Chapter 10



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Chapter 10

- As it all tumbled down around us -

My internal clock woke me at just after seven in the morning. I could feel Sean’s head still resting on my chest, his breath on my skin, not having moved the entire night. I could feel my wrists ache from where the handcuffs had dug into my skin, yet I felt unbelievably refreshed. I then realised that this had probably been one of most peaceful sleeps I had had in a long time.

I managed to slip out of bed without waking him. As I stood up, I stopped briefly to look at him in his peaceful sleep. He was just as beautiful asleep as awake, the soft morning sun casting its rays through my floor to ceiling bedroom window, bathing his blond hair in the golden glow of the early morning.

I had some eggs and bacon in a pan with coffee brewing when I saw him coming out of the bedroom, only wearing his boxer briefs which bulged in the front and barely containing his bubble butt and his strong thighs. He gave me a radiating smile as he inhaled the scent of my cooking, walking over in quick strides to accept the cup of coffee I was holding out for him.

“Thank you” he said with his husky voice which had a bit of a morning rasp to it, leaning towards me. Somehow instinctively I leaned forwards and kissed him softly.

“Sorry if I have morning breath” he said laughing pulling away and sipping his coffee, a sigh of pleasure escaping his lips as he smelled it.

“No morning breath that I noticed, but there is a packet of toothbrushes in the main bathroom if you want to freshen up.” I said with a smile, looking over his mostly naked body.

“Thank you. Do you mind if I take a shower?”

“Now you’re asking permission?” I said mockingly, taking a stab at him always making himself at home.

His only response was a laugh and a playful slap on my shoulder as he walked towards the bathroom, turning on the shower. Using the opportunity, I fired up my phone to see a couple of messages waiting.

<Steve> All ready for the party today? Got rid of the flu and Mary is looking forward to meeting you! Bring a friend if you want!

<Steve> Oh, and no drinking after 1. We are flying together tomorrow!

<Liam> Can we talk when I return? I’m stopping in New York tonight and then joining a crew the day after next to return to the states.

<Alex> Glad you got rid of the flu Steve! I’ll be seeing you tonight.

<Alex> Hey, yeah let's talk when you’re back! Have a safe flight!

Sean emerged from the bathroom looking radiant as always, his blond hair slicked back, a towel around his waist, bulging, of course, in all the right places.

“I put out some breakfast for you” I said as I looked at him walk towards the kitchen where a plate of bacon, eggs and sausages was waiting for him.

“Mmhh thank you!” he said as he started to devour the food like he had never eaten anything before.

“I was wondering…” I started, stopping short as I realised what a stupid think on what I was about to ask him.

“Yeah?” He prompted as I didn’t continue, looking at me curiously.

“Oh never mind…”

“Come on! Tell me! You can’t start and then stop!” he said furiously looking quite indignant.

“Well, I was only wondering if you were doing anything tonight? “ I finally said, looking at him as he balanced some eggs on his fork, looking over at me.

“No… Well, working from twelve to four but that’s it.” he said looking at me with a radiating smile.

“Would you like to come to a party with me?”

“A party?” He said with an incredulous look on his face.

“Yes… A party, with drinks and music and stuff” I said, laughing at him.

“I know what a party is you doofus!” He said, now laughing with me.

“Well, a colleague of mine is throwing one tonight… Would you like to come? We can meet here say at six thirty and go together.” I said, feeling a bit embarrassed to be asking him to join me.

“So… Is this like a… date?” he said, still balancing the same portion of eggs on his fork.

“I don’t really do dates, but…” His face fell slightly as I said it, and not wanting to disappoint him, I completed with “But for you I’ll make an exception.” As I said the words his face lit up again and I realised that there was indeed truth to what I said. For him I was definitley willing to make an exception. “Just remember to wear a suit” I finished as I watched him hoover up the rest of his breakfast with a satisfied grin on his face.

Sean kissed me again as he left and I was surprised to feel a surge of butterflies run through my body as he did. Throwing myself on the sofa I couldn’t help but to wonder what the hell had gotten into me. I don’t like kissing, I don’t like being handcuffed or in any way led when it comes to sex and I definitely do not do dates, yet I was making exceptions to all of those aspects for Sean.

Despite all of that there was no point in denying that I had started to feel something for Liam over those past weeks, and I was definity starting to feel something for Sean and all this was confusing the shit out of me.

“I DON’T HAVE FEELINGS!” I said to myself, standing up and pouring myself another cup of coffee and turning on my favorite spotify playlist, grabbing my laptop and looking through my upcoming crew and flight rosters.

I was doing a flight to JFK tomorrow with Steve as he had said, and we were joined with Jessica and three others I didn’t know, and then on the return I noticed that we were changing cabin crew with Liam being added to the flight and someone called Jacob staying in New York. This sometimes happened if crew members requested their holidays at destination which was very convenient if you didn’t want to waste your free flight allowance.

