This story is primarily about control between adult men with punishment, humiliation and bondage plus sneaker and clothes messy play and destruction and watersports. There are some sexual situations but it is not the primary objective of the story. If you object to any of this then read no further. This story is sexual fantasy fiction and any resemblance to persons past or present is purely coincidental.

Remote Controlled Part XI - Acts of Random Kindness

The new routine had worked well again this morning. I’d even managed to get up before some cruel punishment was inflicted on my balls. The exercises were performed naked again but this time right in front of the balcony windows as my erect penis bounced around for 15 minutes. I swear I saw someone at their window a few floors up on the other side but it was too dark to see. Unlike me; my Controller had turned on all the lights including the ones on the balcony.

I shivered as I thought about the possibility of people watching me. Maybe even videoing me and sharing it with other people. Laughing about the naked exercising exhibitionist. Maybe even secretly wanking over it.

I was woken from my descent into mild panic by the phone. I yawned as I picked it up, feeling my limbs ache. I think I had a cold coming on, the telltale sore throat was brewing. “Hello?”

“Meeting room, now.”

I was startled at the abruptness in Michael’s tone and quickly went to meet him.

“Hey Michael. What’s up?”

“These just arrived; It’s a really nice gesture, but I can’t accept them.” He pointed towards a box on the table. It left me at a small disadvantage as it would seem I was supposed to know what was in the box. I moved forward and peered into the open container to see a stunning pair of Adidas Bape Camo Ultraboosts. I couldn’t let on that I didn’t buy them...

“Yeah, they are really nice. And of course you can. You helped me out the other night with these…” I wriggled my toes in the Ultraboosts he lent me, still feeling the dampness from where I was made in cum inside them this morning. “You’ve made my job here so much easier so you deserve it.”

“But they have to be £250!”

And the rest. I had seen them while browsing on my phone and clicked through to take a look. I wonder if that’s how my Controller picked them? Maybe it was whatever I clicked on next when he had the thought?

“And you know it would be massively rude to refuse them.” I winked at him but he seemed uneasy and unsettled. “What is it?”

“I was going to tell you yesterday but there was never really the right moment. Um, I’ve been offered another job…” He didn’t look me in the eye. “I think I’m going to take it. It’s a big step up and I’m not going to get that here. I mean your not going anywhere soon are you… Oh, I didn’t mean…” He stammered realising that could be taken in two ways.

“It’s okay Michael. I’m happy for you.” I genuinely was but my heart also sunk. I would miss him deeply. He had made work fun again when he arrived two years ago.


“So the new guy is here - he’s waiting in the meeting room…”

“Eager isn’t he boss?”

“Yeah, if only all my staff were so happy to be here… Anyway, can you show him the ropes?”

“Awww, do I have to?”

“I’m asking you as a favour please. Anyway it’ll do you good to actually interact with someone else for once!”

“Okay. Fine. Yes. As you asked so nicely.” I moodily set off for the meeting room.

“And try to be nice!”

I entered the meeting room and was saw the new programmer, wearing a short sleeve checked shirt. I knew he was eighteen but he looked about twelve, but then everyone his age looked like that to me. He was easy on the eye though. I introduced myself and he gave me a firm handshake.

“I’m Michael. I’m really excited to start. It’s my first proper job.”

I wondered how long before that enthusiasm got squeezed out of him.

“Well, um cool. I guess I’ll introduce you to everyone and show you where your desk is.”

“I get the sense you really aren’t that excited about that?”

I couldn’t suppress a little smile. “Yeah, something like that. Nothing personal.”

“No problem. I understand. I’ve got doughnuts by the way!”

“That sounds awkward.” We both laughed at the stupid joke. “Let’s go then.”

“Okay. So do you prefer a ring or a filled one?”

“Really not the sort of question to ask on your first day!”

He blushed slightly as I opened the door to the main office. I was surprised find myself thinking that Michael and I were going to get along just fine...


“.. so that’s why I can’t take them.”

“Hmmm?” I said realising I hadn’t really been listening.

“I can’t accept this gift and then fuck off somewhere else can I?”

“It’s for what you have done for me, not about the future. I want you to have them. Think of it as a leaving present if you must.”


