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This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.


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Written by Romeo



Chapter 29


Nichole Dunbar woke on Saturday morning close to hysteric. Last night after hearing every sorted detail involving the movie her husband packed a bag and left the house beyond angry. That scared her a lot because She couldn't imagine as to where he could have gone or how to contact him. he had turned off his cell phone and no one had heard from him. After exhausting all of her resources in trying to find him, she finally gave up and tried getting some sleep but it was restless. Her anxiety had her tossing and turning all night with no relaxation putting her in an irritable and snappy mood.


The guys on the other hand; woke up fully energized and ready for some fun. After a delicious breakfast and clearing the table, they started preparing for the barbecue later that day. Some went shopping for the few remaining items they needed while others help Noah and Caleb in the kitchen. The rest just pitched in wherever it was needed to have it all ready in time. Even Jeff helped Whenever and wherever he could so it would go off without a hitch but mainly so he could steal some goodies while they were being made. He was playfully admonished about that several times by Noah and Caleb until Christian put a stop to it when he began taking too much. He didn't want Jeff stuffing himself or getting sick before the party had even started and not be able to enjoy playing with the boys.


Once they were finished with their preparations, a few of the guys took everything to the kitchen at the back of the house and put it all in the refrigerator while the rest helped with cleaning up the kitchen. Tyler wanted to use the outside amenities this time so everyone can enjoy the warm sunshine while having fun instead of being confined in a closed off area. The barbecue was scheduled for four o'clock so they used that time to take care of any other errands and freshen up before the festivities began.


When it was close to four o'clock, everyone changed into their swim suit and headed into the back yard to sit in the sunshine or swim in the pool. all of the windows were open and the ceiling fans running so the warm breeze could circulate throughout the house keeping it at a comfortable airy temperature. Christian took care of the music while Noah and Caleb laid out some refreshments until it was time to grill the food. A short time later Justin and his boys arrived follow by Timothy, Anrícé, and Allen. They all changed into their suits and joined the others then the party got on the way.


Some swam with the boys while others relaxed on the shade loungers. The rest couldn't make up their minds as to what to do so they went from spot to spot participating in whatever activity that was going on. From time to time the boys would grab a few nibbles from the sweet treats that Noah and Caleb had made for them but was careful not to spoil their appetites for the big meal. The warmth of the sun and breeze from the air kept everyone's mood uplifting and playful therefore creating a festive atmosphere all around. Even the two chefs, butler, and maid were wearing swimsuits and joining in on the fun.


Around five thirty everyone started to get hungry so Christian and Justin began grilling while Noah and Caleb went inside to put the prepared dishes into the oven to be heated. Thirty minutes later they were all sitting down to a delicious barbecue meal that would put any southerner to shame and begging for the recipes. Conversation was upbeat and lively with plenty of laughter which was all part of the plan to make Allen feel comfortable. With Tyler taking the lead, they gradually worked Allen's situation into the conversation and had him omitting things to them that he would have never done otherwise.


"So, Allen, my nephew tells me that you need some equipment that can help you with school and everyday living, is that right?" Allen confirmed that it was. "I can help you with getting those equipment if you like but can you tell me why you don't have them already? Even if your aunt and uncle can't afford them, there are some organizations that can get them for you."


"Well sir, it's like this." Allen told him how his aunt and uncle sees it as a waste of time in finding out about any organizations that will help since they will only be getting reimburse for what they spend on him and not a penny more. They believe that they should not only be paid for taking care of him but for any equipment and/or services that they provide. Since they didn't get anything from his parent's estate, they feel jilted and could care less whether or not he has anything that will make life easier for him. "Since they have to show a receipt for any provisions that they spend on me, they feel like it's too much of a hassle with putting forth the effort."


Allen nearly had Everyone in tears as he told them of his life at home. They could see the sadness and loneliness in his eyes and their hearts went out to him for how he was being mistreated. Sympathizing with his situation, Anrícé squeezed his hand in comfort in which he returned and added a small smile of appreciation. Timothy, Justin, and Christian, nodded at each other in silent agreement then turned towards Tyler. Sensing what they were all thinking, Tyler also nodded in agreement.


"Well, I called an old friend of mine who works for the Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind in San Francisco. I explained your circumstances to him and He told me of a program called ICanConnect which I had actually worked with several years ago but had forgotten about them. They help people who are deaf and visionally impaired with getting equipment that they need for school, work, and/or everyday living. I spoke with someone in helping you with getting some equipment and required about other programs that may be available to you.


they need proof of any benefits that your aunt and uncle receive for taking care of you such as SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and/or SSDI (Social Security Disability Income) or any other benefits in order to get you signed up with them. we can take care of that on Monday with no problem and go from there. Unfortunately, they won't be able to help until we get that done but that's nothing for you to worry about. I have some extra equipment that you can barro until we can get you the new ones and have them all in operating order."


Allen thanked Tyler for his help but doubted any of that ever happening. sensing his trepidation, Anrícé tried reassuring him but quickly Realized that Allen wasn't going to be completely convinced of it. He then stared at the adults daring them to prove him wrong and received confident smiles and nods of reassurance. That was enough to satisfy his trust in them and he focused back on convincing his new friend in believing that they will help. Allen still wasn't fully convinced but he agreed to give them a chance to prove that they keep their promises.


