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Artists in Love

21 year old Joshua Taylor Anderson always knew he was gay. The problem Joshua has is that he is from a very religious family. His father Matthew is a vicar at the local church. His mother Elizabeth is the local organiser of the women's institute. His parents never let Josh hang around with the other lads in the village. Josh ran away from home when he was 16 and has since rebelled against all religion.

Josh has had several one night stands since he ran away and despite the uphill struggle to do something. Josh has made a name for himself as an artist. Josh was lucky because when he ran away he met a man called George Taylor who was an artist and when he saw Josh's talent for watercolours he immediately took Josh in. George quickly realised when he met Josh that he was obviously a runaway but decided not to push the subject.

One thing George didn't do was take advantage of Josh. George was a true gent and Josh stayed with him until he died earlier this year. Josh was shocked when he was told that George had left everything to him. One thing Josh wasn't looking forward to was spending Christmas alone; George had made sure that the last two Christmas that Josh had a real good time with a big Christmas dinner and all the trimmings this year Josh wasn't sure what he was going to do.

Josh had made a lot of changes to George's large town house he had converted the front room of George's house into a gallery and named it in George's honour. Josh then converted the kitchen and back room into a studio and completely renovated and converted the upstairs into an apartment for himself. Josh decided soon after George's untimely death to add the Taylor name to his Anderson surname but he always signs his pictures as J T Anderson

Josh opened the gallery with an exhibition of Georges and his own work and was pleasantly surprised when he sold a watercolour he had painted of his former home village sold for 1, of Georges painting of two horses sold for just under 1,000 also so all in all the first day was a huge success for Josh.

Unbeknown to Josh the buyer of his watercolour was actually a resident of his former home village and planned to take the painting home with him. Mark Davies had moved into Little Churchton a year ago with his wife and two kids. Mark loved the village and had been looking for a piece of art to hang above the fireplace in the living room. it was Mark's secretary that spotted to exhibition advertised and told Mark that she had seen some of both J T Andersons and George Taylor's work and thought it would be suitable.

Mark saw quite a few of the watercolours that J T had painted and then he saw it. It was called the village green and Mark knew straight away that it was Little Churchton. Mark asked about the painting and Lucy who was helping on the day said it was painted by J T a few years ago shortly after he had come to London.

Mark thanked Lucy and handed over his credit card and purchased the painting.

A few days later

Josh was painting in his new studio when the local postman arrived. Josh smiled and took the post off the postman and was shocked to see an invite to exhibit his works at a big London museum.

Josh was really busy over the next few weeks getting ready for his show he arrived at the museum at 5am on the day of the show opening and was running around getting everything ready. The exhibition was an exhibition of up and coming artists and Josh's show shared a room with another artist called Matthew Brooks. Matthew was 18 and his paintings were very similar to Josh's the difference being that Matthew tended to paint urban scenes and Josh more rural scenes.

Matthew arrived at the museum shortly after 7am to prepare his section and was taken aback that he was sharing hanging space with none other than one of his favourite artists JT Anderson. Matt was running around crazily trying to get his exhibit right he had hoped to be here earlier but the train didn't turn up so he was late.

Josh spotted the black haired hunk rushing around trying to get the next exhibit ready so knew straight away that was obviously Matthew. Josh's own exhibit was ready so being the nice guy he is he went over and said "hi anything I can do to help"

Matthew looked up and said "ummm"

Josh smiled and said "I'm Josh also known as JT Anderson I can see you are running late so I thought I come and give you a hand"

Matthew stood up and held out his hand and said "Wow, so you are the famous JT Anderson"

"Ummm, I wouldn't say famous as such, but yeah that's me" Josh said smiling

"Oh I'm Matthew Brooks but you can call me Matt" Matt said smiling"

"So do you want a hand with anything?" Josh said

"Well thank you and yes I could do with a hand I have six more pictures to hang and my profile needs to be put up as well" Matt said smiling

Josh and Matt soon had both exhibits ready to open and headed off for a coffee before the museum opened to the press and public. Josh explained all about his earlier religious upbringing and on how he met George a week after running away from home. Matt was surprised on how hard it must had been for Josh to make it without the proper training. Matt explained that he had gone through art school and was shocked to be asked by the museum to exhibit. Matt also explained on how he had seen some of Josh's work hanging in the art schools gallery.

