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By Patrick -


Left bare

They had just finished dinner at their beautiful seaside villa in Spain.

“Let's go for a walk… work of that dinner”

“Sounds good”

They both locked up the villa and head for the beach.

“What the bag for?”

“Don’t worry yourself about that”

“Huh… that sounds intriguing but fair enough”

It was quite a dark night but there was a little bit of moonlight to help them see down the rocky path to the sandy beach. No one was about at this hour as they walked hand in hand along the lovely sandy beach. They had walked the full stretch of the beach and now where far away from the villa.

“Follow me”

As he headed off the beach and up to the wood with his backpack. His partner following behind. They got only a little into the woods and could still see the sea and the beach but where now surrounded by trees and bushes

“Time for you to work off that supper. Strip for me now,” he ordered as he dropped the backpack.

“Erm ok” with excitement in his voice.

He kicked off his shoes and pulled his t-shirt over his head and dropped it on top of the shoes. He then pulls his shorts and underwear off and drops his shorts and underwear on top of his t-shirt. He stands butt naked with a big hardon in front of his partner who was still full clothed and is just watched him undress.

“My word you get excited don’t you.”

He chuckled in response

“Now hands behind your back.”

He did as ordered. His partner then got out of his backpack a roll of duct tape and tapes his wrist tight together.

“That’s better” as he walks around to face his partner whilst running his fingers over his body.

“On your knees and open wide. I hope your thirsty as I am gagging for a piss”

His partner drops to his knees in the soft sand as his partner undoes his flies and gets his cock out. He opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out, ready to receive the torrent of piss. It didn't take long. He wasn’t lying about gagging for a piss. He’s been holding it in throughout dinner. He filled his partner's mouth as he tries to swallow every drop. His partner gives him a chance to catch his breath by moving his stream away from his mouth and on to his hair soaking his hair in his warm piss which runs down his face and body. He soon moves back to the mouth to give him another mouthful. He moves his unrelenting stream back to his hair and back to his mouth making sure it covers him in his golden juice. He then sticks his cock in his mouth to get him to suck every drop out of his cock. He keeps suck on his cock to get him hard. His partner grabs his head and force his cock deep as it grows hard in his mouth. He chokes but goes back for more.

“Eager fucker aren’t you

He nods as he doesn’t stop working on his cock.

“Now work on my arse” as he turns around and drops his shorts to show his arse off. His partner buries his head into his arse and lick and rims his partner deep as his partner jacks off.

Mmm” goes his partner as he eats his arse. He then pulls away “Lets get you a little more restrained” as he grabs the tape again. He runs a strip around his taped wrists and pulls it up to a branch just behind him forcing him into a more bent over position. He tapes that end to the branch with a few wraps of the tape.

“Your head is at the perfect position for me to fuck. But let's do something about those eyes as he pulls out a blindfold from the bag and places it over his eyes. “That better. Now lets help you focus on my cock as he rummages in the bag and puts pegs onto his nipples.

Mmmgrr” goes his partner as the pain of the pegs on his nipples take effect.

“Now those balls” as he makes his way behind him and puts four pegs onto his balls. He strokes his partner hard cock making the pegs on his cock bounce up and down.

“My word you’ve got a lot of precum” as his partner licks his fingers of his partners precum. He then starts lick his partners exposed arse and rims him deep as he jacks off his cock off which makes his pegged balls bounce up and down.

“Careful I am close” says his partner. He stops jacking him off and pulling the pegs off his balls making him yelp in pain and he drives his tongue deep into his arse. His partner is panting for breath as he recovers from the shooting pain of the pegs being removed and the deep rimming. He pulls himself up and slaps his partners arse hard. Which make him jolt forward as he loses his footing in the sand.

“Steady, that was only a gentle slap” his partner chuckles as he picks up a discarded branch on the floor and swishes it in the air behind his partner and then rubs the branch around his bare exposed arse. “Deep breath” and crack goes the branch on his arse as it snaps into pieces. His partner muffles the yelp in his closed mouth as he staggers back and forth as the coursing pain works up his whole body. “That one solid arse you’ve got. You’ve broken my stick” his partner stays silent.

He moves around to the front of his partner “Come here, work my arse again” as he shoves his arse back in his face. His partner gets to work on his arse as he jacks off again. “Deeper” his partner cries as he gets pulses of pleasure from the deep rimming. He keeps going for a good time as his partner jacks off whilst being rimmed and then he pulls away and turns to face him. His cock right in his blindfolded face. Still jacking off. “Open wide, time for dessert!” as his partner shoots a massive load over his face, hair and into his mouth. Covering his face. He then shoves his cock into his mouth and give it a final fuck as his last spurts go down his throat. He pulls his cock and lets out a big sigh of relief as he recovers from the orgasim. He then wipes cum around his mouth into his mouth.

Mmm that’s better” as he leans down to get the tape again and this time wraps the tape around his mouth with two wraps of tape around his head. Making it impossible to speak. “Let have those” as he yanks the pegs off his nipples. His partner lets out a pained groan from behind the tape.

He picks up the bags and puts everything back into the bags, including his partners clothes. He positions his partner, so he’s facing towards the woods and not to the sea. He whips off the blindfold and head back to the beach and home and as he leaves he says “Good luck getting home darling” and disappears off home.

