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Liam's Chronicles is a spin off from the Pilot Chronicles series on Nifty. It is not necessary to read Pilot Chronicles but for context it is recommended.

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Chapter 1

My eyes took a moment to adjust to the bright sunlight as I left the arrivals terminal at Orlando International, searching for the driver who was to pick me up and take me to what was going to be my new home.

I couldn’t believe that a month had gone by since that flight from New York and the consequent talk I had with Alex in Iceland, which was ultimately the moment I had made up my mind about the transfer. I hadn’t been too sure about it, but now that I was here, I was extremely excited.

I hadn’t seen much of Alex in these four weeks, he had taken a leave after that dramatic flight but I did see him in Steve's funeral with some other guy that I didn’t know. We didn’t chat that much then, just a brief hello.

The company had picked out a great apartment for me. It was minimalistic, but very functional. I wouldn’t spend too much time there seeing that I would mostly be flying around, but it was important to have a good place to come back to after a long flight.

It only took me about two days to get settled in the apartment, but I was glad that I wasn’t rostered on a flight for another 8 days which gave me a chance to do some exploring around the immediate area. Although I had been here on layovers, umteen times, it was different when you were going to live there, so I decided to text Isaac to see if he would be willing to meet up and maybe get me introduced to the city life.

<Liam> Hey Isaac! How are you? I’ve just moved to Orlando, would you be up for meeting up soon?

The reply wasn’t immediate so I decided to go for a quick walk to see if I could spot a supermarket to stock up on the essentials.

It was boiling outside, but I quickly found what I was looking for and embraced the air conditioning as I walked into the supermarket. What I had thought was only a corner shop, turned out to be a massive emporium. ‘Holy smokes, everything IS massive in the states’ I thought, chuckling to myself as I wandered around the store, picking up the essentials and other novelties which you wouldn’t find in England.

My phone vibrated with a message;

<Isaac> Hey! That’s awesome! Want to meet up tomorrow night? Me and some friends are having a garden party.

<Liam> Yeah, that sounds good!

<Isaac> Great, I’ll text you tomorrow. Oh, and welcome to ‘murica! ;)

I laughed at his last text and proceeded to place my haul on the register to be rung up. I realised that I might have gone a bit overboard as I ended with about 6 bags to carry in the blazing heat, again thanking god for the aircon as I entered my apartment. I quickly set aside my shopping and throwing myself on the sofa, pulling out my phone to browse social media.

Well wishes and good luck messages were still pouring in and I took some time to read through them all and answering most of them, feeling a slight surge of loneliness ripple through me as I read the messages from my friends back in England.

* * *

I had been loitering aimlessly around the apartment for the day not really knowing what to do with myself, so I did what most of us do at a time like that, and opened up Grindr.

The selection of men here, compared to England was astounding. Literally something to cater to every man's taste and I was clearly an exotic new thing as the messages started to flood my inbox. Most of them were somewhere on the lines of “welcome to the states” as I had done the mandatory “new to town” update on my profile, but there were a couple of guys lurking about which had sent me the customary ‘hi’.

I scrolled through the messages and noticed some glorious men there, sitting waiting for my reply, Latinos, African Americans, Asians, whites, the whole flora of gays. It was magnificent.

The first one to catch my eye was a black guy who’s stats showed that he was 27 and a vers. I read his message and was pleased to see that it was not one of those regular thirst messages one usually received on this app.

<E27VRS> Hey bud, welcome to the area! HMU if you want someone to show you around!

<NewInTown> Hi. Thanks for that! It would be great!

He was clearly online as his reply was instant.

<E27VRS> What do you think so far?

<NewInTown> It’s good! Very different from the UK.

<E27VRS> I bet! I see you are close by, I was due to meet some friends at a bar but they bailed last minute. care to join me?

<NewInTown> Uhm, sure! Can you send me the location?

<E27VRS> Location Received

<E27VRS> Im Elijah Btw.

<NewInTown> I’m Liam!

<NewInTown> See you there soon!

I hesitated for a moment as I just sent the message, realising that I was indeed no longer in England where it was perfectly safe to go a meet a random stranger at a bar, but in America, where things were somewhat more dangerous. ‘At least I’m not inviting him home’ I thought as I fixed up my hair in the mirror, making sure to look presentable and heading out, firing up google maps to direct me to the place which was only two blocks away.

* * *

I got to the bar and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was more of a a cocktail lounge than a bar and made my way inside. A wave of butterflies shot through my stomach as I only had one picture of Elijah, and the lounge was crowded.

“Liam?” I heard from behind me and as I turned I was greeted by a tall black man wearing a suit. He had the top three buttons of his shirt unbuttoned giving me a glimpse of his glistening smooth chest and he flashed me with a smile, showing off a set of brilliant white teeth.

“Yeah… Uhm… Hi… “ I stuttered, sounding like a fool and he just laughed as I must have looked like deer in his headlights.

“Sit down man, it’s great to meet you!” He said, his smile fixed in place.

“Likewise!” I said, relaxing a bit, matching his casual approach,

“You found the place alright?” He said as he waved over the waitress.

“Yeah, just a couple of blocks down the road” I said, reading the cocktail menu. “Can I have a pornstar martini please” I said to the waitress, resulting in a chuckle from Elijah.

“Great choice, make that two.” He said to the waitress.

