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Edited by Trish


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Chapter 17

Suddenly the intruder felt something pointing at him in the small of his back and a cold steely voice coming from behind him. "If you want to get out of here alive, I suggest you drop the gun!" When the intruder hesitated, Carlos voice grew even colder. "I said drop the gun!" He pressed the gun harder in the intruder's back. "Trust me; you don't want to challenge me. I'm a much faster shooter than you are, you'll be dead before you even get a single shot off."

The intruder knew he was beaten and complied. Travis flipped the switch to turn on the lights and Mark tied the intruder's hands behind his back before sitting him in a chair. "Who is he?" Tyler asked no one in particular.

"We don't know yet Tyler, he's wearing a mask." Mark answered and pulled the ski mask off the intruder's head to reveal his face in full view to everyone in the room. Once the mask was off and they saw who the intruder was, Jeff clung onto Christian and Tyler's arm for protection. "It's okay Jeff, he can't hurt you, you're safe." That didn't help to sooth Jeff's fears at all, he started crying hysterically. Christian pulled Jeff onto his lap and into his arms. "What's wrong little man, why are you crying?"

Jeff muttered something under his breath but no one could hear what he was saying so Christian asked him to say it again a little louder. "It's him, it's Mr. Donavan. I think he came here looking for me. Don't let him take me, please don't let him take me."

Everyone looked at Jeff and Christian with concern and confusion. "What's going on here, why is Jeff crying Chris?" Tyler asked. Then he remembered something he learned about Mr. Donavan during Dillon's visit and it made Tyler angry. He stared at Mr. Donavan with fiery eyes. "What the hell did you do to my son you piece of shit?"

The whole room went cold. The look on Tyler's face and the anger radiating off his voice and body was bone chilling. No one had ever seen Tyler like that before. Christian knew he had to tell Tyler what Jeff had told him earlier that day. He was waiting for some privacy to tell Tyler without Jeff being in close proximity but now that doesn't seem to be possible. "There's something you need to know, but I want you to wait until I had told you everything. Then if there's anything that you want done, let me take care of it."

Tyler reluctantly agreed and Christian told him everything that Jeff had told him about his time at the Donavan's home. How Mr. Donavan had been climbing in bed with Jeff every night since the first night he was there, how he tried to fondle Jeff penis and butt when ever they were alone. How Mr. Donavan kept trying to kiss him even though Jeff didn't want him to, and how Mr. Donavan threatened to kill Jeff if he was to tell anyone. As Christian told the story, the anger kept rising in Tyler until it was almost at a boiling point. By the time Christian had finished, Tyler was ready to explode.

"Kevin can you take Jeff and Terry to the game room for me please?" Kevin said sure and gathered the boys. As they were leaving the living room, Christian asked Tyler what he was doing. "I'm going to show this son of a bitch what happens when someone fucks with my sons!"

Tyler got up from the couch with an evil and sinister smile and told Carlos and Mark to take Mr. Donavan to the wrestling room. Christian couldn't let what was going to happen to occur and stopped Tyler. "No Ty, don't do it." He got up and pulled Tyler onto his lap and tightly held him down. "I'll take care of it myself. Once I'm finished with him, he'll think twice before trying to attack our family again."

Everyone could see the malice and anger in Christian's eyes as well as Tyler's. After getting a nod from Christian, Carlos and Mark led Mr. Donavan to the wrestling room. In the meantime, Tyler pulled his anger back in. He'll let Christian handle this while making sure Christian wouldn't go too far and get himself into trouble although Tyler wasn't too sure he wouldn't go too far himself. Once Christian had calmed Tyler down, they got up and went to the wrestling room.

Meanwhile, Kevin was in the game room holding Terry while keeping a close eye on Jeff. He could see something was bothering him; his attention wasn't on the game. "What's wrong Jeff? You have something on your mind buddy?"

Jeff turned his head around and Kevin could see the tears running down his cheeks. "I'm afraid of what daddy Ty and daddy Chris is going to do to Mr. Donavan. I don't want them to get into any trouble and be taken away. Daddy Ty looked angrier than I ever seen him before."

Kevin patted the spot next to him on the sofa. "Come here for a minute kiddo?" Jeff put the game on pause and walked over and sat next to Kevin on the sofa pulling out some tissues to wipe his eyes and blow his nose. Kevin put his arm around Jeff's shoulder and pulled Jeff up against him. "You know Christian and Tyler love you guy's right?" Jeff nodded. "Well, when Tyler heard what happened at the Donavan's and there was nothing he could do about it, his anger got a little out of control. Luckily Christian is there to keep him from losing any more control than he already has, but they won't do anything to hurt you boys in any way. They're just having a meeting with Mr. Donavan to make sure he knows that if any harm comes to their family he'll have them to deal with, and no one wants to go up against Tyler Jackson."

"I know and that's what I'm afraid of." Kevin asked Jeff what he meant by that. "I think what Mr. Donavan did was too much to keep either of them under control and they're going to do something that will get them into a lot of trouble."

