The following story is fictional. As such, it is not based on any real events or people. All characters are over eighteen, and you must be over eighteen to read it. My stories contain graphic sexual content and offensive language. In real life, be respectful of others and never engage in anything even vaguely non-consensual. Use protection.


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Bradley von Acht

Caucasian; Age 22; Straight, brown hair; Blue eyes; 6' 4"; 200 lbs.

University Senior; President -- Pi Kappa Epsilon (PIKE); QB -- University Football team

Jon Swenson

Caucasian; Age 19; Neck-length, straight, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 5' 10"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Treasurer -- PIKE Social Cmte; High School Football QB & Baseball

Kevin Striklin

Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, medium length, black hair -- shaggy bangs; Blue eyes; 6' 2"; 170 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- PIKE; High School Football & Wrestling

Taylor Harris

Caucasian; Age 21; Straight, dark, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 6' 2"; 185 lbs; Striking resemblance -- young Tom Brady

University Senior; Vice President -- PIKE; RB -- University Football team

Todd Dreyer

Caucasian; Age 21; Curly blonde hair; 6' 2"; Blue eyes; 175 lbs.

University Senior; Member -- PIKE; Rower -- University team

Colin Miller

African-American; Age 20; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 4"; 200 lbs.

University Junior; Boarding School Football & Baseball

Matt Jensen

Caucasian; Age 20; Short, white-blonde hair; Blue eyes; 6' 1"; 170 lbs.

University Junior; Secretary -- PIKE; Wrestler -- University team

Luke Jost

Caucasian; Age 21; Curly, brown hair; 6' 2"; Brown eyes; 170lbs.

University Senior; Treasurer -- PIKE; Football (Sidelined) University team

Ryan Cook

Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, light auburn hair; Blue eyes; 6' 0"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE); High School Football & Baseball

Dylan d'Abaco

Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, black hair -- shaggy bangs; Dark brown eyes; 6' 0"; 170 lbs.; Olive completion (Italian)

University Sophomore; Member -- TKE; Rugby -- University team

Chase James

Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, dark blonde hair; Light gray-green eyes; 6' 1"; 175 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- TKE; Rugby -- University team; Boarding School Rugby

Mason Alexander

Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, brown hair; Brown eyes; 5' 11"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- PIKE; High School Football & Basketball

Chris Flynn

Caucasian; Age 19; Straight, dark auburn hair; Brown eyes; 6' 0"; 160 lbs.

University Sophomore; Member -- PIKE; High School Football & Basketball

Tyler Harmon

Caucasian; Age 20; Neck-length, straight brown hair; Hazel eyes; 6' 2"; 175 lbs.

High School Football (RB) & Baseball

Dave Woolf

Caucasian; Age 20; Straight, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 6' 1"; 170 lbs.

High School Football & Baseball

Tyrese Lundsford

Biracial (Black/White); Age 22; Wide mohawk w/ long, tight, bouncy curls; Brown eyes; 6' 3"; 225 lbs.

University Senior; Vice President -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas); TE -- University Football team

Darnell Ramsey

African-American; Age 21; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 5"; 210 lbs.

University Senior; President -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas)

Deshawn Davis

African-American; Age 20; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 3"; 190 lbs.

University Junior; Active -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas)

Trevon Whiteley

African-American; Age 20; Short, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 6"; 215 lbs.

University Junior; Active -- Alpha Phi Alpha (Ice Cold Brothas)

Jonah Erickson

Caucasian; Age 18; Curly, blonde hair; Blue eyes; 5' 11"; 155 lbs.

University Freshman; High School Basketball & Baseball

Officer Trey Douglas

African-American; Age 23; Short-fade, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 3"; 190 lbs. Lives with one of his baby-mommas with whom he has one child and another on the way. Has another baby-momma with whom he has one child.

Rookie police officer on City Police Dept.

Officer Akihiro Takahashi

Japanese-American descent; 26; Short, straight, black hair; Brown eyes; 6' 0"; 165 lbs. Married, with two children.

Rookie police officer on City Police Dept.

Officer Justin O'Hare

Irish-American descent; 23; Crew-cut, medium red hair; Pale blue eyes; 6' 2"; 175 lbs. Married to Kristi and expecting their first child.

Rookie police officer on City Police Dept.

Jeff Sorenson

Caucasian; 33; Slicked-back, blonde hair; Blue eyes, 5' 11"; 160 lbs. Married, with a two-year old girl and a 5-year-old boy.

Attorney at the law firm representing the business interests of Kevin Striklin's father.

Wade Johansen

Caucasian; 31; Short, dark auburn-brown hair with long, shaggy bangs and a thick, 5" beard; Dark brown eyes; 6' 4"; 215 lbs.; Heavily muscled. Married and divorced three times, with (at least) six children (of which he's aware) by different women and girls.

Convicted felon: Three, aggravated rapes, Statutory rape, Armed robbery, Possession and sale of Class 2 and 3 drugs.







