Andy Finds Daddy Part 3
Andy Finds A Son
Chapter 3


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My name is Andrew Michael Foss. I still like the name Andy and I am called that by those that love me. I'm the head of my own international security company worth multi-million bucks and heir recipient of my grandfather's oil company worth many, many billions of dollars. I had a wonderful life with my dad, everything I have and am is because of his love for me. My precious Carl is gone now and I have been alone until I found a boy in as much need of love as I was at his age.
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Chapter 14
Andy Finds a Son 3

    I won't insult you with an apology but I will say that things have been so hectic around me that I have not had the time to sit down and tell my own story to you. My friend Chris has very little time but he does keep a journal to record everything he does every day. I teased him one time about his girly diary and nearly lost my life. Jim Watkins worships the sweat that comes from Chris's body, he has taken upon himself the task of putting together all of Chris's notes and compiling the ongoing saga of Traveler for you to read.
    Jim is also very protective of Chris and is easily hurt when he feels that Chris has been wronged. Kyle and I have talked about the boy many times and we both agree that Jim is so much in love with the man that he has no life of his own.
    That changed a lot when Chris took his entire family to my grandfather's house in Tulsa for the Christmas holidays. Cory showed Chris some things that he had over looked with Jim and the two of them plotted to find love for the boy in someone else. I was stunned when that lover turned out to be Cullen Muneday. If ever a match was made then the pairing of those two boys has to be the model.

    Something occurred a few months after our Christmas vacation that shook me to my core. I received a phone call from a woman claiming to be Carl's mother. Carl had told me that his mother had died of liver cancer. I didn't know what to think. Mrs. Dickson was trying to get in touch with her grandson Chris and Mabel Howell had told her that I knew Chris very well. I took her information and told her that I would pass it on to Chris then I sat back and stared at the wall.
    As much as it pained me to call Mabel I had too. She had mellowed quite a bit after Chris and Sean had visited her at Christmas time so I did not know what to expect. The woman was very nice to me. For the first time since Carl had died and I had asked her to raise Heather she did not yell at me. She did ask if I had seen Sean lately and asked how he looked and was he healthy and was he happy…typical grandmother talk.
    I asked her what she knew of a Mrs. Dickson that had just called me. She said, "Oh, you must mean old Nana. She is a course old lady, but she loves Chris to death." She went on to tell me that Chris's mother's family lived across the street from her house and how Chris's mother and his grandmother would go shopping with young Chris. They would often stop at Nana's house to visit the old lady, but that came to an abrupt end about the time that Chris turned twelve or so.
    I asked if she knew the reason. She told me that there had been some sort of family feud between Chris's father and Carl and that the whole family was divided over it.
    I asked her if she ever talked to Nana, or saw her. "My gracious no. That woman is so country that I could never be around her." That sounded more like the Mabel that I knew. Still I had to dig a little more. I ran a quick check on Nana Dickson. Mabel never knew the old woman's name. I checked with the county tax division and located the address that Nana had given me to pass on to Chris. It was listed as belonging to Thomas and Lucinda Dickson.
    A search of the vital statistics department records uncovered a birth certificate for a Lucinda Christopher, born in Chicago in 1927. The birth father was listed as one Roul Christophe, age fourteen, birth mother one Lucy Smith, age sixteen. That was no help, especially the date. 1927, was Roul Christophe in Chicago in 1927? As I remembered it he had left his family to immigrate in the days prior to WWII. 1927 was prior to WWII, but I think Roul would be a little bit too young then. I knew one source that I could rely on. I called Jimmy Watkins on his cell phone.
    "Hi uncle Andy, how's it hangin?"
    "Jimmy, are you alone right now?"
    "Yeah, I'm sitting on the throne downloading a few major decisions…Hold on, gotta flush. Whew, that was a stinker. So what can I do to you?"
    I don't know how Chris keeps up with those boys. They always have a quick come back for everything. Chris is pretty sharp himself and sometimes his responses to the boys make me laugh out loud. "Jimmy, this is very important and I would like to ask that you not mention this call to anybody, especially Chris, until I find some answers.
    "I am trying to learn when Roul Christophe immigrated to America and did he have children yet."
    "I don't know for sure the dates. I can check my laptop and call you back in a minute. I am kinda up to my ass in shit right now." I agreed to await his call.
