The following story is intended for adults over age 18 interested in male to male sexual fantasy. If that's not you, please read no further.

Practice safer sex.

All characters in this story are fictional with no resemblance to any real persons implied.

The Visitor (M/M, Interracial) by

Part 1

The door to the jet-way opened and passengers started to appear. I would soon see my Thai friend for the first time. I had met Wit in chat at We had exchanged information and pictures. It sounded like a good fit. I was an older bottom who liked dominant Asian guys. Wit was a top, strong and handsome. His pictures showed his smooth skin and taut body, his face with a slight smile. The eyes seemed to look out at the camera and straight through me. He was working in Bangkok in a job that made travel and a US visa possible, so I invited him to spend a few weeks touring South Florida. Now I was waiting in Orlando to greet him.

I spotted him behind some other passengers exiting the gate. I raised my hand. He noticed and his face broke into a big smile as he recognized me. He stopped in front of me and held his palms together in front of his chest in a traditional greeting. I mimicked him. It was a public place so I guided him to claim his baggage. A few minutes later we were on the highway headed south to my home.

We talked as I drove. He told me about the flight and how excited he was to visit. With traffic light, I frequently glanced at him, admiring his body, but his clothes didn't allow much of a view of his best asset. He saw me checking him out , of course, but didn't help ease my curiosity. A couple hours later we were pulling into my garage. It was late in the evening.

As we entered the house I was wondered how we would start our relationship. I showed him to the guest bedroom, that we had agreed he could use until we got better acquainted. As I turned to put down the bags he pushed me down on the bed and got on top of me. He kissed me strongly, pushing his tongue deep in my mouth. I tried to tongue him but he pushed my tongue back. I surrendered to it letting him explore my mouth. As we kissed he rubbed his clothed body over mine and I could feel his hard shaft pressing on my own.

After several minutes he broke the kiss and pushed back, straddling my hips. I see the bulge in his pants with a big wet spot at the tip. He ordered me to take off his shirt and I obey. I see he has a nice chest and try to rub it, but he pushes up and rubs his swollen crotch over my face. He moves my hand to the top of his pants and I loosen the belt and unfasten them, sliding the zipper down. His firm shaft pops free. I see the head with the foreskin partially retracted and glistening with his lubricating juices. A big drop is forming in the slit and I push out the tip of my tongue to taste it.

He pushes his pants down to mid thigh to allow his stiff cock and tight balls to be free of restraint. With one hand he slides the fleshy shaft across my face, covering me with a thin film of his flowing pre-cum. He rubs it along the length of my lips. I try to swallow it, but he pulls back. He tells me I can't have it without his permission. I ask if he would please let me suck him. In response he pushes hard against my mouth that I relax and feel him slide deep inside.

I go to work applying suction while my tongue swirls around the swollen mushroom head of his stiff male member. He moans with pleasure as I go to work and I'm rewarded by a continuous flow of tasty juices. He places his hands on each side of my head to control my motion and begins to fuck my face. I keep the suction with my tight lips over his thrusting sex pole as he pushes in to the hilt. I feel the tip enter my throat as my nose is pushed firmly against his pubic bush.

After a few minutes of steadily fucking my face he starts stabbing harder and faster. I feel his balls pull tight up to the base of his spearing shaft that seems to grow even longer and thicker in my mouth. Wit grunts and pulls me fully to him for a climatic thrust. I feel the head of his sex twitch in my throat and spray me deep down inside. A second follows in an instant. He writhes in ecstasy and allows the spurting hose to slip backward to my mouth. It gushes several times filling me up as I swallow his seed again and again.

As his flow eases off I feel his body relaxing in the afterglow of a good orgasm. I hold his hips to keep his softening dick inside me as I go to work on the sensitized tip with my tongue. He squirms with pleasure as it stimulates him while still hot from his just finished frenzy. He moans and tells me to stop, but doesn't try to pull from my mouth. I redouble my efforts and feel him snap back to full firmness and begin a fresh flow of slippery lubricant.

After a couple minutes of work he takes control and resumes a forceful fucking of my hot mouth. I feel the tension in him building and soon I'm rewarded with a fresh meal of my favorite Thai food. As he completes his release he rolls off me to flop back on the bed, pulling his shaft from my mouth. It shines with my spit and his cum as it dribbles the last spoonful of seed into the black hair above where it sprouts from his body. I lean over to clean him up with my tongue but he pushes me away and wipes the juices onto the skin of his abdomen.

I lay back next to him. I lick my lips and savor his taste. As he rolls back on top of me I know that I will be doing whatever he wants. I'm his and I like it.

He slides his cock against mine that is hard but still encased in my pants. I'm amazed that even after cumming twice he is still mostly erect. I feel his stiffness pushing against mine.

I ask, "Do you want to have more sex?" I lick my lips hopefully.

"No. I can have sex with you anytime," he states. We both know it is true. "Let's see the rest of the house." He rolls off me and stands by the side of the bed, his pants still down around his legs and cock standing up against his torso. I sit up on the edge of the bed beside where he stands. I see drops of his slippery fluid that he deposited on my pants where he pushed against me.

He stands in front of me so close that his shaft is along my nose with the tip poking my left eyelid. Just when I'm thinking we'll go again he says, "Pull up my pants."

I comply, of course, pulling them up his thighs and buttoning the waist. I have to push his rod to the side so it won't stick up over the belt. I take the opportunity to slide the skin covering the engorged tip up and down to clean off residual juices. I lick my fingers in my mouth before carefully raising the zipper. The crotch still bulges from the pressure of containing his straining male member. I offer him the shirt but he tosses it back on the bed.

