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Remote Controlled Part III

Those three days I spent with Luca were bliss. I was free to do what I wanted during the day and then in the evening I helped out at his bar on the marina; it was busy but a lot of fun. We laughed so much together with frequent nudge, nudge, wink, wink moments. He hadn’t let me have ‘my’ clothes back and was still wearing them - in fact he hadn’t washed them either!

After we had cleaned up he took me upstairs and cooked me such beautiful food. We chatted, drank beer and laughed. More than I had ever done so before. After that he would take me to his room and he would make to swap shirts with him, so I was wearing my Controller tee again - the one I accidentally soaked in cum. He would then make me suck him off but he never came in my mouth; he would pull out and spray the tee. He would then take it off and fold it ready for him to wear the next day. He then made me fuck him - not that I needed telling.

All too soon it was the last night.


I smiled at the guy I was snuggled up to. “You are so beautiful Luca. I don’t want to leave tomorrow.” I rolled onto my back as a wave of sadness washed over me. Luca turned over and attached himself to my side.

“You know you cannot stay. It has been a beautiful time with you. Like a nice dream. And it can forever be like that. Nothing to spoil our memory. Don’t be sad okay?”


He put his finger on my lips. I obeyed. This really was it. A nice dream yes, I just didn’t want to wake up.

“Come back to me so we can sleep in each other’s arm again.” I turned over and we kissed.

“Goodnight Luca.”

“Goodbye mismatched sneaker guy.”

I smiled as a tear rolled down my cheek.


When I woke up the next morning he was gone, but then I knew that would be the case. I sighed before showering and getting myself ready for the flight home. Luca’s jeans and polo shirt that he had lent me the first time we met were folded up next to my odd Nike tns, but my black one had been replaced by his white one.

He had thoughtful left the white C-in2 briefs he had worn the day before for me. I brought them to my face and inhaled deeply before getting dressed. He had also left one of his black adidas ankle socks he had been wearing as well.

Mismatched socks for mismatched sneaker guy.

I left Luca’s bedroom, pausing at the door for one last lingering look. I was always overly sentimental about anywhere that I had felt happy and here, here was a place where… I knew I would never be in this place again. My lip quivered. I knew I would never see Luca again.

Don’t be sad okay?

Stop it. Don't be so weak. Close the door and walk away.

Nothing to spoil our memory. 

Don’t look back.


Of course Luca wasn’t working that day so I after leaving the cafe I took the bus to the airport. Checking in brought home to me that I had no luggage at all - all I had was what I was wearing, and none of it  originally belonged to me.

“Any baggage to drop off Sir?”

Oh, where do we start? Where can I check in a mediocre life averagely lived?

“No. Nothing. No hand luggage - it was stolen.”

I don't know why I offered the extra information; I was nervous about this unusual situation I suppose. How could I feel so vulnerable fully clothed?

Oh joy; security. It hadn’t really dawned on me how this might play out. I took a grey tray and placed my ‘belongings’ into it. The sum total of my passport, boarding pass, wallet and phone. I glanced at the set up, happy that the phone would be in the required distance at all times.

“Shoes too Sir.”

I shrugged in acknowledgement and placed my recently upgraded colorway into another tray and pushed them on their merry way. I glanced down at my feet - still mismatched but now with one black sock and one white. The security guard motioned me towards the scanner. I gulped, not at all suspiciously, and stepped forward.


“Any jewelry?”

Ah fuck. How was I going to explain this? It was made of silicone or something similar but I guess it had metal in it? Would I call it jewelry? I suppose it was a ring of sorts. I could feel my cheeks turning red as I made a small gesture towards my groin. He got me to put my hands up before sweeping his wand across my body, finally bring it down to where the device was hiding.


He had a little grin and I could feel my whole body go red with embarrassment.