“Sit down, little man, let’s put them on and you can at least try them out.”

He pouted but sat down. I knelt down and picked one of his legs, sliding the black Vans off his feet. I quickly pulled off his white sock afterwards.


“Have you got my socks with you?”

“Err, no.”

“I’m not getting those back am I?”

“Ummm…” He was embarrassed again. I enjoyed it; it happened so rarely.

“Quite. So I’ll have these in return.”

“Oh will you?”

“Yes.” He shrugged so I went to work on the other foot, first removing the sneaker, then the sock but this time I dragged my fingers across the bottom of his foot. He let out a strange noise and his body contorted. “Oh, I didn’t know you were ticklish!” I transferred his foot into an arm lock and started tickling it.

“Oh Jeez. Stop that will you!”

“Shhh, they’ll hear outside.”

“Stop and I’ll be quiet!” he hissed through ragged breathing.

I relented much to his relief and fetched the new Adidas before slipping them on his feet. He got up and walked around a bit.

“They are really nice but…”

“Come here, let me adjust the lacing a bit.” He stuck his foot forward and I ripped off the tags that were attached through the top lace hole.

“What the fuck?”

“Can’t return them now.”

“Fuck. You’re insane. You know that right?” He looked at them again for a moment. “They are really awesome. You really shouldn’t have but thank you bro… they’ll always remind me of you.”

I choked back a lump in my throat. Yeah, this was the start of the farewell to my ‘little brother’.

“Well, it doesn’t have to be goodbye does it? We’ll still meet up?”

“Yeah sure! If you want? I kinda heard you didn’t do that with work colleagues?”

Oh my reputation precedes me. I’d always tried not to get massively attached to my work colleagues so when they go, and they always do, it wasn’t a big thing.

“Yeah, but you’re a mate aren’t you?”

He smiled. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“But just in case, I’ll keep these Vans so I have something to remember you by!”

“Hey you already have my Adidas and socks you kinky fucker!”

“And you have a cool new pair of kicks. And my tns you’ve been fucking…”

“Oh, ah…”

He blushed slightly as I opened the door to the main office. “Back to work then?” He got up, collecting the box and made his way towards the door. “Oh, by the way, in answer to your first question... filled. As long as I do the filling.”

He paused for a second before making the connection. “I always had you down as a ring man...!”


Michael disappeared for lunch to meet up with Austin, now very much enjoying his new shoes. I chuckled as I wondered how he was going to explain such a extravagant purchase to his new boyfriend. After all he couldn’t say they came from me any more than I could say they technically didn’t. I was happy it happened though.

I tucked into my homemade sandwiches (cheese and onion), grateful that I could do so in a conventional manner this time.

*ping* yeah cool! see u bout 7. thx!

What was Drew on about? I scrolled up to the message that had been sent on my behalf.

Hey - you and Dan want to come over tonight? Beer and food on me.

Well, at least I knew what I was doing in the evening then! I resolved to buy some beer on the way home and decided we’d order a takeaway. I visited the toilet remembering the latest edict issued this morning - no shaking after a piss.

The office was filled with quiet endeavour in the afternoon as people beavered away furiously on projects. I was in my ‘zone’ when Beth tapped me on the shoulder.

“Someone wants you.”

I turned around to see a guy with one of those big delivery bags. He fished out a box and proffered his phone at me.

“Sign here please.”

I did and he left as soon as he arrived. I opened up the box to find twenty exquisite mini cakes. These were high end and fancy indeed.

“It’s nice to treat your co-workers sometimes!”

It was the first time I had heard my Controller since this morning when he took me through my naked routine. I took a quick look at the receipt and wished I hadn’t. This was going to be tricky; I’d never done something like this before for the office. In that moment my thoughts turned from ‘how’ to ‘why’. Why hadn’t I done this before? I felt a wash of shame over me. I walked over to the kitchenette and put the box down before returning to my desk and sending a Company wide email.

Cakes in the kitchenette. Enjoy.

Moments later I heard movement. Michael was the first one to get up, giving me a ‘what the fuck’ type of mime. Soon everyone was ooo-ing and ahh-ing over the cakes except the Boss. I went across to his desk.

