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Author's Note: Last chapter! Feels weird to post this, and I'm sorry to bring this story to a close, but ready work on something new. I love these boys, and this isn't the last you will see of these characters - I have a lot of ideas - but it is goodbye for now. As I stated before, there will be a short epilogue posted next week, and I will also drop the title of my next story in that update as well. Hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it.

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Chapter 18

The next few weeks of summer flew by for the boys. First, there was their actual high school graduation. Everyone’s parents were there of course, even Derek’s, watching them cross the stage in their caps and gowns. Cory nearly convinced Nic to go naked under his as a dare, until Derek found out and said no. It was a weird event, one purely for show. They wouldn’t even get their diplomas until next week in the mail. But tradition is tradition.

Frequent trips were made to Carl’s house, and with each one came new experiences and training. Since that first day, Cory had been flogged, paddled, switched, and spanked with all sorts of implements. Carl had tied him in all manner of positions, on his back, stomach, bent in two. Derek and Nic had no trouble mastering a few of the quick and simple knots they learned. And the last time they were there, Carl brought out this fucking machine that...

Cory blushed as he thought back to the previous weekend. It was only for 20 minutes on the lowest setting, with a dildo not nearly as big as any of the men he’d taken before, but fuck if that machine didn’t have Cory’s hole cumming over and over. He was a twitchy mess by the time they unhooked him. And that was before they all took turns fucking him again.

Cory looked at the clock and debated whether or not he had enough time to ask Derek or Nic to jerk off - thanks to Carl and his training, that rule was in effect again. He sighed - Mom said dinner would be ready soon, so probably not. Sitting at his desk, Cory knew he was just looking for ways to procrastinate anyways. He stared at the acceptance letters in front of him. Three of the colleges he applied to let him in with full scholarships. Cory figured - hoped - that he’d only get one, making his decision for him. Instead he had to decide between three schools in three very different parts of the country.

Cory was terrible at making decisions. Derek and Nic didn’t even bother asking him to pick a place to eat anymore, he’d hem and haw forever otherwise. And this was a much bigger decision then Burger King or McDonalds. He also hadn’t talked to his mom yet. About college, or leaving, or... anything else. He was planning on doing that tonight. College, that was. He had to - deadlines were closing in. He just needed to make a decision first.

That should be easy enough right? It’s not as though they were all pretty great schools with excellent Computer Science programs... except they were. There was the San Diego Technical Institute, located on the very sunny and very gay-friendly west coast, the Technology Institute of Massachusetts, a school he’d heard about since he was a kid, and then finally John Adams University in Washington D.C., a city Cory had visited a few times as a kid and loved. Cory re-read the acceptance letters half a dozen times as he clicked through each school’s website, looking for anything that might affect his decision.

“Cory!” Cory suddenly heard his mom’s voice echo from the hallway. “Dinner’s ready!” Crap. Putting down the letters, he walked to the kitchen to see his mom preparing a couple of plates for the two of them, and followed her to the table.

The meal began in relative silence, the sound of a fork and knife scraping over plates the only thing audible. Cory stared at his plate quietly, suddenly feeling much more awkward than he ever had at dinner before. Every time he tried to open his mouth to talk about college, he found himself shoveling more food in instead. Why was this so weird?

“So, have you decided on a school yet?” Julia asked without lifting her gaze from her plate.

Cory spluttered for a moment before regaining his composure. “Uh, n-no. Not yet. You knew about the acceptance letters?”

“Well I’ve seen a few letters from schools in the mail, but I didn’t want to pry. But you’ve been pretty quiet about it, and I don’t think you have much time left to accept.“ Julia pointed out the obvious. “Now, if you’re nervous about leaving home, HCC is right up the road, and we--”

“I got in. To three schools. Full scholarships.” Cory cut his mother off before she tried selling him on the local community college again.

“Oh honey, that’s amazing.” Julia stood and walked around the table to hug her son. “I knew you’d do it.” She kissed him on the forehead before taking her seat again. “Which schools?”

“Um, San Diego Tech, TIM and John Adams.” Cory found himself mumbling, once again feeling awkward. He basically just told his mother he was moving across the country one way or another.

“Oh, wow. Those are all great schools, honey. I’m so proud of you.” Julia smiled at her son warmly, if not a little sadly.

“Yeah, but...” Cory knew why she had that sad look. “They’re all pretty far away from home.”