*wizzzzzzzz* *wizzzzzzzz* *wizzzzzzzzwizzzwizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

Completely unnecessary! He ushered me into the full body scan machine and it whirled around me, mapping out every inch of my body. I could see the resultant scan and it was pretty obvious where the problem was. I could feel a lot of eyes on me and it was not a situation I enjoyed. I was extremely shy and hated being the centre of attention. Especially when sober.

I was told to step out of the machine. A blond haired guy asked me to collect my trays and come with him. He opened a door to the side, motioned for me to enter and shut the door behind.

“Please take off your trousers and underwear and sit on the bench.” I feared this might be the result but the casual nature of the request hit me slightly. I struggled to take Luca's jeans off before slipping the underwear off. It was then I noticed him inspecting my tns. Thoroughly. He was peering intently into them - wait, was he smelling them?

He noticed me looking at him and moved over to me, retrieving the jeans and underwear before taking them to the other side of the room. I was sat there wearing just a polo and mismatched socks, watching a stranger hold up the underwear that had been given to me by someone I'd just met to a strong light. All sorts of stains showed up. Was that strictly necessary I wondered. His attention returned to me.

“Turn around, hands on the bench.”

Oh no. He thought I had drugs or something? His gloved hands parted parted my buttocks and his finger circled around my hole. He pressed lightly into my anus. Tell me this wasn’t happening.

“Okay turn around again and sit down. I can tell that hole hasn’t be used.”

He was right, I was always a top in bed but increasingly it seemed I was a slave outside it. He lifted up my shirt and traced around the top silicon ring with his gloved hand.

“My advice my friend is if you do not want to get noticed at an airport, this is not the way to do it.” He ran his fingers around the bottom ring until he found the finger pad. It sent a shot through me. He raised his eyebrow, pressed it again and as my cock grew.

“Nice. I need to know how this works. Is there a remote control?”

I gestured towards the phone so he bought it over for me to unlock. His eyes widen at the options available; I have to admit I hadn't checked it out at this point. He pressed some options and sent shocks and vibrations through me.

“You understand I need to check out what this capable of before I let you on the plane?”

I sighed and nodded. Then the top piece started sliding up and down my hardening shaft. He laughed and tried out a few more options before settling on the secondary ring at the base of my cock vibrating.

"I'll need to take a closer look… Is that okay Sir?" he said as his extended tongue touched the tip of my cock.
He slid his lips up and down taking the full length into his mouth.

I think my reply was something like “Ohhh, mmhmm. Ahhh...”


I was awoken by the landing - I obviously zoned out towards the end of the flight. I had been dreaming. Dreaming about a glorious time in a glorious place. I wasn’t even sure if it had happened at all now; it felt like a dream. And knowing me, it probably was.

Like a nice dream. And it can forever be like that.

Hello wet London. I haven’t missed you. Not one bit.

*ping* welcome home!

Not in the mood

Who's got the holiday blues then?

I switched off my phone - I really really wasn't in the mood. Soon after I started to feel the sensation; it started out as a mild tingle but there were sharper pulses interspersed and they were getting stronger. In my childish strop I had untethered the device from my phone! I guess this was a ‘gentle’ warning... I quickly switched my phone back on.

*booting… please wait.*

Shit, it took forever with this phone! I had just passed a toilet so I dived in and went in the first cubicle. The pain was increasing. I pulled down my jeans and underwear but there was nothing that could be done.

“Ah, come on for fucks sake!” The phone wasn't listening, just spinning little graphics across the screen. “Arggh! Boot you complete fuckbuscuit!” The pain was getting unbearable.

There was a knock on the cubicle. “You okay in there mate?”

“Yeah, ngggh, ah fuck, yeah okay thanks. Fuck!” I started to drift out of consciousness and then the pain stopped. The phone had finally finished rebooting. I drew in some deep breaths, pulled up my jeans that were pooled around my ankles and left to head to passport control.

*ping* you okay?

Need to put my phone away - passport control.


After tutting at the person who didn’t understand they had to take their glasses off for the retina scan, I started towards baggage reclaim until I remembered I didn't have any. At least that had saved me a bit of time. I looked up at the clock - 20:22.

