By Lee Mariner

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I live in a small mid-western town. A town with residents that trace their ancestry back to Europe. The town was the usual melting pot. We had several ethnic groups and it was hair color and bodily features that set some people apart, especially in the kids.

In school the big difference was when we were taking showers after physical education class. Most of the younger kids were small stature and had a small penis but, not all of us were the same. Size in general, came as we grew older but, as I learned, here were sizes that were different the older a boy became although there were some who did become larger than others regardless of age. Karl Nordstrom was one of the kids.

Karl was an only child and lived with his parents just a few block from school. His parents ran a small 'Mom and Pop' store and after school that is where Karl headed. Once in a great while, I would be with him and, my mother would pick me up at the store. She and Mrs. Nordstrom were old friends. Mother had helped her and her husband in an English in a small adult language class that she and some of the other men and women of the town volunteered.

Karl was three years younger than me and we were three years apart in school. Usually, I would see him once or twice a week or when I would meet up with him at the store but, not really that often. When school was out, maybe we would run into each other at the movies.

Every now and then in the school showers, I would see him and, I couldn't help but see how big he was growing. It must have been his Nordic ancestry that contributed to his large boned, well-developing body and a larger than usual penis for his age.

Ever since some guy in the movies wanted to and did suck my cock, I new that, I liked boys better than girls but, I didn't mess around with any of the kids I went to school with. If I missed out and didn't get a blow-job at the movies, I satisfied my urges by jerking off in the movies or back home and, that was often. It wasn't until a weekend in early August when, I was fifteen years old that I learned more about Karl.


Chapter #1

I was in my room, half naked. It was hot as hell and I was wearing cutoff athletic shorts but no underwear. We didn't have air-conditioning and the sweat was rolling down my back and chest. I felt the rivulets running down the crack of my ass and through the thick hair surrounding the base of my impressive, fifteen-year old cock. Every now and then, I would pull back the cotton cloth of my shorts and spreading my legs, I would loosen my cock and balls.

I had already jerked off twice and was thinking about a three peat when my Mom called up the stairs, our apartment was over the store, "Martin, are you doing anything this weekend?"

"Not that I know about, Mom," I replied.

"My friend, Mrs. Nordstrom is wondering if you wouldn't mind staying over at their house this weekend. They are going out of state and need someone to stay with Karl."

"Stay with Karl? He don't need a baby sitter," I said, fondling my stiffening cock.

"She just asked if you could stay so, can you or can you not?"

"Yeah, I guess so," I said, slowly stroking my cock to its full seven inch length. `Mmmmmmmmm," I mused, enjoying the feelings that spread over me. My sweaty palms made it easier for my cock to slide over my tumescent cock and it was easier to play with my low hanging balls. I could usually jerk a full load off with only a few strokes but the sudden thought of maybe seeing Karl naked entered my mind and, I felt a surge of excitement. A few quick strokes, the intense feeling of fire in my loins and, my hips thrust upward as streams of teen-aged semen gushed from the urethra opening in the crown of my cock.

Moaning softly and spreading my semen over my chest and stomach, I fantasized about Karl, wondering if he would like to have sex with another boy.


During the two days left until I had to baby-sit Karl, my mother told me about what she thought I should know about staying in the home of someone else. Make sure nothing was messed up or broken. Keep the beds made and the trash emptied, etc, etc. As much as I `ok'd' her, she kept it up until I didn't think Friday would ever arrive.

Mr. & Mrs. Nordstrom were going out of town to attend the funeral of a very old friend who lived in Buffalo, New York. There flight left Kansas City Airport at five o'clock in the afternoon and they had a two hour drive to get there. After a morning jerk off, I rode my bike to where they lived.

A half-dressed Mrs. Nordstrom answered the back door. She wasn't a bad looking woman for her age but, I caught sight of Karl sitting at the kitchen table. He had grown considerably to be only twelve years old. If I didn't know any better, he could have passed for my age.

Karl's mother was talking and inviting me into the house. I didn't hear a word, my eyes were fixated on Karl and one thought was running through my mind, 'he ain't no baby.'

When I heard him call out, "hey, Marty, what's up?" Without thinking, I replied, "not much, man." Mrs. Nordstrom finished what she was saying with me not hearing much of it. I joined Karl at the table as she left the room.