"Don't worry about that Jeff." Kevin said reassuredly. "You just worry about being a kid. That's all your daddies want for you is to enjoy being a kid, they'll take care of everything else. That's what daddies do."

Jeff calm down a little after that, and Kevin asked if he wanted to play any more video games and Jeff nodded. "I think I'll play a racing game this time though. I'm really not in the mood to play any fighting games right now."

"Have at it bud." Kevin smiled. Jeff went back to playing video games while Kevin wondered if what he had told Jeff was true or not. He hoped it was because he didn't know if Tyler could keep his cool this time. Someone had hurt one of his family members and that's something Tyler can't tolerate.

When the others got to the wrestling room Christian told Carlos to untie Mr. Donavan. When Carlos did, Christian walked up, stood in front of him, and stared him directly in the eyes. "You think you're tough by attacking little boys, now lets see how you handle a man." Mr. Donavan just stood there trying to figure a way out of the predicament he had put himself in. "What's the matter; you don't have the balls to handle a man?" Christian taunted him.

Travis leaned over and whispered in Tyler's ear in confusion. "What the hell is he thinking? Why isn't he beating the guy to a bloody pulp for what he did to your son? Upstairs he looked like he was ready to kill."

Tyler smiled wickedly. "It's quite simple actually; Chris is letting Mr. Donavan take the first punch. That way he can say Mr. Donavan threw the first punch and Chris acted in self defense. Also with us as witnesses, the police won't have anything to charge him with."

"What if the police search the house?" Travis asked as they watched Christian continued to taunt Mr. Donavan. "I'm sure they'll find out the fight took place down here and not up in the house where he broke in."

"Don't worry Travis." Carlos answered. "All Christian is going to do is avenge Jeff and get the point across that if anyone hurts a member of his family they'll have him or Tyler to deal with. Mr. Donavan should be glad he's dealing with Christian and not Tyler. Tyler's a lethal weapon when he gets out of control." Travis stared at Carlos with a look that said you got to be kidding me. "No I'm not kidding. Mark and I had trained him very well."

At that moment they heard Christian say something that got to Mr. Donavan. "I guess you're not a real man since you're just standing there. Maybe you're looking for a big cock to stuff up your tight pussy. Is that what you're looking for pussy boy?"

The insult was too much for Mr. Donavan to take. He charged at Christian but Christian was waiting for it. He blocked the punch and struck out with a right punch to Mr. Donavan's rib cage. When Mr. Donavan hovered over from the pain Christian kneed him in the sternum. Mr. Donavan' staggered back but Christian didn't let up. He followed up with a punch to the right eye and then one powerful blow to the left cheek. When Mr. Donavan hit the floor Christian just started whaling on him throwing punches to any parts of his face and chest he swung at. Christian made sure not to ruff him up too badly though.

With his last punch Christian knocked Mr. Donavan semi unconscious. He didn't want him completely unconscious; he wanted Mr. Donavan to hear what he had to say. "Remember that the next time you try to fuck with my family asshole, because the next time you won't get off so lucky, trust me!" Christian then kicked him in the stomach for good measure.

Christian walked over to Tyler, leaving Mr. Donavan on the floor bleeding. Tyler grabbed his hands to check them out to make sure Christian was okay. "You didn't hurt yourself did you?" Christian told him he didn't. "Okay." He then turned to the others. "Can you clean that mess up for me please Carlos and Mark? Travis, can you call the cops for me? Chris and I are going to check on Jeff to make sure he's okay."

The guys said they would and Christian and Tyler went to the game room to check on the boys stopping in the bathroom for Christian to wash his hands of the blood. When Jeff saw them coming in and seeing blood on Christian's hands, he ran over to them in a panic. "You didn't hurt him too bad, did you?"

"No, why would you ask that?" Christian asked. When he looked toward Kevin he nodded toward Christian's right hand where he still had some blood between his fingers. "Come here for a minute kiddo." Christian reached down and picked Jeff up. "I know you can tell that I'd been fighting but I promise you I didn't hurt him too bad. I just let him know what can happen when someone hurts our boys. Now that he's gotten the message, you don't have to worry about him anymore."

While Christian continued to talk to Jeff Carlos came in to inform Tyler that the police was there. "Okay, but please don't fight if you really don't have to. I don't want you or daddy Ty to get into any trouble."

Christian promised they wouldn't before he noticed that Tyler was gone. "Go back to playing your video game little man; I'm going to help daddy Ty deal with the rest of the situation." Jeff said okay and Christian put him down. Mark suggested he wash his hands again before going out there and Christian agreed.

While Christian was dealing with Jeff, Tyler was handling the situation with the police. When a Detective Miles Truman asked about the bruises on Mr. Donavan's face, Christian walked in. "He attacked me and I defended my home and family."

