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Chapter 14

“You seem happier.”

“I am happier.” Cory told Stephanie as the two walked into the convenience store together. They had been killing time until the rest of school got out.

“You’re not still sad or angry about...?” Stephanie trailed off and let the question hang in the air.

“What happened with Derek and Nic sucked. A lot.” Cory did miss them, both as his best friends and in other more intimate ways, but with his newfound self confidence, Cory wasn’t going to second guess himself. “But I’m not gonna just sit around and mope about it. I’ve got better things to do.”

“Better people to do,” Stephanie snickered at her own bad joke. “I’m glad you’re happy. So tell me about the new guy.”

“Jackson,” Cory said without hesitating. When Cory asked if it was alright if he talked to Stephanie about it, Jackson had no problem. That was a nice change. “It’s good. Different, but good.”

“Is he like... your boyfriend?” Stephanie asked as she flipped through a magazine rack.

“Ah, no, I don’t think we’re anything like that.” Cory tried to sidestep the question, one he himself had thought about more than once. “I guess we’re kinda just... friends with benefits right now?”

“You okay with that?”

“Yeah.” Cory shrugged. “School is literally over at the end of the week. I’m fine with this just being what it is.” If Cory was being totally honest, he wouldn’t have been mad if Jackson had asked him out, but he wasn’t expecting it. Not like Nic or Derek wanted to... “What about you?” Cory was eager to change the subject. “We spend so much time talking about my love life now... sorry.”

“At least you have one. I can’t wait for college. Gonna go on a slutty clothes binge as soon as I move out. Really hoe it up for the next few years.” Stephanie looked wistfully off into the distance, only half joking.

“You’ll kill it, I’m sure,” Cory laughed, flipping through a comic book. They still made Sonic the Hedgehog comics? “You already got accepted, right? Your first pick?”

“Virginia Tech,” Stephanie nodded. “Everyone who goes to that school is so smart... I’m kinda nervous. But what about you? Did you pick a school yet?”

Damnit, Cory was trying to get the conversation off of him. That backfired. “Still weighing my options.” He wasn’t lying, he did have options. He just had no idea which he was going to pick. Part of him had hoped he, Derek, and Nic... “Haven’t decided yet.”

“Uh huh. Well you better make a decision soon. Not much longer to go.” Stephanie grabbed a candy bar to pay for at the front of the store.

“Yeah yeah,” Cory rolled his eyes before checking his phone. “Hey, class is about to get out, wanna head back?”

“So you can meet your boyfriend after his class?” Stephanie teased.

“He’s not my boyfriend.” Cory pointed out again. “But yes.”

“You know, I could get used to having someone waiting for me like this after class.” Jackson smiled at Cory as the two boys walked from the locker room to his Jeep. Jackson needed to clear out his locker this week and asked Cory to help him carry some stuff to his car before they hung out.

“Might be a little difficult considering we only have four more days of school left.” Cory pointed out the obvious.

“I can get used to someone waiting for me like this for the next four days, then.” Jackson threw his bag into the back of the car, with Cory following suit.

The two boys climbed into the car. Hoping the comment might be a sign, Cory decided to ask a question he had been avoiding. “So, sir, can I ask you something?”

“Sure.” Jackson turned to face Cory.

“Are we... going out? Or, would you like to go out?” Cory fought the urge to close his eyes. Can’t hide from this.

“Oh. Uh...” Jackson stumbled over his words for a moment. “Well, no, boy. I don’t think so.”

“You don’t think we’re going out, or you don’t think you want to go out?”

“Err...” Jackson let the question linger a little too long. “Both. Sorry, boy.”

“Ah.” Cory tried to hide the hurt in his voice.

“It’s not that I don’t think you’re great.” Jackson began to backpedal. “It’s just, I don’t think that’s what I’m looking for right now.”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to explain.” Cory smiled, or at least attempted to. “It was a stupid question.”

“No, really. It’s not you, it’s me.” Jackson suddenly scrunched his eyes realizing the mistake of what he was saying. “It’s just that we only have a few more days of school left. I don’t want to get into anything serious right now. Just have some fun. Besides, who wants to go into college in a relationship, right?” Jackson looked over and smiled after finishing his question.

“Right.” Cory faked a smile. His feelings weren’t that hurt. Jackson had a point. It just woulda maybe been nice to... It didn’t matter. “It’s cool. I get it. Thanks for being straightforward with me.”

