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Chapter 15

“Do I really have to do this?”

“Yes, dude.”

It was Friday, a few hours after school had ended. Derek and Nic were seated in Derek’s car outside of Joe’s, a local diner that was pretty popular with students from the high school. It had been the last day of classes for seniors, and the two boys had come here together for one reason: Nic needed to break up with Amy. He was just having a hard time psyching himself up to do it.

“Can’t I just like, wait until we both leave town for college?“ Nic tried to weasel out of doing what he knew he needed to do. “That’s only two months away, and then--”

Dude,” Derek leveled his gaze with Nic. “We both spent the last few months cheating on our girlfriends. If Amy or Tricia knew what we had been getting up to, how do you think they’d feel? For everything we’ve gotten away with, this is the least you can do.”

“Easy for you to say.” Nic sighed. “You didn’t have to break up with Amy.”

“Yeah, it was really cool being dumped at my own party.” Derek deadpanned.

“Sorry.” Nic said sheepishly.

“It’s fine.” Derek sighed. “I deserved it.”

“Fuck, there she is.” Nic watched as Amy’s car pulled into the diner. “I guess it’s now or never.”

“It’ll be fine, bro.” Derek tried to reassure. “Just let her down easy. Use the end of school as an excuse. It’ll suck, but once it’s over, it’s over.”

“I know, I know.” Nic watched Amy walk into the diner, not having noticed them seated in Derek’s car. “Alright. Here I go.”

“I’ll chill out here, give you guys some privacy.” The two boys exited the car together, though Derek stayed put. “I’m right here if you need me, man.”

Nic nodded and walked towards the diner’s front doors, looking for Amy once he was inside. He spotted her at a booth in the corner and waved when she noticed him before walking over.

“Hey.” Nic smiled at her but thought better of leaning over to kiss her hello, given what he was about to do.

“Hey.” Amy smiled back, but said nothing else.

“So...” Nic really wasn’t sure how to do this. “I, uh, wanted to talk to you about some--”

“It’s okay Nic,” Amy interrupted, covering one of his hands with her own. “I know what you wanted to talk about.”

“You did?” Nic was a little hesitant to continue.

“Yeah.” Amy gave another small smile. “You want to break up.”

“Oh. Uh...” Nic stared at Amy wide eyed. Was he that obvious.

“It’s okay, Nic.” Amy squeezed his hand. “I think we should break up too.”

“You do?” Hearing that out loud stung, to Nic’s surprise.

“It’s been really great these last few months.” Amy squeezed his hand again. “But we both know this was never about getting serious.”

“Uh... Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Nic said rather sheepishly. She wasn’t wrong but... he never saw himself on the opposite end of this particular conversation. “I didn’t mean--”

“It’s okay Nic, I was doing it for the same reasons.” Amy teased and gave him a wink. “Don’t look so sad. A few months from now you’ll have an entire campus of girls to work your way through.”

“Heh, yeah I guess you’re right.” Nic chuckled. At the current moment he wasn’t quite sure exactly what was in his future.

“It’s been fun Nic.” Amy stood and kissed Nic on the cheek. “You coming to the end of the year party? I’m headed there now.”

“Not sure yet.” Nic answered. “It’s been a weird week.”

“Aww. Well I hope I see you later. Bye, Nic.” Amy gave Nic one last smile before heading for the door and leaving Nic alone at the booth. A few moments later the door opened once again and Derek walked in, taking Amy’s former seat.

“How’d it go? She didn’t look too broken up when she was leaving.” Derek checked in with his bro.

“Dude. She dumped me.” Nic was still processing.

“Oh. That’s a good thing though, right?” Derek figured he got off lucky. “No messy break up.”

“Yeah, I think?” Nic sounded dumbfounded. “I just wasn’t expecting it.”

“That’s been going around lately.” Derek picked up the menu from the table. “Wanna get a burger?”

Nic looked down at his own menu. “Yeah. I could eat.”

Just a few miles away, in one corner of Hartford State Park, the end of year was kicking into gear. A few dozen soon-to-be-graduated teens had shown up in their cars, backseats filled with all sorts of snacks and supplies for one last night of high school debauchery. Cory and Jackson were here, wandering the perimeter as the festivities began.

“Having fun yet?” Jackson asked Cory as he watched two football players tap a keg.

“Oh yeah, loads.” Cory took a sip of his drink - just a soda. Why did he come these things again?

“I think I might have a load for ya.” Jackson spoke loud enough for only Cory to hear.

Oh yeah, that’s why. “Think you can help me out, sir?”

“Just follow me, boy.” Jackson lead Cory away from the clearing where the students had gathered and further into the forest.