* * *

I was putting the final touches to my tie as the doorbell rang and I strolled to the door in my grey slim fitting suit which showed off all of my qualities. Out of all my suits, this one was my favorite as it was such a perfect fit.

My mouth popped open when I saw him standing there at the door in a black suit, black tie, white shirt and shining shoes. His blond hair was slicked back again, held in place with gel, showing off his incredible jaw line and bringing even more focus to his grey eyes.

“Are you going to let me in?” He said with a chuckle, bringing me back from my thoughts. I stepped to the side and he walked in like he owned the place as always, but not before stopping and planting a quick kiss on my lips.

“I like the feel of your lips” he said, blushing slightly making me grab his arm and allowing him an even more passionate kiss.

“Watch the hair!” he said in mock shock bringing us both to laugh.

“Want some wine before we head out? There is still some of that shirah left” I said, indicating the bottle still standing on the kitchen counter.

“Yes please!” he said, strolling over towards the bottle, pouring us the wine and handing me a glass as he returned.

We didn’t chat much as we drank our wine, but just listened to some music with occasional comments on the songs that were being played. It was comfortable just sitting there with him, not saying much. It also gave me a chance to study him more, watching his agile movements, the way he walked, talked and moved with subtle grace.

The taxi arrived just after seven and soon we had arrived at Steve’s house, which was enormous, reminding me of just how much a senior captain earned these days. He greeted us with a huge smile and introduced us to his wife Mary.

“Oh dear! Two blond gods! What a treat!” she said with a hearty laugh with Steve joining her.

“Now, now, dear, don’t make an old man jealous!” he said with a grin, motioning us into the house which was filled with people I didn’t know.

The party was really good. The food was amazing and there was a large supply of wine and other drinks. Both Sean and I got a lot of attention as we did indeed look like a pair of gods in our suits, both of us quite tall, our eyes piercing and our blond hair radiating in the light.

Sean seemed to be an expert in socialising, speaking with everyone that showed the slightest interest and had their life story out of them within moments. I, on the other hand, was more reserved. I liked to watch from a distance, study the people, seeing them before talking to them.

“Last round for the pilots!” I heard Mary shout as she came around with a glass of gin and tonic for Steve and me indicating it was just before one in the morning.

“We will have to leave after this one” I whispered to Sean as I drank most of the Hendricks down in one swig.

“Awh, OK! I’m really enjoying it though” he said as he briefly touched my hand and was then dragged away by an older lady that was positively smitten with him.

Steve and I had a quick chat over the last drops of our gin and we decided that we would go together to the airport tomorrow as Mary was going to drive him, and she had insisted to pick me up, absolutely refusing to let me take the train or a taxi.

As I was about to leave, I spotted Sean in the grasps of a couple of old ladies who were fuzzing over him like he was their own grandson and were absolutely miffed when I came over to take him away from them.

As we said our goodbyes, Mary was quite insistent that we should join them for dinner when I had a couple of days available in country and then pushed us out into the night saying something about Steve needing his beauty sleep for the coming flight.

“I felt like we were a couple.” Sean said with a pondering look on his face. “I’ve never really been in a relationship, so that was weird for me” he concluded as we got into the taxi, his hand resting on the middle seat next to mine.

Not much was said as the taxi dropped Sean off home except for a quick ‘good night’ and the briefest of kisses, and then he was gone.

My mind was racing at an alarming pace as I got in and threw myself face down on the bed. ‘What in the fresh hell is going on with me’ I thought to myself as my thoughts skimmed through the evening passed. It had been a great night, yes I somehow felt I was cheating on Liam who just yesterday had been locked in my chastity cage, submitting himself to me. And now I was prancing around with a 20-something blond god, parading him around, looking like my boyfriend, practically introducing him as such, and probably leading both of us on some sort of a wild goose chase of emotions which neither of us could live up to. Well, I at least wouldn’t be able to live up to it. I’ve never done relationships. don’t know how, and I’m certain that I’d be no good at it. But I couldn’t deny that I was quite smitten with the boy who had appeared in my life like an unexpected wind shear during landing.

* * *

I could definitely feel the wine that I had drunk in the last couple of days when I woke up to my alarm the next day, noticing as I silenced it a couple of messages from Sean.

<Sean> Thanks for tonight, and yesterday. I really enjoyed it. Sleep well.

<Sean> Good morning.

<Alex> Good morning :) I completely passed out last night and didn’t see your text until now. I really enjoyed it too! See you when I get back!

<Sean> :)

I put on my uniform and grabbed my flight bags and headed out the door, waiting for Steve and Mary in the cold air of the morning. I love the smell in the air before pollution takes its toll. Fresh and crisp.

The ride to the airport was very nice. Mary had brought me some breakfast to go and some coffee in a travel mug which she insisted I took with me on the flight as Steve apparently complained a lot about the airport coffee.

Steve and I were getting along like a house on fire and before I knew it we were pushing back from the gate, lining up at the runway and then soaring towards the sky.

We landed at JFK on time and as we were disembarking Jessica came running up behind me with her overnight bag in tow.

