This story is primarily about control between adult men with punishment and humiliation plus sneaker and clothes wet play and destruction. There are some sexual situations but it is not the primary objective of the story. If you object to any of this then read no further. This story is sexual fantasy fiction and any resemblance to persons past or present is purely coincidental.

Remote Controlled Part VIII - This Place is a Shelter

*ping* Welcome home!

Have you disabled my home?!

No, I’ve just taken control of your automation

And turned everything off!

Maybe… aren’t we all so vulnerable when we store our lives on our devices?

What can I say, I was a geek, a gadget freak. I had automated my house to the nth degree with everything being controlled via my phone. The one my Controller installed a rootkit on when he installed the interface to the device around my cock. Not only did he have control of my phone, he had the total control of my entire home.

*ping* So I’m thinking you’ll need to let me know when you need something

*ping* Like a shower… or the washing machine…

*ping* which one would you like tonight?

Clearly I needed both and for the heating to be turned down, but it was implicit I was having only one ‘luxury’ tonight and I was going to have to beg for it. This was a challenge but I was smart, I was cunning and I was resourceful. More importantly I had a plan! I texted him that I wanted the heating down to 18C. Well, what I actually said was…

Please Master, can you reduce the heating to 18C? That would be really generous of you.

What? No shower?

Just the heating please Sir

Okay, if you’re sure...

That had thrown him! That single text message showed he was wrong footed. I smiled as I saw the temperature setting tick down.

*ping* Done.

Thank you. I’ve been invited next door - they are having a few problems

Oh, a relationship councillor now are we?

No, I was certainly not one of those…

It’s, ah, complicated. I don’t even know what’s going on.

Okay, have fun.

I left my flat and knocked up next door. Drew popped his head around the door.

“That was quick… Oh you didn’t shower then?”

“No hot water. I was wondering if I could borrow yours?”

“Haha, yeah sure, come in!”

“I thought Slave one would be answering the door for you?”

“Oh, he’s busy! Get inside and we can clean you up. What the hell happened to you anyway?”

We entered the main area of the flat which was the mirror image of mine. Slave one was sat on the floor, just in a pair of white football shorts, with a pile of underwear to the right of him and a pile shredded cloth to the left. He looked up at me and raised an eyebrow at the state I was in, before picking up a pair of light blue Ralph Lauren boxers from the pile. He put his hands in the fly and pulled them apart, rendering them useless. He then used scissors to finish the job, cutting through the thick elastic waistband.

“He's got a lot of work to do! Join me in a quick beer?”

He beckoned me into the kitchen. I hesitated as I looked down at the person I once knew as Dan, not knowing if this was more cruel than what happened to me. It was one thing to watch your belonging having been destroyed but having to destroy each one individually yourself was a whole new level. It gave time to dwell on the history you had with each individual item, the places you had been, the people you had been with.

We are ridiculous animals, imbuing as we do events and memories to inanimate objects. Somehow using them as storage vessels of times past and happier days. It’s why I didn’t get attached to things I owned that much; they are just objects.

*ping* hang on, are you going next door to use their shower?

Yeah, and their washing machine

Hmmmm, you’re a tricky one. Okay, I’ll allow it this time.

Thank you Sir :-)

Don’t push it…

Drew handed me a cold beer which really hit the spot after a day like mine.

“I need your advice. You know Dan.”

“Is he not happy?”

“No. I think he’s having a hard time adjusting to the new situation.”

“Maybe you’re being a bit tough on him? Perhaps you could ease him into it more gently?”

“But he needs to learn he serves me now.”

“Yes, but what do you want in the end? A slave who isn’t really enjoying it or something… more?”

“Umm, I hadn’t really thought that far.”

“But you like him right?”

“Yeah, of course. He’s fit and we had fun earlier.”

“And are either of you having fun right now?”

Drew remained silent for a moment. He took another slurp of his beer. “What do you suggest?”

