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From part three of Scout camp education:

Finally we got David naked. He lost the next hand too and was a little hesitant to look at his punishment. He said I can't do this! Jeff grabbed it from him. For your punishment you must get naked when ever you are in the cabin. We promised that we would not tell anyone. He could dress if someone else came to the cabin, and we would keep the windows covered when he was naked. Soon everyone was naked. Roy was the winner and grabbed the final punishment. He would lie on the floor and jack off while everyone stood around him jacking. He wasn't happy about having everyone shooting their loads on him. David said he could not participate. And we agreed to let him pass on this activity. Roy was covered from head to toe in cum.

Scout Camp Education part four

The next morning we altered our arrangement with David. If the cabin was cold he could get dressed. He also was allowed to sleep in what ever attire he chose (He wasn't able to sleep naked). I was the one that wrote that punishment and could not have hoped for a better outcome. Most of us loved looking at David in the nude. We also loved and admired him for his knowledge, and how he made learning fun. I went to bed that night with images of naked scouts humiliating themselves. I pretended to sleep for almost an hour, hoping to catch David jerking off again. I was disappointed when David fell to sleep right away. I could hear the squeak of a bed not far from me and, I tried to act like I was asleep. I rolled over to get a look at the guilty party and I saw that Jeff's bed was shaking a little bit. His blanket was moving up and down around the area of his penis. I saw him look around to see if anyone was awake, then he moved the blanket away from his body. I could see his erect penis with a hand moving quickly up and down. He didn't take long before he moaned and shot his load. I wanted to embarrass him, but decided to just take care of the erection I got while watching him.

I was busy stroking my own cock and getting really close to cumming. All of a sudden somebody jumped on me and held my hands above my head. Then, pinned my arms with his legs while he sat on my chest. I whispered, what are you doing? I have been watching you and want to finish jacking you off. All week long I have seen your dick in the shower and can't stop the urge to touch you. We need to keep this a secret Jeff I said. I was worried that other scouts would see us doing queer things. Jeff reached back for my balls and explored them for a few minutes. He said, "Your balls feel so good in my hand. I just relaxed and let him explore my body. Soon he began to focus on the head of my penis and I was ready to shoot. This was so much better than rubbing against my sheets. Jeff notice my balls drawing up and increased his speed which caused me to shoot all over my stomach and on Jeff's back. After reaching inside of his shirt Jeff pulled out a tissue and cleaned us both off. He leaned forward and kissed me then, said "It's your turn to do me tomorrow". Jeff went back to his bed and I fell right to sleep.

In the morning we went swimming and I noticed someone in the trees watching us. This was an older guy not a scout. I quickly went over to David and whispered "Somebody is watching us". David said "I noticed him also, in fact he has been following us all morning. We all got to the changing room and David called us together.

David: Okay guys, you remember when I warned you about being in danger? Well the danger has presented itself. There are people following us and, I am sure that they work for Todd. For your safety and mine we need to be smarter than the people following us. He lowered his voice and we drew in closer. I will assign each of you a path back to the cabin. Go in the groups I assign. We will take different routes to confuse them. When I give the signal, run as fast as you can and when you get to the cabin, lock the door and only let the other groups in.

We all walked outside and acted like we were all just talking and having fund while we separated in to our groups. David yelled now! We moved so fast that we cause the spy to become confused. We were a were all able to get back to the cabin. Once inside David spoke to us again:

David: This time we were lucky to have escaped unharmed! We are in a cabin that will not provide the protection that we need. For right now I want you to go to bed and start to sleep. I will wake you around midnight and move to a cabin in a secret location. It should provide protection till, I can arrange for some new security guards.

We played a few games and acted like everything was the same as yesterday. We tried another strip poker but, David suggested a scaled down version. We didn't know who was watching, only that they were watching us. We all climbed in bed around nine at night and were too nervous even to jerk off. Jeff climbed in bed with me because he was scared. When we got up at midnight no lights were turned on. We had gathered our things before we went to bed. We followed David into the darkness. As per instructions we kept quite and held onto the guy in front of us as we moved out of the campground. After ten minutes David pulled out a light and led us through the forest. We still held onto each other for comfort and around two miles we came upon a cabin. It looked old and unused on the outside. Inside looked new and had plenty of beds and a large shower. David told us that he had found the cabin a few years ago when he was sixteen. He told his mom about the cabin but, had not told Todd and his dad. Davids mom had given money to restore the cabin. David wanted it to seem unused on the outside. David said " I use this cabin to get away when I need to be on my own and think".

