This story is primarily about control and relationships between adult men, with themes including loss, humiliation, destruction of clothes and plain old love. There are some sexual situations but it is not the primary objective of the story. If you object to any of this then read no further. This story is sexual fantasy fiction and any resemblance to persons past or present is purely coincidental.

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Remote Controlled Part XIV - Learning to Fly

Hello You. I told you that was going to be a roller coaster didn’t I? It’s about six months after my ‘job interview’ and I’m in America now. Yeah, we’re doing great thanks ;-) I’ve been busy coding new functions for the ‘device’.

My Controller? Yeah, he’s still all that. We kept the relationship low key in the office at the start but it was pretty obvious to everyone; this Brit suddenly appeared and each day arrived and went home with him. The constant one to one meetings (that were just and excuse to make me fuck him) must have seemed unusual. But, we kept it all low key. Well, I tried to. And then yesterday happened...

It was just another meeting about the device which had become the main focus of the business. Every effort was going into it at the expense of everything else. The heads of each department were there and as always a couple of ‘non-execs’ were there to join in and offer a different point of view. It was a really nice touch. Yannik from my team had been selected this time. I liked him a lot; even though he was young he had big laughter lines on his face and he could always make me smile. Cheeky though. And yes, he was cute too but that wasn’t the most important part. It definitely helped though. He kinda reminded me of Michael and I often wondered if that was the reason my Controller appointed him. Well, together with his incredible coding talents of course.

“Thanks everyone for being here promptly. We have made real advances over the last six months and that’s down to all your hard work. But especially to this guy who in the short time he has been with us has made a real difference!”

He was pointing at me. And now he was applauding. Oh how I disliked him sometimes! This was a new fresh hell; I still hated to be the centre of attention. I wriggled uncomfortably on my stool, turning a shade of crimson in the process as everyone else joined in. Yannik took it a stage further and stood up while he clapped. I mouthed ‘fuck off’ to him across the table. He stuck his tongue out at me and laughed.

“As you all know this product needs to be tested on a human before going public which will takes four to six months which is a pain. But there is good news because the human testing actually started four  months ago!”

There was an excited murmur from everyone attending. Apart from me that was…


Four months earlier….

“I’m not happy about this!”

“I know and I’m sorry but also, tough.”

“Never become a nurse with that bedside manner!”

“Look, all it is a formal meeting to show we have started the human trials.”

“Me! You mean me!”

“Stop being all dramatic. All you have to do is drop your pants and show it to some guy from the Government.”

I opened my mouth to say something in protest but nothing came out.

“You know I love showing you off. You’re beautiful...”

I sighed and looked down at the floor; taking compliments was still not my strong point.

“Awww, is my boi all embarrassed?” he said in a mocking way.

“You can go fuck yourself. Actually I’m so going to enjoy fucking you tonight. Let’s just get this over with.” He laughed at my grumpiness and ushered me forward into the office.


“Yes, that’s right - the trial has already started! And all things being equal we should be in a position to start selling next month.”

There were lots of smiling faces and chatter at the unexpected exciting news. He smiled at me. That was never a good thing. “Come up here with me.” I got up and begrudgingly joined him. There were hushed whispered around the room and Yannik was grinning at me; I think he was clocked what was going on way before me.

My Controller put a reassuring hand on my shoulder before sliding it down my back.

“Right, we’ll just drop these shall we?”

I realised why he had picked today for me to wear a pair of sweatpants and no underwear. I looked up at the ceiling, not wanting to make eye contact with my peers and juniors. I felt his thumbs slip under my waistband and then the fabric slide slowly across my thighs. He really did enjoy showing me off, of this there was no mistake. There was a hushed murmur as my penis bounced into view. It seemed like forever for my pants to pool around my ankles.

“We’ll take them all the way off, yes? It’ll make it easier.” He lifted my leg and pulled off my sneaker before freeing my leg from the pants. After repeating with the other leg he folded up the sweats and put them to one side.


Three months earlier…

“We’ll take them all the way off, yes? It’ll make it easier.”

My Controller pulled down my sweatpants causing my cock to bounce into view. I stepped out of them and sat down in the chair, naked from the waist down apart from a pair of white ankle socks.

“What happened to Mr Golding by the way? I thought we had the same caseworker throughout the process?”

“Mr Golding, erm, took early retirement. Soon after you saw him actually. I think the excitement of the potential of your device was, ahhh, too much for him shall we say. I’ve just been catching up on his notes and the area he wanted to review was how the device was powered.”

“Ahh yes, well there is a micro-USB socket which is the standard way for when the Device is being used casually. Let me show you. Stand up Boi!”

I jumped up and stood to attention. His fingers glided around the base ring and then flicked open a cover. He produced a cable from his pocket and plugged it in.

“The covering is fully water and indeed liquid proof. It’s also safe to charge while wearing. Here I’ll show you.”

He guided me to the visible socket beside the caseworker’s desk. It was at skirting board level and the cable wouldn’t reach.

“On your knees then. We can’t take up to much of the man’s time.”

I obeyed and he plugged in the device before returning to his seat, leaving me on my knees in the caseworker’s peripheral vision.

