The following story is fictional. As such, it is not based on any real events or people. All characters are over eighteen, and you must be over eighteen to read it. My stories contain graphic sexual content and offensive language. In real life, be respectful of others and never engage in anything even vaguely non-consensual. Use protection.


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Bradley von Acht

Caucasian; Age 22; Straight, brown hair; Blue eyes; 6' 4"; 200 lbs.

University Senior; President -- Pi Kappa Epsilon (PIKE); QB -- University Football team

Jon Swenson

Caucasian; Age 19; Neck-length, straight, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 5' 10"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Treasurer -- PIKE Social Cmte; High School Football QB & Baseball

Kevin Striklin

Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, medium length, black hair -- shaggy bangs; Blue eyes; 6' 2"; 170 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- PIKE; High School Football & Wrestling

Taylor Harris

Caucasian; Age 21; Straight, dark, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 6' 2"; 185 lbs; Striking resemblance -- young Tom Brady

University Senior; Vice President -- PIKE; RB -- University Football team

Todd Dreyer

Caucasian; Age 21; Curly blonde hair; 6' 2"; Blue eyes; 175 lbs.

University Senior; Member -- PIKE; Rower -- University team

Colin Miller

African-American; Age 20; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 4"; 200 lbs.

University Junior; Boarding School Football & Baseball

Matt Jensen

Caucasian; Age 20; Short, white-blonde hair; Blue eyes; 6' 1"; 170 lbs.

University Junior; Secretary -- PIKE; Wrestler -- University team

Luke Jost

Caucasian; Age 21; Straight, brown hair; 6' 2"; Brown eyes; 170lbs.

University Senior; Treasurer -- PIKE; Football (Sidelined) University team

Ryan Cook

Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, light auburn hair; Blue eyes; 6' 0"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE); High School Football & Baseball

Dylan d'Abaco

Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, black hair -- shaggy bangs; Dark brown eyes; 6' 0"; 170 lbs.; Olive completion (Italian)

University Sophomore; Member -- TKE; Rugby -- University team

Chase James

Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, dark blonde hair; Light gray-green eyes; 6' 1"; 175 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- TKE; Rugby -- University team; Boarding School Rugby

Mason Alexander

Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, brown hair; Brown eyes; 5' 11"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- PIKE; High School Football & Basketball

Chris Flynn

Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, dark auburn hair; Brown eyes; 6' 0"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- PIKE; High School Football & Basketball

Tyler Harmon

Caucasian; Age 20; Neck-length, straight brown hair; Hazel eyes; 6' 2"; 175 lbs.

High School Football (RB) & Baseball

Dave Woolf

Caucasian; Age 20; Straight, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 6' 1"; 170 lbs.

High School Football & Baseball

Tyrese Lundsford

Biracial (Black/White); Age 22; Wide mohawk w/ long, tight, bouncy curls; Brown eyes; 6' 3"; 225 lbs.

University Senior; Vice President -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas); TE -- University Football team

Darnell Ramsey

African-American; Age 21; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 5"; 210 lbs.

University Senior; President -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas)

Deshawn Davis

African-American; Age 20; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 3"; 190 lbs.

University Junior; Active -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas)

Trevon Whiteley

African-American; Age 20; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 6"; 215 lbs.

University Junior; Active -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas)

Jonah Erickson

Caucasian; Age 18; Curly, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 5' 11"; 155 lbs.

University Freshman; High School Basketball & Baseball

Officer Trey Douglas

African-American; Age 23; Short-fade, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 3"; 190 lbs. Lives with one of his baby-mommas with whom he has one child and another on the way. Has another baby-momma with whom he has one child.

Rookie police officer on City Police Dept.

Officer Akihiro Takahashi

Japanese-American descent; 26; Short, straight, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 0"; 165 lbs. Married, with two children.

Rookie police officer on City Police Dept.

Officer Justin O'Hare

Irish-American descent; 23; Crew-cut, medium red hair; Pale blue eyes; 6' 2"; 175 lbs. Married to Kristi and expecting their first child.

Rookie police officer on City Police Dept.







Chapter 21


"Dude, that was pretty hot back there, wasn't it?" Officer Justin O'Hare exclaimed, riding with his partner Officer Akihiro Takahashi to Memorial Hospital.

Akihiro was astonished and most definitely not amused, as he sat behind the wheel of the cruiser, driving. "What the fuck is wrong with you, man?? I know you're major horny `cause your wife's pregnant, but really?? I mean that was just a nest of faggots back there, dude. Maybe you're gay too, do you think?"

Justin unbuckled his belt and unzipped his uniform pants.

"Dude!! What are you doing?? We're eight fucking blocks from the hospital now!!" Akihiro panicked.

