Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2019
From: Moritz
Subject: An Adonis On The Roof
- Chapter ONE


Hey guys,

This is chapter one. I hope you enjoy reading this chapter.

I should also like to thank James, Scotland (UK) for his help in the preparation
of this manuscript.

I would love to hear what you think about it! Please send me an e-mail at and let me know what you think.

I am a German from Hamburg.

I have translated my work into English but some of the prose needs a finishing touch.

So, if you can spare a few minutes, I would appreciate your advice.

I always need a good editor for new stories!!!

Hope you enjoy!




An Adonis On The Roof

by Moritz, Hamburg, Germany

Edited by James, Scotland (UK)





Austin had bought a new camera which not only took photos, but could also
record videos in 4K resolution. It was just amazing what this camera could do,
but what impressed most was the 1200mm zoom lens -- even very distant
objects could appear very close.

Austin made his living from taking photos and videos which he posted on social

He wanted to familiarize himself with the new equipment in the six weeks before
his vacation -- he didn't want anything to go wrong.

He decided to get up early on Sunday morning -- most of the residents in his
neighbourhood were still asleep, unlike in the city centre, which never slept.

For many people it had been a long night -- a few were perhaps only now
returning from a party, and were looking forward to falling into bed.

Austin wanted to capture the special light of sunrise and put the camera on
a tripod to avoid any blurring.

Austin`s apartment was directly under the roof which meant that from his
living room window he could photograph the sunrise over the city rooftops.
The apartment block was two storeys higher than neighbouring houses
which not only was an advantage when taking pictures, but meant that
no nearby houses overlooked his, nothing blocked his view and when the sun
shone it would stream through at least one of his windows.

Austin loved living the „high life"!

Having already taken some great shots, today's sunrise had been stunning - just
what he'd hoped for.

Some of the shots were, as one would expect, colourful, with vibrant shades of red
and yellow lighting up the many beautiful grey clouds, all contrasting with the
deep blue sky beyond; everything combined to create a wonderfully romantic image.

Having got several excellent shots, Austin took some time to further experiment with
his new camera, the impressive zoom in particular.

As he looked through the viewfinder his eye was drawn to a door opening on the
balcony of a house some distance away.

* * *

As he continued to focus on the door Austin was surprised, given the early hour,
to see a young man step out onto the large balcony. An excellent opportunity to try
out the zoom, Austin zoomed to the maximum and brought the young man very close.

"It`s awesome", thought Austin -- the young man now clearly recognisable, as if only
five yards away. As well as the zoom lens, the camera had video capability, an
important feature as Austin wanted to produce professional videos for the internet -- for
the last three years, the handsome 24-year-old had made his living as a blogger.
Here was an ideal test to see how good the recording would be when viewed later
on his TV.

Austin continued to film the young man -- probably only a few years younger than
himself -- who paced around the balcony, and who seemed to be talking to someone,
just visible in the room, though making no move to venture onto the balcony.

Austin continued to scrutinise the young, unknown Adonis -- very light, blond hair,
which was longer than the current fashion -- and pale, almost white skin.

In the early morning light and against the rising sun, the exceptional and dignified
young man took on an appearance that was almost angelic.

With the naked eye, even from this distance, one would guess that he was very handsome.

The small swivel display on the camera provided a little more clarity and Austin was
curious what level of detail there would be when viewed later on the computer screen or TV.

The young man seemed a bit tired, if his frequent yawning was anything to go by.

He stretched, enjoying the fresh, morning air. Perhaps he'd never been to bed, rather
than having just got up. He wore only a pair of bikini briefs and a T-shirt -- and even
on the small display Austin could see, in addition to a lovely face, that he had a great body.

Austin allowed himself to admire the nice, broad shoulders, tapering down over
well-defined pecs to a developing six-pack, a narrow waist and remarkable, powerful legs.
His thighs and calves, while clearly strong, were not overly massive.

The young man leaned against the railing, admiring the impressive sunrise.
Looking towards the door, Austin saw no sign of the shadowy figure in the apartment,
but then the mysterious other person re-appeared, holding a professional camera.

How interesting - would Austin get to see a professional photo-shoot?

Perhaps he'd pick up a few tips.

It amused Austin to think that he'd be filming the photographer taking pictures of the
Extremely attractive young man -- and neither would be any the wiser.

Perhaps the young man was a professional model -- it would be even more interesting
if he were an well known actor. Maybe a performer from a daily soap.

Living in a media metropolis, with many theatres plus film and television studios,
Austin had already bumped into many celebrities. Photos of celebrities were always good
to include on his social media accounts.

