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James Clark

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Scout Camp education part 1


My name is James I was born in 1984, the third child of five I have two sisters and two brothers. My family lived in an upper middle class suburb of Denver. Our neighborhood had so many boys around my age (Which made it a great place for guy to grow up) that I always had friends to hang around with. We would play baseball, ride bikes and discovered the problems of going through puberty.

The year I turned twelve I joined the local Boy Scouts with around 12 other guy from my neighborhood We were a rambunctious group and, a little difficult for the Scout Master to handle. In the summer we had planned a trip to a local campground that was very popular with local Scout groups.

To pay for the trip had to do lots of work projects to earn the money for our Month long adventure. To earn money, we did anything we could from washing cars to collecting aluminum cans. We worked our butts off for the chance to get away from our families for a whole month.

The name of the campground was Camp Lakewood because it had a small lake in the center. It was acres and acres of trees cabins a stream and huge mountains. We would be able to swim, boat fish and have a blast. This is a list of the guys in my troop and their ages:

Don: Dirty blond hair 5'7 Born in August 1983 and the only 13 year old.

Billy: Black hair 5'8 Born in September 84

Ken: 5'7 Light brown hair born in December,

Jeff 5'4 dirty blond hair born in late January

Roy 5'1 with light blond 12 born early March

James 5'2 with dark brown hair born late March

Jay: 5'0 with dark brown hair born April

David 5'8 med blond hair born in April

Mark 5'5 med brown hair born in May

Fred 5'6 black hair born in May

Russell 5'1born in July

Scott 5'2 born in August

As you can see, all of the boys from my area were between the ages of 12 and 13. My name is James as I mentioned earlier and I fit right in middle of the group. Billy was our ring leader and usually led us in to temptation ha ha. Most of the group were friends with few exceptions. Each guy had friends in the group and every guy liked Billy or at least feared going against him. Many would follow him to the gates of hell and back. After the Scout master drove us to the camp then registered and had to get back to his work.

Getting settled in our Cabin

Camp Lakewood was owned by a family that was dedicated to making upright Christian boys into Eagle Scouts. There were 15 cabins 10 for the boys and each with a cabin leader assigned. The leader would act as our guide, and would teach and monitor our progress. The guides enforced the rules and acted as a mentor. Our cabin was assigned Evan who a tall 16 year old Eagle Scout. Evan was the youngest of the cabin leaders. He was strict and way too cocky for his own good.

I didn't hear him compliment anyone even when we did a great job. In fact he would put us down for any little mistake and compare us to other groups he had worked with. During the first part of each day Evan would work with each of us on merit badges. We did hiking, swimming, archery and worked on knot merit badge.

Evan's favorite badge for for knot mastery. He mentioned that he would like to be an escape artist and, would have us tie him with different knots and would escape each time. He would practice and practice escaping then, make fun of the person that tied the knots. It usually took just a few minutes to escape each attempt. He would say “If you knew how to tie a knot correctly, I would have a harder time escaping.

About half of the boys in the my troop had started puberty. I was one of the lucky ones that had gotten the hair and larger body parts. I also had the hormones to go with the change. About a year earlier, when I was eleven I had found out that my penis had other options besides just peeing. t happened by accident while climbing the large swing set at the local park. I was climbing up the pole and, as I continued to climb, my penis started getting a great feeling. As I continued it felt better and better and, it caused me to need to pee. The feeling was to good that I was always going to the park to climb the poles.

As I went through changes in my body I found the same thrill rubbing my dick against the bed sheets but would pee a little it seemed. My sheets were always a little wet after but, I though it was just pee. After three or four days at camp, I really wanted to get the feeling again. I waited till everyone was asleep then, started rubbing my dick against the sheet. Soon I got that feeling I was looking for and went to sleep.

Evan the jerk

The next morning Evan pulled me aside, and told me that he had saw what I was doing during the night, and that he would be sending a letter to my Pastor. I asked what I had done wrong. He said that it was called masturbation and was a sin.

During the next few days Evan caught other scouts using the hands to get the feeling and, was going to report them also. Evan had gone too far this time. We came to camp thinking about all the fun we would have. Not only are we not having fun, we work work all the time and now I was going to get in trouble for something I didn't even know was bad.

When Evan went to get some supplies, Billy called us around and we decided to teach Evan a lesson. Every boy in the cabin agreed and each had some suggestions. Billy came up with the perfect plan. We would use Evans love of escaping against him. The plan would be enacted that night, before Evan had a chance to write letters to our parents and Pastor.

Evan receives his education

Everyone had gotten ready for bed when Billy stepped forward:

Billy: Hey Evan, I have a new way to tie a knot that I bet you could not get

out of.

Evan: I can get out of any knots you can tie.

Billy: Name your bet.

Evan: If I win you must be my personal slave for the rest of camp.

Billy: If you lose, you will still be bound, and I will name the terms of your surrender.

Evan: What do you mean?

Billy: Just that I will set some conditions that you must meet to be freed

from your confinement.

Evan: Since I will be free within a few minutes, I guess there is no need

to worry about conditions.

Billy: How long will you need to free yourself from my knots then?

Evan: Five minutes is the longest it has ever taken me to get free.

Billy put a mattress on the floor then Evan laid down. Bill started tying each leg then securing it to one of support beams for that held up the Roof. As he tied the knots around the feet he kept them separated from each other. Next he moved to the right hand and tied the knots on the back of the hand. He moved to the second hand and did the same. Making sure that each hand was far away from the other then secured to two other beams and tightened the ropes. Evans arms were above his head and away from each other.

By separating the limbs Evan could not use one hand to free the

other or, his teeth to loosen the knots. The Evan tied before us seemed less cocky and looked a little scared.

