The following story is fictional. As such, it is not based on any real events or people. All characters are over eighteen, and you must be over eighteen to read it. My stories contain graphic sexual content and offensive language. In real life, be respectful of others and never engage in anything even vaguely non-consensual. Use protection.


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Bradley von Acht

Caucasian; Age 22; Straight, brown hair; Blue eyes; 6' 4"; 200 lbs.

University Senior; President -- Pi Kappa Epsilon (PIKE); QB -- University Football team

Jon Swenson

Caucasian; Age 19; Neck-length, straight, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 5' 10"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Treasurer -- PIKE Social Cmte; High School Football QB & Baseball

Kevin Striklin

Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, medium length, black hair -- shaggy bangs; Blue eyes; 6' 2"; 170 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- PIKE; High School Football & Wrestling


Caucasian; Age 21; Straight, dark, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 6' 2"; 185 lbs; Striking resemblance -- young Tom Brady

University Senior; Vice President -- PIKE; RB -- University Football team


Caucasian; Age 21; Curly blonde hair; 6' 2"; Blue eyes; 175 lbs.

University Senior; Member -- PIKE; Rower -- University team


African American; Age 20; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 4"; 200 lbs.

University Junior; Boarding School Football & Baseball


Caucasian; Age 20; Short, white-blonde hair; Blue eyes; 6' 1"; 170 lbs.

University Junior; Secretary -- PIKE; Wrestler -- University team


Caucasian; Age 21; Straight, brown hair; 6' 2"; Brown eyes; 170lbs.

University Senior; Treasurer -- PIKE; Football (Sidelined) University team


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, light auburn hair; Blue eyes; 6' 0"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE); High School Football & Baseball

Dylan d'Abaco

Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, black hair -- shaggy bangs; Dark brown eyes; 6' 0"; 170 lbs.; Olive completion (Italian)

University Sophomore; Member -- TKE; Rugby -- University team


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, dark blonde hair; Light gray-green eyes; 6' 1"; 175 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- TKE; Rugby -- University team; Boarding School Rugby


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, brown hair; Brown eyes; 5' 11"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- PIKE; High School Football & Basketball


Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, dark auburn hair; Brown eyes; 6' 0"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- PIKE; High School Football & Basketball


Caucasian; Age 20; Neck-length, straight brown hair; Hazel eyes; 6' 2"; 175 lbs.

High School Football (RB) & Baseball


Caucasian; Age 20; Straight, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 6' 1"; 170 lbs.

High School Football & Baseball


Biracial (Black/White); Age 22; Wide mohawk w/ long, tight, bouncy curls; Brown eyes; 6' 3"; 225 lbs.

University Senior; Vice President -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas); TE -- University Football team


African American; Age 21; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 5"; 210 lbs.

University Senior; President -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas)


African American; Age 20; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 3"; 190 lbs.

University Junior; Active -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas)


African American; Age 20; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 6"; 215 lbs.

University Junior; Active -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas)

Jonah Erickson

Caucasian; Age 18; Curly, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 5' 11"; 155 lbs.

University Freshman; High School Basketball & Baseball







Chapter 20


"Open this goddamned door, faggot!! I know you're in there!!" Kevin was mad, screaming at and pounding on Jon's door. "Open the fucking door, faggot!! NOW!!"

"What's going on up there??" came a frail voice at the bottom of the staircase. Kevin had been banging on and yelling at Jon's door on-and-off for around five minutes, and he'd managed to alarm the elderly lady, Mrs. Helms, who owned the boarding house and lived downstairs. From her vantage point, Mrs. Helms couldn't see the rooms upstairs without actually climbing up the staircase. Her back had been bothering of late, so she wouldn't climb them unless necessary. The language and hysterics very much upset her, to the point she came out of her apartments to see what on earth was going on. Kevin quieted himself and kept absolutely silent. "Whatever's going on up there better stop or I'll call the police," the frail, old lady warned. As she got no response and everything was quiet again, Mrs. Helms shuffled back inside her apartments, hoping she didn't have to call the police.

When Mrs. Helms gave the police warning, the door down the hall very quietly opened, and a very handsome, blonde-headed guy stepped out, nodding for Kevin to come to him. Kevin recognized the face but couldn't quite place the name. As he very quietly walked down the hall toward the dude, he finally placed the face. Of course, it was Chase, from... Kevin couldn't remember which frat. He'd played against Chase on an intramural, Greek softball team. Chase had his finger perpendicular to his lips, signaling Kevin to keep still.

Chase had been busy prepping Ryan for another terrifying night of rough sex, when he heard all the commotion out in the hall. When Chase first stuck his head out to see who was going crazy on Jon the faggot's door, he recognized the handsome stud right away as being a PIKE--their rival frat. Chase had seen him around at the Greek mixers as well, where they'd chatted each other up. In fact, during those encounters, Chase had thrown boners, fantasizing about what he might do with the handsome, macho stud if he ever had a chance--though he never thought he would ...until now. The fact Kevin had been banging on Jon's door, calling him a faggot, pretty much guaranteed Kevin knew the truth about Jon and had probably fucked him, just like Dylan had.