Justin laughed, pushing his tightie-whities down and pulling out his hard, thick, 8.5" cock. "Do I look like a fag to you, Aki? Look at this beauty. Does it look like a gay cock to you? I've explained this a hundred times to you; the bitch is 5 months pregnant--with babies from this beaut, Aki--and she hasn't--and won't--put out since then ...not until the little fucker pops." Justin's hand slid up-and-down the thick pole, jetting straight up in the air from a thick nest of dark auburn pubes.

"Dude, I've had two already, and I managed just fine!" Akihiro retorted. "So, put that cock away, man..."

"Aki, that's just because you don't have as much testosterone as I do. NO one has as much testosterone as the Irish, dude!! We're the world's most virile men, Aki baby!"

"Don't call me that, Justin. I don't like being called `Aki', much less `baby'. You're gonna slip-up and say that in front of the guys at the station, so cool it with the `baby' stuff. Why can't you call me `Hiro' like everyone else, man? The other sounds feminine."

"Dude, we're friends, right? ...good friends, not just partners. We've gone over this before: 1) you look like an `Aki' to me, Aki and 2) you know I don't mean anything by it when I call you `babe' or `baby'. Besides, don't you secretly wanna be my baby? I mean, look at me, Aki! I'm everyone's wet dream!" Officer O'Hara laughed, while Officer Takahashi shook his head in defeat. Akihiro really liked Justin, but sometimes it was like trying to talk and reason with a fourteen-year-old. The dude was definitely an adult--looking at his cock--but 23-year-old Officer O'Hara was very immature. "Hey, park over there in the dark."

"Oh, no!! Come on!! Not tonight!"

"Fuck, Aki, it won't take five minutes and you know it! I've told you..." Justin interrupted himself, "Do you actually listen to anything I say, babe?? I keep explaining this over-and-over again! I'm a stud, dude! I'm used to fuckin' chicks, and now--unless I want to cheat on Kristi--I've got to drop a load! Otherwise, my balls are gonna bust! Using my own hands doesn't cut it! My brain knows my hands and what they're gonna do. It doesn't know what your hands are gonna do, and besides, your hands are softer or something--they feel so much better than my own, dude..."

"You're so full of shit, O'Hare..." Akihiro paused, driving over into the dark corner of the lot. "I don't know how I ever let you talk me into this gay shit in the first place..."

Justin smiled big: he was getting exactly what he wanted--Aki to jack him off...again--for the very fifth time. To Justin, there was, indeed, something feminine about Officer Takahashi--not in his build and not in his walk nor his speech, but rather, in his face. In school, he'd played baseball and wrestled, and at an even 6', Akihiro had a lean, muscular build, which he maintained with near-daily visits to the gym. In fact, nude, the officer looked like something of an Asian Adonis--something his wife liked to tell him in bed. It was Officer Takahashi's face, however, that turned Officer O'Hara on. In the face, Akihiro looked like a boy: it looked like he'd never shaved a day in his life, having soft, smooth, creamy skin. And his eyes! ...don't get O'Hara started on his eyes! O'Hara hadn't really been around many Asian people, living in the Midwest as they did. Those tightly stretched slits looked both seductive and shy at the same time. was something about that face that made Office Justin O'Hara want to just cum all over it... But! both the young officers were straight, and both had very pretty wives as well. Justin's wife, Kristi, had their first kid on the way, while Aki and his wife, Shiori, had two, very pretty girls--Mei, a baby, and Yui, a two-year-old.

On the other side of the equation, Officer Takahashi seemed under the control of Officer O'Hara. Though, at 26, he was three years older and more senior on the force, Akihiro seemed to defer to his rather immature, cocky partner, letting Justin (seemingly) lead him around by the nose and letting him break police force rules. Justin's fun-loving, overtly sexual charisma that d-r-e-w Akihiro to the handsome stud officer--that captivated the Asian officer. It all began a little over a year ago when Justin first joined the force and before the rookie married Kristi. Akihiro sat in the cruiser in an alley late one afternoon, watching, as the handsome rookie fucked a sexy, blonde coed behind a dumpster. Aki couldn't believe his eyes or that he was allowing Justin to do this! Of course, it began with a blow job, wherein Officer Takahashi found eyes glued on the big, thick Irish cock being deep-throated by the 19-year-old girl. Then he found himself unable to look away, as Justin fucked the girl--propped-up against the wooden fencing around the dumpster. Aki's cock was hard in his uniform slacks watching Justin's hard, round butt pounding that big, thick cock in-and-out of that cunt. Of course, for the rest of the shift, all Officer Takahashi could smell in the car was the girl's pussy juices, which didn't help matters.