    In less than thirty minutes he called me back. According to a letter that Chris's friend, François, had left for Chris Roul had left for America at the age of twenty two and it was 'just prior' to the days leading up to WWII. I needed more dates. Jimmy scanned his notes. A grateful French Government granted Andre Christophe land on the beach in Nice, Franççais on which the family built their castle by the sea, Château de Christophe.
    Jimmy said that he had seen a large painting of the place that now houses BAF and it was titled, Château de Christophe 1928. He said that there were other portraits of the Christophe family and that Roul was about ten years old in one of them, but that portrait had no date on it. The letter from François said that the Christophe boys were small then. The two wings of the Château were added in the mid to late twenties, giving the children more room to spread out.
    "Jimmy, this is very important. Do you know when Andre Christophe married and started a family?"
    "Well, uncle Andy, my notes just say that 'Andre married his childhood sweetheart and they raised three sons in the castle by the sea.' I guess that was just after the Frenchies gave him the land around 1919."
    "Why 1919, Jimmy. Do your notes show the land grant in 1919?"
    "No sir. I was just thinking that would be about the time after the war ended and all."
    "That is a very good guess. I thank you for all of your help. I will tell you what I am looking at when I find out the truth. Just promise me that you will not tell Chris, okay?"
    "That would be hard to do. He and Cory are locked away in a cabin that Cory built for them. They are on their honeymoon." I knew that, but this was very important.

    My call to Jimmy only added to my frustrations. Lucinda Christopher of Chicago could not be Chris's Nana. And Nana could not be eighty one years old, period, matter of fact, plain and simple. Something was wrong, I just could not put my finger on it.
    The caller that told me that she was Chris's grandmother bothered me a great deal. Carl had told me that his mother had died of liver cancer. Yet…Mabel told me that she knew Nana to be Chris's grandmother. She knew Chris's dad. She was Carl's mother-in-law so she would know the husband of her daughter Cheryl's family. I had told Chris that he and Carl were related when he was in St. Tropez, Franççais. He hadn't wanted to listen to me, then after Carl was taken from me he apologized. I needed to find my records.
    The urgency and fear in the voice of my morning's caller told me that I needed to find out who she was and contact Chris as quickly as possible. I put two data clerk's to searching alongside of me. Carl was born in 1942, I pulled up his birth certificate. He was born at Tulsa General on June 9, 1942 to one Thomas Dickson, age 20 and to one Lucinda Dickson (nee Christopher), age 15. Alright, Lucinda again and born in 1927 in Chicago. She seemed to fit into the proper place. What I could not understand was when did Roul immigrate and how old he actually was at the time.
    I felt compelled to call Nana back and give he Chris's number. Then I called Chris, we were still on the phone when his Nana called him. I hung up and began to dig through old records from Ellis Island. That wasn't as difficult as it sounds. The immigration service actually kept very good records of the 'tired and huddled masses'.
    Dustin Brown's light popped up on my computer screen. I switched to a video screen of him and his monitor. He had something, something very big. I hire some of the older boys from Chris's school to do the more mundane work of data entry and low key research that needs to be done daily. Dustin was a very quick and capable young man and I had been considering moving him up to a higher pay grade. It was never disclosed that Dustin is bilingual, he is fluent in Français. He reads and writes it like a second language.
    When I laid out the parameters for our search for this project I had told the two boys that Roul Christophe was a French immigrant. Dustin found the Ellis Island documents for a fourteen year old boy from Nice, Franççais coming to America in 1927. He decided to dig around a little and find out all that he could about a fourteen year old boy traveling alone on an old steamship in steerage class. He was so excited by his findings that he couldn't sit still.
    I pulled his screen up on my large monitor array. Okay, Chris has spoiled me so I now have a five by nine array of LCD monitors in my office. I asked Dustin to come into my office and had him sit beside me. He worked the keyboards with a dexterity that I only see in technicians after many years of practice. He reminded me of Ryan Miller and maybe a little of Randy Hobbs. He is good.
    He quickly figured my array and had three main screens showing his data. Dustin knows how to make use of search engines, and fortunately the person that had scanned a priest's private papers knew how to use Meta Code. Once Dustin had an approximate date he did a word search for the name, Roul Christophe. He was directed to the diary of a parish priest in Besançon near the Swiss border.
