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Both Sides


I was angry that Friday afternoon. Mark had promised that he would come round before 2.00 so that we could go and play tennis together. He didn't even ring up to say that he could not come. I waited for him, expecting him any moment. I tried to read, but could not concentrate. I tried some game on the computer, but I kept making silly mistakes because I was a mixture of being angry and still expecting him. Eventually about half two, I got out the old cricket bat and went out to hit a ball against the wall of the house by the double garage.

The inevitable happened. Whether it was because I was still feeling angry, or what, I slashed out at a ball, snicked it, and it went sailing high over the hedge into next door's garden.

Up until that summer holiday that would have had been no problem. Then, the ancient Miss Tooleys lived next door. They'd given permission to me and my brothers to go and get any ball that went over; and there was a convenient gap in the hedge at the bottom of the garden. But just after Easter the last of the Miss Tooleys had moved into an old people's home; the house had been sold and we had new neighbours. Mum and Dad had met them, `a nice couple', and made some further bland comments about them. I'd not met them. I didn't dare risk a retrieval operation through the hole in the hedge. So it was round to the front door.

I rang the front door bell. I waited a while, and was concluding that no one was in, and that it would be safe to go through the hedge, when I heard someone coming to the door.

The door opened, and a young man of about thirty stood there, dressed in an open necked shirt, and long white trousers. He had a book in his hand.


It was my first afternoon at home, though I found it difficult to call it home. I had been away for nearly three months, working hard, and was looking forward to sitting out in the garden enjoying the sunshine, with my head in a good book.

I had even rigged up the garden seat, one of those elaborate affairs with a canopy and what is best described as a swinging settee! That had taken quite a while. I had just read half the first paragraph when the door bell went.

Damn. Damn, blast and everything else.

I was tempted to ignore it. But I got up and walked back into the house.

I opened the front door, and there was this rather scruffy school boy standing there, dressed in a T-shirt, cut off ragged jeans, and trainers.

"I'm sorry to disturb you," he said. "I live next door and I have knocked my tennis ball over into your garden. I wonder if I can go and get it?"

I was not pleased, at first. I was tempted to send him packing but then I remembered my own boyhood, and the number of times I had hit balls over into the next door garden, and I thought, now the boot is on the other foot, so I must be getting old!

"Come on in, and get it. I've done it enough times myself."

I let him in, shut the door and then led the way through to the garden.

"I think I know where it went," he said turning and looking at me with a quick flash of blue eyes.

"Okay. You get it."

He went off down the garden while I stood by the swing seat and watched him. He peered among some flowers, moving the leaves and stalks. Then he bent over to reach down. I got a glimpse of a neat and tight young man's bum tightly enclosed by the cut off denim jeans. He stood up and held up the yellowy green tennis ball for me to see. He gave me a broad grin, "Got it!"

He walked up the garden with a smile on his face. I realised that he was not just a scruffy schoolboy, but a young man in that `in between' state, no longer a youth but not quite a man. His legs were getting some shape, and were already covered with a considerable amount of hair, and there were obviously muscles in his arms. I wondered exactly how old he was. Perhaps it was worth finding out.

"What about a drink on this hot afternoon?" I asked.

"Yea. Thanks"

"What would you like? Beer? Squash? Fruit juice?"

"Beer, please"

He was rather more polite than most of his generation.

"Sit down." I indicated the seat. "I won't be a moment."

I went inside and got a couple of cans of bitter. When I came back he was seated in the swing seat, swinging slightly to and fro.

"I'm Gary," I said to introduce myself; and handed him the can of Theakston's. He held out a hand to be shaken. He was obviously a well brought up young man.

"My name is Kevin." He pulled the ring off the can and took several mouthfuls. "That's good!"

I sat in the corner of the seat, so that I could see him.


The guy let me in, and led the way through the house. Once in the garden he told me to get the ball. It didn't take long to find. When I got back to where he was standing by a big swing seat thing, he asked if I would like a drink. He offered a beer, and went to get it. I sat on the seat, and soon he was back with a couple of bitters. He introduced himself to me as Gary and I told him my name was Kevin. He then sat down.

"You at school?" he asked.

"Yea," I replied. "I've just finished my first year doing A levels."

"Enjoy it?"

"Yea. Most of the time."

"What subjects?"