Billy: Ready?

Evan: Definitely!

Billy: Go!

Jeff used a stop watch to keep time and Evan started to attempt to free himself. After a few seconds it was evident that he could not get leverage or move his hands to access the knots. As the time neared five minutes, it was clear that Evan would not be escaping anytime soon. At the five minute mark Billy stepped forward:

Billy: Five minutes is up however, I will give you one more minute. Then I will start accessing penalties.

After six minutes Billy said okay Evan,this is how your penalties will work. Every two minutes you will get penalty and I will administer the punishment. It has been decided that for each penalty you will lose an article of clothing With that he went to Evans feet and removed his shoes. Evans eyes went wide and he started to struggle against the ropes. Two minutes later socks were removed. Evan was searching desperately for a way out. Another two minutes and the shirt was pulled over his head. Billy had put a lot of thought into his plan because the shirt easily went past the hands and up on the ropes.

Evan got a scared look on his face because, he knew he was going to be totally naked soon. When Billy reached to undo Evans pants, Evan started to speak:

Evan: I can't get out I give up.

Billy: I will let you know the terms of surrender after you receive all penalties.

Evan laid there with just his white briefs as his pants slid down on to the ropes.

Evan: Billy, this has gone far enough!

Billy: A bet is still a bet, and the loser does not decide any of the terms.

When it came time to lose the briefs Evan spoke again:

Evan: Please Billy don't do this!

Billy grabbed the sides of the briefs then slowly pulled down an inch at a time. Everybody (except Evan) was having a great time watching laughing and teasing Evan. Once the briefs pulled off, and Evans penis was exposed. Gasp were heard around the room and every boy stared at the huge cock before them. It was uncut and over five inches soft. Most of us had never seen an uncut cock before. Every boy in the cabin was cut and much smaller than Evan. We were all curious about Evans ample package. Evan waited for Billy to name the terms, but Billy wasn't through with the humiliation:

Billy: Let see how big this thing gets as he reached over and started stroking that monster cock. Every eye was glued to that great wonder as it kept growing and growing and didn't seem to stop. At full size it must have been a foot long. Billy went to his belongings and brought back a tape measure. He put the end at the base of Evans dick and moved up to the tip. Eight and a half inches long he exclaimed. Measured around the cock and said five and three quarter inches:

Evan: You guys have had your fun now please let me go. Billy just laughed and said one more penalty. He reached for Evans package and played with the testicles while with the other hand he slowly started stroking Evan.

Evan: Please this is a sin! Don't do this to me, I'm begging you. Please Billy stop please please don't do this!

We all watched as Evan started to respond to the stimulation with small groans. Still asking and begging for Billy to stop. Then, Evan started breathing harder and his hips started to buck. That huge dick started spurting white liquid all over his stomach and chest. Some, even got in his hair and covered his face. Billy stopped walked over and got some tissues and asked everyone to help him clean off Evan. Evan looked so defeated and guilty.

Billy: I will give you fifteen minutes to rest while I decide the terms of your surrender.

Evan was trying to hold back tears as he laid there and closed his eyes. Finally Billy came over and spoke:

Billy: You ready to hear my terms?

Evan nodded.

The terms of surrender

Billy: One of us is going to jack you off again and once you shoot your load, you must eat every drop of the cum. Then you will be released.

Evan:NEVER! Let me go or I will have you are arrested. He started trying to scream but Billy shoved his briefs into his mouth.

Billy: When your ready to accept our terms, let me know. To help you make up

your mind, we are going to take turns keeping you erect till you agree. We can keep you hard all night if we need to.

Evan: I will never agree to do something so repulsive. You will be forced to let me go in the morning.

Each of us were paired up and were assigned an hour shift of erection duty. Evan would be kept erect and awake while we took turns sleeping. After three hours Evan was a wreck muttering and crying. When it was our turn Jeff and I took turns cranking Evan when he would start to go down. I thought it would be fun to get him near climax then stop jacking. Jeff, saw Evans reaction and did the same a few times. I must admit that I loved his cock in my hand. I loved how the skin had retracted till the head was totally exposed and the way it would twitch with his heart beat.

With the erection the head was exposed and looked like he was circumcised. I loved the feel of his balls nice and plump like two huge plums. When I would rub my thumb over the head of his dick he would start shaking. When Jeff switched positions with me, I would tweek Evans nipples or, rub my hand over his abs.

Around 5:00 a.m, Evan could take no more and finally agreed to the terms. Luckily, one of the guys had a digital camera to capture the final event. The video would be used as protection and for future entertainment. Billy stepped forward started stroking Evan. Each of the rest of the boys took a different part of Evan's body to make sure that he was getting stimulation from everywhere. Soon Evan started shaking a moaning we knew it wouldn't be long. This time he erupted tons of cum just like a fountain (Must have been all the teasing done through the night). Each boy helped gathering the cum with our fingers and put it to his mouth. He licked each finger clean, till he had swallowed every drop. Then, we freed one his hands.

Evan started to undo the ropes. A few tears escaped from his eyes. Once he was free he grabbed his briefs and slipped them on. Then he dressed quickly and gathered his belongings and went out the door. We looked out the window and saw him sitting on the steps of the cabin sobbing. I must admit that I felt really sorry for him but, he was the one that started the war.

Evan went to the main cabin and tried to resign, but was assigned to another cabin. The Camp owner came storming over to our cabin walked in the door and pulled it shut. He started asking what we did to Evan. Nobody spoke a word. I don't know what you did to Evan he said but, you little shits will not get away with it. He left slamming the door behind him.

End of part one.

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