Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2019
From: Moritz
Subject: An Adonis On The Roof
- Chapter TWO


Hey guys,

This is chapter two. I hope you enjoy reading this chapter.

I should also like to thank James, Scotland (UK)for his help in
the preparation of this manuscript.

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I am a German from Hamburg.

I have translated my work into English but some of the prose
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An Adonis On The Roof

by Moritz, Hamburg, Germany

Edited by James, Scotland (UK)





The young man on the balcony -- clearly very unhappy at being
photographed naked -- was Ryan. A student at the music school,
he had one more year to study before he would finish.

Only 20 years old, he had embarked on a course of action that he
would regret for the rest of his life.

He had received a scholarship for the music school on the strength
of his impressive voice, but he was also a gifted dancer. However,
the scholarship barely covered his everyday expenses.

For the past year Ryan had enjoyed living in this extraordinary,
fascinating, but also incredibly expensive city and in recent months
Ryan had taken on various jobs to try and improve his financial
situation. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, none of the jobs
had lasted more than a few weeks.

His good looks and attractive appearance had sometimes led to
problems with co-workers or some unpleasant attentions from
older managers. Being as attractive as Ryan might be thought a
blessing, but it could also be a curse. On the one hand he had to
counter the envy and jealousy of some, and others viewed him as
a potential sexual conquest who they were keen to hunt down.

And while he was tempted by some of the offers, he felt it could
backfire on him if the news got out. A few of the jobs he gave up
simply because he didn't like them.

From another music student, Neal, Ryan had learned of a club
where, every Saturday, auctions of a special kind took place.

Everything is classy and very discreet, with the possibility of
earning a lot of money over a single weekend.

To begin with Neal was very vague as to what happened at the
auctions and Ryan had to promise not to to let anyone know.

Confidentiality was paramount -- in the interests of everyone
involved . Only a small, select few knew about it and that's the
way it had to stay.

Only after Ryan convinced his classmate that not only did he
desperately need money, and that he was also willing to do
anything, did Neal tell him a little more about the auction.

Wealthy men of all ages would bid to secure an evening or, more
likely, a long night of pleasure with their chosen young man.

Before the bidding commenced the young men had to detail
exactly what kind of service they were willing to offer.
Those bidding were keen to know what was on offer -- what the
young man would, or would not do -- and that had a considerable
influence on the price paid.

If the young man wasn't happy with his prospective purchaser,
for what ever reason, he could reject the bid and decide instead
to accept the second or third highest offer. However, rejecting all
three top bids would result in permanent exclusion from the club.

Additionally, every new entrant needed a guarantor and Neal was
happy to vouch for Ryan and introduce him to the club.

Ryan was very uncertain about the auction idea, but he could see
no alternative solution. Rumours were rife within the acting
profession of young actors having to sleep with a director or
producer if they wanted to have a chance of being offered a part
in a film or stage production. And it wasn't helped by the large
number of hopefuls, many of whom were exploited by agents and
managers, who used their position and power to gratify their own
sexual pleasure.

Many performers knew what it was like to be shared around
a small, discreet circle of wealthy men and often for very small
sums. It all seemed to be accepted as part of everyday life --
sleeping with someone to get a part, and then sleeping around
until the next offer -- and any offerwould always come with
strings attached.

All these things were widely known about, but never
discussed -- not by the performers and certainly not by those
paying for the fulfillment of their sexual fantasies.

Ryan hated what he was having to do but what else was there that
would provide some much-needed cash?

It came time for Ryan to be auctioned - Neal knew the ropes and
had offered him some helpful advice: "Don't reveal too much about
yourself - some of these guys will want something extra and they
could stalk you. If you need to, lie -- make up a story. And if you
want to go for a good price, put your assets on display -- a pair of
tight speedos will get you noticed, especially if you've got a big
bulge out front."

As Ryan waited his turn -- wearing the tight speedos suggested
by Neal -- he was surprised to see some of the other guys were
not only naked, but sporting large, throbbing erections. Wearing
speedos now seemed an excellent idea! Ryan's turn came and he
walked out onto the stage; "Funny", he thought "For years my
dream was to appear on stage -- to be the centre of attention, but
not like this, not like this . . . " The reality of his situation had
caught up with him.

Being a newcomer to the club and given his stunning body,
Ryan attracted a lot of interest. Three guys were competing to
win the prize -- and, to be honest, the young stud didn't take to
any one of them. When the other two dropped out of the bidding
the adonis had to decide whether to accept the highest bidder
or choose number 2 or 3.