    Roul is not the youngest son of Andre and Laurentine Christophe. In fact he almost wasn't a Christophe at all. He was conceived in a hay barn in May of 1913. Laurentine was fourteen, Andre was fifteen. Laurentine's father threatened to have Andre castrated and jailed for rape. The village priest offered to marry the young couple so that the child would be raised in the sight of the Lord. By the grace of the church Roul was taken to a convent and raised by the nuns there. He was also taught how to service the priests and male staff.
    Andre's one dream was to fly. The airplane was new and very exciting to the boy. He had to keep his marriage a secret if he ever hoped to enter the military and learn how to make the flying machine leave the earth. At seventeen years of age he joined the French Army with his sights on flying. He was a quick learner and his efforts paid off. He was promoted and moved to a flight command where he eventually caught the attention of Georges Thénault. The two young men became flying legends and were brought to the attention of the Escadrille Lafayette. Chris has told you the rest of that story.
    Roul remained at the convent and later moved to the monastery as he aged. He barely knew his father and he had not seen his mother since his birth. In 1924 twelve year old Roul was allowed to move to his parent's home. He was their son only within the confines of Château de Christophe. He never spoke to a grownup during the two and a half years that he remained in his family's home. They were ashamed of him. He was ashamed of them.
    He quietly tried to talk to his father about the sexual abuse that he had suffered at the hands of the churchmen. He had been badly used. His father refused to hear anything against the saint that had taken the boy in and given him a home for twelve years. When Roul threatened to go to the authorities and tell his story Andre offered him a chance at a better life.
    Andre secured two hundred American dollars and helped the boy to hide it about his person against possible thieves. He bought the boy a ticket on a steamship leaving La Rochelle for America in April of 927, Roul was thirteen years old. Roul quietly celebrated his fourteenth birthday at sea, alone.
    When he arrived at Ellis Island the immigration records show that he inquired of the best place to work. He was told that boys could always find themselves work at the stockyards in Chicago. He had no idea what a stockyard was, but he was eager to learn. The agent made a small note on Roul's page that the boy would be packing meat a little differently than some of the other boys if he had read the boy right.
    Little more is known of Roul's early life. He met sixteen year old Lucy Smith and bore Lucinda. Three sons were born to the man, only the third son has a different mother. Lucinda met a young soldier by the name of Thomas Dickson. She moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma and bore him a son while he was in Germany fighting for his country. The couple bore two more children, one Chris's father and then their daughter. Nana outlived all three of her children.
    At last I was at peace with the subject. I only told Chris what he needed to know. His Nana loved him and she wanted to speak to him. I might share the rest of my knowledge at a later date. I had to swear Dustin to silence. He is only a part time employee and has not passed an exhaustive background check. At this point in time he had not had access to any secrets. This was one that he had to keep. Chris appears strong, and he has to be for his boys, but his emotions are on edge all of the time. I know the man and he would tear the world apart until he found those that had hurt his great grandfather. He would not rest until every detail was known. I believe that Dustin uncovered all of the essential details and I am ready to put the entire matter to rest.
    Now I wanted to know why Carl told me that his mother had died of liver cancer. I guess that I will call Troy

    The elation in Chris's voice came across the ether in full clarity. He had found a living relative from his father's family that he never expected to find. 'Nana was a wonderful woman and she has sacrificed her health in her old age to care for two young grandsons after their mother had died.' I listened to my dearest friend as he almost gushed with excitement.
    He took the old woman with him to Tahlequah for Rodney's birthday. It was the first trip out of town that the old woman had made in over thirty years. Chris flew his sister in from England to meet a grandmother that not even she had known of.
    Chris told me how the old woman sat with his two baby boys in her lap and cooed at them. She had RD kneel beside her as she held his face in her hands and told him of her eternal love for him. She doted on Heather and thought that Sean was the perfect brother for her.
    Well, you get the picture. I done did a good thing and even if she wasn't who she claimed to be I will never tell Chris that. I cried with Chris when he called to tell me that the old woman had passed. He wanted to spend many years with her. He felt that he had been remiss in not finding her earlier. That was not really his fault. My daddy had told me that his mother had died of liver cancer when she was seventy two years old.
    That single lie has tainted my perfect image of a man to whom I owe my very existence and I must know the truth of it. Troy could really share no light on the matter. He told me that he knew of a woman that Carl called on the phone all of the time. He was told that he had been talking to his mother. When that woman died he told me that Carl lost all interest in life for a season.
