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Chapter 17

“I dunno about this man.”

“What’s the problem?”

“It just feels weird.”

“Well it’s too late to turn around now.”

Derek and Nic went back in forth in the front seat of Nic’s car, which was currently on route for a day trip to Lakeland. Cory sat in his usual spot in the back seat, the boys having regrouped after their afternoon chat (and sex) the day before. After they had cleaned up, the boys were at something of a loss as for what to do next. They were working towards rebuilding the trust between them again, but this was Cory’s first... anything involving another person, let alone two, and Derek or Nic certainly didn’t have relationship experience that came close to what they were dealing with now.

So Derek suggested they do the same thing he’d done the last few times he felt lost like this: Talk to Carl. Or Sir, as Derek was to call him now. Carl had also told him he could go with daddy, but Derek definitely wasn’t there yet. Cory was onboard with the idea right away, but Nic bristled while remembering Derek’s description of what he did on his last visit. It took a little convincing, but Nic eventually agreed after reassurances that it was just to talk.

Derek sent a few texts and Carl happily agreed to talk to the trio, so they met up again the next day at Cory’s before hitting the road. With school out and most of their parents working, none of the boys had any other obligations, or much else to do at all really. Nic was expecting this to be a fairly quick visit, but Derek wasn’t mad that the rest of the day was open, just in case.

Carl was outside on his porch when the boys arrived. He stood up as he saw them park, waving them over as they clambered out of the car.

“Boys, good to see you. Glad you got here safe.” Carl moved to open his front door and lead the way inside. “Heard things have been kinda crazy for you all lately.”

“Something like that, sir.” Derek answered for the group. “Thanks for agreeing to talk to us.”

“Of course, boy. That’s what I’m here for.” Carl smiled before showing the boys to his living room, taking a seat in a large armchair while the three boys settled in on the couch. “So, catch me up.”

Derek ran through a somewhat condensed version of the last few days, with Cory adding the occasional detail. Cory’s night in the woods, Derek and Nic running off to find him, the night in the cabin, the hospital, and finally the talk yesterday. Which led Derek into what they were here to talk about today. “So, we’re okay, or at least getting there. And we wanna try doing this thing again. But the right way this time.”

“Also, there’s a few things that are still... confusing me a little. Some of the things that happened, the things we did...” Cory trailed off, getting embarrassed. “The times when I wouldn’t really get a say in what was happening, or maybe was a little forced. I... liked those things? But I... I don’t really see how we’d be able to do something like that again. It doesn’t even seem like a normal thing to like...”

“Oh. Well, that’s actually pretty normal boy. Common even.” Carl assuaged Cory’s fears. “That’s just a form of humiliation. Plenty of subs are into things like that. You like the idea of being made to do something you don’t wanna do. Things you’re maybe ashamed of liking.”

Cory nodded silently.

“As long as you had talked about it beforehand, set your boundaries, there’s no reason you couldn’t do things like that. It’s all about trust.” Carl smiled before continuing. “Cory, I want to apologize to you for my own part in that. I didn’t exactly have all the info at the time, but I probably could have used some better judgment in the store that day we met. I’m glad you boys have worked through some of your problems, and figured out that you want to try things again, but...”

“But what, sir?” Derek prodded when Carl trailed off.

“You boys have been through a lot lately. Together and on your own. And aren’t you all supposed to be going off to college soon?” Carl reasoned. “I’m not so sure this is something you boys should be taking on right now. Maybe you should slow down for a bit.”

“Come on sir, you can’t be serious.” Derek nearly jumped to his feet. “If you won’t help us, we can find somebody else who will.”

“That a threat, boy?” Carl cocked an eyebrow at Derek’s brazen display.

“No, sir, but...” Derek backed down with his tone, but kept pushing. “The cat’s. We can’t put it back in. Besides, you already agreed to train me. Isn’t there some kind of lesson about keeping your word in there?”

Carl sighed. These boys were gonna run him ragged. “Alright. But that means things progress at my pace. If I tell you you’re not ready for something, I expect you to listen to me.

“Yes sir.” Derek nodded, as did Cory. “Thank you.”

“Derek, why don’t you go show Cory the training room I showed you last time you were here.” Carl turned his focus to the silent boy on the couch. “I think Nic and I need to have a chat.”

