This story is primarily about control between adult men with punishment and humiliation plus sneaker and clothes messy play and destruction and watersports. There are some sexual situations but it is not the primary objective of the story. If you object to any of this then read no further. This story is sexual fantasy fiction and any resemblance to persons past or present is purely coincidental. Text messages are shown in italic with no space between the responses.

Remote Controlled Part IX - Working For The Man


I was certainly enjoying the slow masturbation the device was giving me, gradually awakening me from my deep slumber. It was adding in low power electrical pulses. It really was so nice.

Workin' 9 to 5

What a way to make a livin'”

“What the fuck?!”

Well, it was really nice until Dolly Parton was blasted at me by the speakers at full volume. I stumbled across the room to try to turn it down but resorted to just pulling the power cord out the wall.

*ping* Morning worker!

Oh fuck off

Tut tut. Apologise or you’ll have no hot water

Sorry. You just woke me up suddenly. I don’t respond well to that.

The device had been pleasuring you for last 30 mins. I hoped you’d have got the hint!

Umm, can I have a shower please Sir?

Yes, 5 minutes. From now. Oh and wear the Rovinj outfit today.

Yes Sir. Thank you.

So this was my new life. Strange thing was, I kinda liked it. I knew I was getting more compliant but it didn't bother me one bit. My Controller was going to challenge me and push me but he was essentially good hearted. Mostly.

I hopped into the shower and scrubbed myself clean before towelling myself down. I walked back to my bedroom and took a cheeky nude photo which I texted to him before swinging my massive wardrobe door open. It was comically empty, with just three pairs of pants, polos and sneakers, two pairs of underwear and sneakers (one odd) and one pair of socks (also odd). And this was just one of my wardrobes. The others stood empty. Redundant. Bereft. Services no longer required.

I picked out the ‘Rovinj outfit’. Oh what memories this had. I pulled on Luca’s briefs and his tight jeans before pulling my Controller’s polo over my head. Next it was Luca’s sock and then my sock; the only piece of clothing I still had before this new life. Lastly it was the red Nike tn of my Controller and the white tn of Luca. I didn’t need the device attached to my cock, I would be rock hard just wearing these clothes.

I went back to the bathroom to fix my hair. That was another new thing in my life. I returned to one of my redundant wardrobes, the one with the mirror, and looked at myself. I didn’t really recognise myself, and if it didn’t feel weird I would say I looked hot. But it was weird; I’d never thought of myself like that.

I took another photo and texted it to my Controller before cursing myself for descending into needless narcissism.

*ping* My boi looks perfect. Grab some breakfast and let’s do this!

I laughed. Was I supposed to be taking part in a football match or something? I wasn’t sure about perfect either, that was a bit much. Not me. But I guess it wasn’t my perfect, it was his perfect, and if I met that who was I to argue?

*ping* put one of your ear buds in so I can talk to you

I finished my breakfast, cleaned my teeth, grabbed the jacket Dan had given me and left the flat feeling better than I had in nearly five years. Which is something as I particularly hate Mondays…


I bounded up the stairs towards the open plan office where I plied my trade as a web coder. I pushed  open the doors and made beeline to my Boss.

“Morning. Sorry about last week Boss!”

“Oh hey, no worries… Oh, wow!” he had stopped mid-sentence as he spun around to look at me.

It was only then I realised this was quite a big thing. The last time they saw me I was, well, boring. Clothes, while not baggy, not too tight and mostly black. Plain hair. And here I was a week later with skinny jeans, an expensive white fitted polo shirt, mismatched shoes and socks and a razor sharp hairstyle.

“A good trip then? You look great!” he asked, apparently still taking in my new look. I suddenly felt very subconscious as I noticed other co-workers heads meerkating around dividers and cabinets. I was very much the centre of attention in my office in a way I’d never been before. I didn’t like it.

“Hey everyone.” I mumbled before scuttling away to my desk.

I logged into my workstation and started to catch up on some of the emails that had arrived in my absence. I could tell that my next door co-worker was staring.

“Hey Greg, what’s up? You good?” I said without looking at him.

“I’m good. Have you been on a makeover show or something - is that why you’re late back?”

Ahhh, Greg, subtle as ever. But not really far from the truth I suppose. Greg was the sort of person you had to love, or else you’d punch him. You could guarantee he would always be wearing jeans (black), converse sneakers (black) and a cartoon tee (black). Today it was a Pokemon one. I suspect his socks and underwear were black as well...

“Yes, well done, you’ve found out my secret!” I said sarcastically.

