This story is primarily about control between adult men with punishment and humiliation plus sneaker and clothes messy play and destruction. There are some sexual situations but it is not the primary objective of the story. If you object to any of this then read no further. This story is sexual fantasy fiction and any resemblance to persons past or present is purely coincidental. Text messages are shown in italic with no space between the responses. Apologies for the slight bit of lateness in this part arriving - life got in the way. It does that doesn’t it?

Remote Controlled Part X - A Gentle Shrug into Everything

*beep* 10 *beep* 9 *beep* 8 *beep* 7 *beep* 6 *beep* 5 *beep* 4 *beep* 3 *Beep* 2 *BEEP* 1

*BEEP* It is time to get up! Please get up! Please get up! Please get up!


The pain seared through my testicles and I involuntarily leapt out of bed, bouncing around from foot to foot in what must have looked like some sort of strange fertility dance. I stay fertility but I wasn’t sure they would ever work again.

*ping* Morning! Did you like the new alarm. I call it The Countdown to Pain.

Fuck that really hurt! It still does!

30 seconds it was beeping for and you ignored it. Bet you wouldn’t do that again?

Too right!

Perfect. I’ll mark that as testing passed.

I yawned and then noticed the clock for the first time since waking up.

It’s 6:00am! I set the alarm for 7!?

Ah yes, I changed that - I did text you. You might have been asleep granted

I scrolled up the messages and spotted the text ‘New regime starts tomorrow. Up at 6!’ It was just after the one that said ‘Your paypal password is the same as your amazon one! Stupid wonderful boi :-D’.


*ping* and don’t you dare think about changing the password!

Well that told me. And what is this new regime? I heard my mobile phone connect a call.

“Okay, time for your morning exercise routine!”

“Really? For fuck’s sake. I’ve just got up! Can’t I get a coffee or something first!”

“Get your friend’s Adidas gym shoes on and then go to the lounge. Now. As you are.” There was a definite edge to his voice that told me I would be in serious trouble if I didn’t do what he said. I moved to an empty space in the lounge.

“Move that table to the side and stand in the centre.” I did as I was told. “Ahhh, that’s better!”

I glanced up at the security camera he was watching me on and somehow felt even more naked.

“Okay, start with 20 jumping jacks - you know what they are?” I nodded and started. With each one my penis thudded against my waist, helped by the extra weight of the device. I was halfway through when I heard a whirring noise. To my horror the blind on the huge windows that led onto the balcony started to open. The flat was overlooked by the flats on the opposite side of the road and anyone looking out of their windows would be able to see me in just a pair of Adidas sneakers with my penis bouncing up and down in all its glory.

“Three steps forward and then 20 Jump squats.”

I moved forward, now fully framed by the windows to my neighbours. I kept my eyes shut as I completed the jumps, not wanting to know if anyone was watching. I wasn’t sure whether he was genuinely concerned with my well-being or wanted to humiliate me at any opportunity.

“10 push ups then 10 star jumps.”

I really hated push ups, with a passion. They were really hard for me and, as I was really hard, my penis slid along the polished wooden floor for each one.

“Well done! Now, go get the Nike Air Force and tie them around your cock and balls.”


“This is punishment for whinging about the exercises before they started. If I hear one more word before they are secured to your junk, you’ll be going out onto the balcony and doing it. Do I make myself absolutely clear?”

I nodded. I got the sneakers and used the laces to secure them to my cock and balls. I waddled around bandied legged as they swung a little painfully between my thighs.

“10 star jumps. Count them.”

I open my mouth and abruptly closed it. I didn’t want to do this but I really didn’t want to do it on the glass fronted balcony. I tentatively leapt, arms and legs spread wide. The sneakers acted like pendulums, both pulling down on my junk and also managing to crashing into my balls.

“Oww!” I cried out, mainly in surprise it had happened with such a half-hearted jump.

“I’ll let you off that one. But do the other nine properly. Any I don’t like you’ll need to redo.”

I really went for it this time, the sneakers heavily ‘kicking’ my balls now. The pain in my cock was getting serious by the tenth one.

“Bravo! Well done. You have finished your first morning workout. And the bonus star jumps were brilliant so you now get a reward! You are permitted to have a wank. That’s good exercise anyway. Get to it.”

