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From part 2

After around and hour I saw Todd walk up to his father (The owner of the camp} and whisper something in his ear. He looked so tired and weak. He then quickly left and we didn’t see him again for a few days. He was too much of a man to tell his father what had happened. We did also record the shaving and first milking, which was a source of total enjoyment and satisfaction on a job well done.

Scout camp education part 3

Todd slowly walked toward the exit of the camp and down the road a half a mile to his family’s cabin. Once inside he removed all of his clothing. His dick was so sensitive that even his silk boxers felt like sand paper. When he would lay down he had to lay on his back. As he thought about what the little scouts did to him, his blood started to boil. He started planning his revenge. He was going to get those little bastards (Every last one of them). Slowly he planned his revenge. He had plenty of time to think since he couldn’t go outside naked. It took three days for him to feel comfortable in boxers again.

At Camp Lakewood

Evan wondered what had happened to Todd. It had to be worse then his experience since, Todd had to leave camp. Just thinking of the possibilities got him excited. His new group was going great, they did what he asked them to and worked hard every day. The new group was fourteen and, did not require much training. Evan also tried a different approach with this group. He had learned a few things this past week. It was almost like a new person.

Evan takes the next step

The thoughts of bondage still haunted his thoughts. He started popping boners just like a 12 year old. Those thoughts, what am I going to do about my lack of focus?

Finally he sought out Brad and said: If you are interested, I would like to do a little experimenting with bondage. Brad’s eyes lit up and he said "I though you would never ask!"

Late that night after his scouts were asleep, hi tiptoed to the door and gently turned the handle. He headed for a small cabin that the maintenance used for storage. Brad was waiting for him and quickly ushered him into a small room. It looked like Brad had been busy. Not only was it a little scary, it also was very exciting for the virgin sixteen year old. Brad was holding a backpack full of accessories.

Brad: Do you want to be the slave or the master?

Evan: What does that mean?

Brad: Do you want to be bound and punished, or would you like me to be in charge?

Evan: Could I be bound first, I need a few more memories to keep my jack off sessions interesting.

Brad: Okay slave, take off your cloths and put your hands behind your back.

Evan slowly started removing his cloths. Brad pulled a paddle from his pack and gave Evan a swat on the ass. Ouch Evan said what was that for? I told you to strip boy, and when I give an order I expect you to do it quickly understand? Yes said Evan.

Evan was so hard he felt his dick was going to burst. Brad spoke again:

Brad: Slave, did I say that you could get and erection?

Evan: No but, I’m sorry I can’t help it.

Brad: I will let it pass this time, but you need to learn control slave!

After Evan was tied securely Brad started slowly touching and exploring every part of Evans swimmers body. He pinched his nipples and twisted. Evan cried out. Brad reached in his pack and pulled out shaving cream and a razor. He said "Slave boys don’t need hair on their body". Evan’s eyes got really big.

Evan: Brad, you can’t do that! I still have to shower with the other guys.

Brad: Slave, who told you that you could speak. Turn around, and bend over, you need to be punished.

Evan: Brad, I’m not sure I want to do this.

Brad: Do as your told, or I will slap your penis with the paddle.

Evan turned around and bent over. Three sharp smacks on his but brought tears to his eyes. His boner never wavered. He was enjoying this, but he was a little scared.

Brad: Don’t worry slave, I will make sure that I’m the only one that see’s you in the shower.

Evan: How will you do that?

Brad: You can shower with me after lights out.

Brad slowly spread the shaving cream over Evans body. Then, pulled the razor out and shaved his armpits. Evan did not have any chest hair. Brad shave arms, legs and then the ass. He saved the huge dick for last. As he started lathering up Evans manhood, Evan could take no more thick ropes of cum started shooting all over both of them. Brad tried to act angry, but couldn’t stop smiling. He then laid Evan on the small cot that was in the corner of the building. Evan looked great with no hair. His dick seemed to be two inches longer without all that pubic hair in the way. Evan said Sorry, I couldn’t help myself that was exciting. Brad said, you will learn control after we have a few more sessions.

