This story is primarily about control and relationships between adult men. There are some sexual situations but it is not the primary objective of the story. If you object to any of this then read no further. This story is sexual fantasy fiction and any resemblance to persons past or present is purely coincidental.

I knew some of you were a bit shocked at the way the last part finished so I wanted to get the next part out as soon as possible.

Remote Controlled Part XIII - A Fine Day for a Funeral

(Opening Music: ‘Here I Am’ - The Boxer Rebellion)

Is there such a thing as good day for a funeral? Probably not, but maybe this was the best you could ask for. A fine sunny early Autumn day with wisps of clouds loitering across the deep blue sky. The light filtering through the trees, still mostly clad with their summer foliage, allowing it to dance on the ground as if shone through a glass of lemonade.

It could almost have been summer, but there was that smell in the air. And a different sound. Both of which were signs that Summer was getting ready to leave town for another year. Something to be remembered and held close in the dark winter months ahead.

Yes, it was a fine day for a funeral.

I watched as the cavalcade of black cars slowed to a halt. Two coat tailed people carefully removed the coffin from the first vehicle and carried him into the Crematorium for his final journey.

I watched from the top of the hill as, from the second car, Scott’s parents emerged from the rear. I had the strong feeling of deja vu. No, this had happened but...

“Why don’t you sit down? We need to talk.”

I spun around to look at the bench behind me. “Scott?!”

“Hey. Yeah, guilty as… come on, sit down.”

He patted the wooden seat beside him and I obeyed, perching on the edge pensively, hands clenched.

“I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault.”

“You know that’s not true.”

“It is. You should be angry with me. I want you to be angry with me.”

“You weren’t the one who skipped the lights, you weren’t driving the truck? How could it be your fault?”

“If I wasn’t a drunken mess you would have been at home. Safe.”

“Yeah maybe, but c’mon I don’t blame you. My parents never blamed you. Aaron doesn’t blame you. The only person who blames you is, well, you. And you need to stop. You need to learn to be happy. To accept you can be happy.”

“You saved me so many times. Look how I repaid you.”

“It wasn’t all one sided y’know. That’s why I always stuck around. You are funny, you are clever, you are loving. You were my summer, you were my warmth, you were the reason I wanted to live.”

“I was mess with you. I’m a complete mess without you.”

Scott laughed gently. “No, you just think you are. I’m just sorry I couldn’t make you see that.” He patted me on the thigh. “You need to look after yourself okay?” There was a pause as he briefly wrung his hands. He stared at the ground and then to the crematorium. “But I have to go now, and you need to leave.”

“Please stay.” Tears were streaming down my cheek.

“I can’t.”

“Then I want to go with you. I can’t stand it any longer. Any of it, but especially not having you. I love you; I miss you still. It hurts so much. I lost you once, I can’t lose you again. Please. I’m begging you, let me stay with you...”

“No. I don’t want that, well I do, but not yet. You need to go back; you can be happy.”

“I don’t know… I don’t think I can...”

“You know you cannot stay. It was a beautiful time with you. Like a nice dream. And it can forever be like that. Nothing to spoil our memory. Don’t be sad okay?”


He put his finger on my lips. I obeyed.

“Umm, okay, I’ll try…”

“Never forget me. Remember me with a smile, not with sadness. Do it for me.” He leant across and tenderly kissed me on the forehead. I shut my eyes savouring the fleeting remembrance of what had once been mine. “I will be your beacon. I will be here for all time, like the sunrise. If you let me... To futures happy.”

I opened my eyes but he was gone. The whole world was a tear streaked blur and I was suddenly feeling very unwell indeed.


I was bolt upright as projectile vomit streamed out of my mouth. I later learnt this was a particularly bad plan; Paracetamol/alcohol was a nasty way to go and in many cases just resulted in a prolonged death as organs slowly failed. It was a brutal, painful way to go. Classic me.

The amount of alcohol I had imbibed had made me violently ill, expelling the tablets from my body barely digested. That I was sat upright was another fortunate factor. I could have easily drowned in my own vomit. Was it fortune or had I known?

