Chapter 9



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* * *


I could feel my cock dripping precum through the urethral bar as a laid in bed trying to fall asleep. Panicking slightly, trying to spin a good excuse to tell security, and even worse the TSA, on his return trip.

“This is too much” I said to myself shifting uncomfortably, trying to adjust myself with one hand, picking up my phone with the other typing out a text to Alex.

<Liam> I can’t do this Alex, this is too much, you need to let me out.

I hovered over the send button for a second.

‘Do I honestly want this? It’s so fucking uncomfortable!’ I thought as I turned on my stomach, winching as I felt the cage press on my cock, the urethral bar pushing deeper inside, turning quickly around again, kicking my duvet off, punching my pillow.

“AAAARRRRHHHH” I screamed out in frustration as I pulled on the cage, hoping to slip out of it but it didn’t budge the embedded bar in my urethra sent shivers through my body.

I looked at the text message again… And pressed SEND.

The reply came almost instantly:

<Alex> You know the safe word…

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I shouted out again, risking waking the neighbour.

It’s been three hours and I’m already going insane… ‘No, I can’t do it’ I thought typing out another message.

<Liam> RED.

Hovering again over the SEND button as the phone vibrated, making me drop the phone between the bedside table and the bed. Swearing I adjusted myself, managing to pick up the phone without too much discomfort, I noticed a text from Alex again.

<Alex> It takes some time to get used to… but once you do, you won’t notice it’s there… Promise.

‘That manipulative bastard’ I thought to myself, throwing the phone on the bed, now pacing my room, stopping to stare at myself in the mirror.

My eyes drifted up my legs, shying away from my crotch as I studied my abs and chest. Stroking my hand down my body, feeling my rock hard nipples as my fingers caressed them . I felt my penis throb against the now warm steel enclosing me, stopping me from reaching an erection, pressure building within me. My cock making an honest attempt to break the steel barrier holding it prisoner.

<Liam> Are you flying tomorrow?

<Alex> Yes.

<Liam> What time?

<Alex> T/O at 0935

<Liam> I’m at 0920. Bring the key if I decide to safe word.

<Alex> Aren’t you forgetting something?

I read the text and his voice echoed in my head as I did… ‘Fuck’..

<Liam> Please, Sir…

<Alex> Good boy… See you tomorrow

I threw myself on the bed praying to god I would get some sleep as the flight to seattle I would be doing tomorrow would be a nightmare without it.

* * *

The crew lounge at Terminal 5 was buzzing with activity as always as I entered, focusing on walking normally as the cage rubbed against my tight underwear, which in turn pushed uncomfortably down on the cage. I was still trying to decide if I could do this or not as I stepped over to the coffee maker, pouring myself a cup, waiting for my flight briefing before going through security.

“How are you feeling” I heard Alex whisper from behind me, startling me and making me spill some of my coffee.

“Like I’m about to explode.” I hissed at him as I turned around and looked him in his blue eyes which were filled with amusement.

“Just say the word and you will be free” Alex said with a grin, turning his back to me and walking towards the crew who would be joining him on his flight to San Francisco. To my delight I noticed that he was joined mostly by older crew members and Jessica, so nothing much in the form of temptation there.

I received my flight briefing which consists of an array of boring details, such as who’s staying in business class and economy, how many passengers and if there are any notable people on the flight. The company policy is to notify the flight crew if a person of interest is on board so they can go and smooch up to them and make them feel all important. It’s a nice touch, but sometimes a bit of an overkill.

“Alright, lets go” the captain of my flight finally said and was painfully aware that this was my last chance to get out of this.. Do I get Alex to take the cage off, or do I keep it on and suffer the consequences? I looked over to Alex, who had moved to a different flight crew a bit closer to me and was studying me from a distance, taunting me, somewhat daring me to say it. I just gave him a teasing look back and walked toward the security hall, feeling his eyes on me as I walked out of the room.