Brad reached again in his pack and pulled out some cloths pins and attached them to Evans nipples. He then pulled a small rope out and reached for Evans balls. He wrapped the rope around the Testicles then pulled a rock out from his pack and tied the other end of the rope to the rock. The rock was put over he side of the cot and let hang free which pulled Evans balls to the side and stretched them by about three inches. Next he said we are going to test your endurance now. He reached for Evans scrotum and felt is testicles, they felt like silk without the hair. After grabbing Evans penis he started a slow teasing hand job.

Every vein in the huge cock stood out and the head flared to twice its normal size. Evan started moaning and started showing the signs of pending orgasm. Brad dropped the penis and, started running his hand over Evans entire body. The new slave felt as soft and smooth as a baby. Brad could hardly contain himself. He stopped long enough to grab the testicles and give them a good squeeze. It only took a few minutes Evan was starting to go down. Releasing the testicles the stroking started again. When Evan was fully hard again, Brad reached for the testicles again and started the squeezing again while stroking the penis slowly . Evan was loving the attention. Again he was ready to shoot his load when Brad stopped again. This time he decided to use tickle torture. With Evan being so venerable, it didn’t take long to find his ticklish spots. Starting with the side of the ribs Evan was laughing and begging for Brad to stop.

Brad moved to Evans feet and started running his fingers along the soles of the feet. Not only did Evan respond with laughter, his boner seemed to grow and extra inch. For the third time Brad started stoking Evan he took some rubber gloves from his backpack and slipped them on. He pulled some Vaseline from the pack and lubed his index finger. The finger spread the vaseline on the newly shaved butthole. Every once in a while, the finger would penetrate the virgin hole just a little. Evan started moaning. Brad backed off, it wasn’t time for Evan to cum yet.

Moving up to Evans mouth and gave a gentle kiss. Evan wasn’t sure about the kissing. Then Brad gave Evan a little tongue to think about. It really wasn’t bad, in fact Evan really enjoyed it. Slowly he kissed his way down to Evans dripping cock and licked the tip. Evan froze, he had never had such a wonderful sensation. Brad tongue lightly licked Evans testicles then both sides of his beautiful long cock. Evan was ready to explode again. Brad again stopped and waited for a response. Evan began to beg and plead for Brad to let him cum. Brad thought for a moment and said what are you willing to pay if I let you cum? Evan was desperate, I will do anything to cum.

Brad: I want you to suck me off.

Evan: Thinking about putting a penis in my mouth makes me sick.

Brad: , Come on Evan I have licked your testicles an your whole penis from top to bottom. I will position myself to 69 with you and will let you cum in my mouth.

Brad dropped his pants and removed his briefs. He was leaking heavily from the night’s action. He moved Evan on his side and positioned himself for 69 position on the cot with Evan. Evan looked at the penis in front of his face. It was cut and about seven inches long. It was nice looking and it was attached to his best friend. Evan felt Brad take the tip of his dick in his mouth. As Evan got more excited, it was easy for him to move his head forward and take his friend member in his mouth. It didn’t really have a taste, and he was happy that he was giving his friend pleasure too. As he was starting to enjoy the feeling of the blow job, he felt a finger penetrate his anus and touch his prostate. It was all Evan could do not to cum.

Evan wanted the pleasure to last. He spit out the dick and asked his friend to slow down. He took his friend back in his mouth and resumed sucking and bobbing his head. A little precum touched Evans tongue and it didn’t taste bad. He could tell that his friend was just about ready. Brad reached over and pinched Evans ass. Evan loved the sensation mixed with the pleasure. Brad started to cum and Evan decided that he would swallow. After his climax Brad decided that Evan should have his climax too. He increased his pace and inserted the finger back in Evans butt. Bingo! Evan started to cum, Brad could not swallow as fast as Evan could squirt. After swallowing Evans load, Brad took out a wet washrag and washed both lovers. He removed the ropes. Evan pulled him to a hug and leaned forward for a kiss. He could taste his own semen in Evans mouth. Evan felt no guilt this time, he felt something else, could it be love? Next time they played, Evan would be the master. So many ideas were entering his mind.

