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From Scout camp education part 1: Evan went to the main cabgin and tried to resign. but, was assigned to another cabin. The Owner of the campground stormed over to our cabin, walking in the door and pulled it shut with a slam. He said " I don't know what you did to Evan but, you little shits will not get away with it!.

Scout Camp education part 2

Evan tries to recover

Evan arrived at his new cabin and, found that his another group leader had taken his scouts hiking for the day. He slowly put his things down and then laid on his new bed. He was very tired from the events of the previous night and decided to take a nap. Every time he would close his eyes, his mind would replay the events of how he was tricked into the trap that the scouts had set. How could I be so stupid he thought. He closed his eyes again and fell right to sleep.

Then, the dreams started he was tied up and Billy was slowly stroking him. He woke with a start and found he had a raging boner. He would try to stop the images by try to think of them as repulsive and wrong. His erection would not go down no matter how hard he tried. Evan knew if he was to get any sleep; he would need to beat off as he called it. Oh dear God please forgive me! I know I promised that I would never masturbate again. I hope you understand that I can't get rid of the images in my mind. I did not ask for this to happen but, it did happen and I am unable to get rid of the feelings.

He pulled out his cock, started to stroke and tried to think of the girls he had dated. Being a religious guy, he had never tried to have sex with the girls and, he was still a virgin. Thinking of each girl one at a time trying to picture them naked. After twenty minutes he still wasn't fully hard and, not even close to ejaculation.

Soon his mind was wandering as he tried to find something to help him get off. Again he was bound and some of the boys were stroking his cock and this make his cock harden. No! he thought, I refuse to be turned on by being violated. Again and again he would start and would end up thinking of the same thing. Finally, he gave in and was able to squirt after a few minutes. In his mind he thought "I must be a Fag! I really loved being stripped and fondled. I am so ashamed. What will my parents and church think? After his orgasm, his mind calmed and he fell asleep.

Bad scouts get a new leader

After the departure of Evan, we were a little anxious about what our punishment would be. Nervously we watched at the window for any signs from the main office. After about twenty minutes a huge guy stepped out of the door of the office and headed our way. As he drew closer he called for us to meet him in the front of the cabin. He was tall with muscles everywhere. Not really handsome but his body was just like a sculpted god.

My name is Todd he said and, I will be your new group leader. From the looks of it you are a bunch of sissy boys! I am going to teach you how to be men. Now girls get your gear, we are going on a little hike. He started off and, we had a hard time keeping up. Anytime we asked for a rest he would call us little girls. Finally the hike was finished and we came back to the cabin. Each of laid on our beds. Todd yelled "Come on girls it's time to go swimming. Woo hoo swimming sounded good after a long hike.

We quickly got ready and ran for the pool. Jumping in and splashing around till we heard a whistle. Listen up! We are here to earn a swimming badge which means swimming laps. I don't want to see any splashing around like a bunch of little girls. How could anyone make swimming a chore? After swimming we were almost to tired to eat. We arrived back at our cabin around eight at night. When it was time to sleep, Todd called us to him again. I don't want to hear any talking or any other noise from you girls. Especially, no sounds of you playing with your tiny cocks. If you give me any problems, I will make you hike 15 miles tomorrow.

We all were so sleepy that we were asleep in just a few minutes. In the morning when Todd left to take a shower, we has another meeting. It seems we need to educate our new leader said Billy. Jeff said "This guy will not fall for the same trick we did to Evan. We need to plan something that will disable a 220 pound muscle man. During our canoeing class, we got a chance to sit four scouts to a canoe. This gave us a little time alone to plan out our strategy for Todd's demise. We could hear Todd at the shore yelling "Row harder girls". It was apparent that the problem was getting worse. The plan would need to happen tonight.

Evan talks to a friend

Evan needed to talk about the things he had experienced recently. He found his friend Brad who had mentored him in past years and helped him get this job. To Evan Brad was like an older brother.

Brad: Evan, I heard you were assigned to a new cabin, what happened?

Evan: I was attacked by my scouts.

Brad: What did they do to you bud?

Evan: I don't want to talk about it, I was humiliated.

Brad: Come on Evan, we're like brothers, you can tell me anything.

Evan: You know how I like to practice being and Escape Artist?

Brad: Yeah, who in this camp doesn't know that about you?

Evan: Well it all started when one of my scouts gave me a challenge. You know how I love a good challenge. I have never lost a challenge and, these guys were so bad at tying knots. At least that is what I thought.

Brad: It makes sense since you are the best at tying knots, you would know how to get out of them.

