down the length of Taylor's perfect cock, rolling his tongue around its gooey head. Lifting the cock, Kevin sunk the meat deep into his very talented throat--all the way until his nose came to rest in Taylor's thick, blonde pubes, breathing in Taylor's clean, fresh scent. In that moment--with the big finger fucking him across that thing inside his cunt--Kevin wanted nothing more than to whore himself on Taylor's meat ...and so he did. Kevin slid off the meat, then sunk back down, keeping rhythm with the finger in his cunt.

Taylor was super-charged--what with Brad's post rubbing his nut and Kevin's warm, wet throat spasming around, making love to his cock. Taylor's grinding and rotating pussy caused Brad's cock to push against that button inside him, and very soon, Taylor began slowly raising his hips a little at a time, then sliding his round ass back down to rotate in Brad's pubes, stirring his pussy.

Brad soon wet another, long finger, sliding it in next to the other. As he fucked the little, pink hole with his fingers, Brad occasionally stopped, spreading his fingers apart and stretching Kevin's sweet pussy ever so slightly. Taylor's hands rested in Kevin's straight, thick, black hair, reveling in its softness, its lushness. The running back picked up the pace--raising his ass higher on the 13" post, then quickly dropping down. Kevin rose right along with Taylor--his throat milking the young-Tom Brady lookalike. All Kevin could think about--with the two, big fingers fucking his virgin cunt--was needing Taylor's sweet cum in his belly. As his head bobbed on Taylor's cock, its shaft glistened white and glossy--with both Taylor's precum and Kevin's saliva and mucus. When Kevin felt Brad's tongue on his balls, his head began both twisting and bobbing on Taylor's fat cock. All Kevin could think about was Taylor's sweet fucking precum and his fresh scent. `Yeah, Tay's fucking cock smells so fucking good... I'll let him pee on me someday ...let him mark me... Have him shoot his thick, white cum all over my face, yeah... That'd be so cool...', Kevin thought.

Meanwhile, Taylor's brain was filled with lights, as he bounced up-and-down the huge cock, grinding and rotating on the downswing. He couldn't get enough of Brad's fucking cock, and he couldn't believe the fantastic suck-job Kevin was giving him.

Brad's eyes were rolling, what with Taylor's magnificent, hot cunt spasming and gripping his huge meat. Kevin was way hot, and Brad couldn't believe Kevin swung that way. On the other hand, Kevin was so wild--untamed. Brad pulled off Kevin's ball he'd washed in his mouth, pushed the super-stud's hips up, and pulled the god's cock into his mouth.

Taylor couldn't stop his orgasm. It came suddenly and completely, with his pussy milking the horse cock and his own cock shoot load-after-load into Kevin's crazed, hungry, sucking mouth. At the end, though, Kevin surprised him, pulling off his cock and letting the remaining shots hit his cheeks and across his forehead, into his hair. Kevin used Taylor's cockhead to spread his cum all over his face. He even dipped his head, running Taylor's wet cock through his soft, thick hair--the feeling of which caused Taylor's cock to pump a couple of thick, runny drops of remaining cum through Kevin's soft hair.

When Taylor started firing his loads, the wild, crazy spasming of his cunt around Brad's horse cock was too much for the quarterback. What was surely equivalent to a cup and a half of thick, white cum fired out Brad's massive cockhead, filling Taylor's pussy, trying to impregnate the cunt. The thick, white cream, of course, slid downward, with gravity and Taylor's bouncing, rotating butt. The resulting wetness was so great, it made Taylor's cunt almost feel like a real one ...but even better, Brad thought. Taylor kept the giant cock is his ass, rotating it around, stirring his guts: he was high off the feeling of Brad's huge cock in his cunt and the erotic feeling of Brad's soft, sopping wet pubes against his balls and man-cunt.

Kevin pulled Taylor's handsome face to his, kissing him long and deeply. Afterward, Kevin quietly ordered Taylor, "Now, lick it off, faggot... Lick it all off... I wanna feel your tongue all over my goddamned face--in my eyes, across my forehead... Lick the snot off under my nose, you goddamned faggot...", to which, a slightly disheartened Taylor complied. When Taylor finished, Kevin grabbed him by the throat, quietly giving him his last order, "Now, get your faggot pussy off that king-cock and suck his cum out of his pubes and off his balls. Do it! That's what faggots do."