Chase wasn't alone in the room with Ryan, though. The previous week, on his way out from having terrified Ryan, Chase ran smack into Colin--his old friend and mentor at the all-boys boarding school they'd attended together, where Colin (then 16) had groomed Chase (then 15) the art of turning out their fellow classmates. Now, of course, their friendship hadn't started out well, but when Colin attempted to dominate Chase, he'd met his match--in terms of strength. Chase held his own, and Colin failed with this White boy. Colin decided to play nice with Chase and helped him learn how to take weaker boys down and teach these new bitches how to suck cock. It had been a very rewarding friendship--that is, until Chase was expelled in September of his Senior year.

When the Colin and Chase met in the hall that night, it was like no time had passed between them. In fact, they immediately went for drinks at the Lookout, where, of course, Chase explained the reason for his being at the boarding house in the first place. The following weekend, using two chin-up bars and a couple of springs, Colin helped Chase put up a pretty high-quality, portable sling in the walk-in closet of Ryan's room ... which was where the unfortunate auburn-haired beauty was located that night.

Chase ushered Kevin inside, quietly closing the door behind them. From his vantage point, Kevin couldn't see Ryan...yet. "Hey dude! I know you, right? We played softball last spring! You're a Chi Gamma Ep[silon], right??" Kevin tried remembering Chase's frat and, by not remembering correctly, only added an insult to the blonde stud.

"No, bro, I'm a TKE. I'm Chase," the blonde stud corrected.

"OH SURE! Now I remember, dude! And you're on the rowing team, right??" Kevin queried, once again not remembering Chase's information correctly.

"Um, no, dude ... not rowing, rugby." Chase, who'd momentarily lost his charismatic smile, regained it--however false it may have been. "Dude, I got a pretty good idea why you're here to see Jon ...our resident cocksucker." Groping his huge, 11" cock beneath his tight, Nike, running sweats, Chase winked at Kevin, whose eyes dropped to watch Chase's hand. For a brief moment, Kevin forgot himself, licking his lips before shaking himself alert again.

"Oh ... yeah ... right ..." Kevin was clearly distracted by the incredibly long, thick cock under the tight sweats. "Yeah, Jonny-boy ... So he's suckin' that too?? Dude's a pro, man! I was just comin' back for more, you know." Kevin winked at Chase, once again dropping his eyes and licking his lips. "So you live here too, dude?"

"Nah, I've got my own bitch now. She's around the corner in a sling. Thought being you knew Jon-Jon, you might be interested in my bitch ...I mean, considering Jon's not answering his door.

"So, wait... you're using two cunts here--Jon and whoever?" Kevin was a little pissed, wanting to determine exactly how many guys were using Jon now.

"Oh no, dude! Jon's got a legit boyfriend now. See my friend, Dylan, here?" Dylan was sitting on the bed, drinking something. "Dude punched him out and told him to stay away!" Chase laughed--at Dylan's expense, humiliating him in front of Kevin. "Yeah, some big wrestling jock..."

Kevin's stomach dropped. "Do you know the name of this guy?"

"No, dude. I've personally nodded at him a couple of times in the hall. He stays here a lot--I know that much, `cause he showers here of a morning frequently. A blonde dude. Looks like he came right out of a haymow or something." Chase laughed. "I suppose he's about my height. Why? You think you know him?"

Kevin heart sank. He'd really hoped to bitch Matt out, but if this was true, then it looked like Matt was gay--but not for him. Although it didn't happen very often, Kevin hated rejection. A cloud covered his exquisitely handsome face, and he found himself unable to smile.

"Dude, cheer up! I've got some great cunt here!! You're gonna love this dude, bro! Come on in. I'll fix you a drink. Dylan, Kevin. Kevin, Dylan." Colin stepped out of the closet, smiling, with his hand extended. "Kevin, Colin. Colin, Kevin. The Grade AA pussy in there with a ball in his mouth is Ryan. Grade AA pussy, I'm telling you. Oh sure, he's a bit...`reluctant', but he'll come around eventually. Tonight's his first night in the sling and with these guys, so he's a little...shy." Chase winked at Kevin. "You guys talk while I fix our new bud a drink."

Kevin peered over toward the closet and found the dude pretty fucking hot...even with the ball-gag. They'd put a black lace bra on Ryan, stuffed with paper towels, and a pair of black lace panties. What Kevin couldn't see was the white, 2" diameter dildo in his butt, trying--in spite of the odds--to stretch his naturally tight boy-cunt. While the handsome dude in the sling was hot, this was totally not Kevin's thing. He was distracted, however, by his thoughts about Jon and Matt. `How did that happen?? Why didn't Matt fall under my spell, like everyone else?' Now, he remembered that night in the library, when Jon begging him to stay away from his room--that he had someone special now. He'd featured some limp-wristed loser--someone far below his status, someone far less masculine and handsome as himself. Matt was the last person Kevin had expected that `someone special' to be. Kevin couldn't comprehend how he'd lost both guys--to each other, no less--and probably for the first time in his 19 years, he was actually legitimately sad and depressed.

Kevin sat down on the bed next to this Dylan-dude, as the guy seemed zoned-out and non-conversive; and the last thing Kevin felt like, at the moment, was chatting. He suddenly realized, however, that the Black dude was standing over him, saying something to him. Blankly, Kevin looked up, dully asking, "Um... What, dude? Sorry?"

"I asked if Jon had been your boyfriend. You sounded pretty crazy out in the hall, and you look pretty down right now." Seeing the furrow in Kevin's brow, Colin added, "Don't get me wrong. I think it's cool--this openly gay stuff now--and if Jon had tits, I've gotta say I'd be all about tapping that bitch." Colin laughed, intentionally trying to get under Kevin's skin by insinuating he thought Kevin was gay ...and it worked.