At around five in the morning David told us to stay in the cabin while he went to get some food. He went to the kitchens and the workers packed some food and a camp stove to carry back. He got back to the cabin before the campground started to awake. A friend of David's watched and reported to David. He also brought food and other supplies to the cabin. When the friend arrived in the early afternoon he told David that our cabin had been attacked by Todd and his friends. If we would have been there, we would have been at the mercy of Todd's warped mind. David was also told that his step dad was furious that he had taken the scouts out of camp without his permission.

The next day we stayed near the cabin and David taught us about plants and animals that lived in the area. At night time we all told scary stories before bedtime. Ken then asked David to tell us why his brother was such a jerk:

David: I really would rather not talk about it.

Ken: Please David we really want to know what happened.

David: It is a painful part of my past that I don't want to relive.

Ken: We are your friends aren't we? We care about you. Please tell us.

David: Okay okay I will tell you but, you must not tell the story to anyone.

Each of us promised that we would not repeat what David was going to share with us.

Davids story

My father died in a car accident when I was five. Mom and I were pretty lost without dad. We found out that he had a great insurance policy and had invested in stock and bonds. We had lots of money but we would trade it all to have dad back with us;. We tried doing things together but realized that we both wanted more. Mom started dating and did meet some nice guys. About six months after she started dating, mom met a guy named Jim Palmer and we both really like him. He had a son named Todd and when we were introduced we became best friends. Mom and dad married and everything was going great. My best friend Todd was my brother. We would do everything together and even shared a room and bed. We would wrestle and pay all day and even would take our baths together. Jim was a great dad. He took us camping, fishing hiking. We all loved the outdoors and bought this campground with some of the money my father had left us. Jim taught us to fish and make campfires. He taught us about how to survive in the wilderness. We were a happy family.

When we started the forth grade, my body started to change. I grew six inches in a six month period. My penis and balls started getting bigger and I got hair in my armpits and around my dick. I was self conscious but, Todd was very excited. He had a brother that had became a man and he wanted to announce it to the world. He was so proud and I was so scared. I was now 5.4 and my dick was almost five inches. To a fourth grader I was tall and hung. Todd and his friends were almost eight inches shorter than me and they had not went through puberty. Three inches was a lot for their cocks. Todd wanted me to show all of our friends. I was constantly getting naked to show them. Showing was okay but, the guys wanted to feel everything too. I was flattered at first and felt like a super guy. When fifth grade has started, I wanted the attention to stop. I tried to talk to Todd but he was still excited to have a brother that had been through the change. Finally I told him no more and, he got really angry with me. We didn't speak to each other for two weeks and Todd moved to his own room.

One day we were walking home with some new friends and Todd started talking about how I had gone through changes. He asked the guys if they wanted to see and they all said yes. Todd turned to me and told me to show them. I refused and before I knew it they tackled me and held me while Todd stripped be naked. He told the guys that they could do what they wanted. They played with my balls and cock and made it hard. They also asked some younger guys if they wanted to see also. Soon there were 15 guys playing with my balls and cock. They loved how it would jump with my heart beat. He let them keep touching till they all were satisfied. I tried to get dressed but they played keep away with my clothes. I finally got my pants but lost my shirt and underwear. The next day I ran out of school as the bell rang and took a different path home. I tried keeping Todd guessing and would take find different paths home. Soon it had became a game for Todd and his friends. At least two time a week I was laying on the grass having guys and even a few girls play with my private parts. I tried talking to Jim and at first he told Todd to stop. Later he just told me to stop being a wimp. Boys will be boys he said and they will grow out of it.

Grow out of it yes for a short while then things got worse. Todd went through puberty and grew to be almost six feet tall. Jim had arranged our house to let us boys have privacy. Todds room was next to mine and there was a large room with TV and games. In seventh grade they guys had all caught up to me and started to notice girls. Todd would have friends stay over and I would also. It all worked out okay till one night while I was alone and Todd's friends were staying over. They were talking about girls and how to meet and they were wondering about sex and how to get the girls to like them. One of Todd's friends said "It would be great if there was a girl that we could kind of practice on. Not sex yet but, you know how to kiss and touch them to get them to like us. Todd said " I have an idea" then I heard whispering. I was just falling asleep when I was dragged from my bed. I was tied to the beam in the family room in my pajamas. Todd said see how pretty he is? He should have been a girl! Let me show you his girlish body. He pulled my top above my head to my tied hands then pulled my pajama bottoms and underwear down. He said see he has a girls body. One of the guys said almost but, girls have boobs and don't have a dick sticking out.