“Thank you Sir!” I really meant it as well. I untied the Nike form my cock and started stroking. Normally I’d have used a bit of lube but no instructions had been given in that regard so I played it safe.

“You’re to cum over Michael’s Adidas.”

Oh fuck, how am I going to explain that? Although I guess he’d probably enjoy it, now I knew he was a filthy little fucker. I slipped off his sneaker and held it lengthways in front of my engorged penis, allowing it to rub against the smooth soft material as stroked.  It didn’t take long before my hips thrust forward one last time and I was painting Michael’s shoe in hot milky cum.

My knees buckled slightly but I maintained my balance. I looked up and directly at the camera, effectively locking eyes with my Controller. This was the most intimate moment we had had together since our first and only meeting. The moment seemed to last an age and it almost felt he was in the room.

“Mhhmm. Stunning. I’m not sure I could ever get bored of this routine.”

Maybe I was reading too much into it but this was the first inference that this was to be a long standing arrangement. Possibly forever.

“Shower. You have three minutes of hot water from when you turn it on.”

I thanked him and enjoyed the time I had in the shower, before getting dressed in the clothes I bought from Josh. Breakfast was a more leisurely affair as I ate the healthy cereal soaked in hemp milk my Controller had supplied. Next on my list of things to do was to make my lunch, followed by finding a sensibly sized container to store the ham salad roll in. I brushed my teeth, fixed my hair and I was ready to go. With lunch stowed in a small rucksack, my new regime was complete.

I looked up at the camera as I was leaving. Was he still watching? I subconsciously waved goodbye and shut the door behind me.


I arrived at work about half an hour earlier than usual, causing a raised eyebrow from the boss. It wasn’t an ironic gesture, I think had just panicked him that he had lost some time. He was always here when I arrived and always there when I left. In fact, I had no concrete proof he ever went home at all.

“Do you ever go home Boss?”

A little smile appeared on his lips, maybe a little satisfaction that someone noticed the hours he put into his business.

“You’re looking very smart today. Early too. Did someone dress you and kick you out of your flat?”

It was my turn to return the smile. Simple compliments delivered without any fuss or fanfare. Information requested, given or withheld with the smallest nod or twitch of a smile. We knew each other well.

I got down to work as the office filled up around me. Michael got in just in time and gave a quick wave before heading over to his desk. I left it a little while and went over to say hello.

“Hey Michael. Made it home last night then? I was completely soaked what about you?”

“Yeah. Umm, ahhh, sorry if umm…” he said in a hushed tone. It was one of the rare times I’d seen him flustered and a little unsure of himself.

“Don’t worry. I know you were just pissing around!” He went beet red before cracking a half smile. He knew that only had meaning to us and he probably deserved to be on the end of some ribbing.

“No details of what happened last night will leak out from me!”

He punched me on the arm. “Ow!”

“Stop it now. So we good?”

“Yeah, of course.” I leant in toward him. “It’s good to know you’re more of a freak than me! Oh, you got my kicks?”

“Haha, kicks?!” he shook his head at my attempt to be ‘street’. “Umm, there weren’t dry so I’ll bring them in tomorrow? What about mine?”

“Oh, umm. Same!” We both looked at each other for a moment wondering why each other were blatantly lying. But we both knew the answer. After a brief moment of awkward silence we left it there and went back to work.

Of course I had some idea what might of happened but I found out all the details in a future drinking session….


Michael shut the door of the flat behind him and leant against it giggling. He was soaked, both from the rain and from pissing himself. Pissing himself in front of his best mate that is. There was a pang of fear that he had just revealed one of his fetishes but the beer imbibed meant that quickly passed. He laughed again.

He stood in the shower and released his bladder again. He sighed as the warmth replaced the clammy feeling of his jeans. A long shower in his clothes followed before he stripped them off under the hot stream of fresh water. It wasn’t an easy task as they clung tightly to his body, but it was something he had done many times before. The tight jeans ended up inside out, taking his socks off in the same motion. He slowly stroked his hard cock as the water cascaded over his naked hairless body.

