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Finally were were freed and were heading back to the cabin when you found us. Both boys had tears in their eyes by the time the story was finished. David was so angry that he wanted to go attack Todd. David also had tears and told the guys how sorry he was for what had happened. Before leaving the cabin, David called us together and warned that Todd was probably not through with us. We had heard the story of what had happened to our friends and were too scared to go to sleep. Brad tried to lighten the mood by saying " Hey everyone why don't we strip Evan for fun. Evan ran for the door and we all laughed.

Scout Camp Education part 5

David takes over

Shortly after David assumed the leadership of the campground, he called a meeting for his group leaders.

David: Gentlemen, In a few weeks we will be closing this camp for the winter. We only have four groups of scouts left with us. I want our guest to have fun. Make sure that your lessons include games and activities that will make camp a great experience for the scouts. I shouldn't need to tell you that we need repeat customer for this campground to survive. Starting next year we will accept any boys group that would like to use our facilities. As you know my step father catered to Christians only but, we miss out on thousands of boys that could come to our campground.

Now I want to talk about proper conduct for leading young scouts. As you know from your own experiences, young men have a tendency to participate in activities of a sexual nature if they are away from parents. Please keep in mind that most of the boys will hide this from you or is some instances try to get you to participate. My feelings are that we should try to monitor these activities if possible and, make sure that nobody is forced to doing things against their will.

Maturing boys need guidance and understanding. We would not want any of the boys to have negative experiences at our camp. Let's have fun and if the boys try to get you to participate in activities that are not appropriate please decline. If possible try to lead them to non sexual activities. If somehow you are drawn into the activity against your will, please think with your bid head.

I would rather have you oversee the games to allow them to be guided toward fun and away from sex. Having been a scout myself I do remember how hard we made it for our leaders. If possible don't let them get you into compromising situations. I understand a little horseplay and support having some fun. I want you to have fun also so lets make our last few days be filled with fun.

Brad and Evan our group leaders

Brad and Evan planned each day to make it be fun and educational. After a few days staying in the cabin, Don and Billy were able to participate. Evan was great at teaching survival skills and tying knots. Brad taught us to build endurance and increase speed. We were getting very good at rowing and our swimming improved also.

David worked days at the office but, still wanted to stay at night with us. I think he did like us but also was worried about his step brothers temper. No matter what the reason I loved having David near. I know it is stupid but I was kind of in love with David. The rest of the guys loved David also but as a brother or friend. He was so easy to talk to and seemed to really care about our feelings and what we had to say.

Another game of strip poker

On the third day we went on a hike led by Brad. He gave us a good workout and would have contest on who could name animals or plants that we saw on the hike. When we came back to the cabin we were tired but still wanted to play a little. Brad said lets play a game does anyone have any request? It seemed like everyone wanted to play a different game. I suggested playing poker and Brad said "Poker does sound fun, what will we use for chips? I said "I meant strip poker".

Brad: Oh I see well, guys it isn't a good idea to play strip poker.

Jeff:Why? We played it last week and, everyone that played had a fun time.

Brad: I give you permission to play but, I am not allowed to play since I am an adult. I will be near by to make sure that it doesn't get out of hand.

Jeff:Evan is only 16 can he play also?

Brad: I can't speak for Evan, it is his choice.

Jeff:Evan please play the game with us, I promise we won't cheat.

Evan: Sorry guys, it isn't right for a group leader to participate.

Jeff:Come on Evan, we have all seen you naked. If you don't remember, we all had our hands all over your family jewels.

Evan: I remember better than anyone what you saw and touched. It may be fun but, I wouldn't want to go against David's direction.

Jeff:David played strip poker with us last time. In fact he still has a debt to pay.

Evan: A debt?

Jeff:Yup, he has to be naked when we are in the cabin. If there are visitors we let him keep his clothes.

Evan leaned forward and whispered " I will play if, you force Brad to play".

Jeff:How do we force him to play?

Evan: Tell him that if he doesn't play, you will be forces to strip him and tie him up.

