Chapter 7


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* * *

“Come on in” I said to him with a smile as he stood there looking at me expectantly. “Can I get you anything to drink?”

“Water would be great, thanks” he said as he kicked off his shoes by the door and wandered inside, taking in the apartment, gazing around.

“Oh, I’m Alex by the way, I think I forgot to introduce myself” I said as I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, handing it to him.

“How rude of us” he said with a chuckle taking a swig of his water. “I’m Sean”.

“It’s nice to meet you officially then Sean” I said with a smile, planting myself on the sofa.

“So, what was it that you had in mind” Sean said sitting down next to me.

“Straight to business huh?” I said adjusting slightly in my seat so I could look at him.

“Yeah, why not?”.

“How about some wine first?”

“Ohh, trying to get me drunk, are we?” he said with a cheeky grin as he stood up and inspected my wine rack.

“No, well that was not the plan, but a bit of wine never hurts, right?” I said, joining him by the wines. “How about this one?” I said pointing at a nice Chianti Classico Riserva that I picked up at the store earlier.

“Is it any good?” He said, inspecting the bottle with a puzzled look.

“It’s only one of the best ones you can pick up around here in my opinion! It’s quite savoury and is good on its own” I said knowingly.

“Aha, fancy ourselves as quite the wine connoisseur eh?” He said laughing as he headed to the kitchen, grabbing some glasses on the way, opening my drawers looking for a corkscrew.

I was amazed by how quickly he made himself at home. He walked with a certain grace and elegance. I noticed how his feet came in to contact with the floor, gently yet firmly, like he was ready to pounce at any moment.

“Just make yourself feel at home” I said laughing as I watched him.

“Oh sorry! It’s such a nasty habit of mine!” He said with a sheepish grin.

“No, don’t worry about it at all Sean, I think it’s quite adorable” I said laughing, not registering that I’ve just called him adorable after meeting him a few hours ago. What has gotten into me?

He just looked at me with a questioning look on his face but seemed to have passed my comment off as friendly banter as he popped open the bottle with ease and poured both of us a glass.

“Can we turn on the fireplace?” He said eying the hearth longingly.

“Sure thing!” I replied, grabbing the remote which started the gas fire and lit it quickly.

“That’s so cool!” he said with a grin, watching the flames dance around in front of us. “It’s quite a nice touch”.

“What is?” I said as I studied him. He was quite the beauty. His blue grey eyes were filled with curiosity as it spectated anything from the room itself to me.

“The fireplace, it fits well in here” he said, sipping his wine and smacking his pink lips.

I could just imagine those lips worshipping my body, his tongue running over my nipples, biceps, armpit. ‘Oi! Snap out of it Alex!’ I thought to myself, feeling my cock pulsing slightly and crossing my legs instinctively to hide my slightly growing bulge. I could’ve sworn that his curious eye hadn’t missed the slight movement in my trousers.

“Yeah, I quite like the fireplace.” I said somewhat embarrassed, but the boy didn’t miss a beat.

“So…Tell me then, what did you have in mind?” I said, his eyes fixed on mine now.

“Ah, well, it’s nothing too exciting” I started. “Do you happen to live In the area?” I asked him, peaking his curiosity.

“I do indeed, a couple of streets down” he answered, his mind reeling as I could see him trying to figure out where I was going with this.

“That’s good” I continued. “Well, I’m a commercial pilot so I’m away…”

“That’s so cool” He interrupted me, a broad smile on his face. “That must be so much fun! Tell me… Oh sorry… go on.” He ended sheepishly, noticing my grin.

“As I was saying… I’m away a lot, and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind stopping by occasionally throwing some milk or something in the fridge when I’m coming back from a long trip?”

His smile faltered for a millisecond which gave me an inkling that he was perhaps hoping for something else.

“I will of course pay you for the trouble, if it’s something you might want to do.” I finished.

“Uhm, yeah sure, I’d be happy to help out” he said, with a smile, but I couldn’t help but notice a twang of disappointment in his words.

“Were you expecting something else?” I asked him, studying his face.