    Troy had met the woman when he first moved into Carl's life. She did not like him. He told me he heard Carl argue on the telephone many times with someone that he claimed to be his mother. When he went to prison that woman took Troy to visit one time. He said that during the drive to the prison and back no words were spoken. He told me that he got the impression that she blamed him for Carl's being in prison. He said that she hinted at her belief that he and Carl were into unnatural sex with each other.
    Two years after Carl returned from prison he told Troy that his mother was dead. He got on an airplane to accompany her body home for burial and that was the last that Troy ever heard of her. This is a mystery that I suppose that I will never learn the truth of. I refuse to dwell on it. I love everything that my daddy was to me and I want to keep that memory in my heart.
    Suddenly my mind's eye focused on Mabel Howell. She was Carl's mother-in-law. She too was supposed to have died of liver cancer at the age of seventy two. Carl's dad was the only one that died at seventy two years old. I had to forget it

    Chris rushed into my office with tears in his eyes. He grabbed me up and spun me around the room by my hands. Kyle stood in the doorway laughing his ass off. They had just come from Dr. Will's office. Dr. Tip and Dr. Will have been doing exhaustive tests on Kyle's condition for three of four years. Kyle's repeated injections of growth hormones and steroids by Richard Jones have caused abnormal growth and aging in the sweetest boy on earth. At nineteen years of age his cellular growth patterns match those of a man of thirty.
    Chris had wonderful news. All of the test data that the two doctors had showed no new aging in the boy for more than eighteen months. The docs were fairly confident that they may have Kyle's system under control. I was so happy that I fell back in my chair and cried like a baby with huge tears rolling down my face. I drew Kyle to me to sit in my lap. That is trick for my five foot seven inch body to hold a six foot four inch tall lanky teenager, but I held on tight.
    My mind has played all of the scenarios. The worst of which had Kyle dying of old age long before his time. I lost my dad then my daddy. I can't stand the thought of losing my son. As my tears dried up I grinned at my two men and wiggled my eyebrows, "Let's go fuck to celebrate." Boy did we fuck. I had two huge schlongs up my ass or down my throat all night long

    Chris has this knack of falling over pots of gold. I don't believe that there has ever been a cloudy day in his life. Sure, he has had a few misty days. The biggest one that I know of was when his Nana died. I am not sure of what went on with him when his parents died, he has told me that he was so wrapped up in Charley that he didn't pay too much attention. I don't believe that, the man cares for others too much. He has shared some nostalgic moments of his life at home and how his family always doted on him. I can only speculate.
    His latest pot of gold came from a phone call that he received from an aging widow that owned a large ranch northeast of town. From his description of the ranch it is a little bit of heaven right here in our own backyard. I was very excited about the news that he had brought me about Kyle. I wanted to get away somewhere with Kyle, but just could not find the time. Chris wiggled his eyebrows and told me about the hot spring fed pond on the ranch. He told me about the tall pines and the smell of the open air of the forest. I was anxious to see it.
    Chris had a terrific idea. He told me about an old caretaker at the ranch that would show me around and then leave me alone. He suggested that I take Kyle over there and spend a weekend naked and having sex on the forest floor. Fuck that sounded like fun. Chris had a lot of construction going on over there so we left before dawn on a Saturday morning.
    Chris is a very detail minded man and the map that he quickly sketched for me and the directions down to the tenth of a mile increments, he even gave me the security code to punch into the gate at the entrance gate to the ranch.
    By the time we had cleared town and left all signs of habitation behind us the road had turned into a very pleasant drive. Kyle was sleeping on my shoulder when I awakened him. He told me that he had lived in Tucson nearly all of his life and he had never known of such country. When we passed through the gate of the ranch he sat up and let his head spin back and forth at all of the amazing changes in the terrain. The most obvious change was a flowing river, in Southern Arizona yet. Water does not flow across the desert floor. Snow melt sends water cascading down a few of the area's recreation sites, but a river across the desert floor… That is unique.
    Right down to the last decimal point on Chris's map I pulled up to a very large ranch house from out of Arizona's history. An old man sat in a chair on a large covered porch drinking coffee. Kyle and I walked up to him, he introduced himself as Nolan. He offered us a cup of coffee and my sweet Kyle quipped, "But gee, won't that stunt my growth?" Nolan looked at him with the strangest look.