Nic’s eyes grew wide and he looked to Derek for help but said nothing.

“Uh,” Derek looked between Nic and Carl for a moment. “Yes sir. C’mon, Cory.” Derek led Cory out of the room.

The room fell silent as Carl looked over the nervous boy on the couch. Nic swallowed. What was gonna happen now?

“Calm down, boy. I’m not gonna shove a dick in your mouth.” Nic coughed and sputtered in surprise, and Carl laughed as he stumbled for a retort. “I’m teasing. You need to relax.”

“I’m not...” Nic huffed. “You just caught me off guard. Did you just wanna fuck with me? I’m fine.”

“Yeah, well, you don’t exactly look like you wanna be here.” Carl cut to the chase, no sense in wasting everyone’s time. “You sure this is something you wanna do?”

“What?” Nic genuinely didn’t know what Carl was getting at. “Of course I do. That’s why I’m here.”

“You literally haven’t said a word since you got here until just now,” Carl pointed out. “On top of everything I’ve seen and heard about, I’m just not sure this is really your thing.”

“Look, I’m not backing out of anything.” Nic said firmly. “I just didn’t come over here looking to be trained like those other two.”

“Well good, cause I’m not looking to train you.” Carl sad flatly. “This isn’t about that. This is about you not being comfortable with gay sex. I made a joke about you sucking dick and you choked on the air.”

“Because I’m not--!”

“I don’t care what you wanna call yourself, kid.” Carl cut Nic off quickly. “But you need to get over the fact that you’ve been having gay sex for the past six months. Because that’s what it is, Nic. You may not be gay, but the sex you’ve been having very much is. And if you wanna keep doing what you're doing with those two, you’re gonna need to get over your hangups about some of this shit. Because I can tell you now, it’s gonna get real old, real fast when those two start exploring their options with their new-found freedom. You’re not in high school anymore. It’s a cliche, but it’s very easy to drift apart once you’re not forced to see someone every day.”

Nic was quiet for a moment as he took Carl’s words in. “We only have the rest of the summer together anyway. What does it matter?”

“Ah, yes. Giving up before you even try, I remember my own football coach teaching us that one.” Carl said dryly before taking a breath, his features softening. “Kid, I wish I could give you some more help here, but sorry to say I am 100% a gay man. I never had to deal with this sort of thing. I’m not saying you gotta run home and come out of whatever closet you may be in, but you need to at least try to figure out a way to get comfortable with this. For all of your sakes.”

Nic said nothing, again taking in the elder man’s words, before nodding slowly.

“You drove here, right?” Carl waited for Nic to respond yes before continuing. “Okay. I am going to go back to my playroom now and use Cory to teach himself and Derek about bondage and something called ‘impact play.’ You can either head back with me and maybe learn some stuff yourself, or you can head out now. I’ll make sure those two get home safe later tonight. Given everything going on, I’m sure they’d understand.” He paused for a moment before standing, waiting for Nic’s decision.

Nic looked up at the Dom, wracking his brain over what to do. His immediate instinct was to take the out he’d been offered. Derek and Cory knew he wasn’t into coming over here, he could just catch up with them later at home. On the other hand... Carl had a point. The last time Nic had tried to avoid these feelings, they took the first drunken opportunity they could to explode all over Cory. Not to mention the ‘light bondage’ part did sound like it could be fun. Was he doing this? He was doing this. He stood. “Let’s do this.”

“Atta boy.” Carl smiled before turning and leading the way to the playroom.

The door at the end of the hall was open, a dim light spilling out onto the carpet. Carl pushed the door the rest of the way open as he walked in with Nic behind him, revealing Derek pointing out a few of the implements Carl had hanging on the wall next to Cory - namely a couple of paddles. The two turned around when they heard Carl entering.

“Hey, sir, just showing him some of the-,” Derek stopped mid sentence when he saw Nic standing there. “Oh. Hey man.” He and Cory had both figured he’d be looking for any excuse to get out of here.

Nic nodded his head in Derek’s direction, but said nothing. He didn’t know what to say. He was taken back by the scope of the room. It was big. And full of... stuff. Stuff Nic had never seen before. He looked around wide-eyed at the whips and floggers hanging from the wall, the cuffs and ropes on a table, the leather benches he could only imagine were at the perfect height to bend someone over. There was even a giant wooden cross against the far wall... Nic swallowed dryly. He suddenly didn’t know what to do with his hands. Did he usually stick them in his pocket or...?