“Just wondering why you’ve changed all of a sudden. You know you don’t have to impress me, you can just ask for my cock anytime.” I rolled my eyes. Beth who sat nearby tutted loudly.

“He’s a bit of a dick isn’t he?” The voice in my ear observed. “I assume you just laugh that sort of thing off normally? Call his bluff - say okay!” Was he being serious? Well, I knew the answer to that. My Controller was right; I’d always just laugh off comments like that.

“What now? You know I’d do anything to help a co-worker but I’ve only just had my breakfast.” I said  smiling sweetly at him. His jaw dropped open somewhat and he quickly went back to his screen without saying a word. Beth looked at me with a shocked expression before giggling to herself.

“Oh this is going to be fun!” chuckled the voice in my ear. I went back to my emails before getting down to some proper design work.

“Kick off your shoes. Push them to the side.”

I did as I was told, wriggling my toes in the office air. The sneakers were just enough out of reach that I couldn’t put them back on quickly. I felt kind of weird with just my socks between me and the floor at work, and this made it very clear I was wearing one black and one white sock. I showed My Controller the evidence I had obeyed him by pointing my phone camera below the desk..

“Good boi. Get to work. You will need to ask permission from me when you want to use the toilet.”

I sighed at this new command. Beth looked up.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, just really glad to be back at work.” Beth laughed and we both got back to work.

The next couple of hours passed quickly as I got stuck into my work. It was a really complex website but everything seemed really easy today. I guess the bit of me worrying what he might do next was outweighed by the fact I didn’t have to make decisions anymore.

As the clock ticked around to half noon, I was starting to get a bit hungry.

Can I go and get some lunch please?

Not wanting a piss yet?


Go and get a glass of water and drink it all. Now.

I went to the drinking water tap in the kitchenette area and filled up a glass. I placed my phone against the wall so my Controller could see me gulp down the water. Then I filled it up again and downed that as well.

“I’m not yet sure whether that second glass was a form of rebellion...”

It was. It was stupid petulance. It wasn’t long before I paid for that and I really needed to ‘go’.

Please Sir I need to use the toilet

I was going to give you an easy day on your first one back. But you told me to fuck off

I’m sorry :-(

“So today you will not be allowed to use the toilet directly. Your piss must pass through something you’re wearing first.”

“What the fuck?!” Opps, I said that out loud. I held up my hand as an apology to everyone who turned to look at me.

Please Sir, don’t make me do this!

You need to learn respect. You can only use each item once.

It was then I heard a dripping sound in my ear. The bastard was playing the sound of a dripping tap right into my brain! I survived about half an hour fidgeting around on my chair.

Please Sir may I go to the toilet?

Yes. Remember the rules.

I darted off to the toilet and went in a cubicle. Now, the obvious choice was my sneakers; they were leather so could hold it. I could also piss through my socks but then I’d have to wear them wet or throw them away. Choices, choices…

Logic suggested I’d have to go at least once more today and possibly more if my Controller kept making me drink, so it didn’t really matter if I used my sock or sneaker. Sock it was then, because if I didn’t make a decision soon it would be my jeans. I slipped off my shoe and pulled off my original black one, dropped my jeans and briefs and pulled it over my cock. I sat down on the seat and relaxed. As it turned out it wasn’t that bad; only the toe got really wet really

Sir. I’ve just pissed through my sock.

Well done. Put it back on.

It was damp but okay. I slid my foot back into my tns and went back to my desk.

*ping* A glass of water every hour from now. Ready for lunch?

Yes please!

Give me the password for your Amazon account and I’ll give you money for your lunch.

! Absolutely not!

Your choice. You can go hungry then.

My stomach was already rumbling but this was a new rubicon that was being crossed. Not only would he be able to see everything I’ve bought and who I sent it to, but also order new things as Amazon inexplicitly do not ask for the CVV code on the back of your card. But I was hungry…

“Text with password received. Thank you. Right, there’s a nice little cafe down the road. You are to have a cheese and salad sandwich on wholemeal and a black coffee. You can pay using your phone. Be back in 30 minutes. Tomorrow you will make your own lunch and bring it in.”

My head was spinning. Things had definitely stepped up a notch now that I was being told exactly what I could eat.


I arrived back in the office within the time limit and texted my Controller to let him know; not that I had to as he could track me progress via my phone. It was a nice sandwich and coffee was good. I had walked past it many times but for some reason I’d never chosen to frequent it. I wondered why that was. Oh, maybe it was because I always did the same things all the time. Why do we seem to stop trying new things as we get older? Does the furrow we plough really get that deep that we can no long see what is around us? I guess it makes it easier all round when we finally drop dead out of boredom; they just need to shovel the soil over our limp body and be done with it.