“Better get in there quick Boss.”


“Check your email…”

“Okay… oh! Okay!” We went across together to join the rest of the staff for a ten minute cake eating session. People stayed and chatted; it was a just like the old days.


I was running late. The project I was working on hit an unexpected bump in the road but it was sorted now. I darted into the corner shop on the way home and grabbed a box of beer for the evening, together with a pack of paracetamol for my annoying throat. I got in just after quarter past six and debated whether to have a quick shower and change but decided I couldn’t be arsed. I’d have to beg for a hot shower and I didn’t have anything to change in to anyway! I kicked off my Adidas, rested my head back on the couch and shut my eyes.

The next thing I heard was a knock. I sat up and looked at my phone; it was just after seven. I opened the door and greeted Drew, dressed in smart slim jeans, a Diesel plain white tee and a really nice pair of Timberland boots. All of it once belonged to Dan who was stood behind him. I welcomed him after I ushered Drew in.

“Woah, what happened to you? You look… smart!”

“Yeah.” He said looking slightly uncomfortable. “He decided he wanted me to look smart.”

“He?” Drew said from inside.

“Sir made me dress like this”

“And…” called Drew

“My Master knows best.”

“Good boi!”

I smirked. It was really cute that Dan was trying so hard. I’d never seen him looking so smart; skinny black jeans, a plain white fitted white short sleeve shirt buttoned all the way up and a pair of white Adidas Stan Smith. Usually it was trackies and sportswear.

“You look good.” I said as I gave him a reassuring hug. “What’s that you’re holding?”

“Your ASOS order that arrived earlier.”

“Oh… oh, good.” I wondered what act of random kindness was being bestowed this time. I got them some beers and we decided on Chinese. We talked for a while. The relationship between Drew and Dan seemed to have evolved since we last met; it was more casual but Dan was definitely paying Drew deference. He sat at his feet leant up against the sofa.

“So, what’s in your ASOS delivery?” Drew asked.

“Oh…” I had no idea. “I’ll open it so you can see.”

I ripped open the plastic on the large bag, managing to stifle a ‘Oh wow’. White Diesel skinny jeans, a nice Lacoste white tee with a multicolour ringer neck, white Ralph Lauren briefs, an Alpha Industries hoodie and flight jacket (both white) and an all white pair of Nike Air Max 95s.

“Wow. Someone splashed the cash!” Dan said.

“Yes they did” agreed Drew. “Get it on then, let’s see how you look.”

“Okay, I’ll just go and change then…”

“No. Here. Now.”

I felt the buzz in my pocket - I didn’t look, I already knew exactly what it said. I started to pull off my polo shirt.

“No slowly, maybe to some music so we can see you dance a little.”

What the fuck, you invite people into your home and…

“Wow that’s clever!” Exclaimed Dan as my flat started playing music. This was happening then...

I’m not a dancer. Not even remotely. What happened over the next couple of minutes was one of the most awkward and embarrassing things in my life. It helped a little that Drew sent Dan up to show me a few steps - it was after all what he did as a part time job/hobby.

He stood behind me and we grinded as his hands moved from my hips to the buttons on my jeans. One by one I felt them unfasten. He effortlessly twirled around to my front in a single lithe movement and pulled my jeans down. I was left standing in my white briefs, slightly stained from the command that meant no shaking when having a piss.

Dan hands moved back up my legs, his body rhythmically swaying, but instead of using his hands he used his teeth to clamp onto the waistband of my briefs that were tented out, before hooking them over my penis. And there I was, completely naked again, this time in front of an audience of three.

Drew applauded. “I think a few more steps Dan?”

Just when I thought it was over... and he just called him Dan! But before I could think about that too much Dan was showing me a simple couple of steps which I clumsily followed much to his amusement.

“I think that’s fine, we don’t want to embarrass our kind host too much.” Smirked Drew. I shot him him a glare. “Help him get dressed.”

Dan dutifully obeyed, slipping the new briefs up my legs and needlessly giving my dick a few strokes through the new soft fabric, causing a small damp patch to appear. Drew gave him a clip to the back of his head.

“Oww!” Dan rubbed the back of his head ruefully.