I move over to the exercise machine that shares his room. I adjust the weight and sit at the bench-press station. "This is a press with 83 kilos," I grunt while demonstrating. "One, two, three," I count my repetitions.

At six he pushes his hands against the bar, adding resistance until my arms are forced back to the start. He dips his body forward until his mouth is over mine and roughly shoves his tongue inside. Wit pulls back and states, "You may be strong, but you know that you cannot resist me." I look at him and look away.

I show him the bathroom by his bedroom, the dining room, kitchen, breakfast nook, living room, computer room and pool area, finishing up with my bedroom and bath. "You're welcome to join me here," I offer.

"We'll see," he replies, looking around and seeing the condoms and lube I'd set out on the night table. "But it is late and tomorrow is another day. I'd like to get some rest in my room now," he states heading back. I follow him. He goes to his room and closes the door with me outside while saying good night.

"My door will be open if you want," I say to the closed door. There is no reply as I turn out the lights in the rest of the house and head to my own night's rest.

Part 2

I feel something and I'm not sure whether I'm dreaming or awake. I sense I am face down on the bed, my normal sleeping position. My legs are spread wide and I touch something between them. I start to turn, but a hand on my back pushes me into the bed again. The presence behind me sags to my body. I feel a stiff probe invade the crack of my ass. It moves searching for entry. I shudder a bit as it finds its target. There is a pressure there that I know I can't resist and don't want to. I relax and feel myself being filled. On the table I see the empty foil that assures me things are safe.

The tingle of hair against my butt tells me my friend has taken my ass fully. His firm body rests over my back. The contact pleases me.

"Are you going to fuck me now?"

"Maybe later. For now you will be my mattress. That is OK with you."

"Whatever you want."

"That's right. Whatever I want," Wit responds with a quiet laugh, adding a couple of quick, full-length, in-and-out, strokes with his iron-hard maleness for emphasis. It causes me to gasp.

He reaches his arms under my shoulder. I feel a couple fingers part my lips and push inside. I suck on them as they stroke my tongue gently.

With his every wiggle stimulating me to the center of my soul, I feel him slowly relax and drift to sleep. Excited but exhausted I slowly follow, dreaming of the days ahead.

As I awaken I feel him still asleep on top of me. His fingers are no longer in my mouth, but the full feeling in my ass tells me that we are still intimately connected. I relax feeling the slow movements of his resting body and his warm breath against the skin of my back.

The room lightens as the day begins. I feel his body begin to stir as he starts to wakeup. His hands grip my shoulders and he stretches slightly. As he does his hips move up and down a bit, a motion that commands my attention since it slips his firm flesh through my stuffed gut. I instinctively squeeze my ass muscles, an action that draws a soft moan from him.

"Are you awake?" I ask.

"Mmmmm. Yes. You make a good mattress. What shall we do this morning?" He asks beginning a slow, short, fuck motion.

"I think you have a good idea," I say as my ass begins to be stimulated by his efforts.

I feel him start to probe with longer and stronger strokes. He pushes in until his groin is wedged in my ass. I feel his hair scratch my skin as he wiggles his hips at deepest penetration. It causes his stiff pole to shift within me. I moan as it punches my prostate gland.

Pleasurable sensations flow through me. I feel his hands massaging my back. I push my ass up to meet his strokes. Our flesh meets each thrust with a slapping sound followed by his body pressing mine back to the bed. At the end he arches his back to achieve the utmost depth. My eyes bulge out each time as the pressure stimulates my most sensitive spots. Then I feel him slide smoothly out, eliciting a low sigh of contentment from me. When I feel the flaring crown press tight to my ring I know the next stroke is about to begin.

I relish the warm heat that flows through my body from a skillful fuck. The low sounds he makes tell me that it is good for him too.

After several minutes he grabs my hips in his strong hands and draws me to him as he shifts back, pulling me to my knees. Using pressure from his thighs he spreads my legs wider. In this position he increases the tempo and force of his strokes, pulling me back with his hands as he shoves forcefully forward. I start grunting from the impact as he takes our sex to the next level.

"Oh... God," I moan as I start feeling the effects of his powerful thrusts throughout my body. I hear him chuckle softly at my distress and thrust even harder. I lower my head to the pillow with my ass still stuck up for his pleasure. Each impact pushes my head into the soft cushion and shakes the bed.

I lose track of time as my existence is measured by his regular plunges into my ass. Suddenly it stops with him fully embedded. I feel him manipulating my body and let myself follow his urgings. He rolls me on my side, leaning forward to keep himself balls deep. He bends my right leg forward and lifts it up over his head and lays it on his left shoulder. I am rotated onto my back with his iron-hard cock forming the axle. Then he lifts my other leg onto his shoulder and I lay on my back facing him, still recovering from the unique experience of twisting around the unyielding flesh that spears my ass.

From between my legs resting on his shoulders Wit looks down on me as if considering his next move. I see the sweat from his previous exertions forming a glistening film on his golden tan skin. His abdominal muscles are clearly defined on his thin waist. A small patch of fine black hair shows above the point where his body nestles tightly to my upturned ass.

I see a look of determination form on his face and his body resumes its fuck motion. As his hips move away from my body I see the first inches of the hard dark pole of flesh appear, bridging the gap. It just confirms the unmistakable sensations that pour through my body from the other inches still inside.