The two wandered for a few minutes, until any sounds or music from the other students had faded away and they knew they were alone. Once he was comfortable with the distance, Jackson stopped and leaned back against a large tree, hand already rubbing at his bulge. “C’mere, boy. On your knees.”

Cory eyed the growing bulge under Jackson’s hand and obeyed, walking towards him and lowering himself to his knees. He took one last sip of his soda before putting it on the ground next to him.

“Good boy.” Jackson undid his zipper, pulling his cock out through the fly. “Now suck.”

Cory grinned as he shuffled forward, placing both his hands on Jackson’s thighs as he moved his mouth towards the cock before him. He moaned softly as he engulfed the head, making a show of what he was doing. Cory had come a long way from the timid boy first learning to suck dick in a cabin not far from here. Though this wasn’t necessarily what he pictured for his future either, not that he was complaining.

Jackson relaxed against the tree as he felt Cory get to work. This was an old favorite of his - getting a boy or girl out here in the woods, and getting them on his dick. Being out here in the open, the idea that someone could just mistakenly walk by and see what they were doing... the thrill of it drove Jackson crazy. Just thinking about it caused his dick to twitch as Cory worked on swallowing it down.

Jackson used his hands on Cory’s head to guide him as he began to bob up and down his shaft. Cory didn’t have to work at getting Jackson hard and immediately got to work deep throating him. Jackson allowed him to do most of the work, but did lazily hump up into his mouth a few times. Jackson was in no hurry, but he had planned to get more than just a blowjob while out here. When he’d had enough, Jackson tugged on Cory’s hair.


Cory let Jackson cock slip from his mouth as he once again obeyed and stood. Jackson grabbed him by the shoulders and spun them around so that now Cory’s back was to the tree.


Cory couldn’t help looking around and even though he knew they were alone, he felt a little nervous. It wasn’t like he hadn’t been naked (and almost caught) out here before... Nodding to himself, he unbuckled his jeans and pushed them down, pulling them off his feet along with his shoes. He also removed his shirt, and put it and his jeans at the base of the tree, leaving him in just his underwear (a jockstrap) and socks.

“Nice, you wore it.” Jackson indicated towards his underwear choice. “Good boy.”

“Of course, sir.” Cory smiled warmly at the praise.

“Now,” Jackson placed his hand against the tree over Cory’s shoulder, leaning over the shorter boy. “Turn around.”

Cory bit his lip and turned around, bracing himself against the trunk of the tree in front of him. It was large, thick enough that Cory couldn’t see around it, but that also meant it concealed their bodies from view if anyone did come walking this way. Cory wasn’t worried. He was determined not to be nervous like the last time he was out here.

Jackson stepped up behind Cory and slapped his hard cock against Cory’s lightly furred ass, still sticking out through his open fly. Reaching into his pocket, he fished out a small packet of lube that he tore open with his mouth, squirting some into his hand and spreading it up and down his shaft. Squeezing out a little more, he rubbed his fingers against Cory’s hole for a moment before pushing one inside and slowly fucking him with it. Once he felt Cory’s was lubed up enough, he stepped forward and put his wet cockhead against Cory’s hole, and replaced the finger with his dick.

Cory sucked in his breath and bit his lip as he felt his hole being stretched around Jackson’s dick. It didn’t hurt exactly, but Cory wasn’t getting fucked as often these days so it still took some getting used to. Jackson didn’t rush, so Cory just closed his eyes and focused on relaxing as he felt the rest of Jackson’s cock make its’ way into his hole. When he felt the rough denim of Jackson’s jeans against his ass, he knew he was there.

“Fuck, boy,” Jackson cursed as he grabbed Cory by the hips. “Nice tight hole...”

“Thank you, sir.” Cory tried to give a sexy look over his shoulder but it was more difficult then he anticipated while getting used to a cock in his ass.

Still holding Cory by the hips, Jackson pulled his cock about halfway from Cory’s hole. Feeling the hole twitch and flutter around his cock, he drove it back in with just a little bit of force behind it. He continued this rhythm, slowing picking up speed as he felt Cory’s hole relax more and heard light moans fall from the boy’s mouth.

It didn’t take too long for Cory to start enjoying himself. The boy was truly a bottom. After a few slow drags of Jackson’s cock across his prostate, Cory was biting into his own wrist to drown his moans. God he missed this. He was going to have to spend some quality time with his dildo at home after this. He started pushing his ass back to meet Jackson’s thrusts, eager to have his prostate massaged more thoroughly.

“Like that dick, huh boy?” Jackson punctuated his question with a spank.

Cory was just about to answer when someone else’s voice rang through the forest.

“Jackson!” The voice, coming from the direction of the party called from a distance.

“Jax, yo man, where you at?” A second voice joined the first.