After towelling himself down he pulled out the Nike tns and socks he had earlier acquired. He was so horny and couldn’t resist pulling the damp white sock over his achingly hard penis. He brought the Red Nike to his face and smelt it; there was a definite smell of piss there which excited him even more. He stuck out his tongue and licked and sucked at the lining inside before bringing it to his nose and inhaling deeply. The Nike slipped over his sock cover cock and he gripped it, both thrusting into it and moving it up and down. It didn’t take long before he was unloading, both in the sock and through the it into the shoe itself.

He sighed both satisfied in jizzing in his best friend’s sock and footwear but also worried how he was going to explain not giving them back to him tomorrow. Although that wasn’t going to stop him repeating the exercise tomorrow morning. At least once.


The morning went without any interruption from my Controller. An email arrived shortly before lunch. The notification said ‘ASOS - It’s ordered!’. I quickly clicked it to see what I had ‘ordered’ but the email had already been deleted. A very swift reminder that someone else had control of my PayPal accounts and my phone.

*ping* Hope you enjoyed your quiet morning!

What have you ordered?!

Tsk. And I was expecting a thank for the quiet morning and the order. Grab your bag and leave the office

But I’ve got my lunch already?

Don’t make this any worse for yourself…

I got up and grabbed my bag, telling my co-workers I was popping out for lunch.

“Go to the toilet. In a cubicle.” The voice in my ear commanded. I obeyed, concerned about the previous warning of not making this any worse, which of course had the implicit implication that whatever was going to happen next was bad enough.

“Get your lunch box out - both of them. I’ve decided you deserve a deconstructed sandwich! Take out all of the filling from the roll and drop it into your boxers.”

I unbuttoned my jeans, propped the roll open in the plastic container and pealed the pieces of salad that was stuck to the roll in the margarine, hooked open the red Lacoste boxers and dropped them in. I repeated the exercise with the slices of ham, entirely grateful I didn’t choose egg mayo this morning.

“Good boi. Now take the roll, place your cock in it and wank into it. I expect to be thanked allowing you to cum twice in one day!”

I gritted my teeth. “Thank you Sir.”

With the boxers still hooked open, I closed the bread around my penis making it look like some sort of absurd hot dog. The margarine helped the roll slide fairly easily.

“Make sure all your cum ends up in the roll.”

I followed the orders to the letter and before long I was spewing my spunk into the bready condom.

“You know what to do next.”

I peeled the crumpled roll off my dick and brought it to my mouth. It was a mess of bread, margarine and my cum but I knew I was expected to eat it. It was tough going but I managed to finish all of the unedifying meal. He hadn’t even told me what to do, I had just accepted what was going to happen and did it. It was an important moment, a gentle shrug of obedience to my Controller.

I could hear clapping in my ears. “Nice. Now the filling. You’ll need to use it to clean up your dick so you don’t make your trunks all mucky!”

I picked up a piece of the ham, rubbing it against my cock to clean off the mixture of spread and dribbles of cum before eating it. The lettuce had wilted in the heat of my groin and together with the addition of the ‘special sauce’ meant it received only a cursory chew. I finished off the rest of the contents of my boxers, occasionally having to pick the odd pube off, as quickly as I could.

“You have obeyed well. I expect you to know what I want. I shouldn’t have to explain it all the time. Now, as a treat, let’s go to the cafe and get some dessert!”

Mhmmmm, cake certainly did sound nice!


“Oh, they look delicious! I’m having difficulty choosing!”

I really wished he would make up his mind quickly; I probably looked like a right tit waving my phone up and down along the display of cakes in the cafe. But that was probably the point.

“The chocolate one. Definitely. You’ll love that!”

The Barista blinked at me waiting for my instructions with a bemused look. He was also very distracting, wearing the tightest dark blue jeans I had ever seen.

“Um, a slice of the chocolate cake please, and a black coffee.” He picked up the cake slice and started to slide it under.

I’d already managed to catch a glimpse of his sneakers - a pair of all black Adidas Stan Smith. All paired with a tight white shirt barely hiding the lithe body behind. Very distracting indeed.

“But the carrot cake looks good as well. Look at the lush creamy filling! Go for that.”

“Actually, can I have the carrot cake please?” The barista stopped his effort of fishing out a slice of chocolate cake and restarted the process with the carrot one instead.

“Just imagine smashing one of those cakes into his face then smearing it over that nice shirt. Ripping his jeans apart and smearing the chocolate one across his arse before fucking that cake right into him, long and hard.”

