Chapter 8



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* * *


I stared at the email for almost the entire taxi ride home. I had not really expected the transfer to be approved when I applied for it a month ago. It seems to me that almost everything had changed since I applied for the transfer. Then I was hoping for an adventure, the opportunity to live in the states, flying from there and possibly move onwards toward other airlines. But now, Alex had introduced me to more adventures over the few days we have known each other, than I could possibly imagine.

I typed out a message to Jessica. She, as always, would know what to do.

<Liam> We need to talk.

<Jess> tomorrow? Tea?

<Liam> Yes please!

I could hardly sleep that night. I could somehow still feel the electricity in my body, the taste of Alex’s cum in my throat and my hole was winking in sync with my heartbeat, still stretched and gaping. The feeling of emptiness throughout my body.

I had the first pot of coffee brewing by 7 in the morning which was unusually early for me on days off and the third by 10 as I pondered over my option on how to proceed. Stay in London or move away.

Jess and I had a favourite spot for tea in central London where I sat waiting for her just before noon twiddling my thumbs. She would probably freak at the idea of me moving away, but she would still be reasonable about it.

“Hello darling.” She said leaning in for a kiss as usually.

“Hey you.”

“So, what’s this all about? I’ve been positively dying of curiosity!” She said with interest, her eyes studying me. “Is this about Alex?”

“Yes… and no…” I stuttered, not knowing how to start. “Well… we met yesterday, and oh god, it was hot.”

She squealed with joy, her eyes flashing at the prospect of gossip.

“Reeeeally… Tell all!”

“Uhm… I just threw myself at him really, and he just gave me a right good shag.” I said, deliberately leaving out the details which I vividly remembered as my still sore hole sent shivers up my spine.

“Perfect.” She purred with satisfaction. “So, what has got your panties in a twist then sweety?” She asked, pouring the tea which we had just been served.

“You have to promise me that you won’t freak out?” I asked.

“Of course!” She said, throwing her blond hair over her shoulder, blinking at me expectantly.

“I… I applied for a transfer to Orlando….”

“YOU FUCKING WHAT!” She squealed, resulting in disapproving looks from patrons and waiters alike.

“Shhhh! You promised not to freak” I urgently whispered.

“That was before my best friend told me he was about to leave me” she hissed.

“That is exactly what I want to talk to you about.” I continued. “The transfer was accepted… but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now. I’m keen to see where things with Alex go, but at the same time I’ve been wanting to move there for some time”.

“It’s the first I heard about it” she said sulking.

“Yes, well… I knew you would react like this, and you know how much I love Orlando.” I replied to her, taking a bite of my cucumber sandwich.

“Is this really what you want? Moving that is” she said, her tone warmer now.

“I don’t know Jess… I really wanted it when I applied, but Alex…”

“Leave Alex out of this Liam. This has nothing to do with him” she said sternly. “You need to figure this out on your own terms. You’ve known Alex for what, three weeks?”

“Yeah… I suppose you’re right… As always.” I said, smiling at her.

She just sipped her tea, smacking her lips content with her skilful advice.

“I think I’ll sleep on it for a while, see how things go. I might be able to cancel the transfer request.”

“Yes, but that will mean that you won’t get another chance for a long time. Remember Bryan? He cancelled a transfer request five years ago and has been trying to get a transfer for two years now without success” she said, with a sound of finality impressing the weight of the decision.

“True… True… he did kick himself for it, quite a lot I remember” I said pensively.

“He did! You need to really think about how cancelling this would affect you… don’t be thinking too much about some guy who you just met.”


“No but’s Liam.” She said with a stern face. “Alex is a great guy, no one can deny that… but still, is he your future?”

“I don’t know…” was all I could say.

“Exactly Liam! You don’t!”

“I’m also thinking if I can actually do the US though… It’s so different from here.”

“I know you can do it Liam. You know what you’re aiming for and the states have always been on your radar. I’m sure you will find your way there when and if you decide to go!”

“But… you wouldn’t be there. My best friend!”

“I will come and stay with you whenever I fly out there! I promise.”

“Thank you Jess. I’ll have a think about this” I said smiling at her.