Jackson froze in his tracks at the sound of his name, cock still halfway inside Cory’s ass. Cory was frozen himself, worried that any movement might allow some sight of him from behind the tree.

“Shit.” Jackson muttered, pulling himself from Cory’s hole. “Those are two of my teammates.”

“Jaaacksssooonnn~” The first voice sang out. “Come on man, we know you’re out here with some chick. Just come out.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.“ Jackson tucked himself back into his jeans.

“What do we do?!” Cory whisper-yelled while standing stock still, afraid that any movement might put him on display. Getting caught was not part of the deal. What was it with his luck and these woods?

“It’s fine, it’s fine, I got this.” Jackson seemed like he was talking more to himself then Cory. “Okay. I need you to wait here.”

Cory gave Jackson a questioning look but let him continue.

“It’s just for a few minutes. I’ll lead those guys away and then meet you back at the party.” Jackson finished explaining. “If those dudes caught me out here with a guy, they would never let me live it down. Please?”

“Sure.” Cory did his best to hide his annoyance. He guessed he couldn’t really blame Jackson for wanting to hide him. Or be surprised by yet another dude more interested in covering his own ass. “I’ll see you back at the party.”

“Thanks boy.” Jackson gave Cory a smile. “Promise I’ll make it up to you.”

Cory nodded but said nothing, leaning back against the tree as Jackson walked around to intercept his teammates. He really hoped college wasn’t like this. The flakey dude part, not the kinky outdoor sex part.

“Yoooo!” Jackson called to his teammates.

“There he is!” The first guy exclaimed. “Where’s the girl?”

“What girl?” Jackson played dumb, but he wasn’t technically lying.

“Whatever poor girl you talked into letting you fuck her out here.” The second guy chimed in. “Just like you did at the last three parties we had out here.”

“Heheh.” Jackson chuckled nervously. “Come on guys, leave her alone, she’s shy.”

“Alright, alright.” The first guy had a look of thought on his face for a moment before turning to back to the woods to call out. “Just so you know, you can do better!”

Cory stifle a chuckled as he carefully redressed himself. He had to agree. Alright, time to kill some time. Cory sat down and pulled out his phone. He had a couple of games on there that didn’t need a signal to play and only needed a few minutes anyway.

Jackson punched his teammate on the shoulder as they walked back towards the party site together. “Why were you guys looking for me anyway?”

“Oh, dude, the party’s canceled.” The first teammate explained. “There’s a huge storm coming in.”

“Shit, really?” Jackson was bummed that it would be an early night.

“Yeah, everyone’s packing up now and heading back into town,” Teammate #2 added. “Didn’t want you getting left behind because you were getting your dick wet.”

“Heh, yeah. Thanks man.” Jackson looked behind him as he walked towards the tree hiding Cory. He heard that stuff about the storm, right?

“So, you just got on your knees and...?” Nic had barely taken a bite of his burger before Derek started telling him about his recent interactions with Carl.

“That was the idea, yeah.” Derek responded nonchalantly.

“Isn’t that gay?” Nic seemed slower than usual on the uptake.

“Really dude?” Derek cocked his head.

“Fine, fine.” Nic conceded Derek’s unspoken point. “So, you’re his boy now?”

“Not exactly.” Derek reasoned. “I’m more like his apprentice.”

“Intern.” Nic snorted.

“The pay’s about the same.” Derek added. “It seemed weird at first but, if I’m serious about some of this stuff then-” Derek was interrupted by the ringing of his phone. He picked it up to look at the screen. “It’s Cory’s mom.”

Nic gave a questioning look but said nothing, putting down his half-eaten burger.

“Hello? Ms. Davis?” Derek answered the call.

“Derek, hi. How are you?” Cory’s mom, Julia, responded.

“I’m fine, is everything alright?” Cory’s mom didn’t have much reason to call him, especially not lately.

“I’m not sure.” Julia sounded worried. “I know you three had a falling out recently, but have you seen Cory?”

“Not since school let out earlier today.” Derek answered. “Is he missing?”

“No, I’m sure he’s fine. I just can’t get a hold of him.” If Derek could see how Julia was pacing in her home, he’d see she was lying. “He told me he was going to a party tonight in the woods. I thought you or Nic might be there too. They just announced a thunderstorm warning for the county tonight and I just wanted to make sure he got home safely.”

“Sorry, Ms. Davis, Nic is here with me but neither of us went to that party. We haven’t seen Cory.” Derek was getting a little worried himself now.

“Okay. Well, if you do see him can you please tell him to call me ASAP?”

“Of course, we’ll both keep our eyes open for him.”

“Thank you, sweetie. Try and stay dry tonight!”

“You too.” Derek hung up the phone.