Josh said "Well I don't know anything about that"
Matt smiled and said "Yeah one called the harbour and another called sunset over the downs"

"I know now how they are there George! I remember him asking for some of my work to show to some of his arty friends when I first came to London and moved in with him and those were the two I gave him he told me that some bloke gave him 500 for them for his collection I guess he lied" Josh said

"Yeah and they are really good worth a lot more than 500 but knowing the school they got them cheaply to show their pupils on how to do things right" Matt said smiling

"I guess I just wish George had told me the truth" Josh said

"I'm sure he meant well and I for one found them an inspiration especially sunset over the downs that one is beautiful" Matt said

"Thanks but it is not one of my better works" Josh said

"Well as you said it was one of your earlier works and well if they are anything like my earlier stuff I can understand what you mean" Matt said

Josh looked at his watch and said "Well we better be getting back before the crowds comes in"

Over the next three weeks Josh and Matt got to know each other fairly well and before long the exhibition came to an end. Josh had faired better than Matt selling three of his painting and Matt managed to sell just one.

Josh was packing away the final three paintings when he noticed an upset looking Matt talking on his mobile. Josh walked over just as Matt rang off and shouted "Bastards"

Josh smiled and said "Bad day?"
"Yeah my fucking twat of a landlord" Matt said

"Oh what's he done now" Josh said

"He is kicking me out because I use the front room to paint and it's a bit of a mess at the moment because of the exhibition he wants me out and I don't have anywhere else to go so it looks like I will have to go back home to my parents place" Matt said

"Umm well I have a spare room and I m sure I have space in the studio which I can share with you so why don't you move in until you can find somewhere else" Josh said smiling

"Wow that would be so cool but I wouldn't want to be in the way" Matt said

"Well look, lets get packed up and I will show you the apartment and studio and I think you will realise you will not be in the way at all in fact I get lonely there when I am on my own so I could do with the company" Josh said

Josh had his exhibit packed up into the back of the hired van and helped Matt pack his stuff into his van. Matt then followed Josh as they drove across London to Josh's studio. Josh pulled the van into the small courtyard at the back of the studio and parked followed soon after by Matt.

Josh led Matt up a set of metal steps and unlocked the door at the top which led into a huge lounge diner off the lounge were two large bedrooms each with en suite bathrooms.

Matt said "Wow this place is huge"

Josh laughed and said "Well I told you"

Josh said come on and led Matt down a spiral staircase into the equally large studio downstairs

Matt said "My god this is one of the biggest studios I have ever seen"

Josh laughed and said "Well George and myself used to use the back room as the studio and then there was a small kitchen through that when George died I knocked the kitchen through to make this"

Josh then pulled back a curtain which was hanging by a wall and said "And this is the gallery"

Matt looked through the window to see a proper art gallery set up in what was the original front room "Wow that is awesome!"

Josh pulled the curtain back and smiled and took hold of Matt and said "Welcome to the George Taylor Gallery." leading Matt through the door into the gallery Matt noticed a lot of Josh's work and some by George hanging he also noticed a couple which said sorry this piece in not for sale and asked "How come they not for sale?"

"Well they are George's last paintings and well I don't want to part with them" Josh said

"Well that is understandable I suppose" Matt said

The two lads walked back into the studio as Matt grabs Josh and start to kiss him passionately and said "I have wanted to do that since the day we met"

Josh laughs and then pushes Matt down onto the table and starts to slowly unbutton his shirt revealing Matt's smooth six packed body. Josh goes down and starts to slowly run his tongue up and down as Matt starts to moan loudly Josh then slowly undoes Matt's zip and trousers and slowly peels them down revealing his now seriously tenting tight white briefs.

Josh lent forward and kissed Matt and went down and started to suck on Matt's rock hard nipples. Matt moaned loudly has Josh went down further and slowly started to remove Matt's precum covered briefs and smiled as his 7 inch uncut throbbing cock came into view. Josh started to run his tongue up and down Matt's throbbing cock he then pushed Matt's cock deeper into his throat and started to taste the precum as it came out of the cock.

Matt groaned and moaned louder and louder the more Josh sucked and licked his cock. Josh smiled as Matt moaned as he started to suck on his balls. Matt then gave out a huge groan and shouted "Fuck" as his cock exploded covering Josh's face and hair with load after load of his hot sticky cum.

