"Hi, I’m Cuteyqt." 

That’s odd you say, well it’s my name, at least my name when I’m surfing the net. You know what they all ask on the chat lines?

"Hey, are you really cute?"

And I say, "Yes of course I am, my mom told me!"

I don’t know why but this gets a lot of them going like they really need a cute young guy to tell their fantasies too. Many who are anywhere near California, want to meet up with me. Just imagine wanting to travel a few hundred miles just because the guy you are talking with is cute!

Another question is "Are you gay?" which I am, or at least I think so.

I’ve not had many relationships with girls that went very well. But my time with guys has been great, so that’s the direction I’m headed. At 19 years old, things can change and I’m not going to cast my life in concrete just yet. Take things as they come, one step at a time.

On the chat sites you can put out personal information for others to take a look at. I have "student" in my profile but they always ask again. It’s true, I’m studying Civil Engineering at Central College, Fullerton. That’s in Southern California for those who have never heard of it.

Another thing I’m asked pretty often is "How did you become gay?"

Well, I don’t think I "became" gay, I guess it was in me always, but not at the surface. Then I thought, why not put it all down as a story and when they ask, Bang! I can send it off and hopefully "make their day!"

Well, I’ve not been "practising" being gay for very long, you could call me a new member! Sure I’ve jerked off when I was younger with friends, usually on sleep-overs at weekends and such, but it never went further than that. Just good fun. But my first big gay experience happened last year through the college.

I enjoy my chosen subject; most of it comes easy except for one thing. Surveying. I don’t know why, but trigonometry is just so hard for me to get a handle on. As this had a bearing on my overall marks, I was afraid it would affect the whole course if I were flunking out on this section. Our college has "work orientation" programmes whereby you go on field trips for various subjects, sometimes just for one day and sometimes for up to a week or so, but these longer periods fall in vacation times. When our first chance for a field trip came up, I thought I had better try and get this surveying thing tied up and perhaps some practical work would make things fall into place. So I put my name down on the list and waited to see where I would be going.

I was assigned to report to the local branch of one of California’s big construction companies early one morning. I was the only one from my class and hung around their office a while. Presently some guy came along, took me into his office and introduced me to Steve and told me I would be working with him.  He didn’t work for the construction company but was hired in for specific jobs, so I was assigned to help and "set out" for a new housing development they were going to build.

Once outside, we climbed into his van and drove around to the company stores and loaded up all the gear. There was only one other guy with him and he looked around my age. We were going to be the surveyor, the helper and the helper’s helper. A great team!

From the stores we took hundreds of wooden pegs, stakes, paint, half a dozen tripods and various instruments to name but a few. I felt like a fish out of water from the start, not knowing exactly what to do while these two guys moved like clockwork getting it all ready. But from the beginning they were friendly and it was obvious they were not expecting anything much from a college kid. So I hoped to quickly get the hang of things and become part of the team.

After an hour we were loaded up with gear and ready for off, and with me wondering what was going to happen.  I knew all the theory from class but this would be the first time actually doing it, in more ways than one! The site was off towards San Bernardino and that’s where we headed. We had time to get to know each other, Steve telling me he had been working on his own for about 2 years, taking sub-contract work for various construction companies with Michael his helper. Mike was Latino, but whether from Mexico or another country down there, I didn’t know. But he was a nice guy, not at all pushy and explained things that I didn’t know carefully when we talked. I liked them both and the prospect of working together quickly seemed okay, no hassle.

Somewhere after Riverside, we turned off the main highway and drove into what looked like beautiful countryside. After some time, Steve pulled the van over and said this was the place. There was nothing thereabouts, no farms that I saw, no other houses, but Steve said in about a year there would be a brand new community growing up around. We pulled off the road and into the meadow. A nice place, well it was before they would build all these new homes. Rolling hills with plenty of trees, very picturesque.

First, we had some coffee; they certainly had all the gear, food, coolers, a real picnic set up. I guess it would have to be when they worked out in the field all the time. Then we started work, dropping off equipment and tools here and there. Steve unravelled sheaves of plans and walked about the site looking at the lie of the land whilst Mike and I set up a store area. He was a hard worker and didn’t stand about talking, all the time busy but still able to joke around with me. We were getting along fine.