Chapter 23


Chase and Colin were locked-up in interim holding at the downtown jail, but both were soon on their way to County Jail--much to Chase's shock and fear. His father was infuriated beyond description with his son and his recent booking of Class 3 drug possession. Over the years, Mr. James had bailed his son out of numerous `situations', and he'd hoped the boy had finally grown up. Alas, this was not the case. The worst of these `situations' occurred at the last Boarding School to which he'd sent his son--i.e., sexual abuse of other minor children. However, with a little money here and a little money there, Mr. James had managed for the entire mess to be dumped on the broad shoulders of `the Colored boy', getting Colin expelled and his son reinstated. Possession of Class 3 drugs--as an adult this time, not a juvenile--was much, much messier a `situation' with which to deal. Complicating the problem even more was the fact the County Attorney was running for State Attorney General in this fall's election on a `tough-on-crime' platform.

Unbeknownst to Chase, his wealthy daddy flew in with his attorney (and `fixer') to meet privately with the County Attorney. A pleasant conversation ensued, wherein it was outlined that $30K would be deposited in the County Attorney's name to six different accounts at banks in the Bahamas and Panama--via shell companies setup by Mr. James' attorneys. The County Attorney could slowly move this money into U.S. banks to help fund his election efforts. The County Attorney, being scrupulous, accepted this generous offer--to which Mr. James added one condition: his son was to be kept locked-up for a period of two weeks to teach him a lesson. Once again, `the Colored boy', Colin, was to take the fall, and there were to be no charges filed against his son. Chase was not to be informed about this agreement and, in fact, was to be told the opposite--that his father refused to `bail' him out once again. After two weeks, the boy would be told by the County Attorney he had insufficient evidence to file charges and be released. Once again, the County Attorney, being scrupulous, readily agreed, but cautioned, "Jail is not a safe place for 19-year-old, White boys, you know?"

Reflecting on his son's activities in Boarding School, Mr. James boasted, "Respectfully, I think it's probably the other prisoners who'd ought to worry about my son."




"You're being moved to the County Jail, boys," the Sheriff announced, standing in front of Chase and Colin's holding cell.

"What??" Chase asked--a mixture of shock and fear in his voice. "Colin's been charged, but I haven't even been charged on anything yet!"

Colin shook his head at his friend so quickly throwing him under the bus.

The Sheriff scoffed, "Don't matter, boy. Downtown cells are only temporary holding cells. Not enough room to permanently house trash like you."

"You motherfucker..." Chase said in a low voice.

"WHAT did you say, boy??" the Sheriff angrily shouted. He'd clearly heard Chase's expletive, and after years and years of dealing with spoiled, rich, college kids, the Sheriff was sick to death of them.

When the van arrived at the County Jail, the Sheriff hauled the two boys inside for processing. Chase noticed the Sheriff talking for quite a bit to the Deputy Sheriff in charge of the facility, but he was too far way and it was too noisy to make out what was being said. Soon afterward, the Sheriff left, returning to the station downtown. After processing--dressed in nothing but orange jumpsuits, underwear, and regulation tennis shoes--the Deputy and three guards led Colin and Chase inside the cell blocks, where the Deputy told two of the guards, "Take the coon to Cell Block C, with the other coons."

"What?? Can't we be together?" Again, Chase was shocked and afraid. He'd assumed--incorrectly--that he and Colin would be kept together.

"I'm sorry to break you two lovebirds apart, but we keep the coons separate from the White boys here. No interracial marriages, if you catch my drift," the Deputy smirked. "We keep the Coloreds, the Spics, and the Whites separate here. Keeps the fighting over bitches, like you, down. Smell me?"

"Yeah, you smell like shit!" Chase fired back, thinking his daddy would soon be coming to his rescue.

The Deputy laughed, leading Chase and his guard down the hallway to Cell Block A, while the other two guards and Colin headed the opposite direction--the boys parting without even a nod to each other. Inside Cell Block A, catcalls and epitaphs rang out loudly to Chase and the Deputy: `Bring sweet-cheeks to me, Deputy!'; `Look at that fresh cunt, boys!'; `Boy, you want my 9" cock up your shitter?? I'll bet you do! Bring him here, Deputy Dog!' While the Deputy and the guard seemed unaware of all the catcalls, Chase, on the other hand, was most certainly aware ...and frightened. He'd thought, between Colin and himself, they'd be able to protect each other; he hadn't counted on being separated. Therefore, Chase felt vulnerable as he'd never felt before. Colin had warned him not to show fear under any circumstances, and after the first few lewd jeers and catcalls, Chase thought he'd at least masked this ...until they finally stopped in front of the cell to which he'd been assigned.

"Got a belated Valentine's Day present for you, courtesy of the Sheriff, Wade!" the Deputy happily announced. Inside the cell, laying on a bunk in nothing but a pair of gray boxers, was a mountain of muscle, named Wade Johansen: at 31-years-old, the hunk stood 6' 4" and weighed 215 lbs. of (what looked to be) sheer muscle. On the outside, Wade was both a pussy magnet and the one mothers warned daughters against. He had dark brown eyes and thick, dark auburn-brown hair worn neatly cut but with shaggy bangs almost over his eyebrows. Wade Johansen also sported a similarly thick, 5" beard, making him look like a relatively clean-cut Viking, minus the helmet. As Chase was pushed inside and his handcuffs removed, the felon--with pecs like huge, hard pillows--sat up and swiveled around, sitting on the side of his bed, staring at the Deputy and the blonde, college boy with a hint of a scowl--a scowl of disgust at having his solitude interrupted.