Our conversation was very mundane after this in comparison. We spoke a lot about how hot Alex was and how amazing it would be to be in America and Jessica was sulking over her lack of sex, although she had just mounted a passenger on her last flight. She did however say that it had been highly disappointing, driving me to tell her the story of my average Joe in the hotel the other day with her rolling around laughing resulting in evil glares from the servers and patrons around us, prompting us to quickly pay and escape their death stares.

* * *


My muscles were still pumped from the drilling I gave Liam last night, I noted as I stretched out, blinking against the morning sun which was peeking through the blinds. The smell of coffee wafting in from the kitchen as the automatic coffee maker brewed my morning pot of black nectar, forcing me out of bed.

I had a very uneventful morning, browsing my emails, noting my schedule for the coming weeks with two long haul flights planned. The flight to Lagos tomorrow for four days, and then three days later I would be flying to San Francisco. ‘A 7-hour flight and a 12-hour flight. Should be fun’ I thought to myself, hoping to be paired up with a decent flight crew.

As I glanced at the phone, I noticed a text from Sean waiting.

<Sean> I finish wrk at 6. Meet then?

<Alex> Sounds good. My place?

<Sean> Yah… What’s the day like for you mr. pilot?

<Alex> Should you be texting at work? Just going to the gym now, who knows what else

<Sean> My boss isn’t here… Sounds good ;)

‘Cheeky bastard’ I thought to myself as I grabbed my gym bag and headed out the door.

I enjoy going to the gym although I would be quite content with working out at home, there is just something about the vibe of the gym that I like.

As I strolled to the gym, I couldn’t help but think about both Liam and Sean which reminded me of the dilemma I had with Isaac and Liam in Orlando. ‘I wonder how Isaac is doing, I need to check on him soon’ I thought as I turned a corner, almost mowing down an old lady as I did, apologizing profusely which she responded to with quite unsavoury comments, I carried on my stroll.

The thought of Isaac and Liam in Orlando brought back the memory of Liam’s hissy fit and I couldn’t help to wonder how his mood had changed so suddenly. I mean, I have always hated drama, and having to suffer it from someone that I only just met almost drove me crazy, but there is something about Liam that I like, but still…

“UGHH! How can one guy confuse me so fucking much!” I hissed under my breath as I entered the gym, stopping briefly to observe a beautiful chauffeured car idling outside.

The smell of men and sweat hit me as I entered the locker room, mixed with the scent of chocolate protein and fruity pre-workout drinks that were being shaken all around me by men in different stages of bodybuilding. The steam wafting out of the showers, the loud voices of friendly bantering ricocheting of the tiled walls, along witg occasional glances to measure up one’s body and, sometimes, privates.

The clinking of weight plates slamming together, grunts coming from the larger, more obnoxious bodybuilders, and the booming music in the hall drove my motivation further. In general, I wasn’t much of a show off, but in the gym, I liked to show off a bit. Wearing my tight under armour top, sticking to my skin, showing off every curve, every ridge of every muscle. Hugging my chest, showing off my nipples. Pairing my top with shorts which were perhaps a bit on the tighter side, showing off my massive thighs, my formed calves, my round butt and of course, my decent bulge.

As always, I started on the treadmill building up to a decent speed, holding my pace, sweat dripping down my forehead and my back, music booming in my ears, spurring me on further. After ten minutes or so I noticed someone stepping on the treadmill next to me, gaining speed and matching mine quite quickly. This annoyed me as there were plenty of other treadmills available around, and him pressing on, increasing his speed, clearly glancing over to see if I matched him.

I was not one to back down and increased my speed not only to match but to exceed him. Pacing myself, steadying my breathing as the increased speed became a momentary strain. He kept up, increasing his speed again to match and exceed mine. This show went on for some time until we were both sprinting, curious eyes looking at us from the weight area as we grunted and sprinted until finally, he relented and stopped panting, leaning over the handlebars with me slowing to a leisurely stroll looking at the guy properly now for the first time with a smug smile.

He had longish curly black hair which was sticking to his head. He was very well built wearing a tight grey t-shirt which was stretched over this bulging biceps, a dark patch of sweat down his chest and back. A light dusting of black hair covered his forearms. I noticed his bulging abs through the t-shirt. As he was leaning on the treadmill, still catching his breath, I noticed his ass sticking out, clearly well formed. ‘Fuck, I would like to pull those shorts down and slip my cock inside him’ I thought to myself just as his eyes flashed up, making me think I said this out loud. But he just smiled at me, gave me a slight nod, and walked away.

