WARNING: this story contains graphic details of man to man sex. Leave now if this offends you. Also if you're too young to be reading this, or it's illegal in your area then skeedaddle now. (That's Texan for git gone if you don't know the word)

This was the first story I wrote and submitted to Nifty back in'01. It was signed differently than all of my subsequent stories, so it never showed up under my name in the list of authors. So I'm resubmitting it for the pleasure of y'all that have inquired about my other stories. Hope ya enjoy it. JWS

This story is totally fictitious. There is graphic sex between two men. If this offends you or it is illegal for you to read it--go somewhere else.

I dedicate this story to Pat Brown. Pat, you made me do it. (Re: our first comunication. Thanks, here's to you.

Arizona Oasis

by JWSmith

The highway from San Diego to Tucson is a desolate hot drive in the middle of summer. Why I didn't wait until the evening to drive across I don't know. I'm a dumb ass I guess. But I enjoy the desert heat for the most part, especially when I'm flying low with the windows rolled down.

I was in my ol' Dodge pickup. The radio was blaring, some female wailing about having lost her man. "Ha!" I laughed out loud, "If she'd given him some head like he wanted, he'd probably still be around." I yelled at the radio.

I thought about my ol' buddy Rick back at the ranch. Hell, now he could give lessons to this woman. He's the best-damned cocksucker this side of Austin. Yeah, that man loves cock. Just can't get enough of it. And I'll tell you another thing about Rick. There's no man more masculine than him. He is the epitome of Manliness, hard stringy muscles, sun-cooked rugged features, and calloused hands. I love the feel of his hands on my body.

First time he came on to me, I thought I'd done gone loco, the big beefy fellow fondling my basket with his rough hand. Man, I just about creamed my jeans right there. I had just turned eighteen, and was brand new to the ranch. I had just been shown the bunkhouse and was unpacking my gear when he walked in. He stopped and looked at me, with a big shit eatin' grin.

"My, my, aren't you a salve for these old eyes. Yes, sir, a pretty young thing. I'd even bet you're a virgin." He kept up a running dialogue as he approached. I was awe stuck. Here was the Marlboro Man personified. My hero. The man I wanted most to be like. And he was talking dirty to me and I was getting hard. I wanted to give my virginity to him right now. And that's when he put his hot rough hand on my crotch and fondled me. I was ready to jump out of my skin, well, at least out of my clothes.

"I'll bet you've never had a hot wet mouth wrapped around that hard cock, have you, Sonny?"

I was trembling and shaking. I was so excited I thought I'd cream just with him talking to me.

"Well, calm down. 'Cause I'm going to show you just how good it feels. You want that don't you, Sonny?" He looked me right in the eyes. I couldn't speak so I just nodded.

He knelt down in front of me and rubbed his nose against my fly taking in a deep breath.

"You smell so good, Sonny, I'm really going to enjoy taking your cherry."

He unbuckled my belt, and slowly unbuttoned my 501s, leaning in and taking a deep breath of my crotch with each button. He shimmied my Levi's down to my boot tops, grasped my butt and buried his face in my groin.

"I'm going to shoot." I whispered. He pulled away and pressed hard with his fingers right behind my balls. Suddenly the urge left and I calmed down. He studied my face a moment and then took the waistband of my Jockeys and slid them down to my jeans

He grasped my butt and buried his face in my groin.

"I'm going to shoot." I whispered. He pulled away and pressed hard with his fingers right behind my balls. Suddenly the urge left and I calmed down. He studied my face a moment and then studied my crotch.

"Damn, for a little guy you sure have a big one." He exclaimed as he licked the tip of my pecker. It bounced against his face. He stuck his tongue out and tickled the hair on my balls. I could feel the lube oozing out. He watched it make a pearl on the tip of my pecker and quickly lapped it off. He licked his lips and grinned up at me. And then, without touching it with his hands, he slid his lips over the head and ran his tongue around the crown. My knees started to buckle. I'd never felt anything so good.

He grabbed a hand full of each of my buttocks and rammed my cock down his throat. I thought he must have been trying to swallow my whole cock, 'cause I could feel a rippling along the whole length. He pulled back until just the head was in his mouth and then rammed it back down his throat again. Without warning I shuddered and started shooting down his throat. I didn't think I was going to stop I came so long and hard. And he swallowed every bit of it. He held my cock in his mouth gently, laving it until it went soft. He sat back on his heels and grinned.

"So sorry you didn't find that pleasurable, Sonny. I guess I'll have to try it again later."

"Damn, I never felt anything so wonderful. But I wouldn't object if you wanted to try again ." I said with a big shit eatin' grin.