I headed over to see Michael. “Hey Michael, sorry I’ve not been over sooner, I got caught up on catching up. Miss me?”

Michael smiled at at my little word play. He was the ‘junior’ in the office at 19 but was more talented than many others, and had a similar sense of humour as me. Poor sod.

“I’m sorry, who are you? I’m not sure we’ve met. I used to know this guy that sat over there, kinda dressed boringly, but he went on holiday and doesn’t seem to have come back…”

I stuck my tongue out at him in mock annoyance. “So any news to report?”

“Well no, everything been running brilliantly, but no doubt you fuck that up soon enough now you’re back...!”

“Oi! Cheeky bastard!” I went to clip him around the ear but he ducked, realising it was coming. If I ever actually caught him I’d probably be in serious trouble but he was always too quick for me. “No, not work - you know exactly what I mean…” I crouched down beside him in a conspiratorial pose. “What’s his name, Ford?”


My attempt in humour fell into the age gap between us. Ouch.

“Yeah, it went… well.”

“Oh, ‘well’ eh? So is he a top or bottom?”

“Not everyone jumps into bed with everyone they meet…” He playfully glared at me. “... but um, turns out he is ‘universal’...”

“Haha, nice! Was it good? Actually you want to catch up for a swift beer after work?”

“I swear you’re trying to lead me astray.”

“It’s already far too late for that...”

“Ha! Okay, cool. Oh, by the way, I found this flaw in the code you wrote before you went on holiday.”

I narrowed my eyes at him. “Thank you Sir. I will do my homework better next time.”

“Good! I like you calling me Sir actually. A bit of respect for once.”

“Don’t push it Michael!” He smiled his big white teethy smile at me and went back to work.

I dutifully fulfilled my task of drinking a full glass of water every hour. I was good at holding back the flow, but with that much, my bladder couldn’t hold out. It didn’t help the the weather had gone against me too and the day had descended into wet dankness. The first time I had to go I used the other sock before ringing it out and putting it back on. Watersports weren’t my greatest love, or like even. Normally I wouldn’t do it but maybe it had an added edge because I was being made to do it. Maybe that was why I was tolerating it.

The third time I had to use one of the Nikes; either the red one from my Controller or the white one from Luca. Choices, choices… I chose my Controller’s in another quiet display of petulance. It wasn’t as easy as the socks because I had to stop in mid flow to be able to empty it but at least my piss was clear and not smelly due to being really well hydrated. I guess I should thank my Controller for caring so much about my health…

Soon after I had returned to my desk Michael came over. “Can you show me this bit of code you did?” He proffered me a handwritten filename and line number on a bit a paper.

“Oh, what have you found wrong with my code now Mrs Marple?”

“Dude, you don’t always fuck everything up.” If it was any other junior I wouldn’t stand for his lip, even in jest, but this was Michael and I had a soft spot for him. “I don’t see how this code works. It does, I just don’t understand why...” He was never afraid to ask about something that puzzled him. It was a rare quality. I explained my quite exceptional piece of work and he went away happy. I even got a “Oh wow, that’s cool!”

The fourth piss happened at about fifteen minutes before ‘going home time’. I just couldn’t hold on so Luca’s sneaker got filled with piss this time. I let my Controller know with a few photos which he seemed to enjoy.

“Excellent. Can’t wait to see what you use next ;-)”

“But it’s the end of work!”

“Did I say this task finished at the end of work?”

“Shit! I’m going out for a drink with Michael!” I suddenly realised I was talking out loud in a public place to my Controller. I popped my head out of the cubicle to see if anyone had come in. Luckily it was clear.

“Oh dear… Still in the toilet?”

“Yes” I said in a more hushed tone.


“Please Sir, err, have mercy?”

“You really need to work on your begging skills! Ask me to allow you to piss normally like a real person.”

“Um, can I piss normally Sir?”


Shit. No choice. Brain overload. “Can I piss like a normal person please Sir!”

I heard the door to the toilets slam shut. Shit, someone had come in. Had they heard me? I had started sweating profusely.

“Yes, of course you can. You text me to ask permission and I might let you go, but I promise if I do you can use the facilities normally.”

I waited a moment and heard the door slam again. I stuck my head out again to check the coast was clear.

“Yes Sir. Thank you Sir!”