Carl, sensing that Nic was overwhelmed, and figuring that he would possibly just be watching this time around, pushed ahead with his original plan. “Like what you see boy?” Carl directed the question at Cory.

“Yes, sir,” Cory nodded. “You have a really awesome playroom.” Cory was in awe of the treasure trove of toys surrounding him, things he’d only fantasized about using before.

“You tend to amass quite the collection over the years.” Carl walked over to the pair, running his hand along a leather bench before standing next to the two boys. “It helps not having any children. A lot more disposable income. So, I know what I’ve got planned, but did ya see anything in the room that caught your eye?” He gave Cory a wink.

“Um...” Cory looked down, blushing and muttering. “...maybe the fucking machine...”

“Oh yeah?” Carl let out a little laugh. “I don’t think you’re quite ready for something like that, boy, but we’ll work you up to it.” He looked from Cory to Derek, then behind him at the still silent Nic. “You boys ready to start?”

Derek and Cory looked at each other before nodding.

“Alright, come on over here boy.” Carl led Cory to one of the leather benches. He reached underneath and adjusted it’s height until the top of it was at Cory’s waist. At the opposite end were a pair of D-rings, hinting at what was to come. Carl walked over to a set of drawers against the wall, opening one and fishing out a set of cuffs, identical to the pair Derek had purchased from Good Vibrations months before. He held them in front of Cory. “Remember these?”

“Yes sir.” Cory smiled. He had some fond memories of those cuffs.

“Good. Now strip.” Carl ordered.

Caught off guard for only a second, Cory began removing his clothing until he was only in his jockstrap, setting the rest in a pile on a chair - well maybe not technically a chair - and returning to where Carl was standing. Taking him by the shoulder, Carl guided Cory to face the bench, gently pressing on his back to have him bent over. He whistled, taking the opportunity to give Cory’s ass a squeeze before moving to the other side of the bench.

“Derek, come over here and help me tie your boy down.” Carl grasped Cory’s left wrist, securing one of the cuffs around his left wrist. As Carl stretched Cory’s arm towards the D-ring on his side of the bench, Derek followed suit with his right, using the provided carabiner to hold Cory in place. Cory obliged the two doms, breathing in the scent of the leather as he laid his head to the side against the bench.

“Good, boys.” Carl gave Cory’s ass another affectionate squeeze. “Now, according to what Derek’s told me, the last time you were on the receiving end of a spanking, you seemed to enjoy it more than just a little. That right?”

Cory’s body flushed slightly, remembering the night of his punishment in the cabin, the dual spanking he had received from Derek and Nic, and the amazing sex they had right after. He silently bit his lip. “Yes, sir.”

“Good.” Carl gave Cory’s round butt a quick smack. “In a minute here, I’m going to go get some toys off the wall there and show these two how to use them on you. But before we get to that, what’s your safeword, boy?”

Cory snorted loudly a moment before he and Derek cracked up. Carl looked around confused and turned to Nic, who took a second to realize what they were laughing at. “Fuck you guys.” He turned to Carl to answer his unspoken question. “It’s bacon.” He gritted out.

“Ooo-kay.” Carl turned back to the two laughing boys who were catching their breaths. “There’s a story there I’m gonna wanna hear about later. But moving right along - your safeword is ‘bacon.’ You say that, and we stop everything. But, if you just need a breather, or just want to slow down for a minute, I want you to use the word ‘yellow.’ Do you understand?”

Cory nodded as best he could in his trussed up state. “Yes sir. Yellow.”

“Good boy.” Carl walked over to the wall, retrieving a medium sized leather paddle - not quite a frat paddle, but bigger then one for ping pong. He walked back to Cory and laid the cool piece of leather across his ass as he began speaking to Derek and Nic. “Now, with paddles, unless the sub is one more into pain - which I don’t think Cory is - you’d generally want to save a wooden paddle for punishment. Leather is obviously softer, and has a lot of flexibility in how you use it.” He grasped the paddle by the handle again and rubbed it around Cory’s furry ass slowly before giving it a few teasing taps.