`Brad has definitely sucked many cocks,' Kevin thought, feeling puffs of air from Brad's nose hitting his balls. `The fag can deep throat like a porn star!' As much as he hated to, Kevin pulled his big cock out of Brad's mouth, so he could turnaround and stare Brad in the eyes, while the quarterback sucked the cock of his new master. Kevin pivoted around, facing Brad. This time, Kevin put his knees under Brad's armpits, allowing the injured jock the use of his hands--one of which was now groping and cupping Kevin's perfectly round glutes; the other, had grabbed Kevin's big cock, pulling it into his mouth. `Oh yeah... I got me a hot fag to push around for the next three months', Kevin mused. Pulling his cock away from Brad, Kevin stretched up on his knees, towering above Brad's face. "Look at me, Brad. I'm one hot motherfucker, aren't I?" Brad didn't know where this was going, but Kevin was, for sure, one a hot motherfucker, so Brad nodded, answering a `yes'. Kevin left the hand feeling his round ass, as it felt pretty good; but he grabbed Brad's other hand, pulling it up and rubbing around his hot six-pack. "The chicks can't get enough of me, Bradley ...and neither can the boys. I'll bet I could go downstairs, pick any bro out, take him back to my room, and by morning, he'd have sucked me off at least a couple of times." Now, Kevin rubbed his big cockhead around on Brad's handsome but bruised-up face. Brad's mouth was open, with his tongue trying to catch the stud's cock. When Brad tried to grab the cock again, Kevin quietly admonished the football star, "Not just yet, Bradley. I know you're hungry for my cock, and I'm going to give you what you want, but first, let's have a little chaw. What d' ya say? Feel my fucking stud body while I talk, `cause I'm your savior..." Brad's hand rubbed Kevin's muscular body, all the time breathing in Kevin's musk. "I don't know what happened to you last night ...and probably into today, considering the damage ...but I do know you've been fucked like a Power Bottom." Brad's eyes widen as much as they could. "Yeah... I see the hospital has got your pussy bandaged up, which, of course, they wouldn't if nothing was wrong down there. I suppose you could've had some hemorrhoids they took care of, while they were taking care of your broken rib ...but not likely." Kevin climbed off the bed, leaving Brad laying there, stunned. Sitting nude on Brad's sofa with his mouth open in shock, Taylor thought, `How the fuck does Kevin always know things before anyone else?? Dude's always one step ahead...'

"Hey fag, shut your flytrap and get over here", Kevin ordered Taylor. Kevin dug his cell out of his pants on the floor. "Hold his legs up the air, stupid!" If his rib weren't in such pain, when he moved, Brad would've jumped out of bed and slugged Kevin, but as it were, Brad couldn't move much. Taylor sure didn't like Kevin talking to him like that, but the dude was so fucking hot. Taylor raised both Brad's legs, causing Brad to yell in pain. Looking down, Taylor saw the bandage and packing, and his mouth dropped open in horror. Kevin snapped a couple of pics on his phone, then he walked over, knelt down fingering the tape, and suddenly yanked the tape off--not all the way, just enough to pull half of the bandage off. Brad screamed with the yanking of the bandage, but Taylor was too stunned to do anything. Pulling the bloody gauze away, the raping was out in the open now. The corners of Taylor's mouth kept pulling down, while at the same time, his eyelids tried batting the tears away. Kevin, though, wasn't grieved or grossed-out. Brad's taint had some stitches leading to his bloodied anus. Kevin snapped more pics. He stepped back to get a pic of the whole scene, including Brad's face, but Taylor gently lowered Brad's legs down the bed. "Get his goddamned legs hiked-up again, you low-life faggot!" Kevin yelled at Taylor.

"Nope. You're not doing this, Kevin," Taylor said flatly.