His blond hair was damp from the heat and his thin polo shirt clung to his well-formed chest. I couldn't see under the table but, I had caught a glimpse of blue-denim and fringe indicating that he was wearing cutoffs. His blue eyes shown brightly as he looked at me.

For a moment, neither one of us spoke but, just as I was about to, Karl said, "I don't know whey mom thinks I need a baby-sitter but, I'm glad she called your mom."

"Me too," I replied, what he had said running quizzically through my mind.

I replace it with my own sudden thoughts. "Anything we can do while they are gone?"

"The usual stuff," he said. "Watch TV, play games on my computer, stuff like that."

`That's quite an itinerary,' I thought to myself but, unable to offer any immediate additions.

Almost as if she was listening to us, Karl's mother walked into the kitchen suggesting that we could go swimming at Phillips Swimming Pool if it was hot and we wanted to.

"Hey, Mom," that's a great idea. "Thanks for thinking of it."

"You are welcome," She replied as Mr. Nordstrom entered the kitchen carrying one large and one small suitcase. Before he had sat them on the floor, Mrs. Nordstrom asked, "you did make sure they don't weigh over forty pounds. That was the airline minimum weight allowed for luggage.

"Yes, dear," was his tired reply. Mr. Nordstrom could be called the typical hen-pecked husband and the droop of his shoulders showed for how long.



For a brief moment, Mrs. Nordstrom had the wimpish look of being afraid to leave her baby. The sudden fear that she might not leave stabbed me in the stomach but it dissolved when Mr. Nordstrom said, "It's a long drive to Kansas City, Greta."

"You don't need to remind me," she snapped.

"Yes, dear," was the tired reply.

Karl and me stood and walked them to the door. Karl grabbed the heavy bag his father was carrying it on too their car. I stood in the doorway limply waving my hand but all the time noticing that Karl was almost the same height as me. There was still some baby fat visible but, his muscle development was improving. He stood waving as the car left and when he turned to re-enter the house, I noticed a very definite bulge that the tightness of his cutoff's created in his crotch.

As he passed me in the doorway, I said, "it's gonna be a long weekend, Karl."

"Tell me about it but, right now I`m gonna take a cold shower and try cooling down a little, it`s to damn hot," was his reply as he passed.

"Don't use all of the cold water," I joked.


Karl went to the back of the house for his shower and, I went to the living room and turned on the television. Before hunkering down on the sofa, I pulled my shirt off and checked to be sure all of the windows were open. There were two rotating fans stirring the warm air in the living room but, even with the open windows it was hot and, I felt the sweat starting to run down my chest and back. Hanging my shirt over the back of the sofa, I dropped down on it's towel covered cushions and loosened my balls.

There was a Gene Autry western playing on the TV and after switching the channel through the cooking shows, another less interesting western plus Kukla Fran and Ollie. I wound up watching Gene Autry.

It was not until the western was over and another had started that, I realized Karl was still in the bathroom or in his room. Jumping up to make sure, I went in the direction he had taken after telling me he was going to shower.

I heard the water running when I approached a partially open door. Sticking my head inside, I could see a figure behind the opaque shower curtain. Tentatively calling out, I asked if he was alright. He answered. "Sure but, take a look if you wanna really be sure."

Karl pushed the curtain back slowly. He was standing just to the outside of the flow from the shower head. His developing twelve-year old body glistened under the overhead ceiling light and he had a big grin on his face.

His very impressive, probably, five inch cock thrust its tapered length out from his groin. Its thick base was surrounded by a growing mass of golden hair and his nuts hung just below the end of his cock. I felt the shock of seeing him naked quickly morph into lust. I was on the verge of reaching out and grabbing his cock when he asked, coquettishly, "wanna join me?"

Without answering or hesitating, I kicked off my sandals and dropping my denim shorts kicked the in some direction. Stepping under the water with him, I gasped at the initial shock of the cold water but my steel hard cock didn't lose its rigidity.

Karl slid his arms around my waist and pulled us closer together. When our turgid cocks touched, he looked into my eyes and said, "I wasn't sure if you were gonna take the hint or not but, from the way you were checking me out at the table, I was pretty sure we wanted the same thing."

"You were?" I queried, pushing slightly so he would move back from the cold water.

"Yeah, I've been checking you out for months at school but, you didn't look at me."