“You want to start slowly. Since we’re going to be using a few different things, we’re just gonna make this ass a little pinker for now.” as he finished speaking, Carl drew the leather back before bringing it down smoothly onto Cory’s left cheek, punctuated with a light smack, and followed by a small yelp of surprise from Cory. Carl repeated the action on the right, and then quickly peppered the flesh before him with 4 more hits.

“Derek.” Carl nodded the dom-in-training over to him, giving Cory a chance to breathe as he showed Derek how to hold and swing the paddle. “Alright, give him a few. Spread them around, don’t focus on one area for too long.” Carl stroked a hand over Cory’s slightly-pinkened posterior, earning him a shiver as the sensitive skin was stroked. “It’s less about the pain and more about making the skin feel sensitive. Then you can have more fun with it later.” He gave a not-so-gentle squeeze, eliciting a whimper. “Go ahead."

Derek was overly cautious his first few swings, the paddle landing with little more than a gentle thud. When he finally found the right amount of force to use, he was rewarded with a nice smack reverberating from Cory’s rump, and whimper from his mouth. Smiling to himself, Derek matched what he had seen Carl do moments ago, spreading the paddle’s slaps across Cory’s skin.

Cory squirmed as he was paddled, the thwack of the paddle making him jump a little. It stung, but only a little, and the longer it went on, the duller it felt. He could hear but couldn’t stop the mewling coming from his mouth. He was thankful for the wrist cuffs because he’s not sure he would have been able to control his hands. And he certainly wasn’t able to control his cock, which he felt slowly filling up as his ass was assaulted.

“Alright, let him breathe for a second,” Carl directed before gently rubbing his hand across Cory’s lightly abused butt, causing Cory to suck in his breath sharply. “Mmm, that ass is getting nice and warmed up.”

Derek followed suit, smiling as he noted the heat of the flesh in his hand, and eliciting further whimpering from Cory. He ran his fingertips across Cory’s flank, teasing the boy as he felt the warm throb of his ass. He stroked his fingers down the crack of Cory’s ass, not quite reaching his hole, and making Cory try to push back onto them.

Carl chuckled. “Alright, give him a few more.”

Derek resumed striking Cory’s ass with the paddle, swatting him a dozen more times before putting down the paddle to give Cory another breather. As he played with Cory’s ass once more, Carl turned to Nic.

“You wanna give it a shot?” He asked, Nic looking a little less like a deer in headlights now.

“Yeah. Sure.” Nic nodded his head, seemingly talking to himself more than Carl. He stepped forward and reached for the paddle, feeling the weight of it in his hand. Derek stepped to the side to give him some room to work. Nic took aim, almost like he was practicing a golf swing, before he made the first smack.

Cory yelped softly in surprise, and Nic would be lying if he said that didn’t make his dick twitch a little. Grinning, he drew the paddle back and gave him another. And another.

“Mmmf.” Cory whimpered as his ass was once more paddled. After a few more strikes, that dull, warm feeling started to return. His dick was still half hard, and it felt like it had been leaking. A fog started to gather in Cory’s head, the rhythm of Nic’s strikes causing him to zone out. He didn’t even realize Nic had stopped until he felt a hand stroking down his back.

“You doing alright, boy?” Carl asked gently as he brought Cory’s mind back to the surface.

“Mmmm. Yes sir.” Cory said almost sleepily. He felt pretty good right now. His ass throbbed but it wasn’t an entirely bad feeling. He felt warm.

“You did good boy. Going to let you rest a minute before we try something else.” Carl returned the paddle to its spot on the wall before turning to Derek and Nic, who had each taken a spot next to Cory, each with a hand on him, stroking from back to ass. Carl smiled and turned back to the wall, this time removing a short black flogger. Before walking back over, he paused, and decided to remove his shirt. No reason not to get comfortable...

“You boys ready for round two?” Carl walked back to end of the bench, flogger in hand.

Derek and Nic exchanged a glance. Oooooh yeah, they were both enjoying the hell out of this. Each boy had a sizeable lump forming in his pants. Squeezing Cory’s hot ass and making the boy whimper only made them harder.

“Yes sir.” Derek answered for the both of them. He was eager to see what, or who, would come next.