Josh laughed and said "Wow that was a big load"
Matt said "Yeah well it was your fault seeing your sexy face is enough to get any man going"

Josh then stood up and said "Well we need to shower and get to your place and get you moved in"
Matt laughed "Yeah, as soon as possible!"

The lads shared the shower and even though Josh tried to keep his hands off Matt he couldn't and was soon running his hands all over Matt's smooth wet torso again. Josh went down and started to run his tongue up and down Matt's tight smooth arse as Matt groaned loudly. It had been a while since Matt had been fucked and the feeling he was getting from Josh's hot tongue was making him moan louder and louder Matt's cock was throbbing and leaking more precum as Josh ran his tongue up and down his tight arsehole. Josh was now pushing his two middle fingers in and out of Matt's arse causing Matt to groan more and more.

Josh then lined his cock up and slowly pushed his 8 inch uncut cock into Matt's arse. Matt moaned and backed his arse onto Josh's cock. Josh laughed and said "Wow, looks like someone has a need".

Josh was soon pushing his cock in and out of Matt's arse faster and faster. Matt was shouting and groaning as he felt Josh's cock go in and out faster and faster. Matt was wanking his cock furiously as Josh went in and out of his arse faster and faster. Matt then groaned and grinded his arse over Josh's cock as his cock exploded sending a huge load of his cum flying over his shoulder.

Josh then gave out a massive groan and pulled out just as his cock exploded sending an equally huge load all over Matt's well fucked arse and back.

Josh then reached round and pulled Matt towards him and kissed him and said "Wow that is one beautiful tight arse you have there"

Matt laughed and said "Well my last few relationships have been with committed bottoms and it hasn't been fucked much but in this one I think I am going to be the bottom with that big cock feeling so good in my arse"
Josh laughed and said "No we are equal partners in this relationship so there will be equal goes"

Matt smiled and said "God I love you Josh Anderson"
Josh smiled back and said "And I love you too Matthew Brookes" he then grabbed Matt and kissed him passionately.

A few days later

Matt had now settled in at the studio and apartment and was helping to run the studio gallery in the run up to the busy Christmas period. One thing that Josh had done recently was to turn some of his paintings into prints and cards which he sold exclusively at the studio.

One of the most popular cards at this time of year was "Snow over the downs" which showed a snowy scene over his old village.

Josh had been busy printing off another batch of cards when he heard to bell on the gallery door go.

Matt shouted "I'll go"
Josh said "Thanks babes"

Matt walked into the gallery to see a tallish woman looking round at the paintings

Matt walked over and said "Good morning madam can I help you"

Elizabeth turned round and was disappointed to see a black haired lad standing there and said "Umm no, it's ok I am just looking"

Matt smiled and said "Well if you need any help I will be just over there." pointing to the desk

"Ok thank you young man" Elizabeth said

Elizabeth was really disappointed as she was hoping to find her son Joshua at the studio she then noticed a sign saying "artists in residence" Elizabeth walked over and saw Joshua Taylor Anderson and Matthew Brookes were listed as the two artists.

Elizabeth walked over to the desk just as Josh walked out from the back with the newly printed cards

Elizabeth spotted her son and said "Well if it isn't the runaway son"

Josh looked up and was shocked to see his mother standing there.

Elizabeth then said "Well it looks like you have done well for yourself a studio in London"

Josh immediately hit back "Yeah I have, but that is no thanks to you"

Matt sat there in shock as mother and son had a huge row in the middle of the gallery.

Josh walked over to Matt and said "By the way this is my partner Matthew Brookes"

There was one thing that Josh never knew and that was that Elizabeth always knew he son was gay.
Elizabeth smiled and said "Pleased to meet you Matthew"
Josh looked shell shocked and said "Anyway how did you find me?"
"It was a bit of a fluke actually, one of our newer residents bought one of your paintings and as soon as I saw it I knew it was by you I asked where they got it from and that's where I got the address from" Elizabeth said

Josh said "Well you'd better come through"
Matt said "I'll look after the gallery while you two talk"
Josh said "No, close up, I want you with me please"

Matt smiled and said "OK babes" and walked over to the door and was just putting the closed sign up when a man pushed the door open.

