This story is primarily about control between adult men with punishment plus sneaker and clothes play and destruction and humiliation. There are some sexual situations but it is not the primary objective of the story. If you object to any of this then read no further. This story is sexual fantasy fiction and any resemblance to persons past or present is purely coincidental.

Remote Controlled Part VI - Lacostely Mistake

Naked in the changing room of a Lacoste boutique in a shopping centre. In Shepherd’s Bush. It’s funny how life turns out sometimes. And I when I say funny, I mean terrifying. Because to add to the ‘fun’, my clothes are neatly folded in a bag that, at this moment, is with the lad running the shop while he was ringing up all the clothes I bought him in exchange for the ones he was wearing. As a bonus I was £1.20 short on the limited payment card my Controller had restricted me to. Oh, and I’ve got a device attached to me making me permanently erect.

And now it seems he has sent a customer around here to find me naked in the changing room. Yeah, I know, sucks to be me...

“Oh my!”

“Hi.” I offered an awkward half wave to try to make the situation seem the slightest bit normal.

“Joshua! What have you been up to?” Mr Hellier seemed genuinely surprised. He was an older gentleman with greying hair but sharp defined features and dressed even sharper.

He quickly regained his kilter. “My boy, would you mind trying on this jacket? I do like to make sure my little gifts fit you see. So embarrassing for both parties otherwise don’t you think? And such a hassle to have to return things. It's for my nephew, and he is just the same size as you.” His eyes lingered on me for a moment. “Just about everywhere in fact...”

Little gifts? That jacket had to be over 150 quid. And yes, I was ignoring the rest of what he implied. There is only so much you can process such situations... The jacket wasn’t my style,  a wool bomber jacket type with a blue/white/brown check and solid light brown arms, but I put it on anyway. I was just grateful to have some cover. I buttoned it up; it felt very nice and I was no longer naked. Sort of. With a bit of imagination.

“Splendid. Can I see the rear now please?”

I turned around, fully knowing he had no intention of looking at the back of the jacket. It was amazing how quickly he had taken control of the situation. I could see him pursing his lips in the mirror while Josh hovered in the background anxiously.

“Yes. I like that a lot. It looks very nice indeed. Can you turn around and unbutton it please?”

I complied and he moved towards me, stretching out a finger.

“May I?” This sounded a bit more like a question than with Josh earlier, but not much more so. I nodded and he ran a single finger down my chest. Then a bit further.

“Nice. Very nice indeed.” He purred and then turned to Josh. “I think you owe me an explanation?”

“Don't blame your boi, it's my fault.”

“Ooh, we've been rumbled Joshua. He's a sharp one! So tell me you how you have ended up here, like this…”

“Well, I had to get some clothes and I liked what Josh was wearing but it wasn't in stock so I offered to buy him new stuff in exchange for his. And, um, I owe him £1.20.”

“Oh, do you now? Joshua is this true?”

“Yes Mr Hellier.”

“Well you better give this gentleman his purchases my boi” Josh instantly obeyed and started pulling off his clothes. First the polo, then he kicked off his kicks before shucking down his tan chinos and red boxers.

“Joshua! His many times have I told you, clothes must be neatly folded!” He jumped at the scold and quickly folded the clothes into perfect squares with the Nike AF1s perched on top.

“My, what a sight we have here!” Mr Hellier reached over and put his hand over my penis before casually using it to lead me closer to his boi.

“Umm, shouldn't we get dressed? What if the owner comes in to the shop? How are we going to explain this?”

“The owner is already here. In all aspects actually… Which, on my reckoning, means you owe me £1.20.”


“Joshua. Put his clothes out the back door. Both sets.” Josh grabbed the bag from just around the corner in the shop before punching a code into the green door that lead out of the back of the unit. Anyone with good eyesight peering into the long narrow store would have been rewarded by the rear of a completely naked young lad at the far end.

Within seconds the door was open, my clothes placed outside and the door shut again. Josh retreated to the safety of the rear of the shop.

“Now, what to do with you two? Where is your Master?”

It was that obvious eh? “If you put the earbud in you can speak to him on my phone. He is watching.”

“Oh, is he indeed. How very presumptive.” He gently pushed Josh against the wall separating the shop from the back area and then pulled me by my cock again, positioning me directly in front Josh before pushing me on him. Our cocks, fully erect, were squeezed between us. Josh let out a little whimper.

“You better control yourself Joshua.” Mr Hellier scowled. “Any accidents and I'll be docking your pay for this week, got it?”

“Umm, yes Mr Hellier.” Josh said looking a tad worried. I couldn't resist, I leant in and kissed him. He was moaning and whimpering like a puppy.

“Joshua! Stop that right now! You'll be in your cage tonight if you don’t behave!”

I shrugged my shoulders and gave Josh a goofy grin. Mr Hellier disappeared into the changing area, pulling the curtain behind him. A hushed conversation with my controller followed; I could hear the odd word and some laughter.

I turned to look directly at Josh again, our noses almost touching. “So, you have problems, controlling yourself do you? How did you end up with a sugar daddy? I mean I can understand him wanting you...”