    Kyle needs to shave twice a day to keep his youthful face in view. His beard is a medium to dark brown, but it grows at an astronomical rate. I told Nolan that Kyle just turned nineteen. "I heard that the kids today were growing up quicker, but I never thought…" Kyle asked me if he could tell his story, I agreed.
    "See, when I was like this little kid in grade school and all, my friend's dad used to get me to sleep over at their house. He would give us hot chocolate to drink and we would get real sleepy like, only we didn't always go to sleep. He would stick this needle in our dicks and told us that it would make us big boys. We wanted to be big, but we didn't like what the man did to us when he called us big boys. He stuck his dick up our tiny butts and then made us suck him.
    "Those shots that he gave us made us grow though. Me and Chad got the biggest dicks in dad's house and both of us were grown men before we were sixteen."
    "Where is that son-of-a-bitch? I will cut off his dick and ram it up his ass with a cherry red branding iron?" Nolan was staring at Kyle with the look of pure hatred in his eyes.
    "He's dead now. Dad sent him to jail and he got fucked to death."
    "Good enough for him. Where are my manners? Would you like something to drink? I have everything ready for breakfast. Mr. Chris said that you would be here early so we figured that you wouldn't stop to eat. I got real pork sausage that the Indians here put up. I have fresh sourdough bread for the best toast you ever ate and all the eggs that you can eat as well."
    He wanted to fix us breakfast, I wanted Kyle to fuck me. Nolan saw our look and he smiled, "I remember those times with Festus. You boys are here to get together, the food will be here later."
    Now I wanted to hear his story. Chris told me a little about Festus finding Nolan as a boy, I asked him if we could get comfortable and sit on the porch to eat while he told us his story. His eyes brightened as he showed us to a nice room. He told us that if we were like most men and boy couples that he knew we wouldn't be in the room very much. He said that the ranch just begs for couples to fuck in its woods. That sounded like a plan.
    Kyle and I returned to the porch naked. Nolan was placing a large platter of eggs and sausage patties on the table. He stopped and looked at Kyle, "Have you been that grown up since you were sixteen?"
    "Well, dad measured me when I was fourteen and I had twelve inches then. He said that it was a butt stretching six and one quarter inches around, but I grew up since then."
    "I'm glad you didn't get around my Festus back then. He loved boys with big dicks. I let him have his fun then he would return to me and love me all the more. But he never had a dick near that big in his tight old ass. Can I ask how big it is now that you have grown?"
    "It is fourteen and one half inches long and six and fifteen sixteenths inches around, and it is all mine."
    Nolan smiled at me, "You a boy lover then?"
    "Well no, not exactly. I need a man. I like to be held by a man and feel his strong arms around me. I like the smell of a man, especially after a hard day at work. Kyle's body is all of that. He is a boy in many ways, yet he is all man at the same time.
    "I never thought that I would find love again after my Carl was killed. Kyle showed me that there is love for sick fuck like me. He is more man than I deserve and I will honor and cherish him for as long as he will let me."
    "You sound like me and Festus. I loved for that man to hold me. He found me in 1949 when I was a very young boy and he brought me to this ranch. My mother abandoned me at an old dirty truck stop along the highway on the edge of Tucson when I was eight years old. Festus had gone to town with old Willie to get supplies. They stopped their truck at the gas pumps and he saw me sitting against the building crying
    "He came to me and squatted down so that he could look me in the face. When he asked me why I was crying I threw my arms around him and asked him to be my daddy. He dug around in the ice of the old soda cooler that sat in front of the store window. He pulled up a Chocolate Soldier and stuck the top in the bottle opener then handed it to me. That was the best drink that I ever tasted.
    "He put me in the front seat of the truck between himself and old Willie. Willie would squeeze my knee each time he shifted the gears. They brought me here where Miz May nursed me and fed me, she clothed me and comforted me when I was sick, or just blue and needed a mother's touch. Miz. May took me to her bosom and held me there. She gave me a bath while Festus watched. Miz. May told him that if he touched me he would never touch anything else again.
    "Festus remembered that. I slept in a bed with him every night from then until he died. He would let me work with him and he would put me on a horse in front of him as he rode the herds. As I grew up Miz. May sat down with me and asked me if Festus had ever done anything wrong. I told her no, but I wished that he would. She smiled at me and we talked awhile. She called Festus to come to us and we talked. She told him that I was almost thirteen and that it was up to me. He grinned at me and I jumped into his arms.