“So that’s the first way. The second way is contactless charging via the phone it is tethered too. It draws current through the body from the phone if it’s close, like in the pocket of the pants as long as the material is not too thick. And thirdly, it has an energy recovery system.”

“A what?”

“The movements of the penis as it grows and shrinks and bounces around produces micro-currents that can be harnessed and stored. Look…”

He tapped a few times on his phone and showed it to the caseworker. “Here you can see the charge going in from the socket here. See? Boi, unplug yourself and star jump until I say.”

I sighed, unplugged the cable from the Device and went to the centre of the room. I started my exercise, penis failing wildly in the air. It suddenly occurred to me this might have been the reason he wanted me to exercise nude. I mean, not just for his entertainment...

“And here you can see the energy being harvested. It’s tiny but every little helps!”

“Fascinating!” said the caseworker, the arm of his glasses resting by his lips. “How long would it take to fill that little chunk of the power bar?”

“What that tiny little piece there?”

“Yeah, that really tiny small bit...”

“I don’t know, I guess 75-ish?”

“I see. Well, that would be a good demonstration...”

I tried to hide my scowl at the suggestion; no good would have come from it.


Maggie was the first thing to say anything, she was head of marketing. “Oh it’s beautiful! Can I have a closer look?”

“Yes of course, he’s all yours!”

She moved her glasses to the top of her head and peered at it closely from all angles. Her fingers approached it before stopping. “May I?” she asked. I was about to answer when I realised she wasn’t talking to me.

“Yes Maggie of course, I need you to be comfortable with the Device if you’re going to marketing them.”

“Actually can we take the top off as well - save me having to lift it up all the time.”

“Sure thing!” Seconds later my hoodie had been lifted over my head and put to one side. She pulled lightly on the base ring. “There’s no way that’s coming off! Does it hurt or chaff in any way?” This time she was definitely asking me.

“No. It’s fine.”

“How long has it been on?”

“It’s been on non-stop for five months.”

“It’s the trials you see - it has to remain on at all times...” interjected my Controller.

“I see. I also see why someone would want it on at all times even if there were no trials...” She winked at him and he winked back. Soon there were a number of executives standing around me with their attention focused on me penis. I was desperately trying to pretend I was somewhere else but they kept asking questions.

“Does it hinder you when you’re having sex at all? I mean if you’re allowed to?” Yannik had joined the group. I went red at the hyper personal question and stared at him furiously. I assumed it was obvious to everyone now that I was owned by my Controller, but I also wondered whether people may assume I was the one being fucked. Yannik obviously did.

“No Yannik it doesn’t, not in the slightest. In fact it feels so much better with it on him.”

Yannik glanced between us a little taken aback. Maggie laughed at the bluntness of the comment and smiled at my Controller. None of the other executive batted an eyelid.

“Okay, let’s get back to the rest of the meeting.” At last I thought. I looked at him expectantly. “We won’t waste time with you getting dressed, we might need you again later.”

I opened my mouth to complain but just went and sat down instead, wishing I could wipe that big grin off Yannik’s face.

“Right, let's look at the reports so far.”


Two months ago...

“Right let's look at the reports so far shall we?” Mr Jackson, our caseworker, shuffled the papers in front of him. My Controller shuffled nervously in his seat; I had never seen him like this before. Normally he was an oasis of calm. My rock. If that wasn’t a complete contradiction of metaphors...

“So the technical reports hold up and we can see no issues on the health side so far either. So all is looking good.”

“Oh cool! Thank you so much! You can’t imagine how much I’ve been worrying.”

I could. I’d noticed a sharp increase in random pain through no disobedience from me.

“We just need a practical demonstration and we can sign the device off pending the finally medical check up next month.”

“Ah we gave that to Mr Golding?”

“Yes. I’m sorry to tell you he didn’t, ah, file his conclusion before he left.”

I looked at my Controller with pleading eyes. I really didn’t want to go through that again.

“Oh okay. No worries. My colleague would be more than happy to demonstrate it for you.”

Your colleague really wouldn’t…

“Why don’t you take control?” he said, handing the phone to Mr Jackson.


“Okay that’s most of the reports out of the way. I understand there have been some extra features added. Yannik would you like to explain?”

I wasn’t overly upset that he hadn’t gone to me. What with still being naked and all. And it was his style to not only invite non-execs but expect them to present.

“Yes, thank you Sir.”

Sir?! I never got anything near that level of respect!

“We added two new features recently. The first one is shuffle mode. It’s nothing amazing but hey, some people might like it. But the big thing I’ve been working on is Party Mode!”

What was party mode? He hadn’t mentioned this to me…

“Party mode? Oh, that sounds really exciting.” He shot a glance at me. “You should have mentioned this to me…”

“So, this allows people to connect to a Device Controller’s phone and put in requests for what they want to happen. The Controller can choose between playlist mode, where all request get queued and carried out in order, democracy mode where any request that gets a certain level of support happens or filter mode where he has the final say over requests.”

“That’s brilliant! How does it get initiated?”

“There is an option in the menus for ‘Party Mode’. You select that and then anyone in Bluetooth range can join.”