Jeff:I like that.

Jeff turned to Brad and said "Brad we really would like for you to voluntarily play strip poker with us. If you don't we will be forced to strip you and tie you up.

Brad: Sorry, I am not allowed to participate other than to monitor.

Jeff:Ready guys? Lets get him.

Brad tried to resist but soon his feet were off the ground and his clothes were being pulled off. Brad was trying to stay calm but, he loved being stripped. After his clothes were gone, his hands and feet were tied by Evan. Evan said " Now it is time to bargain! We will let you go if you promise to play. You may as well make it easy on yourself. The next step we take is to put you on the table spread eagle and let everyone explore every inch of your body. Brad's penis grew to its full length and he finally agreed.

Brad: Please don't tell David, I really like working here.

Jeff:Brad, we wouldn't do anything to get you in trouble. We like you as our leader.

Before playing we went over the rules:

1. Everyone must keep playing till the last person is nude.

2. Naked participants must do a punishment if they are the loser.

3. No punishments may cause pain.

4. Any person that does not willingly do their punishment will become the slave of the winner.

5. If you are caught cheating you must remove all your clothes and take a punishment.

We passed out two slips of paper to each boy and they wrote a punishment on each piece of paper. We all tried to write punishments that would not cause Billy or Don to have bad memories. Since Brad forced us to strip him, he would start the game naked.

Don and Billy didn't want to participate till they were back to normal. We agreed to let them watch. Both stripped to their underwear to feel like there were part of the game. We had one hour to play before David would be back to the cabin.

Roy was the first dealer and we caught him dealing off the bottom of the deck. He was naked and drew the first punishment. The punishment read " You must wear your underwear over your head for the rest of the game. Poor Roy, he hadn't had a chance to shower and change his underwear before the game. He had to put underwear over his head that he had been wearing all day. He put the underwear over his head and got to smell the scent of his own balls.

Brad lost the first hand and drew a punishment "You must lay on the table and jerk yourself to completion and leave your cum on your body. Brad climbed on the table and was hard from the anticipation. Before he could start, Jeff ran over with a tape measure to get a reading. Seven inches long five inches round. Brad started stroking and some of the boys started caressing his chest and legs. Evan couldn't hide his excitement and his briefs were tented to where the ripped and his cock fell out. He tried to put it back but it kept falling back out. He really was into Brad. In a few minutes Brad's balls drew up and he shot his load all over his chest and stomach.

Evan lost the next hand and pulled off his ripped briefs. Naked Evan looked hot with no hair. Roy lost again and had to lick the balls of the winner of the hand which happened to be Evan. Roy knelt down in front of Evan he had to move his own underwear off his face. We all expected him to do a a quick lick then a quick retreat. After five minutes we had to pull Roy off of Evan's balls. Evan had leaked precum all over his stomach and his dick was looking like it was going to explode . To his dismay Evan lost the next hand and had to reach for a punishment: Lay on the table and pull your knees beside your head. If your cock touched your face, you much give yourself a blowjob and swallow your cum.

Evan climbed up on the table and was very nervous. Each of us knew that with that huge cock, there was no way to avoid having it touch his face. Evan licked his own cock for a minute then swallowed almost five inches of it. Watching that cock move inside his mouth and back out had everybody hard and some stroking. We all touched Evan's body just as we had Brad but, Evan was smooth and soft. Billy and Don came over also and Billy was playing with Evans tight butt. Suddenly Billy put his middle finger in is mouth then pulled it out and shoved it in Evans butt. This caused Evan to shutter and fill his own mouth with cum. There was so much cum that it ran out the sided of his mouth. He quickly swallowed then licked his lips to get the rest.

I was the last person to lose my clothes and drew the final punishment: "You must inspect each boy from head to toe and, if there are any traces of cum you must lick it off. I started with Brad since his was the most visible. I licked his chest and stomach and noticed precum on his cock and licked that off also. Most of the other boys were dripping precum and I found to my dismay that licking the precum caused them to cum.