The rest of the workout was quite unremarkable, except for the fact that the mystery runner never seemed to be too far away. On occasion we would be training on the same type of equipment and found ourselves in regular contest, pushing ourselves harder than ever, trying to win, trying to impress.

As I entered the locker room again, at the end of my workout, it was eerily quiet with only a few guys in there in a various state of undress. Pulling my shirt off I was relieved to feel the cold breeze of the air-conditioning hit my naked glistening torso.

“You are quite an established runner” a musky voice echoed behind me, forcing me to turn around to face my challenger, my competitor. His hair still sticking to his head, his brown eyes studying me, his lips tight in a smile and a jawline that could cut paper.

“As are you” I answered back, kicking off my shoes, watching him as he opened his locker and peeled off his t-shirt, revealing a beautiful body which was covered with a light dusting of hair. His nipples calling to attention as the air-conditioning must have hit his body.

“Thank you” he said draping a towel around his neck, holding on to it with both hands, flexing his biceps and abs, flashing me with brilliant white teeth.

I could feel my mouth water as I studied him and as he studied me in return.

He slipped of his shoes, turning around removing his shorts. He bent over to grab them from the floor, his cheeks spreading slightly, almost to the point of showcasing his hole, teasing me, practically begging me to take him.

Slipping off my own shorts and pulling on a pair of running trousers just as he turned with a look of disappointment on his face as he noticed that more fabric had appeared before us. The sexual tension between us was palpable as i put on more clothes, as he removed the final garments, and with a brief look over his shoulder, he disappeared into the showers and I outside to the cold air where I leaned up against the outside wall, throwing my head back and letting out a whistle. Every nerve ending tingling in the breeze, and my cock crying for attention.

“Another one” I hissed to myself as I stood there, noticing the car again, still idling there in front of me.

Pulling myself from the wall I began my walk home. “I really need to get my shit in order” I said to myself.

I was used to having a couple of guys chasing me at a time, but never did I actually like them all! Sean is funny and charming and very cute, Liam is hot, submissive but a bit of a drama queen, and the guy from the gym… well who knows… but you could cut the tension with a sheet of paper!

* * *

Sean arrived at exactly quarter to seven, a time which we had agreed upon when I stopped by the corner shop for some water after my gym. He was looking amazing as always. His hair perfectly set in a slight quiff, showing off the trimmed sides. He was wearing a tight blue top again and those jeans which showed off his ass and thighs so well. He did not hesitate as he kicked off his shoes and wandered inside with an air of confidence, making himself feel like home.

“So…” He said, turning gracefully on the spot, looking at me with a grin

“So.” I simply responded, studying him.

“I’m not going to be your houseboy.” He said definitively, staring at me.

“I’m sorry… what?” I said puzzled.

“Houseboy… not going to be one.” He repeated, still looking at me firmly.

“Of course, you’re not!” I said with genuine shock. “That was never the idea!” I finished, now feeling a bit hot under the collar.

“Now that’s sorted then, I’ll happily help you out by stocking the fridge or whatever” he said with a grin.

“You cheeky fuck” I said with a laugh, relaxing a bit, realising that he had been pulling my leg.

“Cheeky?… Me?”

“Yes, You!” I said, heading for the fridge to pick up a beer.

“My fucks have been described in many ways, cheeky not being one of those” he said, winking at me as I passed him.

I felt him close behind me as I opened the fridge and felt the gush of cold air meet me, sending a slight shiver down my spine. As I grabbed my beer, his hand flashed towards a beer for himself. Our arms briefly gracing one another, his other hand placed on my shoulder briefly, sending a current through my body, making my cock twitch slightly. I didn’t realise I was holding my breath until I let it out with a slight shudder which resulted in a chuckle from Sean as he turned away from me opening his beer with an audible fizz and taking a gulp.

“That’s… interesting” I finally managed to respond to his comment about his fucks.

“Don’t you think?” he said with a smile, tilting his head slightly, studying me.

“Indeed.” I said, trying to regain my composure, finding his gaze very distracting.

“So, will you leave a list?” He said, changing the subject.