Also, it seemed Officer O'Hara used his charm and charisma on Aki, as he would on a chick--using his smile and dimples, wriggling his eyebrows, and flashing his pale blue eyes--sparkling eyes, like he was up to no good. There was no way around it: Akihiro recognized his partner was hot, and for all his immaturity, he felt lucky to have Justin as his partner. No other dude ever had that effect on Akihiro, but he chalked it up to Justin being a much closer friend than any others he had in the past.

The sexual stuff began when Kristi cut Justin off, when she found out she was pregnant. O'Hare would ask Aki to pull over somewhere, where he'd step out of the car and beat-off in a ditch or in a grove of trees--always in view of Officer Takahashi. Then O'Hara got bolder and beat-off outside the squad car--on the passenger or driver's side windows. Justin's big cock would shoot load-after-load of thick, white cum, splattering on the window and running down the door. It was both disturbing and mesmerizing to the Asian officer watching the show--right there in front of him! At 8.5" in length, Justin's cock was so much bigger and thicker than his own slender, 5.5" cock. Aki would think, `Fuck, Shiori bitches about my size! She'd really have something to bitch about with O'Hara's cock!' Then, of course, he would imagine the Irish officer fucking Shiori, which lead to other disturbing thoughts. Twice a shift Justin would paint the squad car windows! It was mesmerizing, watching that big, ole cock--hard as granite--jetting out of O'Hara's thick, dark auburn bush, framed by the officer's navy blue, uniform slacks.

Then, things shifted again. A couple months ago, Justin didn't even bother getting out of the car, complaining about the cold and the difficulty of holding his pants at the same time. Akihiro tried looking away, but he found himself looking out of the corner of his narrow, slit-like, Asian eyes at the big cock. The officer full-on gawked in horror when the Irish stud disposed of his cum by licking it off his hands. Justin would bust-out laughing at the shocked look on his partner's face. "Dude, it's my own cum! It's not like it's another guy's! Besides, if girls eat it, what makes it any different if guys eat it?"

Aki responded indignantly, "Well, I poop too, but I don't eat that!"

"Well, first of all, no one eats their own poop! If girls eat my cum and don't die, what's the difference if I do? Besides, I hear it's got a lot of protein in it, so, the way I figure it, I'm recycling my own protein and not losing any..."

"Whatever, dude... I don't know why I let you do these things any way..."

"Because you love me, Aki ...everyone loves me!" Then Justin would flash his smile and dimples, and all would be okay again ...though the Asian officer would smell his stud partner's cum inside the cruiser the rest of their shift.

Then late one night about three weeks ago, Justin had Akihiro pull-in behind an empty store and park in the dark. "Dude, I am SO FUCKING HORNY I could die!!!" Justin yelled. "I need to feel someone else's body touching mine! I'm sick to FUCK of my own hand!!!"

"Jesus, Justin! Get over it! You think you're the first man to be cut-off while his wife's pregnant?? I managed fine through TWO pregnancies..."

"Yeah, well, you're not Irish either! Our big balls produce way the fuck too much testosterone and cunt goo, dude!" The sexy stud lifted his butt off the seat and pulled his slacks and underwear down to his knees. "Look at this big, ole cock, dude! It needs regular attention--like a baby. You're good with babies, Aki! Fuckin' HELP me, dude, or I'm gonna die!!" Justin grabbed his partner's hand off the steering wheel and wrapped it around his hot meat.

Officer Takahashi tried yanking his hand back, but Officer O'Hara squeezed his middle of the Asian officer's hand, causing him to yell out in pain. "Oh, fuck! Stop! That hurts!"

"I'm sorry, dude, but seriously, help a buddy, okay?? I'm dying here. Just jack it for me, k?" Justin relented his squeezing, as Akihiro reluctantly wrapped his fingers around the warm, thick cock. "Oh-h-h, thank you, dude! You're my best!"

Aki battled conflicting feelings then and the three times it happened afterward. He felt less than a man, holding another man's cock. No man he knew would ever touch another man's cock, much less masturbate it for him. However, a tiny part of his mind felt awe, holding the big, thick cock. This was the same big cock that had fucked the blonde coed against the dumpster ...and a hundred other chicks before her. It was the same cock that fucked Kristi and got her pregnant...and Kristi was smokin' hot--a blonde, Norwegian girl with big, full breasts, to whom Aki had many times beat-off, fantasizing himself fucking. This cock had been inside the mouths and pussies so many HOT chicks, and he, Akihiro, had the honor of jacking this stallion's cock in this, his best friend's time of need.