"Let me introduce you," the Deputy began, "This is Wade Johansen, convicted felon, awaiting sentencing. This isn't his first time here, is it, Wade? Over the years, he's been convicted of aggravated rape, armed robbery, possession and sale of Class 2 and 3 drugs, including meth, ...and, oh, yes...statutory rape. Did I miss anything Wade? Of course, he spent half his youth in Juvi, but I'm not privy to those records." The man sat silent, staring at the Deputy--his mask indecipherable. "He don't talk much, boy. You might say he's all-action, no talk. Ain't that right, Wade?" Then--in sotto voce--to Chase, the Deputy added, "Don't worry, boy. He's only in here another two months until sentencing, and I don't think he bites. He may try to get you pregnant, but I don't think he bites." Looking back at the muscled man, he taunted, "You don't bite, do you, Wade?? How many bastards do you have now anyway, Wade? ...five, six??" Looking back to a now visibly shaken Chase, "He's hung like a horse too, boy, and can't keep it in his pants to save his soul. Just ask his three ex-wives and all his baby-mommas!" Chuckling, the Deputy concluded, looking at Wade, "The Sheriff sends his regards, Wade." Laughing, the Deputy locked the cell, and he and the guard walked away.

When they got out of sight, the cacophony of lewd jeers and catcalls, that had previously died down, rose once again to unbearable decibels, echoing off the cement block walls. The mountain of a man rose from his bunk--seemingly all pecs, abs, and biceps--strutting toward Chase, saying nothing--his face a mask.

"Uh-h-h... Uh-h-h... I-I don't... I don't want any trouble, mister. Listen, my father's very rich, and if I ask him, he'll help you out. Believe me, he can, and he will!" Wade backed away from the approaching mountain, inadvertently backing himself into a corner.

The cacophony of lewd jeering molded itself into a repeating chant of `Fuck his cunt! Fuck his cunt!', drowning out anything Chase was trying to say. The big man said nothing, pushing Chase against the bars and grabbing his neck with one, h-u-g-e hand, choking the blonde boy. With both his hands, Chase frantically grabbed at the huge paw, trying to pull it from around his neck, as he gasped for air. With his other huge paw, the mountain grabbed the zipper tab at the top of Chase's jumpsuit and pulled it down, pushing it off the blonde rugby player's shoulders, where it landed in a puddle at his feet. The serial rapist then effortlessly swirled the straight stud around, smashing his face against the bars and yanking Chase's boxers over and off his beautiful... round... butt, and almost immediately, silence enveloped the cell block, with the exception the boy's frantic pleas, which fell on deaf ears. Keeping the spoiled, college boy pinned to the bars with his, big chest, the Viking stud pushed his own boxers off, revealing a huge, 13", uncut cock--hard and dripping. Now, in addition to Chase's pleas and promises of money, grew the sound of grown men openly masturbating their cocks--old men and young, handsome and ugly, big cock and little--echoing against the cement blocks like the sound of locusts on a hot, summer evening.

All the while the Viking-like stud said nothing, as he bent down a little and lined his horse cock up with Chase's pink, inviting hole. It was a mating ritual devoid of emotion and tenderness, as Wade Johansen shoved his giant, unlubed cock up the virgin cunt--Chase's blood-chilling scream echoing well-over the sound of the wretched, masturbating locusts. The rugby player stood on the tips of his toes, scrambling fruitlessly to climb up the bars--up and away from the burning log now implanted inside his ass. The fact the Viking was by far the most handsome stud inside the jail meant nothing to the screaming former-tough. Old chickens had come home to roost--in flocks--for Chase. The mountain brutally fucked the hard, round ass, smashing his untamed, thick, dark auburn bush against the big globes. The Viking stud bit Chase's neck, drawing blood--his beard and chest hair scratching against the blonde boy's back. It was an ancient, animalistic ritual--passed down through the millennia--intended to impregnate, not romance, and indeed, Chase's wild, incoherent sobbing and screaming attested to this fact.

Were it only a fictitious porno, it might have been a very hot scene. The Viking's long legs were topped by huge, threaded thighs, and his rapidly pounding butt was large, round, and hard. Every muscle group was developed, and his pecs, butt, and lower legs were lightly covered with a dusting of dark auburn hair. Thousands of years of evolution had placed him here for one purpose: fucking; and that much, Wade Johansen did very well, firing load-after-load of thick, white semen deep inside the blonde rugby player's ass. When he finished, the mountain pulled his huge cock from its new cunt, glistening in a mixture of white cum and blood, picked up his boxers, and strutted to the sink, washing off his big, hard meat. Wade at least took apparent pity on the former virgin, not making him clean his meat with his mouth, as he did normally. Chase collapsed on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably, while thick globs of sperm and blood poured from his ass, and for his part, Wade Johansen strutted back to his bunk, laid down, and went to sleep--all the while having said nothing more than grunting during his rut with the blonde rugby player.




A couple of days had passed since Kevin's ordeal at the hands of Colin and Chase. Yeah, he'd spent the night in the hotel, teaching Mr. Sorenson things he'd never experienced before, and as with everyone else who'd been with Kevin, he flew back to Boston with a little bit of his heart missing, having fallen under the spell of the flawless, big-dicked, jock-boy. You never forget your first, and the vanilla sex to which he'd become accustomed--with his wife and other women--would somehow never quite cut it anymore. It wouldn't be the last time he'd be with Kevin, but that's another story. Still, you had to feel a little bit sorry for the handsome, 33-year-old, married attorney and father of two. Kevin had blown him away, opening his reality ...after he was already laden with responsibilities.