“I don’t know what I was expecting to be honest.” He said with a gentle smile.

“Why don’t you think about it for a while and we could discuss it again.” I said, not wanting to push him for my convenience, as it was just that, for my convenience. And of course, it might allow me the chance to see him more often than just in the store.

“Sounds good to me!” he said with a grin, standing up and stretching. “Can I use your bathroom?”

“Sure, it’s down that corridor, second door on your left” I said standing up and turning on the lights in the corridor and then sitting back down, nursing my wine.

Before long I heard the stream of his piss hit the basin water; it was dawning on me that he had not closed the door behind him. With a mirror opposite the bathroom door, I shifted slightly on the sofa so I could see the mirror.

He was standing there, one arm raised to the wall, his t-shirt slightly raised up, giving me a view of his pale skin stretched over his hip bone. He had undone his trousers, dropping them slightly, displaying the top of his bubble but arching out from the small of his back disappearing under those tight jeans which showed off his sculpted calves and thick thighs. His head was tilted forward exposing the back of his neck which seemed to be muscular as well. He seemed to be extremely well built, but he just looked so slender!

I watched him as he adjusted his jeans again and looked at himself in the bathroom mirror, running his hand through his short blond hair, seeming pleased with what he saw he turned around heading towards the door, his eyes on the hallway mirror, his eyes meeting mine.

* * *


I was curious about why he had invited me over and couldn’t really wait to finish up work and get over to his flat which was in a very nice part of town and I wasn’t disappointed when I saw his place. It was a beautiful flat compared to the room share I lived in.

I wasn’t quite sure what I was about to get myself into as Alex hadn’t said much about it, but I knew he was extremely good looking, but I somehow doubted that he was gay, but of course I was hoping for the best!

His offer of having me come around to his place when he was gone to stock his fridge was not quite what I had in mind but would surely result in me getting to see him more so that was a plus.

I was bursting for a piss when I excused myself and found myself in a lovely bathroom. I have this weird habit of pulling my trousers quite low down when I pee, it sort of gives me a better flow. I had been in a permanent state of semi arousal, so I had to position myself properly, grabbing hold of my growing penis to aim properly.

As I turned to leave the bathroom, I noticed his eyes staring at me. They pierced through the mirror, meeting mine. I swallowed as he quickly averted his gaze and joined him back in the living room.

“Sorry, I forgot to close the door.” I said with a grin as I joined him on the sofa again, twisting my body so I could face him.

“That’s OK.” He said, sipping his wine, studying my face with those beautiful eyes.

“Quick question for you…” I hesitated as he just looked at me. “…Are you gay Alex?” ‘WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYING SEAN! LEARN TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT’ I shouted in my head.

“Yes, I am, are you?” his answer came after a slight pause.

Fireworks exploded in my stomach and my mind. ‘FUCK YES, YES, YES!!!’ and my cock throbbed slightly as I started to undress him in my mind.

“I am.” I said with my signature mischievous grin, sliding slightly towards him.

I noticed him biting his bottom lip, looking like he was stopping himself from saying something that he shouldn’t say.

“We have to call it a night, I think. I have a flight in about nine hours and will need some rest.”.

‘Shit, I fucking screwed it up didn’t I’ I thought to myself as I watched him stand up and place his glass on the kitchen counter.

“Oh, yeah, sure thing.” I said, hearing the pathetically sad tone in my own voice. “Maybe we can meet up again when you return?”.

“Yeah, sure thing” he just said as I got ready to leave.

The evening air was cold as I left his warm apartment, the fireplace radiating heat, and Alex’s looks positively melting me from the inside out. I jumped as my phone vibrated:

<GodFromStore> Think about my offer and let me know. Good night.

* * *


<Alex> Actually… If you’re not too far to come back, I think I could manage with a little less sleep…

I hovered over the send button for a second. ‘Why did I send him away? He was clearly interested in something more’ I thought to myself. Maybe it was something about how keen he seemed, or something else perhaps? Usually I would have jumped on the chance of fucking a hot guy like that, but there was something holding me back.

I deleted the typed message and fired off another one.