Justin's cock felt so warm and hard and thick--so thick, Aki's fingers couldn't wrap completely around--and its skin felt like silk sliding over the big bone beneath. On the down strokes, the side of Aki's hand landed in Justin's thick, auburn bush of pubes: they felt so soft that Aki wanted to run his fingers through them, though this would be crossing a line he'd never cross. Jacking the prize stallion's cock made Aki feel warm and soft inside and sent him into a dreamlike state--a state rudely interrupted when his partner began firing his load, sending big wads of cum in the air before splattering down over his hand and wrist. By the time Justin stopped cumming, Aki's hand was covered in the stud's thick slime, and that's when Aki felt like a lowlife, limp-wristed faggot. What was even more weird was Justin licking the cum off his hand, sucking his fingers and licking his palm and the back of his hand. Afterwards, Aki would drive around in a haze, hardly speaking, while Justin acted like nothing happened. The whole experience each time left Aki feeling used and queer.

The first time when Justin forced himself on Akihiro, the stud policeman slid over about a foot, giving Aki better access to his stallion cock. The three times since then, however, Justin made Aki slide over instead, complaining the steering wheel and other equipment was interfering with Aki's necessary hand movements. This time--the fifth time--Aki masturbated Justin, was slightly different. Parked in the corner of Memorial Hospital's parking lot, the location wasn't as dark as with four, previous times. As always, Aki protested. "I don't know, man... This isn't as dark as where we've done this before. If anyone looks this way, they can see I'm clearly not behind the wheel, and it'll look like we're fagging-out over here..."

"Okay, then just lean down out-of-sight, and they'll think I'm waiting for you while you're inside or something."

"No way, dude! That's way too gay!" Akihiro protested.

"No, it's not, man. Scoot over a couple of inches and just lean down. Come on! Quit fuckin' with me and jack me off, dude!" This was an order. Justin was worked-up over the scene they'd walked into back at Mrs. Helm's house--all those naked, college dudes, including Ryan, who he'd helped out of the sling.

There was a momentary silence in the car, as Akihiro worried over the matter. Then Officer Takahashi did what he'd never dreamt he'd ever do: he scooted over and leaned down across the seat, grabbing the thick, beautiful cock. "Dude, you'd better give me plenty of warning if you see anyone heading this way! And we're pointing this thing out toward the dash! I'm not getting covered by this stuff!"

"Yeah, yeah... Just jack me off, buddy..."

Aki's head hovered over Justin's naked lap, with his right elbow extending out over Justin's right thigh. As Akihiro wrapped his right hand--that is to say, as much of it as he could--around the thick meat, Justin's warm musk wafted into the Asian officer's nose, leaving him light-headed and soft inside. With his face, pointed downward and slightly away from Justin's view, Aki was free to stare at the big piece of meat in his hand and the thick auburn bush below. Up close, the cock looked even bigger, thicker. It looked commanding, and Akihiro repressed a strong desire to kiss the meat in his hand and bury his face in the rich bush below.

"Oh, yeah, dude! That feels amazing! I can even feel your breath on my cock, dude! Fuckin' beat my big cock, man!" Justin rubbed the Asian officer's upper back, looking down on the head against his abs. "Oh, yeah, dude! You're the best...helping a bud like this! Fuck, dude, you beat cock better than any bitch I've ever had do it! ...and that's a lot, dude!" The low sound of the police radio and Justin's much louder moans filled the car.

Officer Takahashi's mouth hung open--his mind reeling through space. Yeah, he was helping a bud...his best bud...and there was nothing in the world wrong with that. His bud had this big, beautiful cock, and if his cock were like this one, Aki would need someone helping him out too. Aki was comforted by the big hand massaging his back, and somehow, he didn't even mind when it slipped inside the back of his pants: Aki's full attention was on the big meat in his hand.

Justin couldn't get very far inside the back of Aki's uniform, so he pulled his hand back out and slid it onto his partner's hard, round ass, squeezing one of the meaty glutes. Aki moaned now, and the squad car was suffocating with lust. A big glob of drool slid out of Aki's mouth and fell down into the soft, dense pubes, leaving a dangling string hanging from the officer's bottom lip. Justin couldn't see this, but he felt the liquid hit and pool in his bush. He began petting the back of Aki's head. "Dude, your hair's so soft and thick... It looks like mink fur--black mink, for real..."