"Maths, physics and computer studies," I replied. "What do you do?"

"I'm in finance. I work for a large multinational firm. My work takes me all over. I've just come back from six weeks in Hong Kong, and before that a couple of months in Santiago, Chile. I only arrived back yesterday; and I've got six weeks here before I'm off again. So, you see, I'm still getting to know this house."

"My parents told me there was a couple living here."

"Yea. That's my parents. I had my own flat up until March, but it was more trouble than it was worth with me being out of the country so much. So I have moved back in with my parents. We will see how it works. But I will not have worries about mounting mail, whether it is getting cleaned, and if there are any leaks with the plumbing. My parents sold up, and I sold the flat, and we have bought this place. It is big enough for me to have my own bedroom, sitting room, bathroom, and even a small kitchen. I suppose you could say I live in the granny flat."

We both laughed.

"What happens if you want to get married?" I asked.

"I don't think there is much likelihood of that." There was a pause. "What with me being out of the country so much." Then he started asking me all sorts of questions.

"What do like doing outside school? Football?"

"I have to play at school. But can't say I really enjoy it. I enjoy tennis in the summer. Perhaps because it is not a school game."

"I might challenge you to a game," he said.

"You're on. I ought to have been playing this after, but my partner didn't turn up. Are you any good?" I suddenly had a vision of being thrashed 0-6, 0-6 by Gary.

"I sometimes play when I'm abroad. More to keep fit than anything. But what else do you like doing? Drinking with the lads? Parties?"

"I do sometimes go out with the lads. Parties? Yea, they're alright. . . I play a bit of chess."

"I won't challenge you on that. I haven't played for years. . . Do you do any reading, apart from school work?"

"A bit. I did English lit for O levels. And quite liked some of it. The more modern stuff. So I try to keep reading, apparently its good to be able to show that you have read outside your subject when it comes to getting into Uni. Did you go to Uni?"

He answered `yes', and for a while the conversation drifted round to University life.


I was beginning to like this young man. He was interesting to talk to. I turned more in the seat, so that I sat in the corner, so I could look at him more.

I saw his untidy mop of fair hair. His face and legs were fairly tanned , no doubt as a result of the tennis. He had a slightly hooked nose, which I thought might get more pronounced as the years went by. His best features were his eyes, a quite piercing blue. And he also had a slow warm smile. Yes, he was a nice lad. Talking to him was better than the book.

I turned even more, so my back was fully against the arm of the chair, and I pulled my left knee up on to the seat, so that I was almost facing him. He was now beginning to look more at me. I realised that he had possibly been a little shy at first.

"What about girl friends?" I asked.

"O! I've got a number of friends who are girls; but no steady girl friend. Most of the guys at school have girl friends; they talk incessantly about them."

I laughed. "It sounds as though things haven't changed. How far they gone, and so on?"

"Yea. That's right." he laughed in a slightly embarrassed way.

"At your age there's a lot of testosterone flying around."

"I guess so."

"So how do you manage? No girl friend to shag on the quiet. You toss yourself off, right?"

He did look embarrassed now. Perhaps I had gone too far. He blushed; and nodded, not looking at me but down at his feet.

"Its all right, you know." I reached across and with my forefinger gently rubbed his knee cap. "We all do it, you know."

"You did it?" he asked, looking at me now straight in the face.

"'Course I did. Still do, for that matter."

He turned and stared at me. His mouth slackened, almost opened in amazement.

"I am a man. And I'm not into my dotage, yet. Long way to go, I hope. Are you surprised?"

" I don't know. I've never talked about it to an adult."

I laughed. "Well, aren't you an adult too?"

He grinned. "To my parents sometimes I am; and at other times, like when it comes to being in at night I'm not. But seriously, do you wank often?"

"Hardly a day goes by with out me getting relief." That left the issue open as to exactly how that relief was obtained.


It was an amazing conversation, this guy Gary and I talked about school, hobbies, University; and then somehow we started talking about sex. Before I knew what was happening I was admitting to him that I wanked; and he was telling me he wanked every day. Then when he put his finger on my knee!

"I know I need to do it often. And the guys at school do. I never thought of someone like you..."

"An adult?..."

"Still doing it every day."

"When we are in our teens it is difficult to think of people older than ourselves having strong sexual urges. Some people carry on having sex into their eighties."