<Alex> Think about my offer and let me know. Good night.

Thirty minutes later I crawled into bed with my book thinking about Sean as well as Liam. I hadn’t heard from Liam at all since the previous exchange of text messages, making me wonder what was on his mind. The vibration of my phone brought me out of my thoughts.

<Sean> Let’s talk when you get back :)

* * *

The Copenhagen route consist of four flights in total, back and forth. I was paired up with Steven, a nice captain which had been with the airline for about 40 years. Over the four legs we managed to chat a bit and get to know each other, and it turns out that Steven is due to retire next years and has already bought a future home in Spain where he intends to spend the rest of his days with Marie, his wife of 50 years.

Our final flight of the day landed at Heathrow just after six in the evening and I wasn’t out of the airport until going about 19:45 when I noticed two missed text alerts:

<Liam> Meet at your place around nine? Send me the address.

‘Bossy’ I thought to myself

<Sean> Want to meet up tonight?

‘Damn…’ I thought again.

I replied to Sean saying that I would be free to meet him tomorrow. I had a flight with a two-day layover the following day and would be keen to get our arrangement in line before I would head out and I told Liam to meet me at home this evening. It was tough juggling two interests! It wouldn’t last for long I would think.

I arrived at my flat just before nine and I saw Liam waiting by the door as I entered my building.

“Hey there” he said with a smile. “Long day?” He continued, clocking my uniform and flight bag.

“Yeah, did the Copenhagen sector today. Four flights” I said as I opened the door to let Liam in.

“Ugh, that sector is a bitch” he said with the chuckle I found so adorable.

“Do you mind if I grab a quick shower to wash the airplane off?” I asked him.

“Yeah sure! Go ahead, I’ll wait for you” he said, a mischievous grin flashing on his face.

“Thanks. Make yourself at home, there is wine in the fridge and on the rack as well as a couple of beers” I said walking towards my room, leaving the door ajar.

The shower was extremely refreshing after the sector of the day made me feel dirty and sticky, and it got me a bit distracted, enjoying the hot water splash over my firm body, steam rising around me, my body relaxing, the stiffness melting away.

Realising I had taken my time in the shower and left Liam hanging there waiting for me I dried off quickly and headed out to the bedroom to slip something on, but as I entered the bedroom, a surprising sight met me.

As I entered the bedroom, I saw Liam on his knees, resting on his heels, in the middle of the room. He was naked apart from his underwear, which were hardly concealing him, as they had an opening over the ass, a mixture of a jockstrap and briefs. His head was arched down, eyes on the floor, his dark hair flopping slightly over his forehead, hands placed flat on his thighs, his ankles crossed behind him, shivering slightly. His tanned skin seemed to glow in the limited light provided by the bedside lamp. He was beautiful.

I stood there looking at him, taking in the beauty before me, not saying a thing, feeling the familiar surge rush through me, awakening the dominant beast within, growling, ready to pounce, use and abuse the beautiful boy before me, satisfying my lust and my desire to bring him completely to heel for once. My cock throbbing under my towel.

His eyes glanced up slightly, studying me.

“It was like this that we first met.” He whispered. “with you coming out of the shower in Iceland and me willing to serve you.”

I just looked at him in awe as he spoke.

“I’ve been a bit of a fool Sir…” He continued. “Let’s start afresh. Let me serve you, give myself to you for you to own and do with as you please Sir.”

My cock throbbed violently as he said those words. He was submitting to me completely. No question, no holding back, pure submission.

“Is that what you want?” I asked him, studying his every move. His chest rising and falling in sync with his breathing, his muscles tensing in anticipation, his underwear tented in excitement.

“Your terms, your rules, I’m yours any way you see fit” he whispered.

The beast within me growled in victory as I stepped closer to Liam, dropping my towel on the floor. His eyes averted again, focused on the floor, watching my bare feet approaching him, somewhat sliding over the wooden floor.

“Look at me” I whispered, and his caramel eyes flashed to mine. I studied them, trying to unveil the slightest hint of hesitation, but found none. “Ok then.” I said as I walked towards my bedside table, pulling out a leather blindfold, turning back to him and slipping it over his eyes.