Kevin, meanwhile, was back to his old self, horny and stirring up trouble wherever he could. Brad--as usual, of late--was AWOL, so he strutted down to Luke's room, where the former football player sat sprawled out on his sofa, watching a game. "Don't you ever fuckin' knock??"

"N-o-o-o..." Kevin laughed.

"What do you want??" Luke scoffed, never looking away from the action on the TV.

"Is that any way to talk to your old buddy?" Kevin replied, hoping to get under Luke's skin more.

"We're not `buddies', because you're the world's biggest cunt. Now, get out of here--I'm watching the game." Kevin chuckled, getting the reaction he'd hoped. He walked on over and made to sit down on the other end of the sofa--right on top of Luke's feet if he didn't move them. "Jesus Christ, Striklin! You're such a goddamned asshole!!!" Luke yelled, moving his feet off the sofa.

"Seriously, you gotta watch that temper, Jost. You're gonna end up having a stroke or heart attack or something," Kevin drawled, amused and pleased with his frienemy's reaction.

"If you weren't a brother, your teeth would've been down your throat a l-o-n-g time ago, Striklin," Luke growled. "Now, what the fuck do you want anyway?? I had you figured out long ago. Every `relationship' for you is transactional--with the other party getting the shit-end of the stick. Now, I'm trying to watch a game, and I'd like to do it without puking. So hurry up and get it out--whatever shit you came here to say."

Kevin laughed--Luke's reaction being more than he could've hoped for. "Okay, have you been fucking Tay-Tay?"

"F-u-c-k, no! But I know he wants it! All the queers want this cock." Luke grabbed his junk for emphasis. "They make me sick! ...fuckin' genetic defects! Thing is, I don't need the queers--unlike you, I imagine."

"Do you spend a lot of time `imagining' my sex life?" Kevin goaded.

"You goddamned sonofabitch! Get the fuck outta my room now! ...before I throw your faggot-ass out!" Luke yelled.

"Okay, okay, I'll be nice...even though it kills me. It's no secret Taylor Harris wasn't always very friendly to you. He kind of strutted around here like the `cock of the walk'--kind of looking down on you ...probably due to your White trash background. Am I right?" Luke closed his eyes and pursed his lips, trying his best not to let the sonofabitch get to him--his face red with anger. "Anyway... You think queers are disgusting. Good, so do I! You think Taylor wants your cock again. I say he doesn't. I say that given a choice of cocks, Tay-Tay will go for mine first, every time. In fact, I'd be willing to bet I can get him to suck my cock while you watch! Sound interesting?? I'll even go a step farther than that... I'll bet I can get him to suck my cock first, over a choice of cocks--yours and two, other brothers--of your choosing."

Luke laughed at Kevin's arrogance. The sonofabitch sure thought highly of himself! Kevin was spot-on about Luke's relationship with Taylor, though--minus the White trash part. Luke didn't come from the kind of wealth Kevin did, but his dad was an upper-middle class attorney. Luke saw the `White trash' comment as coming more from Kevin's perspective, than from Taylor's, attempting to anger him further. Other than that, Kevin was right about his perceptions of Taylor's past arrogance, and Luke had no use for Taylor--especially now that he knew the star running back was nothing but a cocksucking faggot. "You're so full of shit, Striklin..." Luke shook his head. "You think you're God's gift to mankind." Luke thought a moment before continuing, "So you're saying that if Taylor had a choice of four cocks--including yours and mine--he'd go for yours first?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying."

"And what? ...four guys are supposed to walk into his room in the nude and say, `Hey Taylor! Wanna suck some cock??'"

"No, no, no... You have no imagination, Jost. That's why you'll never amount to anything," Kevin retorted, watching Luke's face turn red in anger again. "Have your radiator on high, so it's warm. Five of us meet in here to watch a game. The two bros you choose cannot know Taylor's a cocksucker. That'll make Tay-Tay's humiliation greater. You agree?" For the first time in this conversation with Kevin, Luke's eyes sparkled as a smile crossed his face. Luke had never cared for the arrogant, young-Tom Brady lookalike--especially since Luke was sidelined for injury his Sophomore year and Taylor became more popular than he around the frat afterward. "Because it's warm, we're all wearing just shorts and t-shirts or whatever. You, Taylor, and I sit on the sofa, with Tay-Tay between us. We'll get a couple of armchairs in here for the other two. We drink, we smoke a lot of pot, then, after the game, you put on some hot porn. After a few, you pull out your cock and suggest we all beat off. See, I'm even letting you go first! Of course, we might both lose--meaning Taylor won't suck any cock that night, or he might suck one of the other bro's cocks first ...but I wouldn't count on it--not when you're as hot as me," Kevin smirked.

Luke rolled his eyes, disgusted with Kevin's conceit, nevertheless, he was definitely interested in this little proposition. "And I get to pick any bro?"


"And what do I get if I win??"

"I'll suck your pathetic cock."

Luke laughed wildly! "Oh boy! You're..." He started to say, `You're on', but stopped--the smile dropping from his face. "Wait... And what do you get if I lose??"