Aki felt the subtle downward pressure on his head, but his mind was too far gone to fight it until it was too late. Before he knew it, his young, handsome face was pressed down into the soft, thick, auburn bush, as Justin's hand gripped the back of his head, holding him down. Young Officer O'Hara pushed Aki's hand away and took over masturbating his big cock. Although the Asian officer tried lifting his face from his partner's groin, he had no leverage against Justin's firm grip, and after a minute or two of struggling, Officer Takahashi gave up and lay with his face buried in the stud's dense pubes, inhaling his scent. Like he was with any of the chicks he balled, Justin was thrilled with his conquest. Since being married, he'd been faithful--however reluctantly and unhappily this may have been. Like a lot of incredibly hot jock-studs, he'd had a few fags blow him over the years, and he didn't feel like a blow job from a fag counted as being unfaithful--NOT that he thought his partner was gay, rather, Akihiro wasn't a female, and thus, he wasn't cheating on Kristi. Why should she care anyway? She wasn't putting-out for him, so what should she expect? Anyway, Aki wasn't a woman, and now Justin had himself a mouth ...and a mouth on a very handsome face, at that.

After another couple of minutes following Aki's capitulation, in addition to the warm breath in his pubes, Justin felt his Asian partner's tongue slowly licking in his pubes. Justin was close now ...very close. He repositioned the other policeman's face, so it was resting on its side in his bush, and he put Aki's left hand under his balls, before resuming beating his meat rapidly. "Lick the root, baby. Stick your tongue out and lick my cock while I beat off." Mindlessly, Officer Takahashi complied and began licking at the thick base of his partner's cock. Things couldn't have been better orchestrated: young Officer O'Hara had his Asian partner just where he wanted him for some time now. With Aki's fingers rubbing his balls too, volleys of thick, white cum shot into the air, before splattering down across the very handsome Asian officer's face and in his thick, black hair. The Irish stud's cum painted the side of Akihiro's face, running down into his open mouth, while others splattered across his uniform. As Justin began slowing down, thick globs of the goo rolled down his cock and onto Officer Takahashi's licking tongue. "That's right, babe... eat my cum. That's it... don't waste any of seed. That's good stuff... It'll make you more of a stud like me, right? keep licking, baby. You wanna be a big stud, like Justin, right?" One by one, Justin stuck his long, thick fingers--covered in his cum--inside his partner's mouth. "Suck `em clean, baby... O-o-o, you gotta hot fuckin' tongue, baby... Swallow Justin's cum..." Officer O'Hara scraped the thick cum off Akihiro's face with two fingers--each time sticking them in the wet, sucking mouth. Then with the hand that had pressed the handsome officer's face into his groin, young Officer O'Hara gripped Aki's thick, black hair, pulling his head up just enough to stick his cockhead inside the Asian's warm, wet, sucking mouth. "Lick that cockhead clean, Aki... Lick Daddy's cock clean now..."

Never would the 26-year-old husband and father of two thought he'd ever have a cockhead inside his mouth--never. Not until tonight would he have believed it--though he wasn't sure if he was dreaming or if this was reality. He'd jacked another guy's cock. He'd licked another dude's pubes. He rubbed his friend's balls ... And he'd eaten another dude's cum ...a LOT of cum. Akihiro had his partner's cock inside his wet, sucking mouth--his tongue rolling around it like a fucking lollipop.

When Justin finally let go of him, Akihiro leaned back up and slid back across the seat. He couldn't even look at his partner, choosing, instead, to look blankly out the window to his left. "You did good, babe! You helped your best bud when he needed you!" Justin jovially announced, pulling up his uniform and zipping his pants. "See? Sucking cock didn't kill you!" Officer Takahashi said nothing and blushed crimson in shame. "Come on, we'd better get in there and haul those fags down to the station for questioning." Justin chuckled.

"You go. I'll wait here," the handsome Asian officer said, just barely above a whisper.

"I know you'd rather go around the rest of the night smelling my cum, but you'd better think again `cause you need to get in a restroom and wash that shit out of your hair and off your uniform before we get back to the station ...that is, unless you wanna be sucking cop-cock all night long." Justin laughed.

Mortified, Officer Takahashi quietly followed his happy, strutting partner into Memorial Hospital, where he very quickly ducked into a men's room to wash off. Officer O'Hara walked on down to the ER, where he found Matt sitting with Ryan, waiting to hear about Kevin. "Well, boys... How are you feeling sling-boy? I'm sorry I can't remember your name." Justin began flipping through is log book for the details.

"His name's not `sling-boy', and I think that's rather insensitive at a time like this," Matt shot back.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know he was your boyfriend. You don't look like a fag."

"What the f---?" Matt started to say. "What is your problem?"

"I'm an officer of the Law, so you'd better shut up while you're ahead. Now, are you two boyfriends or what?"

"No, we're not `boyfriends'," Matt snapped. "I'm the neighbor who called the police tonight."

"Oh! Well, we're gonna need to bring you down to the station too for a statement." Officer O'Hara plopped down on the sofa between the two boys, putting one of his arms on the back of the sofa behind Matt. "You look awfully familiar, you know? Have you been in the station, for drunk and disorderly or something?"