* * *


I couldn’t believe I was doing this, I thought to myself as I slipped my trousers off, revealing my assless briefs, glancing at myself in the mirror before I sank to the floor, facing the ensuite door. The cold hard wood stabbing at my knees as I rested on my heels, stroking the front of my thighs gently. A nervous move.

I could feel my nipples perch out and harden as a slight draft hit my body as I sat there on the floor expectantly, waiting for the muscle god to emerge from the steamy room. He was there, naked, a couple of steps away from me and I had to hold on to every ounce of willpower, to not go barging into the bathroom and jump him right there and then.

I needed to do this properly to get what I wanted. I almost threw him away in a fit of dramatics, and I was not going to risk that again, especially after realizing that I was completely hooked by the sex with him, the disappointment of the highly unenthusiastic and plain boring average Joe, still imprinted on my brain and my body demanding an explosive release.

Jessica’s words were still ringing in my ears. “Give him time and play this at his pace. You’re amazing and so is he, but do you need to be thinking about marriage, dogs and all that now?” She was of course completely right as always, and I decided exactly that. Play at Alex’s pace and take it from there.

My cock was throbbing against the material of my underwear, screaming at me to release it from its cage and give it the pleasure I need.

As I heard the shower turn off, I bowed my head in submission, staring at the floor, feeling my hair flop down over my forehead, crossing my ankles, placing my hands firmly on my thighs to steady myself.

I heard him enter the room and an involuntary shiver of excitement shot through my body as he came to a halt before me. The wait felt like hours, but it was hardly a minute. He just stood there, seemingly staring at me.

I glanced up and saw him there, the dim light casting as shadow over him. His wet hair sticking to his forehead slightly, his white fluffy towel tented at the crotch, his abs and pecks glistening, seeming double the size in this lighting. His strong thighs prominent with his calves sticking out portraying perfect symmetry to his perfectly sculpted body, which would bring Michelangelo to shame.

“It was like this that we first met.” I whispered, as my mouth was so dry that I barely managed to get the words out. “with you coming out of the shower in Iceland and me willing to serve you.” I remembered that moment like it was it was yesterday. The way he took me as his own, the way he forced me into submission. My cock throbbed at the thought of him inside me again.

He didn’t say a thing. He just stood there, staring at me. Like a statue worthy of the largest cathedrals of the world.

“I’ve been a bit of a fool Sir…” I said again as he showed no sign of replying. “Let’s start afresh. Let me serve you, give myself to you for you to own and do with as you please Sir.” I pleaded as I kept glancing up to him, waiting for the slightest signal of him about to take me, to bring me into submission, to bring me the pleasure. I needed it, I needed him.

I saw his cock throb in his towel before I bowed my head again, focused on the floor, trying to steady my breathing, my heart threatening to burst out of my chest to the floor in front of his feet and giving itself up for him to keep.

“Is that what you want?” he asked quietly. The first words he had said to me since coming out of the bathroom. They were filled with lust, anticipation and excitement.

“Your terms, your rules, I’m yours any way you see fit” I whispered back to him. Giving up my bargaining chips, indicating my complete submission to the god who stood before me.

“Look at me” he whispered again, my eyes meeting his piercing blue eyes who seemed to penetrate the innermost sanctum of my soul, reading me like an open book. I couldn’t look away from him.

Then he said those two words I was hoping for: “Ok then” just as he walked pastme towards his bedside table. I didn’t dare follow him with my eyes, now that I was completely his to command. I heard the drawer open, and then close and before I knew it a blindfold had been slipped on my head, blocking my sight completely, enhancing all my other senses, not to mention my erection.

I heard him pace around me, most likely looking down at me, trying to decide how to proceed.

“You behaved very badly” He said. His tone had changed. He was commanding and slightly angry perhaps?

“I have been, Sir” I whispered back.

“And do you think I should punish you?” He said with a hint of malice. Making me hesitate briefly.

I heard the slap before I felt the shooting pain in my cheek as he slapped me, hard.