"You expect me to believe that?" Detective Truman asked, eyeing Christian suspiciously. "You look like you can kill that guy with your bare hands." Tyler told the detective that Mr. Donavan should be glad that Christian didn't because he could have. Detective Truman grew frustrated and tried to intimidate Tyler and Christian at that point. "I want to know exactly what happened here, and I want to know now!"

Tyler and Christian ignored the attempt of intimidation and explained to Detective Truman and his partner Detective Antoine Maxwell about the attempted murder. How Mr. Donavan broke in the house and attempted to kill Jeff but was pointing the gun at Tyler because Jeff was sitting between him and Christian, how Carlos prevented that from happening, and how Mr. Donavan attacked Christian which ended up with Christian whipping his ass. From time to time Detective Truman would stop them to have Carlos, Mark, or Travis to verify what is being said was the truth which they did.

Once the officers had a statement from everyone involved, they handcuffed Mr. Donavan and escorted him to the police cruiser and took him to the station to be process. Tyler informed them that he'll be down to file a restraining order against Mr. Donavan in the morning.

Soon after the police had taken Mr. Donavan away Tyler got a call on his cell phone from Josh Brady. While he was talking with Josh, Christian went to get the boys ready for bed and the others headed for their rooms as well. It had been an exhausting day for everyone.

When Tyler got into bed Christian was already asleep. Tyler snuggled up against Christian and Christian immediately wrapped his arms around Tyler but never woke up. Just feeling Christian's arm around him lulled Tyler into dream land. He always felt safe and protected in his lover's arms.

When the alarm went off Monday morning Tyler and Christian was still a little tired but got ready to start their day. After showering and dressing they went to get the boys ready. Tyler decided to go casual for the day and put on a purple Polo shirt, black Boss jean shorts, and black sox and shoes. Christian was dressed in his uniform as usual.

After waking Jeff, Christian started to search for some clothes for him to wear, but Jeff wanted to pick out his own clothes and Christian told him to have at it but said he would be checking him afterwards before going to help Tyler with Terry. While Tyler was bathing Terry Christian got out some clothes for Terry to wear. As they were getting Terry ready Tyler asked Christian what his schedule was like for the day. "I'm on base from seven to three so I won't be having breakfast with you. After that I need to stop at the mall to see how the items from Clarkson's Fashion is selling, I should be home around five."

"Okay, I'll be at the office all morning working on some reports. I need to go to the airport this afternoon to meet with the crew of the plane and make arrangements for the trip on Friday. I should be home before you though."

"Okay." Christian said. By that time Terry was dressed so they headed to the kitchen. Travis and Kevin was already there making breakfast while Carlos and Mark were setting the table. A few minutes later Jeff came in dressed in a white short sleeved shirt, blue shorts, and white socks and shoes. Christian took a look at him and nodded in approval which put a smile on Jeff's face. He then gave Jeff and Terry a kiss on the forehead and kissed Tyler on the lips. "I need to get to work now. I'll see you guys tonight."

Tyler placed Terry in his highchair to feed him and Jeff sat next to him at the table. "Okay baby, I'll see you later. Don't forget to take Alex and Matt with you."

Christian grunted but contacted Alex and Matt on the walkie talkie to let them know he was leaving. Five minutes later Alex and Matt walked into the kitchen ready to go and the three of them headed out for the base in Christian's car.

The rest of the guys sat down for breakfast while Tyler finished feeding Terry. Once Terry had finished eating, Tyler handed him his bottle and started on his own breakfast. Half way through breakfast Travis left for the base himself. Soon after, everyone pitched in with the cleaning and they too headed out while Kevin did more checking for a housekeeper.

When Christian got to the base the first thing he did was to go and have a pass issued for his two security detail. After that was taken care of, he went to his office. As he was walking through his unit some of the other marines wondered who the two guys with him were but didn't voiced their questions. Not that Christian would have answered them anyway. He felt it was none of their business and no one needed to know.

When he reached his office, Alex and Matt stood on post outside the door. Christian made a call to Janet for some assistance for what he had planned. He wanted to surprise Tyler for his birthday and there was no one better to help him with the surprise than Janet.

While Janet was talking to Christian Tyler arrived at the office. He didn't want to interrupt her conversation so he continued straight to his office to get the boys settled in. Jeff on the other hand waved hello and Janet waved back with a smile. Once the boys were settled, Tyler checked and replied to his e-mails. After that was taken care of, he started on his reports. About an hour later Janet came in with his cup of coffee. "Good morning Tyler. I have your coffee and the contracts for the McDonald's franchise."

"Thank you Janet and good morning to you too. Have you faxed the contracts to Scanner?" Janet said she had and everything was squared away. "Good! Now all I need to do is make sure the accounts are open and set up the seventeenth floor for the corporate offices. I'll be leaving a little early for lunch today, I need to go to the police station."

"Why?" Janet asked concerned so Tyler told her about the incident with Mr. Donavan last night. "He broke in your house to harm a little boy? That's so demented! I hope you're pressing charges against him." Tyler said they were and Janet told him that was good because he deserves to be in jail. "Just to let you know, I'll be taking an extra hour for lunch myself to run some errands."