I saved Evan for last and, only found a few drops still I took my time licking. He started to grow again and kept dripping and I kept licking. He came in my mouth while I was licking the head of his beautiful cock.

David walked in the door just as we were starting to get dressed. He looked at Brad then Evan. Jeff told David that we forced the two leaders to play. I said " By the way David you still need to pay up for your loss in this game. David smiled and got naked. For the next hour we sat around we told stories and jokes. I noticed Brad and Evan admiring Davids gorgeous body. I also saw David sneak a peek at Evans prize package. It was late and we all went to bed.

I waited for everyone to fall asleep then, tiptoed over to Jeff's bed and climbed in. I caressed his dick through is underwear and he woke up. Before he could say anything, I kissed him. I whispered in his ear this is payback I owe you. I pulled off his briefs and put my hand around his penis and slowly stroked him. I sucked on his nipples as I stroked. and soon was rewarded with a hand full of cum. I put the hand up to his mouth for him to lick off. I kissed him again and moved back to my bed.

After a few minutes Jeff climbed in my bed to cuddle with me. He told me that he always felt lonely after cumming. I pulled him to me and we both fell asleep. In the middle of the night Evan shook us both and whispered that we needed to be in our own beds. It would look bad if we were found in the same bed in the morning. I nudged Jeff and said "back to your own bed buddy".

In the morning we went to compete in the scout competitions. We were able to grab first place in rowing and second place in the swim competition. We were in last place in archery but, we really hadn't spent any time practicing. After the competition was done for the day, we went swimming just for fun.

I was standing at the side of the pool talking to Roy when my trunks were pulled down. I looked down and saw Billy with my trunks in his hand. My scout troop played keep away with my trunks. I tried for a few minutes to get back my trunks then, came up with a new idea. I came up behind Roy and grabbed his trunks and pulled them off of him and threw them over the fence. I could see his small penis in the water. This started a war and soon everyone was naked in the pool. We wrestled and played for hours naked in the pool. Everyone that walked by the pool could see the skinny dippers. For the rest of the week the pool was full of skinny dippers as the leaders lost control of the scouts.

Somethings wrong

There were more guards at the camp and the would escort each group to and from their cabins. We started to feel very safe with all of the security and leaders to protect us.

When we got back to the cabin, we asked if we could have a Circle Jerk. Brad agreed to let us have our fun and left the cabin to go back to headquarters. We were able to talk Evan into jerking with us. He sat in the middle and jerked his cock and we all jerked while watching him. After we finished Evan had us go shower then clean up the cabin. That night we went to be with early without any complaints. What a fun day we had. All of us were very tired.

The next day it was back to the competitions. After the day we ended up in second place overall. As we walked past the pool, another group was skinny dipping. Brad had not been seen for a few hours and Evan left us to go look for Brad. The guard walked to the cabin then, radioed headquarters that we had been safely delivered.

As we walked in the cabin we could see two naked guys tied to post of the cabin. As we ran to them the door slammed shut behind us. There stood Todd with five of his friends. Time to get your reward boys! said Todd! He grabbed Billy in a choke hold and told us to strip or, he would cover Billies mouth till he passed out. We took off our clothes and threw them in a pile. Todd's friends then tide our hands and feet then, we were let to individual ropes that had been thrown over the support beams. The ropes were tied to our hands and we were lifted to were we were standing on the tips of our toes.

David to the rescue

Back at camp David had finished early for the day and decided to bring us a few snacks. As he waled toward our cabin, something didn't feel quite right because it was too quiet. David rushed to the door and walked in. Todd's friends has saw David approaching and grabbed him as he walked in the door and quickly cuffed his hands and feet. Next they cut David clothing off and he stood there naked with the rest of us.

Todd started to speak:

Todd: Cut David loose guys we want him to get a nice view as we start the punishment session.

David walked toward Todd then Spoke:

David: Release my scouts now and, none of you will be harmed. If you force me to free them myself, you will pay the price!

Todd: I guess we should be shaking guys, David has just threatened us standing there butt naked.