The photographer seemed to be asking Adonis to adopt particular poses, which he did, but
with little obvious enthusiasm. This puzzled Austin, for the young stud was an impressive
specimen, and every bend of an arm or a leg produced beautiful, muscular curves that were
a delight to behold.

Even from a distance one couldn't but admire the perfectly developed pectoral muscles that
were a perfect match for the strong thighs and upper arms. Austin didn't care for the
over-muscled, body-builder type of guy, but this young god was perfect -- developed,
toned muscles, but not excessively so.

It was a frustration not to be able to hear what they were talking about, or rather, arguing about.

From the body language and the gestures of the young Adonis it was clear that there was
some kind of disagreement.

Finally, the Greek god took off his T-shirt, allowing himself to be photographed in various
interesting poses. Austin zoomed his camera to it's maximum setting which perfectly
framed the area from the face, down over his perfect torso, the figure-hugging briefs to the
upper thighs of the young god.

The camera captured every notable part of a stunning physique.

The perfectly-shaped upper body of this young man was simply breathtaking.
To describe him as having the body and arms of a swimmer did him a dis-service -- his arms
were, clearly, stronger than many swimmers.

From his appearance, Austin assumed that this young stud must surely be a professional
model or actor, or perhaps a dancer or fitness trainer. Austin could hardly believe his luck
that not only had he the opportunity to film such an attractive young man, but one now
wearing only a pair of bikini briefs.
The fees of top models were very high, but Austin had the good fortune to be able to
photograph Adonis for nothing!

As Austin watched, a heated argument ensued between the two men and suddenly the
door onto the balcony was slammed shut, leaving the young stunner alone and, apparently,
locked out of the apartment.

Confused, annoyed and frustrated, the young man stood in front of the locked door and
then turned directly in Austin's direction. It was as if he was looking straight down the lens!


Had he spotted Austin or perhaps caught sight of the lens and camera? No, not possible, as
Austin had positioned himself some distance from the window, and in shadow.

Austin watched as the young Adonis glanced nervously in all directions, as if looking for
a way out, seeking some kind of solution to his problem. He turned and walked back to the
balcony door, but what happened next was totally unexpected.

The young god slipped down his briefs, stepped out of them and knocked on the door.
Wow -- what a fantastic view!

Austin was looking at a body that any man would wish for, but few would ever have.

The V-shaped back led Austin's eyes down to a breathtakingly beautiful, round butt -- two
gorgeous, shapely ass cheeks; absolute perfection! Regular visits to the gym and other sporting
activities had clearly contributed to the magnificent sight now being presented to Austin, but
this guy's genes had given him a wonderful start! It was obvious that this guy was very
sporty and probably visited the gym on a regular basis, but a body like that?

That comes only from one's genes, and this Adonis had been truly blessed in that department!

Austin had a moment's panic - was his camera working properly? Would the battery
last long enough? Was there enough space on the memory card? He doubted he would
see such a spectacular image ever again.

The balcony door opened and the photo-shoot resumed.

Had the argument been about the photographer wanting to take a nude photo of the boy?

Had he refused and then given in? Austin wondered what had made the boy change his
mind -- what pressure had been brought to bear? The young hunk leaned his back against
the balcony railing -- through which Austin could see the muscular legs that were clearly the
work of regular exercise and training. It was obvious that the young man didn't want to
expose himself to the almost invisible photographer, as he kept at least one hand covering
his crown jewels -- more's the pity, thought Austin.

Another heated argument started, but it seemed the photographer had to accept second best
this time -which made what happened next all the more surprising.

Turning his back towards the photographer, and looking directly in Austin's direction,
the young god placed both arms on the balcony railings. It seemed he had no objection to
giving the photographer an uninhibited view of his shapely ass -- and Austin certainly wasn't
going to complain about the uninhibited view now on offer to himself!

Between the railings was the beautiful boy's beautiful dick! His pecker and ballsac were
truly a sight to behold. Every time the model changed his posture slightly, the penis
swayed -- back and forth, back and forth.

Austin's own dick started to swell inside his briefs -- he couldn't believe his luck.
It certainly was a case of the early bird catching the worm -- and he was looking at a VERY
attractive "worm" indeed!

Austin continued to absorb the erotic sight filling his viewfinder -- the boy's balls were
magnificent, and filled his scrotum. They hung slightly lower than his cock, and also
swung gently as he swayed.

Austin lowered his left hand and allowed himself a firm squeeze, his cock now needing to be
repositioned inside his underwear as it grew ever larger and harder. It sure is my lucky day,
he thought, realising that he would be able to relive the experience as everything was caught on camera!

* * * * * *

..... to be continued ....

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2019 copyright Moritz -- Hamburg -- Germany

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