Kevin laughed and flipped around on his phone. He walked up to Brad, showing him the video of Taylor sucking his cock and the subsequent facial. "Of course, he's the one who just climbed off your cock, Brad, but that's not all... Luke's fucked him stupid too. Yeah, that's right. I've fucked that big, fat ass of his and so has Luke." Taylor made a fruitless rush for Kevin's phone, causing more laughter from the godlike stud. "Do you seriously think this is the only place I've stored it?? Seriously?? Taylor, you're extraordinarily handsome, looking like a much younger Tom Brady, but football has surely knocked your brains out. Now, here's what's gonna happen, you're gonna raise his legs up, so I can take a family picture... OR I can walk downstairs and pull your facial video up on the big screen with the Apple TV. Of course, if I do that, you'll likely have ...what? 140-something bros up here banging BOTH of you. Word, naturally, will spread fast, and good luck finding a real job somewhere!"

As Kevin laughed, Brad had come to know `payback's a bitch', and he'd certainly had his share of payback the past 24 hours. Big jock Taylor started crying like a boy--his hands covering his face, as Brad stated flatly, "Taylor, get a grip and raise my legs up. It's all cool." In the pic, Brad's face looked grim, while Taylor's had tears running down his face--his eyes bloodshot and his nose red. Of course, both were completely nude, save for Brad's bandages. Kevin backed up his iPhone to iCloud, put his phone away, and returned to Brad's pussy, carefully putting the bandage back as the hospital had done.

"Now, over the past couple of years, both of you have been assholes to me ...and to Fag Jon. You may think I'm an asshole now, but I just want us to have fun--fuck buddies, yeah? That's all I want. Everyone drop all his pretenses and do what feels natural." Smiling brightly, flashing his dimples, the handsome stud added, "And look... you've got my bod to play with!" Kevin pulled the loveseat next to the bed and asked Taylor to come over. When Taylor came over, Kevin grabbed the back of his head and began kissing him passionately. He licked the runny snot under Taylor's nose and licked his eyes. "You taste so fuckin' great, Tay" Kevin mumbled, covering Taylor's mouth again, as his hands slid down Taylor's smooth back, each grabbing one of his huge, hard glutes. Kevin felt Taylor's resistance melt away, as Taylor's hands began roaming Kevin's back. Pulling away, Kevin nicely asked Taylor to get up on the loveseat, showing his incredible pussy to Brad. Taylor didn't understand, but considering the circumstances, he wasn't in much of a position to ask questions. On his hands and knees on the sofa, with his long legs hanging over the armrest, Kevin spoke nicely--almost tenderly--to Taylor, "No, bud, not that way. Put your face flat on the cushion and stick that beautiful pussy out." Taylor blushed from embarrassment, but, of course, did as he was asked. Brad's eyes were already focused on his buddy's awesome ass--his cock hardening rapidly. Facing Brad, Kevin pulled the globes apart, revealing Taylor's now puffy and slightly open pussy. "Look at it, Brad. Your fuckin' cock just ploughed Taylor's ass, and what's more, he fuckin' craved your cock inside him! He took your huge cock inside this tiny hole, Brad. What does that tell you?" Brad wasn't listening though: his eyes were transfixed on Taylor's incredible ass. "It tells you he loves you. He loves you and wants your cum inside him. Look! See that?? He's still weeping your cum!" Another dollop of white cum had slid down to the opening. With Taylor still perched on the loveseat, Kevin swiveled it around, so it was perpendicular to the bed, with Taylor's head nearest the bed. "And Brad, I fuckin' love you too, whether you believe it or not."

With Kevin pulled the globes apart and dropped his mouth to the Taylor's pussy, licking, sucking, and eating Brad's cum still inside. Taylor moaned loudly, not believing Kevin, of all people, would eat his recently fucked ass. Taylor's cock lengthened and hardened, as Kevin moaned and sucked his pussy. Peering over one of Taylor's globes at a drooling Brad, Kevin huskily told him, "See, Brad? I fuckin' love Taylor. I love his cunt, I love his cum, I love his face, and I fuckin' love the taste of your cum inside his pussy. What's not to love about this stud? ...And stop beating your meat, Brad." Kevin returned to Taylor's pussy, reaching around his thighs and pulling on Taylor's hard cock. After a few minutes, Kevin pulled Taylor backward, so he was bent over the armrest, his legs on the floor. "Yeah... you want my big cock, Tay-Tay??"