As I entered the security hall I joined the queue reserved for crew and airport staff and noticed to my immense relief that I knew one of the guys at the gate. I quickly pulled out my phone and fired a quick text to him.

<Liam> This is embarrassing, so don’t judge! The gate will bleep on me as I am wearing… Intimate jewellery… PLEASE don’t make a scene!

I noticed him pull up his phone and reading the message quickly and a bewildered grin spread across his face as he looked up searching the queue and finding me, giving me a quick smile and a nod, bringing the next person forward through the detector.

I dreaded the moment when it was my turn to go through the detector and could feel my cheeks getting hotter. I was now painfully aware of the cage enclosing my cock but the feeling of embarrassment was somehow mixed with excitement. I could feel my heart beating in my chest, threatening to jump out, a drop of cold sweat formed at my temple as I tried to focus, paying attention to the queue moving forwards, closing in on the height of my embarrassment.

The gate bleeped loudly as I stepped through. As this was very rare with crew members I received some curious glances from around the area. I was blushing furiously now and felt a bit nauseous as Peter, the security officer, pulled me aside and started his pat down.

“I never knew you had jewellery down there” he whispered to me as he patted me down, paying close attention to my groin, clearly feeling the steel cage. His eyes flashed up to mine with a look of surprise. And a simple “oh” left his lips, then slowly running his hands up my body, down the back and then over my ass. As his hands moved over my globes he squeezed them briefly making my cock jump painfully in it’s tight cage. I couldn’t say a word. I just stood there, red in the face, squirming under his touch.

“You’re all clear” he said a bit louder now, letting me retrieve my bag and scuttle out of the hall quickly.

* * *


I noticed Liam immediately as he walked into the crew lounge. His walk was a bit funny and it was clear to me that he wasn’t comfortable at all. My cock gave a slight jump as I imagined his encaged cock pressing against the trousers, rubbing the fabric, begging for a release.

I noticed him wiggle slightly, trying to adjust himself as I walked up to him as he poured himself a coffee.

“How are you feeling?” I said, seeing him jerk.

“Like I’m about to explode” he hissed turning towards me with a look of panic, frustration and embarrassment edged on his face and all I could do was to chuckle at him.

“Just say the word and you will be free” I said with a grin, turning towards my assigned crew, leaving him standing there by the coffee maker.

As I came to my crew I noticed Susan the crew manager motion me over where she was standing with another pilot I didn’t know.

“Alex, I need to move you from the San Francisco sector and put you on the Paris sector. Steve has the flu and the standby here isn’t rated on the Airbus so he will step in for San Francisco,”

“No problem” I simply responded, a bit annoyed missing out on SanFran as I had been looking forward to it.

Pulling out my phone I typed a quick message to Sean and sent it off:

<Alex> Hi Sean, I’m not doing the three day layover, so no need to pop out for the milk ;)

I sent one to Steve for good measure:

<Alex> Hey Steve. Hope you feel better before the party! I’m looking forward to it.

<Steve> It’s just a spot of flu! I’ll be up in no time!

<Sean> Ok.

I leaned back in my seat and enjoyed watching Liam shift every thirty seconds or so as he tried to adjust himself in his seat, trying to find that sweet spot where he wouldn’t feel the cage too much. As he stood up I noticed his bulge tenting his trousers, his bubble butt sticking out on the other side. He was truly a sight for sore eyes, making my cock twitch get again, making it my turn to adjust myself in my seat as I listened to Paul giving us our flight briefing.

“We’ll be doing the standard four legs today, wheels up at 0900 landing just after 10 then again 1050 wheels up from Paris, landing at around noon, wheels up again at 1300 landing just after 1400 and then wheels up at 1500 landing at about 1610 so for once, normal office hours!” Paul said with a smile, clearly pleased with the short haul routes.