“A list?” I asked, not clocking on, kicking myself for how idiotic I must have sounded.

“For the shopping…” He simply said.

“Oh, yes of course! And some cash, naturally.”

“Naturally” he replied with a smile.

“That’s settled then.” I said, trying to take command of the situation again.

“Yes, I suppose it is” he said again, still tilting his head studying me, making me feel awkward again.

He strolled towards the sofa and sat down, stretching his arms over his head, which pulled on his tight top, lifting it slightly, showing a trail of hair disappear under his waste line. His biceps bulged, and his eyes flashed as he licked his top lip seductively. All I could do was stare at him.

“Right!” He said, standing up and chugging the rest of the beer. “I better be off then… you’ve got a flight tomorrow.”

“Oh… you don’t want to stay a bit longer?”

“Oh no, I really shouldn’t” he said with a grin, walking up to me, not a foot was between us. “Who knows what trouble we could get ourselves into if I stayed” he whispered. His smell reached me, it was manly and divine.

“You have a key” he said, moving slightly closer, I could feel his breath on me now, sending shivers through me yet again.


“To the flat… I need a key.” he said.

“Oh yes of course! Let me grab it.” Pulling myself away from him I grabbed the key and handed it to him just as he pulled his shoes and jacket on.

“I’ll see you when you get back” he simply said and left.

I stood there gobsmacked, completely frozen, watching the door close behind me.

‘What the actual fuck….’ I thought to myself, as the second tease of the day was over, me more frustrated than ever and even more confused than I had been.

Guys don’t tease me! I tease them! I make them beg for it, I don’t beg and that’s exactly what Sean is trying to do! But dear god he’s attractive, and exciting. Would I beg him? “Don’t be ridiculous Alex” I said to myself throwing a nasty glance at the door like I was expecting him to be there grinning at me.

* * *

I arrived at Heathrow just before six in the morning, still extremely sexually frustrated by the events of the day before. Thinking of Sean teasing me in my own house, and the competitive guy in the gym who teased me just the same.

I had just finished the outside inspection of the Airbus I would be flying to Lagos and was just finalizing some of the pre-flight checks when Steven joined me on the flight deck,

“AHH Alex my dear boy!” he exclaimed as he saw me. “I have very much been looking forward to flying with you again” he said with a genuine smile.

“Hey Steve” I said smiling back at the old man. “How are you?” I questioned as he sat down and sipped his coffee.

“Oh, never better, never better” he said cheerfully as he started to flick switches and studying the flight charts. “Marie will turn seventy next week and we will be entertaining, I’m much looking forward to it” he said with that posh tone of a man raised in the sixties.

“That’s nice… wish her all the best from me.” I said genuinely.

“Why don’t you come along! An extra butt on a chair wouldn’t be too much trouble.” He responded, looking over his glasses at me.

“I’ll check my schedule and let you know!” I said. It would be quite nice to join them. Steve quite reminded me of my own late father, and I was curious to see if Marie would be anything like my mother.

“Hi Alex, hi Steve” I heard Jessica’s voice from behind us. “Can I get you drinks before we head off? Boarding is just about finished.”

I smiled back at her as Steve asked for an array of refreshments for us to enjoy as we completed our preflight checks.

“Speedbird 1781, ready for pushback and engine start” I called through the radio as we finished our checks.

“I do love this route” Steve said with an excitement in his voice. “Have you ever seen the plains of Africa at sunrise? It’s one of the things that make me fall in love with flying all over again” he said with a gentle smile.

“No, I’ve never seen it” I responded, now quite looking forwards to seeing it at our return trip.

“You’ll love it Alex!” He said as the aircraft jerk as the tug pushed us from the ramp.

The flight was uneventful as we flew over Europe and into Nigerian airspace, touching down six and something hours later at Murtala Muhammed International Airport and coming to a stop at The ramp, shutting down the engines.

“I know a great restaurant here; would you care to join me for dinner Alex?” Steve asked as we secured the aircraft. “I was thinking of asking Jessica as well” he said with a wink.

“That sounds lovely Steve” I said, thinking it would make a change of scenery.

Steve, Jessica and I ended up having a lovely dinner and I concluded that Steve was an incredibly nice guy and I could see him becoming a good friend of mine. Although he seemed to be doing his best of setting me and Jessica up on a date as he had booked us on a safari for our second day in Lagos.