"That's fine because I'll be back late this afternoon. I need to meet with the pilots and stewardesses to arrange the trip for this weekend. I want to make sure everything is running properly before my family gets on board."

"Okay, I'm going back to my desk now. I have some work I need to catch up on." Tyler nodded and Janet left his office. Tyler called Mr. Willis to check on the accounts before finishing the report he was working on. Around ten thirty Tyler gathered the boys and headed to the police station.

Christian used his morning to talk with his coworkers about the Hunk of the Marine calendar. Despite Troy's attempt to ruin the project some of his coworkers were willing to participate in it. The one who wasn't interested, Christian just crossed off the list and added other names. He knows they'll be kicking themselves in the ass when the calendar gets a great review. When he talked to the new additions, they all said yes. Once he had a commitment from them he asked for their measurements so he can select their outfits.

After taking care of that, Christian started on the paper work that was on his desk. He was grateful that no rumors were spreading around the office from Troy but he wondered if Troy wasn't planning something else again. He pushed that thought out of his mind for now; he'll deal with it when or if it happens. For now he has work to do.

Tyler arrived at the police station with his enterprise and walked up to the front desk. He spoke with the desk sergeant there on duty. "May I help you gentlemen?" The sergeant asked.

"Yes, my name is Tyler Jackson and I like to file a restraining order against Peter Donavan." The desk sergeant asked whom he was speaking of. "I'm speaking of the man that was brought in last night due to a break in of my house."

After looking up the file on the computer the sergeant picked up the phone. When the phone was answered he relayed the message. "Mr. Jackson is here to file a restraining order against the break in last night." He waited a minute for an answer before hanging up. "Someone will be right out to assist you." Tyler thanked him and Carlos walked him over to a chair to wait.

A few minutes later Detective Maxwell came out to speak with Tyler. "Mr. Jackson, I understand you wish to file a restraining order against Mr. Donavan?" Tyler told him that was correct. "Then let's go to my office so we can take care of that."

Before leaving, Tyler asked Mark for a favor. "Can you watch the boys for me Mark?" Mark said he will and Tyler handed him Terry. He then told Jeff to stay with Mark and he and Carlos then followed Detective Maxwell to his office.

The detective sat behind his desk and gestured for the guys to have a seat. Carlos helped Tyler to a chair and they both sat down. "Now tell me the reason behind this restraining order. I know there's more to the story from last night."

Tyler explained to Detective Maxwell the he wants the restraining order because he's Jeff guardian and Jeff is a key witness in a case against Mr. Donavan for reckless driving and child endangerment. He believes Mr. Donavan broke in his house to try to eliminate Jeff so he couldn't testify against him in court. He also stated that he wanted to press charges against Mr. Donavan for child molestation on Jeff which occurred while Jeff was in his custody. Through the whole explanation Carlos studied the detective face for any type of reaction but didn't get one.

When Tyler finished explaining they waited to see what Detective Maxwell would say. "Well, I think you have a case for the restraining order, but the child molestation charges may be another thing all together. You can file the charges but without a witness it may be difficult to prove."

"I don't think it will be that difficult to prove Detective." Tyler replied firmly. "Mr. Donavan had already been convicted for several child molestation charges before and is still on parole for those charges. Any judge can see he hasn't change and will convict him again."

"I hope that's true. Anyone who could do that to an innocent child deserves to be behind bars. As for the restraining order, I know a judge who can sign off on the order. Let me give him a call and see what I can do." Detective Maxwell picked up the phone and made a call to the judge. When the judge came on the line he explained why he was calling and asked if the judge could sign off on the order. When he had gotten his answer, he thanked the judge and hung up. "Okay, Judge Randy Tucker will be over in five minutes to sign off on the order. I just need to fill out the paper work; do you have time to wait?"

Tyler said he did and the detective filled out the paper work while the guys waited. Five minutes later the judge knocked on the door. Detective Maxwell invited him in and introduced Judge Tucker to Tyler and Carlos. Judge Tucker eyed Tyler curiously and asked if he was Tyler Jackson the famous model. Tyler said he was and Judge Tucker laughed. Seeing the confused look on their faces to his laughter, the judge explained. "My wife is such a big fan that she has your calendar hanging on her office wall. She'll be so upset that she wasn't here to meet you."

Hearing the explanation made everyone laughed too. When the laughter died down, the judge asked to see the order. After looking over the order the judge had no problem with signing off on it. After signing, he handed the order to Tyler but Carlos took it instead to look it over. Once he saw it was in proper order he handed it to Tyler.

Tyler thanked the judge and detective for their help. He told the judge to have his wife stop by his office on Wednesday and he'll sign her calendar if she likes. The judge said she would love it and he'll tell her when he gets home tonight.