“Oh honey...” Julia came back around to his side of the table, this time with her chair. “Of course I’m going to be sad to have you leave, but I always knew that it would happen one day.” Julia squeezed her son’s hand. “I figured it’d be right around now. I hope that’s not something stopping you from picking a school.”

“No, it’s not that exactly.” Cory squeezed his mom’s hand back. “It’s just so... weird, thinking about leaving. Not just you, but everything. High school, the town, my friends...” His not-quite-boyfriends.

“I know you’re gonna miss all those things, sweetie.” Julia reassured. “But you’re also going to learn and see so much more out there in the world. And you can always come back and visit. You better come back and visit.”

“College just always seemed so far away. I can’t believe it’s already here.” Cory frowned. “Everything is happening so fast.”

“That’s life, honey.” Julia hugged her son. “One minute you’re raising an adorable little boy, and the next he’s nearly dying in a hurricane before he leaves for college.”

“Haha, mom.” Cory hugged his mom back as she teased him.

“I’m serious: If I ever find out you’re lost in the woods like that again, I’m having a GPS chip implanted in you.” Julia stood once more and moved her chair back to her seat, resuming her dinner. “Now why don’t you tell me about each school and let’s see if I can’t help you make a decision.”

Cory looked at his mother fondly. He was really going to miss her. “Well, San Diego Tech just finished a new computer lab...”

“It’s so nice being home.” Linda, Derek’s mother said from across the table.

“I forgot how much I missed sitting at the dinner table with you both.” Derek’s father Robert added.

“Yeah... Real great having you guys back.” Derek droned as he absent mindedly pushed around the food on his plate. Ever since his parents landed, it’s just been business as usual. They barely even asked him about the night of the storm! What was the point of coming home at all?

“So tell us about school Derek.” Linda started. “Did you pass everything alright?”

“I mean, you guys saw me graduate. What do you think?” Derek responded wryly. He knew he was acting like an ass but he was really beyond caring anymore.

“Derek! Do not speak to your mother like that!” Robert admonished.

“Or what, you’ll leave again?” Derek rolled his eyes at his father’s reprimand. “Big fucking deal.”

“Language!” Linda almost shouted from her seat.

“What has gotten into you Derek?” Robert questioned his son.

“Seriously? Seriously?” Derek put down his fork and looked his father in the eye as he spoke.. “I dunno, maybe having to live alone in an empty house while my parents were gone for half a fucking year has something to do with it. What do you think Dad?”

“Derek, I...” Robert had to turn to his wife to break the intense eye contact. “We had no idea you felt this way about things.”

“But that’s no reason to speak to us - or anyone - that way.” Linda sternly corrected.

Derek took a deep breath. “Sorry, mom and dad.”

“Derek...” Robert started. “You mother and I, we thought you liked the level of independence we were giving you. You seemed to thrive under it.”

“When your brother was your age, he couldn’t wait to get as far away from us as he could.” Linda continued. “You’re more than capable of taking care of yourself, so we thought you’d love having the house to yourself. We hadn’t planned on staying away as long as we did, but more work kept coming in, and you seemed to be doing alright when we spoke that we just kept extending our stay.”

“Yeah, I wanted space from you guys like any kid but, I didn’t want to not see you for half a year.” Derek’s voice was softer than before. “I didn’t have anyone to talk to. Ate every dinner and breakfast alone.” Derek’s voice dropped even lower. “Would you have even made it to my graduation if it wasn’t for the phone call in the hospital?”

Derek’s parents looked at each other silently for a moment, which was all the answer Derek needed. Linda stood from her chair and walked to her son, hugging him. “I’m so sorry sweetie.” Robert soon joined his wife, hugging Derek from the other side. “You’re right. We weren’t thinking about you when we stayed away for so long, and we weren’t here when you needed us. We are so, so sorry.”

“Derek, when we thought you were lost or hurt.” Linda pulled back to look at Derek’s face. “We were beside ourselves. I walked right out in the middle of a meeting with a client.”

“We dropped everything. Found the first flight out that we could.” Robert added. “We are so happy you are safe.”

“I just... I know I’m growing up and stuff but... I’m always going to need my parents.” It was a start, Derek thought as he was hugged. “There’s still things I don’t know how to figure out on my own.”

“We’re sorry, son.” Robert put his hand on Derek’s shoulder. “I know we’ve missed a lot, but I promise, we’re going to be here for you when you need us.”