“Cory’s missing?” Nic didn’t wait for Derek to tell him about the call.

“Not missing. But his mom can’t get a hold of him.” Derek put his phone back down on the table. “He’s at the end of the year party in the woods. You know phone’s are shit out there. She said a storm is rolling in.”

“Shit, yeah dude, look.” Nic nodded to the windows behind Derek.

The sky was a dull grey, totally overcast, but that’s not what Nic was referring to. Large amounts of cars began pulling into the parking lot, each packed to the brim with teenagers mad that there last night to party was about to be ruined by bad weather. Most of the kids from the woods had migrated here, determined to grab one last meal with their friends and salvage the night.

“Wow.” Derek turned back around. “Well, Cory will probably show up here too.”

“With Jackson.” Nic sneered.

“Probably.” Derek sighed. “But, if you see him, we need to tell him to call his mom.”

“I guess.” Nic sat up. “So, what else is Carl making you do?”

Derek smiled. If talking about this would help his friend get more comfortable with himself, he was happy to share.

It was maybe twenty minutes later when the rain finally started pouring. The diner had filled quickly and was nearly packed, almost every seat filled. Derek and Nic half expected someone to ask to share their booth, but given the subject of what they were talking about were glad to have some privacy.

“You’re focusing too much on the sub aspect of this man.” Derek was in the middle of explaining exactly why he wanted to train under Carl. “It’s not just about learning. He knows people, has friends. He can introduce me to other subs, boys, girls. It’s like networking, but for kinky sex.”

“...That’s kinda cool.” Nic agreed. The two boys had finished eating and were more or less loitering in their booths as they nursed their sodas. Derek turned to ask what he thought was the waitress for the check when he instead saw Stephanie standing next to their booth.

“Hey guys.” Stephanie had just come in, her hair and shoulders still wet from the rain. “Have you seen Cory?”

“No, did his mom call you too?” Derek instinctually reached for his phone, but he had no new notifications.

“I got a voicemail after I got out of the woods.” Stephanie slid into the seat beside Nic.

“I was in there looking for Cory but when I didn’t see him I figured he must have already left. Guess not.”

“Should we be worried?” Nic asked honestly.

“I dunno. But his mom definitely is.” Stephanie recalled the voicemail and Julia’s attempts at seeming calm. “He told me he was going with Jackson, have you seen him?”

“No, but we figured that’s who he was with.” Derek indicated to Nic. “Guess that’s a second person to keep an eye out for.”

“Done. There he is.” Nic nodded his head behind Derek, who turned to see Jackson walking in with some of his teammates, but with no sign of Cory. “Where’s Cory?”

“I dunno.” Derek slid out of the booth. “Let’s find out.”

Stephanie scooted out to let out Nic, and followed the two over to Jackson, who was greeting some other students already sitting down. She stood a few feet back when they reached him. She wanted to watch this, but from a distance.

“Hey, Jackson.” Derek tapped him on the shoulder. “We need to talk.”

Jackson turned around and then seemed to size Derek up. “Do we?”

Derek rolled his eyes. He did not have time for a dick measuring contest. “Where’s Cory?”

“Why would I know?” Jackson responded. “It’s not like I’m his owner or something.”

“What the fu--” Derek wasn’t able to finish his though, because Nic pushed past him to grab Jackson by the collar and slammed him into the Diner wall.

“Listen up you piece of shit. I found out I already owe you some trouble for talking to my buddy Steve McMillan.” Jackson’s eyes widened as he realized what Nic meant. “Yeah. Found out about that. Now, because of what you did, Cory went out into the woods tonight, with you. So I will ask you this once. Where the fuck is he?” Nic spit his question out through his gritted teeth and punctuated his sentence by pushing Jackson against the wall again.

Derek almost thought he would have to seperate the two, but Jackson quickly spit out an answer at Nic’s implied threat.

“I last saw him in the woods.” Jackson stammered. “We were out in the trees, I went back to the campsite without him, and then everyone was packing up and left. That was the last I saw of him. I swear.”

“So what, he’s still out there?” Derek jumped in, not noticing that the people at nearby tables were eavesdropping. Stephanie remained silent from her perch a few feet away, though she noticed that the boys were beginning to draw a crowd. A lot of eyes were watching this ‘conversation’ unfold.

“I dunno. Maybe. He was supposed meet me back at the campsite but...” Jackson trailed off, knowing how the end of that sentence made him look.

“Did you even fucking wait for him?” Nic again slammed him into the wall.

“Nic, stop.” Derek put his hand on Nic’s shoulder. “He doesn’t know anything else.”

Nic let go of Jackson’s shoulders and fought the urge to punch the wall. Didn’t need to hurt his hand again. Especially not with Cory here to... “We gotta go find him.” Nic turned to Derek, determined.