Thinking he'd just been perceived to be gay, Kevin spit out, "Dude! I'm no fuckin' faggot, okay?! He sucks my cock. That's it."

Colin smiled, "It's cool... It's cool... Whatever, I say. You know? Each to his own, right? I don't care what you get up to down the hall."

It still didn't sound to Kevin like the guy believed he wasn't gay, which pissed him off, but the dude was built! He looked as big as Brad...and maybe even more muscled in the pecs and biceps, so Kevin let it drop. Kevin had suspected Brad was a closet case and, given the right circumstances, could be had, but this Colin-dude didn't look like someone he'd ought to pick a fight with. Chase handed him a drink, which looked pretty good now in his sadness; it would help take his mind of the Jon-and-Matt story going on in his head.

Just then, Dylan dropped his glass and acted like he was going to fall over on the bed. Fortunately, all that was left in the glass was ice. "Dude is such a fuckin' lightweight, you know? It pisses me off that he drinks so much," Chase explained. "Will you stand up, so I can lay him down?" Chase asked Kevin.

Kevin stood, while Colin and Chase cleaned up the mess and laid Dylan on his stomach. "Dude sleeps on his stomach. I'm his roommate at TKE, see?" `The kid is definitely hot', Kevin thought `...and he sure has a nice ass under those jeans!' The strange thing were Dylan's eyes, which they were wide open--not what you'd expect.

"Why're his eyes open?" Kevin asked.

"Yeah, I know--freaky, right?? He goes to sleep like that a lot! At first, it really freaked me out, but I've gotten used to it now," Chase explained. "Jesus Christ!!! Are you finished with your drink already?? You don't have a drinking problem like Dylan, do you??"

"Fuck, no!" Kevin retorted, just a little pissed at the suggestion he might be an alcoholic.

"You sure??" Chase questioned, trying to put Kevin on the defensive.

"I said, `fuck, no!'" Kevin's hothead getting the better of him.

"Okay, okay... Chill, dude. I'll make you another one. You look like you could use it." Chase smiled his well-honed, panty-removing smile he used with sorority girls, replete with dimples.

Chase made Kevin another drink, while Kevin sat in Ryan's armchair. "Why do you have the bitch in girls' underwear? That seems kind of weird," Kevin asked Colin.

"Do you want to see her cock, bro? That seems kind of weird to me ...but if that's your thing, I mean, it's okay. It's just not my thing." Colin stood by the bed, smirking ...rubbing Dylan's perfect, round butt.

"It's NOT my thing either, dude! Back-off with the innuendos, okay? I just don't care for women's panties either! You could've just put a pair of men's underwear on him and cut a fucking hole, okay?" This Black dude was really pissing Kevin off, so when Chase handed him a second drink, he began gulping it down, trying to `cool his jets'.

"This bitch is a rugby player too, you know?" Colin began. "Nice, hard ass on him too..." He let it hang in the air, groping his 14" cock.

Kevin looked at Dylan's jeans-covered butt and the Black hand rubbing across its perfect mounds, but what really caught his eye was Colin's other hand, groping his huge, fucking cock beneath his jeans. The giant cock seemed to stretch two-thirds' the way to Colin's knee. Kevin wanted to move his head, but he couldn't seem to do so.

"Well," Chase announced, "I'm done with my drink, so I'm going to start the party with Baby Doll Ryan, while you two nurse your drinks!" Chase laughed, trying to put Kevin a little more at ease. He wanted this handsome, black-haired beauty going for the D on his own ...preferably. Chase stood just to the side and front of the armchair in which Kevin sat--basically, three feet in front of the dark-haired stud--and pulled his knit shirt and t-shirt over his head, exposing his amazing pecs, abs, and biceps. He also began chatting Kevin up, trying to flatter and be friendly to him. Pulling the t-shirt over his head, Chase began, "Dude... you know, when I met you last year, I thought, `Man, I'm pledging the wrong frat! All the hot dudes--all the university's athletes--seem to be in PIKE! It really surprised me to find out you weren't, like, a running back or something--you're so built..."

Kevin's head was spinning! He was having trouble comprehending what was being said. At the same time, his eyes were now glued to Chase's tight, running pants and his big, 11" cock, vulgarly straining to be released. Kevin answered, slurring, "I was a quarterback high school team."

"Yeah, I can see that! You've got the pecs, biceps, and thighs for it..." Chase stood right to the side of Kevin, feeling the handsome stud's biceps. "You don't mind me feeling them, do you?"

Kevin couldn't seem to open his mouth, so he just shook his head `no'.

"Do you have abs like mine? Feel them..." Chase reached down, taking Kevin's hand and rubbing it over his amazing eight-pack. "Amazing, huh? That's what rugby will do for you. Help me get my runners off, will ya? They're too tight." Standing inches in front of Kevin, Chase put the stud's hands just below his hips on the top of the runners, gently and slowly pushing his pants down.

Kevin saw the dark blonde trail just below Chase's bellybutton slowly begin to reveal his seducer's thick patch of dark blonde pubes. Kevin was hard--very hard--and he was confused. In fact, he was confused about a lot of things at this moment, including his own name. As the pants slid down, over Chase's own perfect, hard, smooth butt, the big, thick cock lunged outward toward Kevin's face, slapping its wet head on his right cheek. Kevin flinched his head backward to escape the thick, 11" cock's space, though his eyes never left it.