When they were done eating, Tyler took Allen to his office to show him the devices while the others went to the game room. Christian on the other hand used that time to call his mother to find out what she wanted. As it was stated on Tuesday, the call was informative but not urgent. she just wanted to tell him of their arrival time so he can pick them up at the airport. Rosary decided that she and Donté would pay a visit to find out what exactly was going on involving their son's relationship with someone who she considers dangerous. Although she didn't say that, Christian knew that was what she was thinking and promised himself to keep her in line. He didn't want Tyler or the boys under any more grief than they already were. He assured his mother that someone will be there and insisted on them staying at the house even though it wasn't necessary for him to offer that invitation. He was sur that his mother would have insisted on it so she could scrutinize every little detail of his relationship.


After ending the call, he joined the others in the game room just as Tyler and Allen walked in. They spent another fifteen minutes in there letting the kids play video games while their food digested before going back outside to play in the pool. a couple of hours later everyone was getting hungry once again from the physical exertion so they got out. the food was kept warmed and/or cold in either chafing dishes or the refrigerator giving everyone another opportunity to satisfy their hunger. After cleaning up and putting away the leftovers, they went to the theater room to watch a movie. Noah, Caleb, Collin, and Collene were feeling tired so they went to bed.


It was around ten thirty when the movie ended and they all decided to call it a night. As they were walking them out, Tyler reminded them of the carryout boxes that Noah and Caleb had set aside for them earlier. JR and Danny made a detour towards the kitchen to retrieve them and met back up with the others at the front door. They had just gotten the goodbyes out of the way when Tyler remember the equipment for Allen. Anrícé volunteered to get them so Christian showed him to Tyler's office with them shortly returning. After one more goodbye; Justin, Timothy, and the boys left for home then Christian and Tyler locked up and put their boys to bed before turning in themselves.


Sunday was spent catching up on household chores and preparing for Mr. and Mrs. Michaels's visit. When two thirty came, Christian freshened up then left for the airport so he would have plenty of time to arrive before their plane landed at four o'clock. Right on time the public-address system announced the plane's arrival so Christian headed for the gates to meet them. He easily spotted them through the crowd of people heading his way and forced himself to smile. After welcoming them both with hugs, he introduced them to Matt and Alex then started towards the baggage carrier to grab their suitcases.


At home, everyone was making themselves presentable for their visitors. Noah and Caleb were in the kitchen getting a start on dinner while making some refreshments to snack on in the meantime. After putting on some stylish but comfortable attire, Tyler got the boys cleaned up and ready to meet their grandparents. He was just stepping off the elevator with them when Christian returned home and Carlos, Mark, Kevin, and Travis were coming down the stairs.


As they approached, Mrs. Michaels sized Tyler up. Seeing him in person influenced her into believing that Christian had exaggerated on his description. She convinced herself that Tyler wasn't the right person for her baby. She had no doubt that she would succeed in ending the relationship unaware of Tyler's picking up on her negative vibes with his ability.


Christian introduced everyone saving the most important ones for last. "And finally, but most definitely not least. I like for you to meet the love of my life Tyler and our two boys Jeff and Terry."


Tyler handed him Terry in order to shake their hand. Mrs. Michaels handshake was less friendly than her husband which confirmed his suspicions. Her attitude didn't go unnoticed by Christian nor did Tyler's forced smile. He glanced over at Mark and Carlos who gave a slight nod indicating that they too had noticed the interaction between the two. Christian grabbed Tyler's hand giving it a squeeze and suggested that they have a seat in the living room so they can get to know one another.


Once they were all seated, Noah and Caleb brought in the refreshments then Mrs. Michaels started the conversation by asking Tyler a little bluntly to tell them a little about himself. Christian glared at her with anger but Tyler respectfully ignored her bitterness.


"Well, I grew up in an orphanage from ages six to sixteen where I also raised my little sister. After being emancipated; I filed for guardianship of her and eventually won after several months of court battles. By then I was nearly finished school and already modeling so I had the qualifications to take care of her.


When I graduated, I went to UCLA where I majored in business administration and minored in computer science. Of course, we had some rough times with me modeling, going to college, and being a parent but we persevered and made it through. In fact, my modeling career helped me put my sister through college and law school and now she's a successful lawyer.


I graduated with honors and continued on to receive my master degree in both subjects. I continued modeling before I started my own agency then finally my corporation. I still model from time to time but not as much as I used to. I don't regret any of it because it made me who I am today and I'm much stronger for it."


By the time Tyler was finished telling his life story Christian was smirking at his mother with satisfaction. His man stayed calm and respectful therefore putting the shoe on the other's foot. She can either return the respect or not intern showing her immaturity and her disapproval of his relationship with her son. All eyes were on her waiting to see what she has to say.


"Well, I must say, That's quite some story. I'm looking forward in getting to know you much better." She stated with a predatory smile.


"Likewise, Mrs. Michaels, likewise." Tyler responded with a confident grin. "I'm sure that by the time your visit is over we'll all know where things stand and what it could mean for some."


Rosary Michaels eyes flickered with anger at the implied threat but she quickly covered it up. However, it didn't go unnoticed by Donté and Christian who became concern but for different reasons. Donté just knew that his wife was going to make their visit very unpleasant for Tyler until she has him wrapped around her finger. Christian on the other hand; was hoping that his mother wouldn't be too embarrass when Tyler puts her in her place. For five minutes the tension hung heavy in the air with neither side giving an inch until Rosary smile turned into a sneer. The display went unspoken of due to the call to dinner.


As everyone headed for the kitchen, Christian handed Terry over to Travis and held Tyler back. "Are you okay baby?"