As I entered the security hall, I couldn’t help but chuckle as I saw Liam standing there on a platform with Peter patting him down, paying close attention to his groin. I saw how extremely red in the face Liam was, clearly uncomfortable, seeing that he was out of the hall in a flash as soon as Peter gave him the all clear.

The flights of the day were very uneventful, Paul and I had a good chat on our routes but considering the very short flight time, we were hardly airborne when we had to descend again but it was pleasant all in all. Nothing like the US flights, but I was secretly glad to have a relatively busy day where I didn’t have too much time to think about the boys in my life. With Liam locked in chastity, Sean prancing around teasing me with his gorgeous smile and humour and that gym guy… oh… the gym guy.

* * *

I got home just before six this evening and thought about opening up a nice bottle of wine and reading a good book. As I stood in front of my book case trying to pick out something good, my mind kept wandering between the boys in my life again, the thought of Liam somewhere over the bible belt wearing a chastity cage, dreading his return trip as he would need to explain his predicament to the TSA agents. Sean was as well on my mind as before. A frustrating conquest, waiting to be conquered.

I figured that I was way too restless to sit still for most of the night so I decided on the gym instead to burn off some of the built up energy I was storing up and hopefully put my mind to rest.

As I approached the gym I noticed the black car outside again, stopping to explore it a bit further. It was a Mercedes S-Class, clearly brand new and the driver was in the front, barely visible through the tinted windows, the engine idled almost silently as it waited for the unknown owner.

The gym was surprisingly empty I noted as I entered the locker room where I was greeted by the magnificent scent of sweat, steam and various workout drinks, with only two older men talking merrily about the affairs of the day and a third man, slightly younger, enjoying a good warm shower.

I quickly changed to my workout clothes and headed to the treadmills for my run. As I picked up the pace I felt shirt move with the bouncing of my pecs, my nipples rubbing against the soft material beginning to harden, the beat of the music booming in my ears completely in rhythm to my run.

As I stepped off the treadmill I noticed him looking at me. The gym guy… Just standing by one of the weight machines looking over at me with his brown eyes, his curly black hair waving down toward his shoulders. He studied my sweaty form for a moment and then turned back to the weights. I noticed how his muscles bulged with every thrust on the machine, yet his face showed no sign of strain as he applied himself to the weights.

I continued my routine with the normal cat and mouse play going on between us. Him looking over at me, me looking over at him, never too far from one another, yet never close enough to speak.

I finished my routine and found myself back in the locker room peeling my top off which was sticking to my sweat soaked skin. As I threw it in my bag I noticed him again, standing opposite me.

“If I did not know any better, I would think that you are following me” he said with his husky voice, meeting my eyes as I looked up at him.

“No, not following you” I said with a smile as I made my way towards the urinals, slipping my cock out, letting the stream hit the bowl.

“Are you quite sure?” I heard him say again as I noticed him standing next to me at the urinal, glancing in my direction. I stole a peak at his crotch and he was holding a massive, although flaccid, peace of meat in his hand, letting out a strong stream of piss. I looked up and noticed that he was looking at me, clearly catching me taking a peak.

“Positive.” I said looking into his eyes, not breaking eye contact. We had both finished, yet we just stood there with out cocks in hand staring into each other eyes, another competition, neither of us wanting to be the one to break the contact.

“Very well, then” he said as he slipped his cock back into his shorts and walked away towards the lockers, slipping on a black hoodie, grabbing his bag and moving to leave.

“Oh how rude of me” he said turning around and walking towards me as I made my way to the locker. “My name is Adam. You are?” He finished, holding out his hand.

“Uhm… Alex” I said, taking his hand and I felt him squeeze it slightly.

“I am pleased to meet you uhm Alex” he said with a mocking tone, turned on the spot and walked out of the locker room.

I wrapped my coat a bit tighter as I left the gym, the evenings getting colder by the day. Noticing the black car had gone, I started walking towards the end of the street when my phone pinged indicating a message.