As he almost withdraws, a sudden stab of his body nails me with his iron spike. The impact through my body slaps my head back to the bed and I stare at the ceiling as my abused prostate sends wild signals straight to my cock. Again and again and again he pounds me. Then again even faster. My head flops from side to side, my eyes open but unfocused. The only thing that matters is the sensations radiating from deep within me.

I feel him bending me double as he leans over me, still stimulating me with evenly paced hip motions. He presses my shins into my chest as I see his contented face above mine. His head bends forward and his lips find mine. His strong tongue penetrates my mouth, claiming it as he has my ass. I suck on it and caress it with my own tongue as I steady my squirming body by holding onto his triceps as his arms support his torso above me. Sweat drips off his face and chest, raining onto my already soaked body.

After a minute he pulls from my mouth and rears back to his kneeling position behind me. He resumes full stokes harder than ever. A hand surrounds my own rigid shaft, jerking it roughly in time with the thrusts. The past was only prelude to this intense assault. Spasms rock my body as it tries to come to terms with what is happening. It is more than I can endure.

"Oh...please...stop...oh...I...I...can't...can'," I mumble. He pays no attention to my ranting and soon I am just not able to make coherent sounds.

It continues, harder, faster. Waves of sensation wash over me. My body spasms. A final thrust. I feel him pumping his seed into the heart of my body. My vision narrows to a small circle concentrated on Wit's face as pleasure washes over it.

As I return to awareness, I see him behind me. My ass is resting on his thighs with my legs draped around his tight waist. I know he is still inside me, but not moving. Seeing me come around, he smiles.

"Did you enjoy that as much as I did?" he asks.

"I think so," I reply, "but I don't know how much more I can take."

"Whatever I require you to take," he answers. However, he pulls back and he smoothly exits my abused hole. The feeling causes a small tremor to run through my body.

I see his sheathed cock. It is still half-hard. The covering is slick with my juices. In the tip a big gob of his seed is collected.

"Let me help you with that," I offer. He scoots next to me as I slip the rubber off his flesh, inverting it as I go to trap my liquids and expose his flesh soaked with his own sweet nectar. I pop the last off being careful not to lose what it holds. I lift it to my mouth and suck out the fruits of his body.

I move over to the source of my recent pleasure and clean it carefully with my mouth and tongue. I am diligent in moving all around the knob and under the enfolding cover of skin. I feel him squirm as my attentions stimulate the nerves sensitized by his recent explosion. As the head is cleaned I move my lips down to the base, cleaning the pole as I go. As I pull back it shines wetly and is somewhat firmer.

I look up at he and he bends down and kisses me deeply.

Part 3

I break our kiss in distress as a cramp passes through my abdomen. "I need to go," I shout running toward the bathroom. I sit on the toilet and let my bowels release a big load of shit that his pounding nearly liquefied.

The pressure gone, I relax. Looking up, I see Wit standing in the doorway.

"I need to piss," he announces.

"There is a second bath by your bedroom."

"No need," he states while straddling my thighs and sitting down on top of them, facing me. His semi-hard cock slides across my own and slips under my balls. I feel his cock pulse with the flow of urine accompanied by the sounds of it splashing in the bowl.

As the flow stops a muscle twitch from him snaps it against my balls, flinging the last couple drops onto my bottom. He stands up, pushing the still wet cock-head against my lips. "Clean it," he demands. I do.

"I need a shower," he announces and moves off. As I clean myself up I hear the water run. I go to the bathroom and see his sleek form through the glass of the enclosure. He sees me and directs me to join him. I enter the stall and share the hot refreshing spray with him.

I grab the soap and start lathering up his body. I spread the suds over his lean muscles, savoring the feeling of the smooth skin. I move behind, reaching around him to soap his front. My cock nestles in the crack of his butt. He rubs it against me, causing me to harden. My hands rub his chest, sliding across his nipples. They form hard points and he leans back into me.

I move lower cleaning his tightly knit abdominal muscles. Then I push into his black bush, feeling the root of his power. I lean over his shoulder as I soap the shaft, pulling the skin so I can clean under the fold of flesh that protects the blunt end. It rapidly fills to its full size. The foreskin gets tight and retracts back on the lengthening shaft, exposing the blood-engorged head.

I didn't want him to cum so I moved to his balls and legs, then shifted to his neck and down his back. When I reach his butt, I kneel to give it special attention. I soap it fully and use my hands to spread the taut flesh and expose the valley. I see the brown puckered entrance to the inner depths. I rub soapy fingers around the ring of muscle, probing it gently. He moans softly.

Encouraged, I coat my middle finger with slippery suds and apply light pressure to the opening. I see the muscle tremble with fast spasms. It parts a bit and I slip in all the way to the knuckle. His gut grips my digit tightly. I move it carefully in and out. I feel him relax a bit and rotate to find his pleasure button. His reaction to the touch tells me the target. I pull out, add some more soap, and return with two fingers. They penetrate him easily and I resume the internal massage.

After a minute of intense stimulation that has him moaning, he suddenly pulls off my fingers and turns around. I see his cock standing straight up, pre-cum juices washing down its length from the effects of gravity and the shower spray.

"Will you shampoo my hair," I request. He looks down at me still kneeling on the shower floor and grabs the bottle. As he starts to lather my head, I engulf his straining pole all the way to the base, pushing my nose into his silky bush and smelling the clean aroma of soapy male flesh. I suck and lick his steely shaft, tasting the copious flow bubbling freely from its tip.