“I thought we were only staying one night” I said eying her huge bag.

“I was going to get some shopping done, so thanks for getting us here on time” she said with a laugh, placing a hand on my shoulder, throwing her bag in the back of the Hilton shuttle we were taking.

“I’m going to check out some shops at 14th street today, want to meet up for a drink later?” she said, looking at me knowingly.

“Yeah, sounds good, I’m going to take a quick nap and have a bit of a walk around later and I’ll meet you at the bar.” I said. “But it can’t be a late one! We have wheels up at 0900” I said with a grin as she rolled her eyes.

Steve and I had some lunch as we arrived at the hotel and talked about last night’s party. As he spoke of Mary I could see a glint in his eyes that portrayed true love, or as true as any love can be. They had been together for such a long time, so they knew each other like the back of their hands.

“I think I fall in love with her more and more each day” he said dreamily as he cut into his streak.

“I bet you´re looking forward to that retirement at year end ” I said with a smile as I watched him thinking about her, almost wishing that someone thought of me the way Steve thought of Mary.

“I sure am! I told you that we’re moving to spain didn’t I?”

“You did! I’m a bit jealous to be honest, although I’m not a fan of the heat” I said as we paid for our meals and headed towards our rooms.

I took a quick nap and before long it was time to go and meet jessica for our drinks and I headed back down to the lobby to meet her.

She came strolling in with about two dozen shopping bags telling me to go and order for us and she would be down in a minute. No wonder she needed such a big case for her shopping! it looked as though she could fill an entire wardrobe with her loot.

I sat down at the bar and ordered a bottle of wine for us and the waiter had just poured us a glass when Jessica arrived looking flustered.

“Sorry I’m late! It was a nightmare finding a taxi!” She said panting.

“Don’t worry about it! It’s not like we have to be anywhere” I said with a smile as I pushed a glass over to her.

“So… I heard from Liam.” She said with a searching look, not wasting any time.

“You did?” I said, feigning mock puzzlement.

“Yeah! He told me about the… uhm… intimate jewellery…” She said with a mixture of amusement and disapproval in her voice.

“Ah, that, yes… I thought it could be fun.” I said with an embarrassed grin on my face.

“He also told me that he didn’t do too well with it and that he feels like he failed you.”

“Of course he didn’t fail me! I left him a key for a reason!” I said a bit more harshly than I intended.

“I don’t think he’s quite cut out for what you want.” She continued her salvo.

“Perhaps. It may be something to explore, but to tell you the truth, I am so confused right now. I don’t really know what I want!” I said, resigning to her interrogation.

“What do you mean?” She said, now more gentle than before.

“Well… I really like Liam, and I am sure that we could probably have something, but on the other hand, I kind of met someone around the same time I met Liam and I can’t stop thinking about either of them.” I said, barely looking at her as I did.

“I see.” She said, looking equally confused. “Well, I can’t really tell you what to do. You know that” she said.

“Yeah, I know… I just wish someone could! They are both extremely special. I just wish someone could take this decision out of my hands. Usually I wouldn’t mind having two, if not three going at the same time as I’ve always been clear as to what I want, but right now… things seem different.” I said sipping my wine.

“You really have to make up your mind.” she said. “There is no one going to take this decision for you, and you know that all too well.”

“Yeah… you’re right, as always” I said with a smile.

We drank our wine and ordered another bottle which we finished just in time for our cutoff time where we would have to crawl up to bed to be refreshed for the flight tomorrow.

* * *

“Ladies and gentlemen, from the flight deck, on behalf of the entire crew, I would like to welcome you aboard this flight to London’s Heathrow. My name is Alex Thompson, your first officer, and I am joining Captain Steven Wilson here at the flight deck today. In the cabin with you are Jessica, Liam, Sarah and Penny, who are there to ensure that you have a safe and comfortable flight. Our estimated flight time today is seven hours and thirty minutes and our route will take us over the Atlantic ocean, over the tip of greenland, just west of Iceland, then over Scotland, Northern england and then finally touching down at London’s Heathrow airport at approximately 9:30 in the evening. We are expecting fair weather enroute, however we could experience some strong winds just as we pass over Greenland. At this time we are just about ready to push back. I hope you enjoy your flight with us today and I will be checking in with you again once we reach our cruising altitude.”

I put down the intercom handset just as Jessica joined us on the flightdeck with our refreshments and then scuttling off to prepare the safety demo.

“Release parking brake, clear left” Steve said as we were about to push back from the gate.

“Clear right” I said as I leaned over to check if the wing would collide with something as we pushed back.

“Clear for pushback and engine start” Steve had hardly let go of the radio trigger as the aircraft jolted and the tug pushed us back towards the taxiway.

“Starting number two” I said as I flipped a switch and turned the engine start knob. “N2 at 25% Fuel to idle” the sound of the engine traveled to the flight deck as I turned on engine one and soon enough we were running both engines taxi-ing to the runway.

