A Policeman calls


A Policeman Calls
By Mikkiwriter © 2017

This story is copyrighted to me its writer and cannot be copied in any way shape or from without my express permission. If you are underage or don't like stories of a homosexual nature, please leave now otherwise enjoy. This story is a piece of fiction and therefore nothing in this story ever happened.



A Policeman Calls

James is an average 20-year-old, but little did he know but this Christmas was going to change his life forever.

James is the younger of two children his sister Lucy is 35 so growing up he was always in the way and James never really got on with his sister. James always knew from a young age that he was gay and had a lot of gay experiences.

James's shaved blonde hair and piercing blue eyes always got him a lot of attention whenever he visited gay bars but usually it was just casual sex and James really wanted to find a partner.

James usually spends Christmas with his parents at their house, but this year had decided to stay and spend Christmas at his own place. James has already ordered a small turkey from a local butcher and placed his vegetable order with the small greengrocers on the corner of his street as one thing James hated was fighting the crowds in the local supermarket on Christmas Eve for the last sprout. James's parents were surprised when he told them he wouldn't be attending the family Christmas but accepted his decision.

James came home on the Friday before Christmas and sat down shortly after there was a knock at the door. James got up and saw standing there were two police officers one of the officers said "I'm acting sergeant Andrew Davies, and this is pc Mark Harris and I presume you are James Raven?

James looked shocked and said, "yeah why?"

Andrew smiled and said, "can we come in sir?"

James said "sure" and showed the two officers into his flat

Mr Raven "I m sorry to have to inform you but your sister Lucy and her daughter Alice and your parents were fatally injured in a road traffic accident this morning" Andrew said

James looked at Andrew and said, "oh hell" and started to feel tears roll down his eyes
Andrew then said, "but your nephew Adam is in a critical but stable condition in hospital and really needs someone to support him through this terrible time".

James always liked Adam and said, "right which hospital is he in?"
James was still in a daze when Mark said, "the royal infirmary"

Andrew said, "we will take you there if you like"

James said, "thanks I don't think I could drive I m all of a daze"

James and the two police officers arrived at the hospital and were ushered straight to the intensive care unit.

James went over to Adam's bed and took hold of the 16-year-old blonde haired lads' hand.

Andrew walked over and said, "we will leave you for now, but we will need you to identify the bodies later when you are ready ok?"

James said, "ok thanks I'll let you know."

Andrew left leaving James with his ill nephew thinking to himself why and how did this happen

James looked at Adam's smooth torso thinking wow I always thought he was a hottie just then James noticed a slight change in Adam as the young lad started to slowly open his eyes. James hit the bell for the nurse.

The nurse came in and saw Adam was slowly waking up and immediately paged the doctor.

Adam saw James sat there and knew that something was wrong as no one else was there.

The doctor came in and asked James to leave while they carried out some tests.

The doctor came out and said that apart from some cuts and bruises and of course his broken arm he will be fine and will be realised from hospital before Christmas all being well.

James thanked the doctor but knew now he had the difficult task in telling his favourite nephew that his entire family had perished in the crash.

James walked back into the room and took Adams hand again and said "Adam I ummmm need to tell you something this is the most difficult thing I have ever had to but

Adam butted in "they dead, aren't they?"

James started to cry and said, "yes they are Adam I m so sorry"

Adam shouted, "why did this happen"

James said "I don't know but I can tell you that you will always have a home with me

Adam wiped his tears and James grabbed him and hugged him

"Now you get a little sleep I must go and do something, but I will be back I promise".

James asked the nurse to contact the police about identifying the bodies. Acting sergeant Davies arrived shortly later and led James to the hospital mortuary where James was first showed the body of his mum. James started to break down as he confirmed the body as that of his mum.

The worse one was the final body when he had to confirm the body of his young niece 14-year-old Alice. James was now inconsolable and acting sergeant Davies was now holding up James as helped him back towards the ward. James started to realise that he was the only family that young Adam now has. James went into the ward and sat next to Adam and watched as the young lad slept. James left the ward and asked Andrew what had happened. Andrew said "well what we can tell the lorry which hit your family's car suffered a blow out and it carried across the carriageway hitting not just your sister's car but two others as well. The driver of the lorry is being questioned at the station now".