He kneads my scalp roughly as I continue to attack his rampant manhood. After a few minutes he ignores my hair and holds my head. His priority becomes fucking my face as I use my lips to form a tight seal around his pistoning pole. I can see his balls draw up to the base as he increases his tempo as the eruption approaches. A final shove plunges the crown into my throat as I feel it pulse and squirt. I swallow deeply and he allows himself to withdraw a bit so my mouth is flooded with his cream. I drink it down.

As he ease off the peak his body relaxes and he leans against the wall, pulling the, now softer, shaft from my mouth. "That was fun," I say, standing up and rubbing my hair. "Do you feel like washing me?"

He looks into my eyes. Turning off the shower spray, he tells me to soap him up again. I rub the soap into his body, raising a thick layer of bubbles from head to toe.

"Now it's your turn," he says with a mischievous gleam in his eyes. He moves against me, pushing my back into the wall. He covers my body with his, soaping me with the foam from his own body as it undulates across mine. One knee, then two, force my legs apart. Our sexual equipment rubs together. I get hard and feel him start to stiffen, his younger body recovering quickly from his second orgasm.

After a few minutes he turns me around to face the wall and repeats lathering my back. His now firm flesh plows the furrow of my ass. Occasionally, he spears it between my legs under my balls. As he continues I feel it probe my hole, touching it, applying a bit of pressure, but backing out before penetrating.

All too soon he stops and turns on the spray to rinse us both. I start to turn around, but he shove me roughly back against the wall. "I'm not done," he whispers in my ear.

He pushes his weight into me, pinning me to the tile wall. A minute later I feel him back off and a soapy hand splits my ass crack while the other forces against the small of my back, pressing me forward. A finger probes my hole, circles the ring twice with gentle pressure and then strikes the target to bury to the knuckle in one thrust. He rotates it inside me. It hits the spot. "Yesss...," I moan.

He backs out a bit and adds a second finger. I squeeze them with my ass muscles as they roughly assault my pleasure button. I quiver at this attack. He adds a third finger. I am stretched wide now. My cock is hard, pinned between my trunk and the wall, leaking fluid. My breathing quickens. I gasp when he spreads the three fingers, opening me wider still as the fourth finger slips in.

They are all stroking me inside at my most sensitive spot. I am so stuffed. I've never felt like this. He stretches me some more. "No, no, no," I mumble. He pays no attention as he adds the thumb to the other fingers and shoves the whole hand into me to the wrist. There is pressure, some pain, but intense stimulation. My body goes limp and I would have fallen except for the support I got from the hand up my body and leaning into the wall.

He rotates his hand in me. It is too much. I shoot my load onto the wall. As I finish he lets me sink to the floor slowly, holding my butt into the air with one hand inside and the other under my crotch. When I'm down he pops his hand from my gut in a move that feels to me like he's pulling my insides out. I feel him cleaning the juices off our bodies.

He turns off the water and opens the door. I'm still on the floor. I roll over and look up at him. Wit's body shines from the film of water covering golden skin. Water drips from the tip of his still semi-erect cock onto my face. We share a weary smile in the afterglow of our hot sex.

Part 4

Wit helped me to my feet. I was still a bit unsteady from the workout he gave me, so he put an arm around my waist to hold me to him while drying us both with a towel.

I took the opportunity to exam his body. He was about half a foot shorter than my six-one. His body was quite lean with all the muscles well defined. I had about 50 pounds on him and I knew I was stronger due to my extra size and weight. Yet he was not thin or under-developed. He had excellent muscle size and strength, giving him a trim athletic build. These were covered by smooth, golden-brown skin that I so love in Thai men.

He had that handsome face that first attracted me to him when I saw his picture. It was long with strong features, nice, kissable, lips and alert almond eyes. It was topped by short-cut, straight, black hair, but the face had no hint of a beard even after the night. I needed to shave twice a day myself. Yet it was his expressions, even while doing something as mundane as drying us, that marked him as something special. It was firm. There was a sense of inner strength and confidence in any situation. He was in control and he knew it, a dominant male, sure of his power. He knew he dominated me. I knew it too and he knew I knew.

I looked down at the origin of his male power. It was about 6.5 inches like my own, but a bit slimmer than mine which is quite thick. It was standing almost vertical along his abdomen, despite having cum strongly twice so far this morning. Mine was limp and would take time or work to regain any firmness, but he is half my age. He was uncut, a feature I really like since I am cut. The skin was about half retracted due to his continuing arousal.

He had finished drying us and we walked the few feet to our bedroom. I was feeling better and was able to walk unassisted.

"Lay back on the bed," he directed while getting a fresh rubber. "I'm going to fuck you."

I turned to face him. "Again? You already came twice and we haven't had breakfast yet."

"Ha! Americans!" He exclaimed. "You do everything by the clock. I'm on vacation. My dick is hard. I'm going to fuck you." He pushed me back on to the bed. I lay face up watching him apply the protection and lube it thoroughly.

He spread my legs really wide and knelt on the bed between them. He scooted toward me, opening his thighs so they allowed him to slide closer to my butt. He pushed my legs over his and pulled me backward. I slide over the sheets until I felt his groin contact my bottom. I looked down my torso and saw his cock standing up over my own limp shaft and balls.