I was lucky. Yes, I do know that now.

Nothing sobers you up quicker than having to clean up your own vomit; it was everywhere and took over an hour. I took on plenty of water and was sick again, but this time I managed to get to the toilet.

I slept most of Saturday. Still weighed down by the illness and paired with the shame and embarrassment of what had happened. By Sunday morning my mind felt clearer and I ventured outside to sit in the park for a bit. It can seem strange to people how someone can just carry on as normal when less than 36 hours ago I was hoping that I wasn't going to be here. But you do. Life continues as it always does.

Sat in St Martin’s Park, bathed in Autumn sunshine, things didn't seem so bad. Here my brain had chance to think about possibilities, not to close them down until only one course of action was left, however dark that tunnel was. It's just how my brain works and was why I was very good at my job.

Shit at life though.

Things had to change. Here and now. My brain already knew this of course, but this time I was not arguing with it. That’s why I found myself in this small park, eschewing the expanse of the closer Regent’s Park, twiddling a small key between my fingers.

I got up and walked the short distance to the storage facility, punching in the code - his birthday and my birthday - to gain access to the building. This building that stored pieces of oh so many people’s memories; a museum of things that people no longer had space for in their lives, but could not bear to part with.

Now it was time to reclaim that part of me I had hidden away. Yes, I lied when I said I didn’t keep anything. I had. Here, in this 10 foot square box. Almost like a tomb.

My hands were shaking as I tried several times to put the key into the lock. I turned it and the mechanism released and allowed the door to open. And there it was, a simple cardboard box. A box I hadn’t seen for nearly five years. I had wanted it out of my life yet kept it as close as possible to me. Locked away here, out of sight, out of mind. A forgotten shrine.

I pulled the small box out and sat down on the floor, hesitating before pulling the tape from the lid. I knew what was inside were just inanimate objects, nothing more than fabric, paper and man made materials but I could almost hear them crying out. I wiped a tear from my cheek and pulled the top open.

It was as if the dark concrete area lit up as memories bounced around. My fingers hovering over the items, barely able to touch them.

A photo of us together when we visited Budapest.

The tee he wore when we first met

The notes he left for me when he was going away.

Our rings.

Such wonderful precious vignettes that I had locked away because all I could think about was what happened at the end. He didn’t deserve to be ignored. He didn’t deserve to be forgotten. He didn't deserve to be purged from my life. How spectacularly selfish of me.

I lingered on the items a while longer, re-absorbing the memories that I had cast out of myself before picking up the rings and placing them both on my right hand ring finger as a reminder of us. Scott and me. All the wonderful times we had and the love we shared. Like a nice dream. And it can forever be like that. Nothing to spoil our memory. Not now.

I picked up the box and walked to the office. “Hi. Box 414 - I’d like to cancel please. I don’t need it any longer.”

“There is a notice period Sir.”

“Yeah, I suppose there always is…”


I placed Scott’s box into one of my redundant wardrobes. I was feeling so much regret for deleting my Controller; it was a pure act of self harm. Still, it was what it was. I promised I wouldn’t make the same mistake again. If I was ever lucky enough to find that again.

I told myself off. Stop being so negative. You promised. You said you would try.

I cooked some food but just picked at it. The flat felt so empty. My Controller had never been here but it felt like he had. He had watched me as I went about my day. We had chatted on the phone for ages.

I remembered that Aaron had scheduled a meeting for us with a new Customer tomorrow at 9am. I owed him to be there for that. I owed him for never giving up on me.

Hey. Sorry for Friday.

It’s okay, forgotten. Are you okay?

I wasn’t, but I’m okay now. You?

Yeah, it’s still difficult. I miss him still.

I know. I’ll see you tomorrow for the meeting?

Oh, yeah cool.

I decided to just go to bed and get some sleep. I was exhausted anyway.



For the first time I can remember I slept through the night without the aid of alcohol. It was almost a disappointment that the alarm was just that; an alarm. Easily switched to snooze mode without any penalty. And of course I hit it one to many times so it was a rushed shower, a quick change into the Rovinj outfit without underwear, a piece of toast for breakfast and no time to make sandwiches for lunch. I rushed out the door knowing only a fair wind would get me there in time.