Tyler thanked them again for their help before he and Carlos made their departure. Judge Tucker stayed behind to discuss a case with Detective Maxwell. When they got back out front, Mark asked them if everything was taken care of. "Yes, now how about we head to McDonald's for lunch? Oh shit, I still have to feed Terry."

"It's okay Tyler." Mark told him as they all walked out to the SUV. "He just finished a bottle about five minutes ago. He should be fine for a couple more hours. That'll give you enough time to have lunch yourself."

Tyler nodded as they climbed into the SUB with Carlos behind the wheel and headed for the McDonald's. On the way Tyler called Christian to see if he wanted to have lunch with them. Christian said he was having lunch with Travis so they can go over a few things and will see him at home. That was okay with Tyler. As much as he loves Christian he wouldn't stand in the way of his and Travis's friendship. By the end of the conversation they had gotten to the McDonald's so Tyler and Christian ended the call. They told each other I love you before hanging up.

After getting off the phone with Tyler, Christian went to Travis's office. "Hey man, are you ready for lunch?" Travis asked Christian if he was having lunch with Tyler. "No, I need to discuss something with you over lunch and can't do it with Ty there."

"Okay, just let me finish this paper work and I'll be ready to go." Christian said okay and sat down to wait. A couple of minutes later Travis was done and they were leaving base for lunch with Christian's two security guys behind them. "Where are we having lunch?"

"I thought we go to that Jamaican restaurant down the street. How's that sound?" Travis said that sounded good. "What about you guys?" He asked Alex and Matt who also said it sounded good and they walked to Christian's car in the parking lot.

"So what do you have to talk to me about that Tyler can't hear?" Travis asked on the way to the restaurant. "I'm guessing it has something to do with Tyler if he can't hear what it's about."

"Yeah it does." Christian then went on to tell Travis about Tyler's birthday and what he got him and that he needs Travis to take it to be wrap. He also asked Travis for his assistance in the preparation and setting up the conference room. "I'm taking the whole day off on Thursday to get everything done."

"Sounds like a plan. I have my base physical at eight on that day, but I should be done by nine. I can help you after that." Just then they got to the restaurant. After the waitress took their orders, they continued to discuss Tyler's surprise. Even Alex and Matt got in on the conversation which lasted throughout lunch. By the time they had everything situated their lunch break was over so they headed back to base.

After finishing their lunch, Tyler and his group went to the airport. When they arrived, the pilots and stewardesses were waiting. After introducing themselves they all climbed on board. Keith Janason, one of the pilots of the plane, showed them around. To Tyler's surprise both offices comes with internet access, fax machine, office phone with a private line, and copier. Tyler will need to buy a scanner for the computer though. While Keith was showing Tyler around, Tyler discussed the trip with him and made all the arrangements for Friday.

As Tyler was talking with Keith, Carlos and Mark were talking with Brad (Bradford) Jones, the co pilot of the plane. They wanted to make sure the plane was in great condition and there will be no problems with Friday's trip. Brad assured them that the plane was in top condition and there will be no problems on Friday.

At one point during the conversation Brad brought up the subject about the scandals with Cindy Campbell. "I heard about the scandals, how is Mr. Jackson doing with all of that?" Brad glanced at Tyler before turning back to Carlos and Mark. "From the looks of it, it seems like he already had put it behind him."

"You hit the nail on the head there Brad." Carlos smiled. "Tyler is the kind of person that doesn't let anything get him down. He's a strong minded person that uses all of his resources to defeat his opponents and come out on top."

"He's also the kind of person that wouldn't hesitate to use those resources to protect the people he loves." Mark added. "You won't find a better person than Tyler Jackson, he's the best!" He finished with a smile.

"I may be over stepping my bounds here, and you can tell me to butt out if you want, but I have to ask." Carlos and Mark nodded for Brad to continue. "It seems like there's more than just a business relationship going on here with you guys?"

Both guys smiled but it was Mark who answered. "You're very perspective Brad. Carlos and I are not just Tyler's head of security, we're his friends too. He trusts us completely and we trust him completely. There's nothing in the world that we wouldn't do for him, and there's nothing that he wouldn't do for us. He's our brother and we love him very much!"

Brad couldn't help to let a tear fall from his eyes. The love and loyalty Mark put into those words just made Brad want to cry. "I've always wanted a boss like that. The last boss we had couldn't care less if any of us had gotten injured in an accident, just as long as he had gotten away unharmed. I think we're going to love working for our new boss." Brad smiled with tears still running down his cheeks.

"I think Tyler is going to love having you on the payroll. Just remember, you treat him right and he'll treat you right. You hurt him in any way, then, well let's not think about that, shall we?" Carlos said with a mysterious grin which made Brad wonder what he meant about that but he decided not to ask. After all, he wasn't sure he really wanted to know.

After ten more minutes of conversation Tyler and his group made their departure telling the crew they would see them on Friday. The crew replied that they were looking forward to it. The gang then headed back to Tyler's office stopping along the way for some slurpees.