“Let me get cleaned up and we’ll see what we can do. Can I be even cheekier and wash my clothes here too?”

“Washing machine broken too?” Drew squinted his eyes at me.

“Yeah, something like that…”

“Okay but you’ll need to get the worst of the mud off first. Jamie would kill me if I mess up his stuff.”

“Haha, he would indeed. Okay I’ll start the shower with my clothes on. You could send Dan in to help me with the bits I can’t reach. I can have a chat with him.”

“Getting wet with your clothes on? I haven’t done that since I was a kid!”

“And why did you stop?”

“Well, ummm, I don’t know…”

“Next you’ll be telling me you no longer jump in puddles…?” I gave him a wink and set off for the bathroom.

I knew exactly where I was going. I had been in this flat many times. Sometimes for a meal with Jamie and Dan, sometimes I’d seek out Jamie when I need a chat and someone to help me get through things. And occasionally when Jamie just wanted someone to fuck him. We were absolutely never boyfriends or partners, just friends who helped each other out. Dan didn’t know about our sessions, not that it would be a problem; they were just very good friends who shared a flat. This flat that on many occasions had been my shelter.


“So am I here for a social visit or something more Jamie?”

“A social visit. I haven’t seen much of you recently - how you doing?”

“Um, well, okay I guess. Tired, as usual.”

“It’s just that well, you’ve been a bit all over the place recently? You seem to be working, drinking or sleeping and just seem wound up and tired.”

“I’m always tired…”

“Very tired…”

This was an intervention. This was me being alerted that I was sliding back down the slope.

“I know that, well…” Jamie hesitated and nervously looked directly at me. “...um, it’s the anniversary this month - five years isn’t?” I shot him a glance that said ‘do not go there’. Jamie knew he got cut a lot more slack then anyone else but not on this topic.

“Okay, sorry. But you need to look after yourself okay? Maybe a holiday?”

That wasn’t a bad idea. A change of scene might be just want I needed. “Yeah. Maybe…”

“Where would you go? You loved Croatia didn’t you? Dubrovnik wasn’t it?”

Yes, I had spent many hours just sat on the harbour wall staring out to sea. Watching the waves roll in, occasionally feeling the cool water splash against my sneakers and legs. Staring out into the impossibly blue sky, as boats dallied back and forth and clouds bubbled from nothing over the barren hills. Four days thinking of nothing at all. The first time in a year that I had felt anything other than abject despair. I remember thinking at the time that couldn’t be a permanent solution; just boxing my memories of him away. Never to trouble me again. All of them, good and bad.

“Yeah. I’d been looking at the Istria region; maybe Rovinj. Hmmm.”

“Cool. Do it.”

“Thanks Jamie. I’d be a complete mess without you.” I smiled weakly at him.

Jamie laughed “No, you just think you are. I’m just sorry I can’t make you see that.” He patted me on the thigh. “Coffee?”


I propped my phone up on the shelf in case my Controller was watching. I guess being in his good books was in my interests. I turned on the shower, putting my hand under and after a few moments of coolness it was greeted with hot water. Jamie had spent a lot of money on this bathroom and the open ‘drench’ shower was a particular highlight. I stepped under, swaying my head to one side avoiding the torrent of water that was falling. Within seconds the front of my polo was drenched. I leant back so my chinos could receive the water as well and soon enough they were gleaming. I could feel my Nike high tops fill with water and I finally tilted my head into the flow, closing my eyes, allowing the water to cascade across my face.

When I opened them again I was aware I was being watched.

“Hey Dan.” I smiled and knelt down with my back to him. “Can you get the worst of the mud off please?” He leant forward and started rubbing my shoulder awkwardly, trying to avoid the water. I flicked some towards him mischievously.

“Oh fuck off will you!”

“You know what I’ve got a better idea for Mr potty mouth!” I got up, grabbed him and moved us both under the shower.

“Hey, nooo! Fuck!”

