Chuck's Awakening

Part One

These stories are true. The names of my lovers have been changed to protect their privacy. I hope that you enjoy my story as much as I have enjoyed the stories you have submitted.

By way of introduction my name is Chuck. I'm 53 years old and live in a major Midwestern city. I'm 5'10" with brown hair and blue eyes. I am bi-sexual. Like most guys going through puberty I had a few sexual encounters with other boys, but nothing past dry humping.

Last fall I started chatting online looking for women or couples to have sexual experiences with. Not having much luck I started chatting with men as I had becoming more interested in gay and bi-sexual porn on line. Soon after I changed my profile to bi-sexual I started getting responses.

One of my new on line friends name is Tony. He told me he was 40 and in a committed relationship. We exchanged photos and Tony suggested that we meet. He said that he takes the train to work and parks in a lot where there are few lights and very few other cars park in that lot. We set a day and time to meet and as the time approached I became more nervous. Tony described his car so I would know where to park. I unlocked the door as Tony approached. He looked even better than his pictures. He had dark black hair and full lips. His body was fit and thick, I could tell he worked out. As soon as he settles into the passenger seat I leaned over the console and kissed him. We quickly wrapped our arms around each other and began sucking each others tongues.

My nerves quickly calmed and I raised his shirt to reveal his tight chest. I kissed and sucked his nipple and Tony became relaxed. By this time I was in heaven, I put my hand on Tony's Crotch and his cock was rock solid. Without speaking a word Tony slid his pants to his knees. I slipped my hand inside his underwear and wrapped my hand around his thick 7 inch cock and slowly moved my hand up and down feeling his cock pulsing under my touch. While I was stroking his cock I moved into position to resume the kissing.

Tony slid his and inside of my sweats and underwear. My cock is about six inches and I have always produced a lot of pre-cum. Tony removed his hand from my pants and slid his fingers in his mouth. He moaned and explained that he loves the taste of cum. Tony's cock was in clear view and I shocked myself by leaning over the console and placing my mouth around his thick shaft. I moved my tongue up his magnificent cock and licked the had and then dove back down taking his entire cock into my mouth.

Tony stopped me and with heavy breath he told me that he need to tasted my cum. Reluctantly I sat back in my seat and Tony lowered his soft lips around my wet cock. As he leaned forward his ass was right in my eyesight. I licked my middle finger as this Adonis was sucking my cock. I placed my finger at the opening of his ass and not sensing any objection slid my finger into his tight asshole up to the knuckle,

After I removed my finger Tony returned to his relaxed position in the passenger seat. At that moment I decided that I was going to suck him to completion. I began sucking and licking his cock relentlessly. Tony told me he was about to cum and I gently touched his chest as a way of saying it's okay. I heard his panting voice say I'm Cumming. The first load shot to the back of my throat and I swallowed. I continued sucking until his cock started to deflate. I have no idea why, but a I saved some of Tony's cum in my mouth. I moved up his body and kissed him and we shared his cum.

Tony thanked me and told me that he had never came in anyone's mouth before. I chuckled and told him that I had never sucked a cock before. Tony was apologetic that he was out of time and that I hadn't had an orgasm. We agreed to meet again and I assured my new lover that the next time he would get what he wanted.