Steve set up some instruments at different points across the site, then told Mike to take the van over to one of them and we would begin doing the survey. We drove across the grassland toward one of the tripods and unloaded pegs and hammers that we would need. Mike had a headset and intercom so he could communicate with Steve as we were quite some distance apart. The day was great, just warming up and I was pleased to be here and not in some stuffy office or back in the classroom. After talking with Steve, Mike said we would start traversing the area in about 15 minutes or so.

“It’s going to be hot,” he said, “and you will be swinging that hammer a lot. Be prepared by changing now.” 

He took off his shirt and I looked at his body. Golden brown from working outside and muscular, not of the gym variety, but full and well shaped like an Adonis. I couldn’t help but look at him because there was nothing to suggest such a physique with his shirt on. He saw me staring and I became a little embarrassed.

To cover up I said, "You look like you must swing the hammer a lot to get a body like that."

"Come on," he said mock impatiently, "Change! Get your clothes off and get a tan before you go back to college."

After I pulled my shirt off he said I would also go back with a few more muscles than when I arrived. He squeezed my arm to emphasise my slender build. As he unhooked the top of his jeans he told me to put some shorts on, but I didn’t have any with me. I hadn’t given it a thought when I set off except to wear something against the cool morning. Now I could see it was going to be hot, I wished I had brought some lighter stuff to work in.

"It’s okay," Mike said, "I have a spare pair," and reached for his bag in the van.

Then he stunned me by dropping his jeans showing he didn’t have anything on underneath. My eyes nearly popped out of my head and I stared transfixed at that superbly shaped body. Climbing out of his jeans, he stood there looking back.

Not fazed by my staring, he said, "Come on Cutey, take those pants off and put these on," as he grabbed the shorts from the bag.

I averted my eyes and slid down my Levi’s. As I pulled my legs out of them, he reached for my boxers.

"They will have to go as well, they’re longer than the shorts!" and yanked, pulling them a little way down my legs.

I was so embarrassed and couldn’t look at him, but continued to take them off. There we were naked out in the fresh air. What a weird feeling! I thought he was handing me the shorts but instead, his hand ran down my back and over my ass leaving me stupefied.

Mike said, "I can see why they call you Cutey and it’s not just your face. You have a great body."

"Me!" I said, brought back to earth, "You’re joking it’s you who has the great body, look at your chest and flat stomach and those calves." I blurted out, running over the points that had caught me eye earlier.

"Different strokes for different folks," he said, "believe me your body is really nice, love how smooth your skin is, no body hair like mine."

He traced his hand over me and then I really died. My cock sprang to attention although I wasn’t thinking anything about sex. If I wasn’t red in the face before, I was now. Why did it do that I asked myself?

Mike quickly laughed and asked “where this came from?” and grabbed it.

"Nice cock as well as the body, it looks like it’s the best part, how big you are!"

He cupped it in his hand, which just reinforced the hardness. I closed my eyes to escape the scene.

"Look at mine, you’re bigger than me."

I opened them again and saw him gently pulling on his cock. Not as long as mine but a lot thicker, smooth skinned and straight as a die.

He hadn’t let go of mine and I could feel my juice rising for all that I wanted him to stop.

He continued, "Well Cutey, you are a hot one, as big and as hard as one of those pegs we’ve been lugging around."

I laughed at his joke and couldn’t help notice his cock was now at full mast. Everyone would appreciate his beauty. He looked superb, a real man even though we were of the same age.

"Hey!" he said, "we have to have some fun now, we’re going to be working real hard soon."

Before I understood what he was up to, he dropped to his knees and buried my cock into his mouth. This was the first time for me and I didn’t at first comprehend what was happening, like some real dork! Soon my knees felt weak and my legs started to feel like jelly.  Thinking I would collapse, I had to reach for the van door to steady myself. Mike worked up and down on me while one hand slowly stroked his own cock. I didn’t want to look but the scene was unreal, like having a dream. His other hand was playing with my balls, then I felt a finger slide under and play around my chute. I didn’t like this, but there didn’t seem to be any way out at that moment.

When he took a breather, he asked me if it felt good, and I don’t know why but I said "Yes."

Shit, what was I saying! He said he thought so, could tell when someone appreciates good head.