James thanked Andrew and went back into the ward and took hold of Adam's hand while he slept. James himself started to nod off to sleep as he sat there.

James woke up shortly after to see Adam was now awake. James said, "you ok babe?"

Adam said "yeah"

James said, "I'm going home for a bit, but I will be back later"

Adam said "ok"

James gave Adam a kiss on the forehead and left. James went to his parent's house and let himself in. James sat in the chair and broke down completely. After a while James went out into the garden and saw his mothers' friend and neighbour Mrs Thomas.

James called Mrs Thomas and with great difficulty told her what had happened Mrs Thomas was upset and told James that there was anything she could do to let her know. James asked her that if she would inform the rest of his mum's friends.

Mrs Thomas said, "of course I will"
"Thanks Mrs Thomas" James said


Christmas Eve

James's went around to the greengrocers to pick up his order James had decided not to celebrate Christmas as such, but it was Adam who changed his mind. Adam had come home from hospital the day before. Adam had persuaded James that Christmas was the favourite time of his mum and would be a tribute to her if they celebrated it. James was still reeling that the loss of all his family, but Adam seemed to be accepting it a lot better. James was at his flat collecting a few things to take back to his sisters' house when there was a knock on the door.

James answered the door to see one of the police officers standing there but now out of uniform. James said, "hello what can I do for you?"

"Well I was in the area and thought I'd check in to see how you and Adam were?" Andrew said

"Come in" James said and watched as the six-foot black-haired hunk walked into his hallway. James was particularly impressed on how the tight black trackies Andrew was wearing hugs his beautiful bubble type arse.

"well Adam is bottling it all up but I m starting to slowly come to terms with it but once the funerals are out of the way maybe we can move on"

"Yeah it does tend to help" Andrew said

James noticed how attractive Andrew is with his shaved black hair. Andrew smiled and said "I can see you are busy I just wanted to know if there is anything I can do please let me know. James smiled and thanked Andrew then James lent forward and kissed Andrew. Andrew was taken aback a bit but carried on with the passionate kiss. James took Andrew into the lounge and carried on kissing him.

Andrew had always kept his sexuality a secret knowing he was gay from a young age. All throughout his adult life he had hid his true feeling and felt particularly since joining the police there has never been a right time to come out. Andrew had recently been made acting sergeant after the regular sergeant went on sick leave with stress.

Andrew however is no virgin he has had quite a few gay liaisons including with one pc at his current station. That liaison must be kept quiet as the pc is supposedly happily married.

Andrew soon lifted off his tight white t shirt revealing his slightly hairy well-defined body.


James was soon sucking on Andrews now fully erect nipples as Andrew moaned loudly. James slowly went down and slowly peeled the tight black trackies down revealing his tight white ck's which were tenting profusely.
James smiled as he peeled the ck's down revealing Andrew's 8 inch uncut fully erect cock. James went down and started to run his tongue up and down Andrew's shaft. Andrew groaned and panted as James slowly sucked and licked his cock. Andrew then put his hands onto James's head and started to fuck his mouth faster and faster.

Andrew was groaning and panting louder and louder as he slowly fucked James's hot mouth. Andrew then gave out a massive groan as his cock exploded filling James's mouth with load after load of his hot sticky cum.

James tried hard to swallow has much as he could but some escaped running down the side of his mouth. Andrew withdrew his now soft cock and went down and kissed James licking the cum off his face.

Andrew smiled and said, "wow that was well hot but maybe next time I could get to fuck your arse"

James laughed and said, "well maybe next time"

The new lover kissed and then James said, "shit look at the time I need to go and fetch Adam and take him home"

Andrew said, "ok when will I see you again?"

James smiled and said, "well maybe you could come for Christmas dinner at my sister's old house"

Andrew said, "thanks for the offer but I think you and Adam need some family time together"

James said, "look Adam knows I'm gay and I really would like some support with the family thing I'm not very good at all that especially with a 16-year-old lad who has just had his life turned upside down"

Andrew said, "ok I will come over I m on early shift, so I will be there by around 3 ok"

James said, "sounds fine we never sit down for Christmas lunch until around 4 let me give you the address"
James jotted down his sister address down and handed it to Andrew

Andrew smiled and said "Thanks"

Andrew quickly dressed, and the two men left the apartment and went their separate ways knowing that their lives were going to be different from now on.