"Sorry we are just closing" Matt said

"Umm I want to buy a painting for my mothers birthday and I saw the one in the window with the river view on it and was wondering how much it was?" the guy said

Matt was surprised as this painting was actually one of his paintings and said "Well it is 350"

The guy smiled and said "Great I'll take it"

Matt smiled and said "I'll just go and get it for you." And walked towards the window and fetched the painting and walked back to the desk.

The guy then handed matt 350 in cash and Matt rang it into the till and gave the guy a receipt and then wrapped the painting and said "Thank you. I hope your mother will like the painting"

"I m sure she will she really likes river scenes" the guy said

Matt smiled and said "Both my partner and I paint river scenes a lot so don't forget to come back if you want anymore"

"I sure will and thank you for staying open for me" the guy said and walked away happy. Matt closed up and went upstairs to hear Josh and his mum talking

Matt walked in and Josh said "You took your time"
"Well just as I was shutting the door a customer came in and bought the river brook from the window"

"Oh really that's fantastic" Josh said

"Well Josh I always said you would be a great painter" Elizabeth said

"Well actually that was one of Matt's but thanks" Josh said
"The money will come in handy for Christmas anyway being as I didn't do very well at the exhibition" Matt said

"Hey don't worry babes you will do better next time" josh said putting his arm round Matt.

"So tell me Joshua what's with this Taylor added to your name?" Elizabeth asked

"After I ran away I came to London and I was on the streets for about two days when I decided to paint a water colour and try and sell it. That's when I met George Taylor; he saw the painting and immediately took me in here at what at the time was his town house" Josh said

"I see so where's George now?" Elizabeth said

Josh started to feel tears in his eyes and said "George died earlier this year and what really surprised me was that he left me everything, his paintings, his house, and a large sum of money"

Matt put his arm round Josh and said "Come on don't get upset"
Elizabeth said "Yes Joshua I'm sorry, I had no idea he had died"
Josh said "So you can see I needed to do something, so I had Taylor added to my name by deed poll as a tribute to the nicest man I have ever met"

Elizabeth "Well you seem really settled here but dad and I really miss you and would love you to come and visit sometime"

"Only if I come Matt comes too" Josh said

"Joshua I always knew you were gay and even though I tried to deny it I have come to realise that I have to accept it if I want my son as part of my life so yes Matthew would be welcome as well" Elizabeth said

Elizabeth looked at her watch and said "I need to get moving if I am going to get the train back home"

Josh smiled and said "It has been nice seeing you and I promise that in the New Year Matt and me will come and visit"

Elizabeth walked over and hugged Josh and said "It is so good to see you after all these years"

Elizabeth walked over to Matt and said "You look after my boy"

Matt smiled and said "I sure will"

Matt and Josh watched arm in arm as Elizabeth walked down the street towards the railway station

Elizabeth turned round and waved

The boys waved back and walked into the gallery josh grabbed hold of Matt and started to kiss him and said "So what you think of my mother?"

"Well she seems nice" Matt said

Matt then grabbed hold of Josh and kissed him passionately. Matt then slowly peeled Josh's tight trousers down and started to run his tongue over Josh's cock. Josh gave out a loud groan as his lovers hot mouth went up and down his ever hardening cock.
Matt then lifted Josh up onto the table in the studio and started to run his hot tongue up and down josh's arse. Josh was moaning and groaning louder and louder. Matt then pushed his now rock hard uncut cock into Josh's ready arse. Josh started to moan louder and louder as matt pushed his cock in and out of his arse faster and faster. Josh loved the feeling of Matt's cock going in and out of his arse and was shouting louder and louder. Josh's cock started to throb and sent a huge loud of his hot sticky cum flying all over the table. Matt then pulled out and pulled Josh up and kissed him Josh went down on his knees and started to wank Matt's cock faster and faster until Matt gave out a huge groan as his cock spurted load after load of his hot sticky cum all over Josh's face and hair. Josh laughed and got up and grabbed matt and kissed him passionately before leading his lover upstairs


A few days later

The Christmas rush was in full swing Joshua and Matthew were getting really busy with selling and making more and more prints and postcards. Matt was serving a customer in the shop when there was a big crash outside the gallery.