Todd said watch this! He walked up behind me and pushed his hand between my legs. He grabbed my cock and balls and pulled them back between my legs then closed the legs holding them near my butt. The boys thought it looked like a vagina and started hooting and said " We need more!. Todd pulled out some panties and a bra and they all worked at putting them on me. They filled some small water balloons and put them in a bra. my hands were tied behind my back and my ankles were tied together. I was laid on the couch and each guy would then come up and pretend I was their girlfriend. They would kiss me then feel my fake pussy and squeeze the balloons. When it was Todd's turn he whispered you are so hot. I want to fuck you right here. He put his mouth on mine and forced his tongue in my mouth. He started dry humping by fake pussy while squeezing my bum. After around five minutes, I felt my leg get wet with his cum. His friends were stroking off while watching and soon they all had finished. I felt dirty and sad and cried myself to sleep that first time.

The humiliation became a regular event and Todd would bring over shy guys from school to practice on me. He would charge them a few bucks to kiss me and dry hump me. Eventually I was unable to have friends over, asTodd and his friends would strip my friends and shave them clean. They also put on a show for them with me dressed as a girl. I had no friends after a few months (at least none that I could ever bring home to hand out). And to make matters worse, one night a friend of Todd's sneaked into my room late at night. He climbed in bed with me and tried to get me to have sex with him. I was able to fight him off and he went back with the other guys. I thought it was a one time thing but, he would come over a few times a week and try to get me to agree to be his girlfriend/ boyfriend. Todd caught him one time and beat him up,calling him a queer. I was so relieved to have him gone. Todd would also take his turn doing his frottage while kissing me. It was so confusing to feel hate and love from him.

The abuse continued till the first week in junior year when Todds friends tied me up at school and dressed me as a girl. The principal called my mom and she came to pick me up:

Mom: David, how long has this been going on?

David: Mom, I don't want to talk about it.

Mom: David honey, I want to help you.

Finally, I broke down and gave her all the details. We decided how to handle the situation. I was moved to a bedroom in the basement and Todd was not allowed to even visit. In fact the only way into the bedroom was through an elevator. The elevator required a code so even Jim couldn't come in. Mom started to have problems in her marriage and Todd and Jim moved out for a while. Mom hired a man to tutor me and soon my grades got back to straight A's . I went to a private school and the tutor also was teaching me Karate. Jim and Todd do not know about the Karate lessons. When I was a black belt, I had the confidence to stand up to Todd and Jim. Mom let them move back in and they promised that they would treat me with respect. Todd and Jim when we were alone tried a few times to intimidate me but I stood up to them. Jim said "looks like the wimp is finally growing some balls. Both of them laughed but, left me alone after that. Each year we would open the campground together and would forget about our differences for the summer.

Todd graduated the same time as I did we each got a job and would see each other only in passing. We didn't have much to talk about since there was still hard feelings. When we come to this camp each year, I do my stuff and they do their own thing. It has been two years since I was humiliated by Todd. I have tried counseling and have tried going a few dates to help me feel better about myself. I do fine until the relationship starts to develop then I avoid intimacy. Each of the girls has wanted more and try to get me to make love to them. If they touch me in a sexual way, I freak out and run. Now I am so confused. I hate men and, women scare me the only people I can talk to are either old or way younger. I feel like I am broken and will never be able to share love with anyone. Tears started running down his cheeks and, he left the room for a few minutes.

Billy said " We should have cut the balls off of that asshole. David walked back in the room and said " Todd is my brother and I don't want anyone to hurt him". I also want you to be safe from him. As I was thinking about Davids story, it hit me that we had treated David just like his brother had. David looked at me then said "James what is wrong buddy?" I tried to talk but just tears and crying came out. I said " David we didn't know about your past when we stripped you and jerked you off. I am so sorry, can you forgive me? The rest of the guys hung their heads too in shame. David said "What you did to me was nothing like what Todd did. I thought it was kind of fun. You didn't hurt me and were just acting like scouts. Now cheer up and go swimming with me. We had a blast and David walked us back to the cabin with a security escort.

Todd's Revenge

The next day we headed to the lake to improve our canoeing skills. We were getting faster and better at rowing as a team. As a group we headed back to the cabin with our escorts. As we got to the cabin, David noticed that the escorts were missing. We also found that Don and Billy were missing also. What we found out later that Todd's friends had taken our friends just before we got to the cabin. The scary part was, that none of us detected that people were missing till we got to the cabin. David had a scared look on his face and immediately called for more security. He sent Brad over to be with us. The doors were locked and the Windows covered. David left the cabin and we all were worried about what might happen to our friends.

