Chucks Awakening

Part Two

Thank you for your response to my first story. The stories that I post are true. The only change is the name of my lovers.

From the moment Tony stepped out of my car, I began to think about the next time I would see him. I had promised this beautiful man that he would get what he wanted the next time we were together. I thought occurred to me that I have had difficulties in the area of receiving a blow job. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy having my cock in someone's mouth as much of the next guy. I just like to give my lover pleasure so I tend not to focus on my own orgasm.

Tony and I kept in touch by email and text. Tony shocked me by posting a comment on line about me being an excellent kisser. About two weeks after our first encounter, Tony sent me a text that he wanted to see me the next day. I agreed to meet him at the appointed time and began to put myself in a mindset to please my lover.

I arrived at the parking lot and found Tony's car, but Tony wasn't there. There was more activity in the lot than there had been the first time. My mind began to race and my nerves were on edge. I thought about Tony being on a schedule to get home so that his partner wouldn't ask questions. Which led to my disappointment that we nay not be able to make love. Then there were all of those people coming and going from the lot. I was trying to look inconspicuous as I possibly could.

My nerves calmed as I saw my Adonis approaching. He looked around and invited me into the back seat of his car. We kissed and held each other as if it had been a year since our last meeting. I broke the kiss and looked into his gorgeous eyes, and asked "Do you have time baby?" Tony replied "we'll have plenty of time" as he placed his hand on my leg. I wanted to be honest with Tony so I told him, "Tony I know that we have only known each other a short time, but I am developing strong feelings for you", He looked me square in the eyes and said "I feel the same way Chuck." When I heard him say my name my cock became rock hard.

We held each other for a moment and then I kissed Tony and but my tongue in his mouth and he began to suck my tongue. This time Tony broke the kiss and said :"I need to suck your cock and taste your cum." With that I lowered my sweats and underwear around my knees and leaned back to give my lover access to my stiff six inch cock. Tony slowly lowered his mouth onto my cock until he had all six inches in his soft wet mouth. I looked down to see his jet back hair and ran my fingers though his hair. I could feel him moving his head up and down as he licked and sucked my shaft.

I felt my orgasm building and wanted to make the experience last just a little longer. I continued to stroke Tony's hair and we were both moaning. I said "oh Tony I'm going to cum". Tony picked up the pace of sucking my cock and I couldn't hold back. I had one of the most explosive orgasms I had ever experienced in my life. Tony continued sucking and swallowing my cum until my cock began to soften.

Tony sat up and I asked, "can I suck your cock?" Tony smiled at me and pulled his pants and underwear down. I lowered my mouth to his cock and to my amazement it was covered with cum. I looked at Tony and he was grinning as if to say "I told you I liked the taste of cum". I licked and swallowed as much of his cum as I could, and then moved up for more kissing,

After we had pulled ourselves together, Tony told me that his situation at home is changing and he wouldn't be able to meet until things are back to normal. We kissed one more time and I got out of his car. We maintain regular contact and I'm sure when Tony's situation changes we will get back together.