Yep, Rick's hot mouth and my big ol' cock had a long torrid relationship. But then I got an itch to see more of the country. So with my savings of six years, I lit out for California.

I didn't find much out there that I really couldn't live without. The country is beautiful, but most of the people have an attitude I don't like. Hell, most of them were from somewhere else to begin with. I guess they congregate in the cities out there to feed on each other's attitudes. Not me.

Now, up in the middle of the state where there's no big cities, people tend to be more real and down to earth. I like that part of California. But all in all, I think there's no people like good ol' Texans. They're really down to earth and make no bones about it. Of course they've got attitude, too. But it's my kind, so I like it.

I recalled as I was driving along that a buddy up in Salinas had told me to watch for a green wash about eight miles east of the second rest area. There is a little spring back in the hills he'd discovered several years ago. He said it was an oasis with a natural pool of clean clear water about a mile north of the free way. So I started counting off the miles when I passed the rest area. I wasn't seeing any green up ahead, until I came up over a rise. I didn't even realize that I had been going up, it was so gradual.

As I topped the rise I looked in my rear view mirror back down the long straight stretch I'd just come. I didn't see a car at all. And I couldn't see too far up ahead because the road curved around one of those huge rock outcroppings.

I slowed as I approached the wash. The bushes were tall enough to hide my pickup behind so I pulled to the far side and backed off the pavement, down into the bushes. I put my saddle and bags in the cab and locked it. I looked across the freeway towards where this oasis was supposed to be. There was one of those strange huge rock formations that Arizona is known for jutting up out of the flats. The streambed disappeared around it.

I ran across the roadways and ducked through the barbed wire fence. I pulled my shirt off and tucked it in the back of my Levi's. I rubbed my hands up and down my hairy chest and belly. Man, I felt good. I couldn't wait to get out of my Levi's and boots.

I went down into the streambed and started walking up it. As I rounded the rocks I saw that there was indeed a large green area ahead. There was even a palm tree sticking up through the trees, which were mostly Desert Willows and Palo Verde.

I had to duck around and through the willows; they were growing so thick. Suddenly, I stepped into a clearing. There in the middle of it was the pool, just as my buddy had described it. I hopped around pulling my boots and socks off. I shucked my Levi's down to my ankles and stepped out of them. I tossed my hat on top of the pile. I went to the edge of the pool and stuck my foot in, to test the water. It felt so good and cool. I didn't hesitate to wade on in. It was barely balls deep in the middle. I lay back and ducked under and then just floated around, relaxed.

The only noise was the chirp of an occasional bird and the constant low hum of insects. It was so peaceful. After floating around for a few minutes I waded out and looked around. I spotted a grassy spot under a Palo Verde. I pick up my Levi's and rolled them up, lay down and used them for a pillow. I lay there for a few minutes looking at the blue sky through the leaves, rubbing a hand up and down my chest and belly while caressing ol' Joseph with my other. He was enjoying the attention and I loved giving it to him. I must have drifted off to sleep, because next thing I knew I woke up to a deep rumbling voice.

"Well, I'll be damned." He said. "I think I found my birthday cake and I'm just going to have to blow that candle." He laughed.

I sat up, face into a big pink dick head. I closed my eyes not believing what I saw. It was still there when I opened them, so I let my eyes travel up this long dick to a hairy flat hard belly, and on up a muscular chest. I looked on up into the bluest eyes I'd ever seen, and they were accompanied by a big blonde mustached grin.

"Howdy." I said. I lay back down so I could see what he looked like. Damn he was nice. He had thick blonde hair growing across his chest where I could just make out his tits sticking out like he might like to have them pinched and pulled on. The hair narrowed down into a thick trail leading right down to his cock where the bush got really thick covering the base of his cock and hiding two of the biggest balls I'd seen on a man. He had a long hood just made for docking a cut cock like mine.

"Howdy yourself, Cowboy. You sure are a pretty sight to behold." He was looking at my dick as he said it, so I thought that's what he was talking about.

"It ain't so big. Hell, yours is bigger and longer."

"You've got a nice dick, on, but I was talking about the whole package it's attached to. Are you into playing with other men or not?" He was blunt with the question. I like that in a man, direct and to the point, no beating around the bush. I smiled at him.

"If you're the man I would be playing with the answer is damn right I'm into playing with men. You're about the most handsome man I've ever seen outside of Texas."

"Well, we may be out side of Texas, but I'm from Texas, too." He kneeled down next to me and caressed my chest. He tweaked my tit; making me jump. Yep, he's definitely a tit man I thought to myself.