“What about you boy?” Carl checked in with Cory one more time. “You ready for more?”

“Yes sir.” Cory sounded more clear headed. He attempted to straighten his position out as best he could.

“Alright. Now, this,” Carl dragged the flogger over Cory’s ass lightly as he spoke. “Is a flogger. It might look a little scary at first, but when done properly, a good flogging can feel more pleasant then that paddling you just received.”

Carl motioned for Derek and Nic to move back and give him some space, as he raised the flogger to just over his shoulder. Then, in a quick and steady motion, he brought the tails of the flogger down, swiping them across the sensitive skin of his ass.

Cory gasped, surprised at the new sensation. Like that paddling, it stung, but just barely. It was like dozens of little slaps against his skin, cascading down in almost a rhythm. Cory whimpered as Carl repeated the action, switching between his left and right cheek. Everytime the flogger landed, his skin felt like it was just getting a little warmer, a little more sensitive. The noises he was making were starting to get longer, if not louder.

Carl paused after the sixth strike, tracing the lines he was creating on Cory’s ass with his finger, making the boy squirm. “These are fun to look at, and a good visual for the parts of the skin that will be more sensitive. The marks won’t last too long, but I’ll give you some lotion to help with the soreness when we’re done.” Carl explained before moving back into position to continue.

After the first few strikes, Cory relaxed his head against the bench, closing his eyes and letting the dull warmth over take him. His body continued reacting with each strike, squirming and whining as the flogger rained down on his ass and thighs, making no attempt to control them. It was like a dance, the slap of the leather, followed by the sting of the tails, and then the heat of his ass.

Cory was soon lulled him into a warm fog. If it weren’t for Carl checking in on him every few minutes, Cory’s sure he would have zoned out entirely. It barely registered when Carl handed the flogger to Nic to try, only realizing that he had a different assailant when he saw Carl was standing in front of him as the flogger was still coming down.

Nic adjusted himself in his pants as he gave the flogger to Derek. This was really not something he expected to get into. The rough sex, the risky public stuff, sure that made sense. But he never saw himself with all the leather and whips and chains and stuff. Still not sure he did. But this was hot. Especially the way Cory reacted, how he was restrained, taking everything they gave him. There was no question he liked it - his cock was hard and pointing between his legs, steadily leaking precum.

Derek took the same position Carl and Nic had before him. He could sense they were almost done - Cory didn’t have much skin left that was untouched. Paranoid over causing him any unnecessary pain, he was cautious about the force behind his swings. He took his time teasing between flogs, finding new ways to make Cory shiver.

When he’d felt Cory had had enough, Carl motioned for Derek to stop, taking the flogger and placing it down on the bench for a moment. “Nice work, boys.” He undid Cory’s wrist restraints as he spoke.

“Hey boy, you back with us?” Carl stroked Cory’s hair as he spoke. “Derek, there should be a mini fridge behind you, grab a bottle of water for me.”

Derek retrieved and tossed a bottle to Carl, who opened it and helped Cory lean up to drink.

“Mmmhhh.” Cory’s eyes fluttered open as he stretched and then relaxed his arms.

“How you feeling boy?” Carl asked as Cory came to his senses.

“Good. Warm. Horny.” Cory’s relaxed state giving him no reason to answer but honestly.

“I bet. Did you enjoy that?” Carl asked as he walked back around to Cory’s backend.

“Yes sir.” Cory said dreamily.

“Good.” Carl suddenly took a kneeling position behind Cory, an action which had both Nic and Derek tilting their heads curiously. “You just lay there and relax.” Carl then placed both hands on either side of Cory’s ass, spread him wide, and dove face first at his hole. Time to show these boys how it’s done.

Cory yelped loudly as he felt Carl’s wet tongue swipe across his hole. His hands scrabbled at the bench, unsure of whether he was trying to get away or push himself back further. Not that it mattered, because Carl’s hands spreading him open were also holding him in place. Cory wasn’t even able to form words, everytime he opened his mouth he moaned.

Carl lapped his tongue over Cory’s hole in slow repeated movements. He held the boy steady as he squirmed, the sensations on his hole driving him wild. Carl sensed that he hadn’t had this done to him before, and he was happy to be the first. He held the boy’s ass firmly, squeezing just enough to make the sting from the paddling and flogging apparent. This wasn’t just for Cory’s benefit - he needed to show Derek and Nic the proper way to do this. He was going to start this off nice and slow, running his tongue around the rim of Cory’s hole.