“You sure?” Jackson smiled back. “Since we are on the subject of school ending: There’s an end of the year party on Friday over in Hartford State Park. The one the seniors always endup having next to Lake Shepard. You wanna go?”

It wasn’t exactly a date, but it was something. And the party might actually be fun. Still, the last party didn’t exactly go well. “Hmmm...”

“I just figured we could have some fun out there together. Get a little buzzed, run around in the woods, fool around all night.” Jackson groped at his dick through his jeans. “Where anyone could catch us, but no one could see us...”

Cory snorted. Jackson had a very obvious and very strong exhibitionism kink. Not that Cory wasn’t a bit of an exhibitionist himself. Still, risking getting caught at another party... “Last time I fooled around with someone at a party, someone spied on us and started telling the rest of the school.”

“Oh. Yeah. I think I heard about that.” Jackson sucked in, blew out a breath, and paused for a moment before continuing. “This would be different though. It’d be really dark, we’d be able to sneak far enough away from everyone... and even if they did catch us, who cares? It’s our last day. Come on. It’ll be great.” Jackson hit Cory on the arm and gave him a look, biting his lip. Ugh, did that work on girls?

“...Alright. I’m in.” Cory rolled his eyes. It would be a fun night, probably. Might as well end the year with a bang.

“Yessss.” Jackson pumped his fist. “Gonna be a fun night. I can think of a few things we can do out there alone.” Jackson squeezed his slowly growing cock again, this time giving Cory an altogether different look.

Cory watched shamelessly as Jackson continued to grope himself through his jeans, mouth almost watering. Damn, the ‘training’ Derek and Nic gave him was near pavlovian. Jackson took notice of the hunger behind Cory’s eyes and decided to take advantage.

“Why don’t you c’mere, boy?” Jackson reached for the adjustment lever for his seat, pushing himself away from the steering wheel. “I think we can have some fun right now.”

“Right here?” Cory looked around the school parking lot. Most of the students had already left, though there were still a few unclaimed cars.

“Yeah boy, right here.” Jackson looked around himself as he undid his belt and zipper. “No one’s around. You know you want to.” Jackson reached into his pants and lewedly squeezed his cock again.

Cory bit his lip. He did want to. He looked around one last time, lifted the arm rest separating them, and swallowed down half of Jackson’s cock.

“Fuck.” Jackson hissed as he felt his dick engulfed by Cory’s hot mouth. He adjusted his seat further, leaning his seat back some and giving Cory a little more room to work with.

For his part, Cory was focused on one thing: getting Jackson off before somebody caught them. He was trying to move his mouth as fast and silently as he could up and down Jackson’s dick, but it was hard to fully enjoy what he was doing when I'm the back of his mind he was listening for anyone approaching. At the same time, he was trying to minimize any noises he was making with his mouth as he sucked. That didn’t leave much room for his own enjoyment.

“Come on, quit being so nervous.” Jackson’s voice rang from above him. “I can tell you are overthinking this. Just relax and trust me. If I see anyone coming I’ll pull you up, okay?”

Cory paused his movements and took Jackson’s word in. He was just about to respond with a ‘yes sir’ when he remembered he couldn’t very well talk with a dick in his mouth. So instead, he took a deep breath in through his nose, and put all that nervous energy into his cocksucking ability. He blocked out his surroundings, and slowly eased the rest of Jackson’s dick into his throat.

“Fuck, there we go,” Jackson praised as he pet the back of Cory’s head. “Suck your sir’s dick like a good boy.”

Cory did as he was told, quietly beaming at the praise. He moved back up Jackson’s shaft until he was at almost the head and then immediately swallowed the entire length again on his way back down. As he felt the hand in his hair tighten, Cory took this as a sign of further encouragement and began to bob faster and faster as he swallowed Jackson’s dick.

“Shit, suck that dick, boy.” Jackson encouraged, himself unable to help but to thrust up into Cory’s mouth as he did. “Won’t take me long if you keep that up.”

Cory felt his cock begin to harden as he finally allowed himself to fully relax with what he was doing. He considered reaching a hand down to take care of himself, but decided he’d rather just focus on what he was doing. Sir had his back, so he should make sure he does a good job for him. Cory moved his hand towards Jackson’s crotch, figuring his hand could be put to better use playing with his balls. Just as he was about to reach his hand into the fly of his jeans--


“I am so fucking glad to be done with late practices.” The voice was faint but it was distinct. Cory’s eyes flew open, though the only thing he got an eye-full of was Jackson’s jeans. Cory made a muffled noise of panic and attempted to push off from Jackson’s lap.