Evan: The scout started by pulling a mattress to the floor then, had me lie down. When he started tying knots he did it in a strange way. He tied each leg and each arm separate from the others. My legs were tied to post as were my hands. He kept my hands above my head and away from each other. Also away from my mouth. He also put the knots on the back of my hands.

Brad: That would make it more difficult.

Evan: We agreed that I would have five minutes to free myself. If I won the little jerk would be my slave boy.

Brad: And if you lost?

Evan: That is where I made a mistake. I never got the details of his plans for me.

Brad: So how long did it take you to escape;

Evan: I couldn't escape! After six minutes he started to asses penalties.

Brad: Penalties? what do you mean?

Evan: For every two minutes that I was still bound, I would lose an article of clothing.

Brad: Woo hoo I wish I would have seen that!

Evan: Come on Brad, it was humiliating.

Brad: Sorry guy but, I have taken a little peek at that monster you have while we shower.

Evan: Brad! I didn't know you were checking me out.

Brad: How could anyone miss that thing? Anyway go ahead with your story.

Evan: After I was totally naked, he started to play with my penis and balls. In a few minutes, I was hard. I tried to give up but, he mentioned that he was the winner and would decide what would happen. Next, he measured my manhood.

Brad: And what was the verdict?

Evan: Please Brad your comments aren't helping.

Brad: Sorry pal.

Evan: He stroked me to orgasm. Then he said he would give me fifteen minutes. Then, I would get the terms of surrender.

Brad: I don't understand, surrender?

Evan: Since I was a prisoner, the price I would pay to be released.

Brad: That kid is totally evil! I totally respect that.

Evan: Brad, you are supposed to be on my side.

Brad: I am sorry, what were the terms?

Evan: I was to be jacked off again and, would have to eat all the cum I made.

Brad: That is sick dude. You didn't agree did you?

Evan: I told him that I would never comply. To help me agree to the terms, I was to kept erect till I agreed to eat my cum. Each of the scouts took turns keeping me hard. Some of those little jerks would do more that just keep me hard. They would stroke me till I was ready to shoot. Then, just stop leaving me begging for release.

Brad: That is called edging. How long did it take you to agree?

Evan: How do you know I agreed?

Brad: You wouldn't be that upset unless you had to eat your own cum. I know I couldn't have lasted more that fifteen minutes myself. Sometimes I have a hair trigger also.

Evan: After six hours of torture, I agreed then, all of the scouts gathered around me to participate in my humiliation. Toughing me everywhere and caressing. I have never felt that way before. After just a few minutes I started shaking then, it happened. Shot after shot of cum erupted from my cock. I couldn't stop cumming. It was horrible. Next, each of the little devils ran a finger through my load and fed it to me. I was still coming down from the orgasm and it didn't taste that bad.

Brad: Sounds hot to me!

Evan: You know how I feel about beating off and, how sinful and wrong it is.

Brad: I do know hat you refrain from that type of thing yes. Evan, honestly it is a normal part of growing up. Every guy has the urge. Most of us just take care of it as it happens. Even our church leaders were teenagers at one time. They should understand and not judge us.

Evan: They made me swallow every drop. I felt humiliated and guilty. I wanted to throw up. I quickly got dressed, grabbed my stuff and left. The worst part is, that I couldn't hold my emotions and had to sit on the cabin steps. They were able to see me crying.

Evan started crying again and, Brad pulled him to a hug. He held him till he stopped crying. Then, Evan spoke again.

Evan: That isn't even the worst part of my ordeal.

Brad: What else happened buddy? If they hurt you, I will make them pay.

Evan: They didn't hurt me physically but, they hurt me a different way. I can't stop thinking about what they did. It actually excites me and I've beat off three times just thinking about it. I am going to hell for sure now.

Brad: If every guy that jerked off went to hell, there wouldn't be any left to be in heaven. Do you feel that they awakened gay feelings in you?

Evan: I don't know anymore. I am a virgin and I have never allowed myself to think of sex. I knew that I would wait until marriage for sex. I wouldn't even jack off because it caused too much guilt. The things they did to me gave me the best orgasms I have ever had. Brad, what am I going to do?

Brad: Take a while to work it out. find out who you are and, no matter who you are I will be your friend. I do have something to admit. I was getting turned on when you told me about your bondage. I've always fantasized about bondage myself.

Evan: With a guy?

Brad: Sometimes I do actually. I just figure that a guy would know how to push the right buttons. I really wish it would have been me that it happened to.

Evan: Gosh, you have a boner you pervert!

Brad: You should talk, you kept poking me with that monster while I hugged you. Seriously though if, you want to try a few things I would love to participate.