Taylor moaned, "Oh fuck ya, fuck my cunt, Kev..."

"I told you to stop beating your meat, Brad! You think I'm blind??" With that, Kevin lined his long, thick cock up to Taylor's needy pussy, slowly sinking his meat all the way in, until his soft, black pubes pressed tightly against Taylor's beautiful, round ass. Kevin threw his head back, letting out a long, deep sigh.

Taylor let out a long, deep moaned, as Kevin's cock sank into him. "Oh fuck, Kev... I fuckin' love your cock..." Kevin rotated his own perfect ass, stirring his cock around inside Taylor's hot cunt, causing whimpers, sighs, and more obscenities of encouragement from Taylor. Kevin put on quite a show for Brad, fucking Taylor stupid ...seducing Brad with his own round butt bouncing as it slammed into the pussy, leaving Taylor moaning and whining like a total whore ...pulling his big cock all the way out, glistening with Brad's cum and Taylor's ass juices, then ramming it back inside, bouncing his butt, rotating it seductively.

Brad was in a trance, staring at the two perfectly round butts and Kevin's cock as it slid in-and-out of Taylor's hot cunt ...listening to Taylor's whines of "Fuck m-e-e-e.... Fuck my cunt, Kev..."

Kevin taunted Taylor, "Is that right? Are you a girl, Taylor?" When Taylor came back with an emphatic `yes', Kevin came back with, "Yeah? Whose girl are you, babe?"

"Yours, Kevin... only yours..." Taylor moaned, beside himself with Kevin's incredible fucking skills.

"You gonna let Luke up in here without my permission, girl??" Kevin taunted.

"Ah fuck no... no way, I promise..." Taylor whined.

"How did you ever make it this long without getting fucked, Taylor? I took his cherry, Brad... blood all over the end of my cock from his hymen... Why'd you cheat on me with Luke, huh??" Kevin continued taunting.

"Because I listened to you fucking Tess all night, and Luke caught me crying over you..." Taylor revealed.

Kevin pulled his big cock out of the sucking pussy, pulled Taylor up, diving his long tongue inside the running back's mouth--one hand wrapped around the small of Taylor's back, the other cupping the back of his head. He slid his tongue out of Taylor's mouth and across his face to his ear, where he whispered, "She meant nothing to me... nothing at all..." Kevin paused, before whispering, "Now, sit on the sofa and watch me, like a good girl..."

Kevin climbed back on the bed, straddling Brad's huge, erect cock. Stretching up, showing off his hot body, with his shaggy black hair matted to his forehead and cheeks from sweat, Kevin worked his magic on Brad. "Look at me, Brad..." Brad's mouth was wet and hungry, as he licked his lips. "Have you ever seen anyone as fuckin' hot as me??" Brad croaked out a `no'. Kevin threw his head back, sighing, as he ran a hand across one of his pecs, reaching back to grab Brad's giant, wet cock, running his hand up-and-down its impressive girth. With his head still back, looking up and the ceiling, Kevin huskily taunted, "That's some cock you have, Brad..." Brad gulped, praying his cock wouldn't start shooting ...yet. Kevin's other hand grabbed his own big, wet cock, slapping it against Brad's abs. With his other hand stroking Brad's huge cock, Kevin lined its huge, goo-covered head to his beautiful, pink rosebud and pressed back on it, covering the surface of his tight hole with Brad's cream. Holding the huge cock still, Kevin rode his tight crack up-and-down over the cockhead, moaning and sighing himself like a fucking whore. In fact, Kevin's eyes were rolling in his head with the feel of Brad's big cock riding his tight crack. Dropping his head forward again, a big string of drool fell out Kevin's mouth. Hypnotized by Kevin, Brad watched the big string as it landed first on Kevin's pec, just shy of his small, pale pink nipple, down across his six-pack, disappearing in his dense, black pubes. Kevin leaned back again, pressing the fat, wet cockhead against his virgin hole, letting the two kiss. Kevin even pushed out with his anus, just to suck some of Brad's cum into his hole. "Oh fuck, yeah, dude... what a fucking cock you've got..."