    "Our sex wasn't much in the beginning. It was mostly oral. Festus had a very deep itch, if you know what I mean, and he always found a more grown up boy to scratch him. He let me watch. I think that it was me that started to suck him while a boy worked at his rear end, I was sixteen. Festus liked that so we did that almost every time after that.
    "I tried for years to scratch that man's itch, but my horse has always been a pony. He loved me, I never doubted that and I loved him with all of my heart. I never had another. I would hold a boy and sometimes I would suck him, but I never loved any of them. I haven't had love since Festus died and I don't think that I want any." His carotid artery pulsed and he looked away. He had just told a lie, but I didn't say anything. "I am too old and sick now to get it up. I have my memories and that makes me happy. When Miz May died it was like losing my mother

    "I know Chris well enough to believe that if you were out in the woods with him and his boys that you saw him making love. Didn't that bother you?"
    "No, I can read a man pretty good. I been handling men and boys round this ranch since before I was weaned. Chris is a unique man. I feel nothing but love come from him. I watched him with those boys, but not out of any sort of desire. I watched a man love a boy and make the boy love him. I guess that one of the boys was having some sort of trouble. Chris made him put those troubles away and focus on his life ahead of him The boy is young and to dwell on things in his past at that age he would be burned up before he was grown up."
    Chris had told me about Paul Harmon and why he chose to bring the boy and his two cousins to the ranch for his first visit with the old widow that gave it to him. Paul is a twin. Their father was using their bodies each night then in a fit he killed Paul's sibling. Paul fled for his life and ended up hiding in Chris's house. He didn't know that his father was in prison for killing him also. Chris brought him to the ranch to settle the boy's mind, and behind, if I know Chris.
    "That sounds like dad. He did that for me and all of my brothers really. He makes us focus on the good things in life. He says that we can not undo what is done so live so that those bad things don't never happen again to us. I guess that is why we all love him."

    Kyle turned and looked at me. He was ready for love. Nolan led us to a small grove of trees where a bed with clean sheets sat ready. I smiled at the old men, he turned and walked away. I lay flat on the bed and beckoned Kyle to me. He stiffened up and joined with me. When Kyle enters me I feel the stretch, but there is no pain. Kyle has become an accomplished lover and his size makes me very happy.
    Our coupling seemed different somehow. I looked into Kyle's eyes and saw something that I had never seen before. He was making his moves, but it didn't feel like he was there. I guess that sounds strange. I have heard of mechanical love making where one partner goes through the moves without any emotion behind them. That was what I was feeling from Kyle. He was hitting my buttons and I was enjoying myself until I looked behind Kyle's eyes and there was nobody home.
    I dug my heels into his ass as I wrapped my arms around the lanky lunk and pulled him against me. He thought that I wanted him to go deeper and shoved every yard of himself into me. I could taste his pubes at the back of my mouth he was so far in me. I held on and would not let him move. His eyes sparked as he focused on me for the first time during our short session. "What's wrong, Andy?"
    "The question is, what's wrong, Kyle. You were not with me there. Is something bothering you?"
    "Yeah, there is something that I am thinking about and I…"
    "Would it help to talk about it?"
    "Only if you hold me and let me feel your heartbeat. Don't look at me. I have to say this without looking at you. I just want to feel you near me." That is so not Kyle, but I did as he asked of me. "Nolan made me think. I know that I love you, but I wasn't sure how deep that love went. Andy, I am just a boy in my mind and I like to play around, a lot. I have everything I need given to me. Dad has lavished his blessings on me. I have a good home, good food, nice clothes, lots of money, and you.
    "I realize that I don't appreciate that. Nolan was abandoned at the side of the road when he was eight years old. Festus found him and gave him a home and love. You were out on your own at eighteen when Carl found you and gave you a new hope for a future. The two of you were deeply in love. You love the memory of what he was to you. I have tried to move into his place in your heart, but I think that I have failed."
    "No you haven't…"
    "Please, let me finish this while I can. Andy, dad found me, well Trevor and Alec found me under a bridge. Dad washed my wounds and put bandages on me then he called in a doctor. Andy, that man showed me more compassion then I had ever experienced before. He was so tender and I could feel his love flowing through to me. I was a gay boy that had been beaten and raped then thrown away by my own father. Dad still loved me.