“Oh yes, found it!”

“And there is the notification to my phone that a party is happening. Sooooo, I can select this…”

“And there is the request on my phone. I can accept it by clicking on it?”

“Yes, You’re in filter mode?”

“Yes. Rename that Master mode by the way. Sooo...”

“Awwww fuck!” I leapt up as a huge shock went through my testicles. My penis flopped down onto the glass table.

“Excellent. That’s genius. Get your apps open people! Anyone have a suggestion...?”


Two months ago…

“Do you have a suggestion…?”

“Well, how far do you want to go Mr Jackson?”

“Umm, well you understand this is purely a professional interest?”

“Yes of course! I think you’ll like that option…”

The Device started to move up and down my eject penis.

“Why has he been hard all the time? Is he an exhibitionist?”

“No, quite the opposite in fact. That’s the permanent erection mode. It’s an ‘original’ feature, and a bit of a favourite!”

“Wow impressive! Can I take a closer look? In a professional capacity?” he underlined again unconvincingly.

“Sure, it’s your test drive, he’s all yours.”

“I really need to be sure it is safe to touch.”

“I understand.” My Controller said reassuringly.

He left his glasses on the desk and peered at the device. He tentatively touched the base ring and then glided his fingers up to the moving top ring. It stopped the instant he touched it. When his fingers moved away it reset to the base of my penis for a few seconds before starting again.

“Very impressive.” He knelt in front of me, briefly looking up at my Controller for permission which was duly given, before reaching out his tongue toward my engorged head. The device scurried away allowing him to impressively take the full length of my penis into his mouth. His tongue swirled around, poking at my piss slit when at the summit. Damn he had a flexible tongue! And damn he was good! It didn’t take long before my telltale moans started and I was shooting my load down Mr Jackson’s throat. He swallowed every last drop, even stopping the clean up my head before returning to his desk. He put his glasses back on.

“Well, that all seems in order thank you. I do have to ask though, was it true that he managed to shoot over Mr Golding’s tie from all the way over there with just the stimulation of the device?”

My Controller laughed and nodded, while I sheepishly looked at the ground. Poor Mr Golding, he hadn’t known what had hit him...


“Awwww fuck! Would you stop it!”

“I’m not sure what you’ve done to these good people but it looks like most people really enjoy shocking you!”

It was true, they did. I had no idea why, I was a really nice guy! But I guess it might be just human nature when we are suddenly given control over another person.

“Okay, I’m going to switch Democracy Mode on. Let’s use the time limit. What happens next is up to you all; poll closes in thirty seconds!”

People feverishly started looking through the options using the menus I’d so beautiful redesigned to be user friendly and quick to search. More fool me it would seem.

“Ooo, interesting choices. Two clear leaders at the moment, but you’d be glad to know that someone has voted for you the pleasure vibration option.”

“Well thank you whoever that was!”

“So top two options tied and only one person left to vote. Five seconds Yannik!”

“And there we go, the people have voted…”

Nothing. Had they taken mercy on me? Then I felt a light buzzing around my balls which quickly grew until they felt they were on fire. My body contorted in agony; this definitely wasn’t any of the pleasant options. My pained mind flicked through what they might have chosen. Oh no, they wouldn’t have, not ‘Great Balls of Fire’!

I stood up, now completely flaccid, and hopped around. I caught my Controller’s eye which was a mix of sympathy and a look of don’t you dare show me up! I started to go light-headed just as the pain cut out and I staggered back to my stool to a round of applause.

“Wow, impressive on all fronts. Well done everyone. Do we have any other business?”

I put up my hand, the other rubbing my sore testicles. “Yeah actually. I think it should be Company policy that all males have to try a Device out.”

A murmur went around the room. “Excellent idea. We will trial this - do you have any suggestions?”

“Yes. Yes I do actually…” I said staring at Yannik. His mouth dropped open and he started to shake his head.

“Excellent. That’s decided then! Meeting adjourned. Yannik stay behind please.”

The room quickly emptied leaving myself, my Controller and Yannik, for once looking nervous.

“So Yannik, thank you for agreeing to this. You know that I value people’s loyalty and willingness to help out our Company almost as much as talent. That’s why I pay so well. Of course you can back out now if you wish, but there will be a 10% pay rise for your extra service.”

Yannik sat in silence for a moment. “Okay, I guess. For you Sir.” I was definitely thinking Yannik had a little thing for my Controller. Or was that just what he engendered in people?

“Good lad.” he rummaged in his bag and pulled out a device. It was a bit sleeker and refined than mine but mine was a Mark I. The only one still in existence. He tossed it to me. “Do the honours Boi.”

I smiled and thanked him and turned to Yannik. He wasn’t smiling.

“Stand up.” He obeyed. Even though I was the one naked and he was fully clothed, I was the one in charge of this situation now. “I’m going to undo your jeans. Is that okay?”

“Yes, I guess.”

“Yes what? Is that how you speak to your Superiors?”

He looked startled at my tone, before quickly realising what I was asking.

“Yes Sir.”