“Flight attendants, please prepare for takeoff” I called out as we lined up on the runway and waited for the take off clearance from the tower and soon enough we were soaring again towards the skies, with the Manhattan skyline on our right giving me the perfect view.

About two hours into the flight, the flight deck door bell sounded and we let Jessica in with our inflight meals.

“Guys, there is a Lord in business class, one of you will have to go and say hello” she said rolling her eyes. This rule of greeting notable passengers didn’t sit too well with many of the crews.

“Can you go Alex, I was hoping for a quick nap after the meal and I can’t be arsed sucking up to some Lord” Steve said with a grin


“Yeah, no problem, just don’t fall asleep before I’m back in here!” I said with a laugh, starting on my meal.

“Of course I won’t!” he replied as we both dug in.

I was glad for the opportunity to stretch my legs as I stood up an hour later.

“Don’t forget your hat and jacket” steve said as I was about to leave the flight deck. Quickly donning the jacket and pilot cap I left the flight deck and headed to the business class galley where Jessica was sitting with a meal in her lap.

“Mind if I grab a coke?” I asked indicating the service trolley.

“Of course, go for it!”

“Thanks, so who is our Lord” I said sipping on my coke enjoying the fizz in my throat.

“Lord Pembroke, Seat A4, a young guy, quite cute” she said with a smile.

“Young? I thought lords were all like in there 80s?”

“Not the ones who inherit their title, silver spoon pricks” she said laughing. “I wouldn’t mind being a Lady” she finished with a dreamy look on her face, most likely thinking of all the shopping she could do if she had a lord on one arm.

I drained the rest of my drink and adjusted my cap, tie and epaulets in the mirror and headed out into business class, receiving looks from the passengers as I moved through the cabin stopping by row 4 and looking at the Lord sitting there.

“Now I’m sure you are following me” I said to the passenger which was none other than ‘gym guy’.

He looked up at me with his brown eyes and a look of recognition flashed through them and then came a dazzling smile.

“Well… Captain Alex?” he said with his husky voice.

“Just a first officer my Lordship.”

“Oh skip the titles, it makes me feel old” he said laughing.

“With all due respect my Lord, when in uniform, one must preserve proper protocols.”

“Yes, I suppose you are quite right of course.”

“If you don’t mind me asking your lordship, how come a Lord frequents a normal high street gym?”

“It’s a guilty pleasure I suppose; the gym in westminster is positively ghastly.”

“I see… Seeing you at my gym is my guilty pleasure. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go back to the flight deck."

* * *

A couple of hours later I started to notice the build up of storm clouds ahead and consulted the weather radar which confirmed that strong wind cells were over Greenland and Iceland right in our path. With Steve still asleep I adjusted the heading slightly to avoid the centre of it, turning on the seatbelt signs as a precaution.

“Ladies and gentlemen, from the flight deck again. As expected we are about to fly into some weather and as a precaution I have turned on the seatbelt sign. If you could all kindly return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts. Thank you.”

Shortly after my announcement the plane began to shake as we entered the storm. It wasn’t anything serious, and I had experienced worse, but I was still surprised Steve could sleep through it. Probably the decades of experience playing in his favor.

Shortly after the flight deck door bell rang and I let Jessica in.

“How long has he been out?” she asked with a motherly smile as she looked over to Steve.

“About two hours” I said with a smile, checking the weather radar again, seeing that we were past the worst of the weather.

“Do you want the steak or the chicken for your dinner?” she asked, still glancing over to Steve and before I could answer, she interrupted me. “Does he look a bit pale to you?” now staring at Steve.

I looked at Steve properly now and noticed that he was indeed quite pale.

“Steve.. “ I said, leaning over to him and shaking him gently. There was no response. “STEVE!..” I said a bit louder, but again there was no response.

Jessica had her hands to her mouth looking at Steve in shock. She then moved forward and shook his shoulder. “Steve, darling, wake up…” she said apprehensively.

“Does he have a pulse?” I said, realisation dawning on me as I watched Jessica fumble at his neck.

“I can’t feel anything Alex!” she said with a panic in her voice.

“Ok listen to me carefully, reach down on his left hand side, do you see the red tags there?” I said, trying to keep the panic out of my voice.

“Yes…” She said, looking over Steve’s shoulder.

“Press them together, this will release the oxygen mask, place it over his face and adjust it…” She followed my order and I heard the flow of oxygen into his mask as it latched itself on his face. Reaching up I pressed the attendant call button twice and then picking up the intercom.

“Could the second most senior cabin crew member report to the flight deck” I said still trying to keep my voice calm.

A minute later Liam had appeared on the flight deck and I saw his brain spooling to assess the situation.

“OK, listen to me, you are going to go back and draw the curtain between the galley and the cabin. I need you to pull his seat back, and get him onto the galley floor. I need you to check his vitals and if necessary start CPR, OK?” They both stood there frozen looking between Steve and I. “DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” I shouted at them, bringing them back to me. They both nodded and started to move.