<Liam> NEVER again….

* * *


The aircraft touched down smoothly in Seattle and the moment of facing the TSA Agents was getting closer and I felt more nauseous with every passenger that disembarked the aircraft, finding it increasingly more difficult to focus on my work as I secured the galley, greeting the ground crew at the doors.

Opposed to its tendency of standing still, time sped up at an alarming pace and I found myself in the arrivals terminal, trying to slow my normally fast walking pace until I reached the border hall.

A sense of relief washed through me as I realised what I had forgotten. You don’t go through security on inbound flights! The stress and panic had completely messed with my mind to make me forget that point.

I quickly pulled of my trousers and briefs as soon as I got to the hotel room. I felt the air escape my longues as the cold air hit my crotch, feeling a sense of remarkable relief, sending shivers up my spine. This was without a doubt the most frustrating thing I had ever experienced.

I pulled the rest of my clothes off and turned on the shower, stepping in almost immediately, feeling the cold water hit my skin making me tense up, my penis clamping down on the urethral bar making me winch a bit. But as the water warmed up I felt the tension melt out of me and my whole body relaxed. I stroked my hand over my body, feeling the grooves of the muscles, slick with the water, my hand traveled down finding nothing but the cage where my cock was trying to get erect but being held in place by the steel cage.

I threw the shampoo bottle to the floor in fury and stormed out of the shower grabbing my phone and texting Alex.

<Liam> NEVER again…

<Alex> You will learn to love it… You’re doing good, boy.

‘pfft .. I’m no boy’ I thought in frustration as I dried off and threw myself on the bed flicking through some social apps on my phone trying to get my mind off my predicament.

As i tried to adjust myself in bed, trying to get some sleep my frustration reached a tipping point. Kicking the duvet, punching the pillow, pacing around the room. I couldn't focus, I couldn’t sleep. I was going insane. There was no way I could go another flight tomorrow with this on, let alone facing the TSA.

My eyes filled with tears of frustration, I picked up the phone, one last futile attempt to escape I messaged Alex.

<Liam> RED..

Almost immediately the text bubbles appeared on my screen, dancing around , taunting me, Disappearing, then appearing again, for what felt like an hour, but was only about a minute.

<Alex> There is little I can personally do right now… You had your chance…

More tears of frustration filled my eyes as I read the message over thrice.

<Liam> Please…

<Alex> Front pocket of your overnight you will find an envelope. There is nothing I can do… but maybe you can.

I stared at the message, glancing from my phone to my bag and back to my phone. Walking over to my bag, unzipping the compartment, indeed finding an envelope inside with very neat writing on it.

‘Just in case’


I ripped open the envelope and found a small key that would fit he padlock perfectly. I slipped it in the key hole and almost cried as the lock sprung free. Removing the lock, I started to slip the cage from the ring around my balls and shaft. The urethral bar twisting inside me. As I pulled it out, I felt the greatest sensation, my cock started growing as I pulled out of the cage, like it was following the object that had been inside it. As the cage slipped off, and the urethral bar vacated my slit, I started to convulse as the feeling of relief brought me to a climax and I started shooting ropes and ropes of cum all over the hotel room carpet.

* * *


I was a bit bored and still a bit restless after my gym and after a long hot shower I decided to see if Sean would want to come over for a quick drink.

<Alex> Hey Sean, fancy a glass of wine?

<Sean> Yeah, now?

<Alex> Yup?

<Sean> I’ll get ready and head over.

<Alex> See you in a bit.

I threw myself on the sofa, turned on some music and lit the fireplace enjoying the soothing tunes float through the sound system as I was browsing through my emails and social media waiting for Sean to show up.

Not thirty minutes had passed when Sean showed up looking gorgeous as ever in his signature jeans, a tight t-shirt and a leather jacket contrasting his pale skin and blond hair.

“Hey” he said with a smile as he entered and kicked off his shoes.