"Sensitive. I like that. Shows you're responsive in your loving."

He leaned over and planted his lips on one and sucked then swirled his tongue around it. Damn, it felt so good. Both my hands in the mean time were discovering every part of his body they could reach. When he raised his head and looked at me I brought my hands to each side of it and pulled his face down to where I could latch my

lips onto his. Talk about responsive. His mouth was all over mine like he wanted to devour my lips. His tongue was in my mouth making close friends with mine. He stretched out his body on top of me; doing a fine job of making sure every part of his body was touching some part of me.

We were both hard and throbbing, putting out lots of lube juice. And he was rubbing his cock back and forth next to Ol' Joseph. He was loving the attention, just spitting out more love juice to ride on against that hard belly.

He pulled off my mouth, and let his tongue wander down my chin and on down onto my throat. He sat back and grinned.

"Yes, Cowboy, I really like you. I'm goin' to give you a real good time."

"Well, before you do, sir, let me introduce myself." I said. "My name is Sonny and this here is Ol' Joseph." I wagged my big ol' cock at him. He roared with laughter.

"Ol' Joseph is well named, Sonny, It's nice to meet you. My Name is Joseph, too. But call me Joe. And I call this fellow Clyde." I slapped Ol' Joseph up against Clyde.

"Real nice to meet you Clyde, and you too, Joe." I was feeling mischievous. I grinned.

Before I could think of something ornery to do, Joe grasped both my wrists and pinned them down at my sides. He leaned forward and stuck his mouth on my right tit and ran his tongue in circles around it and then quickly nipped the tip. It was like an electric jolt. I tried to buck him off, but he held me down and went after the other one. After jolting me again he slid down to my cock.

His tongue darted out and lashed it from the head down to my balls. One of them disappeared into his hot wet mouth. I died and went to heaven as he washed it with his tongue. And then he attacked the other one. Well, I died all over again.

He popped it out of his mouth and dropped down behind them. His darting tongue had me singing in the heavenly choir. He pushed on the insides of my thighs. I spread them and pulled my heels up to my butt and pushed my crack up into his face. He took the invitation, clamped his mouth right on to my pucker, started sucking and running his tongue around it. He stuck his tongue right into it and I opened up for him. He was fucking my ass hole with his tongue and I was praising him as loud as I could.

He sat back and looked at me. He had saliva all over his face. He leaned forward and planted his lips on mine and stuck his tongue into my mouth. I tell you, there's something about kissing a man who's had his tongue up my ass that turns me on like nothing else. I think I must have been a dog in my last life and had really like licking my own hole. I love the taste of my ass on another man's mouth. Anyway, I was sucking his lips and licking his face, ready to blow my load just doing that.

"You have to fuck me now." I said. I was breathing hard. I wanted his cock inside of me so bad that I felt like I was in pain. He sat back and spit on his cock, grabbed my legs and pushed them up to my chest. He spit on my hole, leaned forward and pushed the spit inside with his tongue.

"I'm ready. Fuck me. Stick your big beautiful cock up my ass right now."

"Yeah, Clyde's ready to go visiting."

"Don't bother to knock, goddamit Just come on in."

He pushed lightly against my opening. I grabbed hold of his hips and yanked him forward. He slid in right to the hilt. Yes. That's what I was wanting.

"All right. Now show me how a real man fucks. Take your time and do it right. Fuck me right into next week."
He did. He pulled back until it felt like Clyde was going to pop out and then, oh, so slowly slid back in. He changed the tilt a little and did it again. Damn. He was gliding over my prostate this time. The electric sensation shot out to the end of my prick. I thought for a moment I was shooting my load.

He did that about ten times and I could really feel my load building.

"Joe it's time to start fucking fast and hard."

"You got it, Sonny, you're gonna get really fucked now, Baby. Hang on to your hat."

I don't think I ever had been pounded so thoroughly. Joe had me grunting with each thrust. I mean he was tickling my tonsils. My load was at the gate ready to shoot out any moment now. His balls had stopped slapping against my butt so I figured he was right behind me.

Joe paused. He pulled back and thrust hard. He did it one more time and pushed me over the edge. My first shot hit the bush behind my head. The second landed on my face. The rest landed on my chest and belly.

With my first shot my sphincter clinched tight around his cock and as he pulled back to the head, it spasmed. That was the clincher for him. He rammed forward and shot up my gut. I swear I could almost taste his cum in the back of my throat he shot so hard.