I crashed through the office door just after 9am. Aaron looked up, both thankful I had deemed to turn up and a perhaps a little annoyed I was late.

“Sorry.” Sorry for being late? For being a jerk? For ignoring he was your best friend and you were hurting too?

“No worries... Oh… is that…?” His gaze was fixed on my finger with mine and Scott’s rings on.

“Yeah. It is. I’m sorry, he didn’t deserve… Scott didn’t deserve to be treated like that.”

“You don’t… it’s okay… he’d be happy.” He smiled and placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

I nodded. “We should get in there I suppose? What’s this about?”

“I’m not exactly sure. I’m hoping it’s new business. I’ll be pissed if he’s trying to sell us something!”

We headed off towards the meeting room; it’s opaque glass preserving its modesty from the rest of the office. Aaron opened the door and I followed behind him.

“I’m sorry to have kept you Mr…”

I didn’t hear the rest. Oh fuck. It was him.


“Jeez, you scared me! You okay?”

“Whaaa... what happened?” Aaron was looming over me and I realised I was on the floor.

“You blacked out! You just went down in a heap.”

“How long…?”

“Just a couple of seconds. Are you sure you should be here? You look really tired.”

“Thanks... I’m fine. It’s just been a difficult weekend.” Aaron sighed and nodded in agreement.

“Let’s get you up.” Aaron helped me into a chair. I looked around but my ex-Controller was nowhere to be seen. Had I imagined him? Was I losing my mind?

“Here you go - get some of that down you.”

A glass of water appeared in front of me, delivered by my ex-Controller. I quickly gulped it down without once looking at him. “Thanks. We should begin, I’ve wasted enough of everyone’s time. Sorry.”

“Okay, if you’re sure?” asked Aaron. I nodded and there was a pause before my ex-Controller spoke.

“Well, thank you for seeing me Aaron. I’m really impressed what you have built up here; it must have taken a lot of hard work.” He beamed at the compliment. “But I here under a false pretence I’m afraid. A little white lie if you will. Don’t worry, I’m not here to sell you anything. I am very much here to buy. In a way...”

“I don’t understand, what do you want to buy?”

“I’ve travelled a long way and there is only one thing I want.” He looked directly at me.

“I’m here to headhunt your lead developer to head up my team in America. He doesn’t know anything about it so please don’t be angry with him. It’s just that he is exactly what I need.” He paused. “He has talents that fill certain holes that I need filling…” The innuendo hung heavy in the room, to the point that Aaron could see there was something else. I moved uncomfortably in my seat at the silence.

Aaron pushed his hands together before turning to me. “You’re very important to us... me, and I’m not sure how I would replace you but I’m not going to stand in your way. If this is what you want. This does seem like an amazing opportunity.”

“Yes, Aaron is right of course. It’s up to you. You can say no and I’ve leave and that will be that, and everything will go back to normal...”

Aaron got up and put his hand on my shoulder again. “I’ll leave you two alone for a moment.” He left the room, shutting the door behind him. Another awkward silence followed.

“I’m sorry.” I finally said. I seemed to be saying it a lot lately.

“Hey, it’s my fault. I completely misjudged things. The timing was bad; it wasn’t supposed to happen like that.”

“I should have let you explain. I should have trusted you.”

“The letter was supposed to come to me so I give it to you now to reassure you that when we go, your flat would be sorted.”

“Oh. Confident aren’t you?”

“Sorry. Force of habit. I usually get what I what but I feared that this time...” he paused, fingers entwined and thumbs tapping. “I’ve missed you since we met in Rovinj. Our chats have been the highlight of my day ever since…”

“You must have pretty shitty days then…”

He smiled. “You have to stop saying things like that.... I want you to come and work for me. I want you in my life. Not remotely, but next to me. Every day.”


“Oh?” he looked concerned.

“I’m just a bit... I, um… what would be my role?”

“Fucking me.”

“I mean at work!”