As Kevin's shallow, panting breathing returned to normal and he came out of his momentary fog, he moved forward, until his knees were just under Brad's armpits. Looking down at Brad, Kevin sneered, "Maybe sometime... Now suck it..." Brad opened his hungry mouth, swallowing Kevin's cockhead, while his big hands each grabbed one of Kevin's hot, round butt cheeks, groping them, squeezing them ...even reaching down and coating a middle finger with his own slimy precum, before pressing inside Kevin's very tight, hot, virgin pussy. With Brad's long, thick finger fucking over-and-over across Kevin's hard nut inside, while Brad's other big hand groped and squeezed his plump buttock, Kevin became lost in the fog again, moaning and whimper, his head rolling around on his neck. Brad swore to himself, one day, after he healed, he would own Kevin and his hot ass; this bitch was ripe for the taking. In the meantime, Kevin's scent acted as a phenomenal aphrodisiac to Brad, driving him crazy. This star quarterback--destined for the NFL--who'd never dreamed of having a dude's cock in his mouth a month ago--could not get enough of hot Kevin and his cock! `How could any dude's cock taste so goddamned sweet?' Brad wondered, pushing Kevin's butt closer to his mouth, taking more of this god's cock down his throat. `If I could ever tame him... yeah, I'd definitely marry this motherfucker... It should be illegal being so goddamned hot...' Brad thought, deeply regretting not having moved on Kevin a long time ago. Brad pulled his finger from the hot, sucking pussy and dropped his hand down to the puddle of precum in his pubes, coating two in the thick mixture of goo and stray pubes, pressing them both inside Kevin's tight, little hole, eliciting whines and whimpers from macho Kevin. It wasn't long, though, that it was less Brad fucking Kevin than it was Kevin bouncing his round, hard butt up-and-down on Brad's long, thick fingers, wedged inside his tight, virgin pussy--leaving Kevin whimpering and moaning. Macho Brad now had all of Kevin's thick, 9" cock shoved down his tight throat, and seriously... with his nose buried in Kevin's dark forest of pubes, breathing Kevin's fragrance... if Brad died that moment, it would be the happiest fucking day of his life--Brad was THAT high on the Kevin! With Brad's throat spasming around his big cock...with Brad's tongue rubbing the underside of his shaft... and with the two, long fingers covered in Brad's sperm and pubes fucking his ass... Kevin's whimpering and panting signaled he'd reached the point of no return. His thick, white sperm shot inside Brad's milking gullet. Kevin pulled back, filling Brad's mouth to overflowing. Brad couldn't swallow Kevin's sweet fucking cum fast enough (though he certainly tried). Big globs of white cum covered Brad's lips and rolled down the sides of his face to the pillow. Pulling is sensitive cock from Brad's very reluctant, sucking mouth, Kevin slapped his thick cock against Brad's beautiful (though bruised) face--Brad's long tongue chasing after it futilely.

Panting and sweating, Kevin turned himself around and crawled down Brad's body until his head was down licking Brad's feet and his ass was hiked-up over Brad's mammoth cock. "Faggot! Get over here!" Kevin ordered Taylor. "Stick his fucking mule cock into my crack and jack him off `till comes..." Kevin reached back pulling his tight, round cheeks apart, while licking and kissing Brad's ankle. Taylor slapped the giant cock against Kevin's spread butt cheeks--his little hole spread open, revealing the pink lining inside. "Fuckin' make him cum on my hole... I wanna feel his cum drip inside me..."

"And you're not gay?" Taylor uttered, speaking up for the first time.

"Fuck no, I'm not a goddamned faggot like you two queers! Now, shut up and jack the motherfucker off!" Kevin snapped. With Kevin's back to them, Taylor rolled his eyes and shook his head, while Brad flipped Kevin the bird. Nevertheless, Taylor was more than happy to handle Brad's cock, and Brad was anxious to cum and see what Kevin did next.