None of the three seemed to view Ryan as anything other than
a sex object -- a piece of meat -- certainly not a person with
feelings -- so the young man, reluctantly, opted for number
Ryan felt shabby at having sold his body for money, no
matter how much he needed it - and he worried as to what
was going to happen now.

The guy who'd paid the highest price was called Trump, who
attempted to get the young man on-side by inviting him to
dinner. The thing was, Trump was a lousy conversationalist,
and Ryan could find nothing attractive about the man;
the young stud despised this wealthy slime-ball.

He felt deeply embarrassed and was convinced that everyone
in the restaurant knew exactly what the situation was -- it
couldn't have been clearer if he'd had "Rent Boy" tattooed
on his forehead.

The young man looked at Trump -- a man in his mid-forties -- and,
supposedly, a very successful businessman. If he was
successful it was because he cared only about himself and had
not thought or concern for anyone else -- others had paid the
price for his success. He talked about himself to the exclusion
of any other topic -- but on the plus side, it made it very much
easier for Ryan, who needed to talk only occasionally, say what
he wanted to say, and not at great length.

He remembered Neal's wise words : "No prostitute tells the
truth. You have to protect yourself."

Ryan was glad when they arrived at the customer`s apartment.
On the one hand, he would now have to do what he was extremely
reluctant to do, but on the other hand there were now no
spectators watching him. When a wealthy man in his mid-forties
and a handsome young man of just under 20 eat dinner together
in a expensive restaurant, it is all too clear to most of the other
diners exactly what that relationship was.

Ryan had been extremely embarrassed by the disapproving
eyes of the other guests.

Dave Trump's apartment was exactly how Ryan had imagined it
would be -- tasteless and impersonal with gold, silver and
sparkling stones everywhere he looked -- totally over the top.

Much wealth on display, but Trump clearly lacked the taste
to go with it.

Trump showed Ryan around the apartment as if to emphasise
that he could buy anything -- and everything -- he wanted. He
treated the young man with disdain and, again to emphasise who
was in control, instructed him to "Go wash your cock in the

The adonis had no alternative but to obey, and when he returned,
Trump led him into the bedroom. If Ryan had been asked to
imagine a bedroom in a brothel it would have looked remarkably
like Trump's bedroom -- mirrors everywhere and overfilled with
tacky objects. And the very bright lighting in the room was
particularly harsh and unpleasant. But what the Adonis was
unaware of was that not only did Trump want one sex-filled
night for his money, but in the bedroom there were two concealed
video cameras that would record every intimate detail.

Trump's nasty little secret, which would allow him to relive and
enjoy the humiliation of his latest conquest for several weeks --
until he found another impoverished stud that took his fancy.

"Stand right here" said Trump, pointing to a spot directly in
front of him "and take off your clothes -- slowly. But keep your
underwear on - for now."

Ryan had felt very uncomfortable at the auction, and now he
once again felt like a piece of meat -- to be viewed, and then . . .
With every item of clothing the young god removed, more flesh
was put on display, to Trump`s obvious and leering pleasure.

Dave Trump was enjoying the chance to ogle at length the
amazing body of his latest rent-boy -- or, as he preferred to call
them, his latest whore. His purchase, with a handsome face,
broad shoulders tapering down over curved back muscles to
a slim waist, perfectly shaped ass covered with the tight and
revealing bikini briefs, with huge glutes tapering again down
to muscular calves.

This guy had a damn fine looking face and body and now it was
all his for the next few hours. He would own this Adonis forever,
because everything will be on tape.

For Trump it was always the same procedure -- he loved
unwrapping presents! He inserted his thumbs under the
waist-band of the lovely tight speedos -- Ryan flinched at
the touch -- he felt sick at the thought of Trump touching
him -- Trump noticed, but he didn't care.

He`d paid -- and paid sweetly -- for this splendid specimen
of burgeoning manhood.

Gripping the fabric between each thumb and forefinger,
Trump slowly and teasingly started to slip the figure-hugging
briefs down Ryan's legs, over that gorgeous ass, enjoying
the first touch of the smooth, beautiful flesh as the first,
dark pubic hair came into view. Trump loved the slow
reveal of a guy's cock -- there's something really special,
as a guy's cock comes into view -- slowly.

* * * * * *

..... to be continued ....

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2019 copyright Moritz -- Hamburg -- Germany

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