    "He put me on an airplane and sent me to a hospital where doctors and nurses made me well. He came to see me and he sat with me and talked to me. Brandon was in the bed next to me and Dad listened to his story. He grew enraged. I saw it, but he quickly calmed down. He bent over and kissed both of us then left. The next day those commandos rushed in and tried to kidnap us. Dad showed up and I saw him shooting at the commandos before the police dragged me and Brandon to safety.
    "Nobody ever stands up and shoots somebody to protect two fag boys. Andy, I love him. He is more to me than anyone ever has been. I fell in lust with you in Dad's office that one day. You took me home with you and I have learned to know you. I thought that it was sick to love an older man, but you are not as old as Dad. It has taken me a long time to really know my heart.
    "When I listened to you tell Nolan about Carl and he told us about Festus then I woke up. I realized that I do love you. Andy, I love you with every bit in me. I want to be your boy forever. I want you to be my Carl, my Festus. I don't want or need all of that other stuff that Dad has given me if I have you, forever and ever."
    A tear fell onto my arms as I held Kyle close to me. I have not been able to express my deep love for the boy. I have let our relationship rock along based on sex and lust. I must show him that I am so deeply in love with him that I hurt inside at the thought that he might leave me.
    "What do we do now, Kyle?"
    "You make love to me. Shove your pony up my ass and fill me with all of the love you can find. Make me feel your soul. I need to show you mine as well."
    I have not topped anybody in many years, I guess it was before my daddy was taken from me. I have my needs and that was all that I was interested in. Kyle had just shown me that love is a two way street of give and take. I have always been ashamed of my short comings. Chris has told me many times that I need to realize that I am the same size as most men in the world. He says that his household just happens to have more exceptions to the law of averages.
    In the middle of my second climax I began to laugh as I remembered a cute story that Chris tells about his young son, Rodney. It seems that the ten year old boy was trying to work out a math problem that he was interested in. He burst in on Chris and asked him, "Daddy, how do you make avewages? This says that the avewage penis is five point one inches long. How long is a point? It also says that the avewage penis is one point six inches acwoss."
    Chris worked on the math with the boy and they determined that the average size of all of the penises of the thirteen to seventeen year old boys in the house was about seven inches.
    Kyle looked at me cross eyed, "So this is what you think about when you are making love?"
    "No, I was thinking how below average I am."
    "Didn't you say that the average penis is five point one inches long? You are much bigger than that, Andy. Sometimes I feel that you are more insecure than I am. Maybe you could go to my therapy with me and learn what a great guy you really are.
    "Andy, you control a very powerful company. You have control of one of the nation's largest oil companies. Why can't you see yourself as the world sees you? I am the only one that needs to know how big your cock is. From my vantage point right now I think that it the perfect size. Now get it up again and go for another round."
    I guess that Kyle's pep talk helped me because he was screaming out his love for me as we coupled in the best sex that I can remember in my life. Kyle proved to me that I can be a top and be very well satisfied

    We walked back to the house hand in hand. Nolan was sitting on the porch with a naked young man. They were talking…not exactly in a heated way, but their discussion was vibrant. They stopped and both looked toward us. Nolan appeared to be embarrassed, the youngster seemed to be a bit smug. "There is love, Nolan. There are two guys in touch with their feelings in this natural surrounding. Why can't you let go of your hurt and let me love you like that?" This promised to be good, and I like to hear all of the good parts.
    I headed for a chair, Kyle squeezed my hand. I almost turned away when Nolan spoke, "Sit down and listen to this. I don't know how Mr. Chris will take to this, but you know him…" Nolan turned his head to the side in another demonstration of his embarrassment.
    We were introduced to eighteen year old Tristan Browne. Nolan began his story as Tristan stroked his uncut cock to a full erection. I have seen very few black men erect and stared at the gargantuan size of the meat on the slender body of the youngster. His glans was much darker than I would have suspected. It glistened with moisture when Tristan held his foreskin back.
    The man meat was nowhere in the category of Kyle or Carl, or even Chris. It was a good nine inches long and very thick. I looked at Kyle as he slapped my leg. He whispered to me, "Looky, looky, but no ridey. You're my pony rider."
    I believe that Tristan heard that. He turned slightly and pushed his crotch forward to accent himself. I grabbed Kyle and fondled him up to a very quick erection. I thought that Tristan would crawl out of his seat as he watched a real man's cock grow before his eyes.