Tyler smiled humorously and told him that he was fine. "On the contrary to what your mother may believe, she doesn't scare me. I hope she's in great mental shape because I intend to win this battle of intimidation and make her realize that she's no match for me."


Christian sighed sorrowfully dreading what's to come. "Just do me a favor please?" Tyler nodded so he continued. "Try not to embarrass her too much? she just trying to protect her baby even though she's acting on misconception and making a fool out of herself."


Tyler agreed and Christian gave him a hug and kiss then they went to have dinner. they walked into the kitchen and took their seats paying no attention to the eyes on them. Noah and Caleb wanted to make the meal special but not elaborate so they made lambchops. The side dishes consisted of mashed potatoes with or without gravy and green beans with mushroom sauce. Everything was homemade including the rolls and butter.


The meal was a semi quiet affair with little talk. Most of the sounds was coming from the news broadcast on television. Once Terry had been fed and placed in his playpen, Travis finally had his chance to eat. Mr. Michaels was surprised at how relax and casual everything appeared to be while Mrs. Michaels brooded at the normalcy of it all.


When the meal was over, Noah and Caleb brought out two huge homemade chocolate cheesecakes for dessert. One with strawberry and the other with cherry but both double fudge. They had the choice of topping it off with either whip cream, chocolate sauce, or chocolate sprinkles.


Once they were done with dessert, they split off in opposite directions. Tyler went to the game room with the boys while Christian showed his parents the room that they'll be staying in so they could unpack then joining them. Carlos and Mark went to their office to get started on the work Tyler had given them that will help Alan with his circumstances. Kevin and Travis decided that they needed to deepen their relationship so they went to their room for a private conversation and to get to know each other more intimately.


The rest of the night went peacefully with no conflict. However, Rosary Michaels did keep giving Tyler the evil eye which everyone ignored except two. One was thinking of how he could use the squabbling between the two to his advantage while the other was beginning to hate her visitation. Soon Christian and Tyler were saying goodnight to everyone and headed upstairs to put the boys to bed before turning in themselves. Rosary followed behind so she could spy on them and see how things run. She was hoping to get something to use as ammunition for her side.


After both boys were in their night wear, all four remained in Jeff's room so Christian can read them a bedtime story. The tension between Tyler and Rosary had Jeff a little agitated and both dads were hoping that one would calm him enough to get to sleep. It worked and Half way through the story both boys were asleep. both dads kissed Jeff on the forehead wishing him sweet dreams then Christian tucked him in while Tyler went to put Terry in his crib.


Rosary quickly retreated to the room that she was sharing with her husband so she wouldn't be caught by her son spying on them. She began pacing the floor in deep contemplation on how to deal with her current situation to her satisfaction. Donté could see the wheels turning in her head but kept quiet and just continued getting ready for bed. He learned a long time ago to let the chip fall where they may because there was no talking to her when she gets in that kind of mood. All he can do now is minimize the damages then afterwards clean up the catastrophe it will cause.


After another ten minutes of pacing, Rosary came to an abrupt halt grinning mischievously. It was still plastered on her face as She got ready for bed but she never said anything. Still Donté asked no questions and resigning to wait for the aftermath. He has no doubt that Christian will be very pissed at his mother but he believes that he can smooth everything over with his son and manipulate him into forgiving her. He just hopes that it won't be too difficult in getting it done.


the next morning after breakfast Tyler and Christian were getting the boys ready to take Jeff to school when Rosary suggested that they leave Terry with her and Donté for the day. The uncertainty on both dad's faces were plainly clear but she insisted that he'll be okay. Christian accepted the offer with some hesitation hoping that it was a step in her accepting his and Tyler relationship but warned her that they wouldn't tolerate any negligence with their son's wellbeing. She assured them once again that he'll be fine and they shot her another warning glare before handing Terry over to her. no one notice two individuals quietly leaving the room pulling out their cell phones.


This time They arrived at the high school behind Justin and his boys. A few seconds later Timothy arrived with Anrícé and Alan joining in on the gathering. Not seeing Terry with them; JR asked his uncles regarding his whereabouts. Hearing the skepticism in Tyler's voice when he told them that he was with Christian's parents had everyone looking at Christian with preservation. He tried reassuring them that everything will be fine but wasn't very convincing so he changed the subject. He knew deep down that his mother was up to something but he couldn't quite figure out what it was. *I'll just have to deal with her if she harms my son in any way.* He thought to himself. *I can't let Ty get to her because he'll do a lot more than I will even though she'll probably deserve it.*


Ten minutes later the bell rang and the boys got their usual sendoff then headed inside. As Christian headed to the base, Tyler headed to his office. Once he had checked his emails and messages, he made the arrangements to help Alan. It didn't take long to accomplish that task since he already had the required information thanks to Mark's hacking skills and soon it was to business at hand.


Around ten o'clock Terry started to cry nonstop. Since not much was on television and she and Donté was getting bored, Rosary suggested that they take him to the park. "He's probably just grouchy from being cooped up in the house and a little fresh air will do him some good. We're let the cooks know that we're going out but would be back in time for lunch."


"I'll leave that to you." Donté responded. "And while you're doing that, I'll get things ready and gather his security. I'll also let Kevin know just in case Tyler and/or Christian calls home to check on him."