He pulled his hips back to get some clearance and with one hand pushed the straining shaft down to the proper alignment. I felt the head searching for the target. He found it. The lube was cool on my skin as I prepared for his penetration. I felt the pressure increase slowly. It began to ease in. I bit my lower lip as I felt myself open for him. The ring snapped to his shaft once the flaring crown slid home. He added the remaining inches in one smooth motion as I sighed.

He started this fuck with slow, full-length, strokes. I was in heaven. I looked up at him. He smiled at me. "Is there anything else you would rather be doing?" He asked. I shook my head no.

He kept up the steady, slow, pace, hitting my pleasure button almost continuously. It was great. I closed my eyes and concentrate on what I was feeling. He put a hand around my cock and pumped it in time with his fuck. It quickly grew hard again.

After about 20 minutes he began to raise the tempo and vary the stroke. At the bottom he would do a little rotation of his hips that allowed his probing pole to stretch the walls of my cut. Each time it took my breath away. I grabbed my legs and pulled them toward my shoulders spreading my ass wider and allowing him to get even deeper.

I watched him fuck me. I saw his muscles moving under his thin, fat-free, skin. As he pushed into me his abdominal muscles would bunch together in a perfect six-pack. They would relax on the out-stroke. I could see inch after inch of his stiff cock appear as he pulled it from me.

As he moved closer to the inevitable climax, things built in intensity. As he slammed into me at the end the impact would force the air from my lungs. Sweat beaded on his body from the exertions and I was soaked from the effort I was expending just from accepting his passionate pounding. He pushed me over the edge and I came, shooting my seed onto my chest and belly in my most powerful orgasm ever. As I shot my ass contacted around his thrusting member.

That was enough to trigger Wit. He made one, two, three short stabs in time with my contractions, then abruptly pulled completely out. He ripped off the rubber, jumped over my widespread legs and shoved his cock right down my surprised throat. I had no time to think before my mouth was flooded with his hot seed. I swallowed again and again until he was drained. He rolled off me and lay beside me on the bed. Our breathing slowly returned to normal.

"Now I'm ready for breakfast," he announced.

"I have orange juice, grapefruit, cereal, and bagels with cream cheese. What do you want?"

"I'll have it all. I'm hungry from all my exercise this morning."

"Yes. You have to keep up your strength. Put on your swim trunks and I'll have it in the breakfast nook in a few minutes."

"Can you serve it here in bed? I want to relax for a bit."

"Sure," I replied. "I'll have our food on a tray shortly."

"Oh. Don't make anything for yourself. I'll give you some of mine. And...don't get dressed," he added. "You understand?"

I didn't but I nodded and left the room still naked. Fortunately it is not likely that anyone could look in the house from outside.

I returned with the food to find him stretched out on the queen-sized bed. He had me put the tray on one side of him and sit next to him on his other side. Our backs were propped up by pillows and the headboard. He tried a wedge of grapefruit that I had picked from the trees in my backyard yesterday.

"Good," he stated. "The next piece is for you," he said as he put a second wedge in his mouth and bit it in half. He put his mouth over mine and feed me the pieces by inserting them into my mouth with his tongue.

And that's how I had breakfast. All my food would go in his mouth first and he would pass it to me mouth to mouth. The juice he would just hold in his mouth for a second. The grapefruit and cereal would he would chew once. The bagel would be chewed several times before I would get it. He was using this to demonstrate his control. I didn't mind. It was something I already knew.

I watched him eat, paying close attention to his manly face, watching his expressions as he tasted the food. He would chew and swallow or chew, turn toward me, put his mouth over mine and feed me. His taste and juices were part of every morsel, so he became part of me with each swallow.

When it was gone he said, "That was good. I liked the grapefruit particularly."

"It comes from my own yard," I informed him. "I have four trees."

"What is planned for today?"

"Well...I normally jog each morning. But, having sex with you was more than enough aerobic exercise. I think I'll skip it." He chuckled. "You just had a day long flight and passed through 14 time zones. You might want to relax by the pool and try the heated spa. It's a sunny day and it will be in the low 90's today, 33 to 35 Centigrade."

"That sounds good," he agreed while getting up from the bed. He stretched his body and walked down the short hall to the toilet. I heard the sound of his piss splashing in the bowl.

"You should wear a swim suit," I suggested speaking up so he would hear. "The neighbors are able to see into parts of my pool area."

I had sat up on the bed and collected the breakfast tray when I saw him returning. "That is ok." He stepped right in front of me and pushed his cock at my mouth. "Time for another cleaning if you please." I did. He was half-hard when I finished. He went to get his swimsuit, grabbing a couple condoms from the night table on the way.

My kitchen looks out over the pool area as does the living room, dining room and master bedroom. As I was finishing cleaning up from breakfast, I saw Wit come out on the pool deck in a tiny red suit that barely covered the essentials. Its front bulged from containing his ample equipment. He saw me through the window, waved and jumped in the deep end. When he popped up he started swimming laps with a strong stroke.

I went to the bedroom for my suit. I saw that Wit had brought his stuff to our bedroom. I put on my suit, more modest jogging shorts that doubles as my swimwear. I joined him at the pool, stepping over to the edge and watching him swim. He saw me and swam over, putting his arms on the deck near where I stood.

"Join me," he directed. When I didn't respond for a few seconds, he grabbed my legs and tipped me over into the water. I landed in a big splash and went under from my momentum, feeling shocked from the sudden immersion in the cool water. He leapt on top me and tried to hold me under. I pushed off the bottom and shot up for a breath, breaking his hold. He grabbed me again from the back and we wrestled in the water.