“Thanks, mom. Thanks, dad.” Derek watched his parents returned to their seats. He wasn’t exactly sold, but it was still nice to hear his parents apologize. He hoped things would be better now.

“So, Derek, tell us about what has been going on.” Linda wanted to her son to update her as much as he was willing.. “What about colleges? I know you were thinking of applying to a few schools... did you hear back?”

“Yeah, Derek. What about University of Columbia? You’re a legacy, they had to have let you in there.” Robert jumped in, bringing up his and Linda’s Alma Mater.

Derek sighed. He figured this would come up. “No, dad. I didn’t even apply there.”

“What! Why not!?” Robert was incredulous.

“Because I don’t want to go to business school like you guys.” Derek was ready to fight them on this if he had to.

“Okay, Derek.” Linda fixed her flustered husband with a gaze. “What do you want to go to school for then?”

“I honestly have no idea.” Derek was smiling, mostly to himself. “But I can’t wait to find out. So, some of the places I did get in...”

“Okay, so we have it narrowed down to these four, right?” Raphael looked over his son’s shoulder at the computer screen.

“Yeah, dad. I think these four are good.” Nic clicked through the tabs he had open, each looking at a different college he had gotten an offer from. All four had decent football teams, but what interested Nic more was that all four had decent Athletic Training and Physical Therapy majors, which Nic was starting to seriously consider for his future. Still involved in sports, but not running himself ragged doing it. He was actually glad he’d had his fight with his dad those weeks ago now. Unlike his friends, he was feeling a little more confident about his future. Mostly.

“Come on, your mom’s almost done with dinner, we can set the table.” Raph patted his son’s shoulder and led the way out of the room.

Before long Nic’s sisters had joined them and the four of them were seated when Luciana entered the room carry a large serving bowl of ropa vieja. Knowing there was more, Nic and his sisters ducked into the kitchen quickly to retrieve the rice and other side dishes, placing them around the bowl of meat and taking their seats.

Nic’s mother said grace as she always did, before everyone quickly went about filling their plates and eating. Dinners in the Herrera household were a traditional affair, something that was very important to Nic’s mother and father. Not that they were quiet by any means, as the argument Nic’s sisters were having to his right would attest.

“I am not driving her to school next year!” Gabriella was incensed. “You didn’t make Nic drive me!”

“I don’t want to take the bus anymore!” Next year would be Daniella’s first year of high school, and her parents were expecting her to ride with her sister.

“Besides, by the time I got a car you didn’t want to ride to school with me anymore.” Nic pointed out. “You thought I was embarrassing.”

“Only because you went out of your way to embarass me all the time.” Gaby narrowed her eyes at her older brother. “You told everyone I was born with a tail.”

“Enough. Gaby, you’re driving your sister to school.” Luciana ended the fight. “Nic, stop tormenting your sister.”

“Hey, I don’t even go to the same school as them anymore!” Nic held his hands up in defense.

“Thank god,” Dani added, glad to not have to repeat her sister’s high school experience.

“Did you pick out a school yet, Nic?” Gaby asked before taking another bite.

“No, but, I’m close...” Nic was, there were just a few...extenuating factors he needed to consider. “I’m actually gonna try to talk to the guys about it tomorrow.”

“Aww, wanna get your boyfriends’ opinions before you make any big decisions?” Gaby teased far closer to home then Nic was comfortable with.

“Shut up.” Nic threw his napkin at his sister, which he hoped seemed like the appropriate reaction to have there. That was a whole bunch of different conversations that Nic wasn’t ready to have with anyone. “Maybe before I leave I’ll show Dani where you think you hid all the embarrassing baby pictures.”


The next day, Nic and Derek headed to Cory’s house to hang out. With Derek’s parents home, Cory was the only one with a place where they could get any privacy for the afternoon.

“Hey boy.” Derek greeted as they walked in, with Nic ruffling Cory’s hair as he closed the door behind them.

“Hey sirs.” Cory instinctually led them back to his room. “Wanna play some Smash Bros?”

“Sure, Cor, set it up.” Derek requested. As Nic took a seat on Cory’s bed, Derek sat at his desk. While Cory got the Switch ready, Derek took notice of the envelopes stacked on his desk - Cory’s acceptance letters. None of them wanted to think about the future, their inevitable separation, but they really needed to. Time to put on his daddy pants, as Carl would say.

“So... Colleges.” Derek started.

Nic’s head perked up and Cory stopped in his tracks at Derek’s words.

“Yeah...” Nic mumbled as Cory turned around sheepishly.