“Well?” He commanded an answer from me.

“Yes Sir” I whimpered, still feeling the slap on my cheek.

“You know the safe words then.” He said resulting in the recital of ‘red and yellow’ in my head.

“I do Sir.”

“Good boy. Now place your hands behind your back” he commanded, and I obeyed immediately, not wanting another slap.

I felt the cold of the metal as he slipped the handcuffs around my wrists and the soft feel of leather around my ankles. He pulled back on my hands and I heard a padlock click. My wrists were linked to my ankles, my chest perched forward, exposing my nipples to him, my ass clenched tightly.

I felt his spit land on my chest and again on my face making my cock throb again with excitement, hearing him pacing around me still. Then all went quiet. He had left me there, in the room, like we did with Isaac, tied up and exposed, spit dripping down my body.

It must have been at least ten minutes when I heard him return, placing something on the floor next to me. Again, I shivered with anticipation, not knowing what to expect.

I whelped when he grabbed my nipples tightly and twisted them, shooting a mixture of pain and pleasure down my body, all the way to my toes. He grabbed them hard, pulling on them, twisting them, shooting that constant stream of sensation through me.

He placed something on one of my nipples and then the other. It was cold, it gripped my nipples tightly and I felt, what I thought was a string, lead from my nipples now over both shoulders. ‘nipple clamps’ I thought to myself, remembering the sensation from the previous time I had experienced them.

He twisted the clamps making me shout out in surprise, all along he did not say a word. A quiet contemplation of my punishment.

I felt him behind me, his hands now caressing my ass, spreading my tightly squeezed cheeks, running his finger over my now exposed hole. I heard him spit and replace his now wet fingers circling my hole, getting me ready. Then I felt the cold tip of metal at my opening. It pushed past my sphincter, stretching me. A slight pain shot through me as he pushed the object deeper, its girth increasing by every millimetre. ‘A butt plug probably’ I thought, feeling it going deeper and deeper inside me. Pain shot through me and I shouted as he pushed it in faster, stretching me further than ever before. Finally, I felt my anus clench around the thin base, the heavy metal plug filling me up completely, resting on my prostate. I felt my cock start to drip precum as I shook from the sensation of the plug inside me and the clamps firmly on my nipples. Still, he didn’t say a word.

My ass tried to expel the plug as I sat here on the floor, but there was no chance of it slipping out. I heard him walk around me again, observing me. The tension was so high I could taste it.

“Are you ready for the first part of your punishment?” he said with his commanding tone.

“Yes sir.” I said whilst thinking ‘first part?!’.

I screamed from shock as a current of electricity shot through my nipples and my ass. ‘fuck, electro sex’ I thought panicked, never having experienced it. The current seemed gentle. I was starting to enjoy feeling the electricity pulse through my nipples and prostate, where the plug rested. My cock oozed more precum.

“This is the setting you will get when you’ve been a good boy… But you haven’t been a good boy, have you?” He said, and I could hear the smile that must be upon this beautiful face, in his voice.

I could only moan in response and quite suddenly the pleasure became pain as a stronger current shot through the plug and clamps, pulsing, shooting current after current through my body, with my screams in sync, yet my cock was harder than ever, pumping out precum at an alarming pace. ‘FUCK… holy shit this is…. FUUUCK….so fucking…. FUUUCK…. Hot!!’ I thought as my body jerked with every pulse. I could feel sweat starting to form on my forehead.

“Mmhhhm… Punish me… Sir, I’ve been… so bad.” I moaned out between pulses.

I screamed out again at the feeling of strands of leather hitting my back hard. He was whipping me hard. The strands hit my back… my thighs… my chest, just missing the clamps… my stomach… the pain seared from every strike, my skin burning and pulsing, the current pulsing through my body. It was a sensation like no other…. I was loving it.

The current reduced to the previous setting of pleasure. I could smell his cock before it touched my lips and I opened wide for him. I felt him slide the head between my lips, giving me the taste of his sweet precum. I let my tongue flick over his head, tasting him, just before he rammed his cock in my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. I just managed to stop myself from gagging but knew that he wasn’t going to stop there. He pulled out again and drove his cock into my mouth again, now slipping down into my throat. This time I gagged, but somehow managed to take his cock as he began to fuck my face, grabbing a hold of my hair tightly, thrusting in and out of my throat.