“Haha, come on it’ll be much easier now!” I looked down as his shorts became transparent realising I had never seen him naked; until today I hadn’t even seen him shirtless, but I could definitely see his cock head through the thin translucent fabric it was pushing against. I looked back to his face, his short spiky hair had flattened down and he had gone a crimson. I knew he was shy but he really didn’t have anything to be embarrassed about. Maybe that shyness was the reason he was finding this new situation difficult.

“Okay let’s get this mud cleaned off eh?” I started rubbing my shoulder and followed suit, gingerly at first. “Come on give it a good rub! Jamie will be pissed if I fuck up his washing machine!”

He rolled his eyes and laughed. “Yeah, you’re not wrong!”

I turned around so he had better access to my back. He went to work on my shoulders and then I felt his hand slide up the back of my newly shaved head. I shivered as my spine pinged messages to every part of my body. The hand removed itself.

“Sorry, it’s just that it is soooo short! So different for you. It feels nice!”

“No worries, I just wasn’t expecting it! You can do it again if you want…” I crouched down to allow him to play with my neck and head. He ran his fingers up from the bottom of my neck to the top of my head. Then he used both hands and I was a drooling mess. I think I may have been making small whimpering noises as well...

“You like that huh?”

“Mmhmm.” For the third time today I would have been shooting ribbons if the device wasn’t stopping me.

“Why the big change?”

“Ahhh, mhmmm, my Master made me…” The hands stopped. Opps, I hadn’t meant to say that. I turned around to face him again.

what?” Dan asked incredulously.

“Ummm, my Master. It’s a new thing I guess.”

“Wow. He doesn’t seem as mean as mine…”

“Oh, you don’t know the half of it! Anyway Drew’s not too bad.”


“Really! Do you like him?”

“No, he’s really mean! He made me shred a load of essays I had written at University.”

“You hated doing those essays! Why on earth did you still have those?”

“I don’t know, but it was a pretty shitty thing to do.”

“Seems like he was doing you a favour and getting rid of needless clutter. Anyway, what I meant was do you like him?”

“Oh…” He stood there was a confused look on his face so I tickled him. I guess it was a bit mean but he was so hysterically sensitive, I couldn’t resist.

“Fuck, get off.. Oh fuck! Get… Off… Pleeeeeaseeee!” he managed to get out in between flailing limbs and breathlessness.

“Not until you answer the question!”

“Yes, okay, yes, he’s fit! Now please stop!”

I relented. “So what's the problem?”

“I don't want to be a slave.” After taking a moment to catch his breath.

“It seems you don't have much choice over that so you may as well play along and be a good boi. It’s kinda cool not having to make decisions all the time - all that worry is taken away! All relationships start somewhere. Many stranger than this...”

The irony of me handing out relationship advice was not lost on me, but what I had seen between Mr Hellier and Josh earlier was in my mind.

Dan was deep in thought, the water still running down his face. “He's going to fuck me isn't he?”

“I guess so, he doesn't strike me as a bottom.”

“No one’s done that to me before…” his voice trailed off.

I knew he was a fuck and suck kinda guy but this was new information to me. I could see why he was so pensive. I pulled him close and gave him a big hug. “Speak to him, I'm sure you can work something out.”

“Yeah. Maybe I could do this. But I would be nice to have some fun as well.”

“Well I guess a miserable slave makes a miserable Master. And you are a miserable slave!” He stuck his tongue out at me in lieu of a witty retort. “What would you say to him?”

“It would be good if I could save some of my stuff. You know I like a bit of destruction as much as the next person…” He winked at me knowingly. “... but when it’s arbutary it’s not so much fun. If I could maybe save a few things if I was good? I’d like to do normal things too. Like go out for meals and stuff like that. But obviously he’d be charge. Always.”