"Thanks, bro! It seems like everything's too tight to wear down here, ya know?" Chase winked then smiled his friendly smile with dimples, stepping out of his runners, leaving him in just a pair of white ankle socks. Chase threw his clothes in a pile against the wall then casually mounted the arms of Kevin's armchair--as though this was what friends do for each other. "Okay, jack me, bro... Dylan usually jacks me, but as you can see, he's zoned-out somewhere."

The big, beautiful cock was right in Kevin's face, and with the back of the armchair preventing him from leaning back too much, there was no getting away from it. The drugs in Kevin's drinks prevented him from forming too many words, although he could see things and occasionally comprehend what was happening. Two of the other drugs in his drink--Ecstasy and Viagra--suddenly had him feeling very warm and horny--with an insatiable desire for physical contact. This Chase-dude was way-the-fuck hot, Kevin thought, and without being able to think things out, he found his long fingers wrapping themselves around the hard, 11" cock ...well, as much of the cock as they could wrap around. Sweat dripped down the side of Kevin's face--the physical, warming side-effect of the E, as he tilted his head to the side, in order to be able to jack the big cock without it touching his face.

"Y-e-a-h... jack that big cock, buddy! ... It's a beautiful cock, ain't it?" Kevin didn't answer, lost in an ever-deepening haze of drugs. He felt Chase lightly fingering his ear that was furthest away from the huge cock; then he felt Chase's other hand groping--squeezing--one of his big pecs. "You're such a stud, Kev, ya know it? I can't wait to see your tits, dude ... I've heard you're quite the ladies' man with the Kappas ...getting a lot of pussy over there I hear. I can see why, dude." Chase twisted Kevin's nipple through his shirt, causing Kevin to jerk his head up--the big, juicy cockhead slapping against his cheek. Kevin's nostrils flared, breathing-in the scent of the hot meat. He tried tilting his head to the side again, but Chase's hand now massaged that side of his neck--the touching only serving to heighten the affects of the E. Chase pried one of Kevin's hands of his cock, guiding it to his balls instead. "Y-e-a-h... rub my big nuts, dude... O-h y-e-a-h, dude, you're the best! You and I... we're gonna be best buds, dude!" With his free hand, Chase began combing his fingers through Kevin's thick, black hair. "Dude, your hair's so cool soft. I could run my fingers through it forever, dude..."

The big cock was seriously heavy in Kevin's hand, as he jacked the silky skin over its big, hard bone. He stared at its huge base and the thick, blonde pubes surrounding it. Kevin had such an urge to bury his face in those pubes and breathe this stud in. Chase was the shit!

Just as Kevin was ready to drop his face into the fragrant pubes, Chase pulled back slightly and called Kevin's attention to the bed. "Dude... look at that ass, will ya?" When Kevin looked over, he saw Colin had stripped Dylan of his clothes, stuffing a pillow under the tan kid's midsection. Dylan's ass, along with his muscled body, was a beautiful sight to Kevin! Chase reached down and groped Kevin's hard cock. "Dude, you and I think alike."

With all the drugs he'd been slipped, Kevin's mind was only able to `hold' one thing at a time. He'd forgotten all about Colin, Dylan...and Ryan, for that matter. In fact, seconds after he looked back at Chase, he forgot about the others again. This effect was brought on by a combination of GHB and Ecstasy and Chase's constant touching of Kevin, heightening his response.

When Chase groped Kevin's cock, the former stallion turned his head back toward his new, blonde god, and in doing so, Chase's cockhead--covered in oozing, white slime--ran right over Kevin's upper lip, smearing a thick trail of the seed from one side of his nose to the other. "Oh. Sorry about that, bro..." Chase smiled softly, continuing to grope the stallion's cock. Kevin felt the goo running downward to his upper lip, coating it like lipstick. His long tongue reached out and licked the sticky cum off, while he continued jacking the big meat and rubbing Chase's bull-balls. The blonde stud took his squeezing hand off Kevin's pec, wiped the end of his cock with two fingers, and dipped them inside Kevin's wet mouth, which had been hanging slack for some time now. "Get a good taste, buddy," Chase said huskily, "Suck that shit off my fingers." Kevin's lips closed around the long, cum-covered fingers, sucking and licking them. "You like that, babe?" Of course, Kevin was too zoned-out to respond one way or another. As Chase pulled his long fingers out of the hot, wet, sucking mouth, a big string of drool fell out the corner of Kevin's mouth and rolled down his chin before dropping down across the front of his shirt. Chase wiped his fingers across the oozing cockhead again then stuck them inside Kevin's hot, wet mouth. "Eat my cum, baby," and again--as if in a trance--Kevin's tongue lapped at the thick seed, swallowing the blonde stud's seed. Chase left his fingers in the wet, sucking orifice, moving them back-and-forth, fucking Kevin's mouth.

When the fingers finally withdrew again, Chase seductively asked the former stallion, "Are you ready for more, girl? Look up here... Oh, you have such beautiful, blue eyes baby... Are you ready for more?" Kevin nodded once but was startled when the huge cockhead itself entered his wet mouth. "O-h-h-h, y-e-a-h-h-h!! Oh, fuck, bro! You're mouth feels so awe... Oh, hell, yeah! Lick that shit up, baby!!!"