David: I will give you one final warning that I have the ability to take all of you down.

Todd: Looks like this is going to be more fun than I expected. Grab him you two.

Two guys came toward David. One got a foot to the stomach and the other was hit with David's fist and both hit the wall then struggled to get up. The other guys charged David and he took a karate stance and, laid them out on the floor with quick kicks and punches. He turned to Todd and offered to let him give up. Todd was not going to be beating by a 5'4 wimp. He ran at David and received a jump kick to the head. David quickly grabbed zip ties from Todd's bag and restrained all attackers.

After tying Todd last he walked up and cut Evan and Brad loose. After five minutes, all boys were freed and getting dressed. While Todd lay unconscious, David spoke to Todd's friends. You have a choice to receive your punishment and leave or, stay with Todd and be put of the mercy of angry scouts. Each of the guys agreed that the wanted to leave.

The punishment was to be stripped and receive three swats on the ass with Todd's paddle. Evan added that they should lose their pubic hair and Billy felt that that we should keep their clothes and make them walk to their cars in the nude.

Brad was assigned to give each guy three hard swats. The sound of the paddle hitting their bare butts was loud and the let out screams with each hit. It was a mile through the woods to get to the cars and they were seen by all of the camp. At least at camp all of the people were guys. No big deal about guys seeing you naked. When they got back to their homes their neighbors would see their hairless bodies.

David walked over to Todd and, threw water in is face to wake him.

David: Todd, why did you come back here when you know I have a restraining order.

Todd: I couldn't let those punk scouts get away with what they did to me.

David: I am going to give you a choice. Take the punishment that the scouts have for you or, I will call the police to take you away.

Todd thought for a moment (Thinking about being milked) and decided that it wouldn't be that bad. He agreed to let the boys have their way with him. David called Evan and Brad to him. David said " Todd is still my brother and I will not stay to watch him be punished. Please don't allow them to hurt him but, he does deserve to be humiliated. Make sure that Don and Billy have a chance to participate. I do feel he deserves pain but, I want us to behave better than Todd did. I will leave now. Send someone to get me when it is finished. Make sure that he understands that he may not attack anyone again." David turned and walked out of the cabin.

Todd receives another lesson

Todd's hands were tied above his head and Brad walked to Bill and Don and said "Since Todd injured you and Don, you will be given the first opportunity to punish him. David has asked that you not injure him as he did you. Billy walked up to Todd and kicked him in the balls as hard as he could. Todd's face went red and his knees buckled putting his full weight on his arms. Don did not want to go against David's wish and he spit in Todd's face instead. It was time to give Todd his final lesson at scout camp.

Brad had the boys cut away Todd's clothing to prepare him for his humiliation. When Todd was naked, his body was inspected. The hair on Todd's body had grown very fast and he was a hairy guy. Evan looked through the supplies that Todd had brought for the boys and he gasped. He said look at what this asshole brought to torture little boys! He pulled out hair removal paste called Nads with a cloth to rip the hair off of the boys. We decided that since Todd had evil plans for us, we would give him the same treatment. The nads would be used all over his body and we also would shave his head.

During the body hair removal, Todd's body got bright red. Any of us would have been screaming but, Todd just took the pain and said nothing and just hung his head in shame. Brad said "wait a moment, I think I have something that will make this permanent. He went to his luggage and pulled out some lotion. He said "I use this lotion to keep the hair off my chest and butt after I get a wax job. It keeps the hair from growing back. Usually it takes months of using the lotion to keep the hair off. However, if I use it right after I wax the hair does not come back.

We took a vote on whether or not to use the lotion also. Seven in favor, two against and three undecided. We decided it wouldn't be any fun unless we told Todd what was going to happen.

Billy:Hey super stud, how would you like to be turned permanently from a bear to a baby boy?

Todd:Your not going try to injure my balls permanently are you?

Billy: Good idea but, no we are going to kill the hair on your body.

Todd: Please don't do this, a joke is okay but this is going too far!

Billy:What are you willing to do to keep your body hair?

Todd: What do you want?