Rosary agreed and went to talk to Noah and Caleb. In the meantime, Donté packed the necessary items that they will need for Terry before going to tell his security of their plans. He also told Kevin whom arranged for some additional security without anyone knowing. The two took him to the mall where they browsed the shops. Unknown to every member of the group except for one pacific individual they were constantly being watched. However, that person didn't go unnoticed by the extra detail that was assigned to follow them and were surreptitiously taking notes. Fortunately, or unfortunately there was no chance for the person to get closer without drawing any suspicions their way. After another fifteen minutes of just browsing the shops, they headed back to the house for lunch.


Another being who was as grouchy as Terry was Nichole Dunbar. Her husband hasn't been home all weekend and she had no clues to where he could be. In addition to that, her son was sensing the tension making him cranky and irritable. All morning she sat in her office brooding over how her marriage may had been destroyed by someone who she considers an abomination in the eyes of god and lower than dirt. The more she brooded the angrier she got. The worse thing about it was that she didn't dare to retaliate or less she would suffer the consequences. She hopes that her accomplices can achieve that for her and do it in a big way. She would just love to see those two innocent children taken from those perverts and placed with someone who believes in the proper way of living.


After a morning of getting nothing done, she decided to knock off early for lunch and spend some quality time with her son. She picked him up from daycare and took him to the park after stopping at Subway for a sandwich meal. It was a time well spent but it didn't completely take her mind off of her troubles. By the time she had returned to work she still had no idea on how to make things right with her husband or how to get her revenge on the one she blames for her troubles.


Nichole Dunbar wasn't the only person who was worried about her marriage. Her husband Thomas was also clueless on what to do. He loves his wife dearly and wants to stay married to her but he wasn't sure that he could completely trust her again. Fortunately, he didn't let his personal situation interfere with his job although from time to time his partner Alexander noticed that his mind was elsewhere. Knowing what the problem was, he decided not to bring up the subject. When their shift was over, they cordially departed but Alexander didn't go home. He wanted to know where his friend was staying so he followed him being carefully not to be spotted.


For Tyler and Christian the afternoon went by quickly. In no time they were standing out in front of the school with the other dads waiting for their boys to come out. It didn't take long for the bell to ring and shortly afterwards they were all headed their way in a group as usual. They did the greetings and made a little small talk then Anrícé enquired about the equipment. Tyler told them all but especially Alan about talking to someone with the ICanConnect program and making the arrangements for Alan's evaluation.


"Unfortunately, there's no getting around that. The evaluation needs to be done so they will know what kind of equipment you will need. I arranged to have it done at Timothy's house so there wouldn't be any interruptions." He then told him the date of the evaluation. "You can ask all the questions you want and/or you need about the program as well as other programs for people who are in our situation."


The disbelieving but astonish look on Alan's face had them all grinning with amusement. Once again Tyler came through proving that his word is solid. Anrícé gave his uncle a big hug for not letting him down then pulled his friend into a one arm hug of comforting support. Once Alan had composed himself, he requested that Tyler also attend.


"You went through something similar to what I'm going through so you'll understand more than Mr. Timothy will. I have no problem with him being there but I think that having someone there who can relate to my situation will be more beneficial to me."


"I see your point but I can't make any promises." Tyler stated with a little sorrow. "I need to check my schedule and make sure that I don't have a photo shoot that day. I'll give you my answer when we pick you guys up from school tomorrow."


Alan looked confused which had everyone speculating but it was JR who asked the question. "Is there something about my Uncle Ty that you haven't put together yet Alan?"


They all watched with smirks as the fourteen-year-old tried to put the puzzle together. It wasn't until he asked and was told his name by Tyler when the last piece fell into place. "Well I'll be damn! you're Tyler Jackson, the model and owner of Jackson Agency? My aunt has your calendar all over the house. I can't wait to hear the jealousy in her voice when she finds out that I have actually met you."


Everyone roared with laughter at his remark. "I don't think you should tell her that you know me. She might try to sweet talk you into introducing me to her."


"Oh, I wouldn't tell her anyway." Alan boasted with a mischievous grin. "I love the idea that I know someone famous that she totally has the hots for but can't get close to. I'm sure someone will tell her though and the sweet talking will begin."


The talked a bit longer before saying their goodbyes. Jeff caught his two fathers up on his day at school then asked them for some advice on a kid in one of his classes. When they arrived home, Jeff went to have his snack before the boys' martial arts class started and Christian and Tyler went to check on their youngest. They found him taking a nap so they called for Kevin to join them in Tyler's office for a short meeting. Hearing that made Rosary suspicious to what it was about but she didn't dare try to eavesdrop knowing that she could be caught. The meeting was just so they could get an update on the day. Kevin told them all that he had learned from the extra security that he had assigned to watch Terry while they were out. Both men weren't too shocked at the news because they knew that something was a myth but didn't quite know what was up. Now with the new information that they had just received; they were beginning to see a clearer picture to what may be going on. It made them angry but they kept their cool until it was the right time to let the rage out. They thanked Kevin for the information and told him to keep them updated. Kevin reassured them that he will and they thanked him for the good work then ended the meeting.


After changing their clothes, Christian and Tyler talked to Justin and Timothy who was Playing with Terry. A half an hour before dinner was ready five tired and sweaty boys came up from the training room to shower. Once they were dressed back in their street clothes, they sat down to eat.


After dinner, the adults collapsed in the living room watching television while the boys did their homework on the floor. An hour later Collin entered the room informing Tyler that he had a phone call. When he heard who it was, he told him to take a message and then throw it out. A few people tried being inconspicuous as they listened in but was observed by several others. It was another twenty minutes when the boys finished their homework and joined their parents.


