Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2019
From: Moritz
Subject: An Adonis On The Roof
- Chapter THREE


Hey guys,

This is chapter two. I hope you enjoy reading this chapter.

I should also like to thank James, Scotland (UK)for his help in
the preparation of this manuscript.

I would love to hear what you think about it! Please send me
an e-mail at and let me know what
you think.

I am a German from Hamburg.

I have translated my work into English but some of the prose
needs a finishing touch.

So, if you can spare a few minutes, I would appreciate your

I always need a good editor for new stories!!!

Hope you enjoy!




An Adonis On The Roof

by Moritz, Hamburg, Germany

Edited by James, Scotland (UK)





The underwear continued its slow descent until Ryan's
Pecker was completely visible - a wonderful sight!
"A really nice cock -- hope you have no problems getting
it hard! And keeping it hard - for a long, long time!"
Ryan felt sick to the pit of his stomach.

"If you can't get a hard-on I can give you some drug that
never fails."

Trump wasted no time in pulling the briefs down over
the muscular thighs and calves of his hot stud, all the time
staring -- practically drooling at the sight of the two large,
low-hanging balls between the legs of this young god.

The business man could resist no longer and reached out
for the young man's still flaccid penis. He pulled on it
firmly a couple of times then kneaded the soft, slightly
hairy ballsac, at the same time wondering how full of
cream these low-hangers would be.

"When was the last time you had sex?" he demanded.


"Because I like seeing my boys shoot a big fucking load
- some are a real fucking let-down."
Ryan found Trump to be totally disgusting -- a vulgar
brute of a man.

"You're one fucking hunky young, male fucking whore
- and you're my fucking whore -- remember that!"

Neal had warned Ryan that some of the customers got
a buzz out of humiliating the young men who'd been
auctioned -- usually the type of guy who did that wouldn't
be looking for a second meeting.

These were the guys who had to buy sex, and who covered
their own humiliation by demeaning their young
prostitutes. Ryan was past caring about his dignity - that
had been left outside the auction.

Trump allowed himself to sneer at Ryan's obvious
embarrassment and shame.

The young Adonis had an incredibly defined torso, and
his pecs were really something special: thick mounds of
muscle that stuck out prominently from his body and were
crowned by pointy nipples. Such sculpted pecs were
always a turn on for Mr.Trump.

Ryan, despite his outstanding beauty, was nothing but
a piece of meat for Trump, only for his personal pleasure.

Trump stood up to get a bottle of baby oil and and began
oiling up Ryan's chest, all the time copping a feel of the
young man's scrumptious physique.
He fondled Ryan's pecs with particular pleasure.

Trump wasn't hurrying, but of course Ryan had no idea
that all this was recorded by two hidden cameras -- and
Trump was always careful not to block the view of the
young Adonis.

He moved his hands down Ryan's marvelous anatomy,
polishing the washboard abs and tracing the gloriously
defined V of his groin.

Crouching down in front of the Adonis, Trump's face was
practically at eye-level with Ryan`s dick and balls,
He frequently looked at the genitals and thought again
how much cum he might produce, but first he began
massaging oil into the stud's beefy thighs and then slid
his hands down to his calves.

"Turn around." It was an order and not a request.

Again Trump was hugely impressed by the V-shaped back
which he continued to allow his oily fingers to glide over
then dropping his hands to the two rounded glutes -- just
like ripe peaches.

Just as he had previously taken a lot of time to work the Adonis
chest muscles, so he took the time for the buttocks of the
young god.

"Spread your ass cheeks - both hands! Let me see that pretty
little asshole."

His voice cracked with excitement. Ryan should have been
upset, but he wasn't -- he'd got hiself into this situation and
was having to accept it.

He could never have imagined that he'd find himself standing
naked in front of a man, having his body oiled, stroked and
fondled - but his penis didn`t respond at all.

Ryan hadn't been certain what would happen next, but he was
sure that Trump wanted more than to run his oiled hands over
his body. Without any warning Trump thrust a finger deep
into Ryan's arse. It wasn't so much painful as unexpected, and
an invasion of Ryan's most intimate orifice.

He couldn't help but emit a groan as Trump repeatedly and
vigorously finger-fucked his tender hole. All the time Trump
continued with his crude, insulting and vulgar comments,
"I hope you're liking this -- I sure-as-hell am. I'm gonna open
your tight, boy-pussy, and you're gonna fucking love it."

One finger was joined by a second, Trump enjoying seeing
Ryan's obvious disconfort; Ryan was grateful that the fingers
invading his arse were well-covered in oil. Trump`s breathing
became heavier,"Try three fingers up that tight boy-cunt,
you fucking slut!"

Trump talked almost non-stop, Ryan trying as best he could to
ignore it.

Trump had made sure that he was seated on the bed so as not
to block the view of the young god standing in front of him and
whom he was so cruelly abusing and humiliating. For Trump it
would make arousing viewing later.

To Ryan's relief, Trump suddenly stopped the painful finger-fucking
and roughly withdrew his fingers from his arse, focusing instead
on the still flaccid cock hanging in front of him. It was hardly
surprising that Ryan wasn't hard, and Trump's harsh tugging of
Ryan's cock was having little effect.

There was nothing happening that was remotely erotic or
arousing, but eventually Ryan's dick began to respond to the
stimulation. Trump wrapped his mouth around the beautiful
tube of flesh, rapidly moving his head backwards and forwards,
moaning as he did so.

Eventually the inevitable happened and Ryan's balls began to
tighten as he began approach orgasm. Trump sensed what
was happening, removed his mouth and continued to jerk off
Ryan, "O yeah! Give me that big load of boy-cream! Oh fuck!"

Ryan, almost reluctantly, gave up his load, after which Trump
allowed him a break when he could clean himself in the bathroom.

Ryan took time to freshen himself before returning to Trump's
bedroom. An exhausted Trump lay totally naked on the bed.
"Get yourself over here and wrap those pretty lips round my
aching fuck-stick -- and don't scrape it with your fucking teeth!"

Ryan knew he had little choice but to comply as he walked,
reluctantly, towards the recumbent Trump. Ryan had given
a few blow-jobs before, but they had been through choice,
and with a hot guy who really turned him on. Trump was none
of those , but Ryan dutifully lowered his head and allowed
Trump's dick to enter his mouth.

"O yeah! Lick that knob -- mmm!" Ryan continued, with no
enthusiasm, reminding himself that he would get some money
at the end of it all -- but this would be a once-only experience --
prostitution was definitely not for him.

Even before reaching orgams Dave Trump changed his mind
and decided he wanted to fuck Ryan. He got Ryan got on the bed,
on all fours and Trump thrust his cock into the boy's beautiful
arse -- but this was no gentle, loving sex -- hard, aggressive
fucking, with Ryan being forced into evermore unpleasant
and degrading positions. If this is what actors had to endure
to get a major role in the theatre then he wasn't sure the
life was for him.

Trump kept slamming into Ryan, mouthing obscenities
continuously. Ryan just wanted it all to end, but he was thankful
that Trump's cock was smaller than average.

As the night progressed Trump would take a break every so
often, but there was no rest for Ryan, as Trump would then
use a long, thick dildo to ream the young Adonis.

The night seemed interminable, with Trump having an
insatiable appetite for forceful, almost violent sex.
Even when, through tiredness, Ryan occasionally dozed,
he would be rudely woken by Trump as he, yet again,
fucked Ryan mercilessly, tugging hard on his balls and
squezzing his pecs.

* * * * * *

..... to be continued ....

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2019 copyright Moritz -- Hamburg -- Germany

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