“Don’t be rude about Mr Hellier! I owe him everything. And he trusts me - I assume yours doesn’t. He doesn’t have to attach devices to me and keep an eye on me at all times.”

He looked genuinely offended. I shrugged my shoulders again. “I’m new to this.” I offered in way of explanation.

“Yeah, it shows.”

Ouch. I can’t let him get away with that! I started slowly grinding against his penis.

“Um, stop that please!”

“I don’t know Josh, I’m quite enjoying myself.” He was leaking all over us which made our penises slide together even more. I blew gently on his lips which caused him to try to hide them in his mouth. This boy sure was sensitive.

“Pleeeeease. You’ll get me into trouble!” They was a shadow of panic in his eyes.

I lent in and nibbled his ear before running my finger through his hair. My fingers traced down his torso and wrapped around his penis. I started to gently slide my hand up and down his slippery cock.

“Neurrgh. Ummmm, oh fuck… Please no!”

“I don’t know Joshy. Tell me to stop and I might….” I didn’t get a reply. He was staring directly at me now, biting his lip. He was really leaking now.

“I could make you cum in a second. You just need to learn to control yourself Joshua. Something to take your mind off things. Imagine yourself only wearing clothes bought from Primark. That’s all you were allowed to wear. How would you like that Joshua? Hmmm, maybe with a pair of Crocs. Do you think your beloved Mr Hellier would like you then?”

“That’s horrible - I couldn’t wear… Crocs?! He’d hate that. I couldn’t be without Mr Hellier!”

A different type of panic had set in. There was obviously a strong bond between this lad and his nice clothes, but a stronger one between him and his Master. He looked down at his softening cock.


“You’re welcome.” I ran my fingers through his hair once more, mainly to dry his precum from my fingers.

The curtain swished open. “Well my fine pair of slaves, it seems the game is afoot! Your Master has allowed me to test you. Josh, if you will…” He gestured towards himself. Josh immediately attended him, unbuttoning his white chinos and pushing them to the floor. He did the same for the white briefs Mr Hellier was wearing. Hmmm, you could take someone’s eye out with that! Now I knew what Josh was getting out of this.

“Thank you Joshua. Now turn around and get ready.” He said while casually rubbing lube over his penis.

“Here? Um, we’ve never… um… in front of someone else?”

“Don’t make me ask twice Joshua. And don’t worry, he won’t be watching.” Josh did what he was told and soon after Mr Hellier had slipped himself in to his boi without much effort. Josh sighed. He looked like he was in his special place.

“Thank you Mr Hellier.”

“You are welcome. Now as my favourite boi you’ll be getting a treat. Our guest here will be attending you and if he manages to make you cum before I expelled into you, our guest wins and can take his clothes and leave.”

“Mr Hellier…” Josh said pathetically. “It is going to be really hard not to disappoint you. You know how, um, eager I am...”

“That’s the fun of it! The game is a fair one. And if we lose, well I mean, if you lose… We are both clean. You better get started - it would not want to get an unfair head start.”

He winked and gestured for me to take my position. I did want I was told. I had no choice; my clothes were the other side of a code locked door. Anyway Josh would be a whimpering wreck exploding in seconds with me at his dick and Mr Hellier pumping him from behind. This whole situation was strange for me - Mr Hellier was far too old and Josh far too young for me but, as the saying goes, when in Shepherd’s Bush... I took his solid cock into my mouth and got to work.

”Remember if you lose you will be punished Joshua. Maybe I should take you to a Club I know and have you chained up in the ‘party room’...”

“Nooooo! Please Mr Hellier, no!”

“... to have your clothes ripped off by a gang of lustful men before used all night.”

“I am begging you Mr Hellier, please don't do that to me!”

Doing things in public wasn’t his thing it would seem and this threat scared him more than excited. His cock started to wilt at the proposed punishment. Damn you Mr Hellier!

Even though I wasn’t an expert cocksucker, I could still bring this young pup back to thinking about what I was doing. Within a short time he was rock hard and whimpering.

“Ahhh, no! I’m sorry Mr Hellier!”

“Joshua! Don’t you dare! I’m almost there.”

But even the command of his beloved Mr Hellier couldn’t stop what was building inside of him. It was like taking candy from a baby. Or a bone from a puppy perhaps?

Then he said something. I don’t catch it the first time. I caught it the second time.

“Crocs. Primark. Naked in Public.”

Oh no! I sped up my efforts, swirling my tongue around his meat with renewed vigour in the effort to block out the thoughts of cheap clothing and public humiliation.

“Brace Joshua!” said Mr Hellier as he thrust deep into him. I could feel Josh quiver with the force of the ejaculation and I knew I had lost. The chain reaction was set in motion however and I suffered the humiliation of someone cumming down my throat while shouting ‘Primark!’. Those sort of indignities remain with you forever...

“Mmmhmm. Well done Joshua. You have pleased me. As you always do.”

“Thank you Mr Hellier!” Josh was beaming from ear to ear. I was sat cross legged on the floor, defeated and deflated.