The rest of the night went uninterrupted. Soon it was time for Justin, Timothy, and their gang to go home. Rosary had already gone to bed earlier because she was unhappy with the night's event. After the others had left and the boys were in bed, Tyler and Christian locked up the house then headed for bed themselves.


The next morning mostly everyone woke upbeat and energized. Noah and Caleb wanted to have a lay back day so for breakfast they made a variety of breakfast tacos and burritos. Once everyone had their filled, it was time to take Jeff to school. Rosary offered to watch Terry again but Christian announced that Terry was going to be with him for the day. That surprised Tyler because Christian had never taken Terry on base before.


"Are you sure that's a good idea Chris? After all, you've never taken him on base before so this will be something new. Will they even allow him in the building much less on base?"


"I'm sure it'll be fine. All I'm really doing today is filling out reports and setting up photo shoots for the calendar. Besides, Troy Blackman has been getting on my nerves lately and having Terry there will keep me from whipping his ass. Plus, the base commander had met Jeff but not Terry so this will be a good opportunity to introduce them."


Tyler nodded his consent. "Just give me a call if there's any trouble and I'll come and get him. I don't want you jeopardizing your military career to take care of him. I'm perfectly adapted to do that and I have nothing to lose over it."


Christian agreed but omitted that he don't think it will be necessary. "You always have him while you are working. It's time for me to participate in our son's care as well. I'm positive that the commander won't have a problem with me bringing him on base. He did give me permission to work from home when I needed to be here."


Once again Tyler nodded his consent. Now they were beginning to run a little late so they rushed to get there on time. They arrived just ahead of JR and his father who was sitting in the passenger seat and the rest wasn't too far behind. Everyone smiled when they saw Terry because they all felt the unfriendly vibes coming from Mrs. Michaels towards Tyler the night before and they didn't want the boys to be caught in the middle. Once the boys were safely inside the school, their fathers headed to work.


The day went quickly for everyone. Tyler signed three new models and resigned two others who contracts had just expired. Christian was able to arrange all of the photo shoots for the calendar and managed to have the base commander meet Terry. Jeff had less people whispering about him and one of his teachers gave him a little pep talk after class. Travis completed all of his reports and was able to have lunch with Kevin. Before they knew it, it was time to head home.


Christian cohorts Travis into watching for them while he and Tyler worked with Josh on their painting. Both men were aware of the stress with his and JR's friendship so they rearranged their session with him to avoid any further tension between the two. When he and Eric arrived, Christian told them to head upstairs while Tyler gets their laptop and he gets them some refreshments. On his way upstairs, he stopped in the living room to say hi to his parents and let them know where he and Tyler will be. His parents asked to see the painting but Christian denied their request. They began to argue against his decision but it didn't do them any good. He informed them of it being a close session and the only one who was allowed was the ones involved in the project. Not wanting to keep the others waiting for him; he left them there still arguing and headed upstairs.


"Something inappropriate is going on up there Donté and we need to find out what that is." Rosary commanded her husband. "Christian is not telling us the whole truth which leaves me to wonder why and how long it's been going on."


"I think we should stay out of it and let our son live his life dear." Donté pleaded with gentle compassion. "We raised him to have integrity and respect and now we have to see the effort of our work. Tyler seems like a great guy and you can see the love they have for each other in their eyes. They obviously care about children otherwise they wouldn't had taken in those two boys."


"I'm telling you something is not right here!" She strongly asserted. "Why is the session close and why can't anyone see the painting until it's finished? There's just too many unanswered questions for everything to be on the up and up."


"Maybe so, but it's their business and not ours. If you keep trying to find some dirt to use against Tyler you might end up losing your son. Is that what you want?"


Donté dropped the conversation letting what he said sink in. Rosary immediately dismissed the last comment convinced that nothing can destroy her relationship with her son. She just has to sneak upstairs to see for herself. She had no doubt that Christian wasn't telling them everything and she needed to find out what that was so she can put a stop to it before Tyler ruin her son's life.


The session went well with a lot getting done. There was still more to do but Josh was sure it will be finished on time for the auction. He packed up his things and washed his hands while the got redressed then they escorted the two boys out before heading for the kitchen for dinner. As they passed the living room they informed Mr. and Mrs. Michaels who followed behind them. Tyler could feel Rosary giving him the evil eye but he ignored it. Christian didn't though, he glare warningly at her which she completely missed until Donté elbowed her in the side then nodded in his direction.


They entered the kitchen just as the call went out and the others came in a few minutes later. Just as Travis handed Terry to Christian, Noah set an open jar of baby food and a bottle in between his and Tyler next to their plates. As it had become their routine, Christian fed Terry the baby food while Tyler ate a small portion of dinner. They then switched roles and Christian ate while Tyler fed Terry his bottle. Once he was fed, burped, and put in his playpen, Tyler rejoined the others in eating making a larger portion this time.


They helped with clearing the table after they had dessert then retire to the game room where Christian helped Jeff with his homework. They had a peaceful and relaxing night with no trouble. Soon it was the boys' bedtime. Christian read Jeff more of the story he started two nights before which quickly put both boys to sleep. After tucking them in and kissing them good night, the two dads headed for their own bed but they weren't ready for sleep yet.


Once they were behind closed doors, Christian pulled Tyler into an embrace and kissed him passionately. Tyler responded with an equal amount of passion as he wrapped his arms and legs around Christian when he lifted him up into his arms. They battle back and forth sucking on each other's tongues until they had to come up for some air.