"Well, of course, you'll suck my cock! ...but don't worry, I won't make you do it in front of the others. We'll wait until we're alone, so you can really take your time and enjoy it." Luke made a face of revulsion to which Kevin laughed. "And of course, I'm not sucking you in front of the others. Otherwise, we'd all be spending the night, waiting for me to find it."

"What a cunt you are..." Luke sneered.

"That's why you're secretly in love with me, Jost."

"Yuck! I'd rather die first! ... So wait a minute... What happens if we both lose?? ...that Harris chooses one of the other bros or no cocks at all??"

"Hmm... Well, I want you trying, so let's say in that event, we have to jack each other off on the lawn of the Kappa house--when it gets warmer, of course ...say, on May Day. That way we can say it's our May Day present to them."

"Oh, dude, seriously?? I don't know about this then..."

"What?? You say Taylor's a total faggot. You say he's after your bone. You think you're way hotter than me. What's to lose?? ...or are you just full of shit, like I think you are? ...maybe just a closet-case yourself?? ...which wouldn't surprise me in the least."

"Fuck you, Striklin! You're on!!"

"Oh, and one more thing..."

"No way! You can't change the rules now!"

"No `rule change' ...I'll bring a `consolation prize' for the losers--in the event Tay-Tay sucks someone that night, the others will have someone else to suck their cocks. I mean, think about it, dumbass... Taylor will be spending a LOT of time on my bone that night, because...well...he's in love with it ...kind of like you are. That means you and the other two will be just sitting around, jacking your tiny cocks, waiting forever for your turns at him. Wouldn't you like some entertainment while you wait, or would you rather just stare lovingly at my cock while Tay-Tay eats it??"

"I don't think we can get three armchairs in here..."

"Nah, dude, he'll sit on the floor the whole time."

"Wait... do I know this dude?? Is he a brother??"

"Nope, no brother. In fact, he's a TKE."

"Alright!" Luke laughed, elated at the opportunity to humiliate a dude from PIKE's rival frat. "Count me in! When I'm done with Harris, can I use the dude too?"

"Yeah, but you may be asleep by that time, considering Taylor will be on my bone first," Kevin boasted. "Thursday night at 7:00, okay? You invite Taylor and get the armchairs. I'll bring the weed, and you get the booze."

"Fine. Now get the fuck outta my room." Every interaction Luke had with Kevin was tiring, and this one was certainly no exception.




Neither Kevin nor Dylan provided much of a statement and neither boy refused to press charges against Chase or Colin, leaving Ryan the lone victim providing a detailed statement. Considering Kevin and Dylan refused to corroborate his account, Ryan, too, declined pressing charges. The handsome, light-auburn haired Ryan had not been his usual upbeat, outgoing self in the days following his ordeal, worrying how many people knew and how much they knew. He threw himself into his studies, seeing no one and spending very little time attending TKE meetings or activities. It seemed he was in one of three places, only: in class, at the Physics Library, or in his room.

Monday afternoon, he was on his way into the Physics building when he heard a voice yell, "Ryan! Wait up!" He looked down the sidewalk to see Kevin strutting toward him. "Where you off to, dude?"

"Um... to study, man."

"Here?? How boring, dude! Come with me to Bergman Hall, next door. There's a LOT more pussy there than here, dude!"

"Ah... thanks. I'm good."

"You're not pissed at me are you? ...for not pressing charges? Dude, I've got a rep, you know? ...the pussy killer?" Kevin grabbed his big junk, squeezing it.

Ryan felt light-headed. "No, man, I'm not mad at you." The boy tried smiling, but it came off looking like a sad smile. "I've just got a lot of work to do, and it's way quiet here."

"I hear ya, I hear ya... Hey, I'll join you!" Kevin didn't ask whether it was alright; he just assumed as much. He wasn't far off in his assumptions, as most people--straight or gay--found the handsome, charismatic stud irresistibly charming, if not easy on the eyes. Ryan was such a nice guy he didn't have the heart or will to push Kevin away.

After the elevator stopped on the third floor, Ryan and Kevin were alone the rest of the way to the seventh floor, where the library was located. "Dude, I don't know how you study in here. It's like a fuckin' morgue! Only physics Grad students study in here, and there aren't that many of them ...and most definitely none I'd like to bone, you know?" Again, Kevin grabbed at his jeans-covered cock--but this time, rubbing it for about twenty seconds. Ryan's blue eyes lingered on the groping hand, before finally looking away.

Kevin saw such sadness in those eyes, and he draped his heavy arm over Ryan's shoulders. "Dude, you gotta put that night out of your head, or it's gonna fuck you up." Ryan looked away--his nose red and his chin quivering. Seeing Kevin for the first time since their shared ordeal flooded his memory with things he'd rather forget--memories not just of that night, but also those of the week before, when Chase single-handedly tormented him. He fought to keep his emotions under control, and he was successful, though Kevin saw-through everything.

As they walked down the empty hall to the library entrance, Kevin kept his arm over Ryan's shoulders, squeezing them. "It's okay, dude. I love cock too, ya know? I love cock and pussy both. Why put blinders on when you can see panoramically?"

Ryan whispered, "Shhh, keep it down. I don't think I'm even gay."

"It's cool... Maybe some time you'd let me suck your cock, maybe?"