Brad tried to get our attention off of the current situation. He said I heard that you guys have a few videos that I would love to see. We gathered around the video camera and turned it on with the video of Evan. We asked Brad if we could play a game and He said " Do what ever you want but make it fun! Roy said lets play the statue game! yah Ken said. Brad asked what is the statue game. Everyone poses as a statue and one person is the art dealer. The art dealer will walk around and try to get the statues to move. If anyone moves they become the dealers slave. When everyone is a slave the art dealer has them do one final task each. So, who is the art dealer? we draw cards and the lowest card number is the art dealer.

We drew cards and, Jeff won. Everyone got in a pose and became a statue. Jeff came to me first. He tried putting his tongue in my ear. I was strong so he moved to my butt and gave it a hard slap, I didn;'t move. He grabbed my shorts and underwear and pulled them to my ankles. He grabbed my balls a twisted and squeezed. I was strong so he grabbed my dick and started jerking me off. I was strong until he made me cum. I said Jeff you jerk. and he laughed. Next the art dealer moved to Roy and I assisted. I knew that Roy did not like to have his butt touched. So after Jeff reached in and grabbed his balls, I started rubbing my hands on his butt. Roy was doing good till I started to circle his butthole with my finger. Roy punched me in the shoulder and we moved to the next guy. With each new slave there was one more person to assist the art dealer. Finally we were down to the last person, Brad!

We saved Brad for last because we all wanted to touch him and explore his body. I pulled his shirt off and the guys stripped him naked. He did not move a muscle. I grabbed his balls and Jeff started stroking him. He grew to seven inches of thick man cock. No matter what we tried, Brad remained still. Even his face didn't change expression. Ken said I know how to make him move and, he ran to his bed and brought back marbles. As we played with Brads statue body, Ken was putting marbles in his ass. This guy was too good. I ran to the bathroom and got a bucket of water and soap and wash rag. We all started washing him off and he soon had the cleanest balls and dick in the campground. We need to find a way to get to Brad to move and nothing was working. I knew how tender my balls were so I grabbed Brad's balls and started tugging on them. His cock jumped which meant that we would soon have a slave. I squeezed and tugged while Jeff jerked him then Jeff put Brads cock in his mouth and started sucking. the other boys took turns smacking Brads butt. I kept torturing his balls then reached a finger in his butt and stated pulling the marbles out one at a time. Brad erupted in Jeff's mouth and still he did not move. After cumming I knew that his cock would be sensitive. I put a little lotion on my hand and kept rubbing his cock head over and over till he gave up. The art dealer said "your task is to punish my other slaves.

Before Brad had a chance to start the task, David walked in the door with Don and Billy. Both boys we so weak that they collapsed on the floor. David told us to help the boys get into bed. We started helping them undress when I noticed that Don had whip marks on his back and I called David. We were told to leave the room and David inspected the bodies of our friends. He rushed out of the room and called a doctor. It only took thirty minutes for the doctor to get to the cabin. The doctor said that the injuries were not as bad as they looked. The boys would be able to stay in camp and David said he would attend to their wounds. After seeing the boys wounds, David was so angry that he couldn't restrain himself any longer. He left the cabin and stormed to the headquarters.

He saw Jim Palmer and pulled him into the office. 
David: Your son has injured two of my Scouts! What are you going to do about it?
Jim: My son? He is also your brother and, you need to show respect!
David: Jim, He has hurt to minors and, could have charges brought against him. You need to get him under control. 
Jim: From what I heard, those little snots started this and, Todd has a right to a little revenge.
David: If the parents press charges, he will go to Jail! You need to get him out of this campground now!
Jim: Don't you ever try to tell me what to do you little bastard!
David: My mother married you to be a father to me. At first you were a great dad. Now you are an angry stranger that never has anything positive to say. 
Jim: You were a trouble maker and would try to get your brother in trouble. 
David: He was molesting and humiliating me! What was I supposed to do?
Jim: His pranks were just normal things that boys do to each other and you acted like a little girl.
David: If it was me that has done those things to Todd, you would have castrated me. 
Jim:I suggest that you get out of my sight and try to protect your little friends if you can, ha ha. 
David: This is not over! If you will not do anything, I will. 