“How’s you?” I said following him into the apartment, where he picked up the bottle of wine I had taken out and moved to open it. I just looked at him in awe at how at home he made himself. “Do you do this everywhere you go?” I said with a smile.

“I’m good! Do what exactly?” he said, looking at me puzzled.

“Make yourself at home like this.”

“Oh… Is it bothering you?” he said awkwardly.

“Not at all, I just find it funny. Most people wouldn’t” I just said, sitting down on the sofa watching him pour us some wine.

“I like that song, what is it?” he said as he walked towards me with freakishly feline grace.

“Oh it’s one of my favorites! It’s thousand by Lisa Hannigan and Rosie Carney” I said briefly stopping to listen to the sweet voice coming from the sound system.

“It’s really nice.” He said stopping briefly as well, then handing me the glass of wine.

“So, is this a booty call?” he said as he sat down, making me almost choke on the sip of wine I just took.

“That was not my intention, no” I said, coughing slightly, taking another sip to wash the wine down properly.

“That’s a shame” he said with a wink, sipping his own wine.

“Is it?” I said with a smile

“I think so, yes.” He said with his signature grin plastered on his face.

“You’re very forward.” I said laughing and draining my glass, standing up to bring the bottle over.

We finished the bottle quite quickly and before long we had opened up a second bottle with conversation flowing. Sean of course kept sliding in some sexual hints and comments throughout and making sure that little time passed between a seemingly innocent touch of my arm, or our legs slightly touching.

Our conversation took us to an array of places, everything from work, to hobbies and exercise regimes. I found out that he had been practicing martial arts since he was a kid, explaining his good physique and incredible agileness, as well as his confidence. He in return was very interested in my career and what had driven me to become a pilot and was curious as to what life in the sky offered. I found out that he had indeed applied to become a flight attendant once, but he hadn’t got the job. So I explained to him that some of the airlines operate an ‘apply twice’ policy and reject candidates that have only applied once and wait for a second application to consider them.

“Right, bathroom time” I said standing up and walking to the bathroom, my bladder at bursting point from the two bottles of wine between us. My stream hit the water with force and I must have pissed more than I had ever before, having been too involved in the conversation to even realise that I had to pee.

My phone sounded just as I finished . Pulling it up I saw a message from Liam and my mind raced to his predicament. There he was in America, locked in chastity, probably squirming with every move, undergoing the ultimate test to see if he was indeed willing and ready to be with me.

<Liam> RED…

I looked at the message with disappointment. It was too much for him.

<Alex> There is little I can personally do right now… You had your chance…

I fired off the message quickly, hoping he would change his mind and try and get through it, coming back still locked up, ready for complete submission. That at least had been what I was hoping for, but it clearly wasn’t meant to be.

<Liam> Please…

I looked at the message for some time. Contemplating just telling him to fight through it and come back to me and allow me to release him in person, but he had after all said the safe word.

<Alex> Front pocket of your overnight you will find an envelope. There is nothing I can do… but maybe you can.

I put the phone back in my pocket and walked back to the living room where Hozier’s Shrike was sounding on the soundsystem with Sean standing by the wine rack looking for another bottle.

“You took your time.” He said without really looking away from the wines. “What do you think of this Shirah?” he said holding out a bottle of a 2016 Domaine de La Baume.

“It’s very nice. Smooth, a typical French wine.” I said, approving of his choice.

“The shirah it is then” he said with a smile, pulling out new glasses and opening the bottle.

I stood by the kitchen counter watching him move around the kitchen decisively and with much purpose, smelling the cork like a restaurant sommelier, then pouring the wine and bringing it over to me.

Again he walked towards me with grace. The wine hardly moving in the glasses as he did, coming closer to me, somehow walking more cautiously than before. His grey eyes met mine as he approached.

“Here.” He said holding out he glass, standing not a foot from me, his eyes still linked with mine, not breaking contact.