“And I will be having a nap for the next couple of hours. So do not interrupt me too often.”

“I will do my best Sir.”

I left the toilet and went back to my desk, eyeing up the room to see who might have caught me talking out loud to my Controller, but everyone was sat at their desk and no-one turned to look at me.

*ping* you always do ;-) have a nice time with Michael. I’ve given you an allowance. Get a photo together  as well please.

“Hey! Ready for a drink. Or two?” Michael already had his coat on.

“Yeah, should be fun little man.”

“I’ve told you not to call me that!”

“I’ll stop calling you that when you stop getting annoyed by it.”

“Fine! Let’s go. You can buy the first round Mr whoever you are!”

I pulled on my coat, now extremely grateful for Dan’s generosity before we headed for the stairs, towards the damp world beyond. It was then I noticed, with some alarm, that the wetness had spread to the top of my sock and a small dark patch had started to form on the hem of my jeans. Michael hadn’t seen it but it would only be a matter of time before he did.


It was only a couple of minutes walk to the pub but it was chucking it down. Not that I minded, I enjoyed getting wet and an excuse to do it in public was even better.

“Oh... No, I can’t resist…” I said eyeing up a large puddle ahead.

“Resist what?”

“Just stop here for a second.”


I took two steps forward and then a leap, landing right in the middle of the puddle, sending water spraying in all directions.

“Dude! What the fuck?”

I grinned back at him sheepishly. I really enjoyed that, and more importantly it gave me cover for why the bottom of my jeans were getting wetter. Sure people think grown people jumping in puddles is weird but I would wager that they think it less weird then pissing in your shoes. Call it a hunch.

“Come on. I can’t take you anywhere can I?” He strode up to me and grabbed my arm.

“No Sir, looks like you can’t!”

He laughed. “You’re insane!”

Guilty as charged.


The pub was fairly quiet, most sensible people had not ventured out. I grabbed two lagers from the bar and we sat down at the table near to the open fire. I slipped off my soaked tns and put them in front of it and then thought, what the hell, and put my socks on the iron rail to the side.

It wouldn’t take much, just a small nudge to send them into the fire. I decided not to listen to that part of my brain. Not today. I realised Michael was staring at me.

“Weirder and weirder! I’m not having you sat there with bare feet. What size are you?”


“Right...” He rummaged in his bag and pulled out a really nice pair of Adidas Ultraboosts. “They’re 10.5 but should be okay.”

I spotted shorts and a towel in his bag. “I didn’t know you went to the gym?”

“Yes, just recently started going after work when I’m not out drinking with strange locals! Just put them on okay.”

I was more than happy too of course. I slipped on his lightly worn sneakers, a little on the large size but nothing too problematic. Especially when sitting around in a bar. Just for a second I thought about asking if I could borrow his gym socks but chickened out.

“Thanks Michael.” I grinned at him and took a mouthful of Lager. “So… Austin?”

We chatted about his burgeoning relationship and then about nothing in particular for a pint and a half, before I really needed to go for a piss. I quickly texted my Controller to ask permission and about five minutes later the reply arrived.

*ping* yes boi you may

I was absolutely desperate but thought leaving as soon as I received a text message would look a bit odd. I bounced my leg up and down as a distraction tactic and waited for a short time.

“Okay I need a piss.”

“Fine, I don’t think need my permission?! And get another one in while you’re up!”

“Please…?” He smiled at me without adding please and I disappeared to the toilet.

I returned with two new pints. “So who is he then?” asked Michael as I sat down.


“Your new boyfriend.”

“What? I don’t...” I don’t think that was a lie.

“Come off it, look at you with your new cool hair and fashionable clothes. You ain’t fooling me!”

“It was just time for a change. I don’t have a new boyfriend Michael.”

“There is someone though…”

He knew. Told you he was a smart cookie. There was no point in denying it any further so I told him about what happened in Rovinj. Well, some of it. I might have left out the bit about being controlled, the clothes ripping and the device. I might have mentioned Luca happened before the encounter with my Controller. The last thing you want when telling a story is to open up other avenues of questioning by sticking to such small details like the truth.

“And they lost all your luggage flying back?”

I might have lied about that too.

“Sounds like you had a lot of fun. So are you seeing him again?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. We’re in touch everyday.”

“Oh wow, sounds serious then! That’s cool. You’ve never been with anyone for as long as I’ve known you.”