They were at the doors to the library now, and Ryan looked at Kevin in complete shock--his eyes wide and his mouth gaping. He'd heard months ago of Kevin's exploits at the Kappa house--fucking nearly every one of the sorority sisters there, except the elderly House Mother. (Of course, Ryan realized the story was a gross exaggeration but was likely based in some degree of truth.) What's more, Kevin was a `stud's stud'--exceptionally handsome and masculine. How was it even possible that Kevin could like cock?? Ryan shook his head wondering if he was somehow asleep then opened the library door, ignoring Kevin's pass altogether.

The two walked in single file, passed the 55-year-old librarian, sitting at her desk reading a love story, no doubt. Directly in front of her desk, were two rows of tables about six tables deep, surrounded by aisle-upon-aisle of tall shelving full of--as Kevin would put it--boring books. Turning to the right and walking down one of these book aisles, eventually another area of tables appeared--again, about two rows of six tables each, surrounded by even more, boring books. There were only three Grad students studying in this section of tables--two males sitting on opposite sides of first table on the left, and one male sitting alone at the second table on the right. All appeared to be in their mid-20s. Ryan led the way between the two rows of tables, stopping at the far side of last table on the right. Taking his backpack off, he'd assumed Kevin would sit across from him, but instead, the sexy, dark-haired stud sat down right next to him. Ryan thought at the very least, Kevin should have left a chair between them. It made them look like a gay couple or something. However, Ryan being Ryan, he just draped his coat over the back of his chair and sat down.

Leaning forward with his elbows on the table, Ryan began reading a textbook. Kevin was slumped back in his chair, working on his laptop, and because he was slumped back, Ryan couldn't really see him in his peripheral vision--not with his elbows on the table and the backs of his hands propping his head up while he read. All was quiet with just the sound of turning pages and the clicking noises of fingers on a keyboard...for the first half-hour. Then Kevin pushed a piece of paper to Ryan, reading, "I'm really serious, dude. I think you're way hot. It doesn't have to be reciprocal--I just want your cock in my mouth so bad, dude. I can still see you in that sling in those pink panties, and it makes my 9" cock drip. Please let me suck your cock."

Being so fair-skinned, a red blush rose from his neck, covering his handsome face. Ryan didn't look at Kevin nor did he write anything back. He merely pushed the paper back in the direction in which it came. About five minutes later his crimson blush returned, as Kevin's big hand rubbed up-and-down Ryan's thigh. Again, without looking, Ryan pushed the hand off his thigh. A couple of minutes later, when the handsome stud's hand returned, sliding between Ryan's legs, rubbing his hard cock, the light-auburn haired boy looked over at Kevin with an exasperated look. His look turned to shock and fright when he saw the sexy stud had not only opened his jeans but had also pushed them and his briefs down his muscular thighs.

Ryan sat staring in disbelief at the big, hard, beautiful cock, standing eagerly erect, rooted in the thick, black bush below. All the time, Kevin freely rubbed the front of Ryan's jeans, without protest from the boy. Ryan looked up into Kevin's face with a questioning look--speechless at the indecent behavior, searching for an answer. Kevin's face portrayed innocence mixed with longing and lust--a face he'd used to melt the most difficult of sorority girls' hearts. Indeed, Ryan felt himself falling into Kevin's deep blue eyes--his breath shallow and his head spinning.

Kevin slid his hand from Ryan's crotch, grabbing the boy's hand and bringing it to his hot, thick meat--all the time staring longingly into Ryan's eyes. Kevin wrapped the boy's hand wrapped around the middle of his warm cock, guiding it slowly up-and-down--his own hand covering Ryan's. A frightened look flew across Ryan's face, as he jerked his head, looking down the aisle of tables to see whether anyone was watching. Reassured that neither of the two Grad students facing them had seen anything, Ryan looked back at Kevin's oh-so-handsome face, falling once again into his two pools of blue. A small bit of drool intentionally slipped from the corner of Kevin's mouth, running slowly down his chin and hanging on a thread, before breaking and falling to the front of his shirt below. Ryan's watched the drool hit Kevin's shirt, and his gaze traveled lower, landing on the beautiful, mouth-watering prick. Ryan licked his lips--his hunger slowly overcoming him.

Ryan's hand moved freely on its own now, so Kevin moved his hand to the small of Ryan's back, working itself inside. Slowly pulling the back of Ryan's shirt from his jeans, Kevin's fingers slipped inside the back of Ryan's white briefs. The light auburn-haired boy's skin was soft and smooth, as Kevin's long, thick middle finger soon burrowed itself in the very narrow valley separating the boy's hard, round glutes, sliding up-and-down. Ryan felt he could barely breathe. His eyes rolled in his head. He felt a couple of large drops of Kevin's precum rolling over his fingers jacking the big, hot cock. Oh, how the handsome redhead wanted this man--more than anything!

"Help me," Kevin whispered in the lowest of whispers. The dark-haired Adonis quietly pushed his chair back on the carpet, letting his jeans fall to the floor and spreading his muscular legs. Again, in barely a whisper, Kevin said, `No one will notice. They'll think you're in the stacks. With his big hand flat against Ryan's back and his middle finger sliding in-and-out of the boy's tight crack, Kevin applied pressure, pushing Ryan forward in his chair. Looking both lost and seductive, Kevin whispered again, "Please... help me." Subtly applying more pressure, Ryan slid off the front of the chair--his knees making a low thud on the carpeting beneath the table.