Oh for fucks sake. I felt a hot flush of embarrassment start in my cheeks both due to the mental image by Controller had painted and the fact I was messing the poor lad around.

“Um, actually…” The barista’s head turned to me and he narrowed his eyes daring me to say I didn’t want the piece of cake he had just plated up. I couldn’t look at him without that image of him dripping in cake, clothes in pieces.

“Ummm, ahh... I’ll have both.”

He paused for a few seconds to make sure I wasn’t going to change my mind again before plating up the second cake. I smiled at him sheepishly and contactlessly paid for the excessive cake order. The cafe was busy but there was still plenty of space so I choose to sit in the far corner.

My Controller laughed. “Both eh? Bold choice!”

“You were making me look like an idiot!” I whispered into my phone.

“If I want to make you look like an idiot I can. You best remember that. Sometimes it is because you deserve it and others because it amuses me. Luckily you’ve amused me or else you’d be in a lot of trouble with your lip. Now eat your carrot cake and drink your coffee. And while you’ve at it think of some phrases your boss uses often and infrequently About 20. Text them to me by the evening.”

“Yes Sir.” I said after checking no-one was paying me any attention. I then demolished the carrot cake; it was nice but not nearly as nice as the chocolate cake looked.

“You can have the chocolate one later seeing as you bought it. So you should slip off your Nike AF1 and put half in each.”

I froze. The first issue was doing that without anyone seeing and secondly having to spend the rest of the day with chocolate cake squigding between my toes at work.

“Chop chop! You need to be back at work in a few minutes.”

Time to stop ruminating and start doing. The barista was busy serving a customer and no-one was looking my way so I slipped off one of the sneakers, grabbed half the cake with my bare hands, leant down and stuffed it in. Then a quick furtive glance to ensure the coast was still clear before a repeat performance with the other.

I slipped the first one back on, feeling the cool moist cake collapse under the pressure of my bare foot. With the other one most of the cake had ended up nearer the toe end and I could feel the chocolate frosting move between my toes. Usually I have my footwear nice and sloppy but this was taking it to extremes.

“Now I want to see you lick each one of your fingers clean. As suggestively as you like.”

I just wanted this very public humiliation over as soon as possible now so I slid my finger into my month and then back out again and repeated with the second finger. It was then I noticed the barista staring at me with a bewildered look on his face. I could feel myself blushing again but had no choice to continue. He in turn continued to watch me while half-hearted dabbing at the counter with his cloth. I finished with my thumb and then licked the bit that had made its way to my palm.

Now I had clean fingers I re-tied the laces to ensure they were tight on my feet before getting up to leave the cafe.

Because of the way people had sat at tables the only way to the exit was back past the barista, who was still staring at me. I sighed internally and started to walk towards him, making a small nodding gesture towards him as I got close.

“Very nice cake, thank you.” I said as casually as I could before exiting.


The afternoon started very quietly. There was a email to the company saying we were having our weekly meeting tomorrow (Wednesday), a notification thanking me for my order from adidas.co.uk which had been deleted from emails before I could see what it was and another email from the Boss to me only saying me and him had a meeting on Monday at 9am with a prospective new Customer. Not exactly exciting but it was nice to have some normal time, even though it was with chocolate cake in my shoes. I was also intrigued/frightened about what was being ordered through my PayPal account. And turned on as hell as well.

Then dead on three pm an email arrived.

Hello boi. Time for a little game to keep us entertained. I’m going to roll an online die and it will choose want happens next.

1. I will donate an extra £200 of your money to the charity you donate monthly - Centrepoint

2. You will cut off your boxers while sat at your desk and put them in the bin

3. You will spill a full glass of water in your lap.

The dice server will email us both so you know that I am not cheating. But you know that already right boi?”

Shit. Was there a good option among those? I was now completely distracted as my brain played through each scenario in turn.


Die = 1

*ping* Such a good thoughtful boi. Donating all that money to charity.

Please - I can’t afford that!

The dice have decided. Your fate has been sealed. It is too late.

The phone notifications lit up with a new message - ‘Thank you for your donation of £200! It is because of people like you…’ My head went slightly dizzy thinking that so much of my money had been taken from me just like that. This was really bad, what had I got myself into? A why did I feel so horny about it?