“Fuck, hold still, I’m so fucking close...” Jackson held Cory’s head in place as he continued to thrust up, one, two, three times...

Another couple of thuds and then the sound of a car door being slammed. “No kidding. Won’t miss it being so dark by the time we get home.” The sound of footsteps on gravel became more obvious now that Cory was listening for them. Still, Cory attempted once again to extract Jackson’s dick from his orifice, but was again met with resistance.

“Hold on!” Jackson spoke through gritted teeth. “Here it comes--”

Cory almost gagged when the first load of cum hit his throat, though he should have been expecting it. He was still shocked, and somewhat angry, at Jackson’s refusal to let him stop. Had he even really been keeping watch? What if those girls saw!? All of these thoughts rang through cory’s head as the remaining four volleys of cum filled his mouth, the volume and fact that his mouth was still filled forced him to swallow.

Figuring he was finished with his duty, Cory for the third time tried to return to his seat, and for the third time was held in place.

“Stay still, those two girls are close.” Jackson spoke in hushed tones and then reached over to fiddle with the radio that wasn’t on.. “Cheerleaders. They’re about to leave.” Cory heard two more car doors close as Jackson said this, and then an engine being turned on. When Cory heard the sound of tires over grael fade into the distance, the hand on his head relented, finally allowing Cory to sit up.

“What the hell man!” Cory wiped his mouth with his hand. “We almost got caught!”

“I know, I know, I’m sorry.” Jackson apologize profusely. “But by the time they were too close they definitely would have noticed you pulling your head out of my lap. I was trying to keep us safe!”

“I thought you were keeping a lookout?” Cory let the fact that Jackson continued to fuck his mouth while they were almost being caught slip by. For now.

“I was! They snuck up on me, I swear.,” Jackson tried to explain. “Once second we were alone, and then I look again and two girls are loading stuff into a trunk.”

Cory said nothing but rolled his eyes. Bullshit.

“I’m telling the truth, Cory.” Jackson put his hand on Cory’s shoulder. “I’m really sorry. I swear it wasn’t on purpose.”

Cory looked at Jackson. He had such cute puppy dogs. Ugh. Fine. “It’s okay.”

“So does that mean you’ll still come to the party on Friday?” Jackson gave him a hopeful smile.

“Yes. I’ll still come to the party on Friday.” Cory couldn’t help but return the smile.

“If you’re hoping I’m going to tell you he’s unhappy, I’ve got bad news.”

“What? No, that’s... that’s good.” Derek sat across from Stephanie at Mario’s, a local italian and pizza place. Stephanie had agreed to meet Derek over dinner to talk about Cory. “I’m happy he’s happy.”

“You don’t look happy.” Stephanie bit into a breadstick as she watched Derek squirm.

“Well I’m not happy happy, but I’m glad Cory’s doing okay.” Derek was being honest, not that he had anything more to lose otherwise.

“Mhmm. And this has nothing to do with the new guy Cory’s been seeing?” Stephanie crossed her arms.

“No. It’s not like that.” Derek defended a little too quickly.

“So then what is it like?” Stephanie was not about to blab about her friend without making sure it was safe first.

“I just want to make sure he’s okay.” Derek couldn’t quite bring himself to meet her gaze. “I screwed up a lot. Nic and I both did. I’m not trying to get him to forgive me, or even talk to me again. I just... I want to make sure he’s safe.”

Stephanie silently studied Derek for a moment. “You don’t trust the new guy.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“You didn’t have to.” Stephanie took another bite of a breadstick. “I don’t either.”

“You don’t?”

“No. But Cory does.” Stephanie added pointedly, “I don’t know anything about him. I suspect you don’t either.”

“I don’t.” Derek was again truthful. “But there’s just something about him...”

“Well unless Cory says something, it’s not my place - and certainly not yours - to say anything about it,” Stephanie pointed out. “Why do you care so much about who Cory is seeing anyway? I know he was your best friend but it’s not like you had feelings for him.”

Derek let the question hang in the air, still unable to look at Stephanie directly, hoping that the silence would speak for itself. He was still trying to figure out those feelings himself.

“Oh my god.” Stephanie narrowed an annoyed look at Derek. “I swear you straight boys are so fucking stupid sometimes.”

“Yeah, we are,” Derek agreed.