Joe collapsed on top of me trying to catch his breath. As Clyde went back to sleep, he rolled off on to his side. He lay there with his eyes closed, still breathing hard as he rubbed his hand up and down my belly and chest. I stared up through the tree leaves at the blue sky. I was thinking that I had never had such satisfying sex. Ever.

"Cum sure does dry fast out here in the desert." Joe murmured. He had stopped rubbing and now the hair on my chest was glued to his palm. I rolled my head and grinned at him.

"Especially when you spread it out and rub it in." I replied.

"Let me get you into the water; I'll wash it off." He rolled over and leaped to his feet. He offered me a hand up. I accepted and he pulled me up into his arms. He enveloped me in a total body hug.

Now this only works if the hugger is tall and long armed, and the huggee is rather small. I'm a short 5'6" little fucker. Joe towered over me by at least a foot. So I was enveloped.

Joe dropped his right hand down below my butt cheek and grasped my leg, lifting me up to his elevation. He smooched me as he waded to the middle of the pool. He sat down with me in his lap. He cupped water up to my shoulders wetting me well and then commenced to lather up the dried cum. When he had it all dissolved he laid me back and rinsed me off.

When I was cleaned up to his satisfaction he pulled me back into a hug and started kissing me. My noses, my eyes, ears, chin, forehead --- well you get the idea. I was well kissed and getting hot and horny again. I could feel that Joe was already roaring to go again. His cock was rubbing at my back door again.

"Damn, Joe, I'd loved to do it again, but it's just a little too tender down there right now." I said. He kissed me on the nose.

"Turn about is fair play, Sonny. I would love nothing better than to feel Ol' Joseph traveling up my chute." He squeezed him real good running his big hot hand up and down the shaft. Ol' Joseph spit out a big pearl of lube, which Joe wiped off onto his finger and stuck in his mouth.

"Mmm Mmm. You do taste so sweet, Sonny."

The idea of fucking Joe really turned me on. Usually big men like to be the fucker. I suspect they find it degrading to have a little fellow like me doing it to them with their legs up in the air. I admit, it must look a little ludicrous, those big feet on long legs towering above my head while I'm doing my little humping act down between them.

Joe stood up with me hanging on like a baby monkey, and walked back up on the grass. He had both hands under my butt and was trying to see which of us could get the most tongue in the others mouth. It wasn't much of a contest being as how I liked sucking on his tongue almost as much as having his cock up my ass. He finally sat me down.

"So which way you do you want me, Missionary or doggy style? I got this image of a Chihuahua humping a Great Dane and chuckled. I told Joe what I was laughing about.

"I see what you mean." He said and lay down on his back.

Before I could pay any attention to other things, those big beautiful balls and that humongous cock that I couldn't believe had been all the way up my rear end, had to be given full attention. I laved one and enveloped it with my lips. I could little more than tickle the side lying on my tongue, but that had Joe moaning. So I did the same to the other. And then I gave his cock a tongue lashing that had him trying to get my mouth over that big plum on the end of his pole. Nuh uh. I had a surprise for that thing.

I pulled away and dived under those big balls, tonguing and sucking until I had work my way down to his pink little rose bud. I sat back and looked at it for a moment. Damned if that wasn't the only thing on his whole body that was small.

You know some men have really big ol' ugly assholes. I've even seen a couple that I wouldn't want to touch with a broomstick. But that's digressing. Joe ass was one of the prettiest I've ever seen. The skin was pale white like only redheads and blondes can be. It was covered in a carpet of hair you almost had to touch to know it was there. And right in the middle was this pink little rose bud. Well, it was just so beautiful I had to kiss it. Joe jumped. I chuckled. I stuck my tongue out and circled around it a few times. I had him groaning and pushing his crack up for more. I ran my tongue over the little ring of ripples. That got a shudder and more groans.

"Fuck me Sonny. Put that big long cock up my hole."

I ignored him and stuck my tongue in his hole instead. He bucked and pushed, begging for more. I tell you there's something very pleasurable about have a big man begging me to fuck him. I kept jabbing my tongue in and wiggling it around until the muscle was real relaxed. Then I started with the fingers. When I got the second finger in I felt for his pleasure button. When I rubbed over it, he moaned and shuddered like he was cumming.

"Your cock, Sonny. I want your cock now. Fuck me godamit. Do it now."

He was sounding kinda like he meant it, so I took Ol' Joseph in hand and covered his head with all the precum he had been spitting out and then scooped up all Clyde had to offer off of Joe's belly and wiped it into his pleading hole. I was going real easy because I didn't want to cause any pain with my big ol' pole. But when Joe felt Ol' Joseph's head against his sphincter, he gave a heave and pushed right to the hilt. He grunted like he had been stabbed. I held real still waiting for him to relax again.