Matt went to look outside and saw a motorcyclist had crashed his bike into a parked car outside.

Matt ran outside and screamed "JOSH!!!"

Josh ran out and saw Matt holding a young lad who was lying on the floor. Josh called an ambulance and walked over to Matt who was saying "Stay with me Simon please"

"Who is he?" Josh asked

"Meet my younger brother Simon" Matt said

Josh smiled "I'll lock up and be with you s soon as I can." And he walked into the gallery and finished serving the customer and locked up as the paramedics dealt with Simon.

Matt said "Thank God!" when the paramedics said that apart from a few cuts and bruises they couldn't see anything serious wrong but wanted to take him in just to check. Simon was released from hospital the next day and Matt drove him back to the studio.

Matt said "So what brings you to the city?"
Simon said "Can't I come and see my brother?"
Matt "Umm well yeah but I know there is another reason so come on why have you come up to London?"

Simon "OK well I am hiding from my ex girlfriends brother he is after me because he thinks I got her up the duff"

Matt looked at him and said "God you are an idiot; when will you learn that you can't keep running away at the first sign of trouble? I always said your dick would get you into trouble"

Simon "I knew you would say that but this is different I am not the father I know that"

Matt "Yes? Well just tell him that."

Simon "Yeah well he is a hard nut and would beat me up first and ask questions later"

"Anyway how do you know you are not the father?" Matt asked

"Well unless you can get pregnant by wanking there is no way I am the sprogs father" Simon said

"Umm what you mean?" Matt asked

"Well she wouldn't let me fuck her because she said I was too big she all she would do was wank me off" Simon said

"So she is trying to blame you but who is the father?" Matt said

"Well yes she is blaming me and I think the kids' father is an older man she was seeing after me but she denies he even existed and now her brother is threatening to kill me unless I do the decent thing and accept the kids mine" Simon said

"OK, so how long are you planning to hide here you can't hide forever" matt said

"Well I was hoping to stay at least until after Christmas" Simon said

"Well I will have to ask my partner Josh if it is OK first but I would love to have you around for a little while" Matt said

Christmas Eve

The gallery was really busy and Matt and Josh had even persuaded Simon to help them. Josh had agreed to Simon staying and even said that he could stay as long as he wanted.

The apartment looked fantastic with a big tree and all the decorations up and Matt had been busy cooking getting the turkey ready for the big meal the two lovers planned for the next day. Josh had decided to close the gallery until the New Year after today allowing the lads a few days to reflect on the last few months but one thing they both knew that their lives would never be the same again.

Christmas Day

Matt got up and walked into the lounge area to see Josh sat on the settee reading a letter and looking upset. Matt walked over and said "What's wrong babes?"

Josh smiled and said "Nothing I was just reading a letter George wrote me last year and was remembering that's all; nothing to worry about"

Matt jumped onto Josh's lap and started to kiss him it was then Simon walked in and said "Put him down"

The lads laughed and Matt said "Its OK, I know where he has been" laughing

Matt then got off Josh's lap and said "OK, present time" and walked over to the tree and handed Simon his present and then handed Josh his.

Simon opened his present and looked at the leather jacket and said "Wow that must have set you back a bit!"

Matt smiled and said "Well you are the only brother I've got, so if I can't spoil you who can I spoil"

The day went well with Josh really enjoying the huge Christmas spread that Matt had put on for him.

Simon felt like part of the family and not in the way which he thought he had might but decided that he would go home on boxing day to face the music so to speak but what he didn't know was that the girls brother wasn't actually looking for him because he knew that Simon wasn't the father but he wanted Simon to help him track down the older man his sister had been seeing.

Matt and Josh stood on the door as Simon dressed in his new leather jacket left on his bike heading home. They waved him off and Matt looked at Josh and said "I hope he will be OK?"
"Don't worry babes I'm sure he will" Josh said putting his arm round Matt

The two lovers walked hand in hand upstairs knowing that the rest of Christmas was going to be all theirs and with no one disturbing them. Josh led Matt up to the rooftop terrace that George had built and the two lovers watched as the sun set over the city and Josh took hold of Matt and kissed him and said "I love you Matthew Brooks"
Matt laughed and said "and I love you Joshua Taylor Anderson"

Artists in Love©2008 Mikkiwriter