Christmas day

James made sure Adam had a good day and the meal was nearly ready. James had spoken to Adam and told him that Andrew was joining them for lunch. He was fine with it. Andrew arrived at the house just as James lifted the beautifully cooked turkey out of the oven.
James opened the door and said, "uncle James is just pulling the bird out of the oven"
"ok Merry Christmas Adam how are you doing?"
"well I'm ok but I miss mum" Adam said
Andrew smiled and hugged Adam and said, "yeah I bet you do"
James Andrew and Adam all sat down for turkey and all the trimmings. James wanted to make it a day to remember

Andrew really enjoyed spending time with James and Adam. Adam went to bed around 8pm leaving the two men downstairs. James leaned over and kissed Andrew and the two men were soon in a passionate clinch on the settee. James soon had Andrew naked and James was slowly sucking on Andrews nipples. Andrew moaned and said, "wow babes"

Andrew pulled James up and pulled off his clothes Andrew went down and took James's rock-hard cock into his mouth James groaned as he felt Andrew expertly suck his cock. James screamed "fuck babe" as Andrew carried on sucking his cock. Andrew pulled off James cock and then smiled and sat down onto James's cock. James was surprised because so far Andrew had never bottomed. Andrew was moaning loudly as he rode up and down onto James's cock. James then took over and bent Andrew over the settee arms and started to fuck him hard Andrew was moaning loudly Andrew shouted shit as his cock sent a huge loud of his cum all over the floor. James was pushing his cock in and out more and more and Andrew shouted out babes cum on my fucking face. James smiled and stopped pulled Andrew up and kissed him and then pushed him down onto his knees and furiously wanked his cock. He soon screamed "fuck" as his cock splashed his cum all over Andrews face.

Andrew laughed and said, "wow now that was hot as fuck"
James laughed and said "you are telling me babe we need to get cleaned up and clean this mess up before Adam gets up in the morning. The two men showered together and got dressed and went back downstairs. James cleaned the mess up and the two men sat on the settee for a while
Andrew smiled and said "well babes Id better make a move I have a early meeting about whether I keep my job permeant or go back to pc.

"oh, ok you don't think they will demote you, do you? James asked
"well I was only acting up while the regular guy was off sick but he has since quit so there is a permeant vacancy but there are other candidates and maybe they don't think I am the best person for the job, but we will see"

"well I hope you get it" James said leaning over to kiss Andrew
Andrew smiled and said, "but whatever happens I know this I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you and Adam".

James smiled and kissed Andrew and said, "well that is want I want too"
Andrew said, "but we should take it slow and allow Adam to get used to us being together"

"ok I agree he has been a lot and we have the funerals in the new year and they are going to be really hard" James said with tears rolling

Andrew kissed him and said, "I will be there to support the two of you I promise"

James smiled and said, "well babes you better getting going phone me in the morning the second you find out ok?"

Andrew smiled and said I will don't worry"

James smiled as Andrew left and thought I will never forget the day the policeman called.


Andrew kept his job and a few weeks later moved in the house with James and Adam. The funeral went ahead a few days after new year and as James thought they were the hardest thing he had ever had to do. Adam returned to school a few weeks later and is settled back into his regular routine, James is busy running Adam here there and everywhere with footie practice on Wednesdays athletics on Monday and other sports he takes part in. but James wouldn't have it any other way.

James was proud when he was called to the school to see Adam pick up an award for the sportsperson of the year.

Adam dedicated the award to his late mum.

Andrew was happy with his life and was now fully out to his family and colleagues. He was feeling like a member of the family and was proud when Adam started to call him papa. Adam had already started to called James dad a few weeks ago. And James was also surprised. Adam's dad was a firefighter who died when he was 5 so when his mum died he was left as an orphan.

James came home a few weeks after the funerals to find Adam in bed with his best mate Paul. He wasn't that surprised because Adam's late mother had told James she had suspected he was gay a few weeks before she died. Adam was aghast when James caught them and begged James not to say anything as Pauls parents are homophobes and would probably throw him out. James agreed, and Paul was a regular staying over until his father found out that James was gay and forbid from staying or going anywhere near Adam.

Paul was livid and told his that he was gay and that's when all hell broke loose. Luckily Pauls mums intervened and Paul came to live with James and Andrew a few days later. The two couple now live happily together...



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