“Well, as well as the aforementioned job description, you’d be on the Management Board and head up the R&D team to develop and improve ‘The Device’.”

“But it seems to work okay? There won’t be much to do surely?”

“Ah…. So many white lies....” He scratched the back of his head. “It doesn’t actually work.”

I sat there for a moment replaying what he just said several times. Nope, still made no sense.


“It doesn’t work.”

“Your shitting me?!”


“Bullshit. The pain, stimulation….”

“Oh yes, it can do that but that’s easy isn’t it? It can provide pain and pleasure but it can’t prevent you from cumming or pissing.”

“But...!” my head was spinning.

“The way it charges is the clever part. I just wanted to test the basic functions and see how far the power of suggestion went. Quite far it would seem… Oh close your mouth boi, you never know what might fill it.”

I shut my mouth. Then opened it again but nothing came out. I finally managed a question.

“But… but why me?”

“You really don’t remember much about when we first met do you? You told me pretty much everything - about how you like it when someone else is charge, the whole clothes destruction thing, which is something I’ve never done but you’ve opened my eyes to the potential of it when in charge, and you told me about Scott and how much you missed him.”

“Oh, wow, I did? Why did I do that?”

“I think you were ready. You seemed lost. Or you were just enchanted by the vision in front of you!” He laughed. “And it just so happened I had the device with me for testing. And so it just happened. And I kinda fell in love with you that night...”

There was another silence as our dynamic shifted slightly.

“Would you like me to turn it back on again? I can. Or I can unlock it and free you.”

There were my two options clear as day. Be released and stay here or turn it on and go off to America. I took my phone out, unlocked it and pushed it across the table. He smiled and picked it up.

“Just as well, because I didn’t bring the disarming device with me - it’s far too large at the moment.”

“You cocky…”

“Now, now, that’s no way to speak to your Master!”

“Nerrrugh!” I yelped as pain seared through my testicles. “Okay, okay, I’m sorry!”

“I still don’t believe it doesn’t work. I wanted to cum so badly at times but couldn’t.” I grabbed the phone off him. “What was it again? Chastity and Permanent erection? Right just scroll through here and… these menus and interface are so counter-intuitive… who on earth designed these?”


“Oh. Sorry!”

“It’s okay, they’re your problem now.”

“I guess. Okay that’s those settings back on.”

“You might like to add the ‘Masturbation’ mode as well.”

“You can have three modes on at once now? You have been busy!”

“And it I may be good to add a a fourth…” He took the phone off me and tapped a few things. “This is a special mode I’ve just added.” He then passed the phone back to me.

“Oh. Oh! Fuck. What is that?! That feels so good!” I looked at the phone to see the fourth option listed as ‘hidden’.

“You’ll get it when you’ve been good. No need for you to know what it is!”

Within a minute I was ready to cum. I looked down and a small dark spot had appeared on the front of my jeans.

“Okay, we better stop now!”

“But I thought you wanted to prove the Device worked?”

“Yes but…”

“So if it works, we don’t need to stop do we?” He pushed the phone in front of me so I could see that the chastity option was still switched on.

“Well, I suppose that’s true, but…”

He leant in and kissed me and I responded in kind. My hands wandered across his body feeling his back through the tight shirt he was wearing and then down his his tight arse. Oh god it felt nice…

“Oh fuck!”

“Let it go, let it all go…” he whispered in my ear before gently nibbling it. It was days since I last came, and once I started wave after wave spewed from my cock. Without the restriction of underwear my tight jeans turned shiny over a huge area of my crotch and thigh. He held me as my legs buckled.

“Wow” he said marvelling at the mess I had just made. “And also, just for the record, I told you it didn’t work.”

I regained my balance. “Fuck. My jeans! What am I going to do?” It was then I heard Aaron’s voice outside.

“I’ll just see if they need anything…”

“Double fuck.” I looked at my Controller, pleading with him to do something. He pushed me down onto a chair, grabbed my cup of coffee and threw it over my jeans before dropping the paper cup in my lap.

“Shit!” I yelled, standing up just as Aaron re-entered the room.