“Good Boi.” He flinched at the term which made me smile. I popped the top button on his black jeans and slowly lowered the zip revealing a bright yellow pair of boxer shorts. As I slipped the jeans down his legs, the shorts carried on until until half way down his thigh, hugging his body tightly. The logo on the side told me they where Bjorn Borgs. His penis pushed at the fabric straining to be free, it was certainly enjoying this even if he wasn’t.

“I’m going to have to take these down as well. Is that okay?”

“Yes Sir.”

I pulled the tight fabric out over his cock so I could pull them all the way down. It sprung out, pointing skywards impressively.

“Now you should ask me to put The Device on your pathetic cock.” Shock spread across his face as I demeaned him.

“Please put the Device on my cock.”

“Pathetic cock…”

“On my pathetic cock please Sir.”

I slipped the Device over the end of his penis and slid it down, securing the base ring underneath his testicles, before stepping back to allow my Controller access.

“No, no, use your print to lock it, you’re his boss after all.”

I smiled from ear to ear, feeling like a dog that had just been given a new bone. Yannik looked horrified; he definitely secretly quite fancied being used by my Controller and never thought it would be me who controlled him. I placed my finger on the pad at the bottom of the ring and the device locked, only ever to be opened with my fingerprint. I tethered the device to my phone and the process was complete. Now all we had to do was test it. You should always test things.

“Ow! Bastard! Fuck that hurt!” Yannik squealed. He grabbed his phone and swiped. Pain hit my testicles; he still had access to my device from earlier.

“Fuck! You’ll pay for that!” I sent another shot through his balls and he retaliated in kind.



“Jeez that stings.”


“Oka, okay you two! As much as this amuses me, I think we really do need to make some progress. But this has given me an idea of pairing two Devices together in a ‘Battle Mode’ - work on that over the next couple of weeks; I think that could be great fun! You can do the testing between yourselves. But for now, put your weapons down.”

We both placed our phones on the table while eyeing each other up suspiciously.

“You’re a horny little fuck aren’t you Yannik?”

Yannik’s head spun around to look at my Controller, mouth slight open in shock. “Ummm, if you say so… Sir?”

“Call me Boss; it’ll save confusion. I think the fact you’re erect and have been for the whole meeting - yes I did notice when you stood up - is testament to that. So, how long have you been dreaming of me fucking you?” Yannik looked he wanted the ground to swallow him up. I stared at my Controller a little shocked about quite how direct he was being.

“Boi, Yannik looks like an idiot with his pants around his ankles, bring them here.”

He stepped back as I approached but after I picked up my phone again he sighed and kicked off his DC skaters before stepping out of the jeans and boxers. I picked them up and told him to put the sneakers back on.

“Much better.” My Controller purred as he took Yannik’s clothes away and put them with mine. “Now, a little game perhaps? One inspired by a very wise man…”


Six months before…

“Hello. This is Mr Hellier. Are you the one who presumes to snoop on proceeding in my establishment?”

“Err, yes, sorry about that. I was just just keeping an eye on my Boi. He’s new.”

“Yes he is. Quite the handful I should imagine. Especially to an inexperienced Master like you. Is he your first?”

“Oh, you noticed?”

“You will be fine. I stick to two rules, and you would be wise to follow them as well. Number one, treat him fairly if he behaves. Number two, give him hell if he does not. And Number three...”

“I thought you said there were only two rules?”

“Don’t interrupt boy! Number three is never fall in love with your slave. It’s a lapsed rule in my book however...”

“Okay, thank you. I really appreciate your guidance! Could I be cheeky and ask maybe if you could pass on some of your wisdom to my Boi?”

“Your deference to experience is appreciated, and so you may be cheeky. On this occasion. I think it would be a good chance for mine to learn how to behave around others. Maybe a game. One where he has the chance to win and make his life better...”

“... or lose and make it far worse.”

“Indeed. The status quo is so very boring.”

“Cool, as embarrassing as you like. He hates that. But…”

“Go on, it is fine, you are his Master.”

“I did want him to be fucked.”

“Dear fellow, such language!”

“Sorry! It’s just if that ever happens, I want it to be me.”

“I understand, you have my word. Right, it has been very nice speaking to you. I’ll put the phone down so you can see what is going on. Good luck with everything. And enjoy the show!”

Mr Hellier swished open the dressing room curtain. “Well my fine pair of slaves, it seems the game is afoot…!”


“So, I'm going put you both on the same pleasurable setting. The loser is the one that shots their load first. The winner can chose to fuck the loser or me. The loser is on the end of the chain getting fucked. So I'm fucked whatever.”

He grinned at us. Yannik looked at him in shock. I looked at him with a mixture of annoyance and dismay. Had he just bet my virgin arse in a game?

“No. Absolutely not!”

“What did you just say?”


Yannik sniggered. “Come on you pussy. Scared you're going to lose. Because you will. I edge myself for hours.”

“Fuck you Yannik!”

“Oh, so you're changed your mind already?!” teased my Controller.

“No. I…” I was starting to get angry. He came over to me and put his hands on my shoulder but I tried to pull away. He was insistent, leaning in for a tender kiss. I sighed, I really couldn't resist him.