My eyes were locked with Drew’s. He had been standing in the doorway to bathroom for a little while now. I beckoned him over will a small backward flick of my head. He entered the shower area and put his arms around Dan who jumped at the unexpected contact. The water cascaded off Drew’s head and his red Liverpool football shirt which glistening as the water initially ran across it. It went a dark shade of red and before long his trackies and Nike sneakers were soaked. It was a wondrous sight.

His hands slipped down Dan’s back to his hips before, in a seamless movement, slid his football shorts down. Dan let out a little gasp. Drew then reached out and put his arms around Dan and me, pulling us into an embrace. I could feel Dan’s hard cock against me as he stood completely naked between two fully clothes men. Drew leant in and whispered gently in his ear. “Give yourself to me and obey me and I will make us happy.”

Dan bit his lip and looked up at me before turning his head towards Drew. “Yes Sir.”

Drew smiled. “Good boi.” He pushed down his trackies to reveal a thin but long penis. Stepping back from the shower, he pumped on the soap dispenser before coating his fingers in it. And when I say soap dispenser, I mean lube dispenser. It was another little extra Jamie had fitted in his bathroom. I had used it frequently as I fucked him in the shower fully clothed on many occasions.

“Ummm, I should probably leave you to it…”

“Please stay?”

Until today I had never been involved in a threesome. Well, if we don’t include that one where he never stopped talking about his ex… So, until today I’d never been had a threesome and it was seriously looking like I was about to be involved in a second one!

“Yeah, you should stay - he’s going to need something in his mouth to stop him making too much noise.” Drew said with a huge grin. He pulled Dan’s hips out of the falling water and probed Dan’s hole with a well lubed finger. There was firm resistance at first and then a yelp.

“You better get your mouth filled boi.”

“Umm, well, ahh, there’s kinda a problem with that…” Dan was already undoing my chinos and before long they were at my ankles.

“What is that?!” Dan squeaked.

Drew looked over his shoulder to see what was going on. “Woah!”

At this point I was beginning to realise how a certain fictional time traveller felt every time they had to explain that the box was in fact larger on the inside. I briefly described what it was, not wanting to detract from the moment.

“... but the top ring will yield if um, something pushes against it.”

“But you can’t cum?” asked Dan incredulously.

“No. My Controller has set it so I can’t.”

“Haha, that’s soooo cool! I think Dan should have one!” laughed Drew. “And thanks to that distraction I’ve got two fingers in now.”

“Oh, he’s a charmer isn’t he?” Dan smiled at comment, breaking the pained look on his face for a second. “I think until Drew is um, in position, we’ll use your shorts; I don’t want any bite marks!”

I bent down and retrieved the wet football shorts from the floor and twirled them into one long cloth rope. I held either end and proffered it to Dan. He bit down on it as Drew further explored his insides with his fingers. He ripped open a condom packet and slid over the length of cock before activating the lube dispenser once more.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be as gentle as I can.”

Soon enough the fingers were removed and it was Drew’s penis attempting to gain entry. The yelps and strength of the bite on the football short gag made it clear this was painful, but if this was Dan’s first time, a long slim intruder was probably the easiest proposition.

After a while Drew had managed to slide into Dan and in turn Dan had stopped yelling so much. In fact he stayed like for some time, giving Dan time to adjust but also running his nails down his back leaving light welts. Dan was moaning slightly.

“I don’t think we need the gag anymore.” Drew instructed. Dan opened his mouth and let me drop the shorts to the floor, before getting to work on my cock. Drew started to slide back and forth causing Dan to  moaning a lot more now.

The impromptu tryst continued for some time. I had long since leant my head back on to the tiles and shut my eyes. Dan was doing a really top job. I felt so good but there was no way he could win. Sucks to be him…

But… Oh, that feels like… I pulled my cock from Dan’s mouth in a panic by pushing him back a bit. He looked startled, Drew looked startled as the backward movement unexpectedly applied pressure to his cock and I looked surprised as I started spewing ribbons of cum across Dan’s face.