Both of us just laughed it off and enjoyed watching lions, elephants and giraffes from the comfort of a jeep, circling around African plains.

“I heard Liam came to see you” she said as she studied a lionesses in the distance.

“He did” I said with a smile, looking at her.

“And you guys had fun?” She said laughing.

“Mmmmhm” I said, trying to get a photo of a lion stalking close to us.

“You’re so secretive!” she squealed, and the lion seemed to jump at the sound

“Shhhh” I hissed at her, then laughing at her shocked face.

“Oh, come on Alex! Tell me more…”

“Well… I think Liam should be the one to tell you about it, don’t you?”

“He did!”

“Really?” I said with a bit of shock. “He told you about the toys?”

“What toys?” She said with a look of extreme excitement, practically bouncing in her seat.

“Nothing…” I simply said, feeling myself blush just a tiny bit.

“Alex Thompson, don’t you DARE leave me hanging like this…” she said with mock malice

“Uhm… well… we like it a bit more adventurous than most people” I just said, hoping she would let it go, knowing full well she would not.

“Adventurous like…. Uhm… Dildos… threesomes?” she said, burning with curiosity.

“Try again.”

Her eyes widened.

“Adventurous like …. Handcuffs… whips?”

“Bingo” I said glancing at her face which was now in thought.

“That makes total sense!” she said, with a mixture of glee and scepticism.

“What does?”

“The way Liam’s been acting! It makes perfect sense now.”

“How so?”

“Well… you did your thing, now he feels like he needs to be with you to get satisfaction. He’s always been very impressionable, but if you’re doing the full-on dom/sub thing, I totally get it.”

“You should be a shrink” I just said looking at her in awe.

“Do you like him Alex?” She said sternly

“Yes of course I do!” I replied, studying her

“Do you, like him, like him?”

“Well, I don’t love him if that’s what you’re asking.”

“No, but do you see yourself with him?”

“I honestly don’t know Jess… If that were to happen, and I’m not saying it will be considering our careers and all that, he needs to tone it down a bit with the dramatics.”

“Yes, that’s true” she said, now in thought. “Just don’t lead him on, OK?”

“I won’t.”

“Promise! He has a life too and if it’s not going to be a thing with you guys, he needs to know sooner rather than later!”

“I promise Jess. I like him a lot, but I still think he needs to realise what it is that he wants.”

We didn’t talk much more about anything of interest for the rest of the trip and soon after we were back at the hotel, crawling into our bed reeling from an amazing day in the wilderness.

* * *

“Get ready for something spectacular” Steve said as he thrust the throttle bar forward, jerking the aircraft forward, soaring into the sky, bringing to view the most spectacular sight I had ever witnessed. The golden brown of the desert below, the sea in the distance, villages and roads snaking below, offering me a new perspective on not only flight.

As I entered my apartment I was greeted by music and the delicious smell of food cooking, thinking I might have entered the wrong apartment somehow. I noticed a t-shirt laying on the arm of the sofa and the sound of someone singing in the kitchen area.

As I walked in further, I noticed Sean by the stove, his back facing to me, apron on, topless singing and dancing with the music, flipping something on a pan. I studied him for a moment, noticing how his back muscles gracefully moved under his pale skin, with every movement he made. Two dimples at the small of his back, his skin completely free of blemish.

“What’s all this?” I said, making him jump.

“Shit… I didn’t hear you come in” He said smiling. “I thought I’d cook you something” he finished with a shy smile on his face.

“That’s nice of you” I said, staring at his arms and chest protruding from the apron. His skin completely smooth, not a hair in sight.

“Go change, it will be ready in a minute” he said in a commanding tone, startling me slightly.

As I returned to the kitchen, I noticed to my great disappointment that he was wearing his shirt again. He had plated up the food expertly.

“You’re not eating?” I said, noticing only a single plate setting.

“Nope, not this time!” He said with a grin, making his way to the door.

“Hang on…” I said, stopping him.

He just looked at me.

“Next time…” he said opening the door and leaving me there alone.

Again, he left me hanging. Standing there frozen staring at my own door. Why was I letting him affect me this much!