"I wonder if my parents still do."

"Probably. I know mine still do. And they are probably older than yours."

I was surpassed at that. I thought for a moment, and decided to take the plunge. "How old were you when you started?"

He thought for a moment, obviously working it out. "I think I must have been 13 or 14. Do you really want to know how I started?" He looked slightly embarrassed.

"Yeah. What happened?"

He made himself more comfortable on the seat. "I went to a single sex school. When puberty started for us there was a great deal of interest in our physical development. Hair growing in strange places, an uncontrollable voice. Some lads developed earlier than others. I seemed to be rather mid stream over that. There was one guy, who had hair in his crotch, under his arms and on his chest well before the rest of us. From his talk we all knew that he'd discovered something great that was sexual, called wanking, and he was producing cum. One day after football the two of us were the last in the showers. We were standing next to each other. He reached over and got hold of my cock. `Have you spunked off yet?' he asked. `No', I said. He felt my cock and balls, and my cock was getting really hard with this. No one had ever touched my cock before. `I reckon you're about ready. Do you want to try?' he asked. I quite liked this guy, so I said, `Okay.' `Better not do it here, someone may come in. I know somewhere safe.' So we got dry. I must say my cock didn't want to be confined in pants and trousers. It was standing up hard at the thought of what we were going to do. He led the way. As you know in any school there are quiet, relatively safe places. Traditionally it is behind the bicycle sheds. The place he led me to was round the back of the gym. There were a number of bushes, and a small lean to building that was no longer used for anything."

Now I ought to explain. Gary from time to time used his hands to emphasise what he was saying. After one use of hands, he put his hand back down on my leg, just above the knee. As he continued to talk I stole one or two glances at him. He had short dark hair, brown eyes. His hands and face were quite tanned, no doubt due to his playing tennis in other countries. His shirt was open at the neck and could see a tuft of hair from his chest. He was older than me, much older. I began to wonder what was happening.

Gary continued. "We went into this building. It was very small. He got out his cock. So I got out mine. He reached over and took hold of mine. When I just stood there, he got hold of my hand and placed it on his cock. We were both rock hard. After a while he suggested that we took our trousers down, which we did. Then he went behind me, and pushed his cock against my bum, and with his right hand began to toss me off. It was not long before that I felt this great sensation. I thought I was going to faint. It was coming up from my legs, and then in my balls; and before I knew what was happening I was shooting a load of cum out into the air. He then quickly tossed himself off, and his cum joined mine on the floor. `Was that really your first time?' he asked. Within a couple of weeks I was doing it regularly, and very soon at least once a day."

By this time he was lightly stroking my lower thigh. He was almost doing it absentmindedly. I was beginning to get a real hard on. I don't know which was turning me on more. His story or his hand. He then reached across and took the empty been can that I was still holding, and placed with his own on the ground. He moved closed; and put his right hand a little higher up my thigh, and his left arm along the back of the seat behind me. My cock was confined in my trousers. I wanted to adjust it, but knew that if I did Gary would know I had a hard on.

"And you? What about you?"

"My first time was nowhere near as exciting. It was in the bath."

"Its like that, or in bed, for a lot of lads."

"Some of the guys at school have stood round in a circle and tossed ourselves off to see who could cum the first. But no one has ever touched my cock."

"There's always a first time." He grinned and moved his hands a little further up my thigh. "Do you like that?" he asked, looking down at his hand.

I felt rather hot and breathless. I nodded.

"Good," he said.

He leant across and gave me a very gentle kiss on the cheek. I caught a whiff of a very expensive aftershave.


Kevin was obviously enjoying and getting excited by our conversation. The wanderings of my hand were almost certainly giving him an erection. I decided to move it up a gear, I leant across and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek.

To my surprise I got the scent of young man. His pheromones nearly sent my wild. My cock which was semi-hard, stiffened immediately. This Kevin was desirable. I now had to play it carefully. I had to give him a way out, if he wanted to go home; yet encourage him to go further if that is what he wanted. It was certainly what I wanted.

He played directly into my hand. If that it is not a too appropriate figure of speech.

"Your first time was with a guy at school. Was that an only time for you?"

"No, Kevin, it was not. I did it many times, in many different ways with him, and with others during those school days."

"Tell me more. What did you actually do?"