Kevin's tongue acted reflexively when Chase's cock entered his mouth, curling around big, spongey head and pulling a good deal of the thick goo off, before swallowing it down his throat. Chase's cum tasted so great that Kevin sucked with his mouth, rolling his tongue around the awesome cockhead--drawing more of the blonde's seed across his tongue and down his throat. All Kevin could think about was sucking this god's cock: the GHB made him want to serve this stud--to make him happy. What's more, it was a feedback loop: the more he stimulated Chase, the more stimulated Kevin became. Kevin sucked on the big piece of meat, rubbing his tongue on the bottom of the shaft, as he took more of the cock inside his mouth.

"You like my cock, baby?" Kevin moaned around the cock. "Yeah? You suck cock like a pro, girl..." Chase reached down with both hands, unbuttoning Kevin's jeans and pulling his thick, 8" cock out. He unbuttoned Kevin's shirt and pulled the front of stud's t-shirt behind his neck. "Yeah! Just like I thought: you're quite a stud, Kevin. No wonder you get so much Kappa pussy, right?" With one hand, Chase wove his fingers through the soft hair on the back of Kevin's head, and with the other, he began jacking Kevin's cock. This only turned Kevin on more. He opened his throat, allowing the 2" diameter cockhead inside. "Oh, fuck! Who'd have guessed you're such a good cocksucker, Kev?? Either you're bisexual or you're a fag, overcompensating by fucking so many sorority girls... Oh, fuck! You're throat feels so good, buddy!! You wanna be Chase's main bitch, dude??"

Snot running from Kevin's nose mixed with the white precum leaking out the corners of his mouth, forming a thick, sticky slime running down his chin and neck. Chase pulled his cock from Kevin's mouth, slapping the handsome face, splattering the rich goo across it. Kevin's hands circled around, grabbing each of Chase's hard, round glutes, pulling the blonde stud into his face. Kevin's nose and mouth rested in the thick, blonde pubes, inhaling his new friend's scent, while his hands roamed Chase's full, round glutes, groping--as if to memorize the ass. "Yeah, breathe me in, baby... That's it..." Kevin ploughed his nose through the lush, dense pubes--his tongue dragging behind--all the time inhaling Chase's scent and pheromones.

Nude except for socks, Chase lowered himself into Kevin's lap, letting the former stallion's cock slide up the back of his crack. Chase pushed one of his magnificent pecs to Kevin's mouth. "Suck it, bitch..." Kevin's long, wet tongue lapped at the large, pink nipple before nursing it with his mouth. "Yeah, that's it... You're a pretty baby, you know it?" Kevin sucked the tit mindlessly, while his hands roamed Chase's broad, muscular back.

Chase pulled Kevin's head off his nipple and lowered himself into Kevin's lap, grinding his asshole against Kevin's soft, black pubes. "Oh, yeah, you're a real stallion, aren't ya?" With both hands in Kevin's hair, Chase tilted his head and covered Kevin's mouth his own. His long, thick tongue filled Kevin's mouth, and the two moaned, making love to each other--all the time, with Chase grinding his asshole in Kevin's soft, black pubes. Chase's lips and tongue were covered in his own goo, but he loved his own taste--often sucking his own cum from Shanice's Black pussy, after he'd fucked her. It was no big deal. The two kissed for a long time--so long that strings of soppy drool fell from between their mouths. Finally, Chase broke the kiss, climbing off the armchair.

It was then that Kevin saw and heard the handsome, Black stud pounding Dylan a new pussy. Kevin was mesmerized by the huge width of the Black cock and Dylan's pink hole stretched tightly around it, sealed with clear lube oozing around the lips of alluring cunt. Dylan's ass was hiked-up by four bed pillows--his knees spread widely apart by the muscled thighs of the Mandingo fucking him. Dylan moaned continually in response to the huge cock rolling over the sex-nut inside his pussy, and his face laid sideways on a sheet sopped in his own drool. Kevin was fascinated, too, with the Black buck's own big, hard glutes flying up-and-down. It was bad enough Taylor had fucked him; Kevin would never let a Black dude get near him. The idea of Black cock repulsed him. Still, from a distance, it was spell-binding, seeing the contrast in skin colors and sheer majesty of Colin's Black form, with his big glutes and formidable cock. Of course, Colin denigrated poor Dylan--and the other two, White guys present--seductively saying, "Yeah... you remember this, bitch: Whitey is way inferior to the Black man. He always has been. From now on, you live for Black cock, don't ya?" Dylan moaned, but Colin had no idea Dylan already did live for Black cock--since his restroom experiences. "Look at my body, bitch! You think you--or any other Whitey--can measure up to me??" Sweat rippled over Colin's muscles and down his back, as he drove his cock in-and-out of Dylan's sweet pussy. "Look at you! You--and every other peckerwood--are here on earth just to serve as cunts for the Black man! Look at you, you fuckin' faggot!" Dylan moaned with the incredible fucking he was getting ...and he now believed Colin. Against Black men, he was nothing, except a hole for them to dump their cum. He didn't even deserve Black men, he thought. He'd only been lucky they'd chosen him.