He walked them over to the bed and stood Tyler up on it so they were eye to eye. They resumed the kiss but this time with lust combined with passion. They broke apart to remove each other's shirts then going back for more. After removing their pants, they began feeling all over each other's bodies and rubbering them together without breaking the kiss. They continued with that until they had to once again come up for some needed air.


He laid Tyler on the bed then climbed on top of him grinding their cocks together. This time he sucked on Tyler's neck instead of kissing him. Tyler tilted his head to give him better access to his neck as he wrapped his arms and legs around him for more body contact. Christian used that move to reach under him to start fingering his whole. After a few seconds of just teasing it, he stuck his finger in his mouth to wet it before reaching back down and sticking it up his lover's tunnel of pleasure. Tyler accepted the digit without any discomfort and was soon urging him to add another finger. Christian obliged as he lowered his head to play with Tyler's nipples. For a few minutes he sucked and nibbled on the right one before moving over to give the left one equal treatment. Tyler was enjoying the pleasure that his man was giving him and is body. When he had the nickel sized nubs fully erect, he once again went lower as he added a third finger.


He reached Tyler's cock and licked up all of the precum that was oozing from the tip before sticking it in his mouth and started slowly bobbing up and down. Tyler was now moaning with desiring as Christian gave him an exquisite blow job. Christian knew all of his signals and backed off every time he got close to cumming. For twenty minutes Christian brought him close to the edge but wouldn't let him go over. When he finally did let him; Tyler was aching to be fucked which is where Christian wanted him.


"Please Chris baby, please let me cum. I need your cock in me now!" He begged as he flapped around trying to get more stimulation on his prostrate to trigger his orgasm that he was being denied of.


Christian laughed which caused Tyler to shiver from the vibrations coming from his cock. Deciding that his lover had enough teasing, he increased the suction on his cock and the rubbing on his prostrate. The increase friction coming from the double actions sent Tyler into a frenzy of pleasure. Within a minute or two his anal muscles clamped down on Christian's fingers as Tyler filled His lover's mouth with his sweet nectar. Christian swallowed every drop without letting any escape. Once he was sure he had it all, he removed Tyler's cock from his mouth and his fingers from Tyler's ass then crawled up next to him and gently massaged his upper body giving him time to finish riding out his orgasm.


Once he had come down from his high, Tyler returned the favor but didn't finished the blow job. He brought him close several times then stopped all actions. He crawled back up and straddled Christian's waist, trapping their cocks between them then started playing tonsil hockey again while pitching his nipples. Christian giggled through the kiss which made Tyler giggle too. He knew what his man wanted and that Tyler was just letting his libido cool down and his horniness to rise. He broke the kiss long enough for Tyler to suck on his fingers before once again sticking them up his hole to stretch it open.


When he was sure that the hole was opened, he reached over to the nightstand for the lube which somehow was mysteriously there and coated his fingers before handing it to Tyler. He lubed Tyler's ass while Tyler lubed his cock getting them both ready for a long ride.


Tyler raised up and pointed Christian's cock towards his hole as Christian held his cheeks open. He sat all the way down on it letting the massive organ invade his inner most sanctum. The surprise cause Christian to thrust upward burying the last inch inside. It still amazes him on how the love of his life can take a huge organ like his with just one thrust then clamp so tightly down on it. He looked up to see Tyler smiling down at him as he started grinding his hips in a circular motion. He smiled back as he wrapped his hands around Tyler's waist as Tyler placed his hands on Christian's chest over his nipples. Once Tyler was sure that Christian's cockhead was rubbing over his prostrate, he began slowly bouncing up and down with Christian meeting him with every bounce.


"Mmmm, that feels so good baby. Ride it really good."


He arched his chest upward giving Tyler better access to his nipples which he took advantage of. He pitched the quarter sized nubs as he began bouncing faster. Christian thrusted upward every time he hit bottom sending stimulations through them both. Tyler added to pleasure by squeezing his anal muscles around his cock after every thrust.


"Oh god yes, fuck my ass Chris!" Tyler moaned as he threw his head back. "Give me all of that big cock stud. I want it so bad baby. Make me feel it all."


Christian thrusted faster nearly throwing Tyler off his cock with every stroke. In returned, Tyler bounced back harder causing the bed to bang against the wall. It always astonishes him how Tyler can take his thick ten inches so easy and still remain really tight. Tyler's anal muscles always makes his cock feel like a rubber-band is wrapped around it squeezing all of the nerves into submission. He loves how the tightness heighten the eroticism making him tingle all over. He'd never been able to let loose and just enjoy the entire sexual experience until he met his love. No one else had been able to open up all the way and accept all of him. They fucked in that position for twenty minutes until Tyler's arms and legs began to shake from fatigue.


Christian rolled them over and resumed his thrusting. Tyler wrapped his arms and legs around him and lifted his ass off the bed for deeper penetration. "Harder Chris, fuck me harder!"


"Whatever my baby wants, my baby gets." Christian moaned out and did so. The bed made a louder bang when it hit the wall. Both men were glad they had a strong bed that can handle all of the action it's getting. After fifteen minutes in that position, he lifted Tyler's legs onto his shoulders and really went to town on him. He alternated from fast to slow strokes making Tyler shiver every time his cockhead hit Tyler's prostrate. Tyler raised his ass higher so Christian's cock can sink deeper in him while enjoying the ecstasy running through his entire body. Like earlier, Christian leaned down and sucked on Tyler's neck making his mark more pronounced. Once again Tyler tilted his head and wrapped his arms around Christian's neck locking his head in place. Christian raised up in a pushup position and quickened his pace. Sweat was now dripping from their bodies and they were breathing heavily as they approached the gates of paradise.