Cory tried relaxing into the bench, able to do little else. It wasn’t easy. Every movement of Carl’s tongue felt like electricity on his hole. His cock throbbed between his legs. This felt so fucking good. Carl’s beard scratched against his ass as he worked his tongue, made all the more apparent by his sore and sensitive ass. And then he felt Carl’s tongue go inside him.

Carl grinned as best as one can when your tongue is buried in someone’s ass. Cory made a near-inhuman noise as Carl began to slowly tongue-fuck the boy’s hole. Carl slowly pumped his tongue in and out, stopping to lick across the outside after every few strokes. Cory was practically a puddle now, and with one final swipe of the tongue, Carl stood and wiped the spit from his mouth. “You like that, boy?”

“Uh huh.” Cory agreed, still splayed out across the bench.

“I’m guessing neither of you boys has ever done something like that for him?” Carl turned to Nic and Derek, who after watching Carl’s ‘practical’ display were standing slack-jawed and stiff-dicked. They hadn’t even considered doing something like that to Cory before, or what it might be like to see in action. And neither would admit it yet, but they were both curious about what it felt like themselves.

“” Derek answered for them both. “It’s pretty much always been him on us.”

“That seem very fair to you?” Carl knew they knew the answer.

“I guess not, but...” Nic was reasoning with himself more than Carl. “It just never really worked out that way. I don’t exactly wanna suck a dick.”

“Not talking about sucking dick.” Carl cocked an eyebrow. “You’ve never eaten the ass of one of the girls you’ve fucked?”

Nic didn’t have a response to that. He had, of course, on multiple occasions. He was no slouch about going down on a girl, and as long as they had showered, you only had to move a few inches lower... But this was a guy’s ass, not a girl’s. It wasn’t the same thing. Right? It was definitely hairier. And precariously close to to Cory’s balls. Still, watching Carl eat him out and seeing him writhe and squirm, to see him still out of it now, that was pretty hot.

Maybe he just needed to jump in the deep end.

Nodding to himself, Nic walked past Carl to Cory, kneeling down wordlessly in front of his ass. Wordlessly, he spread the cheeks before him, revealing Cory’s furred and furled hole, winking at him. Definitely hairier.

“If it helps, think of it like you’re eating pussy.” Carl offered. “Hell, for some boys that’s exactly what they wanna hear.”

Nic nodded to himself. That could work. But for now... Nic closed his eyes, tightened his grip, and dove in. It was strange at first. Not bad. Different. Other than the extra fuzz, it wasn’t any different then when he last did this to Amy. Nic heard the boy sigh happily as he ran his tongue across Cory’s hole. Unsurprisingly, he soon found that the more he did this, the more noise Cory would make.

Cory moaned as Nic ate him out for the first - and hopefully not last - time. His eyes were closed and he bit his lip as he felt the wet, warm tongue slide across his hole. He couldn’t believe Nic was actually doing this to him - but somehow he’d get used to the idea. They just might need to practice a lot. Cory could tell Nic was still getting used to this, his movements were slow and tentative--!

“Oh fuck,” Cory muttered the curse as he felt Nic’s tongue dive into his hole. Nevermind tentative.

“Having fun, boy?” Cory turned his head to see Carl was standing on his other side, hard cock jutting out from his undone fly.

“Uh... huh.” Cory breathed out and nodded his head in assent.

“Good. Now why don’t you give me a nice thank you for that rim job?” Carl posed the rhetorical question, hand already on Cory’s head and pulling him towards his cock at the bench’s edge.

Cory’s mouth, already half open, wrapped around the head of Carl’s thick cock. With Cory able to think about little else besides his ass, Carl rocked his hips slowly back and forth, feeding Cory his dick a few inches at a time. The boy concentrated on watching his teeth, but could do nothing about the steady stream of moans and groans spilling from behind them. As he used Cory’s mouth, Carl nodded Derek over to join him, the two switching between Cory’s mouth and his free hand on their cocks as Nic worked.