“Ladies and gentlemen, from the flight deck again. If there is a medical doctor on board, please make yourself known to the crew immediately.” I listened for the call bell, hoping to hear it and to my relief I heard it almost immediately. I heard Penny come to the front with a doctor from economy class and I could hear her gasp as she saw Steve lying on the galley floor. All I could do was listen to what was happening as I could not leave the controls with no pilot on my left.

“Can anybody tell me what is going on!?” I called back and the doctor popped his head into the flight deck.

“I can’t find a pulse but we are doing CPR, I think you should divert immediately.” he said as he disappeared again to the galley.

‘Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck’ I thought to myself, trying to stop myself from shaking.

“Pan-pan, pan-pan, pan-pan Speedbird 1769, pan-pan, we are declaring a Medical emergency with a pilot incapacitation. Request immediate diversion to the closest available airport.”

“Speedbird 1769, copy. Turn left heading 135, Keflavik is 90 miles east of you descend and maintain, twenty five thousand.”

“Turn left heading 135, descend and maintain flight level 250 for Keflavik.”

“Could the senior cabin crew member report to the flight deck” I said on the intercom, not realising she was just behind me.

“I’m here Alex.” Jessica said, her face white and she was shaking.

“I’m about to give you a NITS briefing so pay attention” I said to her. “The nature of the emergency is that we have a pilot incapacitation due to a medical emergency, my intentions are to divert the aircraft and perform a controlled emergency landing, time remaining is thirty minutes and special instructions are to prepare the cabin for a controlled emergency landing and then to join me here in the left seat, please repeat that back to me.”

She repeated my instructions word for word and then went back into the cabin to brief the crew and make an announcement to the passengers that due to an emergency we would have to divert the aircraft.

As she finished I picked up the intercom.

“Ladies and gentlemen from the flight deck. As Jessica has just informed you, we are diverting the aircraft and performing an emergency landing due to a medical emergency. I would like to assure you that we are in full control of the aircraft and there is no need to panic.” I felt it was important for the passengers to know that the aircraft itself was fine, as I could not be handling a full scale panic among the passengers.

Jessica joined me in the captain's seat looking extremely stressed.

“Jessica, it’s going to be absolutely fine, but I need your help landing this thing as it’s very windy in Iceland and I only have two arms Ok?” I said, trying to sound reassuring.

“O….Ok” She said, her voice shaking.

“Liam!” I shouted back and he instantly popped his head in, wide eyed like deer in headlights seeing Jessica there in the front.

“Please close the door, we can't be listening to you working on Steve OK?”

“Yea, no problem, good luck!” He said, closing the door.

“Ok Jess, listen to me. When we land, I will have to keep my hands on the yolk to aviate the plane. I need you to get familiar with these levers” I said indicating the centre console between us. “These two are the throttles. If I tell you to reduce throttle, pull them towards the door until I tell you to stop, the opposite if I tell you to increase it. If I say full throttle, slam them forward as far as they go, OK?” I said looking at her. All she could do was nod.

“Ok, this leaver here is the flaps” I said indicating the lever next to me. “See the numbers? They correspond with the degrees, so I will say flaps 15, and you will place the lever in the 15 slot, if I say flaps full put the lever in the 45 slot. You with me so far?”

“Flaps, and throttle” she said, shaking like bush in a storm, but managing to keep up.

“Ok almost done, this is the gear lever” I said indicating the handle in front of us. “When I say Gear Down, I need you to pull it out and down until it locks in position.” I said with Jessica nodding, indicating she was following.

“And then lastly, these two switches disable the autopilot, when I tell you to disable it, you must press those for me, OK? You think you got that all?”

“Ye.. Yes… I got it.” She said, sounding uncertain.

“It’s going to be fine Jessica. It’s just a normal landing, OK?”

“Keflavik Approach, Speedbird 1769 is an incoming emergency aircraft expect vectors to the final” I called on the radio as we were handed over to a new frequency.

“Speedbird 1769, turn left heading 060, descend and maintain four thousand, wind is 40 knots with gusts up to 50 knots, windshear has been reported all runways are available to you.”

“Fuck” I accidentally said out loud and I saw Jessica almost dislocate her neck as she quickly turned to look at me.

“What Alex! Don’t be saying fuck! What’s the matter?” She squealed.

“It’s a bit windier than I thought… but it's going to be OK.” I said trying to backpedal.

“Speedbird 1769, descend and maintain two thousand five hundred turn left heading 048 for runway 01, trucks are standing by, contact tower on 121.85 when established on the final.”

“Left 048, to two thousand five hundred, contact tower on 121.85 when established, good day.”

“Are you ready Jess?” I said looking over to her and seeing her nod apprehensively.

“Ok, I will however ask you to remain extremely quiet thought” she nodded again.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are on our final approach for landing. The weather conditions are less than favourable as you can already feel but we will have you on the ground in no time. When we land, you will see emergency vehicles approach the aircraft, there is nothing to worry about, and I would ask you to remain seated until instructed otherwise by the crew.” I put down the intercom and looked over to Jessica.