Die = 2

*ping* Oh nice! Should be fun. You have 20 minutes or I will roll again. Get to it.

How the fuck was I going to manage this? After a couple of minutes Beth left her desk to chat with the boss. I emailed Michael and asked him to go check a router in the server room. Seconds later I got the reply ‘What did your last slave die of?’ I shot back ‘cheekiness.’ I heard him get up and turned around just in time to see him giving me a one finger salute with a big grin on his face before he left.

Only Greg was left anywhere near me.

“Greg, can you get me a coffee please?” I proffered my mug in his direction smiling sweetly. “I’m right in the middle of a nightmare section of code… I’ll return the favour promise.”

“Yeah, okay.” he said and grabbed the mug off me before disappearing muttering. It was now or never. I grabbed the scissors from the desk and pulled up the waistband of the red Lacoste trunks above my jeans. Without hesitation I cut through it and down a bit further above my right leg. I pulled up more of the material until I was giving myself a very uncomfortable partial wedgie. Within a second the fabric had been cut all the way from the waistband.

It was then I realised I would have to do the same on the other side to be able to get them off. This was quickly achieved so all I had to do was pull them out and… there we go! I quickly stuffed them into the bottom of the bin next to me and got back to work. A few moments Greg appeared with my coffee.

Die = 3

*ping* Oh nice! Should be fun. You have 20 minutes or I will roll again. Get to it.

I walked over to the kitchenette and filled up my glass and returned to my desk. After a couple of minutes Beth left her desk to chat with the boss. I checked that Michael and Greg were busy looking at their screens before picking up the glass and dropping it into my crotch.

“Oh fuck it!” I said acting like it was a complete surprise. I some ways it was because it landed right on my junk. I quickly got up hoping the worst of the spillage would then not soak in. Michael and Greg spun around to witness the dark patch on the chinos.

“Haha, looks like you wet yourself!” Greg said helpfully.

I looked towards Michael who was creased up in fits of laughter. “And how would you know what wetting yourself looked like Greg?” asked Michael gasping for air. Greg shot a glance at Michael and turned back to is work.

“Dude, you’re going to get some odd looks on the way home! Come on, I’ll get a towel…”


My thoughts about what might happen were interrupted by my phone notifying me what was about to happen. I swallowed hard and hovered my finger over the notification from dicelog.com before pressing it. The email opened.

This is an automatic message.

This message was generated through the "hamete virtual dice server" at https://dicelog.com

Dice Results:


Result of the throw of dice "1d3" :

I shut my eyes and scrolled down before half opening one eye to see what the result was. I think my reaction would have been the same whichever had been selected.



I arrived at the front door to my block of flats talking to my Controller.

“Permission to speak freely Sir.”

“Oh, it pleases me you have asked with such respect and therefore I’ll grant you for the time it takes to reach your flat. Don’t dawdle boi.”

“What the fuck was that about? I can’t believe you did that to me do that today!” I entered the communal area and headed for the stairs instead of the lift.

“Which bit?” he chuckled.

“Good point! That dice roll was just brutal. Who even thinks up cruel shit just like that?”

“Me. Looks like you got lucky! Are you using the stairs?”

“Yes I am. Lucky?!”

“Sneaky boi, you really do push it don’t you? Yes, lucky. You were rock hard and loving it. Remember the device feeds back lots of information about you. I can tell exactly what is happening down there.”

“Really? Oh…. Yes, but that’s not the point. I’m not sure I like all options being bad. Maybe there could at least be one not so bad option?”

“Noted. But if you don’t like it, you can ask me to stop.”

“I can?”


“And you would? Just like that?”

“Yes, of course.”


“You’re at your door now. When you get in you are going to scrape out whatever is left of the chocolate cake from your Nikes and eat it. You’re then going to have a shower - as long as you want - before spending the evening naked in your flat. All the lights on, blinds open. You will send me the phrases your boss uses and before you go to bed you are going to wank over Michael’s Adidas again. So before you let yourself in, do you have anything you need to say to me?”

I paused, processing the list of instructions he had given.

“No Sir.”

“Good boi. Get in and we can enjoy a relaxing evening together. Just you and me in each other’s company. Okay?”

“Cool. Thank you Sir.”

Remote Controlled will return on the 18th March with Part XI - Acts of Random Kindness.

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