Back with the Scouts

The Camp owner was a large man with a big stomach. He looked like an older version of Todd. He ran the camp almost like a military training camp. He would be very cordial while parents were visiting and very cold after they left. Now he had a problem and the nastier side had come out. None of his group leaders, wanted to take over our scout group. He yelled for his step son "David get your ass over here! You will replace Todd with those loser scouts. Try to be a leader and act like a man. David said Dad, why can’t you just love me as your son. You are not my son remember? My mother married you so that I would have a father" David said". Just get over there and see if you can not fuck this up. . David walked out. When he arrived at our cabin we were waiting anxiously. David was only 5’4 but, was the most beautiful guy I had ever saw He was almost too pretty to be a boy. He had long auburn hair and dark black eyes. He had a slight build but was toned. When he walked to the center of the cabin and called us to him we came more out of curiosity than fear of this leader..

David: I am your new leader, I will make you the best scout group in this camp. I will watch out for you and, teach you everything I know. I want us all to be friends and to have as much fun as we can. Let’s go canoeing.

David worked with each of us to show the proper way to paddle as a team. We had fun racing across the small lake. He watched for each of our strengths and paired us with others that could work well together. Soon we were having a great time and improving our speed. When we got back to our cabin, David said lets rest for a half hour. Does anyone want to play a game? Everyone yelled yes! He made a game out of knot tying and showed us secrets to tie perfect knots. This, was what camp was supposed to be.

After a half hour we went to swim. David showed us different stokes then had us practice. At the end of the day we felt like David was a friend.

David called us together. Guys you did a great job today, I am proud of the progress we are making. I do have a few questions for you though. David: What did you do to Evan and Todd? Billy grabbed the digital camera and walked over to David. Billy: It would be better to just let you watch. When Evans picture came up David blushed. He watched as the events unfolded. Poor Evan David said, no wonder he tried to quit. The video of Todd came up. A smile came over David’s face as he watched Todd being shaved then stroked. When he saw the reactions Todd was giving, he got a scared look on his face. He put down the camera and spoke.

David: You boys need to listen to me very carefully. You have put yourself in great danger. Todd will be planning to pay you back and he won’t be easy on you. You are not safe at camp! From now on, I want you to travel together. Never go anywhere with less than three friends. If you see Todd heading your direction everyone run. If he captures any of you the others must come immediately to get me. He will hurt you like you have never been hurt before.

Billy: What do you think about the video?

David: It must have been fun, I just hope you don’t end up paying for it.

Billy: As you can see, we have seen a different side of all of our leaders. We do need to add your picture to our photo album. So you can just strip down and give us a little peek.

David: Sorry boys an 18 year old flashing his body to twelve year old boys would get jail time.

Billy: Come on we’re all guys.

David: I can not remove my clothing and expose myself to you on purpose. If you think that you really need to look, you will need to take my cloths from me. I will need to at least attempt to keep them on.

With that we all jumped on David and started to tickle him while removing his clothing. When he was naked we hid his cloths. He was breath taking! His penis was perfectly formed, just three inches soft. We all could look all day, but David said: it is time for me to get dressed.

Billy: You can have your cloths after your jack off for us.

David: You may not believe this, but I don’t know how.

Billy: Every guy does it from the time they get hair on their pecker.

David: There are reasons why I haven’t tried but, that is a story I would rather not speak about.

Billy: What about wet dreams.

David: Those do happen once in a while.

Billy: Grab him guys, we are going to need to show him what it feels like to be brought to climax.

David: No guys, I don’t want you to do it!

Billy: . Don’t worry, we will be gentle. I taught most of these guys how to do this. Relax, and enjoy my friend.

David took a while to get up (Had great control). Eventually with persistence David got the look in his eye that showed he was starting to enjoy. After ten minutes David started to cum. There wasn’t very much cum. Billy quickly grabbed the tape measurer. 4/3/4 inches with 3 1/2 inch circumference. Even hard the penis and balls were perfectly matched. We all had erections. Billy handed David a tissue, and asked if it was OK if we have a circle jerk.

David: You guys don’t seem to need my approval for sexual exercises. I will just go to sleep. Please keep the noise down, I wouldn’t want to get in trouble with my step father.

In the middle of the night I woke up and looked over at our new leader. He was jerking off. I was transfixed, this guy was so beautiful. After he finished I walked over to him and asked what he was doing?

David: I’m sorry that you saw me, I was trying to keep it private. Please don’t tell anybody.