Evan: I will let you know after I think things through.

Todd gets a lesson

The day was ending and the scouts were finalizing their plans for Todd. We knew that we couldn't just jump him and restrain him, he is too strong for that. It would take a little luck and some help from Todds arrogance. After lights out we were very quiet, watching and waiting for Todd to fall asleep. In this cabin the leaders bed was made with cut logs and was bigger that our bunk beds. We heard light snoring and knew that he was just falling asleep. Slowly and carefully we crept to his bed.

Four guys were assigned to tie him and, had made slip knots that were slowly placed around his arms and feet. Everyone moved quickly to get Todd secured to the bed. Todd woke up and almost broke the bed with his struggle. A blindfold was placed over Todd's eyes and we warned him that if he yelled, there would be dirty underwear placed in his mouth.

Threats started and it sent chills down my spine. I was a little afraid.

Todd: You little worms are dead meat! If you think you can get away with doing things to me, you will be very sorry.

Billy: You've been a bad boy Toddy and, it is time for the group; leader to receive an education.

Todd: If you do anything to me, there will be no place that you will be safe.

Billy: You are a little too macho for me but, we are going to correct that. First of all, you keep on trying to act like a big man. To be a man, you need to treat people with respect. You call us all worms and girls. You look like a man but really are just a boy. And little boys should look like little boys. The first thing that will happen is you will lose your pubic hair. A razor was produced and Todds boxers were cut off.

Todd: You better leave that hair right where it is. I will not let you little fags cut off my pubs.

He started trying to break free and was nearly breaking the bed. Billy had three of us sit on his stomach and chest to wear him down. After five minutes Todd could buck no more. Billy put shaving cream on his arm pits and with a with a few strokes the hair was gone. Todd's hairy chest was next. Finally, it was time to shave balls and cock. Todd moved frantically.

Billy: If you keep moving like that, you will have cuts all over you pecker and balls.

Todd thought for a moment then stopped moving. It took a few guys to move him to his side to allow access to back and butt. Billy moved to Todds crack then stopped.

Billy: Dude, do you ever clean back here?

Todd: Asshole!

Billy: That is what I say, you have a dirty asshole.

We got some wipes and cleaned up Todds dirty butt then Billy shaved his crack. It was time to move to the next step.

Billy: Since you need to lose a little of your aggressiveness, you will be neutralized. To help to mellow you out, we are going to milk you.

Todd: What does that mean? It better not mean that you are do more queer stuff to me.

Billy: We are going to milk you just like a cow. You will cum then, we will keep jacking you till you cum again. This will go on till you have no more sperm left in your body. The first two times will be okay. After that you will be so sensitive that you will want to cry. By the end o the night you will be empty and sore. You also will be as gentle as a lamb.

I was difficult to get Todd erect, He was definitely not into guys touching him. Since we had all night we figured that we would do three or four times in a row then once per hour after that. It was going to be a difficult night for the big Jerk.

In addition to milking, we had a few more treats in store. After trying every inch of Todds body, there was finally a response between the balls and butt hole. Todd got as hard as the logs he was tied to. Time for a measurement and it was obvious that he was no Evan. Just 51/2 inches long and three inches around. Once the cock was hard it only took five minutes before the first climax. Jeff took over for Billy, slowly stroking and playing with Todds little balls. Billy brought over a few clothes pins and p;ut one on each of Todds nipples . Todd started cursing and after a second orgasm he had just about reached his limit.

It was my turn to take over and I noticed that Todds cock was smaller than mine and his balls were tiny. He must be on steroids I thought as I stroked him. I decided to stop once in a while and smack his tight butt. Billy came up with the idea to rub our peckers over Todds face. Todd was missing the show which I felt was a shame so, I pulled off the blindfold. Todds eyes went wide and he said " I will kill every guy who put his pecker on my face. After his third climax, he could take no more. His cock must have been so sensitive.

Just as we did a few days before, we took shifts for Todds education. However, we did let him sleep between sessions. On the hour a new team would masturbate Todd. Poor Todd, nobody had cleaned off he semen between sessions and he was a real mess. On my next turn, I decided to take some of the semen and ;put it on his face. He started to wretch and soon his face and hair had his cum on them. By morning there was no semen left. We jerked him one more time to make sure. Before we left for breakfast, one of his hands was freed.

Todd defeated

After an hour Todd came walking up and whispered something in his fathers ear. He looked horrible. He must have been tired and weak. He left as quickly as he came and, we didn't see him again for a few days. He was too macho of a man to tell his father what had happened. All of the scouts had a feeling of joy and satisfaction on a job well done.

End of part two.

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