Around three o'clock Christian left the base to head to his shop at the mall. When he got there he went to check the books to see how the production on Clarkson's Fashion was going. Christian saw that the products were selling well but can be improved as time goes on. Christian wasn't worried about that though. He has about another month for the products to sell before he had to make a decision to discontinue the products.

A half an hour after arriving, Angie (Angela) Bowers, a store employee knocked on the office door to tell Christian that JR was there to see him. "Please show him back to the office Angie." Angie nodded and showed JR to the office.

When JR walked in, Christian stood up and walked around the desk to give JR a hug. "It's good to see you JR but what are you doing here? You didn't need to come all the way down here. You could have seen me at home, you know?"

"I know Uncle Chris but I wanted to talk to you without Uncle Ty around. You don't mind do you?" Christian smiled at JR calling him Uncle Chris; he had never done that before. He told JR he didn't mind and asked JR why he needed to talk with him without Tyler around. "It's about Uncle Ty. I'm worried about him. When I saw him yesterday he looked like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders and now he's got some crazy nut following him and telling me to have my dad to hire some security for me. What's going on Uncle Chris?"

That news surprised Christian. He had no idea that someone was following Tyler. "Have a seat kiddo. There's something I need to tell you and its going to take a while."

JR sat down in a chair and Christian sat next to him instead of sitting behind his desk. Christian told him what was going on with Tyler but didn't tell him everything. He thought it was best not to tell him everything; he didn't want to have JR worry even more than he was. "As far as this guy who is following Ty goes, I don't know anything about that. Ty hasn't mentioned it to me yet." At that moment JR interrupted Christian to tell him about the guy who was following Tyler. "Then I think your uncle has a good idea about having your father hiring some security for you. This guy might go after you just to get to him."

"That's what Uncle Ty told me. I've already talked to my dad and Mr. Chang is sending a couple of security today. They should arrive here by tomorrow." JR shook his head in disbelief at his next statement. "I can't believe someone would harm an innocent person just to get to Uncle Ty."

"Some people are just ruthless in that way. They don't care who they hurt just as long as they accomplish their goal. They have no feelings for others just as long as they don't get caught in the process. It's better that you learn now that the world is full of bigoted and violent people."

JR had nothing to say to that so he just nodded. He knows Christian is right some people will destroy others if it suits their purpose. JR let out a heavy sigh of understanding. "Well, I better go. I need to get home for dinner."

Christian nodded as they stood up. He could see that JR was still a little worry. "Don't worry JR. I'll make sure that Ty doesn't get hurt in any way. You have my word on that. You just worry about being a teenager and let us adults worry about everything else."

JR gave Christian another hug and buried his face into Christian chest. "I'll try. You and Uncle Ty just make sure you keep everyone safe. I can't lose you guys." After holding the hug for another minute, JR let Christian go and said his goodbye. Before he left Christian made sure to tell him about Tyler's surprise and told him to make sure he and his father will be there.

JR said they will be and he was going to do some more shopping around for Tyler's present tomorrow. He didn't find anything he wanted to get Tyler while shopping around today. Christian gave him a few suggestions and JR said he will check them out.

Before leaving the store himself, Christian checked the schedule to find out when the next time Danny will be at the store. He needed to talk with him about a day shift manager. The schedule showed that Danny was working from ten to six tomorrow so Christian decided to talk to him sometime tomorrow.

As he was driving home, Christian kept thinking about what JR told him. He wondered why Tyler didn't mention anything to him about someone following him. He can't understand why Tyler thinks he needs to fight everyone who wants to do him harm on his own. Christian knows Tyler is strong but even the strongest person needs a shoulder to lean on for support sometimes. Christian wants to be that shoulder for Tyler but how can he get Tyler to lean on him. The more he thought about Tyler not telling him about someone following him, the angrier he got. By the time he arrived home, Christian decided to pull Tyler aside after dinner and talk to him in private about it.

When Tyler got back to his office Janet gave him a message from Justin Craimer. It seems that Joshua Williams had just gotten his first modeling job and was happy about it. The job is for a Nike's shoe commercial. "Thank you Janet. I'll call Justin to discuss it with him."

"Okay boss." Janet replied. "I also made up a list of things you will need to set up the floor for the McDonald's corporate offices. I can buy the items and arrange the delivery for you tomorrow if you like."

"Thank you Janet. That will be great because I plan on going to the base tomorrow to check out the site and models for the Hunk of the Marines calendar. I need to get that started. I really appreciate all the work you're doing for me." Janet told him it was no problem; she was just doing her job. "It's more than what is in your job requirement. I couldn't have gotten through all this without you."

"You're welcome boss!" She replied with an enthusiastic tone. Janet loves working for Tyler. Tyler always shows his appreciation. None of her other bosses had ever shown their appreciation for her work. As Tyler walked to his office Janet remember something else she wanted to tell him. "I'll also be leaving an hour early today. Brian and I are going out to dinner."