“...Yeah. Let’s go.” Derek wasn’t going to argue.

“Wait, what?” Stephanie finally said something. “I... I feel like I’m supposed to say something here to be responsible and stop you but... I’m really scared for my friend.”

The three stood in a small circle near the front door, formulating their plan.

“Okay, the party was at the same place it always is, right?” Derek took the lead. Nic and I will head out there and start looking there. Hey, asshat.” Derek turned to Jackson who was still standing sheepishly nearby. “Do you remember what direction you were?”

“Uhhh....” Jackson looked lost. He wasn’t exactly a boy scout.

“The river.” Stephanie interjected. “If you were facing the party site, was the river to your right, or left?”

“Right!” Jackson responded.

“Okay, so we’ll start there and head north along the river. If we can find him, we can get to my family’s cabin nearby and ride the rest of the storm out.” Derek explained. “It’s on a hill and my Dad made sure the trees trimmed after the last hurricane almost took out the roof.”

“Okay. Please be safe.” Stephanie pleaded. “I’ll stay here and call Cory’s mom, and your parents to. You know they are probably going to kill all of us for this, right?”

Nic nodded in agreement, but he was still determined to get out there and find Cory.

“Don’t worry about calling mine, not sure they’d even answer.” Derek added. He wasn’t being entirely cynical.

“Okay.” Yeah, Stephanie was still gonna call them. “Be safe guys.” Stephanie somewhat awkwardly hugged the both of them and then returned to their booth before someone else swooped in to steal it.

“Let’s go, bro.” Nic opened the front door, the loud sounds of the rain hitting the pavement thundering into the diner.

“Wait, hold on.” Jackson stopped them before they left and tossed them his keys. “Here, take my jeep. It’ll handle the mud a lot better them your cars.”

“Thanks.” Derek sounded skeptical as he caught the keys. “This doesn’t at all make up for--”

“I know. Just, uh, go find your boy.” Jackson stepped back, wishing more than anything to just disappear

“We will.” Derek and Nic left, getting soaked as they both ran to jump in Jackson’s red jeep.

“Hey, asshole.” Stephanie called to Jackson from her booth, happy to see him respond to the nickname. “You’re paying for their check, too.” She held the receipt for the boy’s meal - a meal they just left without paying for - above her head.

Jackson gulped and nodded, already reaching for his wallet.

It was the crack of thunder that eventually pulled Cory’s attention away from his phone. Fuck. He had completely lost track of how long he had been out here? It was starting to get dark, and that thunder meant it was going to rain soon. Time to get a move on. He stood up and dusted himself off. Stuffing his phone in his pocket, Cory headed in the direction of the party site. Or at least what he thought was the direction.

There were no lights, no sounds or music. This was the right way, wasn’t it? Cory could feel his chest tighten as he started to realize the predicament he might be in. Shoving down the panic that was building in his throat, Cory took off, speeding up his search for his former classmates. He’d be fine.

That was an hour ago. About half an hour ago, it started raining. At least Cory thinks it was about a half hour ago. Because about fifteen minutes ago it started raining so hard that his phone appears to have shorted out inside his waterlogged jeans. Fuck. It was raining so hard now, and the sky was turning so dark, Cory could barely see five feet in front of him. He was totally, completely lost.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” With the panic now finally overtaking him, Cory collapsed against a tree, crouching down near the trunk and hugging his knees. It was getting cold. The rain showed no sign of letting up. He could barely see, couldn’t use his phone, didn’t even know where he was. He didn’t know what to do. He wanted to go home. He wanted his mom. He wanted his friends.

Derek and Nic drove the jeep to the edge of Hartford State Park. The rain was coming down hard and roads dark and muddy. Derek gripped the steering wheel tighter as they crossed the threshold. He didn’t care that what he was about to do was unbelievably stupid. They just had to find Cory.

Nic felt the same way, attempting to peer out the windows for any sign of Cory. Turning around in his seat, he dug through Jackson’s stuff and was pleased to uncover a flashlight, the heavy duty kind you use for camping.

“I think we’re here.” Derek though he could make out the burned out campfire in the car’s headlights. “I don’t see him.”

“That’s because fucking Jackson left him in the woods.” Nic double checked to make sure the flashlight was working. “You said north, right?”

“Right.” Derek nodded in the direction they needed to start looking.

“Okay. Let’s go.” Nic opened his door to what seemed almost like a wall of rain and stepped outside.

“Cory!” Derek joined him, calling out Cory’s name as the two began their search.