“Look at me Jessica” I said seeing her shake in the left seat. “It will all be fine, don’t worry about it OK? Flaps 15 please. Let's do this.”

It was good that we were heavy with fuel as the wind was already starting to throw the aircraft around, bouncing in the wind like a leaf. Had we been any lighter I wouldn’t have gone for the landing without another qualified pilot next to me.

“Tower, good morning, speedbird 1769, Pan-pan, pan-pan, pan-pan, on final for runaway 01.”

“Speedbird 1769, you are cleared to land runway 01. Wind is at 40 knots, with gusts up to 55 at 080. Trucks are in position.”

“Cleared to land, 1769.”

This was the moment of truth. I had indeed trained for this before, but starting to realise the severity of the situation I could feel panic set in, which I quickly drove away.

“Flaps full, thrust full, gears down” I said, holding on to the yolk, battling to keep the aircraft in line with the assistance of the autopilot. Jessica performed extremely well, moving quickly to follow my orders. “Autopilot disengage” I commanded and she disabled it, getting a shock as the alarm sounded.

“Press the yellow light, it will silence the alarm” I said as the yolk jerked in my hand threatening to take us off course.

“500” the aircraft computer called out and I could see the runway finally, the nose of the aircraft pointing to the side of it. I somehow managed to align it again but soon after we were thrown to the side again. I could hear the shouts from the passengers in the back as the aircraft took the battering of the storm.

We were coming in sideways now towards the runway. ‘I am NOT going around’ I thought to myself as I drove the yolk to the side using all the force I could muster to keep it in line with the runway, but we always drifted back.

“50, 40, 30…” The computer called out. “Pull the thrust back fully Jess” I said and as she did I forced the yolk to the right again managing to somehow line us up with the runway, feeling the aft tires plunging into the tarmac, shooting us back up and then finally making full contact with the ground. The autobreak spooled up and I grabbed the throttles, pushing them into reverse until we came to a full stop.

I could hear the sirens from the emergency trucks, the applause from the passengers and the wind battering the windshield as as I let out a massive sigh, realising I had been holding my breath, throwing my head into my hands, trying to catch my breath.

I heard Jess pick up the intercom “Flight attendants, disarm front doors and prepare for emergency crews.”

If this was a TV show, Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol would be playing as I stood up from the flight controls and, as in slow motion, walked out of the flight deck to the galley where the emergency crews were now emerging from the outside. I noticed some of the passenger had stood up and were looking at the scene with shock painted on their faces as they realised that the medical emergency had indeed been the captain.

I watched the paramedics place Steve on the stretchers and move him out of the aircraft as I returned to the flight deck, picking up the intercom.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, from the flightdeck. We apologize for the delay in your journey. We will be disembarking you here on the runway and will make arrangements for an overnight stay for an onwards journey tomorrow morning. Again, our sincere apologies for the delay.”

“Ground, Speedbird 1769: We wish to disembark here on the runway. Please make the arrangements.”

“1769, ground: Buses are on the way.”

I secured the aircraft as the buses were turning up and returned to stand by the exit as the passengers started to walk past me. I was feeling numb as some passengers placed a hand on my shoulder, or shook my hand, thanking me and congratulating me on a successful landing. Finally, I could step out into the cold storm that still battered the plane, getting into one of the airport ground handling cars and moving towards the terminal, leaving the aircraft on the runway to be picked up later.


I found myself in the same hotel as when I first started with the airline, when we had that emergency landing, feeling as though I were to blame, like I was bad omen or something.

I heard a knock on the door and found Liam standing there with a concerned look on his face.

“How are you feeling?” He asked, looking at me with his caramel eyes, still visibly shaken himself.

“I’ve been better.” I said, letting him into the room and sitting down on the bed.

“You did an amazing thing today.” Liam said, taking a seat by the desk facing me.

“I did what had to be done.” I simply said, looking at him.

“Yes… but the WAY you did it was amazing.” he reiterated, giving me a meaningful look.

“I should have spotted it. I should have seen there was something wrong.”

“You can’t blame yourself” he said, looking at me with genuine concern.

“I can’t help it.” I said with a slight smile.

“I brought your cage back.” he said, changing the subject quickly.

I just looked at the cage in his hand as he held it out to me and then explored his expression to search for… something, I guess.

“I’m sorry…” he said, looking down on the floor now.

“Sorry for what?” I said, surprised.

“Two things really, the first being not able to stand the cage and disappointing you, and second… well, the second, I’m transferring to Orlando and will be moving there next week.” He said as he moved over and sat next to me.

I just looked at him for a while, trying to process the information he had just shared. Subconsciously, I had known that our relationship was not heading anywhere.

“You have nothing to apologize for” I finally said as he took my hand and squeezed it gently.

“I think that, if we had met maybe in two years, things would have been different”, he said with a smile, standing up and pulling me up for a tight hug. “You did well” he whispered in my ear and walked out of the room.