*ping* I know you're upset. But remember something nice happened.

Yeah, he had a point I suppose. He was probably trying to make me less angry at him as well though. But why was I so angry at him first place? I was just lashing out at anyone I could.

*ping* you need a distraction

I need the toilet is what I need

No you don't

Yes I do.

No you… oh, you won't listen will you?

I smirked at getting the upper hand in this conversation. I found the nearest toilet, unzipped my jeans and got ready.

But nothing came out however much I tried, even though my bladder was full. I realised that the device was clamping down stopping any flow. The sensation of needing to piss subsided, as did the device's grip.

*ping* told you.

*ping* The device will stop you pissing until 21:45 You better be home by then or you'll be having an accident. Wherever you are.

*ping* 20:30. Run boi, run.

I knew this journey so well - Piccadilly Line towards Cockfosters, changing to the Northern Line at Leicester Square to Camden. Journey time one hour five minutes. On a good day.

I ran.


I got to the station just as the train was pulling up - luck was on my side, for now. I sat down and quickly pulled up google maps. Get into Leicester Square at 21:22 which gives me five minutes to get the connection on the Northern Line. Which will give me eight minutes to make the two minute walk to my flat. Tight. But for the next 45 minutes I could relax.

About twenty minutes in I felt my bladder pushing again. I held onto it myself, suddenly not wanting to trust the device. What if it didn't stop me, these pale blue jeans would change to a very dark blue. But no end of toe curling, foot tapping or seat shifting could prevent me from releasing.

I needn't have worried; the device kicked in a stemmed the flow before it erupted. It was a surreal feeling and my brain was having difficulties processing it. It was also in my mind that my Controller could at any moment turn on the flow and I would be soaked in piss in front of a busy carriage. But I had trust in my Controller. I had no choice.

I checked my phone - we were on time and pulling into Leicester Square. I got off the train and made my way quickly across the platform before darting down the shortcut to the Northern Line platforms to await the connection.

“Dammit, two minutes late.”

*ping* two minutes late? Don't worry - plenty of time.

He was encouraging me now? The next six minutes seemed like forever! The train pulled in and was off on the final part of the journey. I will have six minutes. Very doable! Relax, just relax.

“Attention Customers. Due a fault on the line this service will terminate at Mornington Crescent. We repeat this service will terminate at Mornington Crescent. We apologise for the inconvenience.”

Shit shitty shit. One station short. It's at least a five minute walk from there. I save one minute from the earlier stop. Oh, this is too much to work out…

Run, boi, run…


21:41. Here - at the front door to the flats. Fuck, I'm not in as good as shape as I thought. Key. Key! Where's the fucking key?! Zipped cash compartment in my wallet? Oh, come on hands, function for fuck’s sake! Yes. Oh yes!

21:42. Get in the fucking hole you bastard thing! Come on. Yes, in we go. Fuck. Lift broken...

21:43. Oh Jesus, I really aren't as fit as I thought. Stairs. Pain in the side. Ahh, so close…

“Hey - welcome back!”

Oh. No. My neighbours... “Hey Dan, Jamie. Yeah just got back.”

21:44.  “We’re off to some sort of Sports Bar.” Jamie said rolling his eyes.

Dan was in his Liverpool shirt and Adidas trackies while Jamie looked good as he always does in nice jeans, simple white tee and Nike tns.

“Love what you’ve done with your tns!” said Dan.

“Thanks. Sorry - need to piss real urgently.” Well, it wasn't a lie...

Jamie laughed and gave a wink. “We’ll let you go then - wouldn’t want you to piss yourself in the hall. Catch you later.”

“Yeah, cool.”

Gotta get in. Key in, turn. Oh…

21:45. The flow started. It begin to the left of the zip, then spread down my leg and across my thigh. I watched as the light blue denim turned dark down to my knee and then onwards to my socks. I pushed the door and fell in, crashing to the floor.

Home. Home at last.