“Cory? Cory!” Nic manned the flashlight, moving it back and forth between the trees, hopeful that Cory might catch a glint of it. The two boy’s took turns shouting Cory’s name, spreading out but making sure they always stayed within each other’s eyeline. Didn’t need to lose anyone else out here tonight.

It was about ten minutes into looking that the two began to worry that they hadn’t thought their plan through entirely.

“Cory!” Derek cupped his hands and called out once again.

“Dude. What if we can’t find him.” Nic was starting to feel hopeless. “What if he’s not even out here?”

“We will find him,” Derek wasn’t about to let that pessimist shit deter him. “I know he’s out here. And he’s probably terrified.”

Nic said nothing, silently continuing to to use the flashlight and hoping Derek was right.

A few minutes later, and just as Derek was about to suggest they start looking in another direction, Nic spotted something.

“D! There!” Nic aimed the flashlight at the mass huddled at the base of a tree. It was Cory, wet, alone, and shivering, but alive.

Derek and Nic both took off for him, with Derek nearly slipping on the mud and falling on his ass in their hurry.

“Cory? Cory!” Nic lifted his head to see the boy’s eyes squinted blearily.

“Nic?” Cory wasn’t entirely sure what was happening. He was still outside and it was still raining but how was Nic here?

“Cory, thank fuck, you’re okay,” Derek joined the two boys against the base of the tree.

“‘S cold.” Cory was still hugging his knees, clothes soaked and shivering.

“Come on, we gotta get him out of the storm.” Derek turned Cory’s head to see how responsive he was. “Cory, can you walk?”

“Dude I think he’s out of it. Grab the flashlight. I got him.” Nic held Cory by the shoulders. “Cor, I need you to hang on to me, okay?” He attempted to move Cory’s arms to his shoulders and was pleased when he felt the boy tighten his arms around his neck. Now comes the fun part - lifting him up. Nic felt Cory’s legs go around his waist as he was lifted and tightened his own arms around the boy’s back. Thank god for football.

The boys were closer to the cabin than the car, so Derek led the way there, with Cory still clinging tightly to Nic. Fighting against the wind and rain, the boys managed to make it up the hill, with Derek fumbling through his wet pants for his keys and opening the door. Nic quickly moved towards one of the couches, Derek closing the door behind them and flipping on a lamp. Thank god they still had power.

“Cory?” Nic sat Cory down and saw that he was unresponsive. “Cory?!”

Derek walked over and checked his pulse and breath. “He’s okay, I think he’s in shock. We need to get him dry and warm.”

The two boys worked together quickly in removing Cory’s soaked clothing. Derek retrieved a towel from the cabin’s closet, and then went back for two more when he realized how wet he and Nic were too. Once everyone was naked and dry, the two worked to pull out the couch’s bed, laying Cory in the center of it.

“No signal. Probably until the storm passes.” Derek looked at his phone troublingly. “Cory’s mom is probably pulling her hair out right now.”

“At least we found him.” Nic sat on the side of the bed, watching as Cory slept. He rubbed a hand along his arm. “Fuck, D, he’s so cold.”

Derek sat on the opposite end of the bed and also felt Cory’s skin. Then wordlessly, he climbed on and spooned Cory from behind. “Come on, we can help keep him warm.”

“Uhh...” Nic was skeptical. “I don’t really know if now is the right time to-”

“I just meant for the body heat, dumbass. He’s fucking unconcious, just get in here.”

Chastised, Nic climbed onto the bed and shuffled towards Cory’s front. Throwing an arm over his waist - and Derek’s - he watched the sleeping boys face. Nic wasn’t sure if peaceful was the right word - he was asleep so of course he was peaceful - but he looked... Well Nic didn’t know what he looked like. He was just happy to see him.

The three boys laid there, one asleep as the two still awake listened to the storm raging outside. Neither said anything, just laid together in silence, their shared boy between them. Eventually the two dozed off themselves, and the only noises in the cabin were the sounds of rain against the roof.

“Mmnnggh.” Cory began to stir a few hours later, waking both Derek and Nic who were both attempting to hold onto him tightly. The two moved towards the edge of the bed slightly, giving Cory some breathing room in the center.

“Cory?” Derek watched, impatient as Cory continued to wake. “Dude, are his eyes open?”

“Cor?” It was Nic’s turn. He put his hand on Cory’s shoulder. “Cory you awake?”

“Mmfff.” Cory rubbed the sleep from his eyes before opening them. “Nic?”

“Yeah.” Nic smiled, happy to hear Cory say his name again.

“Cory?” Derek touched him on the shoulder this time, pulling it back when he caused Cory to jump a little in surprise. “Sorry.”

“Derek?” Cory flipped onto his back so he could see both of them. “What happened? Why are we here?” Cory started running through the events of the night.

“You were lost in the woods in the middle of a storm.” Nic told him.