* * *

I threw myself on the sofa as I finally arrived at my flat after what seemed like a year of reports, investigative briefings and bureaucratic nightmares and press interviews. Of course something like this would hit the news quickly. but I was back, finally in the comfort of my own home, with ten days of leave lined up apart from a meeting with human resources tomorrow morning.

<Sean> Are you back?

I read the text as it came in and considered not replying and just staying by myself.

<Alex> Yeah, just got home.

<Sean> Was that your flight I saw on the news? You were flying from NYC right?

<Alex> Yeah it was.

<Sean> You Ok?

<Alex> Could be better…

<Sean> Want me to come over?

<Alex> Yes…

<Sean> See you in thirty

I dropped the phone on the table and headed for the shower, standing there watching the stream of water ricochet off the glass as I pulled off my clothes and stepped under the hot refreshing stream, feeling the water run over my back and down my legs.

I had just pulled on a t-shirt and some jogging bottoms when the doorbell rang. Barefoot, I walked over to the door to let Sean in and as soon as he saw me he just leaned in for a tight hug which lasted about two minutes.

As we broke off the hug, he kicked off his shoes and walked to the fridge and got us a couple of beers. I stood there following him with my gaze, still in awe with how much grace he walked for such a young guy.

“How are you feeling?” He said as he handed me the beer.

“I’m OK. It was a shock, but I’m getting over it.” I said with a smile.

“Of course it was a shock, he was your friend. But the news are marking you as a hero for that landing.”

“It wasn’t that much of deal, I just did my job” I said again, sitting down on the sofa taking a swig of my beer. “Let's talk about something else.”

“How about we talk about the other night?” he said with a grin.

My mind flashed to the other night where I was tied to my own bed with this beautiful blond riding me and my cock twitched in the sweat pants. I knew he noticed as his eyes were fixed to the outline of my shaft which was slightly tenting in the pants.

“You liked that?” he continued, looking from my crotch, his grey eyes meeting my blue ones.

“For the most part…” I said, watching his expression drop slightly, but his poker face still held as he shifted a bit closer to me.

“For the most part?” he whispered.

“Yeah, I’m usually the one who does the tying up… I don’t get cuffed.” I said to him, watching his expression as I did.

“I see…” he said, still studying my face “…I’ve been tied up a couple of times, but I like to be in charge.” he finished, sliding closer to me as he placed his beer on the coffee table.

“Well… That will have to change” I said now placing my beer on the table as well shifting towards him, our legs now touching. I noticed that his chinos were tenting slightly and I could feel the blood rushing to my own cock.

“Does it?” He said in a whisper as he leaned closer.

“Yes.” I simply said, closing the gap between us by grabbing the back of his neck and pushing his head towards mine, our lips meeting in a deep kiss.

I grabbed him by his blond hair and pulled his head back sharply, enjoying the sound of the moan which slipped by his lips as I did I kissed and licked down his neck, holding him in place as I did.

“Stand up and take off your clothes” I whispered in his ear as I let go of his hair. He hesitated for a moment but stood up facing me, and started to unbutton his shirt, slowly revealing his firm body to me. He dropped the shirt on the floor, his chest rising and falling, his brown nipples, so contrasted against his pale skin were hard, his abs were perfectly formed and the v-line at his waste was as sharp as line on a map.

He dropped his trousers revealing tight Aussiebum underwear which were very tented, the waistband pushed away from his hips giving me a view of a blond bush peeking from underneath them, a wet spot forming where his cock head rested.

“You seem to be liking this.” I said, indicating his hard cock.

“I am usually the one in charge…” he said, again, seemingly slightly nervous.

“You have to get used to me being in charge… If you want to stick around, that is.” I said, standing up and walking towards him, reaching out and running my fingers down the centre of his torso, resulting in a slight shiver from him.

“Get on your knees.” I said as I looked him in the eyes.

“Make me…” He responded defiantly, yet with a slight grin.

My hand flashed to his hair grabbing it tightly, pulling his head back again and as I did he let out a slight whimper.

“Your knees… now…” I whispered as I pushed him down by his hair, feeling him sink to the floor. Knowing full well that with his MMA training, he could floor me in a split of a second if he really wanted to. I pushed his head towards my crotch,with only my sweat pants separating his mouth from my cock. I heard him inhale as his nose nuzzled up against me.

I pulled the sweat pants down over my ass, releasing my cock, watching it spring up to about a 90 degree angle, pointing straight at Sean. His eyes widened with lust as he saw the clear drop of precum forming at the slit.

“Open your mouth.” I said but again he defied me.

I pushed my cock against his lips, smearing the precum all over them as I did.

“Open…your…mouth.” I said again, pulling sharply on his hair, glad to see him finally comply.

I wasted no time as he opened his mouth, I slid my cock into his waiting mouth, feeling the warmth engulf me. Remembering how he took my cock in one gulp before I didn’t hesitate to thrust my cock towards the back of his throat, now using both hands to keep his head in place as I pushed further in, hearing the hot sound of his gagging as I thrust deeper and deeper, hitting the back of his throat and sliding further down.