David turned and walked out of the office slamming the door. He went to his quarters and grabbed his phone and called his mother. After explaining the events that had happened at camp Davids mother was horrified and angry with Jim. She said "Let me handle this David, you go take care of the injured scouts". As David was leaving the office, he heard shouting then swearing as Jim slammed the phone down. By the time David got to the cabin Jim had left the campground.

When David came back to the cabin, he went to Don first. He pulled the blanket back and put some ointment on Dons wounds. He put an ice pack on Don's balls to bring down the swelling. Next he went to Billy and gave the same treatments and were given to Don. He told the boys to try to sleep till dinner arrives. I will talk to you both in the morning about what happened to you today. Davids phone rang and it was his mother. She told David that she was going to divorce Jim. Davids mom told him that she was going to divorce Jim. A restraining order was being drafted for Jim and Todd.

David was now in charge of the campground. A call was placed the the camp kitchen and food was ordered to be delivered to our cabin. Since David would be the new camp director, Brad was assigned to be our new leader. After we ate Brad taught us how to build a fire and properly tend to it. While we were working on the fire, Brad mentioned that he is a friend of Evan and asked if maybe we could give him another chance. I asked if Evan hated us for our little education lesson. Evan has forgiven you Brad said and, if you will give him another chance he would like to assist me in training you. Jeff said "We don't hate Evan, he was just being a jerk with us". Brad said " Evan is a cool guy and also can be a lot of fun to be around. I though he had his own group I said. They were only here for a few weeks Brad said. Each of us agreed that Evan deserved another chance. I also wanted another chance to see that huge cock of his. When the food from the camp kitchen arrived, Evan was helping distribute it to us. We all gathered around Evan and gave him a hug. His smile told us that he was happy to see us again.

Don and Billy tell their story

After we had our meal David called Don and Billy to him. He said " I need to hear in detail what Todd did to you.

Don: We were following the rest of the group back to the cabin when Billy said " I need to pee". I said " can't you wait till we get back to the cabin? I drank to much and can't wait he said. We went to a little ways away and took care of our business. Billy finished first and moved away so I could finish. When I turned around Todd was holding Billy with his hand over his mouth. I ran over to Todd and started trying to free Billy by kicking Todd in the legs. Todd said " you better run or you will be part of this. Billy said " Run Don and go get David. I said no, I will not let him take you. I tried hard but soon Todd's friends showed up; and grabbed me also. We both were dragged away. Your security guards came back looking for us but were jumped and tied by Todd's friends. Todd threw Billy over his shoulder and I was carried by a big gorilla that looked like Todd. They took put us in a car and drove for around ten minutes to another cabin.

We were brought into the cabin and Todd threw rope over a beam. They stripped me first and put ropes around my ankles and hung me upside down with my legs spread. The did the same to Billy but, he bit one of Todd's friends and they started punching him then pulled him up in the same position. Todd opened a bag and pulled out something that was very sticky and he put it on our balls and every other place we had hair. Then a cloth was put on the sticky stuff and then ripped off with all of our body hair on it. I didn't have as much hair as Billy but it really hurt to have the hair ripped out. After our hair was gone Todd looked at our balls and said " little boys need to learn a lesson" He held a hand over each of our crotches then smacked our balls again and again till we were both crying. All of Todd's friends were laughing and teasing us. Calling us pussy boys. My stomach hurt so bad and, I started throwing up. Todd got angry because we got his floor dirty. He took a paddle and beat our butts with it as punishment for the dirty floor.

Todd took out some sand paper and started rubbing my dick with it. I was so sore that I couldn't stop crying. Then he moved to Billy and did the same thing except he was even meaner. He took a long toothpick like stick and put it down Billy's pee hole. Billy screamed and begged but, Todd was happy and kept doing more. His friends kept cheering him on. I told him I would do anything if he would please let us go. He told me that he would put my head up to Billy's cock and he wanted me to bite it. I told him that I would never hurt my friend like that. Billy told him that he wouldn't bite me either. We were pulled down from the ropes and given another chance to be set free. Each of us had to kiss Todd's bare ass as his friends called us faggot's.

Finally were were freed and were heading back to the cabin when you found us. Both boys had tears in their eyes by the time the story was finished. David was so angry that he wanted to go attack Todd. David also had tears and told the guys how sorry he was for what had happened. Before leaving the cabin, David called us together and warned that Todd was probably not through with us. We had heard the story of what had happened to our friends and were too scared to go to sleep. Brad tried to lighten the mood by saying " Hey everyone why don't we strip Evan for fun. Evan ran for the door and we all laughed.

End of part four

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