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Subject: The Adventures of Dom: Chapter 11, Night Prowling

The Adventures of Dom

Chapter 11, Night Prowling

The following story is true. All the events described really happened to me, but the names have obviously been changed. If you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed doing it, shoot me an email at and let me know what you think.

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Once upon a time, I had a really great fuck buddy named T. T had moved away a few years prior, and I was left with only memories and the occasional ass pic to remember him by. But one day, I lucked out; T was driving back into town for the weekend, because he had a wedding to go to. Naturally, spending the weekend away from home meant seeking out a safe and reliable source of dick for the weekend.

Wait is that not normal?

We eagerly awaited our chance to finally release some of the tension we had built up together. Our schedules, however, did not seem to be as eager as we were. Between his wedding events and my own obligations, we were unable to find any time to get together before he left. Sad but understanding, I was prepared to end my weekend with my dick unsatisfied when late Sunday night I got a text from him. The wedding had just let out, and he was headed back to his hotel. He was staying an extra night, not wanting to drive back so late at night, and wanted to know if I would still be up for some fun.

Fuck yeah I was.

He sent me his motel address and room number, and we figured out when I should head over. We also talked about some of the particulars that our evening might entail of. Specifically, a fantasy of his that we had discussed several times before but were never able to enact – a rape fantasy. I know that may not be everyone’s cup-o-tea, so I understand if you quit reading here. All consensual, and very much wanted, he let me know he would leave the door unlocked, and was headed to bed.

I pulled into the motel a little after midnight. I took my time driving here, and strolled leisurely to the room. I wanted this to be as real as possible, which meant making sure T had fallen asleep since we had last spoken. I approached the door quietly, seeing it slightly ajar.

I very carefully open the door and closed it behind me, making sure to prevent the lock from clicking behind me. The room was dark, lit only by a light coming from the bathroom. I saw T’s form on the bed facing away from me, the sheets rising and falling with his breathing. I stood still for a moment, waiting for any indication that my entrance disturbed him. Once I was satisfied, I took in the rest of the room.

It was a small room with a single bed, but that’s all we needed it for. There was a couch next to the door and I moved towards it. I began to slowly and carefully strip my clothing, placing it on the couch in a pile. I sat for a moment and began to work my cock hard as I watched T sleep. Once erect, I crept over to the side of the bed and continued to stroke myself. I came up with an attack plan, and positioned myself accordingly before I attacked.

I quickly leapt onto the bed and covered his body with mine. Expectedly, he immediately began to fight back and try and buck me off. I wrapped an arm around his neck and grabbed one of his free hands to pin him.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch, I wanna fuck and you’re the lucky slut who gets to take it,” I growled in his ear, grinding my hard cock against him to make my point.

“No…stoAAAHHH,” he protested as I sunk my cock into his ass.

Biting at his ear, I listened to his whines and whimpers as I forced the rest of my dick into his hole. He struggled in vain against me, really putting up a fight. I appreciated the realism. I held him down as I began to fuck him hard and fast, not wanting to give him even a moment to recover. Shoving his face into a pillow to muffle his protests, I took my pleasure from his ass.

He was nice and tight, just like I remembered. And holy fuck was this whole scene hotter than I had anticipated. We had discussed this entire scenario before – and quite thoroughly at that. It always devolved into dirty talk of what exactly I was going to do to him. But in practice, I was always a little hesitant – this isn’t a kink for the faint of heart. So far though this has been one of the hottest experiences of my life.

I hope this doesn’t awaken anything in me…

The intensity of the situation started to get to me. I still had my arm around his neck, relentlessly thrusting down into him with all my weight. I could hear his whimpers and moans muffled by the pillow, his weak attempts at protest or to fight me off. Fuck... I was gonna cum, right now. With a loud groan, I exploded, slamming my cock home and breeding him deep. I continued pounding into him with each blast of cum until I collapsed in a heap atop his body.

I caught my breath as everything started coming back into focus. I could hear T below me doing the same.

“How you doing down there, boy?” I asked, checking in.

“That was fucking awesome, sir,” was his response.

I chuckled. “I’m just glad we finally managed to make it happen.”

“Me too, sir.”

We lay there a while longer, lazily chatting as we caught up. It wasn’t long, though, until I started getting hard again… and I knew T would absolutely be down for a round 2…

“I’m getting hard again, boy,” I informed him with a grind of my hips.

“Good thing you’re still here then, sir, huh?” he teased back.

I gave him a smack on the ass and moved from lying on him. I looked around the bed for only a second before grabbing him, forcing him to his knees, and turning him to face the wall. The wall with a full length mirror aimed right at us. I grabbed his hair roughly and pulled his head up, making him watch the exact moment I breached his ass once more.

I enjoyed seeing his mouth drop open and his eyes bulge as his already sore hole was filled to capacity once more. I wasted no time and began fucking him earnestly. Leaving one hand in his hair, I used the other to smack at his ass as I thrusted into him. I was in no rush, knowing my second nut would take some time to build up.

I kept his eyes trained on the mirror, making sure he watched every moment of himself getting thoroughly dominated. I climbed onto the mattress to fuck him at a higher angle, nailing his prostate and causing him to make noises loud enough to wake his neighbors. Glad I wasn’t the one staying overnight.

By the time I was nearing my orgasm, the both of us were totally drenched in sweat. The bed was squeaking in time with my thrusting, and any pretense of this being rape had long since flown out the window. I locked eyes with T, one hand tightly gripping his hair and the other on his hip, as I slammed home and filled him with load #2. I kept thrusting until I was drained, and pulled out with a wet sounding pop.

“Good boy. We definitely have to do this again next time you’re in town,” I said, smiling down at T before spanking his ass for good measure.

“Sir, I’m afraid I’m going to need you to fuck me like that far more often.”

I chuckled.


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