He whispered into my ear, almost inaudibly. “Trust me?”

I sighed again. “Okay. If only to wipe the smirk of your face.” I said to Yannik.

“Excellent! I'll just set your phones to, hmmmm, well this mode is one I like!”

He held the each phone in one of his hands and started the mode. The devices started simultaneously, moving up and down and sending vibrations through us. He held up the phones so we could see it was a fair contest.

“Fuck that feels sooo good!” Gasped Yannik.

“Yeah, but think how much nicer it will be if you're fucking me or maybe me fucking you! I should get myself ready.” He slowly started to unbutton his plain white short sleeve shirt, running a hand across his chest. Yannik's eyes were bulging out at the amazing body that I knew so well.

My Controller turned around and unbuttoned his chinos, before bending over and pulling them to the ground. Yannik was panting heavily even before he spread his cheeks showing him want was on offer. It was all to much for him and with a loud moan his semen sprayed across the room.

“Whoops! Looks like you win my Boi. I think you should fuck me while I give Yannik here his prize. Is that good for you?”

“Yes Sir, yes it is.”  I said, feeling a little guilty for not trusting him completely earlier.


A three way fuck can be awkward and it really does rely on the one in the middle to take charge. In some ways its a bit like Newton’s Cradle; that solid middle for the other two to bounce off. Luckily my Controller was a firm middle.

After my Controller had sent Yannik back to work, minus his boxers, he handed me the used condom for disposal. It certainly should be easier to make Yannik cut out the cheek in future.

“Okay, I suppose you best get dressed. You can wear Yannik’s boxers as a treat. Make sure your pants are sagging a bit so it’s obvious to him.”

I nodded and thanked him before quickly getting dressed, all the while being closely watched by my Controller.

“I’ve got a little treat for you actually seeing as you’ve been such a good Boi today!” He brought over a box that had been standing in the corner of the room. I pushed it across the table. “Go on, open it.”

I eagerly opened the box finding two Nike shoe boxes inside. I opened the first box to find a pair of Air Max 95’s, that started up as bright red at the top and faded to black. On the heel of each was my name in red text. I quickly opened the other box and that contained the same pair, but this time fading from light grey to black and my Controller’s name on the heel.

“Wow, they’re beautiful!”

“Yeah, aren’t they. I’ll put mine on later but I’ll take them now.” He reached over and took both boxes before swapping the right shoes over, making a matching mismatched pair. “You put yours on now though.”

“In the office?”

“It think everyone knows we’re together don’t you?”

I thanked him and eagerly pulled on my killer new kicks.

“I think we should we should knock off early. I’ve got something to show you. Grab your coat.”

“I’ve pulled?”

He laughed. “Oh I think you pulled a long time ago. After you…”


“A hill? You want to show me a hill?”

“Well not a hill exactly. It wasn’t what I wanted to show you, but it was kinda on the way… Ahhh, the top! Phew. It never used to be this hard!”

“You used to come up here often?” I said resisting the obvious innuendo.

“Yeah, this was when I came when I wanted to be alone, or was alone and didn’t like it. I’d sit here for hours, listening to music. I haven’t been here for awhile. Not since I did something… stupid...”

Our eyes locked. There was a pain there, a vulnerability, but I could see he didn’t want to go any further; even this was almost too much for him. There are times where no more needs to be said. No interrogations, just acceptance. That he had decided to disclose this very personal place to me meant the world.

We returned to staring at the horizon. “It’s a stunning view. I can understand why you would come here.” A light breeze milled around us as we stared in silence across the lake in the distance, the sun gently dropping behind the tree lined hills. He reached out and held my hand and there we stayed; it might have been seconds or it may have been minutes.

“You’ve had that coat for a while haven’t you?”

I looked down at the North Face Nuptse jacket that Dan gave me that night when I helped him ease into his new relationship with Drew. “Yeah. I’m surprised you’ve let me.”

“Well, I know it was a reminder of Dan so I’ve let it pass, but I think it’s time.”

He pulled a small blade from his rucksack and draped his arms over my shoulders in a loose embrace. He gently nuzzled my neck while he dragged the knife down the front of the jacket. There was an initial puncture sound as air quickly escaped before the sweet sound of ripping fabric and the expulsion of feathers into the air. He repeated the exercise on the other side, causing more white feathers to billow around us, and after the arms were opened up there were feathers everywhere. They swirled and played on the currents racing skywards before drifting back down, settling on the ground like spring blossom. We kissed on top of his hill and just for a moment I let in the thought that I nearly threw this opportunity away. Just for a moment. Just to remind me never to be so stupid again.

He broke off the kiss. “Oh yeah, I’ve got another gift!”

“Another one? You’ll spoil me!”

“That’s my decision to make.” He opened his rucksack and pulled out an Alpha Industries flight jacket.

“Oh wow! Thank you! It’s perfect.”

We put the remains of my shredded jacket into his bag before putting on the new coat.

“Mhmm, a perfect coat for a perfect Boi.”

“That sounds like a title for a terrible musical...”