Eventually I moved to the kitchen table sitting down with my meal. It was mouth-wateringly good. A perfect steak with bearnaise and roast potatoes. ‘Shit the boy can cook’ I thought as I devoured the rest of the food, momentarily forgetting my frustrations, although they lingered until I decided to message Liam.

<Alex> Are you free?

<Liam> Yes sir. Until midnight. US flight tomorrow

<Alex> Come over.

<Liam> OMW.

I hopped in the shower as the final message vibrated on my phone, washing off the travel grime, getting ready for Liam’s arrival.

As I opened the door for him, five days of sexual frustrations erupted within me. He was standing there in his signature tight fitting trousers, a t-shirt and jacket.

He barely got a word out as I pulled him inside and closed the door. A look of shock on his face as I turned him around and pushed him up against the door. He moaned out in pleasure as I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back towards me, reaching with my other hand around his waist, undoing his trousers.

I held him completely in place, right up against the door as I pulled his trousers down over his buttocks, exposing him to me. Moving my hand up his covered body, to his face. My fingers finding his mouth, feeling him sucking on them, soaking them with saliva.

Still holding him in place I moved my fingers down to his hole, still soaking in his spit, I thrust them inside of him, knuckle deep, enjoying the sounds of his moans and gasps as I found his prostate, flicking it gently, feeling his knees start to tremble as I added the second finger into his warm domain.

Not letting him move, I released my throbbing cock from its prison and without a moment's hesitation I replaced my fingers with the head of my cock. Liam moaning in pleasure now, his chest firmly against my door and his head arched back as I held him by the hair still.

With one magnificent thrust I was fully inside him. Feeling his muscles clench around my cock. His moans echoed around the flat as I began the backwards and forward motions of fucking him. Yet another onslaught on his pleasure chute. My free hand moved to the front, grabbing a hold of Liam’s cock, feeling the precum ooze over my fingers which I immediately brought to his mouth, making him suck them clean. I could feel him tense with every thrust, knowing that his release was close.

His ass clenched around my shaft, tighter than ever when he shot his load, spraying my door with his seed, letting out a magnificent scream of pleasure. I followed shortly, feeling my cock throb in his tight hole, spraying his insides with my load.

“Clean that door” was the first thing I said to him this evening, watching him drop to his knees and licking the door clean.

“And now my cock” I said as he turned around facing my cock, taking it in his mouth, cleaning his juices and my seed off my cock.

“Thank you, Sir,” he said as he finished.

“My pleasure” I simply replied.

“Take a seat and leave those trousers down” I said as I left the room returning with a small pouch from the spare bedroom along with a blindfold and a bottle of lube.

I slipped the blindfold over his eyes, seeing his lust-filled caramel eyes disappear underneath the leather. His body was shivering in anticipation of the unknown.

As I stood over him, I noticed him biting slightly on his bottom lip. His breathing had increased. I heard him swallow, his adam's apple jerking under the tanned skin on his throat.

I pulled out a metal chastity cage with an attached urethral bar from the pouch. I started by pulling his balls and shaft through a ring. To him, it must have felt like a traditional cockring, making him oblivious to what was to come next. I lubed up the urethral bar and slipped it into his hardening cock. He moaned out as he felt the urethral bar entering him, not daring to move too much, but I could feel him trying to restrain himself from wriggling away, worming himself away from the unusual sensation that he was feeling. I slid the cage over the head of his cock, attaching it to the ring around his shaft and balls, clicking it into place with some effort as his cock had already grown considerably.

“This will show me you meant what you said about being mine.” I said as his eyes flashed open seeing the metal cage.

“Are you crazy?” he asked shocked. “The metal detectors!”

“Deal with it.” I simply said.



“Please… don’t…”

“Think of it as the last part of your punishment for how you behaved and an opportunity to decide if you want this or not.”

He just looked at me with a mixture of horror and excitement on his face.

“It’s almost midnight… Time to go.” I said finally.

Putting someone in chastity is a huge thing and I was in a way testing him to see how he would cope with it as well as exploring my own feelings towards it. Chastity is the ultimate form of submission and to be flying in a cage would be quite risky, but still, I needed to know how both of us felt about this, and to me, having him in a cage, completely at my mercy would speak volumes.

* * *

End of Chapter 8

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