The three sat in an awkward silence for a moment, the background noise filled with the video game’s soundtrack.

“Look guys, I know it’s hard but not talking about isn’t gonna change anything.” Derek pointed out. “We need to figure this out, or at least let each other know what we’re gonna do, right?”

Cory nodded, then took a seat on the other end of the bed. “Okay, well... Where are you guys thinking about going? Everyone applied and got in somewhere, right?”

“I uh, have it narrowed down to four schools.” Nic offered. “They all offered me a football scholarship, but outside of that they’re pretty similar. Virginia State, UConn, John Adams, and Oklahoma. All have decent athletic majors, which is what I think I wanna do.”

“I have no idea what I’m gonna do in college.” Derek confessed. “I just applied to a bunch of random schools that seemed good really. FCU, MassU, Some school in New York. And John Adams too.”

At both boy’s mention of John Adams, Cory’s heart skipped a beat. But he didn’t want to get his hopes up. “My acceptance letters are right there on the desk.”

Derek picked up the stack of three and thumbed through it. “TIM, San Diego... and John Adams.” Derek put the stack back down and looked back and forth between Nic and Cory. “So... we all got into John Adams?”

“I guess we did.” Nic was smiling.

“Does that mean...?” Cory let the question hang, still too worried about jinxing things.

“Guys...” Derek hated being a downer but they needed to be realistic. “It would be awesome but... maybe picking out a college just because we can all go there together isn’t the smartest idea.”

“Maybe not, but,” Nic started reasoning. “Is there any reason we shouldn’t? Is there a school either of you really had your heart set on? Cause I don’t.”

“I mean living in California would be cool... but I really did like all three schools.” Cory responded.

Derek watched as his two friends rationalized what he was still sure his parents or Carl would say is a bad idea. A bad idea he very much wanted to try. But maybe they could... “Okay.” Derek took a breath before outlining his plan. “I still think picking out a school just because we can all go together isn’t a smart idea.” Cory opened his mouth to argue but Derek cut him off. “But, what if we all drove up and checked out the campus together? Road trip?”

All three boys looked between each other carefully, smiling.

“Road trip.”

“Fuck, almost there boy, gonna feed you another load.” Nic spoke through gritted teeth in the backseat of the SUV the three had rented. Cory was currently on his knees with his face buried in Nic’s lap, while Derek sat in the front seat driving.

“Mmmm,” Cory moaned around Nic’s dick as his head bobbed up and down.

“Alright, that’s two loads, we’re grabbing something to eat and then we switch,” Derek informed Nic as he watched the action in the rearview mirror. Derek reached down a hand to squeeze himself through his jeans. The sounds and occasional glimpses of Cory sucking Nic off in the back seat for the last hour had him all worked up.

“Fuck-! Swallow it boy!” Nic suddenly forced Cory’s head down further as he unloaded in his sub’s throat. After he was done shooting, he relaxed back in his seat as Cory cleaned the cum from his dick. “Of course man, you’re up next,” Nic told Derek. When he was finished, Cory sat back up in his own seat, wiping his mouth. “Good boy,” Nic said with a smile and a sigh.

Cory smiled back, more than happy to service his Doms on the road, as they had worked out that morning. In order to break up the monotony of doing all the driving, Derek and Nic agreed to switch off throughout the day. Cory would have also been in the rotation, but his skills would be required elsewhere: in the backseat.

All day, between all the normal roadtrip talking, comradery, and pit stops for food, Cory would be on his knees sucking cock. Nic had been the one to convince Derek that they should rent an SUV, one big enough that they could fuck in the back. Derek wasn’t sold - his parents were covering this trip and he was not about to explain a cleaning fee from the rental place to them because of Nic’s jizz - but Nic swore he would cover it if anything happened. Cory made sure to clean out before they picked him up that morning, and brought his douche with him in case he needed to “freshen up” while traveling. He also brought plenty of lube and a few towels. Cory was learning to always prepare, when it came to getting his ass stuffed.

“Ooooh, I want a burger.” Cory requested as he re-buckled his seatbelt. He had insisted on skipping lunch to his Doms’ consternation, wanting to make sure his prep work didn’t go to waste. And considering the two loads he currently had situated deep in his guts, it was worth it.

“Burger it is.” Derek accommodated, taking the next exit on the highway that had a diner listed.