“We found you and brought you back to the cabin.” Derek told him.

“Sounds like the storms still going too.” As Nic finished, a sudden crack of thunder rang through the cabin as if to prove his point.

“What do you remember?” Derek asked, watching as Cory struggled to do just that.

Cory sat up silently as he continued to process what had transpired. He remembered getting to the party, he remembered going into the woods with Jackson. Then he was still in the woods and it was raining and-

“Where’s Jackson?” Cory asked.

“Probably home in his bed.” Derek said flatly. “He... we can talk about this later.”

“He left me out there.” Cory finished Derek’s original statement.

“I’m sorry, Cor.” Derek tentatively reached out to touch Cory’s shoulder again.

“For Jackson?” Cory looked at Derek.

“For everything.” Derek squeezed Cory’s shoulder.

Cory looked down at his lap sadly. “Why’d you guys come looking for me?”

“What?” Nic jumped in, moving closer to Cory. “What do you mean? You were missing. We had to look for you.”

“Yeah, Cor.” Derek scooted a little closer as well. “It wasn’t even a question. As soon as we knew you were out here we left. Even if you weren’t talking to us, hated us. It’s like you’re still...”

“Ours.” Nic finished for Derek, who somehow seemed extremely eloquent with a single word.

“Yeah. Ours.” Derek concurred. “You’ve always been ours, Cory. I’m... sorry for taking advantage of that.”

Nic bumped his shoulder against Cory’s, silently adding his apology to Derek’s. Cory looked up, unable to stop a small smile crossing his face. But sweet words won’t fix everything.

“I...” Cory wasn’t sure what he wanted to say. “I don’t-”

“It’s okay.” Derek stopped him. “We have a lot to talk about. But... I think it can wait for the morning, when we can get out of here. If that’s okay with you?”

Cory nodded silently.

“Good.” Derek smiled. “Then for now, let’s just...” Derek figured an example was better than an explanation, and slid back down to lay on the bed, pulling Cory to move with him.

“Wait a sec.” Nic left the bed for a minute to turn off the lamp they had left on earlier, rejoining the boy’s on the bed on Cory’s right side.

“Why are we naked?” Cory just noted their group nudity at Nic’s brief exit.

“Your clothes are soaked. We just wanted to get you warm and dry.” Derek explained before moving closer and putting an arm across Cory’s chest, which Nic mirrored from his side.

Cory felt a lot of things. Happy. Confused. Worried. Safe? He didn’t know what this meant, what any of it meant. Were things just going to go back to how they were before?

Derek saw the turmoil of emotion cross Cory’s face, turmoil that would undoubtedly prevent the boy from falling back asleep. What Cory needed was a distraction. So, he leaned in, turned Cory’s head by his cheek, and kissed him.

Cory’s eyes were wide as he was kissed for the second time by a “straight” friend. Kissed for the second time ever. He seriously needed to do more of this. He allowed Derek to kiss him, opening his mouth when he felt the swipe of a tongue against his lips. He was just about to close his eyes when a cough from Nic drew his attention. Tearing himself away from Derek’s lips, he turned to look at Nic questioningly.

“Um.” Nic fumbled his words, and so he followed Derek’s lead and kissed the boy as well.


“In the morning.” Nic shushed Cory before he started asking too many questions, and kissed him again.

In the dark of the cabin, the three boys laid in bed together, holding each other closely, hands roaming, mouths on skin. The three boys all got hard, but no one made an attempt to reach for themselves. No one was trying to get off, dominate, or fuck anyone else. They were doing it to be together. For comfort. Maybe for love? The morning held a lot for them to deal with.

This was enough for now.

Derek was the first to wake, the morning light creeping in through the cabin windows. The storm had passed, and it was time to deal with the aftermath. Opening his eyes, Derek first view was Cory’s face, Nic having spooned him as they slept, all three of their limbs thrown over each other and tangled together. Derek smiled. He didn’t wanna wake them up.

But, he needed to be responsible. So, very reluctantly, Derek untangled his limbs from the other’s, rousing them in the process. “Morning.” Derek greeted them, giving them one last squeeze with his arms before releasing them and pulling himself from the bed.

“Mmmmm. Morning.” Cory rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he leaned up on his elbow.

Nic only grumbled to himself, flipping onto his stomach and turning his head away, determined to get more sleep.

Derek chuckled at the scene as he walked to his phone on the counter. Perfect, he had a signal.

“Can we go to McDonalds for breakfast?” Cory asked as he sat up. “I’m starving.”

Derek cocked his head at the boy who hours ago was half drowned and lost. “We’re going to the hospital.” Derek tossed his phone onto the bed. “Call your mom. She’ll want to meet us there.”