"You only think I wasn't," I said as our lips met. His tongue opened mine and we probed the depths of our mouths. His tasted slightly sweet, probably from the lemonade he had been drinking. His body felt like soft satin but, when his cock slid between my legs, it felt like a saber of fire was between them.

Karl moaned softly and his hips reacted with the speed of a well oiled, precision pump. I was moaning softly, passionate feelings building as each thrust of his probing cock sent my aching cock sliding between us. I had masturbated earlier but, it wouldn't take much before I would shoot another load and, I think Karl realized it. After several quick stabbing thrusts he groaned softly, "I'm gonna cum, Marty,"

Together, we reached the climatic point when streams of lava hot semen gushed from burgeoning cocks. Karl jammed his body to mine holding us tightly joined and, I felt the throbbing of his cock as he climaxed in conjunction with the elixir of passion that my cock was spewing in great, gushing volumes. It felt as if we would never reach the end of our mutual ejaculations but, I felt a sense of loss as my cock softened. Karl looked at me softly and bit the still hard nipple of my left chest muscle.

"Shit," he growled, "that was to damn fast."

"That, Karl, comes from being young and veril," I replied in a soft sigh. "Maybe later, we can get up enough steam for another round."

"Later!" he exclaimed, "what wrong with now."

Stepping back, I said, "Easy, stud. You may be twelve years old and I'm fifteen but, that does not mean we should work up another hardon that quick."

"What's the matter," he jeered. "You can't get it up with out resting first?"

"I could but, I won't and it's not because I can't," I said. "It's easy for young kids to get it hard but, it takes time for our bodies to replace the semen that we just shot. That's the difference."

"Well, I ain't heard none of that but," he said, hesitating as he waved his still half hard cock at me. "Does that look like a kids cock."

I had to admit that Karl did have an impressive cock and when I told him, he grinned and started slowly stroking it. I turned off the shower and stepped out onto the bath-mat. He hesitated, still holding his cock but, he finally joined me.

We dried off and instead of wearing our shorts, we wrapped the towels around out waist and walked back to the living room.

The towel covering Karl's tight buns revealed the convex indentation of each cheek and, it was difficult for me not to reach out and give a squeeze to one of his cheeks. His lateral back muscles were developing and there was a definite flare that enhanced the smallness of his waist. He was almost five foot tall, his skin was satiny soft and unblemished and, his wet, golden hair bounced on his head as he walked. His stride was long, lithe and athletic. 'Yeah,' I thought, he will be a really hot number when he is full grown.

I wouldn't know until later how correct my prediction would be or how much I would enjoy his development.


We fixed two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches each, filled large sixteen ounce, 7-11 cups with ice-tea before going to the living room. It shouldn't have surprised me when Karl whipped his towel off, fully revealing his smooth, beautiful body and still half hard cock, before sitting down and placing his food and drink on the cocktail table. Not to be outdone, I followed suit but, not revealing a semi-flaccid cock. Mine had returned to it's normal three almost four inch length but that didn't stop Karl from grinning.

Grabbing the remote, he searched for a Sci-fy horror show before settling down to eat. We were less than two-feet apart but, I could feel the heat radiating from his body. The day's heat had not subsided with the onset of the evening hours and there was the sheen of perspiration that would eventually result in sweating on both of us.

The movie that Karl had found was about a scantily dressed, extremely well-muscled guy and an equally well built and just as scantily dressed girl throwing electrified spears at a grotesque alien creature of some world. The creatures screams of the creature might have solicited sympathy from some watchers but his adversaries' continued punishing him with their spears. The movie didn't interest me but, Karl did. The truce that I had imposed was wearing off and I wanted more of him.

He must have sensed my horniness, he twisted around to face me and, there was an impish glow his deep blue eyes, Throwing one leg over the low back of the sofa, he teasingly ran his hands downward over his smooth, sweat slick chest and abdomen. His fingers lifted hit rapidly growing cock and he softly said, "come and get it."

Pulling both knees up on the sofa, I leaned toward him. He dropped his legs around my waist and dug his heels into my the small of my back. I gave a "oof" as my body collapsed on top of his. Our hard cocks met in unison with our lips. It was as if our cock were kissing as we devoured each other tongues in a battle for supremacy. Our hips twisted, rolling our cocks together until I was almost ready to pop. Again, Karl must have sensed the passions building between us and he pulled his lips from mine, saying, "suck it, Marty."