The boys were more than happy to get out and stretch their legs for a minute, before piling inside a booth the small diner. It was getting late, but they still had some daylight left. The boys dug into their burgers quickly, Cory’s stomach happy to finally have something other then cum in it. After paying their tab, they all headed back to the car.

“There’s a cheap motel that doesn’t look too creepy like an hour up the road,” Derek tossed Nic the keys as he spoke. Then he turned to Cory. “Now you, boy, get in that back seat. I have a deposit I need to make.”

“Yes sir!” Cory opened the back door on the SUV and entered, yelping when Derek smacked his ass as he climbed in. As Nic pulled out and got back on the highway, Derek pulled Cory over to him in his seat, quickly attacking Cory’s mouth with his own. Cory moaned as he kissed Derek back - he was really glad kissing was a normal part of his sex life now.

Before long though, Derek’s real intentions became clear, and he pulled Cory away from his mouth, moving to kneel on the floor. Once the boys had left the rental place, they pulled over and figured out how to move some of the seats, giving the boys a lot more ‘floor space’ to work with. Nic would not stop making Bang Bus jokes for the first hour.

Understanding what Derek wanted, Cory also lowered himself to the floor, removing the basketball shorts he was wearing (for ease of removal) and kneeled in front of and bending over the back seat, jock-clad ass presented for use. Having discussed Derek and Nic’s lecherous plans, Cory dressed with comfort and ease-of-access in mind.

Derek unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock which was quickly filling out. He reached into Cory’s travel bag and pulled out the bottle of lube, stroking himself to full hardness while he moved behind Cory, kneeling between his spread legs. He slapped his cock against Cory’s hole a few times, making the boy whimper with each wet smack. His hole was still open from use that day, one load from each of them already inside. Cory’s hole twitched as he thought back to his two earlier fuckings.

Derek pushed forward, easily sliding into the wet hole in front of him. Hearing only Cory’s happy groan of being filled, he quickly began to fuck the boy with long deep strokes. Looking down, he could see the white sticky cum from their earlier fun shining across his cock. As hot as it was, he was paranoid something would get on the seat. He’d just have to make this quick.

Cory felt as Derek took his ass in both hands and squeezed tight, before switching to fucking him with short and fast thrusts. Cory buried his face in the seat as his noises got progressively louder with each scrape of Derek’s cock over his prostate. He had no idea what had gotten into the two of them today, But Derek and Nic were damn near insatiable today, fucked him to hell and back. Between the cock sucking and the fucking, Cory wasn’t sure how either boy even had any cum in them left.

Looking into the backseat, Nic watched Derek’s ass rise and fall as he pounded away. The slapping of skin on skin and Cory’s muffled moans were making him horny again, and kicking himself for not fucking Cory again on his last turn in the back. Nic groped his dick in his jeans. He hoped this motel was close...

Speaking of close, Cory was already there, curling his toes involuntarily as he felt his muscle start to tighten and his hole spasm. He bit into the seat as the orgasm was fucked out of him, groaning into the fabric. Instinctually, Cory reached down to feel the jock of his pouch, happy to find it dry except for a wet spot of precum. He hoped Derek didn’t fuck him for too much longer or he wouldn’t be able to help it.

Cory’s hole squeezing and massaging Derek’s dick only drove him to fuck faster and harder, charging towards blowing his own load. The wet slide of his cock, the slapping of Cory’s ass, even the long, low, continuous moan he was letting out, all those things made him hotter. Gripping both cheeks in his hands tightly, Derek barreled his hips forward, squeezing Cory against the seat as his load shot from his cock. He ground his hips against Cory’s plump ass and covered his body, biting at his neck as Derek continued to unload deep within.

The sounds of an orgasm drew Nic’s eyes to the back seat once more, watching the sweaty and heaving back of his best friend rise and fall, hearing the sounds of lips on skin as he necked with their shared sub below. Cory’s only movements were the occasional twitch of a leg, and his only sounds a whimper each time Derek’s cock shifted inside of him.

Seriously, where the fuck is this hotel?

“Fuck, you guys couldn’t wait for me to get back?” Derek quickly shut the door behind him as he re-entered the motel room with a bucket of ice.

On the bed, ignoring his entrance, were Nic and Cory, in flagrante delicto. Fucking, that is. Cory was on his back, legs wide and pushed back by Nic’s arms as he leaned over Cory, cock planted firmly in his hole. The two were lip locked, kissing each other hungrily as Nic pounded Cory into the mattress. Cory was surprisingly flexible, and was seriously considering taking up yoga in the near future. Maybe he should look up the Kama Sutra later...