Stephanie sighed, her features softening. “He won’t stay mad at you forever Derek. But he does deserve his space for a while. He’ll come around one day to talk. But even if does--”

“I know,” Derek half mumbled into his dinner. “It’s not about that. I just want--”

“--to make sure he’s happy.” Stephanie gave Derek a sad smile.

Derek smiled back. “Thanks for talking to me.”

Stephanie waved her half eaten breadstick in his direction. “Thanks for dinner.”

Nic dropped his duffle bag on the bench behind his locker. Like everyone else, it was time to clear out his locker. He had been putting it off for a while now, something about the locker room brought back some recent bad memories. Nic looked over to see a slight dent in the locker he hurt his hand. Yeah, bad memories.

They weren’t all bad. Nic unzipped his bag and undid his lock, stowing that away first. As much as he was ready to quit the game, he’d had a lot of great times over the years. He’d been through a lot with his team, both in the locker room and on the field. He loved some of his teammates like family. He’d miss them.

As Nic reminisced and emptied his locker, he heard someone else enter, and turned to see Taylor with an empty duffle bag of his own. “Hey man.”

“Hey.” Taylor nodded in Nic’s direction and set his own bag down. “Cleaning your shit out too?”

“Yeah.” Nic turned back to his still half-full locker. “Kept pushing it off.”

“Same here.” Taylor began to load his own bag up. “The cleaning up was always the most boring part of playing.”

“Yeah.” Nic agreed as he packed up. “Wish we could make the waterboys or cheerleaders do this for us.”

“I mean, we do both know a boy who’d love to handle all your sweaty jocks.” Taylor teased.

“Heh, yeah...” Nic actually felt bad for having to break the news to Taylor. “I kinda ended that whole thing with Cory and Derek.”

“Aww, really?” Taylor sounded slightly disappointed and paused his packing. “That’s too bad.”

“Yeah... I dunno man. It just wasn’t really working out. Wasn’t really my thing.” Nic stopped his own packing as he continued. “Plus after the bullshit that went down last week, I just wanna put all that shit behind me.”

“Yeah, that sucked.” Taylor went back to packing his bag. “But you shouldn’t let some asshole decide how you’re gonna live your life. Fuck ‘em.”

“Okay, no one is telling me how to run my life. I just got tired of dealing with a lot of the headaches and problems that were starting to come up a lot when I was hanging out with those two.” Nic continued to pack as well. “Besides, it’s not like straight guys like you or me have to try hard if we wanna get laid.”

“Who said I was straight?” Taylor asked, still facing his locker, a hint of cockiness in his voice.

“Oh. Uh. I didn’t...” Nic stumbled. “I didn’t know you were gay, man.”

“Didn’t say I was gay either.”

“So... you’re bi?”

“I’m not really worried about labels.” Taylor explained. “Look, I love girls. Love them. But, some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had - in my life - has been with dudes. It would be stupid to cut that out of my life just because of what someone else might think. Plus there’s the whole ‘gender is a construct’ thing. At the end of the day what really makes a guy a guy and a girl a girl?”

Nic stood there and watched as Taylor packed, jaw slightly slack. Nic’s been dealing with inner turmoil over this for nearly two weeks now, and Taylor just comes in with all his own shit already figured out.

“You okay man?” Taylor cocked his head when he noticed Nic staring at him.

“Yeah, sorry,” Nic shook off his distracted look. “Just never knew you to be such a liberated guy.”

“I read a lot.” Taylor grabbed the last few things from his locker - a jersey and some socks, and tossed them in his bag, zipping it up. “We can’t all fit the dumb jock stereotype.” Taylor winked at Nic.

“Ha-ha.” Nic rolled his eyes finished packing his own bag and zipped up. “You got all this shit figured out, huh?”

“I didn’t always. But like I said, I couldn’t pretend like the stuff I had done with guys hadn’t happened. I wouldn’t want to anyway.” Taylor threw his bag over his shoulder. “So the only other options was to figure out how to be okay with it.”

“That’s...” Nic wasn’t expecting the thoughtful answer and picked up his own bag. “...great, man. I wish my problems were as simple to work through.”

“Dude. Seriously?” Taylor cocked his head and sighed at Nic, who was at this point being willfully obtuse. “You don’t maybe see any similarities between--”

“Hope I’m not interrupting date night.”

Nic’s head whipped around at the voice of a third person entering the locker room. Steve.

“Fuck off man.” Taylor beat Nic to the punch.

“No thanks, that’s more his thing.” Steve walked to his own locker, here to do the same thing as everyone else. Nic should have just done this last week. Or tomorrow. Really anytime but now.