“I said get him dressed not play with him!”

Dan quickly returned to his task, helping me get the tight Diesel jeans on before lifting the tee over my head followed by the Alpha hoodie. I was perfectly able to dress myself but there was something horny about someone else doing it.

“Good Boi. Now run along and get us some more drinks.”

Drew and I chatted while Dan was out in the kitchen. It seems they had decided to test out tonight how their relationship would work in public. If Dan was obedient and showed deference Drew would refer to him as Dan, but in the flat he was Slave One and would be naked or in underwear.

Dan came back with the beers and we ordered the Chinese. When I say ‘we’, I meant Drew and I chose what we were having, and Dan ordered it online using my credit card.

“Right while we are waiting, should we have some more fun?” He didn't wait for an answer. “Dan, my rucksack. Then bring a chair over and sit down.” Dan obeyed and Drew pulled out a roll of brown tape.

“Lock your fingers together.”

Drew taped his hands together and then secured his legs to the chair legs. Dan wriggled around a bit but was fairly well secured.

“Ummm, what are we doing?” asked Dan, now a little worried about his vulnerability.

“Hmmm, we need to shut you up.” He balled up my discarded briefs and shoved then in Dan's mouth. His eyes opened wide in surprise as Drew used the tape to seal them in.

“Now we see how long it takes you to escape.”

After a minute of struggle, Drew stepped back to him. “Too slow!” and started tickling him on his side.

“Mhhhmph! Nmmmph!”

Drew motioned to me and soon Dan had four hands tickling every available inch of his body. His shirt was unbuttoned and he was squealing through makeshift gag, tears rolling down his cheeks. Leaving Drew to his torso, I slipped off his sneaks and started on his feet.

After ten minutes he managed to get his hands free and released his legs. He ripped the tape off from around his head and retrieved the now sodden briefs from his mouth.

“You utter bastards!”

“Tut tut, such disrespect! Pants and shirt. Now!”

“I'm sorry Sir!”

“I said now!”

Dan quickly took off his shirt and pulled off his chinos, revealing long white Adidas Lycra shorts that left nothing to the imagination. He gave them to Drew, head bowed.

“Good boi. You can have them back after dinner. If you behave.”

“Thank you Sir.”

Drew leant in a gave him a kiss. “Anyway you know I prefer you like this.”

We continued to chat while waiting for the food, Dan taking his position at Drew’s feet. Drew frequently played with Dan’s head, and Dan leant against his leg; both seemly content. I was happy they had worked out what worked for them so quickly.

The food arrived and I busily set to un-lidding all the boxes and placing them in the centre of the table. We sat down but Dan hovered beside Drew.

“Please Sir can I sit at the table?” I had to confess it was a fairly pathetic sight seeing my neighbour in just Lycra shorts and sneakers begging to sit at my table. One he had sat at many times before.

“Yes of course. But first give me your shoe.” Dan did and Drew started pouring beer into it. “Drink it all down.”

Dan put the shoe heel to his lips and started drinking.

“Quicker!” barked Drew and Dan complied, causing the alcohol to dribble out the sides of his mouth, down his torso and soak into the top of the shorts. “Good boi. Sit. Give me your other Adidas.”

Drew took the pristine white Stan Smith and scooped some rice into it. He then spooned up some curry and lingered over the sneaker, giving Dan ample time to protest. But he didn’t. He said nothing as the yellow sauce was poured in to the shoe.

Drew placed it in front of Dan. “Eat.”

“Thank you Sir.” replied Dan and tucked in. As did we all, although we used plates. Dan went back for seconds, each time using his shoe as a bowl. After we were finished Drew handed back his shirt and pants.

“So I was wondering whether you could be the witness for us?”

“Witness? What for?!”

“This…” Drew retrieved some papers from his bag and put them on the table. I looked at the printed form 'LP1F - Lasting power of attorney. Uses: running your bank/savings/investment accounts, buying/selling your house'. I flicked through the pages, basically it would give Drew control over all of Dan's finances 'severally'. I turned to Dan with my mouth hanging open slightly.

“We need someone who knows him well to witness and confirm he is of sound mind.”