"I'm getting close baby. Fuck the cum out of me as you shoot yours up my ass." Tyler chanted as his body shook with every thrust.


"Mmmm, mmmm." Was all that Christian could get out since his mouth was filled. He continued thrusting because he wanted to get his lover off first. He loves feeling Tyler clamping down on his cock when he cum because it always pulls him along for the ride.


After nearly an hour of sexual bliss, the gates of paradise opened. Tyler charged through bringing Christian along for the ride. The gates slammed shut behind them and they pulled up to the docks to unload. Tyler covered their chest and stomachs with Christian shooting up his tunnel of love a few seconds later. He didn't stop thrusting until they both were empty and completely drained and worn out. They just laid there not able to move a muscle or even speak.


It was almost ten minutes later when Christian had the strength to roll onto his back and Tyler cuddled up to him and laid his head on his chest. "I need to get up and get us something to clean up with baby." Christian told him five minutes later when he had enough strength to get up. "Okay, but hurry back. I want to fall asleep wrapped up in your arms." Tyler lazily replied trying to stay awake. Christian got up and headed into the bathroom. He came back with two wet washcloths and handed one to Tyler then used the other one to wipe himself down. When they were done; he returned them to the bathroom then rejoined his man in bed, spooning up behind him. It didn't take long for them both to fall asleep exhausted but totally contented.


Round two occurred in the shower they next morning except this one was a quickie since they didn't have a lot of time. At breakfast, it was obvious that they weren't the only ones who had a satisfying night. Merely everyone had contented smiles on their faces and looked completely relaxed. Christian wondered if Noah and Caleb had put something in their food last night that made them all horney or if there was something in the air. He didn't think so; nor did he care. He and his man were satisfied and that was all that matters. What he didn't know, was that Carlos and Travis was thinking the same thing.


After breakfast, they were getting ready to take Jeff to school when Rosary once again offered to watch Terry. Christian thanked her for offering but politely declined. "I need to check in with my corporate office plus Ty and I will be working together today on the project so there'll be no problem with taking him with us."


Rosary knew that she wouldn't be able to persuade them so she didn't offer again. They left and arrived at the school a minute late but still ahead of the others. Even Justin and Timothy plus JR and Danny looked relaxed and contented this morning making Christian wonder if they had taken the next step in their relationship. They bantered back and forth as usual until the bell rang breaking up the gathering which at this time the boys received their sent off and headed inside.


Just as they entered the building, a kid from Jeff's homeroom asked if he could walk to class with them. Jeff checked with the others before giving him an affirmative answer. They started towards the first boy's homeroom in relative silence. Since it was Jeff's classmate the other's decided to let him take the lead.


After a few seconds, Jeff introduced everyone. "I like for you to meet my friends and family." He then pointed to each boy as he said their name. "This is Alan, Rick, Davy, his brother Danny, and that's JR. Guys, this is Tyrese (pronounce Ty-rese) Smith."


They all said hi but was a little shocked at Tyrese's next statement. "I actually know who JR, Danny, and Davy are because of who my dad is.


JR had a hunch at who it could be so he asked and got his suspicions confirmed. They others were surprised and started asking some questions in which he answered honestly. They continued getting to know Tyrese better and he them up until they reached his and Jeff's homeroom. Before they went in Danny asked Tyrese to join them for lunch in which he happily accepted. The two boys took seats in the middle row sitting side by side. Unknowing to the other, they were thinking the same thing. `I wonder what kind of rumor will be spread now.


At Néné Incorporated, Tyler had just entered his office and was turning on his computer when Janet came in with his coffee. "You have a call on line two."


"Thank you Janet. I'll take it in a minute. Has the hotel gotten back to me regarding the seminar yet?" Janet told him no but she expected to hear from them sometime today. He nodded that he heard as he opened his email. "Is there anything that you need now?" She asked. He said that there wasn't and thanked her for the coffee. It didn't take him long to check his email since there was only four and it was junk so he deleted them then took the call. "This is Tyler, how can I help you?"


"Hey Tyler, I got some news for you man." The voice on the other end said.


"Oh really, do tell." For the next ten minutes Tyler listened to what the person had to say. He only interrupting to ask a question or to have something clarified. "How would you feel if he was? After all, he's probably not even sure himself and is just experimenting"


"I wouldn't care either way as long as he's happy. He knows that I'll be there for him in an instant whenever and wherever he needs me. His health and happiness is all that I care about and nothing will come between our relationship."


"I'm glad because I don't want to get involve and you know I will if he gets hurt." Tyler stated firmly just as Christian walked into his office with Terry in his carrier.


The meaning behind the word he was clearly understood. After talking for ten more minutes, Tyler said that he has to go because he has some work that needs to be done. The two said that they will talk again and ended the call. He then shut down his computer and locked up the office. On their way out, he told Christian about the call and what it could mean. They made a quick stop on the eighteenth floor where Jackson's Agency was located and pick up Mike then continued on down to the garage.


They spent hours scouting around town for locations to shoot the photos for the calendar using Tyler's vehicle because it held the car seat. Some locations will need a few additional props while others will need less but most was perfect for the type of photos they had in mind. They couldn't agree on the rest so they were dismissed as a possible location. By the time they had finished scouting, it was nearly close to lunchtime so they drove around for a place to eat.