His partner shuffles himself around to see his partner disappear off into the distance. “Fucker” he said to himself behind his taped mouth. His excited cock pulses with excitement of been left naked and tied up. He pulled at the tape that secured him to the branch but it didn’t budge. He then rolled on his side and put his whole body weight onto the pull of the tape and it snapped making him tumble into the sand and get covered in it.  He got himself to his feet and staggered down to the edge of the beach keeping himself still covered by the bushes if anyone was walking along. He looked both ways and could see no one. His partner had already gone round the corner of the path at the far end of the beach. He makes a dash along the beach staying up the top near the bushes so he could get cover if needs be. It was slower going through the thicker sand but it was his only safe option from not getting spotted. He looked up ahead and then saw a couple come round the corner and down the path to the beach. They had a torch with them. He dives behind the nearest bush and hides his naked piss and cum covered body. He waits and see the couple walk past him and further along the beach till they go to the end and walked up the walkway and out of sight.

He was about to start his dash again but just where the couple had disappeared another light shone along the beach. He could make it out but it looked like a man on his own. His position in the bush was less covered from this angle but he couldn’t move without being noticed. He hunkered down and hoped he’s not visible.

The light of the torch flicked from side to side of the beach as it got closer. Oh shit I will get spotted he thought to himself. Oh well got to see this one out. Sure enough as the light drew close it shined over his naked body and then back to the beach but returned and held onto him. He looked up at the light coming towards him. It blinded him as it shone in his face.

It was just one person, and they soon stood over him with the light fixed on his naked body. He was very nervous but his cock found this all very exciting and was erect.

“What do we have here says a deep voice from behind the bright light of the torch “I think I could have fun with you he chuckled “get out of that bush so I can look at you.

He pulls himself out of the bush but still on his knees and looks up at the man. The man runs his hand around the tape over his mouth. “Good that will keep you quiet. I see you’ve already had fun. Piss and cum covered aren’t you” he asks

A moan from the gagged mouth responds.

“Let me wash that sand off you” as he flicks off his torch and unzips his flies and gets his cock out. He showers his face and body with his hot smelly piss. It had an odour of beer. The man must of been at a bar or something. He finishes his piss and wanks his cock “Turned around so I can see that arse” he does as he’s told, as he’s finding this very horny. “Mmm very nice” as he spits into his hand and rub his saliva around his hole. He pushes his finger in which make him groan behind his gag. The man spits again into his hand and works it around his cock as he kneels down to push his cock up into his arse. With pushing his cock works its way deep into his hole. The man just fucks him hard. No warming up, just goes for it. He grabs his hair as he hammers his cock deep inside him. The groans from the gagged mouth increase as the speed of the man increases to a climax. The man pulls out and shoots a load over his arse and then shoves it back in fucking him more. He then finishes and push the taped guy face first into the sand. Kicks sand over him and does up his trousers. He then pushes his arse with his foot to push the guy to the floor. “Face me” he barks.

The gagged guy looks up as he takes a picture Need a souvenir. Best walk home ever!” as he flicks his torch back on and carries on his way along the beach.

He rolls back onto his feet. Wow that was awesome. “I was properly used” he thought to himself. He looks from side to side. All clear. He heads down to the sea as he feels he’s got to get clean. He thinks it’s just worth the risk. He wades into the water up to his waist and dunks himself in down to his shoulders. He can feel the water loosen the tape. Sure enough he can break free. He peels the tape off his mouth and face. He’s free again. Naked but free.

He bundles up the tape and makes a dash for it.

He gets back to the villa where his partner is waiting for him. Sitting there smug with a drink in his hand.

“Had fun?”

“Yes!” he said more excited than he should be “I got fucked by a complete stranger thanks to you.”

“But you enjoyed it?”

“Yes he says “But my balls are ready to explode. I am so horny still

“Well you better get me back then” as his partner gets up and drops his shorts and turns around displaying his arse.

His partner grabs him and pushes him over the table. “I will fuck you so hard now. I need to get my revenge!” as he pins his hand down on the table “Where the bag and where's the tape

“Over there Sir” his partner goes enjoy the role reversal.

He tapes his partners hands to the legs of the table and then tapes his legs to the legs of the table. Fixed him splayed over the table unable to move. He moves to face him with his cock just in front of him. “You beg me to fuck you?”

“Please Sir fuck me. Please exact your revenge on my tight hole. Fill me with your cum

With that he shoves his cock deep into his mouth and face fucks him. He then pulls out to then fuck his hole with no lube. Just the saliva left on his cock from the face fucking. “It hurts” goes his partner as he pushes his cock inside him

“Shut the fuck up bitch” as he ignores him and fucks him hard and deep. He rides him hard and fast and soon he’s uploading his cum inside him. He lies over him as his cock still pulse inside his arse. He catches his breath and push himself up and out of him.

“Good night” he goes as he walks out of the room and switches off the light.

“Oi, you can’t leave me

“Yes I fucking can” he chuckles “You did it to me!” as he walks upstairs to bed.

He strains at the tape on his wrists for about an hour and then one breaks free. He’s soon out of his restraints and heads up to bed and climbs in bed beside his sleeping partner. Who wakes a little and just rolls over and hugs him. “I love you and thank you for tonight”

“I love you too and I fucking loved it too

They fall asleep spooning.

The end.


By Patrick -