"Hike your ass up more," Taylor told Kevin. "Yeah, spread your knees apart, and stretch your hole open a little more.... Yeah, like that..." Taylor put Brad's cockhead right on Kevin's stretched open hole and began jacking the quarterback and playing with his huge nuts.

Brad's eyes rolled in his head watching the vision in front of him. `Yeah... One day, Kev... One day, I'm gonna fuck your hot cunt and own you... Hot, motherfuckin', sonofabitch...' Brad promised himself. `Shoulda taken you down last year, nasty fuckin' whore... And Tay... my best friend... I coulda been fuckin' him the past four years! sonofabitch... Who'da guessed?? He's probably been queer for me all along!' Brad's eyes were full: not only did he have Kevin's hot, fucking ass on display, but he also had Taylor's hard, round ass to watch--with the dude standing right there jacking his cock.

Taylor pressed the massive cockhead hard against Kevin's stretched hole. With Brad's cockhead being 3" across, there was no way Taylor could shove the meat inside the small hole, but--between Kevin's backing onto the cock and the slippery goo oozing from over Brad's cockhead, Taylor did have the cock's eye and probably 1.25" diameter area across the eye shoved nearly an inch inside Kevin's tiny anus. Brad felt Kevin's anal ring gently kissing that circumference around the eye of his cock, and his big ole cock fired the first of many thick globs of semen inside Kevin's pink, virgin pussy. Amazingly, Kevin pushed back more ...getting close to 1.75" of that small circumference around the eye of Brad's cock inside his hole. Taylor was hypnotized, watching Kevin's pink pussy lips glued around that small part of Brad's mammoth cock, sucking his cum inside.