“Look at me.” I said as I slid my cock in and out passed his lips. His grey eyes, tearing up now, flashed to mine throwing me into a frenzy as I started to skull fuck him properly now, still holding him firmly in place.

After about ten minutes of face fucking I pulled out and dragged him on his feet again and led him to the spare bedroom, which I preferred for my sex games. The iron bed frame allowed for more elaborate ropework and this was where i stored most of my toys anyway.

“Get on that bed.” I said to him, pushing him gently towards the bed.

“No.” He said, planting his feet firmly on the floor. “You get on that bed.” he then said, grabbing me in some sort of a hold and with surprising agility whipped me on to the bed in one quick move landing on top of me.

I was again surprised by his weight as he planted himself on top of me, pinning my arms to my sides with only his strong thighs. His underwear was now soaking with precum.

“I told you how it was going to be.” I said to him, staring into his eyes, seeing his mind racing. Using his brief hesitation to my advantage I bucked my hips and managed to throw him off and pinning him to the bed, grabbing one of the ropes with a grip hitch which was conveniently tied to bed,slipping it around his wrists tying him in place.

He wriggled underneath me getting on to his knees, sticking his ass out in the air, but unable to move further as I kept the ropes with little to no slack. Finally he stopped wiggling, resigning to the fact that he was tied and not going anywhere, throwing his face down on the bed, his ass still sticking out, the underwear stretched over his beautiful globes.

“Are you ready to let go?” I said to him as I pulled off my t-shirt and slid down the sweat pants.

“No…” He said again defiantly.

I just looked at him and then walked to the cupboard grabbing a cat o' nine tails amongst other things, walking back to him and letting the tails run up his back, letting him feel the leather on his skin.

“Are you sure?” I said as I noticed him arch his back towards the leather stands and letting a slight moan of excitement slip out.


I slapped him lightly across the back with the whip to which he responded with a moan of pleasure. Again I slapped him, harder this time, enjoying the sound of the tails hitting his skin with the resulting moans. The final lashing was much harder than the first and he shouted out with a mixture of pain and pleasure. My cock was now oozing precum, dripping on the floor below me.

I got on the bed behind him, placing my hands on his globes, stroking him.

“Ready now?” I said again with feigning a mock tone.

“Just fuck me…” He moaned out and I immediately took a hold of his underwear and ripped it, uncovering his ass which was spread out before me, revealing his tight, hairless hole. I lined up my cock, spreading my precum over it and thrust in deep.

He moaned out as my cockhead slid past his prostate and I could feel the frustration of not being able to touch himself building up in him. I began fucking him at a menacing pace, leaning over him, pushing his face down into the bed as a thrust deeper and deeper into him, revelling in the sounds of his moans and my balls slapping against him.

He groaned with disappointment as I pulled out of him and explored his gaping hole which winked at me, trying to fill up the void left behind. Grabbing a pair of handcuffs from the nightstand, I slipped them on before releasing him from the grip hitch, turning him on his back securing him to the bed, this time with a time lock, without him noticing.

As soon as he was locked in place again, I pulled his legs up on my shoulders, lined up my cock again and thrust deeper inside him than I had before. He shouted out in pure ecstasy as he felt my cock sliding inside him and before long I could hear his moans increase and his ass clenching around my cock as he began shooting his load into what remained of his underwear and as he did, he sent me right over the edge and I began filling him up with my own load.

Slipping out of him I grabbed a gag and another time lock from the bedside table and placed it in his mouth and locked in place. He was too caught up in the post orgasmic bliss to protest. But eventually it dawned on him that he was gagged and locked in place.

"Don't try to talk.” I said, “That gag in your mouth is there for a reason. Now is the time to listen.” His eyes just studied me with a mixture of frustration and perhaps a slight panic.

“Since you don't seem to have made up your mind about this, I will give you one last chance to think it over. It is now 2 in the morning. Those locks keeping your wrist tied to the bedpost won't open until the timers reach 0, in 7 hours.” At this he started to pull on the cuffs to see if they would budge. “At such time, take a few minutes to go relieve yourself, drink a bit of water, stretch your legs. If you want out after this, just wait for me to come back, and there will be no hard feeling. But if you are committed to being mine, when I come back, I expect to find you relocked in this same position, with the gag back on, after having reset the timers for 4 more hours.” He just looked at me now, keeping completely still.

“I will not tell you when, of those 4 hours, I will come to you. Even if I come right after you lock yourself back up, I will not be able to free you until the timers reach zero again.Should you choose to relock yourself, know that I will take this commitment seriously and start your training immediately. You will be mine. Think it through carefully and completely. Whatever you decide to do, I will be see you in a few hours. Have a good night."

I left the bedroom as he started to wiggle and scream into the gag. I turned around to look at him, his hole was dripping on the bed, his underwear cumsoaked, his face was plastered with the mixed emotion of excitement and fear. He stopped moving and just lay there, which I took as a sign of approval. Dimming the lights, I left the room.

* * *

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* * *

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