When Chase ran into Colin out in the hall last week, rekindling their friendship, Colin asked him point-blank what he'd been up to in Ryan's room, sweaty and reeking of sex. Not wanting to share, Chase was hesitant to give up the goods on Ryan, but he realized Colin knew him too well to try to lie his way out of it. So, after Chase admitted what he was up to, he threw Colin a bone...and that bone was Dylan. Colin could have Dylan as long as left Ryan alone. He didn't want to risk Colin wrecking Ryan's hole he now appeared to be doing to Dylan.

Chase wasn't deaf either. Colin's racial views had definitely radicalized since their days together in boarding school. Colin had thrown a few of these radical views out at Chase when the two went for drinks after they ran into each other last week, but then--as now--Chase kept silent ...which is not to say he wasn't irritated.

Dylan's tight, squeezing cunt was too much for Colin. Kevin watched--hypnotized--as the hot, muscled, Black man pulled back--almost pulling his cock out--then slamming back down into Dylan's big, round butt. He watched as the Black stud ground his black, kinky pubes against the perfect, tan ass--rotating his hips, stirring Dylan's pussy with his mega-cock. Dylan's moans grew much louder, as Colin cursed him, "Fuck you, mother- fucker... Gonna cum..." Colin felt the heat surging up from his balls, as he slammed his Black loins in-and-out of the beautiful, tan butt. "Fuck! ...Fuck! Goddamned tight, motherfuckin' CUNT! OH, FUCK YOU! FUCK! Take my motherfuckin' cum, you goddamned bitch!!"

Chase was amused, watching spaced-out, drugged-up Kevin staring at the show in front of him, jacking on his own hard cock. Kevin's eyes were glued to the big globs of white cum squeezing-out around the mammoth Black cock. Colin was also looking to his side, watching Kevin, and both Colin and Chase saw the big wad of drool fall out the corner of Kevin's mouth and down his smooth, naked chest. As Colin came down from his orgasm, he slumped his naked, sweaty body over Dylan's back, sucking hard on the faggot's neck, marking his territory. After two or three minutes catching his breath, the Black stud surprised everyone by pulling out of Dylan and jumping off the bed. Colin grabbed Kevin as if he weighed 20 lbs. and shoved his handsome face in Dylan's ass. "Eat that nigger cum, you fuckin' White faggot!!" His hand felt like a vice grip on the back of Kevin's neck, while Colin's other hand gripped and pulled Kevin's thick, black hair. Cum poured out of Dylan's abused hole, covering Kevin's nose, cheeks, and mouth. The drugs had weakened Kevin considerably to the point he had no fight in him--much less a complete awareness of what was happening. "Eat it! Eat my Mandingo cream, you White faggot cunt!" Under the influence of all the drugs, Kevin tried licking the goo running over Dylan's taint, but still, globs of the stuff oozed from Dylan's ass. Kevin put his mouth directly over the butthole, letting the mixture of Black seed, lube, and Dylan's ass juices fill his mouth, swallowing as quickly as he could. The thick, white cum had a nutty, salty taste that didn't taste all that bad to Kevin, and so he sucked and tongued the sticky pussy. "How you like my nigger cum, you inferior, White faggot??" However, Kevin was far away mentally, eating the rich cum and moaning like it was the best meal he'd ever had. "Here, bitch, get it from the source! Clean my nigger cock!" With that, Colin yanked Kevin's handsome head over onto his mammoth cock. "Clean it, motherfucker!!"




Matt had been in Bergman Hall studying, when he decided to call it a night and go to Jon's for some sweet loving with his long-haired, blonde beauty. Jon wasn't home when he got there, having gone to the Physics Library to work on a paper. Matt set his backpack in Jon's desk chair and hung his coat on the back of the door. Having had too much coffee, he had to pee like a racehorse, so Matt headed down the hall to the bathroom. Ryan's door was next to that of the bathroom, and as he approached, Matt heard Colin's yelling through the door. He stopped and listened with his ear against Ryan's door before banging on it. "Ryan, it's me, Matt. Is everything alright in there?"

The room went silent. Ryan's eyes flew open, and he began trying to scream around the ball gag in his mouth, until a punch in the gut from Chase silenced the boy. "Listen to me, motherfucker," Chase whispered in the redhead's angelic face, grabbing the boy's nuts through the black, lace panties, "I swear to God I'll rip these right off you if you pull that stunt again, cunt!"

"Ryan, I know you're in there. Answer the door please." Matt tried again.

"I'm gonna take this ball gag out of your mouth, and you're gonna tell whoever that is that you're fine and you're sorry for disturbing him. If you don't, you'll be minus a couple of nuts for the rest of your life. Understand?" Chase threatened, loosening and removing the ball gag, before quickly grabbing Ryan's sore nuts again.

"Matt? I... I'm okay. I'm s-s-sorry for disturbing you," the frightened boy yelled out.

"Ryan, come to the door. I want to see your face," Matt responded.

Colin let go of Kevin's hair, pushing the jock to the floor so he could pull whoever was out there inside and fuck his ass too, but Chase intercepted him, whispering, "Chill, dude. He'll give up and go away. Let's not bite off more that we can chew here."

"Ryan, come to the door, please," Matt persisted.

Rushing back to the boy in the sling, Chase whispered, "I'm going to let you out of this, so you can stick your head out there and tell Prince Charming you're fine and that you'll keep it down. Apologize for the noise, cunt. Chase quickly worked to free Ryan from the sling. "No, bitch, keep the girlie pants and bra on, so he can see you're into kink. Remember, I'' be right next to you on the other side of the door ready to rip your nuts off if you so much as stutter to him."