We laughed together and walked down his hill. I had no idea what happened here in his past, but I had the sense we had reclaimed hs hill tonight; it felt like a relatively famous victory.

He drove into one of the posher areas of town as the sun set fully in the distance. I was wondering what he wanted to show me. He pulled over and we walked a short distance to an art gallery.

“You wanted to show me some art? I’m not sure I’m dressed correctly to go in somewhere like that.”

“Nonsense. You’ll be fine!” He grabbed my arm and pulled me inside.

He waved at the person at the front desk. “Hi Grace. I told you I’d bring him didn’t I?” She laughed and waved us through, up a couple of flight of stairs and into a small gallery. He held his hands over my eyes as we entered.


“I’m both ready and never ready for what you’ll do next!”

He lifted his hands. The room was sparsely lit. In one corner was a pile of shredded clothes with a green embedded haphazardly within showing a video of clothes being shredded. On another wall was an ornate fireplace, possibly reclaimed from a really posh house, but instead of a fire another screen showed flames from a pile of sneakers burning. Finally on the third wall pieces of cloth were stuck onto the wall, looking like a cloud of multicoloured bats. I turned towards my Controller mouth open.

“This is everything you were when I met you. Your past and your future captured in a single moment. This room is here for you, to visit when you ever feel the need. If I ever hurt you, and I hope I never do, please come here and know you mean everything to me. I will do anything to make you happy. I will protect and love you, now, forever.”

I started to cry. He pulled me close and hugged me tightly. “Hey, shhh, I’m sorry. I’d didn’t mean to upset you.”

“It’s okay. It’s just… it’s amazing. Thank you.”

I was happy, I was hopeful, I was fulfilled. We remained like that, swaying together, surrounded by the remnants of my past. All of it seeming so very very long ago. Almost another life…


We grabbed a pizza on the way home, sitting at the bar having a glass of red wine while it cooked. We chatted about how on earth he managed to set up a gallery like that and about the future and what we wanted to do together. When we got home we demolished the pizza in quick time.

“So, what do you want to do?”

“Can we just snuggle up on the sofa?”

“Yeah, of course we can!” he said with a grin.

He sat down as I pulled off my hoodie and sweatpants. I was so well trained now, he didn’t have to say anything. He patted the sofa approvingly and I leant into him. For a few moments I stayed there just listening to the rhythmic sound of his heart.

“Are you okay? You seem a little quiet since we got home. I haven’t pushed you too far today?”

“The meeting was a bit extreme!”

“Yeah sorry about that. But you know that I…”

“...love to show me off. Yes, I’m well aware of that! I guess the whole office knows that now too.”

“And you now can control Yannik better if he gets a bit lippy!”

“You could’ve just bought me a dog!”

“Haha, this’ll be more fun. We should invite him over for a sleepover!”

“A sleepover?! What are you nine or something? Actually, we can get a cage for him. I think he’s going to be a very bad puppy!” We both laughed. “But no, I’ve enjoyed myself. I just got a bit of a headache.”

“Oh. You’ve had a few of those recently.”

“Yeah, I think I’ve been working too hard.”

“Hmmm. I think we need a holiday.”

“Yeah, that’d be good.”

“Do you want me to get some paracetamol?”

“No, it’s okay.” I didn’t want to go anywhere near those. I wondered if I would ever tell him what happened. No, best to have some secrets. “I just want to be here with you.”

“You’ll get no argument from me.”

I slid down, resting my head on his lap. He started stroking the back of my neck and running his fingers through my hair, flattening out the faux hawk I now sported. My mind drifted back to Rovinj again, the moment everything changed.

“When we go on the holiday that you’ve promised me, you’re not going to disappear leaving me with no clothes, no money and nowhere to stay again are you?”

“Me? I’d never do that to you.”

“You did!” I turned over so I was staring up at him, challenging his blatant lie.

“I made sure you got clothes and had somewhere to stay. And more.”

“What…? Hang on... you paid Luca to look after me? That was all arranged?!”

“Luca works for me. He runs my bar. In Rovinj.”


“You already said that. Yeah, of all the gin joints in all the world, you walked into mine…” He grinned down at me. “And it’s been the best thing that has happened to me.”

I rolled back over and dropped my head heavily on his cock.

“Ow! What was that for!”

“That’s for not telling me sooner!”

“What that Luca worked for me or that you’re the best thing that happened to me?”

“Both!” He laughed and I resumed my position of head resting in his lap and he resumed stroking my hair and neck. I must have dozed off because the next thing I remember was being lifted up and gently placed into our bed. He got in soon after I turned over and snuggled up to him and that was the last thing I remember for that day.


This morning I was awoken by my Controller pulling the covers off the bed.

“What the f…?!” But before I could finish the sentence he had sweep me up and was carrying me to the breakfast bar. He sat me on the stool before returning to the hob.

“You slept well? You went out like a light.”

“Yeah, I slept really well. Sorry for flaking out.”

“You’ll have to fuck me at work to make up for it!”

“Like that’s not an unusual occurrence! What’s happening, are you actually cooking? What time is it?”

“So many questions! Yes I’m cooking - less of the snarky comments thank you - and it’s just gone 10am.”