He moved closer. I was unable to move anywhere as my back was against the kitchen counter. Leaning over he placed his glass on the counter beside me, his arm gracing mine, our eyes still locked the sound of Aeroplane by Holly Throsby reaching us from the living room.

He placed his hand on my chest moving closer yet, our noses almost touching. I could feel his breath on my lips, could practically hear him blinking his eyes. Then I felt his warm soft lips on mine, startling me. I hardly ever kissed the guys I was with, it had been a long time since I felt someone’s lips on mine.

His hand rested on my chest as he kissed me, a kiss which I soon returned, wholeheartedly. He opened his mouth slightly allowing my tongue entry and soon enough our tongues were dancing to the tune of John Smith’s Far Too Good, our hands roaming each other as we stood there against the kitchen counter.

He let out a moan as we briefly paused the dance of tongues and he leaned his head on my shoulder.

“Take me to your river…I wanna go…” he whispered in sync with the music then reaching for his glass, sipping on the wine looking back into my eyes then turning and walking towards the living room, passing the sofa and heading towards my bedroom.

Following him I couldn’t help but notice that control had completely left me and he was indeed taking charge of the situation which again was weird for me to allow, but follow I did and as I entered the bedroom I saw him standing there, the glass of wine on my bedside table, the dim light from the lamp setting the mood.

I watched him unbutton the three buttons on his t-shirt, looking at me expectantly, his eyes filled with excitement and lust. I noticed his phone cradled in the iPhone dock, a bit more upbeat music playing from it.

“I usually take charge.” I said to him as he stood there looking at me.

“Not tonight… Let me show you what I can do.” he simply whispered indicating for me to get on the bed. Being curious I heeded his request and sat on the edge of the bed.

He stood over me and gently placed his hand on my chest, pushing me down then stroking my chest, moving up to my arms, pulling one and then the other above my head, holding them in place whilst kissing my neck, cheeks and then planting a kiss on my lips, licking them, prying them open with his tongue.

My eyes flashed open as I felt something cold on both of my wrists, realising that he had handcuffed me to the headboard.

“Take those off” I commanded with my normally successful tone, yet he didn’t obey. He just stayed in place, his lips on mine, his breathing sending shivers down my body.

“I found those in your bedside table when I snooped around a bit” he said with a chuckle.

“Sean… take them off” I commanded again, bucking my hips getting him to meet my eyes, trying to assert every ounce of my dominance on him, yet he didn’t flinch.

“Relax Alex… let me take care of you” he simply said, unbuttoning my shirt as I just watched his able fingers move down my shirt, releasing button after button as all I could do was watch as the weight of him across my hips pinned me to the bed.

Leaning down I felt his lips on my neck again kissing down towards my collar bone where I felt his tongue slide over the bone sending shivers down my spine. A moan escaping my lips. His hands moved up my abs to my chest, finding my nipples, stroking them, making them hard just as I felt his hips grind against my now throbbing bulge and a considerable bulge forming in his trousers, pressing against the bottom of my stomach.

His lips met mine again as his hands moved towards my belt, releasing it, unbuttoning my trousers and pulling them slightly down as he raised his hips from my body allowing him to pull them further down, releasing my rock hard cock from the constraints of the underwear.

He stood up and removed his clothes quickly and then stood over me for a brief moment, allowing me to take in his beauty, Passenger’s Simple song playing in the background with the lyrics contradicting everything that was happening. There was nothing simple about this. He stood there, the light radiating from his pale skin. A perfectly formed body, massive thighs, his arms by his sides, his biceps bulging and his enlarged 9 inch cock standing at a perfect 90 degree angle.

I pulled down my trousers, leaving me completely naked from the bottom down, cuffed to the bed, my shirt open exposing the rest of me.

“You’re so fucking beautiful” he said as he got on top of me again and immediately licking down my neck towards my chest, finding my nipples, biting on them briefly before heading further south with his tongue in the recess of my abs, finding my belly button and then the base of my shaft.