Ryan cracked open the door about 8", sticking his deeply blushing face out. He repeated pretty much exactly what he'd been told, but his eyes told another story and they kept moving to the right almost as if he were pointing toward something behind his door--something behind him.

"Okay, cool. No worries," the wrestling jock replied. "You might want to keep it down in there, though."

"I'm sorry, Matt. We'll do." With Matt accepting his response, Ryan was truly despondent and closed the door.

Matt went on into the bathroom to piss, and on the other side of the wall--Ryan's closet--Chase was angrily strapping the handsome redhead back into the sling. "You motherfucker! What's the big idea, trying to scream for help, huh?? You goddamned cunt! Did you ever stop to think about your own exposure as a faggot?? And who's Matt anyway, huh??" Chase yelled at Ryan. Chase was so angry with Ryan, he'd forgotten about his new prize catch, Kevin.

Colin, meanwhile, easily hoisted a drugged-up Kevin onto the bed on his back with the sexy jock's legs hanging off the end. He yanked the pillows from under Dylan's midsection, throwing them on the floor and turning Dylan on his side such that he was facing Kevin...or, rather, that Dylan's tan, 8", uncut cock was facing Kevin's extraordinarily handsome face. Not only had Kevin been slipped a Viagra, but so too had Dylan, though Dylan would've been hard anyway from the fucking he'd just been thrown. Colin slapped Kevin's face a couple of times to wake him. "Wake up, bitch! Don't go dropping-off on me when the show's just begun!" As Kevin's mouth hung slack, Colin stuck the Italian boy's cock in his mouth, saying, "Suck that greaseball's cock, bitch! Eat his smegma, cunt! I want that cock sparkling clean when you get done washing it!" To be clear, although Colin would have been loath to inspect it, Dylan kept his cock perfectly clean; Colin was denigrating both boys--referring to the one with an ethnic slur and trying to gross the other boy out with the thought he'd be eating smegma. The joke, however, was on the Black stud, as both boys were too high on the GHB he'd given them for his words to register.

As Kevin's tongue slipped under Dylan's foreskin exploring the thick, juicy meat beneath, Colin raised the stud's long legs in the air--with a hairy, muscular calf in each hand--and the view was amazing. Above his knees, the hair was greatly diminished, and Kevin's pale thighs widened until they met his full, round, nearly hairless butt. Colin spread the boy's calves apart, revealing Kevin's little, pink rosebud tucked between the mighty glutes, and he stabbed at it with his now hard, 13", dripping cock, smearing its surface with his Black seed. "I'm gonna fuckin' breed you, bitch, with my big nigger cock! When I get done with you, you won't want anything except big, ole nigger cock, peckerwood! All Whitey craves nigger cock! They just have to be given a little nudge now and then..." Colin yelled down at the black-haired beauty. "Get that fuckin' cock outta your mouth and look at me while I breed you a new cunt, boy!!"

Both Chase and Colin were so wrapped-up in their own fantasies they failed to hear the faint sound of walkie-talkies growing louder as four policemen made their way up the stairs and down the hall, with Matt bringing up the rear. The All-American wrestler had moments earlier given Mrs. Helms a much sanitized explanation for his call to the police, leaving out anything sexual and advising her to please wait inside her apartments. (Matt simply explained to the old lady he thought Ryan was being beaten up by one or more of his frat brothers, wherein Mrs. Helms--while fetching Ryan's room key to give to the wrestler--recounted the loud door-banging and yelling she'd heard earlier. It `sort of' explained things for Mrs. Helms, although, for her life, she couldn't understand why anyone would want to lay a finger on her favorite tenant.) Matt waited on the old lady's front porch for the police, giving them the room key and number and explaining he feared it might be one or more dudes taking advantage of someone suspected to be gay.

The sexual lust and fantasies of the two alpha studs were rudely interrupted by very loud banging on Ryan's door, followed by the commands, "Police! Open up! Open up now!" When the police approached Ryan's door, they'd heard Colin yelling from inside, and hearing only silence from now, they used the key. With guns pointed, the cops entered, yelling, "Everyone with their hands up now!" Of course, the only two guys able to comprehend and comply were Chase and Colin, who now stood--in all their nude glory--with their hands up. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney..." one, middle-aged, White cop began. The sound of walkie-talkies echoed through the room as the voice of a young, White cop, named Justin, interrupted the older cop, exclaiming, "Holy Fuck!" Officer Justin was, of course, staring in the closet at Ryan gagged-up in the sling. The older cop continued reading Chase and Collin their Miranda rights, while Officer Justin--with an erection behind his uniform pants--took photos of the boy to be used as evidence, before removing Ryan's ball gag and the straps securing him in the sling. The third cop, a young, Black cop, named Trey--the same officer who'd brought Brad back to the frat house and who'd made a pass at Kevin outside the frat that night, groping Kevin's round ass--began examining the two boys on the bed. The fourth cop, a young, Asian dude, named Akihiro, kept his gun pointed and called for backup.

Chase began trying to talk himself out of the situation, but Colin--having had prior experience with the police--cut him off, "Shut the fuck up, dude!"