When their last class had ended, Jeff and Tyrese went to meet up with the other boys for lunch. They drew some attention their way as they headed to the cafeteria but paid no mind to the stares and whispers. Both boys were used to the rumors flying around because of who their parents are so they learned to ignored them. Once they had their tray of food, Jeff escorted his classmate outside giving a recognized nod to Josh and Eric when they passed their table. Everyone else were already there eating when they arrived.


"I suppose you have noticed the stares and whispers already going around about you two?" JR asked after they were seated.


"We both had but ignored them. I'm sure that the rumors will be exaggerated by the time school is over today. Kids just like spreading them around whether they're true or not." Tyrese responded before taking a bite of his cheeseburger.


"He's right about that." Jeff nodded in agreement. "There's no doubt in my mind that they had recognized both of our fathers and trying to stir up some scandal about them using us as bate. Dad Ty always tells me to just ignore them because they will never stop trying to make some easy cash by starting a scandal that they can capitalize on."


"Just make sure that your security is always close by." Danny told him. "I don't know if you have any security or not Tyrese, but if you do, then make sure that they're also close by. I don't trust all of these people and that includes the teachers and staff."


"I do have some but they're like you guys security. Never appearing with me but always close by in case of any trouble. In fact, they're sitting at the table between you guys security team."


Everyone looked towards that direction to see them looking their way. They all nodded and received a smile and nod in return. They all saw that the other security noticed the exchange and pulled out their cell phones to notify them that everyone was okay then putting them back into their pockets. When Tyrese saw what they did, he asked them some questions about it.


"It's a new program that one of my dad Ty's head of security invented. He's marketing it along with a new product which should be out by the end of November. He used his partner and my dad as testers during the development so my dad helped him get it on the market."


"Sounds like something my dad should get." Tyrese thought out loud. "I always have my panic button on me but that would be an extra protection to have. Me, my dad, and my security will always have a way to contact each other."


"And it's an open frequency, so whenever when someone is talking, everyone else whose hooked into the program will hear what is being said. It makes the security's job easier to do."


Tyrese was going to ask more questions about the system but the bell rang ending lunch so he decided to wait for another time to ask. The boys gathered up their trash to throw away and headed inside. Eventually they separated because their class were on opposite sides of the building. Jeff and Tyrese continued walking together until they too had to go their separate ways.


The afternoon was quiet and uneventful. As expected, by the time the final bell rang the rumors had spread all over school like a wildfire with more being added on. There were several accusations from the two boy's fathers having a gay affair to the two boys being jerk-off buddies. Other included Tyrese's dad using Jeff's and Jeff's dad paying Tyrese's for sex. The boys just rolled their eyes at their wild imagination and muttering to themselves on how ignorant they sounded. They met up with the others at the same time and headed out front.


They all greeted their dads then Jeff introduced Tyrese to them. Everyone except Christian were a little surprised to see Tyrese walk right into Tyler's open arms and the two embrace one another. "Hey buddy, how are you doing?"


They held the embrace for a minute or two before separating and stepping back. "I'm doing fine Mr. Tyler. My dad must have called you this morning and tole you everything, huh?" He asked with a humorous smile.


Tyler returned the smile with a teasing one. "You know how he is with his little prince. He had to tell someone before he exploded and told everyone he knows. Besides, I was hoping that you would overcome your shyness and introduce yourself to my son. I think you two will be very good friends if you step out of your comfort zone and give it a chance. I'm glad you had the courage to do that and it had paid off because you made more than one friend."


At that moment Tyrese's father arrived to pick him up. He introduced him to the boys then Tyler did the same for the adults. Tyrese took the opportunity in having the people he thought he needed there to ask about the program on the boys' cell phone. Everyone looked at Mark since it was his invention. Mark suggested that they discussed it in private and Tyler agreed. He invited them over for dinner on Friday night but Mr. Smith politely declined because he had a date. Christian extended the invitation to include his date and was told that he'll get back to them Friday morning after he talk to his date.


"Well, I hate to cut this short but we got to go. The boys are late for their martial arts class with Mark." Tyrese said that he had started taking Karate then asked what kind of martial arts were they learning. "You'll have to ask them that yourself but I really don't know. Some are more advanced than others so they're not all taking the same class. But right now, we really need to get going so they're not too late."


They all said goodbye and headed for their vehicles. Luckily, they weren't behind schedule so Mark didn't keep them after class long to catch up. Noah and Caleb kept dinner warm so they could shower and change. There wasn't much conversation during dinner because the boys were tired from class and wasn't really in a talkative mood. The four dads did quietly discuss the conversation that Timothy had with Alan when he took him home and what to do about it.


After dinner, the boys did their homework while the adults watched television. Tyler and Christian had brought some new movies so they went to the theater room when they were finished with their homework to watch a short one. They popped some popcorn to snack on while they watch plus Noah and Caleb brought them some cookies and cupcakes along with some drinks to go with it. By the time the movie was over, there was nothing left but empty plates and cans. They made sure the clean up after themselves and shut everything down before going back up front.


A half an hour later, Justin, Timothy, and the boys were ready to go home. They offered to help with straitening up the room but Christian said they had it covered. They said their goodbyes and he escorted them out and locked up behind them. He and Tyler then put their boys to bed then retired to their own. As soon as their heads hit the pillow, they were out like a light.


To Be Continued...


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