"I don't know that I should be telling you such things. I could be accused of leading you astray; of being a corrupter of youth!"

"You would be in good company. Wasn't Socrates accused of that?"

"Maybe. But not in the way that I would be?"

My hand continued to gently stroke his thigh. Moving slightly higher, I had reached the edge of his cut off.

"Well, what did you get up to?" he asked.

"There were plenty of times like that time with Dave that I told you about. With three or four guys, including Dave, I gave and received blow jobs. Does that shock you?"

"No. Not really, I've often wondered what it is like. I presume you enjoyed doing it? Both ways?"


"Anything else?"

"Sometimes when the coast was clear at one of our homes, a couple of us would go and have a good session. A lot of romping on the bed, kissing, cuddling, sucking and wanking."

"May I ask you a more personal question?"

I laughed. "And you don't count the ones you have asked already as personal?"

"Have you ever been fucked?"

"Yes, quite a number of times."

By this time one of my fingers was up his cut offs leg, and I could just feel the silky hardness of his prick.

I leaned over and kissed him on his lips. His pulled slightly away, and then grinned, and gave me a kiss.

"Do you want to find out more about things?" I asked.

He nodded.

"Let's go in side, where we can be more private, and more comfortable."


Gary got up and led the way into the house. He locked the back door, and for a moment I was afraid. What was I letting myself into. I had often wondered what it would be like to have sex with a guy. I had never wanted to do it with a girl, like the other lads at school. Well, here was my chance, so I took it. Gary led the way upstairs, and along a passage to a sitting room.

"This is my room, he said, and continued walking through into a bed room. "This is my bedroom. My folks will not be home until six o'clock, so we have got plenty of time."

He came up to me, and put his arms round me. He then kissed me again gently on my lips. He was slightly taller than me, so it was all very easy. But I noticed something. Most of our family kissing was with hard lips, giving each other a peck. Gary kissed with soft lips that gently rubbed my lips. I relaxed my lips and we kissed each other.

"You're nice," he said and kissed again, this time pushing his tongue between my lips. As soon as I realised what he was trying to do, I let him, and responded. Strange as it may seem, I knew about the lads at school kissing girls like that, I had never thought of men doing it. I wanted a lot of it. We stood there holding other closely, kissing deeply. Then his hands moved down my back, and he pulled me against him. I had held myself slightly away from him, because I did not want him to realise I had a hard on. But I guess he knew. Anyway I immediately felt his hard on pressing into mine. After some more deep kissing he pulled away.

"I think it is time to see what we've got." he said, and began to pull my T-shirt out of my trousers, then I raised my arms and he pulled it off over my head. With the back of his fore finger he gently rubbed the small patch of hair that had begun to grow on my chest.

"Not much there, I'm afraid," I said.

"Never mind that. If you have got that amount now, you will have a lot in another few years." He then gently rubbed my nipples with the back of his forefinger. Then he kissed them, and gave them a short suck. Then to my surprise he knelt down, and undid my trainers, took them off, and pulled off my socks. He reached across and undid my belt. He looked up into my eyes, and we exchanged smiles. Then he undid the zip on my jeans, and put his hand in. He felt my cock and balls through my pants. It felt wonderful, he was so gentle, and so certain about what he was doing. He pulled down my trousers, and I obligingly stepped out of them. Then he slowly lowered my pants.

"You're a great young man, Kevin. You've got a lovely body; and I'm the lucky man this afternoon. I'm glad you knocked your ball over the hedge, so that these balls," he cupped my balls in his hand as he spoke, "so these balls came and landed in my hand." He nussled his face into my crotch, and then began to kiss me down there. There must have been some pre cum on my cock, because I felt his lick the tip. "Nice taste," he said. Then he put my cock into his mouth, and slowly began to suck up and down.

"Hold on a minute, I am going to shoot, if you carry on doing that."

He stopped and stood up. I then reached across, and began to undo his shirt, and pulled it out of his trousers. He helped me take it off. He had a slightly hairy chest, only slightly more than me. I hesitated.

"Go on," he said, "undress me."

"I have never done anything like this," I said, as I undid the buckle on his belt.

"There is always a first time for everything," he said, as I undid his zip.

I slid my hand into his trousers, and immediately felt his cock. It seemed huge.

"Cor," I found myself saying.