Derek got the two boys up and moving as he searched through the cabin’s closet for something dry for Cory to wear, which ended up being an oversized t-shirt and some plaid pajama pants. Cory didn’t have a chance to argue, because as soon as he got through to his mom, she spent the next 10 minutes making sure he was okay and telling him how worried she was. Derek used this to his advantage and got the boy dressed and out the door quickly enough.

Finding Jackson’s jeep where they had left it the night previous, the boys piled in and Derek drove them to the emergency room at nearest hospital, Hartford General, where Cory’s mom was due to meet them. They got Cory checked in, despite his protests that he was fine, and were now waiting in his hospital room for his mom to arrive. The doctor’s wanted to run a few tests to make sure, but overall Cory seemed fine, if not exhausted and slightly traumatized.

“I hate these stupid gowns.” Cory sat in the hospital bed, somehow feeling like he was wearing a dress and naked at the same time.

“I dunno, I kinda like that they’re open back.” Nic teased from his seat next to the bed.

“You would.” Cory laughed. “So...” He looked at both Nic and Derek. “Maybe we should talk a little, before my mom gets here?”

“Yeah.” Derek moved from his perch against the hospital wall. “Let me start. I’m sorry, again. For everything. For the way this started, for taking advantage of you, for treating you the way I did. I know there’s a lot we need to talk about but for all of it, everything, I’m sorry.”

“Me too. I’m sorry for everything he just said, and... I’m sorry for pretending to not remember the night I showed up drunk at your place.” Nic stared at his lap. “I’m still... trying to figure some stuff out, about myself, but that... that was really, really shitty of me.

“Thanks. There... there is a lot. I don’t really know where to get started but... I’m glad we’re talking again.” Cory gave a smile to the both of them.

“There’s something you should know about Jackson too.” Nic interjected. “He’s responsible for the rumor about us.”

“What? What did he have to do with that?” Cory wasn’t seeing the connection.

“He was stalking us at the party that weekend. When he saw us sneaking off together, he told Steve where he could find us.” Nic clarified. “He figured that if he could cause enough of a problem for us it might split us up.” And then, he added sadly, “He wasn’t wrong.”

“Shit.” Cory was dejected. He had long stopped looking at Jackson through rose-tinted glasses, but finding out how duplicitous he really was still hurt. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Derek stated. “He’s a piece of shit, who left you alone in the forest last night. Fuck everything about that dude.”

“Guess you should let him know where his car is...” Nic trailed off, not wanting to deal with anything Jackson related.

“That was his car, wasn’t it?” Cory hadn’t thought about it earlier.

“It was literally the least he could do.” Derek muttered.

“So...” Cory wanted to continue this talk while they could, knowing when his mother arrived he’d lose all privacy while she fretted. “What about us?”

“What about us?” Derek took a seat in the other empty chair in the room. ”Do you want there to be an ‘us’?”

“If there was an ‘us’, would we be an actual ‘us’?” Cory responded.

“Could you guys speak english, maybe?” Nic interrupted. “Or even spanish.”

Derek looked at Nic and then back at Cory. “I don’t speak for Nic but, Cory, I’d still very much like for there to be... something between us. For however much longer we have together this summer. Whether that’s as your dom or... maybe something more, would be up to you. Whatever it was, it would be real. Official. However you wanna put it.”

“And you?” Cory turned to Nic. He couldn’t deny that at the very least he liked being on this end of things for once.

“I...” Nic looked for the words, not nearly as great at speaking as Derek, worried he’ll sound dumb. “I... like you. I like what we have. Had. I don’t... I’m still figuring some stuff out, but... I want to do more of that. With you. The right way.”

Cory sat silently as he took in their words. It was just wanted he wanted to hear, he thought. But did they mean it?

“...Okay.” Cory made his decision.

“Okay?” Came the double question.

“I’ll give you guys another shot.” He teased. “There’s a lot that went wrong before. I can’t promise I won’t get mad or upset when we talk through some of it. But I still want to do this with you guys as well.” He turned to look just at Nic. “I like you too.”

Nic blushed, and Derek made a cough for attention. “Yes, I like you too.” Cory added.

“So, you guys really missed me, huh?” Cory taunted.

“Derek missed you so much he got himself a daddy to train him.”

“Dude!” Derek squaked from his seat.

“What?! Who?! Carl?!” Cory immediately pressed for answers. Answers that sadly he would have to wait to get, as just then, his mom burst into the room. Followed by Stephanie. Followed by Nic’s parents and sisters. Derek half expected the football team to show up too. As Cory’s mother rushed towards him, Cory gave Derek a look, ensuring that he would get all the details about this daddy from him later.

For now, Cory was happy that he was theirs again.

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