With his ball gag out, Ryan broke down crying, spilling the beans on Chase and Colin. Between sobs, the handsome, light-auburn haired boy, explained how--from his position in the sling--he'd witnessed Colin giving Chase the drugs and how Chase had drugged the other two--now on the bed. He explained how Chase had manipulated and beat him, pointing out several bruises on his body. Officer Akihiro radioed for an ambulance, while Officer Trey confirmed the dilated, bloodshot eyes of Dylan and Kevin and the older officer handcuffed the two, nude alphas.

"Help me get this off," Ryan asked Officer Justin, turning his back and indicating the black, lace bra. The officer nearly creamed his uniform, now viewing Ryan's lace-covered, plump ass. Officer Justin's wife was pregnant with their first baby, leaving him horny as a goat.

"Here, let me help you out of these too," the 23-year-old officer offered, kneeling down to pull the black, lace panties up over Ryan's round ass and down his long legs. Officer Justin had been far from being a loyal husband in his two-year marriage, boning several long-legged coeds during this time. Still on his knees behind a sobbing Ryan, Officer Justin--and Officer Akihiro, who watched the scene unfold intently--nearly came again, watching the hot, light-auburn haired boy bend forward, pulling at the butt plug stuck in his full, round butt. Officer Justin knocked Ryan's hand away, saying, "Let me do that for you. You need to be careful with these things. Officer Akihiro couldn't believe his eyes, watching his fellow officer slowly pulling the plug from the enticing pussy. Officer Justin had about 2" of the butt plug out, when he pushed it back inside the pretty cunt. "Oh, fuck! I'm sorry about that, dude!" Ryan stifled a moan, though his eyes rolled in his head with the sensation of the hard probe moving over this love nut. With everyone else looking other directions, Officer Justin wriggled his eyebrows and winked at Officer Akihiro, pulling the clean, white butt plug from the pink pussy, holding it under his nose, and sniffing it. With Ryan bent forward, he only heard Officer Justin, announce that all this would need to be taken as evidence, including the lace bra and panties and, of course, the sling. The officer winked again at his partner, Officer Akihiro, and groped his junk--half in jest at the sexual scene to which they'd been called and half to embarrass his young, Asian partner who he'd recently coaxed into jacking his big, Irish cock for him. Officer Akihiro put his gun away--next to his hard, 6" erection--and began combing through the clothes on the floor, finding various drugs in both Colin and Chase's belongings.

With his commanding officer now out in the hall with the suspects, Officer Trey flipped Kevin over on his stomach and pulled the big, round glutes apart, slipping his long, Black middle finger up the sexy jock's tight pussy. Kevin moaned loudly, as the finger grazed over the top of his love nut, gaining the other two officer's attentions. With the long, Black digit sawing in-and-out of Kevin's nearly virgin pussy, the black-haired stud continued moaning in-heat on the bed.

Officer Akihiro exclaimed, "What the hell are you doing, Officer Trey?" The cocky, young, Black officer--himself finding Officer Akihiro a hot prospect, with his sharp, near feminine features, and delicate, narrow eyes--pulled his finger out and walked over to where the Asian knelt, going through the clothing. The young, Black officer knelt down near Officer Akihiro and quietly ordered him to open his mouth. Officer Akihiro looked at his fellow officer as if he'd lost his mind and pushed him away. Officer Trey fell over on his butt, and the laughter of Officers Justin and Trey filled the room. From his vantage point--still in the closet--Ryan had been unable to see or hear what had just happened and was confused as to why anyone would be laughing in these circumstances. Hearing the paramedics heading toward the room, Officer Trey got back up and returned to the bed.

Ryan made for his clothes, but Officer Justin stopped him, whispering, "The clothes are all evidence, sweet cheeks. You'll have to go like that with the paramedics to be examined at the hospital ...though I wouldn't mind giving you a thorough examination of my own." The hunky officer groped his junk and winked at the stunned boy, adding, "But don't worry, Officer Akihiro and I will be waiting there at the hospital to take you to the station for questioning afterward, and we've got some...skimpy...things there you can put on before I--personally--drive it home ...I mean, drive you home." The officer wriggled his eyebrows, as Ryan blushed scarlet--speechless at the innuendo coming from an officer of the law. Dylan and Kevin were wrapped in blankets and put on stretchers, as a paramedic wrapped a heavy, warm blanket around Ryan and escorted him down to the waiting ambulance.

The three officers carefully bagged evidence in the room--including the sling and all the bedding--setting the bags in the hall for the other officers to remove and take to the station. They were almost ready to walk out and lock the room up when Officer Justine put Officer Akihiro in a headlock, and Officer Trey grabbed a handful of the Asian officer's ass. Officer Akihiro, 26, shoved his partner, Justin, away and yelled at the two officers, "You two are as queer as the faggots we found in here tonight! I'll remind you I'm married with two kids! ... And for that matter, so are you two!"

"What's going on in here??" the older, middle-aged officer bellowed, entering the room.

The young, Black officer, Trey, spoke up, "Oh, we was just teasing him, and he can't take a joke..."

"Well, knock it off! Not everyone likes your sense of humor!" the older officer shouted, looking at Officers Justin and Trey. The older man shook his head in disgust, as four men exited the room and locked the door. He didn't understand any of this generation--including the younger officers, who joked around on the job and talked slang he didn't understand. Things were different when he was a rookie...


End -- Chapter 20