When he did I started to move slow and easy, all the way out and then all the way back in. I was taking my time to build to a crescendo that would take us both into next year. I was making sure that every second or third push into him rubbed his prostate.

"Faster, harder, fuck me, fuck me." Joe was yelling. And I was complying with the best of my ability. His big balls were pulled up so tight that they looked like one great big one. I was sure he was right on the verge. I pulled back and stopped. His eyes popped open.

"What the fuck. Why'd you stop now? I was right there." He whined. I grinned.
"I'm not through with you yet, so hang on and enjoy it."

I started in again, rubbing up and down his prostate, making him pour out buckets of precum. He was moaning and groaning like he was in bad pain. But I could tell he was enjoying it as much or more than I was.

I brought him right up to the edge again. He was straining, wanting to release, but I slowed down and held him right there. He tried to grab his cock and I grabbed his arm and held it away. I pulled my cock back to where it was just touch his nub. I didn't thrust; I just moved back and forth slightly, caressing it, holding him on the edge. He was arching his back and pushing his ass up trying for that finally release. The sounds he was making were animal grunts and whines.

When I thought he could stand no more, I thrust hard all the way in and dragged across his prostate all the way out. I thrust in one last time ramming his nub hard. He lost it. He was spewing cum all over the place. His face and chest were covered with it. He clinched his ass tight and I started coming too. I must have pumped a quart up his butt. I don't remember ever cumming that intensely. I collapsed on his big hairy chest. I was spent. He wrapped his arms round me and gave me a kiss. Next thing I knew he was snoring. I closed my eyes and passed out, too.

Awhile later, I woke up to his rubbing my back. I was still lying on his chest. I raised my head and looked at him. He was smiling like the proverbial cat that ate the bird.

"You are one fantastic little fucker, Sonny. I'm tempted to ask you to marry me." He said grinning at me.

"You liked that?"

"I think that may have been the best fucking I've ever had."

"Thanks Joe, it was my pleasure."

"It's a damn shame you're just passing through. I sure would enjoy entertaining you for a few days."

"Well, I'm not headed anywhere in particular, and I don't have to get there very fast."

"How would you like to spend a few days as my guest? I have a little place right outside of Tucson. I'm off duty for the next 10 days. I sure would enjoy your company."

"Well, it looks like I do have someplace in particular I'm headed." I said grinning at him. "I'd love to have Clyde come a visiting again. It might take me a while to get my fill of him."

"Well, let's get washed up and dressed and head towards home. What do you say to that?"

"Sounds like and excellent idea." I said rolling off of him and getting up. We headed back into the pool and washed each other off real good, and then we went to our respective clothes and started to dress.

I got my jeans and boots on. I bent over to pick up my shirt and hat. When I stood up I felt something hard and cold stick me in the ribs. This deep mean- sounding voice demanded I put my hands on top of my head and turn around real slowly. I complied. There was this big State Trooper in his brown uniform putting his gun back in his holster. I looked up at him. He was grinning like a Cheshire. It was Joe. He grabbed me up before I could react and planted a kiss on me.

"Didn't scare you, did I?" He asked.

"Godamit, Joe you almost made me shit my pants."

He thought that was so funny he laughed his fool head off.
"Sorry Sonny, I just couldn't resist."

"Are you a real Trooper or is this just some kind of joke?" I asked, not quite believing I'd just fucked the living daylights out him.

"I'm the real thing."

"I never fucked a officer of the law before."

"Did you find it thrilling?"

"Well, I think next time might be more thrilling being as how I didn't know the first time. How ever that first time was something fantastic."

"It sure was Sonny and I'm looking forward to a whole lot more."


Well, this story took place more than four years ago. And I still haven't gotten to where I was originally headed that day. Of course, like I told Joe, I 'm not in any hurry to get there.

I'm working as a mechanic for the Arizona State Troopers now. I keep their cars in tiptop shape. I should have told you back at the beginning of my tale that my favorite hobby is working on racecars, but there just didn't seem to be a place to put that in.

So today was my day off. I've fixed a fabulous meal for us tonight. I do up a mean Texas barbeque. So with a baked potato and my granny's Cole slaw, we will be feasting tonight.

I'll have a tub of hot water drawn when he comes in, and after he's relaxed I've got the lube and all laid out. I don't know which of us will be receiving, but it will just a great as that first time out in that little desert oasis.


Well... if y'all liked my little story how about droppin' me a line and lettin' me know, "cause that's all the gratification we Nifty writers get, you know. js.collection @ verizon. net