    I hadn't been listening to Nolan when suddenly something he said brought me back to reality. "He was thirteen. I should have brought him here, but I didn't, no excuses. I found a small apartment near a school and set him up. I told the landlord that he was my sister's boy. I was honest with the man when I told him that I was a ranch manager, but that the ranch was too far from a school. I wanted Tristan to have a good education.
    "I saw Tristan every day. He did very well on his own. He was excited to come home from school and find me waiting for him He would show me his school work, I was very proud of his good grades. We made love to each other then ate dinner. I slipped away to return to the ranch about seven each evening. I missed so much of this boy's life because of my fears of what Miz May would say.
    "I was wrong, she would have loved Tristan, but there was that school part. Miz May would have home schooled him right alongside of the other boys, but I was jealous and did not want to share him with them. I bought him a car when he turned sixteen so that he could drive out here to see me. He parked on a small road a mile from here where I would be waiting. We would hike up to the hot springs and lay together in the grass until it got dark. I always had a picnic packed for us, he was always hungry.
    "Aa the weather got colder I returned to meeting him in town. He liked to drive me around and show me his favorite places and we would have dinner together before I had to leave. Now he is eighteen, out of school and ready to move our relationship to a new level. He wants to move out here with me.
    "You think that I should let him?"
    "If you don't you're the biggest asshole that ever lived!" Kyle can be blunt sometimes.
    I held Kyle's hand and looked at Nolan, "I can see that you love him. It is plain to see that he loves you. You both owe it to yourselves to live together without having to get up and leave before the real good part of a romance can begin."
    "What about Mr. Chris?"
    "If Chris heard what you just told us then he would fire your ass and chain you to Tristan's bedroom wall so that you could not leave him. I am positive about that. Chris knows how to be tough. He won't stand for a man abusing a boy, but he will go through hell and high water to help them be together if it is for the best interest of the boy. You in Tristan's life is to his best interest."

    Nolan had a hearty beef stew on the fire. He had made fresh cornbread and a tossed salad. We made him get naked before we would eat his prepared lunch. He and Tristan shared a chair and fed each other spoons full of the best stew that I have ever eaten. Kyle and I did the same thing at the other end of the table.
    After lunch Nolan drove a golf cart as he took the four of us up a narrow trail through the forest. We stopped at the famous hot spring fed pond that Chris is excited about. I found out why the excitement as the four of us paired off and made love to each other until the sun threatened to take away enough of our light that we would not be able to see to return to the ranch house.
    It was the second week of October so we awakened to a chilly morning. No more naked romps through the woods for that trip. Nolan had a breakfast of potatoes and brown beans ready then he gave his boyfriend a tour of the ranch as he showed Kyle and me around.
    Chris has been busy. The new dormitories were well under way. We didn't go inside, we just skirted the construction and listened to Nolan tell us all of the problems that had been discovered and Chris's decision to tear the old buildings down and rebuild.
    He drove across the river to show us the airfield that Chris has built for his fleet of airplanes. I was impressed. Chris has me follow everything that he does, but seeing it with my own eyes brought it all home to me. The man is a mover and a shaker. He gets things done and done right the first time. The airfield will be there long after Chris and I have passed on through this world.
    We returned to the ranch and left the jeep behind as we got into the golf cart again. Nolan took us to the high camp where Chris and his boys had spent the previous weekend. One lone building stood amongst a mountain of splintered logs and debris. Many of the logs had been cut and split into firewood and stacked at the edge of a large field. Chris had told me about the soccer field, but seeing it made me realize more of the man's genius. The field was a perfect staging area for the construction.
    The bulldozers with their wide balloon tires sat waiting for a crew to come Monday morning. Everywhere were signs of major work in progress. Nolan explained that the old wooden barracks built in the 1950s were bug infested and ready to fall down. He said that Chris had told him that he could not sanitize them for boys to stay in. He hated to see a part of the ranch's history disappear, but Chris promised him that the new buildings would look very similar to their old rustic predecessors.
    I was chilly and hot I was anxious to return to the house and get naked in front of the fireplace in our room as Kyle and I made love the way we did in the inglenook in my house in Tulsa. That was our most romantic time together. Now that Kyle and I have been together for over three years it is time to have a grownup romance. I know that the boy is all of the man that I need, now I have to show him that I can love him as he deserves to be loved.