‘Is he cumming?’ I thought when a hot stream hit my tongue, but then I realised he was pissing in my mouth. ‘omg YESSSS’ I thought as I began to swallow every drop of his piss, which seemed endless, the bitter taste in my mouth, the hot liquid sliding down my throat. He had hardly finished when he pumped his cock down my throat again, making me gag.

He pulled out as suddenly as he started and walked behind me as I was gasping for air. I felt him release the padlock and push me forward, holding on to my shoulders as he placed my face on the cold wooden floor, my ass in the air.

He tugged on the butt plug, pulling it out giving me that empty feeling inside, like there was something missing. But quickly that feeling was erased by a splitting pain as he drove his cock deep inside me, shifting my internal organs to make room for his giant cock. He began punishing my hole with violent thrusts.

He must have pumped my hole in the sync of my screams for about thirty minutes straight. I was a man possessed, waking up all dogs, cats and birds in the neighbourhood as he continued to abuse my hole at a menacing rhythm.

Suddenly he pulled out, grabbed my hair pulling me up again, placing his cock in my mouth. I could taste myself on him. With a couple of thrusts, he began unloading his massive load into my mouth. Rope after rope of seed hit my tongue, and I struggled to swallow his load. At the same time my body had enough and started convulsing as I shot my own load into my briefs collapsing on the floor when he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

I was panting on the floor, hardly noticing when he removed the clamps and cuffs off me and pulling me back up into a seating position, removing my blindfold.

My eyes met his immediately. They were ablaze with satisfaction.

“That… was… amazing…” I panted out, and he just smiled, leaving the room and bringing back a bottle of water for me.

* * *


I watched him take a massive gulp of the cold water I had brought him. That was probably one of the most intense fucks I’ve ever given. The carnal lust had exploded within me.

“It was pretty amazing. Why don’t you grab a quick shower and meet me in the living room” I said to him, pulling him up to a standing position, his knees a bit wobbly.

“That would be great, thanks” he said and headed for the shower, with me strolling towards the living room, heating the kettle to make us some tea.

About twenty minutes later Liam appeared looking refreshed.

“Listen…” He began. “I’m sorry I was a bit of a queen, but I think the moment has passed and we can start again.” He said with a guilty look on his face.

“As long as we are on the same page, it is fine.” I said to him, motioning him to join me on the sofa.

“And what page is that?” He asked, grabbing the cup of tea and sitting down next to me.

“Well… I can’t give you a relationship… right now at least. I’m not in the place for it.” I said hesitantly.

“Ok.” He answered.

“I think we should just take it as it goes and see what happens, ok?” I said, studying his reactions.

“Yeah, I agree” he said with a smile, seeming content.

We chatted for a while about everything and nothing. He had a long haul to Australia coming up with me going to Lagos, so it would be at least a week until we could meet up again.

“Shit, it’s already one o’clock” he said, jumping up from the sofa. I missed the last train.

“Don’t worry about it! I’ll get you an Uber.” I said punching in the details in my phone. “It will be here in a few minutes, so you better get ready” I said to him, nudging him towards the rest of his clothes.

“I left the briefs in there for you” he said with a grin as he pulled on his shoes and opened the door. “Thanks a lot for tonight Alex” he said, kissing me on the cheek and disappearing down the stairs.

* * *


‘Ouch’ I winched as I sat down in the Uber, feeling how sore my ass was after the pounding, pulling up my phone, intending to message Alex, I noticed an email notification.

From: <Crew Department>

To: <Liam Maxwell>

Subject: Transfer Request

Dear Mr. Maxwell,

We have reviewed your request to be transferred to our US hub and the request has been subsequently


We will assist you with making arrangements for the relocation to Orlando, where you will be based.

Please contact Justine in HR for further information and time frame.



Crew Resources

* * *

End of Chapter 7

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