Chucks Awakening

Chapter 3

Thank you for you're comments. The stories I post here are true, the names of my Lovers have been changed.

One day I was on line and received an email from a young man named Alex. Alex said that he liked my profile and (To my heart's Delight) he likes older men. He went on to explain that he lived in the next town over from where I live. I'm 53 and I was nervous to respond fearing that this was a practical joke. After mentally wrestling with myself I decided to respond. Alex and I emailed each other for about a week and then he gave me his phone number.

One Sunday afternoon I was home alone and I called Alex. When he answered the phone he had a pleasant voice. Alex said "I'm glad you called." I asked Alex how he was doing and if he wanted to meet for a drink or dinner later? Alex replied "I have to go to dinner at my mom's house, but I do want to meet you." Alex asked "what are you looking for in a lover?" I explained "I'm looking for a lover who I can meet with on a regular basis. Also, I'm into kissing and cuddling before and after sex." Alex said, "That's great, I'm looking for the same thing." Alex went on to tell me that he works nights and he would be available during the week in the mornings after he gets off of work. We agreed to keep in touch by text and Alex promised me that he would be seeing me soon.

About a week later Alex sent me a text and asked if I was available the next day. I replied that I was and we agreed to meet at my house at 9:00.

The next morning when the house was all mine, I began to prepare for my first encounter with Alex. I took a long shower and set out some scented oils next to the bed, and some lube (just in case). Alex arrived at the appointed time and I welcomed into my home. Alex is a handsome young man, he is Hispanic and is about 5'7" tall. He has jet black hair and dark brown eyes. His face is round with big lips and long eyelashes. He was wear sweat pants and a tee shirt. We sat on the couch together and I broke the silence by asking, "did you have any problems finding my house?" Alex shocked me when he said "Not at all, my uncle is your next door neighbor." Alex must have seen the horror in my eyes and assured me that it wouldn't be a problem.

I moved close to Alex and stroked his hair and then gently placed my lips on his soft subtle lips. It didn't take long before we had our tongues in each others mouths. Alex took to the next move and placed his hand on my crotch and was stroking my cock through my shorts. I responded by sliding my hand into his sweats and stroking his cock through his underwear. I broke the kiss and asked Alex, "Do you want to move to the bed?" Alex looked up into my eyes and nodded. As we moved to the bedroom we were both taking our clothes off. I took a moment to take in the sight of this beautiful naked boy in my bed. Then we began to kiss each other harder than we did on the couch.

I positioned Alex on his back and began exploring his body with my mouth and hands. Alex responded by moaning my name and moving his body under my touch. I finally arrived at his cock; It is about six inches long and not too thick with a small tuft of hair just above his cock. I lowered my mouth onto his beautiful cock and gently began to suck and lick his shat and head. Tony spoke and said, "I'm not ready to cum yet Chuck, can I suck you?" Without saying a word I removed my mouth from his pulsating cock and rolled on my back.

Alex lay on top of me and we began kissing, I was transported to anther plane feeling or cocks rubbing together. My young lover began his descent down my body kissing and licking his way down to my cock. I gasped when I felt his velvet lips encircle my cock as he began sucking me very slowly. I looked down to watch his head move up and down, and occasionally he lifted his eyes to meet mine. This boy was taking me to the edge of an orgasm and just like my new lover I was not ready to cum. I reached down and took his face in my hands and looked into his dreamy eyes and said "Please Fuck me". Alex said "You want me to fuck you?" All I could do is say "Please".

I rolled onto my stomach and Alex took the lube and I felt it being applied to my ass. All I could think was how lucky am I that this 24 year old was going to be the first to fuck my virgin ass. Alex positioned his cock at the entrance to my ass and began to apply pressure. I tried to relax to allow him to fuck me. All of the sudden I felt him push and he was inside of me. He asked "are you OK?" I replied "More than you'll ever know, fuck me Alex!" He was tentative at first and then we found our rhythm. Alex was moving his cock slowly in and out not leaving my ass. Alex asked "can I cum in your ass?" I said "Yes Alex cum in my ass" Alex picked up his pace and grunted "I'm CUMMING". To wit I replied "Me to!"

Alex collapsed onto me and gently kissed my neck. He left for a moment and I lay there on the bed in the glow of my first anal experience. Alex returned to my bed and we thanked each other and exchanged kisses. Alex informed me that he had to go so he could get some sleep. I told him that he could sleep here. He smiled and said, "Chuck if I stay here I won't get any sleep." I walked him to the door and we agreed to see each other soon.