"That's fine, have a good time. I'll probably be leaving early myself." Tyler called over his shoulder before walking into his office. After putting Terry in his playpen he called Justin. Justin told him that Joshua's commercial will be taped on Monday at ten and Justin will be there to oversee the shoot. He asked for Tyler to be there also so they can have lunch together. Tyler checked his schedule and told Justin he was free so they scheduled it in their book and disconnected the call.

For the next two hours Tyler reviewed the contracts of some of his models. He has three models whose contract will be up soon so Tyler called Scanner to draw up new ones. Scanner said he will have them ready and on his desk by Thursday. Tyler thanked him and told Scanner to send him the bill for the work Scanner had done for the past month. Tyler wanted to get that bill out of the way. He hates having debts that needs to be paid off. He rather get them out of the way so he wouldn't have to worry about them in the future.

After hanging up with Scanner, he checked his accounts. Everything looked fine there so no worries. Next he checked his e-mails. The ones that were scams and junk he trashed, the ones that were about the talent search he replied back.

When all of that was taken care of, he gathered the boys to go home. By that time Janet had already left so Tyler had to make sure the office was locked down and the alarm set. As the elevator was going down to the lobby, he pulled out his cell phone and walkie talkie Carlos who was talking to the corporation head of security with Mark. "I'm on my way down now Carlos."

Carlos walkie talkie him back. "Okay Tyler. I'll have the truck out front by the time you get down here. Mark will be waiting in the lobby by the elevators for you. I'll let security know you're leaving."

Mark was sure enough waiting by the elevators when Tyler got to the lobby and the truck was out front. He grabbed Tyler's right arm because Tyler had Terry's carrier in his left hand and his cane in the right and led him out to the SUV. Tyler said good night to the security on his way out and he'll see them tomorrow. They replied back with the same response. Once everyone was buckled in, they headed for home.

Travis arrived home before everyone else had so he and Kevin started making dinner which was spaghetti. After washing their hands, Travis started cutting the onions while Kevin cut the celeries. Half way through Tyler and the others arrived home and pitched in to help.

Tyler started making the home made spaghetti sauce while Carlos brown the ground beef and Mark cut the green peppers. While the sauce was simmering Tyler boiled some water for the noodles. Once the onions, celeries, and green peppers were cut, Travis put them on the stove to steam. In the meantime, Kevin put the noodles on to boil.

When the ground beef was browned, Carlos dumped it into a strainer and placed the strainer in the sink to drain the access grease. Christian had just arrived home and kissed Tyler hello. He then washed his hands and made the garlic bread. Once the vegetables had steamed and the sauce was simmered Tyler mixed it together before adding the ground beef and mixed again before putting it into a large bowl. By now the noodles was done boiling so Kevin dumped it into another strainer to drain the water.

Meanwhile, Christian was cutting the garlic bread and Travis was making lemonade and ice tea. Since dinner was almost done Carlos and Mark started to set the table. Once the noodles were drained Kevin put that in a large bowl also. Jeff on the other hand got up from the table from where he was watching television and went to wash up. Once everything was laid out on the table they all sat down to eat.

During dinner they all talked about their day. When Christian mentioned JR coming to see him at the mall, Tyler's ears perked up. "What did he come to see you at the store for?" All Christian said was that JR was worry about him because of all the stress Tyler was under. "I'll have to talk to him. He's too young to be worrying about things like that."

"That's what I told him, but you know he worries about you just as much as you worry about him. He just wants to make sure you're safe and happy."

"I know, and I want the same for him. It's just that he's too young to be worrying about me, he a teenager after all. He should be worrying about school, dating, and being a teenager." Tyler sighed. "I'll have a talk with him tomorrow."

"Yes, I think you should do that." Christian agreed. The rest of dinner went on with general conversation and watching television. When dinner was over, everyone helped with the cleaning. Christian pulled Travis aside to speak with him. "Let's go up to my room. I need to give you Ty's present now before he and I have a talk."

Travis could hear the concern in Christian's voice but didn't say anything. Christian will tell him what is bothering him when he's ready. When they got to Christian and Tyler's room Christian went to his closet and pulled out Tyler's present. When Travis saw what the present was, he thought it was a good gift. "He's going to love this bro."

"I hope so; it's what he's been wanting for a while now." Christian smiled. "Don't forget to hide it on the top shelf in here after you get it wrap. I want it out of Ty's reach until his birthday. Ty can be snoopy sometimes." He finished with a laugh.

Travis laughed too. "Okay bro. I'll make sure to hide it on the top shelf so the surprise won't get spoiled. Besides, I'd love to see the look on his face when he finds out what you got him for his birthday." He said still laughing.

Christian went back down to the kitchen while Travis went to his and Kevin's room to hide Tyler's gift. When Christian reached the kitchen he pulled Tyler aside. "Let's go to your office, we need to talk." Tyler nodded and they went into Tyler's office. Once the door was shut, Christian released his pent upped anger. "Ty, why didn't you tell me about the guy that was following you yesterday? Don't you know I love you and would do anything for you! I can't believe you didn't tell me, instead I had to hear it from JR!"