Nic kneaded Cory’s ass as he fucked his tongue in and out of Cory’s hole. Carl was right, it was just like eating pussy. Nic loved eating pussy - he didn’t understand why some guys didn’t - and what he was doing here was really no different. He was using his mouth and tongue to tease and work the hole he was soon going to fuck. Just like he always did. Nic growled and smacked Cory’s ass as he dove his tongue in even further, living for every reaction and sound he pulled from Cory. He could easily lose track of time doing something like this.

“Does anyone want anymore of this?” Nic lifted his head, punctuating his question with a smack to Cory’s ass. “Because if not, I need to know where the lube is.”

Carl and Derek looked between them and shook their heads. Both were happy to see Nic getting so into things and didn’t want to do anything to impede that.

Middle drawer, right side.” Carl pointed at the set of drawers he pulled the cuffs from earlier.

Nic nodded, taking off his shirt as he retrieved the lube and undoing his fly on the way back. Nic ground his shaft against Cory’s ass, the heat from the abused backside warming his groin. He watched Cory do his best to swallow Carl’s beer can cock as he applied lube to his own dick, wiping his hand along the inside of Cory’s ass to help lube him up. Then, he slapped his hard cock against Cory’s spit-slick hole and pressed forward.

“Mmmmhhh...” Cory moaned happily around Carl’s dick. His hole was so relaxed from the double rimming he had received earlier, Nic encountered almost no resistance as he pushed his cock in further. Arching his back as best he could, Cory sighed happily when he felt Nic bottom out, their thighs pressed together.

“Fuck...” Nic looked down at his cock, buried deep inside a freshly paddled behind. He again roughly kneaded the abused flesh, enjoying the way Cory squirmed further as his dick rubbed against Cory’s prostate. He moved his hips back and watched his slick cock pull from the hole, dragging skin and fur along with it before being pushed back in to the hilt.

Nic grabbed Cory by the hips as he sped up his pace, squeezing the flesh as he held his boy steadily. With each thrust of his cock, Cory’s pink ass would bounce and jiggle, occasionally enticing Nic to spank it once more. Nic soon found the momentum he needed and the real pounding of Cory’s hole began.

Cory was moaning steadily as he was fucked, the slap of Nic’s hips against his ass adding just a little bit of sting to each thrust. He could feel the familiar tightness start to well up in his groin and knew Nic would be fucking him through an orgasm soon. The cock in his mouth was once again swapped and he greedily lapped up the accumulated precum from the tip before relaxing his mouth as he was fucked from both ends. He’d been in this position so often that it almost felt natural. As did the prostate orgasm he started to have at the same time.

Nic was getting close himself. He felt the tight squeeze of Cory’s hole as it spasmed, feeling triumphant for making his boy cum on his cock once more. As he looked down, the sweat from his forehead dripped down onto Cory’s back. The rest of his chest was just as sweaty, the room was being filled with the musk of the four men enjoying each other’s body. Looking up, Nic saw that Carl and Derek were now engaged in a liplock, Carl squeezing Derek to his side tightly as Cory swapped between their cocks. That was unexpected, but it didn’t matter - Nic was cumming.

“Oh fuck, gonna load you up Cor,” Nic grabbed Cory by the hips tightly once more as he slammed his cock in and out erratically, grinding his cock in at it’s deepest and blasting his load inside. He tried to push each shot further in than the last, the scratch of his pubes irritating Cory’s sore ass even more - not that he minded. Nic bent over, holding himself up with his arms as he half-draped himself over Cory. The sweat continued dripping onto the back of the thoroughly fucked-out boy beneath him, rising and falling as he caught his own breath.

Almost tripping over himself, Nic slowly pulled his cock from Cory’s hole with a soft squelch, the hole closing tightly behind him to prevent anything inside from escaping. After looking around dazed, Carl pointed Nic to the room’s attached bathroom, chuckling as the boy stumbled away. He fucked himself stupid. Switching gears, Carl looked down at Cory below him, who was still slowly nursing on the head of Carl’s dick.

“Alright boy, you stay right there. You got two more loads to take.” Carl spoke as Derek walked around to replace Nic, who slipped inside the loosened cum-filled hole easily.

Rather then respond, Cory simply arched his back and swallowed more of Carl’s cock.

He took his training very, very seriously, of course.

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