Billy: I think you should lick my butthole clean.

Todd:Fuck you you little twat!

Billy: Remember it is you that made the choice.

Billy handed the bottle to Brad to apply since he had no experience with the product. Brad put a big glob in his hand and reached for Todd's chest. Todd started freaking out and kept trying to move out of the way. As Brads hands ran over Todd's chest, he went quiet. When Brad put another glob in his hands and reached for Todd's balls, Todd started screaming that it burned and please wipe it off. Brad said " I use this stuff on my own balls sometimes and, I know that is doesn't burn". Todd said " no you can't do this. What will my girlfriend think? I will never be able to change with the team. Brad applied some to Todds back then his butt. After ten minutes he rinsed Todd off as per directions.

Todd's head was shaved next and we decided that we wouldn't use the lotion on his head. Nobody wanted to have Todd hunt them down again. Evan pulled bra and panties out of Todd's bag and said what are these for? Evan had not heard of Davids story. All the scouts knew that Todd had intended to humiliate David again. Jeff said " look at Todd he isn't really a man, he has no hair and a tiny penis. Todd said" I am as big as you are you little cunt". Jeff said " I am only twelve and will grow more asshole. Watch this guys! Jeff walked behind Todd and reached for his jewels then pulled them back.

Todd did look like a girl from the waste down but still had a broad chest. Billy got some super glue and used a drop to glue Todd's foreskin next to his butt hole. We put on the panties and the bra we didn't need to pad the bra. Todd looked like a drag queen. Not a pretty guy. We spread Todd on the table and started to feel him up. Todd had tears rolling down his face as we treated him like a girl. We ran our hands all over his body. If he started to get an erection, he would scream from the pain of the super glue holding his skin to his butt. Evan and Todd took turns french kissing Todd.

Todd cried harder but, it wasn't because of the humiliation. It was because now he understood what he had done to David and, couldn't handle the guilt. We each took turns dry humping Todd while Brad and Evan kissed him. Then we stood around him and jerked off on his body. Todd was covered head to toe in cum. Brad and Evan sent us to get David. Brad and Evan had another surprise for Todd.

Brad: One final punishment for stripping us buddy.

Todd: What could you do to me that hasn't already been done today?

Evan: You are going to give us both a blow job.

Todd: Please no, I am not gay don't do this to me.

Evan positioned himself in front of Todd and rubbed his cock along Todd's lips then, pinched Todd's nose closed. Todd held his breath for as long as he could. When he opened his mouth, he got a mouth full of cock. Brad put on some rubber gloves and started playing with Todd's butt then put a finger in and rubbed Todd's prostate. Todd started to grow and almost had his dick in his own butt and the pain from the ripping of foreskin and the tender skin on his butt caused him to scream. The screaming was a turn on and, Evan came in Todd's mouth. He held his dick in the mouth forcing Todd to swallow. Brad was next and put his cock in Todd's mouth. Brads cock was much easier to handle than Evan. While Brad face fucked Todd, Evan worked on Todd's butt inserting one finger than two and three. Todd started to grow and Evan stroked his sore cock until Todd came on his own butt hole.

David and Todd

Todd laid on the table defeated as Brad and Evan got dressed. The two guys had just finished getting dressed when David walked in. David asked Brad and Evan to leave so he could talk to Todd. He walked to the bathroom and got a bucket of water and a wash rag. then came back. He undid the ties then, looked at the bra and panties.

David: I can't believe you brought that type of stuff here!

David put the wash rag in the water then spread some soap on it and, cleaned Todd off. He removed the bra and panties and, pulled Todd to his feet. He pulled Todd to the bathroom and started the water in the shower. He got undressed then pulled Todd in the shower with him. He cleaned his brother and noticed that Todd's cock was stuck on his ass. He looked at the cock and found the glue. He jumped out of the shower and got some acetone to dissolve the glue. After the shower he dried Todd off and laid him down in a bed to sleep.

David: Todd, seeing you with no hair reminds me of the brother I lost so many years ago. Why did things have to change between us? I loved you so much.