“Whoops!” My Controller said in feigned surprise.

“Oh, again?! You really are accident prone recently… he spilt a whole glass of water over himself last week!” said Aaron.

“Did he now? Who’s a clumsy boi then? Well, we can’t have you sitting around soaked like that - I have some spare pants in my luggage here. Wow, it’s got on your polo as well. Right let’s get this off.”

I stared at him - he wouldn’t?

Of course he would. He grabbed my polo and lifted it right over my head. Aaron looked startled and mumbled that he should probably wait outside.

“No, no, sit down, we’re all adults here. Anyway I need to discuss severance pay with you, and we don’t have much time.” He was rummaging in his travel luggage. “Pants!”

I hesitated then turned my back on Aaron before kicking off my shoes and unbuttoning my jeans.

“Oh and I can have my PR team help you out contain any fallout from the hack last week if that would help?”

“How did you…? Yeah that would be good! Oh, um...” Aaron stammered as the full realisation that I was fully naked in front of him filtered in.

“This should fit!” he said before tossing out a thin plain white tee. I quickly put it on, noting he hadn’t be able to find any pants in his very small travel bag.

“So I’ll pay you £20k for immediate severance and I can loan him back to you remotely if there is any handover issues. Or if you just need him - that’ll be fine.”


“And when would this happen?” I asked.

“Now. The flight leaves in three and a half hours.”

“What?!” chorused myself and Aaron.

“Ah, pants! So it’s a deal?”

“I guess so.” said Aaron. My Controller strode past me with my new pants, taunting me, hand outstretched to seal the deal. “Excellent!” he said engaging in a firm handshake with Aaron.

“Um? Pants?” I queried.

“Oh yes, pants! Sorry. Here you go.” I tossed them in my direction. I pulled on the incredibly tight light grey Nike trackies he had given me, mortified about how much was on show. And I wasn’t sure they went with Michael’s Vans particularly well either.

Aaron looked at me. “We’re going to miss you. I’m going to miss you. I’m happy that you’ve found what you needed.” I nodded to his allusion of this not being just about the job. “You’re going to be difficult to replace.”

I went over a gave him a hug. “I’ll miss you too. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. And no, I’ll be easy to replace. Michael.”

“He’s too young…”

“He’s far better than me.Trust me? Oh, and don’t wait okay?”

“Okay time to go. Are you ready?” I nodded as he tossed my jeans and polo into the bin. “Thank you for being so understanding Aaron. We’ll keep in touch okay?”

“Sure. Look after him please?”

“Yes. Of course. I promise.”

“Right boi, let’s go!”

I grabbed my coat as he bundled me out, allowing a brief final moment with Aaron. As we were leaving Michael looked over. I waved at him and he waved back looking utterly confused. I held up my hand to tell him I’d call him and then we were gone. Leaving this building that had been a part of my life for so long.

“What about a Visa?”

“All sorted.”

“And are we going to the flat to pick up my stuff?”

“No. We haven’t time. Straight to the airport!”

“But, my stuff…”

We exited the building where Dan was waiting outside.

“Passport as requested.”

“Thank you Dan. There is a box in his wardrobe - can you arrange for it to be sent to us please? Just the box and the contents please. No expense spared, it cannot get lost. I’ll transfer some money into your account when we get home. You and Drew can help yourself to anything else in his flat. I hope your new neighbour is well behaved. Call me if not.”

“Okay, consider it done.”

“Oh actually, send the briefs too. You know the ones.”

“Ha, yeah. Okay, no worries! So this is goodbye?”

Dan and I hugged. “No, not goodbye. You, Drew and Jamie will have to come over. That would be okay wouldn’t it?” I asked my Controller.

“Of course! Once we’re all settled in. But we really have to be going!”

One final wave to Dan and we were in the car off to the airport. It was all so quick; my head was spinning. Was this really happening? I nervously twiddled the rings on my finger.

“You need to learn to be happy. To accept you can be happy.”

Yes. Yes I did. I had promised afterall.

[Closing Music: Tonight’s The Kind Of Night - Noah & The Whale]

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