I had the advantage here. Not only was I bigger and stronger, but also I was taller. That let me reach the bottom where he was still swimming. After a few minutes I got him around the chest and pinned him over against the side of the pool where the water was almost six feet deep. He soon realized he was trapped and looked at me. I smiled back happy with my triumph.

Then Wit changed the game. He wrapped his legs around my waist and pulled me tight. I could feel that he was hard again. He mashed himself against me and my own organ sprang to attention. He had a smirk on his face that said to me he knew he was turning the tables. Still I kept him against the side of the pool while he humped his groin into mine. He got his toes under the band of my trunks behind my ass. When he straightened his legs he pushed them down to my ankles.

I looked down to see where they were and noticed that he had popped his own equipment free by pushing his suit's material off to the side. He mashed his rigid pole right into my balls. I was startled by this attack and let up just enough for him to slip out and get on my back, curling his legs around mine and surrounding my chest with his arms. His cock's length nestled in the crack of my ass and I couldn't do much about it with my legs tangled in my pushed-down trunks.

"Hold onto the side of the pool," Wit directed. I felt him shift behind me and probe for my hole with the tip of his cock, poking me with short stabs looking for the entrance.

"You're going to fuck me again," I observed as I positioned my arms over the edge of the wall. "Remember to use protection."

"I fixed myself up before I put on my swimsuit." I felt him find my hole. "Just relax," he added as he stuffed me with his full length in one slow motion.

I followed his advice and gave myself over to the now familiar pleasure of his skillful butt-fuck. He used slow motions and long strokes. The resistance of the water surrounding us probably prevented the jackhammer pounding that he gave me in bed. We were almost weightless in the water and only his arms and legs wrapped around my body gave him the leverage to power his sexual assault. He was adaptable and I was in heaven.

He put a hand around to stroke me in time with his fuck. I relaxed as he pushed in and tried to squeeze my muscles as he pulled back. His moans told me he liked that. We kept at it for minutes, gradually getting more and more excited. He was writhing in the sensual feeling over my back. He nibbled at my ear. I turned my head and he reached toward my lips with his own. He slipped me his tongue.

We broke the kiss after a few seconds without him missing a stroke. He continued, dwelling a few extra seconds at the deepest point and flexing his love muscle in my gut. As he continued, I could tell he was getting close. He plunged in to the hilt and shifted to rapid-fire very short stabs. I clenched my ass muscles as tight as I could around his pole. He issued a high-pitched squeal and clutched my body with all his strength. I felt him spasm. I pushed me into my own release.

He clung to me after he finished, covering my neck with soft kisses. I rested my head on my arms on the pool deck, exhausted from the experience. "Thank you. I really enjoyed that," I complimented him.

"Good. I wanted you to have as much fun as I did." With that he placed his feet on the pool's side and pushed off, leaping into the center of the pool while jerking himself out of my ass. I jerked up and covered my ass with my hand at the pain of his instant withdrawal. When I turned around I saw him floating on his back, his soft cock flopping around over the pushed aside material of his suit. The used condom was floating about halfway between us.

"I've got to go to the toilet again. I'll make lunch when I return." He said nothing as I pulled up my trunks and climbed out of the pool.

Part 5

I have a summer kitchen under the overhang of the roof that covers about a quarter of the pool deck. I used it to prepare the meal while Wit swam more laps in the pool. I made cheeseburgers, with lettuce, tomato and a toasted bun. A serving of potato salad and a large kosher dill pickle completed the meal. I set out cold soft drinks for the beverage.

When everything was ready I called to him. He swam over to the side and pushed himself up onto the deck in one smooth graceful motion. I watched in admiration as the water sheeted from his trim, muscular body. He dried himself with a beach towel, came over to the table where I had set his plate and sat down.

"Ah. McDonalds," he remarked.

"I hope better. I made these myself."

"No special sauce?" He asked peeking under the bun.

"Not this time. Try the catsup."

He took the burger and tried a bit. He licked his lips. He liked it and went to work on the meal. I joined him, eating normally again. When he devoured the cheeseburger he started in on the potato salad. Finally he got to the pickle.

"What is this, a green cock? Do you want to fuck me, green cock?" With that Wit brought his legs up onto the chair seat and pulled down the back of his trunks, exposing his tight hole. I looked around nervously but nobody was in sight. He placed it at his puckered sphincter and tapped against the muscle ring. He shuddered a bit as he pushed about five inches inside. It wasn't only the penetration. The pickle must have been cold against his colon lining. He made about a dozen strokes, leaving only a bit of the end out to grip. He finally pulled it out and held it up in front of him. It was shiny with a thin coat of his juices

mixed with brine. "Here. You eat it," he directed handing it to me. I did. He watched. I enjoyed it because something from my lover became a part of me. (Though I don't think I could have done it if there was more than just a film on the pickle.)

"This afternoon I was wondering if you would like to try something unusual. I want you to fuck me underwater."

"How would we do that?"

"I'll get out some scuba gear and we'll do it at the bottom of the pool. You'll wear a weight belt to keep you down. I'll show you the gear and we'll practice in the shallow end before we do it."


"I'll clean up lunch and get the gear ready. Why don't you relax in the sun and let your balls recharge."

A half-hour later I was back with the equipment. I lay it by the side of the pool. Wit came over to see what I had brought. I demonstrated the use and clearing of the mask and fitted him with a weight belt and four pounds of lead to make him negatively buoyant. I put on the buoyancy compensate r (BC) that had the scuba tank and regulator and about ten pounds of weight.