All three were pretty exhausted after that, especially poor Brad. Kevin found Brad's meds, including the pain-killers, and helped lean Brad up to swallow them. Kevin climbed back in the center of the bed and flopped his head down on the pillow next to Brad's, pulling Taylor in next to him. With the added help of the pain-killers, Brad was soon deep asleep, snoring loudly, and after kissing for some time, Kevin rolled over on his stomach, drifting off. Taylor was having trouble drifting off, however; he laid next to the dude who he had a terrible crush on, Kevin ...though who wouldn't? Taylor eventually rolled over on his side, facing Kevin, but Kevin's face was sideways on the pillow, pointed in Brad's direction. Taylor reached over, gently combing Kevin's thick, straight hair, longing to run his nose through it. His hand drifted down, admiring Kevin's broad muscular shoulders. Sliding further down, the back dipped, then curved up. Taylor's breath was becoming shallow, feeling Kevin's hard, round globes. Kevin's legs lay straight, so when Taylor tried dipping his middle finger between the globes, they were pressed too tightly together. He wanted just another look ...and smell, so Taylor went under the covers ...just to get another look ...another feel. `Oh fuck! What a goddamned work of art!' Taylor thought. He scooted down a little bit, running his hands over the hard globes, breathing in Kevin's intoxicating, fresh scent, and Taylor's nostrils flared, in-heat. Then, Kevin moved in his sleep, hiking his knee up, spreading his buttocks. Taylor knew he probably shouldn't, but he couldn't control himself, running his long middle finger through Kevin's trench, stopping at Kevin's anus, rubbing circles around the divine opening. Taylor pulled his head out from under the covers to make sure Kevin was still asleep, and he seemed to be--still gently snoring. Kevin's hair drew him, like a moth to light. Taylor couldn't have told you what came over him, but he leaned in to run his nose through it and ended up crawling on top of the stud. With Kevin's knee still raised, Taylor found both of his legs between Kevin's. It was so fucking erotic for Taylor. `Who wants a soft girl, when you can have hard muscles?' he puzzled. Taylor rested on his elbows--his forearms under Kevin's armpits, with his nose running through the soft, thick hair. Taylor's long legs and thick thighs lay between Kevin's long legs and muscular thighs. The feeling of the hair on Kevin's legs rubbing against his own hairy legs was incredibly erotic for Taylor. He began gently running his thick, 8" cock up-and-down Kevin's narrow valley. Every once in a while, Taylor dragged his cock too low, and it ended-up bumping into Kevin's ball sack or sticking on Kevin's rosebud. Kevin still seemed to be asleep, and Taylor was getting more carried away. `It's not my fault! He's the one with the scent... It's he who's driving people crazy...' Taylor a haze. Finally, with Kevin still lightly snoring, Taylor thought, `Well, if he let me put Brad ...well, sort of...inside, he surely wouldn't care if I put the same tiny bit in...' Taylor pressed and some of Brad's cum painted the end of his cock. That felt fucking fantastic, to Taylor!! Rapidly losing control of his senses, Taylor pressed again and again--now holding Kevin still with his hands under Kevin's pits. Still Kevin continued his light snoring. Then, it happened: with Brad's cum covering his cockhead, about 3" of Taylor's cock sunk inside Kevin's warm flower. Kevin's snoring stopped, and Taylor felt him very briefly shudder: but still, no acknowledgement from Kevin that he was awake. Taylor held still--afraid he would start firing; the warm wetness of the spasming, milking anal walls was almost too much for the jock. He heard Kevin's light snoring again, so Taylor pushed again, sinking about 3" more inches into the warm, wet, milking canal. Taylor was losing it now--kissing and licking Kevin's smooth, broad shoulders ...and then Taylor felt it: still softly snoring, Kevin v-e-r-y slowly--almost imperceptibly--raised his other knee. `The fucker can't be asleep. He wants this as bad as I do', Taylor realized, `He just doesn't want to believe he's gay.' Taylor was so much in love with Kevin, he decided to let Kevin keep his pride. This would be their secret--not only to the others but to each other. With Kevin's other leg raised too, his sweet pussy was wide open for business, and Taylor sank the last 2" of his cock into his own, private, Grade A pussy ... and man, did this pussy feel fine!!! Taylor ground his blonde pubes into Kevin's smooth, pale butt, digging his cock in deep. Kevin's fake snoring was erratic, interrupted by quiet grunts and the occasional mewling that slipped out his clenched teeth. They were so imperceptible Taylor caught a very few of them--granted, Taylor was also lost, making love to Kevin's neck or the back of his head or any other number of places. Taylor began dragging his cock back-and-forth over Kevin's hard nut. Kevin still tried pretended he was asleep, but that's when Taylor noticed Kevin's fists, clenching the bedding. After about five minutes of slow-fucking, Taylor realized Kevin had arched his back, hiking his ass up. He also began hearing slightly louder whimpering and moaning, and that's when Taylor decided, `I'll play your game, but I'm gonna throw you a hell of good first-fuck!' Taylor raised his big, round ass up, then slammed down into Kevin's beautiful cunt. His pubes pressed tightly against Kevin's butt, Taylor began rotating his big butt around in circles. Over-and-over again, Taylor fucked Kevin's new cunt. With Kevin's ass hiked-up a bit, Taylor reached under to discover Kevin's 9" cunt-buster was just as hard as his, weeping Kevin's goo. Taylor reached his hands under Kevin's hard, flat pecs, groping them, while he sucked on Kevin's neck. With the fucking now fast and furious, Kevin arched his back even more, hiking his ass up higher, and it sure seemed to Taylor that Kevin was actively making his cunt grab and pull on his cock. Kevin was most certainly backing up, trying to keep or get more of Taylor's thick cock. Kevin had his mouth in the pillow, but Taylor could still here Kevin's moaning. (Kevin must've thought Taylor wouldn't be able to hear this.) Taylor shuddered and began bucking against this golden cunt, dropping load-after-load of his Tom Brady sperm into this finest of pussies. With sweat pouring from both boys, Taylor laid on top of Kevin and once again heard Kevin faking sleep by soft snoring, but Taylor nuzzled into his ear, licking and whispering, "Yeah, babe... you and I are gonna make beautiful babies together..." Unbeknownst to Taylor, Kevin lay, faking sleep, in his own soppy, cummy mess.


End -- Chapter 16