Todd: I loved you too, we were closer than real brothers.

David: Why did it change?

Todd: Because you rejected me and, I couldn't handle it.

David: What do you mean reject you? I never rejected you.

Todd: You must not remember but, I sure do.

David: Tell me what you mean.

Todd: When you were 10 and started to change, I was so proud of you. I wanted everyone to know that you were my brother. As you grew you became so beautiful, you smelled wonderful and your body was so perfect. I wanted to be near you and touch you all the time. I also wanted to show my friends my beautiful brother. At first you would show them and, they all were jealous of me. Then, you decided that I couldn't show you off to my friends. You stopped wrestling with me and, you kep your self covered when I was around. You rejected me!

David: I was embarrassed and shy, and felt like a freak. I wished that my penis would shrink back again. Your friends wanted to touch and feel my balls and cock and make them grow. I just wanted things to be like they were. I wanted to be a little boy again like my brother and his friends.

Todd: You should have been proud! You were beautiful and I couldn't stop thinking about you. I wanted to see you naked and, feel connected to you. After the second time that we stripped you, my dad came to talk to me. He said that boys do that type of thing but, he felt that I was going too far. I told my dad that I loved you and he said that he loved you too. He said you are a great guy. I told him that I loved you more than that. He didn't understand what I meant. I finally told him that I wanted to marry you. He was so angry and said " I won't have a fag for a son. He asked if you had done things with me that caused me to get those feelings. I told him that you didn't love me back and I wished you would do something with me.

As I started to change, he forced me to start doing sports. I guess he thought he would force me to be a man. I told him that I wanted you to do sports also. He told me if I wanted you to join, I should introduce you to the guys. Some of the guys were turned on by you and, I couldn't handle them wanting you that way. Dad told me if I wanted to keep you for myself, I needed to make you hate the other guys. He reminded me how much you hated to be stripped. That is why I talked the guys into stripping you. I could see in your eyes how much you hated them.

Each time you brought a new friend home, I felt I needed to chase them away also. I didn't want to share you with anyone. When we got to high school I was able to have sex with the women I wanted. I did like sex with them it was great. However, I still was in love with you. I even would feel guilty when I had sex with a girlfriend. It felt like I was cheating on you. I didn't feel gay because I wasn't turned on by other guys. I wanted so much for you to be a girl so my dad wouldn't object to us getting married.

When we would strip you and dress you as a girl, I would have a boner all night. And when I would hump you and kiss you, it felt like I was showing you how much I loved you. I still loved seeing your beautiful body and touching you. You are a beautiful man David but, it is your caring heart that makes me love you most. When I am near you, I can hardly control myself.

David: But you made me hate men! How did you think I could love when I hated myself?

Todd: I realize now that my Dad knew that he couldn't stop my love for you. That is why he suggested things that would make you hate me.

David: I never did hate you but, I hated how you made me feel.

Todd: Do you think you could ever give me a chance to win your love?

David: Right now I have too many trust issues to be with anyone.

Todd: Can you forgive me for what I did to you?

David: Some day I think I will forgive you but, I am still angry you for forcing me to attack you to stop you from hurting people. As a brother, I still love you I hope that is enough for now.

David leaned forward and gave Todd a hug. He told Todd that it would be best to stay way from each other for a few years. Todd agreed that it would be best to keep his distance and hoped that some day David would consider dating him. David helped Todd get dressed and then asked the boys to come back to the cabin. When they arrived, David asked if they felt that Todd had been punished enough. We all felt that he had received justice. Then, he asked if we could forgive Todd. We all agreed that we could forgive him. Don and Billy shook hands with Todd then, Todd turned and left the cabin and drove home.

The final few days of camp were full of games and contest. David gave up on scouts wearing swimming suits (Even during the swimming competitions). We played strip poker one last time but, gave up on the game because Evan and Brad kept losing on purpose. When it came time to go home, none of us wanted to get on the bus. We gave each leader a hug and thanked them for giving us the time of our young lives.

End of part five.

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