I made a promise that I wouldn’t tell the other guys. David told me that after we had jerked him off, we kind of let the genie out of the bottle (He was hooked). I hoped I would get to watch again. In the morning David asked us to walk over to breakfast while he ran an errand. David went to the family cabin to speak to Todd.

Todd: What are you doing here?

David: I want to speak to you about what happened with the boys from cabin 12. Todd: Nothing to speak about! Those little bitches are dead meat.

David: I can’t let you hurt any of those boys.

Todd: You stay out of it David or you will be sorry!.

David: I am warning you again, leave my scouts alone!

Todd: Don’t you ever tell me what to do pussy boy.

David: Why does it always come to that.

Todd: Get lost and stay out of my way, or you will get hurt.

David: What is one more time of getting hurt by you matter? I will be watching you and will do what it takes to protect those boys.

After breakfast David took us on a five mile hike. He pointed out different plants and wildlife on our hike. Billy asked David how he knew so much. David said he was an Eagle scout from the time he was 14. He loved nature and scouting, but loved teaching more. Later in the afternoon we came back to camp and David taught us how to build a proper fire and cook food on the fire. He had gotten raw food from the kitchen and showed us how to make a hobo dinner. He used foil and showed us how to arrange the vegetables and meat. Using a flat stone next to the fire, we laid the foil meals we prepared on the flat stone. While waiting for the food we played a few games. I wished that camp would never end.

Once we got back to the cabin Jeff suggested playing strip poker. David mentioned again about an adult playing this type of game with young scouts. After we pleaded, he said Okay one game. Rules were decided. We would play till everyone was naked (Nobody left out of the exposure). After you were naked, you still had to play till all were naked. Since you didn’t have clothing, you would face a task of humiliation. Each person was given a small piece of paper and were told to write down a punishment. We folded the paper and put it in a scout cap. If you were naked and lost, you took a piece of paper and had to do what it said. The winner would endure the final punishment in the hat. If you were caught cheating you would lose all clothing and draw a punishment.

Three of the boys didn’t want to play, and it was decided that the couldn’t watch either. A blanket was put up as a divider to shield the participants. David tried to withdraw, but we threatened to strip him down and milk him if he didn’t play. Reluctantly he agreed. I lost the first hand and lost my shoes. Billy was next to lose a hand. After a half hour one person was fully clothed and Ken was completely naked. When Jeff dealt the cards something fell out of his sleeve. It was an ace. He was the only fully clothed person. We grabbed him and started removing his cloths. He was embarrassed and was ready to cry when we started to remove his pants. After pulling off the pants we found why the source of his discomfort. He had a hardon. We pulled of his briefs. Then passed him the hat. Jeff opened the folded paper: His face lost all color. Billy grabbed the paper. It said: Your punishment is to crawl through a human spanking machine. He asked if he could draw again. We formed our machine swatting Jeff as he crawled by. His little but was bright red. He was having a hard time not crying.

We played the next hand and David lost his shirt (It was nice to look at the toned chest). The next person to lose their cloths was me (Never have had good luck at cards). When Ken lost the next hand, his punishment was to lose the hair on his package. He kind of laughed (He only had a few hairs anyway). The winner of the hand Scott got to shave him. I lost the next hand and my punishment was that I had to be erect through the remainder of the game (It’s kind of difficult to concentrate on cards and keep yourself erect too).

Finally we got David naked. He lost the next hand too and was a little hesitant to look at his punishment. He said I can’t do this! Jeff grabbed it from him. For your punishment you must get naked when ever you are in the cabin. We promised that we would not tell anyone. He could dress if someone else came to the cabin, and we would keep the windows covered when he was naked.

Soon everyone was naked. Roy was the winner and grabbed the final punishment. He would lie on the floor and jack off while everyone stood around him jacking. He wasn’t happy about having everyone shooting their loads on him. David said he could not participate. And we agreed to let him pass on this activity. Roy was covered from head to toe in cum. The next morning we altered our arrangement with David. If the cabin was cold he could get dressed. He also was allowed to sleep in what ever attire he chose (He wasn’t able to sleep naked). I was the one that wrote that punishment and could not have hoped for a better outcome. Most of us loved looking at David in the nude. We all really admired him.

End of Part 3.

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