This was venturing into territory I didn’t want to be in. Before long it will move on to when was the last. Then who and why it didn’t work out. No, that conservation wasn’t happening; The hurt and pain of five years ago could stay there. Former loves in previous lives.

“Oh, for all that long! You’ve only known me for five minutes!”

“Yeah, feels longer.”

I punched him in the arm for that one. He ruefully rubbed his arm and pouted at me. We had a final pint and I realised I’d probably need to go again soon so I texted my Controller to ask permission. Half an hour later minutes later while we were taking the last gulps of our drink, he still hadn’t replied. I knew better to text again so I had no choice but to hold it in.

Michael picked up my Nikes and put his hand inside. “They’re still soaked - inside and out, how did you even manage that?” He insisted I kept his Adidas and volunteered to put my sneakers and socks in his bag because I didn’t have one.

I suddenly remembered my Controller’s other task. “Oh, we should have a quick selfie or something to celebrate the evening.”

“What? You? In a photo? Dude, I’m getting really worried about you!”

Task completed, we staggered out the door, feeling the effects a bit more due to our empty stomachs. The rain was still falling and I needed a piss.

*ping* cute. And yes you may have a piss. Hope I’m not to late :-p

We were about halfway to the tube station and their were no toilets around; this was England after all…

“I made a schoolboy error and didn’t have a piss before we left. Do you know anywhere…?”

“Whoops. No. Just let it go, no-one will notice in this rain.”

I stopped dead in my tracks. Did I hear that correctly? “What?”

“It’s no biggie but maybe it help it I told you to do it. Or would you like to ask permission first?”

Where had that come from? He leant towards me and whispered in my ear.

“Maybe you just need to ask if you can piss like a normal person please…” he lingered for what seemed like an eternity. “... Sir.” He flashed a smile. “Keep walking or we’re going to get soaked!”

He put his arm around my shoulder. “That’s it, one foot in front of the other and just release… see, it’s easy!” I looked down at the ever growing wet patch on his jeans. It started to move down his leg past his knee and finally must have soaked his socks down into his Jordan high tops. It just continued to flow for an age; it occurred to me he hadn’t once used the toilet in the pub.

“Now you.” I hesitated but obviously this was pretty normal to him so I followed the command and released. It felt so great not to be holding that in as it initially soaked Luca’s briefs before breaking out across his jeans. The wet but warm sensation quickly spread across my leg, glistening more than the general dampness of the rest of the fabric. I felt it enter his Adidas sneaker and shortly after the flow ceased.

“I’m so proud of you! Better now?”

“Yeah, but your shoes…?”

“Nothing they haven’t seen before…”

“What? Seriously?!”

“Seriously!” And then he started kicking water at me from a nearby puddle.

“Hey - stop that!” I grabbed him in an attempt to sweep his legs away, all the time our piss soaked jeans rubbing together. In the struggle I half pulled his coat over his head. “You’re going down little man!” With that I succeeded in knocking him off balance and cradled him to the ground into a puddle, instantly soaking the seat of his jeans and the back of his tight tee that had been exposed. I put one knee on his chest, preventing him from getting up.


“That’ll teach you to soak me!” I extended my hand to help him up which he took but then pulled me towards him. All it took was a quick roll before I ended up where he had just been, feeling the water soak through the back of the jeans.

We called a truce and got back up, laughing.

“I’m completely soaked now!” I was, front and back and Dan’s Nuptse North Face jacket was drenched.

“Yeah, no-one would ever know you’ve pissed yourself... Just me.” He gave me a wink a started to run off to the tube station.

“Oh come on, stop with the running!” I shouted before chasing after him.


I arrived back in my flat still completely drenched. I took a photo before telling my Controller the details of the evening. One that had taken a very unexpected turn.

So he thought I was a new boyfriend?

Something like that.

Am I?

Ummm, I thought the whole point of this was you make all the decisions!

Yeah, fair point! So, looks like it is the Lacoste outfit tomorrow then. Just leave today’s to dry - no need to wash it. Much better for the environment.

The planet thanks you for your contribution Sir!

As it should. You only get a three minute shower tomorrow for that cheek. Any more and it will be cold.

Sorry. It’s difficult it’s just my normal humour. Can I nuke a ready meal in the microwave please?

Yes of course. Be my guest :-)

I wolfed it down in seconds before the tiredness started to come to the fore; every limb feeling so heavy. I texted my Controller goodnight and soon I was in bed, naked. I fell asleep so quickly and so soundly that I didn’t hear the next text come in.

*ping* Your paypal password is the same as your amazon one! Stupid wonderful boi :-D

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