“You said your new clothes were picked by this slave? Go get them on so I can see how they look.” He turned to me. “And it better be good. Now stand up, hands behind the head.”

I did as I was told. It was a fair fight and I lost, and I was getting used to being the centre of attention. Not comfortable, but it was becoming normal. Josh passed with his new clothes and entered the changing booth while Mr Hellier closed the curtain. He stood on the other side of the corridor, maybe just 50cm away, casting his eyes over me. He moved towards me and starting stroking my penis.

“I understand I can do this all day long and you would not cum. What a glorious device this is!”

“Yes Mr Hellier, that is correct.”

“Hmm, such a quick learner of the way things work in a situation. You could be quite the cuckoo in a nest...” He leant in and kissed he. Lightly at first but then his tongue was knocking at door. I let it in knowing this person had been given some say about my immediate future. He was very good - I could see why Josh was so besotted. He broke off the kiss after a while but remained close; our noses almost touching.

“Intoxicating. And very, very dangerous. No, you would not do for me.” He went into again for another kiss but broke off again fairly quickly. “What is that scent on you? It’s unusual - very appley…” He dropped down and swirled his tongue around the tip of my penis. It felt good but was really the last thing I needed having been this erect for so long!

“Ummm, Mr Hellier…?” Josh had appeared from the changing room. He looked crestfallen, upset and lost. Mr Hellier looked up to him.

“This is just a fleeting moment of fun, maybe you would say a kid in a sweet shop. Do not worry Joshua, you will always be my special boi.” Josh drew himself up and a smile spread across his face. You could almost feel the pulse of happiness bounce off the walls.

“Thank you Mr Hellier!”

Mr Hellier smiled back at him. Such tenderness. This wasn’t one sided; it was a symbiotic relationship with genuine love and affection from each side. Mr Hellier was the aging Master who couldn’t quite admit that he had fallen in love with this young lad, and Josh was happy to play any role to be able to be with him.

Everyone playing their part.

“My, Joshua you look stunning! So much better without the previous footwear. Wait though - come here.” He picked up the jacket meant for his nephew and beckoned Josh forward. He placed the garment on his body before stepping back.

“This. Well, this is perfection.”

Josh dropped his eyes to the floor, not quite sure what to do with the adulation.

“Well, this is awkward indeed. You need to be punished for losing the task but you have taught my boi so much in the short time we have been together. So… “ he ran his fingers down his cheek before resting on his chin in thoughtful pose. “So, I will be as kind as I can be.”

That didn’t sound like it was going to be particularly kind…

“Joshua, go fetch five empty Customer bags.” He disappeared into the shop and reappeared a few moments later. “Now go out the back and place them into the bins of our neighbours.” He turned and smiled at me. “And put our guest’s bag of clothes in another.”

Josh smiled and punched the code into the door at the back and was gone. Mr Hellier was tapping his fingers together looking very pleased with himself. He leant into the changing room and retrieved my phone, placing the lanyard over my head and lingering his fingers on my chest just long enough to know it wasn’t an accident.

The back door burst open and a panting Josh reappeared with a huge grin. “All done Mr Hellier! Should I open up the shop again?”

“No, no Joshua, I think we will go home now.” He sent Josh an extravagant wink before turning to me.

“Six bags, one of which has your clothes in. There is quite a number of bins out the back though. You really do not want to know what I originally planned for you!” I got a slap on the arse to chivvy me towards the door. “Oh, I have written off the £1.20 you owe me.”

“Thank you Mr Hellier.” I said sarcastically.

“Hmmm, I will let that pass, but only because you are not mine. Your Master would do well to get rid of that rebellious streak.”

He punched the code into the door and opened it wide giving me a glimpse of the concrete floor, breeze block walls and harsh strip lighting in this grey hued hinterland between the real world and commerce. Mr Hellier gently guided me out to the dusty floor.

“Good luck!” He started to shut the door but then popped his head around it. “Oh, I forgot to say, it’s Sunday - they will be around to empty the bins in 10 minutes.”

And with that the door was closed. I looked through the small glass window, criss-crossed with wire to strengthen the window. Josh was awkwardly waving at me until Mr Hellier shooed him away. The lights went off casting the shop into shadow, with just a glow of the main shopping centre in the distance. I lingered over that safe place that I’d just been ejected from for a few more seconds, imagining how excited they both must be going home together. To protect and share each other; to know they had a safe place.

Without warning another part of my defences buckled and I was thinking about my safe place. The place I had been happy. The place I had been safe.

The place I destroyed.

I turned away, as if to leave those thoughts behind. There were more pressing matters at hand; the past could do nothing for me now.

The wheelie bins sat like stationary metallic beasts lining the corridor waiting for me to look into their mouths and the first one was barely a metre away. I dried the moistness from my eyes then coughed to break the cloying silence.

“Right then, ten minutes to find which bin my clothes are in or I’m leaving by the back door. Naked...”

Part 7 will drop on the 11th February (sorry I’m going on holiday!) and is titled ‘Bin There, Done That’ :-)

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