“Fuck! Your hole is so fucking sloppy.” Nic growled into Cory’s ear as his hips slammed down. “Gonna make it even sloppier.”

Cory hands scratched at Nic’s back when Nic started to suck and bite on his ear. Oh fuck, he was gonna cum again. As hot as it was, Cory had to admit getting fucked in a bed was better than anywhere else he’d done it so far. He was so happy when they made it to the motel for the night - with an actual bathroom with a shower - but Nic was even happier. He was tapping his feet impatiently as he waited for Derek to finish checking them in, then nearly power-walked to the room with Cory as soon as he had the key. He threw Cory on the bed once they were in and told him to strip - an order with which Cory happily complied. Derek watched the two start making out while he grabbed the ice bucket, but was still surprised to find that things had already progressed to the ‘balls deep’ portion of the evening.

Suddenly, Cory felt Nic’s body start to seize up above him, with a curse muttered into his ear. Nic slammed down with all his body weight as he blasted his cum into Cory’s guts. With each volley that followed Nic ground his hips down even further, trying to push more cock into Cory than even existed. He savored the warm, wet heat beneath him, striving to make sure every drop was planted as deep inside his boy as possible.

The two caught their breath as Derek undressed and joined them on the bed. Nic pulled out with a gentle pop and rolled over onto his back, allowing for sweat-soaked Cory to get some much needed air. Derek smirked at the two as they caught their breaths and considered rolling Cory over for another round himself, but he wasn’t sure he had anything left in him. For now, at least. Instead he just rolled onto his side and watched the two come down from their endorphin high.

Nic was the first one to get up and walk to the shower, washing himself quickly. Cory sat up a few minutes later when he walked back into the room, ready for his own turn. As he walked to his bag to grab some soap - hotel soap sucked - he walked back through the day’s events. Then the previous day as he walked to the shower. Then the weeks before that as he stood under the hot water. And the many months before, all leading up to this, as he washed the grime and dirt of the day from his body.

None of this, nothing that had happened to him was even close to where Cory saw his life going a year ago. Things were up and down, fast and slow, encompassing some of the darkest moments of his life, and the best. And he was only 18. Cory finished drying his hair and threw the towel over the shower rod. When he walked back in the room, he saw Derek on his laptop and Nic on his phone. Throwing on a clean jock, he climbed onto the bed between the two of them. Derek was looking at Google Maps, while Nic was playing some stupid game about candy.

“We should get there pretty early tomorrow,” Derek informed them. “Plenty of time to wander around the campus before we take the tour my parents scheduled for us.”

“Cool cool cool.” Nic commented without looking up from his screen.

Cory chuckled to himself. Perfect Derek and Nic. Control freak and lazy bum.

“Hey, guys?” Cory questioned the pair.

“Yeah?” “Sup?”

“I just wanted to say... Even if this college thing doesn’t work out, even if we don’t work out... You guys are my best friends. You mean the world to me. Despite everything that’s happened, anything that might happen... I’m just really glad you guys are in my life.” Cory wasn’t sure what brought on the sudden surge of emotion, hating that he started choking up towards the end.

“Aww, Cor.” Derek closed his laptop and turned to face Cory, pulling him close. “I feel the same way. I hope that no matter what happens, we can still be there for each other. I love you guys.” Cory felt himself be hugged on his left, before turning to his right to look at Nic.

“Are you guys gonna make me say some sappy shit now too?” Nic mumbled sheepishly.

“Yes.” Both boys said in unison.

Nic grumbled under his breath to himself before speaking to his bedmates a little louder.

“What?” Cory and Derek cocked their heads, unable to understand the mumbled speech.

“I said, I would really miss you guys if we ever had to split up, and I’m really glad we might not have to.” Nic spoke louder and clearer, though with his eyes closed.

“Aww.” Cory turned and glomped onto Nic. “You like us.”

“Uuugggghhh, yes, I like you, shut up.” Nic fake-complained as he turned to hug Cory.

The three boys squeezed together in bed, forming a huggy and misshapen beast-with-three-backs. After a few more snuggles, the boys turned out the lights and settled in for bed. Tomorrow was an important day. It would be the day that could determine where they spend the next four years of their lives. The day that would determine whether or not they stayed together. None of them wanted to say it out loud, but they all knew they had a lot riding on tomorrow and John Adams University.

They had a pretty good feeling about things, though.

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