“I’m not sure he is! Dan? Is this what you want?”

Drew got up. “I’ll get another beer.”

The inference was clear - discuss.

“So is it?”

“Yeah, it makes it easier doesn’t it?”

“But you hardly know him!”

“But he owns me so it’s for the best.”

I squinted my eyes at him trying to work out if he was telling the truth. In the end I decided he had ample time to have told me otherwise while we alone and if he was being forced into it, he knew I would have protected him. But he hadn’t. I sighed and picked up the pen, filling and signing the bits required.

Dew returned with more beers and completed his sections and finally Dan signed his section, hesitating for just a second.

“Cool! Excellent. Thank you both.”

“You’re both insane!”

“But happy.” smiled Drew.


The evening continued for another beer before Drew decided we needed more fun. Dan was certainly going to be kept busy if he was always like this!

“How about you see if you can beat Dan’s time from earlier?”

“Oh, I don’t know about that!”

“Ahhh, come on…” nudged Drew.

“Oh go on, please!” pleaded Dan.

I felt the slight push of beer and peer pressure. “Oh go on then. No tickling or gagging though.”

“Okay, but put your Alpha jacket on. You can have the discomfort of getting too hot if you take too long.”

I put on the jacket. It really was a beautiful thing.

“You look like a bad ass angel!” laughed Dan.

I grinned back at his nonsensical comment. “Okay, let’s do this!” I said with perhaps too much enthusiasm.

Drew dramatically gestured to the chair. “Why don’t you sit down?” In short time I was secured to the chair. They hadn’t gagged me but they did wrap the tape around my mouth ‘to be fair.’

“Doh!” Drew slapped his fist against his head “We got dessert! Go and get it boi!”

Dan scuttled off out of the flat. I started fidgeting, testing out the bonds.

“Now, don’t you start wriggling until Dan gets back. He needs to make sure you aren’t cheating!”

A few moments Dan returned and I was given the the command to start my struggle. I already was starting to feel a bit warm but I could already feel the tape on my hands loosening.

“Mmmmnghpf!” I burbled, feeling a wet tickling sensation in my ear, as I realised Dan had stuck his tongue into it.

“Mhaf fee fush Aaan?” I shouted through my taped up mouth. As I was looking at him I heard a click in front of me. I turned back to see my wrists cuffed together.

“Mhaf fee fush Reww?!”

Drew smiled at me and moved to the side where I couldn’t see him. He returned a moment later with a chocolate gateaux in his hand.


“Moooooo! Mon’t oo fushing mare!”

He stood to one side and looked directly up at the camera in the corner of the room. “This is what you want right?”

The camera moved up and down repeatedly, signalling a simple confirmation delivered from somewhere distant in the World.


The camera stopped moving and Drew slowly and deliberately applied the cake to my face before pushing it up over my head, messing up my hair. In the silence that followed I heard telltale ‘plops’ as bits of cake dropped from my face onto my brand new Alpha jacket and Diesel jeans, each one delivering an  ever so slightly different sound depending on what material it was hitting. So covered in cake was my face, I didn’t dare open my eyes.

“Can I do the next one Sir?” Asked Dan excitedly


There was more silence before I felt myself being lifted up for a couple of seconds. When I was set back down I felt the squish from beneath me as the cake covered the seat of my jeans. I felt the buttons of my jeans being undone and the waistband of my briefs pulled away from my body.

“MPPPPPPPPHFFFF!” I screamed as the cold ice cream was dump onto my cock and balls before the waistband snapped back shut. It was sooo fucking cold it was unbelievable! I could feel them doing something to my hood and a few moments later it was pulled over my head. The cold thick liquid slid down my face and back soaking into the Lacoste tee. The strong Vanilla scent gave a good hint it was custard.

My mind was in a daze, partly due to the burning cold sensation in my groin; I could feel it melt and dribble down my legs, but also as I was wearing well over £400 of brand new gear and it was being trashed almost as soon as I put it on. I had been tricked, cuffed and my new stuff ruined but I was in heaven.

I felt the zip being pulled down on my jacket and some other cake smeared down the front. My Nike was slipped off and then put back on filled with custard before a crack on the head sent egg yolk and white dribbling down my face.