It turns out that Elijah was a lovely guy. I found out that he works in finance and graduated with a masters in economics from Princeton before joining a startup firm here in Orlando and had enjoyed series of successes in his young life.

As the night went on we both became more flirtatious, checking each other out in a very obvious way, our legs brushing against each other under the table, casual touches here and there but the tension was mounting with every drink we slurped down.

“I think they will be calling last round any moment” Elijah said looking around. I noticed that the lounge was emptying out. “Want one more drink?” he said.

“Nah, I think I should head home soon.” I said draining the rest of my cocktail noticing the look of disappointment on his face. “How about a nightcap… at my place?” I concluded.

He agreed to that, flashing me his wide smile again as he called over the waitress asking for the bill which he made sure I didn’t get to see as he slipped his credit card to the waitress.

“Thanks you” I said, blushing slightly. I always felt awkward when guys paid for me, but it was somewhat the accepted practice these days.

“You’re welcome!” he said grabbing my arm and leading me outside. “Which way?” He said, laughing at me as I started spinning around trying to get my bearings.

“Uhm… I think it’s this way…” I said looking down the street trying to spot a familiar landmark, finally spotting a familiar apartment complex, dragging him down the road, staggering slightly.

I kicked off my shoes as soon as I got into the flat and Elijah followed suit, but instead of taking a seat on the sofa he walked straight up to me, leaned down and kissed me. His big lips felt amazing and I could hardly keep my knees from shaking as his tongue passed my lips and began exploring my mouth. My hands trembled as I reached for the top button on his shirt and unbuttoned it, revealing his beautiful body. His chiseled abs were literally sticking out.

I could feel his hands as they ran through my hair and then down my back finding the hem of my

T-shirt and pulling it up and over my head, and then aptly unbuttoning my trousers and pulling them down to my knees in one swift motion.

“I’m going to fuck you now.” He said as he turned me around and pushed me forwards against the kitchen counter.

“Wait..” I said, just as I felt him lower his trousers and lining his cock against my hole. “Don’t you want to go in the bedroom?” I said as I felt him stroke his cock over my hole.

“No, I’m going to have you right here.” he just said as he dropped to the floor behind me. I could feel his hands spread my cheeks apart and then his tongue hit my hole sending waves of pleasure up my spine. His tongue explored my ass for good five minutes, slowly snaking its way past the sphincter, opening me up, getting me wet and ready for him.

I tried to rise up as he finally moved up but I felt his hand on the back of my neck, holding me down to the table.

“Ready?” I heard him say as he lined up against my hole, stroking his cock over my wet hole. I moaned out in agreement.

I thought I would faint as he pressed his cock against my sphincter and broke down my defences. His girth was astronomical. His head wasn't fully in yet but I felt more stretched then I had ever been. The pain was blinding me, I tried to move but he had one of his hand pushing me down by my neck and other across my back holding me down.

I screamed out as he thrust deeper, and I could feel his head finally popping in making me see stars as I kept shouting out, probably waking the neighbours. As his head popped in he stopped for a second allowing me to get used to his massive girth. It must have been about 10 inches in diameter at least. He held me in place as I tried to slide off his cock so I couldn’t move.

He slid his cock further into me. Inch after inch, deeper he pushed into me reaching my second sphincter and pushing threw making me see stars again. Just as I thought he couldn't go any deeper, he did. Pushing further in I finally felt his balls rest against mine.

I felt my knees tremble and If had not been perched on the counter, I would be a heap on the floor.

He withdrew his cock almost all the way out of me and without hesitation he rammed into me with full force. His balls slapping against mine as he began fucking me at a ruthless pace. I was still in pain, trying to adjust to the massive size of him, but the pain was mixed with pleasure now.

Every time he slid over my prostate I could feel my cock twitching, oozing some precum as it did. He kept plowing me mercilessly for what seemed like hours. Not allowing me to move, still holding me in place, my face firmly pinned to the counter.

I could feel the familiar clenching of my muscles as I felt myself getting closer and closer to my orgasm, with every thrust of his cock and before I knew it I was moaning out in pleasure as my ass clenched around his massive shaft and I began spraying my kitchen cupboards with my seed.

There was no hesitation from him as I came. He simply carried on pumping me full with his cock. I was literally just hanging on the counter as my legs had completely given up but eventually I could feel his cock throb inside me as he began to unload into my waiting hole.

He rested inside me for a moment, catching his breath, still holding me down by my neck and back and finally pulling out of me with an audible pop.

“That was amazing.” he said as he pulled me up making sure I was steady on my feet.

“Wow… I mean… Yeah” I stuttered as I tried to gain my senses.

“So how about that nightcap?” he said with a smile, opening the fridge and grabbing a beer for both of us. I accepted the beer and sat on the sofa, having pulled up my trousers and as I set down I could feel his cum drip out of my hole into my underwear.

“I’m sorry If I was a bit rough on you.” he said with a laugh, but still looking at me with concern and right;y so as I was indeed a bit shell shocked.

“I… I liked it.” I finally said coming to my senses again.

“Good!” I said as he drained his beer in a couple of sips. “Then we can go for round two then. Show me to the bedroom.”

He said, standing up and heading towards the hallway, turning around to make sure I was following him, which I was.

* * *

End of Chapter 1.

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