“I seriously hope someone knocks your teeth out in college.” Nic could dream, right?

“Why, your little boyfriend not sucking your dick good enough anymore?” Steve turned around to taunt. “Sure seemed like he was doing a pretty good job in the garage last Friday.”

Nic was across the locker room as soon as Steve finished his sentence. “Shut the fuck up you prick or I will knock your teeth in.”

“Get the fuck out of my face, Herrera.” Steve fixed his gaze against Nic’s. “Only saying what I saw with my own two eyes.”

“You didn’t see shit.” Nic was beyond trying to deny anything at this point, but he genuinely didn’t believe that Steve actually saw anything.

“So that wasn’t you walking out of the garage with your boyfriend after he got done sucking your dick?” Steve added details that Nic knew he couldn’t make up.

“You didn’t. See. Shit.” Nic growled through gritted teeth.

“I saw plenty. Not like it was hard to get other people to believe me. Or to get inside your head either.” Steven taunted. “I really gotta thank that guy.”

“What guy?” Taylor chimed in, partially to let Nic know he was still here in case he needed backup.

“I dunno, some kid from the basketball team. Jake or something?”

“Jackson.” Nic corrected him, though he hoped he was wrong.

“That’s it. He found me at the party and let me know exactly where I could find you. Said I’d learn some very interesting info. He wasn’t wrong.”

“Why the fuck would he do that?” Nic was thrown. What did this Jackson kid have against him exactly?

“How the fuck should I know? I didn’t ask questions.” Steve scoffed. “Maybe because he hates your guts just as much as I do. Maybe because he knows you’re just a stuck up piece of shit. Maybe like me he got sick and fucking tired of seeing you run around with that fucking faggot--”

Nic’s fist collided with Steve’s face before he had even realized what happened. Steve body was pushed back, his head slamming into the row of lockers before his body crumpled to the floor.

“Holy shit!” Taylor jumped over the bench and past Nic to Steve’s prone body, checking his neck for a pulse. “Damn dude, he’s out cold.”

For his part, Nic was standing wide eyed, his hand still made into a fist. “I don’t... I didn’t... As soon as he started talking about Cory...” Nic stumbled over his words. “Fuck. I gotta go talk to Derek.” This information about Jackson... Nic knew this wasn’t just a coincidence.

“Go.” Taylor waved him off as he propped Steve up against the lockers. “I’ll stay here and make sure this asshole wakes up okay. Jesus dude, you knocked him the fuck out.” Taylor shook his head, half in shock, half in awe.

“Thanks, bro.” Nic grabbed his bag and headed for the exit. “I owe you one!”

“You owe me like three or four at this point.” Taylor spoke aloud to the empty locker room and Steve’s unconscious body.

“Hold on, hold on, I’m coming,” Derek called to whoever was pounding on his door. He peered out the peephole and was surprised to see it was Nic.

“Hey man, what’s up?” Derek opened the door and greeted his friend before moving aside to let him in.

“Hey, D. Sorry, it was kind of an emergency so I ran right over.” Nic walked into Derek’s living room.

“Why didn’t you text or call first?”

“I... don’t know actually.” Nic thought about what he was just doing. “I think I only did it because that’s what you always see people do in movies.”

Derek chuckled. “So what’s up?”

“It’s about Cory.”

“Ah. So you wanna talk about that now?” Derek didn’t bother hiding the annoyance in his voice.

“Yes, I wanna talk about that now.” Nic rolled his eyes in response and sat down on the couch.

“So...?” Derek took a seat on the other couch.

“It’s about that guy Cory’s hanging around with. Jackson.”

“What about him?”

“He had something to do with spreading the rumors about me and Cory around school. He had everything to do with it, actually.” Nic ran back through the events in his head to make sure he was getting everything right. “I was in the locker room at school, cleaning out my stuff with Taylor, when Steve McMillan walks in.”

“Shit, did you get in another fight?”

“Wasn’t much of a fight.” Nic could help but smile when he thought about how he cold-cocked Steve to the floor. “But yeah, he came in, acting like the same asshole he always does. Started talking shit about me and Cory, and what he saw go down at the party.”

“So he did see you guys?”

“Sort of. Steve said that when he was at the party, Jackson came up to him and told him where he could find me.” Nic was still putting some of this together himself as he talked through what happened. “Didn’t say I was getting blown in the garage or anything, but definitely told him that I was up to something he’d want to see. I don’t think he saw the actual blowjob, but he saw me and Cory leaving afterwards.”