Matt shook his head in disbelief. How could this idiot be on the police force? However, he calmly and politely answered, "No. I'm on the university's wrestling team. Maybe that's where you've seen me."

Justin's hand fell onto Matt's shoulder, rubbing it. "They let fags on the wrestling team now?? Un-fucking-believable!!" Justin leaned into Matt's ear, whispering, "I'll bet you love gettin' your face in those crotches... or maybe you prefer them humping your butt, huh?"

Matt just shook his head, saying, "Can I just give you a statement here ...or maybe a blow job? It seems like you're awfully interested."

Justin laughed and stood up--his eyes scanning both directions of the hallway. "Hell yeah! Let's find a restroom, huh?"

"U-h-h-h... I was just kidding." Matt was too stunned at the officer's ...stupidity? What the hell was up with this dude?? Matt looked the handsome, young policeman up-and-down, taking a good look at him. He looked the same age as Matt, though, at 23, Justin was three years older.

Officer O'Hara groped his junk, flashed his smile, and wriggled his eyebrows. "I mean, I'm game, if you are, stud! You wouldn't be the first fag I let swing on my cock, you know? Fuck, maybe both of you'd like to find a place we could go, you know?? I've got a big, ole cock, and the old lady's knocked-up, so I'm loaded with the stuff you guys like..."

Sensing the officer was, in fact, dead-serious, Matt decided to play into the dude's weakness, hoping to get Ryan home sooner than later. "Thank you. It's really tempting, but my friend has had a really rough night, and I'd like to get him home soon. Maybe another time, though, huh?"

Office O'Hara's cock was rock-hard again. He'd love to fuck this blonde wrestler and his sexy, redheaded friend ...right now ...on that fuckin' sofa. It didn't look like it would happen tonight, though, so he sat back down between them, throwing his arms around both their necks and pulling them into him. Looking between the two boys' stunned faces, Justin whispered, "I get it. Not tonight, but I'll get your numbers from your reports and give you a call some time, huh? You won't be disappointed, I promise. Maybe Red can eat my ass while I'm fucking Blondie, sound hot?"

Matt was too stunned to respond to O'Hara, but shockingly, as if hypnotized by the sexy, charismatic cop, Ryan slid his hand over, feeling the stud's big cock.

"Yeah?? You wanna go at it now?" Justin asked Ryan.

Before he could answer, though, Matt spoke up, "Ryan. Ryan. Another time, okay?"

For the first time, the very handsome boy spoke, "Yeah... Yeah, sure. I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me. Sorry..."

Officer Takahashi approached before Justin could dig himself in any deeper. "Uh-h-h... What's going on?"

"Nothing, boss!" Justin spoke up. "These boys have been through a tough night, and I'm just trying to cheer them up. Hey, why's your hair all wet?" The rookie cop let go of the boys' necks and stood.

"Go down the hall and get the status of the other two..." looking at his log, Akihiro added, "...a Dylan d'Abaco and Kevin Striklin. See if we're clear to take Ryan to the station now. Also, make sure Officers Douglas and Madden are there guarding them. They shouldn't have let these two out of their sight."

Justin huffed and rolled his eyes, believing he was just getting somewhere with Ryan. "10-4, buddy..."

"And you are Matt Jensen?" Officer Takahashi asked, looking down at his log book.

"Yes, sir," Matt acknowledged, staring at the handsome Asian, immediately feeling attracted to the officer. Noticing his wedding ring, though, Matt felt a wave of disappointment. For that matter, the hunky, blonde wrestler thought both officers were really hot; he was just taken aback by Officer O'Hara's forwardness and presumptive remarks. In fact, if Matt was being honest with himself, he had a bit of a thing for Ryan as well--even feeling a pang of jealousy, seeing the handsome redhead groping O'Hara's cock. Yeah... Matt he wouldn't mind fucking Ryan right alongside Jon... that would be hot! Since being with Jon, innocent Matt's world had been turned upside down, finding himself taking much closer notice of other dudes now--their bodies, their faces, their butts...and even their cocks. Matt hated this, as he truly loved Jon. Still, the light had been turned on in a previously pitch-black room, and his eyes were taking everything in. Matt was shaken from his reverie, hearing the Asian officer's baritone voice again.

"We need you down at the station too. We need a full statement from you about tonight."

"Oh... uh, yeah, problem," Matt agreed.