"This is where you get your air," showing him the mouthpiece. "Try it. Good. You'll use the second mouth piece with the long hose called the octopus. The key in scuba is to never hold your breath and never bolt to the surface, but only come up slowly. If you hold your breath and go up, the air in your lungs will expand and burst them and you could die. If there is a problem and you need to come up quickly, blow lots of bubbles out your mouth the whole way."

I had us lay down in the shallow end and practice breathing and clearing the mask. When he seemed ready we got out of our suits. There was still one more thing to prepare. I had him sit on the edge of the pool, got between his thighs and sucked down his cock. It tasted of the pool chlorine originally, but he responded quickly and I soon tasted his sweet natural lubricant. I applied the condom and he hopped into the pool.

I gave him his mouthpiece and we got on our knees, bringing us just below the surface. We shuffled off together to the deep water on our knees. Once there I turned to face him. We were each only a couple pounds negatively weighted and any movement would get us apart. How would we stay coupled for him to fuck?

I had an idea. I put his hands on the waistband of my BC. He gripped it tightly. Then I put my arms behind my knees and pulled my legs against my chest, bending me double and exposing my ass. He got the idea and held me easily with his arms extended. He moved me back toward him and rubbed my ass over his groin until he caught the tip of his hard shaft on the lip of my hole. He adjusted the alignment a bit. I felt him pull me toward him. The pressure on my opening increased and he slowly eased inside. I felt him fill me up until my ass cheeks were against his body.

He started to move me along the pole that impaled me. Since he was holding the harness, the only contact to a solid substance I had was with the firm flesh of his sex spear. The only sound was the bubbles from our breathing. When I closed my eyes the sensations from the world floated away to the back of my mind, except for the pillar of muscle penetrating me. I let the world drift as he slid me slowly, smoothly along the length of his cock.

I opened my eyes when he started to explore some of the possibilities of our situation. He had me balls deep and took away his hands. I floated in the middle of the water, connected to him only by his spike of muscle. He flexed it and I slowly drifted up until we were almost face to face. When he relaxed I drifted back toward horizontal. He tried that a couple times. Then he began some faster twitches. We got out of synch, my body moving one way and him pressing my gut in the other. It caused really wild sensations and I could see he liked the effect too.

Then he tried the maneuver he did in bed this morning, pivoting me around the axle he provided. It was easy in my weightless condition. With hands on my waist, he'd rotate me 180 degrees one way then back and 180 degrees the other. Unfortunately the hose to his mouthpiece prevented us from doing continuous circles. If he had his own tank... Well that's something for next time.

But the feeling of him twisting in my bowels was something incredible. Shudders would run through my body each time he turned me. He added a normal in and out motion with the rotation. The sensations were squared in intensity. I was squirming in his hands as waves of sensation caused my body to spasm uncontrollably. I was out in the middle of the water, writhing in ecstasy with nothing to anchor my thoughts except for the friction from the tube of flesh that joined us.

I bit down hard on my mouthpiece to try and regain control. It didn't help but at least I didn't lose my air supply as I plunged inevitably toward an explosion. My body was burning with a fire the water surrounding me couldn't but out. I looked up to Wit. The sun shining on the water framed his face like a glowing halo. He looked back at me and, pleased with the effect he was having on me, smiled.

I lost control. My back arched. My balls contacted and I shot. One, two, three, four spurts of white erupted into the water from the tip of my cock as I squeezed my gut on his unyielding presence within me. I felt Wit go wild deep beneath my abdominal muscles. His thrusts pushed a small flow of seed from my tip that formed a cloud in the water around the crown. A thick stream of bubbles reached above me to the surface from my heavy breathing.

I calmed down slowly, letting the heat from great sex be absorbed by the cool water. My breathing returned to normal. I looked at Wit. He was also recovering. He slipped me off him. I stood next to him as we walked side by side to the shallow end. When we broke the surface we dropped our regulators and shared a deep kiss.

After a few minutes we broke the embrace. I removed his condom and sucked out the juice he had deposited. We retrieved our suits from the bottom of the pool and left the pool. I put down the scuba gear on the deck.

"Let's relax a bit in the Jacuzzi," I suggested, leading him over to it and turning on the air injection. The spa was heated to about 100 F. We sat in it side by side and allowed the water jets and bubbles to relax our muscles.

The bubbles made it impossible to see below the surface, but I felt his hand reach in my trunks and grab my cock. I reached over to him and discovered that he had already freed his equipment by pushing the material of the pouch to the side. The stream of bubbles against the shaft had made him hard again. I rubbed my palm along its length.

He rolled over on top of me. His mouth covered mine and he explored me with his tongue. I wrapped my arms about his muscular body. His hard cock slide up the leg of my loose swim trunks. The material was no hindrance to his explorations. I felt him probe my crotch with the blunt tip. He pushed across my own softer shaft and it soon hardened. It mashed my balls and snaked below to my ass. He lifted my legs that I wrapped behind his waist. My hole was exposed to him and he soon found it. I looked into his eyes as we continued the kiss that ended any thoughts of talking to him.

I felt him punch my ring. It was just a light push, but I automatically started to open for him. He backed off without entering. He did this several times. I grew desperate to have him even though I knew he had no protection. I tried to push down on him but he held me from engulfing him.

He broke the kiss. He punched me again with his steely shaft. "You know what this means?"

"Your cock is hard and you're going to fuck me?"