“What? We should be at work.”

“I appreciate your work ethic but you have the morning off. Boss’ orders!”

“Yes Sir. One of the perks of being owned by the big cheese I guess. Thank you.”

“And talking of big cheese - your omelette is ready!”

“Wow. I love omelettes...”

“You’ve never made me one!”

“I can’t actually make them…”

“What you can cook all that other stuff but not an omelette? You’re weird!”

“Thanks. I think I’ll find a compliment in there if I look hard enough...”

“I guess we compliment each other perfectly. You can cook nice shit, apart from omelettes that is, which conveniently is the only thing I can do.”

“Yeah, why that has never been a ‘Love Is…’ comic strip about that is beyond me...”

We laughed. It was a damn fine omelette.


We got into work after lunch. Soon after he called me into the meeting room.

“We’ve only been in work for less than an hour. Do you really crave my cock that badly?”

“Haha. No, not that yet! We have a few more prototypes left which I thought we’d send to a few people.”

“For free? That’s generous!” I thought for a moment and smiled. “How about Drew!”

“Haha, Dan’s going to love you! Keep going…”

“Well, Jamie as well.”

“And what about Michael and Austin? Are they still together?”

“Yeah, they’ve moved in together. I’m not sure they have that... I mean our sort of relationship. I guess they might get some fun out of it.”

“Cool. Yeah, it's not just for Masters. I think normal couples will enjoy it, and with the new ‘Virtual Master’ setting, single people as well.”

“Yeah, I thought that was a good idea too. I'm a genius sometimes!”

“I’ll give you that. Hmmm. How about sending one to Mr Hellier?”

“Josh won’t thank you for that - he was horrified that a slave needed to be kept in check with such a device!”

“Oh, I’m sure he won’t want to take it off once it’s on…” he winked at me knowingly.

“Yeah, I guess…”

“Right there you go then, four Devices for four acquaintances…. which also sounds like a pretty crap musical actually!”

He handed me four boxes, all made up and ready to be posted. “What you already had the address label printed?! You weren’t really interested in my opinion!” I shot him a wounded glance.

“Oh I was, I just knew what you were going to say.”

I looked at the boxes, Drew, Jamie, Michael and Mr Hellier. I was so predictable.

“Off you go then. Get them posted.”

“Oh I’m a mail boy now am I?”

“Is there any other sort of boi?”

I sighed as he grinned inanely at the pun. “Yes fine, there’s barely any room left in here what with you and your smugness!” Pain instantly hit me. “Ouch! You didn’t even touch your phone! How did you shock me so quickly?”

“Gestures. The phone can pick up predefined gestures now. Did you not see I’d added that module to the latest firmware?”

“Evidently not…”

“Tut tut. Some extra punishment later then for not doing your job properly!”

He was right of course. I should have spotted that. Bad me. “Yes Sir. I’ll get these posted now.”

“Good Boi.”


The Post Office was in a part of town I hadn’t ventured into much. To be fair I hadn’t really seen much of the town at all, I’d been head deep in my work. I had used my phone to lead me to the place and dropped off the parcels but I decided I could reverse navigate back. I quickly realised that was a mistake and hopelessly lost in a street of mostly backs of building. I admitted defeat and pulled up the map on my phone.

“Shit. Way off! Oh well, the exercise will do me good.”

“Hey dude.”

I spun around to see a kid looking at me. “Oh hi….” and then I noticed the knife.

“Give me your fucking phone and wallet and I won’t do you.”

The blood drained from me. I had never been threatened like this, let alone at knife point. Time seemed to slow almost to a stop. It was like we were in a bubble, just me and my assailant.

“O..O...Okay, take it easy?” I slowly pulled my wallet out of my sweat pants as he looked around furtively. He was crazy nervous which didn’t fill me with confidence he wouldn’t do something stupid. My future flashed before me; everything I had to lose. There was no way I was going to let a random event rob me of that just for the sake of some money. I put my wallet and my phone down on the ground. He waved his knife at me and I backed away a step watching him pick them up, all the time looking at me.



“Give me your pants. I don’t want you chasing me.”

“Fuck, dude, come on. You’ve got what you wanted!”

“Don’t make me!” He thrust his knife at me and my mind was made up. I kicked off my sneakers and pulled the sweats down. I tossed them at him, suddenly feeling exposed with only a pair of white briefs covering my modesty.

He grabbed my pants and he started sprinting down the road. All of a sudden time slipped back to normal speed, and I was watching my pants, wallet and phone disappear at great speed.

“Fuck.” I had no real idea where I was and no phone to help me out. I felt a pulse from the device.

“Awww fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. The phone!” I quickly pulled my sneakers back on. He must have had a twenty metre head start and I only had twenty-five before The Device started to inflict crippling pain on me. I’m not sure if that worried me more than being lost without any pants. I think, on reflection, both were freaking me out. I started to sprint after him.

“What the fuck man?”

Ooops, he’d spotted me. Well he couldn’t stab me if he was running away, and I just had to keep within twenty-five metres. Where did that rank on the list of greatest plans? Sadly probably right up there in the top ten... The device pulsed a warning every five seconds that the phone was getting out of distance. It wasn’t painful; it might have been better if it had because it just had the effect of making me hard.