He wriggled his hips so that he was standing in his boxer shorts with his trousers collapsed at his feet. His boxers stood out showing clearly the outline of his cock head. I put my hand down inside his boxers, and took hold of his cock. With my other hand I part pulled the shorts down, so I could see fully what I was holding. I was astonished at its size.

"Its big," I said.

"Yours is not exactly a pygmy. And it will still grow I bit, I am sure." There was a pause. "Let's get on the bed."

He pulled away, and sat on the edge of the bed, and took off his shoes and socks, and then his trousers and pants. I just stood there watching. He lay back and pulled himself on to the bed.

"Come on, don't just stand there, Kev my lad."

I climbed on the bed along side him, but he pulled me close to himself.


He seemed to be a bit shy about joining me on the bed. I had to invite him. We lay down alongside each other. I put out my arms to hold and hug him. He wriggled on the bed to get closer. We resumed kissing each other; slow deep, tonguing kissing. Our cocks were pressed together, and our legs entwined.

We lay there for a while, just enjoying the closeness of the other's body.

I moved my hand down to hold his cock. He immediately tried to do the same to me.

"Hold on, Kev. Just lie back and enjoy it. If it is your first time just lay back, receive, and enjoy. You'll have plenty of chances to give, I'm sure."

He turned to lie on his back. I let my hand just play gently with his cock and balls. I did not venture them any where else. I just hoped there would be times for that. I began to kiss, and lick his nipples, and felt them harden quickly.

I raised myself so I could look down into those blue eyes. "You've got a great body, young man," I said.

"Have I? Have I really?"

"Yea. And I hope you are enjoying what I'm doing to you, even half as much as I am enjoying doing it."

"I am. ...... The trouble is I think I'm going to come."

I immediately stopped, and lay back alongside him. "Not that it really matters. I'm sure you've got plenty more where it comes from," I said cupping his balls with my hand. "Just let it come."

I gave him a few moments, before kissing him on the mouth. I then began to make my way down kissing and stroking him with my hand. I had got about to his belly button when there was a groan, and I felt spurts of his cum on my ears and cheek.

"I'm sorry."

"There's no need to be sorry. If you enjoyed it, that's all that matters."

I lay back and cuddled him in my arms. We lay there for about ten minutes or a quarter of an hour.

Suddenly he sat up on the bed. "I've just remembered that I have left the house unlocked."


It was great. Gary was so gentle. The trouble was I was so near to coming. I tried to hold back. I tried to think of tennis or football, but it had no effect. Suddenly I found myself shoot a great load of spunk all over Gary's head. He didn't seem to mind. In fact he laughed.

We lay for quite a while, and then I remembered I'd left the house unlocked all this time. I leapt off bed, and started getting dressed. Gary put on a bathrobe, and came down stairs with me. He stood at the door for a moment before opening it.

"I enjoyed that." he said. "I hope you did?"

I nodded.

"I'll be in most afternoons for the next six weeks, so if you want some more just pop round." He gave me a kiss. He opened the door, and I went. Fortunately nobody had gone into the house. All was safe and sound. I got myself a drink and thought about the events of the afternoon. It'd been great.

Then came the weekend. On Monday morning I deliberated whether or not to go round to the next door. On one hand I didn't want to be too eager or desperate, on the other hand I simply wanted more. It was 2.15 when I knocked on the door. Gary opened it.

"Hi mate. Good to see you. In you come."


I went in, and immediately we were locked into each others arms. He pressed his already hardened cock into me, and I'm sure he could feel mine equally hard.

He broke, and without a word led the way up to his bedroom. There he turned and smiled, and we gave each other another hug. Without further ado we both undressed each keeping watch on the other. Naked we both got on to the bed and into each others arms.

He asked me how many times I had wanked over the weekend.

"Twice, once each day. What about you?" I asked.

"Beat you. I did it twice on Saturday, each time thinking of you."


I knew he would not be round on the Saturday or Sunday. I hardly dared to hope that he would come round on the Monday. Then there was this ring at the door, and there he was. We did not stand on any ceremony. We were soon upstairs, in the bedroom, bollock naked, on the bed in each other's arms.

We just lay there, kissing, cuddling, touching gently and intimately.