"Yes. You are a fast learner, but we need to get ready." He pulled off my trunks and rolled on a rubber that he had stashed in the back of his skimpy suit. I'm glad he had thought of it because I don't seem to be able to think of anything else when I feel him push at my hole.

He stood in the center of the spa and pulled my ass to him. My legs surrounded his thin torso. I rested my shoulder on the side of the spa while he manipulated me for his penetration. His cock probed me again and didn't waste time finding the door. He knew the location well by now. He popped his head in and pulled it out of me for several minutes, teasing me. As I got to be expecting it, he buried himself to the hilt in a quick stab that startled me.

He put his arms under mine and held my back. He pulled me toward his chest as he knelt down in the spa. Soon we were neck-deep in the hot water, bubbles all around us. I was sitting on his lap, riding his sex pole. He lifted me up and down by pushing up with his thighs and dropping down quicker than I would sink down in the water. As I moved my own cock rubbed along his taut abdominal muscles.

As he gave me another skillful fuck, was it four or five today, we kissed deeply. It was like I was drunk with passion. I couldn't seem to think or do anything. I just held onto my lover and let pleasure flow through me. It was so familiar now, heat boiling inside me and flowing to my cock. The swirling hot water doubled the effect. I could feel his excitement growing with my own as his thrusts became gradually faster and stronger.

He exploded within me and I followed. We maintained our embrace as the emotions peaked and gradually eased. We broke our kiss and I looked at him. I smiled weakly, again drained from the exertion. He bit my nose playfully and helped me stand up. We stood face to face. He still had his cock pushed between my thighs with the tip in my hole. He bumped his hips away and popped out.

I took off his sheath, sucking out his tasty juice and tucked his softened piece back into the pouch of his suit. I got mine and put it back before we left the water.

Part 6

I made spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner. We ate in the breakfast nook that looked out over the pool area and watched the sunset. Wit fed me from his mouth again. He'd have a mouthful then take a second mouthful for me, chew it twice and pass it right to my mouth. So I tasted him and the spaghetti.

Afterwards we went to the living room and watched television. I had put on a loose Moroccan robe. Wit just had on his white, high-cut, bikini briefs that didn't hide much. I saw he had a foil condom pack stuffed next to his ass cheek.

We cuddled together on the white leather sofa and watched the satellite high-definition HBO feed of "The Sixth Sense." Wit liked the big 55" screen and full 5.1 channel sound. I was glad he was enjoying it as much as I was enjoying being next to him.

About halfway through the show Wit shook a bit. "I'm cold," he complained. The breeze from the ceiling fan and his almost nude body must have gotten uncomfortable. "You have lots of room in there. We can share." He pulled up the bottom and moved up inside with me, his back resting on my chest. He popped his head and arms out the openings and there was indeed plenty of room for us both. He reached down and kicked off his briefs. My cock nestled in his crack and he wiggled his ass seductively and we settled down to see the rest of the show.

When the show finished, he pulled his arms from the sleeves and rolled over on top of me. He was hard.

"Are you going to fuck me now?" I asked as I automatically spread my legs enough for him to settle to the sofa between them. I touched the remote to shut down the video system.

"Watch," he replied. He pulled his head down the neck opening and licked and sucked my nipples. Then he turned around under the robe. He pushed his legs out the short, baggy sleeves. I felt him hold my cock and move it to his lips. He sucked on the head while he pushed his body up over mine until his hips showed out the neck. His legs were held back along his torso as I held his waist and maneuvered his stiff cock to my mouth.

I sucked on his juicy shaft and was rewarded by a steady flow of pre-cum into my mouth. Meanwhile I squired under his body from the pleasure he was giving me. I put my hands on his ass cheeks to help push as much of him as possible into me. It reached into the opening of my throat. My throat massaged the tip as my tongue swirled about the shaft. I pulled him back a bit and shifted my tongue to his sensitive crown. His body shook and he started bucking his hips in a short fuck motion.

I moved a finger to the ring of muscle that guarded his opening. I rubbed it softly around his ass lips. I brought it to my mouth and lubed it up with my saliva and his pre-cum. Back in place I pushed it against him and allowed his own hip motions to insert it up his hot gut. In a minute it was fully embedded and I probed for his button. A quick muscle spasm and an increase in his lubricating flow told me I had the spot.

I let his own motion move my finger in him. He adjusted so I was hitting his spot almost continuously. He was writhing in ecstasy and redoubled his efforts on my member. He was really working my cock and driving me wild. I tried to hold off by sucking him even harder. When he plunged a couple fingers up my chute and pressed my spot, I lost it completely. I arched my back off the couch and pumped cum into his mouth. As I came I pulled his ass into me until my lips were in his pubic hair. He flooded me with another tasty load.

When he finished. He released my cock from his mouth and slid out the bottom of my robe. This pulled him from my lips that were still milking the final weak spurts. He laid a trail of spunk down my chest and belly. He stood up and leaned over me. We shared a deep kiss and our juices mingled.

He broke the kiss and asked, "What do you have for tomorrow?"

"We'll take a trip up to Kennedy Space Center, take the tour, come back in the evening after dinner at a restaurant. I think you'll like it, but we need to get an early start. Especially if you want to have a bit of fun before breakfast."

"Ha. Then we better get to bed." He grabbed his underwear and fished out the condom.

As we headed to bed I thought how lucky I was to have met Wit. How luck I was to have him here for three more weeks and how pleasantly sore my ass was going to be.

The End