He darted around a corner. I hesitated for a moment thinking he could just be waiting for me to blunder round but I realised the pulses had slowed down a bit. That one was a lot longer than five seconds and my logic was if I was still getting them he can’t be that close.

I was thankful I’d kept up my fitness regime. Well, when I say I kept it up, I mean I was forced to keep it up. I rounded the corner to see he pushing people out of the way on the sidewalk (yeah I know, I pick up the lingo quickly). This street was a lot busier - I wonder if that’s why he took me down here? I was aware that people were staring and pointing at me. Well, you would if that was you wouldn’t you? A man wearing no pants sprinting down the road, his erect penis tenting out the small pair of briefs he was wearing. It hit me I should be thankful I was even wearing them; my Controller makes me go commando a lot these days. Small mercies. Positive thoughts...

“Stop! Thief!” I shouted more in vain than hope. He glanced over his shoulder at my absurd hollering and crashed over the bonnet of a car that had silently appeared around the corner. The car had stopped but his momentum had carried him forward, spilling him across the bonnet.

I reached him to see his knife on the other side of the road.

“Phone, wallet, now please!”

“Awww fuck dude, you crazy.”

“Yeah, too fucking right!” I grabbed my phone and wallet from his jacket before grabbing my pants.

“Come on - get in!”

Hang on, I recognised that voice. And the car actually! I raced to the passenger door and jumped in the Tesla as my Controller put his foot down and the car squealed off.

“You okay?!”

“Yeah. Fuck. Thank you! How did you…?” I slowed my breathing to calm my heart.

“I saw you going off into the ‘no go area’ of town and I was worried so I jumped in my car to find you. And then your phone shot off at a rate of knots so I just followed it.”

“Oh. How did you know it wasn’t me with the phone? You could have crashed into me!”

“You don’t run that fast…”

“Oh, thanks. Thank you very much!” I said in mock annoyance. “But thank you for saving me!”

“Of course. I won’t let anything happen. I am always with you.”

I nodded and sighed contently. “Are you my happy ending?”

He frowned for a moment. “No. I can’t be that.” I think I must have shown my disappointment a little too visibly. “Awww, it’s just there is no such thing; endings are sometimes beautiful but always sad. They’re a parting of the ways and there’s always a sense of loss. But then after that there is time to remember all the good times along the way, and then there is be no reason to be sad any more.”

I smiled at him. He was right, as always. “Okay then, are you my happy beginning?”

“Yeah, sure, that I can be! You got anything planned this weekend?”

“No, just hanging with you.”

“Good, I’ve kinda booked us on a very long weekend to Malta.”

“Wow - cool! When do we leave?”

“We’re on the way now, I was going to surprise you when you got back...”

“But we need to pack some clothes!”

He shot me a wicked grin. “Well I thought ahead so my bag’s in the boot. I guess you’re all packed as you are.”

“Whaaa…?! C’mon be serious!”

“Tut tut. Such disrespect for your Master. Isn’t it getting warm in here?” He pressed a button on the door and the windows glided down. “You really do need to learn”. And with that he grabbed my pants and threw them out the window. They billowed out and disappeared into the distance.


“If you’re good I’ll lend you a pair of shorts when we get to the airport.” I slumped down in my seat suddenly feeling very vulnerable. He glanced across at me expectantly.

“Sigh. I was expecting a thank you for that generous offer! Device. Masturbation Mode Three on.”

I felt the device on my cock start to stimulate it and I was instantly rock hard in my tight underwear. “Oh god, please don’t make my make a mess of my underwear!”

“I’m not going too, but it’s 35 minutes to the airport and I’m not so sure about you. What’s the longest you’ve managed in that mode?”

“Ahhh, ummm, twenty minutes?”

“Device. Top three times on this setting.”

“Twenty one minutes. Sixteen minutes. Four minutes. Sir.”

“Oh, sucks to be you! Well at least that’ll be something less to take with you! So I guess I’ll have some time to decide on whether to make you sit for the rest of the journey in cum drenched underwear or make you toss them out the window!”

“Ohhhh fuck…! Please have mercy on me!”

“Haha, yeah I like that! Keep up the begging Boi, you might get lucky!”

This was going to be a long weekend! But for the first time in a long while I was happy. Really happy. Not that fake happy we take over knowing what’s really wrong.

And yes, I think of Scott these days. With warmth and joy, thankful for all the time we had together without, well, actually that’s what I remember. I guess time finally did what time does.

I think that’s probably a good point to finish my journal; this journal suggested by Jamie to ‘get through things’. I do owe him a lot; he gave me a way to express my feelings and thoughts in an honest way I’d never been able to before. I really must get around to thanking him sometime.

Anyway, I might come back sometime and let you know how I’m getting on but then again I might be too busy if you know what I mean! Don’t worry though, if you don’t hear from me again we’ll be doing fine.

I promise.

[Closing music: Scars - Alesso, Forever In Your Debt - Slow Readers Club]