Down the hall, Officer O'Hara leaned on the counter of the nurse's station, flirting with the pretty, young nurses. He'd heard that both Dylan and Kevin were being kept overnight for observation. Dylan was still high, but they were confident he'd be much better by the morning. The nurses laughed that the older officer, Madden, was asleep in a chair in Dylan's room. Kevin, on the other hand, seemed to be coming off his high a little quicker, though they were keeping an eye on his vitals. In fact, the nurses reported Officer Trey Douglas was in Kevin's room questioning him now. When Justin said he'd better head-off to Kevin's room and listen to boy's statements himself, one nurse quickly cautioned, "Oh, I don't know about that. Officer Douglas thought he could get more information from Kevin alone. He's closed the patient's door, insisting no one interrupt him." Justin screwed-up his face, wondering why he'd be questioning a person just coming out of a drug-induced haze. It sounded a little `off' to him, so he headed to Kevin's room to find out.

When Officer O'Hara got to Kevin's room, there was a handwritten sign on the door, saying, `No Interruptions', and being generally thoughtless anyway, Justin barged right on in. The curtain around the bed was pulled and from behind it boomed a deep voice, saying, "I said `no interruptions'! Get out!"

Justin began speaking as he approached the curtain, pulling it back, "Is that anyway to..." He paused, stunned at what he saw, then trailed off, "" Officer Trey Douglas was trying to stuff his 10", Black cock back in his uniform. He stood on the opposite side of the bed from the IV drip. He'd propped the patient on his side, using pillows, and had been getting a nice blow job when Justin so rudely interrupted.

"Goddamn you, O'Hara! I thought you were someone important. Did you close the door??"

"Gee, thanks. I thought I was important to you," Justin laughed. "What the fuck are you up to, dude??"

"Did you close the door??"

"Yes, I closed the door. Now, wh..."

"What the fuck does it look like I'm doing O'Hara?? ...painting Easter Eggs, you dumb bitch. Now, if you want some pretty good head, you're gonna have to wait `til I'm done, then you can have your tiny, White cock sucked. In the meantime, you can watch the door, or you can watch the door and stare at my cock at the same time. I don't give a fuck."

Kevin's baritone voice sounded for the first time, though weak and sluggish. "I want cock..."

Trey chuckled, "I know you do, baby. And pretty soon, you're gonna have more cock than you ever imagined."

Still hurt, Justin retorted, "Hey, my cock ain't tiny, fuckwad."

Trey laughed, "Bro, you've gotta one-track mind. I've seen you in the showers. I know you're not `tiny''re just not as huge as me!" He laughed more before adding, "Now, Aki is tiny! I'll bet his wife didn't even know she was pregnant! ...probably didn't feel a thing when he stuck it in her!" Both officers laughed, while Trey slapped the side of Kevin's face with his impressive, wet cock. "Is baby ready for more food??" Kevin moaned, trying to lick at the cock that Trey kept pulling away from the reach of his tongue. When Kevin tried reaching across to grab the cock with the hand having the IV in it, Officer Douglas pushed it back, saying, "Now, now, now, you gotta keep that hand to your side. We don't want that IV coming out. Remember, just your mouth, baby. I won't tease you anymore, okay?" Kevin's lips slid over the meaty, goo-covered cockhead, moaning. "Ah-h-h, that's it, girl... Justin, you gotta take a look at my baby's pussy, dude ...but not too long--you need to be watching that door for me. Remember, you'll get your turn for some head, so just keep your jets cool," the very handsome, 23-year-old, Black policeman reminded his buddy.

Justin went around the bed and lifted the sheet, revealing Kevin's near-naked body. His eyes took-in the stud's perfect body, traveling down Kevin's smooth back. Starting from his broad, muscular shoulders, the jock's back tapered to a slender waist ... followed by two, magnificent, hard mounds. Justin swallowed, catching his saliva before he drooled, and he groped his hard meat in his uniform, as his eyes continued down the jock's thick, muscular thighs and long legs.

Trey interrupted his friend's reverie, "That's enough, cowboy. Get back over so you can watch the door." Kevin's tongue swirled around the big cockhead in his mouth, sucking on his pacifier. "Oh, yeah, daddy's gonna fill his bitch up with some nigga babies pretty soon! Suck that cock, girl!" In a low voice, Trey continued talking to Justin, "I can't afford anymore baby-mommas, O'Hara. Two are about to break me, dude! And with a third on the way, man... It's a good, goddamned thing we got that call tonight, dude... You and I can build a harem of faggots. What'd ya say?"

"Bro, I'm right there with ya!" Justin's cockhead leaked a drop of his Irish goo inside his uniform, staring at the handsome jock sucking on the Black cockhead in his mouth.




Jon arrived at the hospital and sat next to Ryan with his arm around him, rubbing the boy's shoulder. "We're gonna take care of you, Ryan. You'll be alright."

Officer Takahashi apologized, "I'm sorry, I don't know what's keeping my partner."

"I'll go get him, if you want?" Matt offered.

"That would be great, if you don't mind."