“Wow. That’s--”

“Really fucked up. Why would he do that?” Nic was at a total loss. “Did I do something to piss him off at some point? What would he have to gain?”

“...Cory.” Derek answered though Nic already knew it himself.

“That’s the only thing that make sense. But... really? That’s so fucked up.” Nic still couldn’t quite wrap his head around it.

“I dunno man, but, you’re right. That’s the only thing that makes sense.” Derek thought back to how quickly Jackson seemed to move in on Cory. Like, literally the next day he saw them together.

“We gotta tell Cory.” Nic stood up.

“No.” Derek remained seated.

“What?” Nic was aghast. “But we have to let him know, that’s the only reason this shit happened in the first place!”

“No, it’s not.” Derek said flatly. A lot of other shit led to this. A lot of shit we’re responsible for.”

“But... D,” Nic reasoned. “We can’t just let Cory keep hanging out with that guy after what he did to get to him.”

“Because what we did to get to him was so much better?”

“That was different.”

“Yeah, we got him drunk before we fucked him.” Derek was as blunt as possible.

Nic was silent for a moment, not expecting Derek’s response to be... this. “So what are we supposed to do then?”

Derek sighed. “Nothing. We need to leave Cory alone like he asked. Everything he was pissed at us for... he was right about all of it. We completely used and took advantage of him.”

“Shit, man.” Nic spoke softly. “This was not how I thought you’d respond.”

“Yeah, well, I’m trying to figure some shit out so I don’t keep doing stupid shit like... this.”

“I just don’t feel good leaving Cory with that dick. We have to do something. He needs to know.”

“And how exactly do we do that? ‘Hey Cor, I know you want nothing to do with us and have absolutely no reason to trust us, but that guy you’re hanging out with is part of an elaborate conspiracy to break the three of us up.’ Yeah, that’ll go over great.” Derek poked at the holes in Nic’s plan. ”I don’t either but... he’s happy.” Derek shared what Stephanie had told him earlier. “We need to just let him live his life.”

“But... D... he’s... He’s supposed to--”

“I know man, but... we fucked everything up. And we kept fucking up. Cory has every right to hate us. Maybe even forever.” Derek wanted to make sure he and Nic were on the same level. “So, are we gonna talk about the other stuff too?” Derek was ready to move onto another topic that had been on his mind lately.

“What other stuff?” Nic wasn’t playing dumb, yet.

“The stuff where something happened between you and Cory and that’s part of the reason he wishes we were both dead at the moment.”

“...I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Now Nic was playing dumb.

“Dude.” Derek was firm.

“...The night before the split, the day I flipped out about the rumors.” Nic started to share his story, mostly mumbling it into this lap. “I got really drunk that night on my dad’s rum, and I showed up at his place.”

“What happened?”

“First, he helped bandage my hand.” Nic held up his now healed hand. “Then... I kissed him.”

“DUDE WHAT THE FUCK!?” Derek leapt up.

Nic squeezed his eyes shut, trying to will himself invisible, but continued. “We spent the rest of the night fucking. But like... it was different. It felt different. And we... kept making out the whole time.”

“Oh my god, dude.” Derek sat back down exasperated by his friend.

“And then... I left in the middle of the night and pretended to not remember any of it the next day at school.” Nic barely finished his sentence before burying his face in his hands, ashamed of his behavior.

“Oh my god.” So much more of Cory’s attitude that day was clicking into place for Derek. “Dude how could you do something like that?”

“I don’t know! I panicked!” Nic tried to explain. “I was just so angry and sad and anxious, and I didn’t have anyone to talk to... It was raining, and I showed up at Cory’s place, and he took me inside and took care of me, and he was being so sweet and he was right there in front of me and I just...” Nic couldn’t finish his statement.

“ totally broke his heart.” Derek tried to imagine what Cory must have felt, being not just rejected but forgotten like that. “You destroyed it.”

“...I know.”

“Fuck.” Derek flopped back against the couch. “This fucking sucks.” Derek had all the answers, but none of them could fix the problem. Nothing could.

“So what do we do, D?” Nic sounded scared, more than Derek was ever used to hearing from him.

“I dunno man.” Derek stood from his couch and moved over to sit next to Nic. “But we’ll figure it out together man, right?” He bumped his shoulder into Nic’s.

“Right.” Nic gave a small smile and bumped him back.



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