The Grad student sitting with his friend six tables away looked up, furrowing his brow, looking around, and when his eyes landed on Kevin's, the cocky stud winked at him. The Grad student looked around, before realizing the wink was intended for him, then smirked and returned to his book. The bells rang in the Quad, signaling the top of the hour, and both the Grad student sitting by himself as well as the friend of the dude at which Kevin winked packed their bags and left.

Ryan's warm, wet mouth enveloped Kevin's big, wet cockhead, rolling his tongue around it collecting its rich precum. Kevin looked down, watching the handsome boy, running his long fingers through Ryan's soft, straight hair. Ryan sucked on the head, pulling more of Kevin's sweet nectar across his tongue, then pulled off, running his pink tongue down the long, thick shaft. Ryan buried his face in Kevin's soft, dense pubes, running his nose through them, drugged by the Adonis' intoxicating scent. He rubbed Kevin's ripped thigh and jacked the thick cock, while his mouth opened wide, enveloping one of the stud's balls--licking and sucking it, before mouthing and licking the other dangling orb. Ryan was lost in the haze of lust anyone would have for this dude, and his brain told him this man would be different from his other bad experiences--Brad and Chase. How could anyone with eyes as sincere and beautiful as Kevin's be anything other than good? He heard the stud quietly moan and felt good he was pleasing this Adonis--who chose him.

With the moan from the other table, the Grad student six tables away looked up to see Kevin's face thrown back in what was clearly an erotic expression. Kevin dropped his face down, watching Ryan's lips descend around his meat. Again, he ran his fingers through the boy's light-auburn hair, petting him. Of course, Kevin was putting on a show--though he really was very pleased with his latest conquest, being very attracted to Ryan. He slowly looked up--his eyes heavily-lidded and sultry--meeting the stunned look on the Grad student's face. Kevin would normally have waited to seduce Ryan in private, but when he first observed the Grad student, Kevin found him pretty hot as well. (His harem could never be large enough.)

Actually, however, Kevin's assumption the Physics Library was only visited my Grad students was flawed. The dude six tables away wasn't a Grad student but, rather, a Senior and a wide receiver on the university's football team. (Kevin probably should have paid less attention to the cheerleaders and more to the games themselves.) The young man was 6' 5" Brendan Penner. Having a flawless face, straight, light-brown hair and brown eyes and weighing 200 lbs., the wide receiver was, indeed, a sight for sore eyes. It was little wonder Kevin's roaming eyes picked him out as potential prey. Now... if Kevin had heard the name `Brendan Penner', he would, of course, have recognized it; he simply didn't know the face.

Kevin brought his hands above the table, turned an open notebook horizontally, and wrote in large letters across the page: "FAGGOT UNDER TABLE. BEST COCKSUCKER EVER!" Holding it up, Kevin motioned for the dude to come over, using his seductive face, knowing he was every bit the Adonis he was. Brendan chuckled and shook his head in amusement, but he didn't bite, returning to his book. Sweet Ryan bobbed his head in on Kevin's meat, while rubbing the stud's big balls with his free hand. Kevin unbuttoned four buttons of his shirt, exposing one of his smooth, muscled pecs and began fingering its pink nipple--throwing his head back and quietly moaning again. Brendan looked up, this time, awe-struck at the show the hot stud was putting on. The wide receiver didn't know who, if anyone, was under the table, but this hot dude appeared to be all but begging to be fucked! ...and Brendan Penner fucked anything--pussy-pussy or boy-pussy, he wasn't partial.

The football player pushed his chair back and stood--his tall form and broad shoulders looming above the table. Again, Kevin looked at Brendan, still tweaking his little nipple--his eyes heavy-lidded and his lips glistening wet. The big dude slowly strutted down the aisle, unbuttoning his jeans--a perpetual smirk on his sexy face--until he stood over Kevin--only mildly surprised by the cocksucker actually between his legs. Brendan pushed his jeans off his hips, letting them fall to the floor--his hard, 11" cock swinging free. Up close, the `Grad student' was much, much hotter, Kevin realized, staring Brendan in the face. The wide receiver slapped Kevin in the face with his cock, then sat in Ryan's chair, draping a big, heavy arm over the dark-haired beauty's shoulders. He leaned toward Kevin, knocking his hand away from the tit, and began groping and squeezing it himself, while his other hand began massaging Kevin's neck, rocking it forwards and backwards.

Kevin was a ragdoll in the big dude's hands, being driven to ecstasy by the awesome, sucking mouth on his cock and the big, squeezing hand on his pec. Kevin felt small and weak next to this big stud--hypnotized by Brendan's shiny, brown eyes and hot, flawless face--so when the wide receiver put Kevin's hand around his huge cock, Kevin didn't blink an eye. When Brendan stuck his long, middle finger at Kevin's pink lips, the king of seducers opened his hot, wet mouth, and sealed his lips around it--rolling his tongue rolling around the big thing slowly sawing in-and-out. Still massaging his neck, Brendan pulled his wet finger from Kevin's sucking mouth, reached under the dark-haired beauty's outstretched, muscular thigh and lifted it--searching between the stud's hard, round globes for the smooth, pink rosebud. Finding the tight orifice, the football player pressed and pushed until finally his long finger slowly slipped inside and began sawing back-and-forth over Kevin's sex nut.