I felt him inhale as his face rested by my balls, precum now oozing from my cock, drippin down the shaft. I just looked at him as he rested his head there, driving me completely insane almost bringing me to the point of begging him to lick me, suck me, swallow me whole.

I shivered as his tongue met my balls. As he licked my balls I could hear him moan out in pleasure. His tongue then travelling up my shaft, licking up every drop of precum which was now flowing from the tip of my cock. And then came the warmth as my cock was engulfed in his mouth, sliding down his throat all the way to the base.

“Oh my gooood….” I moaned, astonished by his ability to take down the whole eleven inches in one go, feeling his nose buried in my pubes, his throat muscles contracting around the head of my cock.

He moved up and down my cock, sliding in and out of his mouth at full length stroaks. His moaning resulting in sensational vibrations around the head of my cock.

All too soon he pulled of my cock, licking down the shaft towards my balls and then going lower, exploring the space between my hole and balls with his tongue, sending shivers through me. And then his tongue found my hole.

My eyes flashed open and I could feel my hole clench as his tongue explored it. Currents of pleasure shot through me as he explore this previously unexplored territory with his tongue.

“Relax…” He whispered. “I’m not going to fuck you.”

Instinctively I relaxed at those words allowing him greater access, feeling his tongue slip inside me briefly as he tongue fucked my hole to the sync of my increasing moans.

All too soon he was fully on top of my again, his lips against mine, his tongue exploring my mouth, giving me a taste of my own ass juice. I could feel him slide his ass over my slick cock which was still wet with his saliva, placing it against his hole and pushing down.

I heard him moan as the head of my cock slipped in past his sphincter, stopping to get accustomed to the size penetrating him. His hands resting on my hips not allowing me to move an inch. I was completely at his command, and for some strange reason, I was very much loving every moment of it.

I then felt him slide down, impaling himself on the full length of my cock as I felt his ass rest on my pelvis, holding me in place, leaning back towards me, kissing me, exploring my mouth with his tongue as he slowly started to rise up and down, bobbing his ass on my kidney buster.

First now I was noticing the change in music as I noticed that he was riding my cock to the rhythm of the music. I recognised the song as one of my favourite workout songs, Hilltop Town By the Andy Bros.

He moaned loudly as my cock slid over his prostate with every stroke. Precum was now pooling on my stomach as he dripped all over me, his moans getting louder, his hands planted firmly on my chest, playing with my nipples.

He threw his body back putting further pressure on my cock. I could feel his ass tighten around my shaft and then without warning, and without touching himself his cock exploded, literally.

Streams of cum shot out of his cock hitting the headboard, the wall behind me, my face, covering my nipples and then, as the 15th rope of cum shot out of his cock, it pooled on my stomach.

To my amazement, he didn’t miss a beat as he continued to ride my cock to the music, leaned down and started licking his cum off my face, nipples and chest, then bringing it to my mouth, depositing there allowing me to taste him, again something I was definitely not used to .

As the taste of the salty liquid hit my tongue something happened within me and I simply exploded. Flooding his hole with my cum, my hips bucking and my whole body convulsing in the pure euphoria of my orgasm.

Just as I came, he pulled off, not allowing me to completely finish inside him, with the last couple of ropes hitting dripping down my shaft.

In a flash he was between my legs again, draining me of my last drops of cum, licking my cock completely clean, then moving back up and kissing me again, allowing me to taste the mixture of my cum and his ass juice and eventually, he collapsed on my chest breathing heavily, quickly reaching up to unlock the cuffs which I had completely forgotten, then collapsing again.

“I have wanted this since I saw you at the shop…” he said with his head resting on my chest

I wrapped my arms around him, nuzzling my face in his hair, feeling him drift asleep as I held him firmly.

* * *

End of chapter 9

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