Karl loosened his legs and I moved downward, kissing his sweaty body, until I reached the base of his throbbing cock. He was hot and ready but, I had never sucked a cock. That didn't stop me. Slowly licking its tapered length, I lets its satiny, soft crown slip between my lips. There was the taste of pre-seminal fluid mixed with my saliva as I slow engulfed his cock until the crown touched the entrance to my esophagus. Gagging slightly, I started to withdraw when I felt Karl's hands gripping my head and his soft groans. His hips rose slightly forcing my cock down but when I felt it touching the back of my mouth again, I withdrew. Karl reacted by pushing down on my head as his hips rose. It only took a second before we had forged the movement of his hips meeting the downward motion of my mouth.

It only took a little effort before Karl's turgid cock spewed thick volumes of his young seed into my mouth. Swallowing and sucking, I was trying to drain his nuts but, he pulled my head off just as I thought he was finished blowing his wad. He had other ideas.

Lifting his legs over me, he twisted until we were in reverse positions. It only took me a moment before I realized what he had in mind. We did the first sixty-nine or many after the initial.

His hot, wet mouth engulfed my aching, blood engorged cock and, I followed his example. I fucked his mouth as he sucked and he was furiously fucking my mouth as I sucked his already cock. My early admonishment about resting was forgotten as we raced to the pinnacle of absolute bliss, that moment just before ejaculation and then falling into the abyss of contentment.

I didn't know that Karl could shoot so much semen so soon after filling my mouth earlier but, he matched the volumes that my raging hard on dispensed. It felt as if my nuts had disappeared into my groin before I stopped cumin. Karl was pretty much the same was but, being only twelve, he had to try and shoot another few drops after I thought I had drained his nuts.


We didn't leave the house or dress for the rest of the weekend. After each sexual experience, we revealed to each other how we knew what to do...pornographic magazines and just instinctively knowing what to do in what position. We didn't get around to mutually fucking each other until later.

I was when we were on a camping trip that something inside of us sort of clicked and we knew there was a bond between us that surpassed the mutual sex that we certainly enjoyed. It was know and admitting that we were in love and as much as we enjoyed looking at other boys, they would never replace what we had.

Karl graduated college while I was in college. He tried for a couple of scholarships but just missed. I suggested that since I had to be in the Army to fulfill my four-year active duty obligation that maybe he would enlist and we could possibly serve together.

The Vietnam war broke out while Karl was in boot camp and, we didn't meet until we were in Vietnam. Both of us were in the 82nd Airborne and even though we were able to see each other a few times, it took some doing to manage anything except just talking. Enlisted and Officers did not fraternize and even more so when in combat.

It was frustrating for both of us but, Karl was frustrated to the point of admitting being homosexual so he would be discharged.

Thinking more about the future than he was, I didn't want the stigma and embarrassment on my record so, I talked him out of it. I wish I hadn't.

The Viet Cong started the Tet offensive and that is when I lost Karl. He was in the front line when it started and he and many others were overran by hordes of Cong fighters. Knowing he was in the middle of the mess was bad but, my feeling were lifted each time I heard his soft, dulcet tones on the radio. The Viet Nam offense stopped that.

A few days after the big push, we were ordered to relocate the divisions headquarters to the rear. While we were boarding a helicopter, a young second lieutenant behind me asked if I had heard from Nordstrom. When I answered, 'no', he looked down and then said, 'don't worry, he might have made it out." When I gave him and inquisitive look, he smiled knowingly and winked. I couldn't help but think we weren't alone in or feelings.

After several days, the personnel rosters eventually caught up with division headquarters. I immediately spotted Karl's name along with several hundred others who were listed as missing in action.

It took until after the war before his body and many others were recovered. The Communist Viet Nam Government Official's were not that cooperative in letting the United States search for its war dead.

Karl's mother and I met his coffin at the Greater Kansas City Airport.

While we were waiting, memories of the weekend when I stayed with Karl flooded my brain. He was young, well-built and well hung for a twelve-year old. Over the years he grew to become one of the finest young men that I had ever met. He was cheerful, sincere, a little rash at times but always ready to ask for forgiveness if he had offended or hurt anyone. As for me, he was the epitome of what a gay partner should be.