I felt something wipe across my eyes and I was able to open them. I wish I hadn’t. My pristine white gear was coated in many colours; brown, red, yellow. And them I saw Drew waiving a bottle of red wine at me. He took a swig and then slowly started to pour it over my head. It soaked into my hoodie before reaching my jeans and briefs, turning them a dirty purple colour. He pulled off the tape from my mouth.

“You absolute cunt!”

“Ooo, what a nasty mouth!”

“Can we do it now Sir? I’m ready!”

Drew chuckled. “Okay, yeah. Now, you came over my Boi’s face when you said you wouldn’t so he needs to get some payback.”

Dan pulled down his pants and pointed his cock at me. “Sorry, but you need to learn to keep your promises!”

“Dan, No…!” I started to protest as the first stream of piss entered my mouth. I quickly shut it as it continued to splash across my face and soak my clothes. It finally finished over a minute later and I opened my eyes gasping for breath as drops ran from my hair across my lips.

“Fuck!” was about all I could manage.

“Well done Boi. I can’t believe you kept all of that in this evening. Okay, pull up your pants and lick his face clean. Sit on his lap.”

Dan looked aghast at him. I laughed. “Well, what goes around comes around!” To his credit Dan did as he was told. He sat on my lap ruining his chinos before tentatively licking my cheek, covering his tongue in a mixture of chocolate cake, custard, egg and his own piss. It continued for a while before Drew said he had done enough.

“Give your friend a big hug.” Dan did as he was told and his crisp, clean white shirt got more and more  covered with cake as well. It didn’t matter too much much as Drew ripped it from his body. I also hadn’t noticed that Drew was now completely naked.

With the pair of scissors he was holding he sliced into my Alpha jacket at both shoulders. He and Dan pulled hard separating the arms from the body. He cut off the hood from my hoodie before returning to the jacket, cutting across the zip and around the back, splitting the jacket asunder. He pulled the hoodie from the neck ripping it all the way down before taking the scissors to the stained Lacoste tee, ripping it open and exposing my slimy chest.

The scissors were then applied to the hem of the Diesel jeans, which minutes ago had been brand new, immaculate and white. He cut through them and allowing him to easily rip them up the leg on both sides creating a load tearing noise that bounced around the room. A quick snip through the waistband and briefs were history too.

I looked down at the horrific yet beautiful scene of my expensive clothes completely and unrecoverably ruined. He yanked at the back pockets of Dan’s chinos and they gave way with another loud tearing noise. This gave him access to the Lycra shorts which he ripped a hole into. He scrapped some of the cake remains off me and lubed up his cock with them before driving it into Dan, fucking him through his shredded chinos and shorts. Dan yelled at the rough entry but quickly became comfortable with his Master entering his new home.

“Sort him out.” Drew commanded between thrusts. Dan leant forward and put my strawberry ice cream covered cock, surrounded by remnants of cloth, into his mouth and give me one of the best blow jobs of my life.

I didn’t care how wrong this was. It was ecstasy.


“I’m sorry about that mate. We made a bit of a mess of your flat, but your text did say beer and food on you!”

I looked at the pile of stained and torn clothes strewn over the filthy chair and floor. “It’s okay, it was fun and I know you were told to do it…”

“Heh, yeah, he’s a bit twisted isn’t he? I’ve learnt a lot from him though!” He smiled at Dan and I couldn’t quite tell whether he was happy about that or not.

“So Dan has a spare key for here I think? He’ll clear up the mess tomorrow.”

He definitely wasn’t happy about that!

“You really have to ask him if you can have hot water?”

“Yeah. And you’ll note he only gave us five minutes so we had no choice but go in there together.”

“Haha, cool. It felt longer than five minutes though?”

“I think he was enjoying what was going on!”

“Yeah, that was madness right? Haha. Happy times. You want a nightcap? I have a nip of Whiskey...”

I wasn’t a fan of Whiskey but it would be rude to refuse. We adjourned to the kitchen, Dan wearing the boxers Drew was wearing when he arrived and me in just the trackies Dan had given me previously. We raised our glasses as Drew proposed a toast.

To futures happy.”

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