Matt got the same warning at the nurse's station about not interrupting the questioning, but the pretty nurse--smitten with the popular wrestler--added, "But it didn't seem to stop the other officer, so I don't suppose peaking your head in would hurt anything. Hey, I know this isn't very professional, but would you mind giving me your autograph?" She blushed and smiled at Matt. Matt blushed too, not believing he was worthy of such a request. After giving her his autograph, he walked down to Kevin's room, ignored the sign, and walked in.

"Stop right there," Officer O'Hara warned. Looking to his friend, he added, "It's okay. I've got this." Justin was really worked-up, having watched the live porn show and sauntered over to Matt, who stood inside the closed door. The young rookie stood in Matt's personal space, and because he was a bit taller, it forced Matt to have to tilt his head up slightly to meet Justin's gaze.

"Officer Takahashi wants you back in the waiting room," Matt politely informed the intrusive officer.

"Oh, he does, does he? Well, the cocksucker's gonna have to wait a minute while we get better acquainted." Justin pushed Matt against the door and began rubbing the wrestler's big pecs with both hands.

Matt froze. His nipples had always been sensitive, and, for all the young Irish officer's bravado, Matt had to admit the dude was very hot. Justin pinned the boy against the back of the door and ground his hard, 8.5" cock against Matt's own, which responded in-kind, quickly expanding to its full, prize 10". The officer's big hands slid down the front of Matt's torso, grabbing and groping the boy's hard cock. Their breathing was ragged, as Justin's mouth covered Matt's and the two began kissing. Matt couldn't have told you exactly what it was about Officer O'Hara that turned him on, other than the man exuded raw, masculine sexuality. The police officer's big hands slid around Matt's waist, grabbing and squeezing the blonde wrestler's big, hard glutes. Matt found his own hands wrapped around the officer's strong back, holding him tightly.

Justin had never kissed another dude in his life--nor had he ever fantasized about doing so--but from the moment he'd first set eyes on the blonde, All-American hunk in the waiting room, he had an overwhelming desire to fuck the living daylights out of him. They kissed and kissed more, leaving the area around their lips pink from abuse. As they kissed, Justin unbuttoned Matt's jeans, then, breaking the kiss, he flipped Matt around, yanking his jeans and briefs down, pressing the wrestler's face against the door. "Oh, boy... what a beautiful, fuckin' ass you have!" Justin growled in Matt's ear, humping the boy's crack with his hard cock. O'Hara yanked one of Matt's hands off the door and put it over his uniform-covered cock. He licked up-and-down the wrestler's neck, whispering, "You want my big cock in you, boy? Huh?"

Matt didn't answer, finding his head dizzy with filthy thoughts.

"Let me take a closer look at your pussy, dude." Justin crouched down behind Matt's glorious ass, grabbing a big glute in each hand and squeezing. "Holy fuck, boy! What a beautiful ass you have... so big and smooth and hard..." Justin's head was dizzy with lust also. This hunk was letting Justin do anything with him! ...and what a stud this boy was! "Let's see your pussy, boy..." Justin spread the two glutes apart to see the prettiest little pussy he'd ever seen. The stud had a smooth, pink, little rosebud that smelled of soap. Without a thought--which was how the officer functioned anyway--his face fell into Matt's tight crack lapping at the pussy like a dog in heat. Matt moaned and twisted on the door. He wanted tongue deep in his ass.

Then two, sharp knocks on the outside the door stopped everything. The door handle turned, but Officer O'Hara pushed against the door, saying, "Just a minute..." Matt quickly yanked his knit briefs and jeans up. "Call me," Justin told Matt, handing him his card, to which Matt nodded his assent."

Justin opened the door to Officer Takahashi's furrow-browed, grim face. "What the fuck is going on in here?" Jon and Ryan stood a few feet behind Akihiro, not thinking too much about the situation.

"Uh... he pissed the bed and Trey's moving him over. We were just about to call for the nurse," Justin answered lamely.

"Yeah, right..." Akihiro said skeptically. "Boys, you stay in the hall." Blushing pink on his cheeks, Matt joined Jon and Ryan, pocketing Officer O'Hara's card.

Officer Takahashi pushed the door open widely and walked to the curtain. Stepping inside, he closed his eyes in disgust, quietly ordering Officer Douglas, "Get a wet washcloth and clean his face up now." Although Trey was fully-dressed, gobs of thick, white cum covered Kevin's lips and face. The once-notorious, suave, handsome seducer of girls seemed to have turned into a cock-craving queer. He turned to Officer O'Hara, pointing at the boys standing in the hall, "You and I are taking these three boys and their friend down to the station for statements, now, officer. You've done quite enough damage for tonight."


End -- Chapter 21