After a while I began to move down his body, with gentle touches, and kisses. Before I put my mouth to his rampant cock I told him to tell me when he began to come. So I began to suck. Very soon he said, "I am cumming." I immediately stopped, and just held him in my arms. After a few minutes I went down on him again. Sometimes when he told me he was near the point of no return I just held his wonderful hard cock in my mouth, - no movement, no touching with my tongue. When I felt him relax I continued.

After quite a while, he pulled my head away. "Now let me do it to you."

"Only if you really want to."

"Yea, I want to. But remember its my first time."

"Okay then." I lay on my back, with my cock sticking straight up in the air. He looked at it for a moment, and then lowered his head, and placed his mouth round it. I felt his tongue caress the tip of my penis. It was bliss, so delicate.

"I'm nearly cumming just with that." I said.

"You're as bad as me." he said with a laugh, and just continued.


I must confess to some hesitation before putting Gary's cock in my mouth. I'd never done anything like it before. I gave its tip and quick kiss, and then took into my mouth. I remember how he had swirled his tongue round mine so I did the same. As his cock got more lubricated with my saliva I found I could take it deeper. Then I had this taste come into my mouth and I realised I was tasting his precum. I liked it.

Gary started to stroke my hair with his hand, and fondle my ear lobes. It was all turning me on. I got a hand to his balls, and held them with a gentle squeezed, and then started to stroke that sensitive area behind his balls and at the top of his legs.

Gary moaned. "Kev boy, you've got a wonderful touch for a beginner. You're a natural."


I took my mouth off. "Its only what you've taught me," I said, quickly resuming my attentions to his cock.

"I am going to cum soon! Do you want it in your mouth."

I nodded while still sucking his cock, and in a few moments he cried out aloud and shot copiously deep into my mouth. I swallowed and sucked for a few moments more. I then looked up at him.


I've had blow jobs and blow jobs, but that one was one of the best. He looked up at me with his blue eyes, with a broad grin of triumph.

"Well done. . .That was great. . .My, that was one of the best." I pulled him up alongside me, and took him into my arms. I kissed him. "Thank you." We lay together, resting, and not speaking. I was only too conscious of his hard prick against the top of my thigh. I reached down and held it.

"Your turn now," and I pushed him over onto his back. I kissed my way down, kissing and nibbling his tits, and then his belly button, and down into the forest, kissing and licking his cock and balls. I sensed that he was getting more and more roused, so I broke off.

"You know something. I'm getting to like that cock of yours. Its a respectable size already, and it will probably grow a bit more, both longer and thicker."

"Do you really think so?" he asked sitting up in the bed to look anxiously down at it.

"Yea, I am sure. I have seen one or two cocks in my time. No man in his right mind would be ashamed to have yours."

"I thought it was a bit on the small side."

"No way. It is perfect. And what is more I like its size, I like its shape, and I like its taste, and I want some more."

Our little interlude had taken him off the boil, so I was able to resume my oral attentions to his cock. This time I began to push a finger up between his buttocks. I was glad that I had filed my nails that morning. He moved so that I could push my finger to the entrance.

"I like that, give me some more of that," he asked.

I eventually got most of my forefinger in to his obvious pleasure. I was able to suck his cock and use my finger for nearly twenty minutes before he said, "I am cuming." I too continued to suck, and soon his cock started to jerk, and I felt spurts of his cum land at the back of my mouth.

We lay alongside each other, gently holding, and from time to time stroking.

"Is it possible to cum together, with us lying side to side."

"Yea, easily. 69 position its called."

He thought for a fleeting moment, and then laughing said, "Oh, I see."

I leant up on my elbow to look down at him. "There is much more we can do. But its best not to try everything at once."

"Like fucking, you mean?"

"Yea, fucking, and doing things in different positions. Further lessons on further afternoons, eh?"

He stretched his arms and legs out. "That sounds great."

So it was for that six weeks break I had in this country, and for his summer holidays. Don't get me wrong. We were not in bed all of every afternoon. We played quite a lot of tennis, which gave us an excuse to shower together have fun in that way. We went out together for various day trips. We even managed three nights when we slept together. I met his folk, and he met mine. They all seemed to approve of our friendship having no idea what we were up to. All too soon the summer began to draw to an end. I now really have something, no someone, to look forward to when I have my next spell in the home country.


And I'm just counting the days until he gets back.

Jeff :-