Kevin was on sensory overload. Ryan was manically sucking his big cock, crazed by the stud's sweet precum, his own hand--covered in goo--was jacking Brendan's huge, thick cock, and wide receiver's finger was fucking his tight, hot cunt, while the other big paw squeezed and rocked his neck. When the big football player pulled Kevin's head onto his own, big pec, a pool of saliva inside the dark-haired beauty's open mouth spilled onto Brendan's shirt, saturating a 2" area immediately over his tit. Kevin blindly sucked on the shirt-covered tit like a baby, until the finger sawing in-and-out of his pussy pulled out and Brendan sat back in his chair. At which time, the hand massaging his neck pushed the master seducer's face right down on top of the giant cock below.

Being every bit a cock-whore as Jon and Ryan, Kevin's open, hungry mouth covered Brendan's meaty cockhead, sealing his lips around it, and greedily sucking the juicy cock, while both his hands now jacked the 4" diameter base of the cock. Kevin's inner whore came out, as he began shooting big, thick globs of rich, white cum inside Ryan's crazed, hungry throat. Beautiful Ryan--his eyes closed in ecstasy--swallowed as quickly as he could--his tight throat squeezing around Kevin's thick meat. Pulling the big cock out of his throat, white cum filled his mouth to overflowing and slipped out the corners of his pink lips, running down his neck and inside his shirt.

About that time, Brendan's friend sauntered back in, and a look of shock then pleasant surprise covered his face. He'd actually left to get sandwiches for he and Brendan. Standing 6' 4" and weighing 190 lbs., Trent Lockridge was a Junior quarterback on the university football team and a rival of Senior, Brad von Acht. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed stud stopped at the table six rows over, set down the two sacks of lunch, took off his backpack and coat, and strutted down to the sex table, where Ryan was now on the floor, sucking Brendan's big nuts, and Kevin was bobbing and twisting wildly on 6" of the wide receiver's 11" of cock.

As Trent strutted up to the table unbuttoning his jeans, Kevin was half-standing, half-kneeling in his chair with his big, round butt in the air for anyone to see. The blonde football player sat down in the chair on the other side of the dark-haired beauty, grabbed a big glute in each paw, leaned down, and ate pussy. Trent loved pussy--girl, boy, it didn't matter. He and Brendan thought alike: they were totally straight, but they were also testosterone-driven fuck machines. They preferred real pussy, but if a dude could be turned out, it was a major turn-on for both. Many a straight, high school boy-stud asking for an autograph ended-up spinning on their big cocks, delirious for their hero's cum. It didn't matter if he was a fag either. In fact, Trent regularly scissor-fucked one of the buff, male football cheerleaders until he was a blubbering idiot. Life was fun for the two jocks.

Trent pistonned his big tongue in-and-out of the warm, tight hole, sucking on its tiny lips. Like everyone before him, the blonde football player became drugged by Kevin's overpowering, seductive scent, and Trent's 10" cock oozed to make its new home there.

"Pretty good cunt there, huh, buddy?" Brendan asked.

Trent barely pulled back to answer--his deep base voice almost sounding drugged, "The best pussy ever, dude..."

Brendan chuckled, "What'd ya say we take this elsewhere before we get busted? As it is, we're running out of places to study ...we keep getting kicked out." Trent ignored him and fell back in the pussy, sucking and tongue-fucking it. "Hey Red, what's your name, sexy?"

Ryan looked drugged pulling back from the big balls, though the only drug in his system was long-repressed desire. His pink lips were slightly swollen from sucking cock and balls, as he slurred, "Ryan."

"Well, angel-face, do you and/or the cocksucker have a playpen we can take this to??" A sly smile crept over the wide receiver's lips.

"Yeah, my place," the boy slurred again.

"Cool. How far is it?"

"Three blocks, sir." Ryan surprised himself. Where did `sir' come from?? He only used that when addressing older men, like his dad or professors.

"`Sir'...I like that. Let's go then." Brendan had to pull Kevin's head off his cock, though Kevin gripped the big cock in both hands, trying repeatedly to get back on it--as if he were a two-year-old not wanting to give up a toy. Brendan pulled Kevin's face up, gently patting it, "Hey... Wakey-wakey, sexy-pants... Do you have a name?" Kevin had to stop and think a minute before it came to him. Brendan laughed, "You want my big cock up that pretty cunt of yours?" Kevin slowly nodded--drugged on the wide receiver's rich precum. Brendan chuckled more, "Well, we're taking this to angel-face's, okay? Now, standup and get dressed. We're getting out of here." Brendan leaned over, thumping his buddy on the head.

Trent pulled back--his deep voice questioning, "What the fuck, dude..."

"Come on, butt-munch, we're taking this party to the kid's," nodding toward Ryan, now standing. "You can get your dick good-and-wet there. Sound fun? Button-up and let's pull chocks." Brendan winked at his friend.

Trent sighed, not much of one for delayed gratification. "I suppose..."

In five minutes, the four boys were dressed, bundled, and heading out the library door, walking the snow-scooped sidewalk for a whole, new adventure.


End -- Chapter 23