“Fuck!” We all said in unison.

I looked down at Dan and he looked back in a daze of utter confusion. Cum streaked his face, hair, back and had even managed to land on Drew’s Liverpool football shirt.

“Holy shit - what just happened?!” Drew asked.

“Ummm, I think my Controller turned off the Chasity… Sorry…”

“Haha, no worries. That sent me completely over the edge!”

The water still falling on Dan’s head dislodged some of my cum but he was still coated in it. Drew pulled himself out, first kissing Dan on the lips and then licking off my juice from his nose. He turned him around to face me.

“You need to clean my boi up.”

I went to rub off the cum which had solidified in the heat of the shower.

“Nope. Tongue only. Now. Or you don’t get your gorcey shop.”

Dan just had a silly grin on his face. I glowered at Drew, but what choice did I have? I gingerly started to stuck in the concealed cum from his ear while Dan giggled. It was rank and humiliating.

“Haha, okay, that’s enough. Let’s get you both cleaned up and get the washing on. Dan will give you some clothes.”

Relief spread across my body. Drew had shown great maturity as a Master, showing how mean he could be before pulling back at the very last moment. Anticipation is part of the joy of submission; the fear of something worse that doesn’t happen is part of the game. And Dan loved his games. I was happy he was going to be safe in Drew’s hands.

I stripped off the sopping clothes and then grabbed the shower gel, squirting it in Dan’s hair. We soaped each other up, messing around and laughing like a pair of kids, until we were both clean.

The rest of the evening was laid back. My sodden clothes and sneakers were bundled into the washing machine together with my original set of clothes. We had pizza thanks to Dan and a lot more beer. I had on a nice pair of black skinny Nike Tech trackies and a white Fred Perry tee that Dan had picked out from his wardrobe for me. Drew had informed me these were now mine and that I should take a pair of Jamie’s sneakers as we were the same size. I picked out a real nice pair of Air Max 97s that I knew Jamie didn’t wear much. Drew said Dan would be buying Jamie a new pair as a replacement; I felt a bit guilty but it was horny as hell.

We chatted about what had happened to them all the night before, and why Jamie wasn’t here. It was a pretty amazing story which, if I hadn’t been on my own adventure, probably wouldn’t have believed.

I noticed it was getting late. I had to go back to work tomorrow and knowing I might regret this evening if I stayed any longer, I regretfully broke up the party. Dan had fished out a really nice puffy North Face jacket for me to wear, mindful of the less than warm autumn mornings which was very sweet of him.  Drew grabbed my groceries from the fridge and put my dried clothes in a bag before all three of us embraced in a group hug before I left ‘my shelter’. I wasn’t quite the same without Jamie but it was a fun evening nonetheless, and I really felt I’d helped a couple of lads on their journey. I definitely had a warm fuzzy feeling about me. Everything really did seem to be going well.

I staggered the short distance to my door, managing to miss the keyhole on more than one occasion before entering my now sensibly heated flat. Yeah, my Master wasn’t too bad. He’d got me stuff to eat and there was shower gel and everything. He was looking after me.

*ping* Good evening?

Yeah, it was thanks. And thank you for the shopping. Really nice of you.

No worries, just looking after my boi

Thank you! I do need looking after, thank you for caring.

Are you drunk?!

Maybe a little? I should probably get to sleep. Really tired.

Yeah, you need to be fresh for work tomorrow. Use my app to set the alarm.

Cool I will, thank you Sir.

Sleep well boi.

I looked at the app and found the alarm function. I could set a time but the the alarm type was locked and set to random. Oh well, I'm sure I'd find out soon enough. I kicked off the Nikes, pulled off my newly acquired tee and flopped on the bed still with my Nike trackies on.

“Hmmmm, I'll just shut my eyes for a moment and then…”

Within seconds I was asleep. My weekend had finally ended.

Part 9 will drop on the 28th February, titled ‘Working For The Man’.

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