Tyler knew he messed upped and it showed in Christian's voice. Christian tone was angry. Tyler had never seen Christian angry before, and now that he has, he's not sure he ever wants to see it again. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you babe." Tyler said apologetically. "I didn't want you to worry. You have enough on your plate with Troy and setting up your corporate office that I didn't want you worrying about me. I'm just so use to taking care of myself that it's hard to let someone else take care of me." Tyler lowered his head so Christian wouldn't see the tear that was beginning to fall.

Christian pulled Tyler close to him and wrapped him in his arms, his anger dissipating a little as Tyler held on tight. "That's just it Ty. I want to take care of you, just like you take care of me. I want you to lean on me for support and know I'll always be there for you whenever you need me."

"I know you will Chris, it's just hard for me. I always had to be the strong one. All my life I had to take care of myself and my sister because there was no one there to take care of us. Even in previous relationships I had to be the strong one. There was never a shoulder for me to lean on for support or to cry on when I needed one. Justin and my sister did what they could, but it wasn't enough. I just couldn't burden myself on them, and I can't burden myself on you."

"Ty, you're not a burden." The compassion and love in Christian's voice was unmistakable. "Lean on me whenever you need to. Cry on my shoulder whenever you need to also. Let me be your rock just like you're mine. We're in this together. You don't have to fight the world alone."

The two stood there just holding onto one another. It was a minute before Tyler spoke again. "Okay, I'll try to lean on you for support when I need it but be patient with me. I'm not use to having a crutch to lean on. I might slip up every now or then, but I'll try."

Christian promised Tyler he'll be patient just as long as Tyler remembers that Christian will be there to support him through anything and everything. Tyler said he'll remember and try to ask for help if he needs it. After a couple more minutes of just holding on to each other the two released the hug just when there was a knock at the door.

Christian opened the door to find Carlos standing there. "Sorry to interrupt you guys." Christian let him know he didn't interrupt because they had finished their conversation. "I just wanted to let Tyler know that Josh Brady is here to see him."

"Oh shit!" Tyler explained. "I forgot he's supposed to start my painting today. Tell him I'll be right there please Carlos?" Carlos said sure and went to tell Josh. "Can you take care of the boys while Josh is doing my painting? I don't know what kind of painting Josh wants to do, and I rather not have Jeff walking in and seeing something he's too young to see."

"Sure." Christian agreed with a smile. "I'll give him some ice cream and take him to the game room. He should be too busy then to walk in on anything, although I might want to take a peak myself." He teased Tyler.

"I don't think so buddy boy!" Tyler teased back. "If I'm lying there half undress with you in the room, Josh may get a picture that he might not want to paint. And that will be a picture that I definitely don't want going on auction either."

The two shared a laugh before going out to greet Josh. They found him in the living room with the others watching television and talking like they were old friends. "Hello Josh, how are you?"

Josh turned his head when he heard Tyler's voice. "Hello Mr. Jackson, I'm fine. How are you?" He said with a smile. He then saw that Christian and Tyler were holding hands. *How come I never knew that Mr. Jackson was gay? He may be the perfect person for me to talk to about some things.* He thought to himself.

"I'm fine Josh." Tyler grinned. "I'm guessing you met everyone else so let me introduce my boyfriend Christian." One of Josh's eyebrow rose when Tyler said that, which didn't go unnoticed by anyone. "I like for you to do a painting of him for the auction also. I'll pay you for your services."

Josh didn't hesitate with his answer. He'd like nothing more than to paint this gorgeous hunk of a man. "Sure Mr. Jackson. I can start his painting when I'm finish with yours. Your painting shouldn't take me no longer then a month to paint. Or I can do his painting on weekends."

"I'll leave you to work that out with Chris. Are you ready to get started?" Josh said he was. "Good, let's go up to the attic then. It's warmer up there and more private."

"Okay." Josh answered. He got up and followed Tyler to the stairs while Christian took Jeff into the kitchen for some ice cream. Before they could take their first step onto the stairs, the doorbell rang again. Tyler asked Josh to wait for him right there while he answer the door. Josh said he would and Tyler went to answer the door.

"Hello Mr. Jackson, how are you?" A young male voice answered. Tyler put his hand to his lips to indicate for silence as he invited the visitor in. "I'm sorry, am I interrupting anything?" The young male asked in a quieter voice this time.

"No, everything is fine." Tyler replied in the same quiet voice. "You'll find out in a minute why I want you to be quiet." The visitor whispered an okay and followed Tyler to the stairs. Once they reached the stairs both boys gasped. They couldn't believe what they were seeing. Standing in front of them was the object of their affection live and in person. . Tyler took this time to make the introduction. "Josh Brady, I like for you to meet..."

To Be Continued...

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