"And you like this," as he gave my chute a dig with his finger.

"No, don’t do that." But even as I spoke, I knew I did.

He stopped, but only to spit on his fingers and put them back between my legs. I gave a start and sucked in my breath as a finger inserted itself. I closed my eyes hoping for the ostrich effect, but he didn’t go away.

"No," Mike said, "I think you really like this, a bit green maybe, but you like it."

He stopped sucking my cock and stood up. Spitting on his hand again he turned me around and pushed me to bend into the van. His fingers found their way back to my chute again. It suddenly dawned on me where this was heading and I started to stand up to prevent it. But Mike held me firmly and said not to worry, just to give it a try coz he was sure I would enjoy. I didn’t have time to argue, I could feel his cock sliding into my hole and pushing against it. He went no further but held me tightly and said for me to relax, as no way was he going to hurt me.

I believed, I liked him and felt I could trust him. He just gently rocked against my back and I could feel his cock jabbing at my asshole. Then after a few moments, he gave me a big bear hug and pulled me tight against him. Suddenly I got a strange feeling from my guts but didn’t put two and two together straight away. He stopped and relaxed his hold and said

"How was it?"

"Was what?" I asked.

"Cutey I’m in you," he replied as if I was really stupid.

Then slowly I realised what the feeling was, never having had any previous experience. He put one hand back to my cock and started milking it till it stood back at full mast.

"Now," he said, "just relax and enjoy".

My God, this sensation welled up from below, something like him sucking my cock but from the inside. A fire had been lit deep down that somehow made me feel faint. Now it really hit me that I was getting fucked. I knew this should not be happening, but my brain just got muddled with the sensations I was receiving from milking my cock and his hand playing up and down my chest, his breath against the back of my neck and the brilliant glow growing inside. It completely melted away any negative emotions. I sank back into his body as if floating on a cloud, and tried to sort out the million confusing inputs flooding my mind.

"Cutey you are fantastic," Mike said.

I came back to reality and knew that he was coming to the finale. His loins were slapping into my ass and I could feel the fire from his cock as it worked in and out. His hold tightened and without thinking, I took hold of my cock and started jerking. Tighter and tighter he held and faster and faster his body crashed up against mine. A moan started deep within him and my name came from his lips time after time. With a cry and a violent crash against my ass, he held me hard enough to squeeze out my breath. The sensation was electric because my cock was responding at the same time. I surprised myself by crying out as I came just as Mike exploded inside, his pulsating cock seemingly expanding tenfold giving me the impression I might split in two. My orgasm went on for an age like I had never experienced before.  But as it finally faded away, we fell forward into the van, not releasing our contact for some time.

 Our senses were brought back by the sound of his headset and Steve shouting.

"Shit," Mike said and pulled out of me and grabbed the intercom.

"Yeah, sorry Steve, left it in the van whilst we were moving out the equipment. Yeah, okay, 5 minutes."

Putting the headset down, he looked at me and cracked out laughing. Me too, here in the middle of nowhere and we are broken up by a radio. Mike stepped towards me and slapped my ass.

"So Cutey, that wasn’t so bad was it?"

"Well no," I said, "it was actually pretty good." I was being honest.

"Thought so," Mike said, "and I told you so didn’t I?"

"Yeah well, its just I wasn’t prepared, it was the first time for me," I said.

"Well you are now, and it won’t be the last." He winked and said we should get moving.

The shorts he gave me were old cut-off’s, very short indeed and with many rips. In fact, one cheek of my ass was practically bare from a big split. Mike's were just the same. We made a sexy looking team together even if I say so myself.

The rest of the morning we spent traversing the area, setting up markers and checking measurements and such. We didn’t stop and I was impressed with Mike and Steve the way they worked together. Being his own business, Steve was on the go all the time. We stopped for lunch and Steve gave us the eye and commented how well we looked together. He asked me if I was getting acquainted with Mike. I nearly choked on the mouthful of food, and the two of them laughed out. Steve said it was okay, he could guess what a handsome guy would be doing to Mike. Mike threw some bread at him but laughed just the same. It looked like Steve didn’t mind what Mike got up to and I guess what happened to me must have happened before. I was pleased that they both took it in such good humour and I tried to relax my embarrassment and join in with the jokes.

Lunch was finished quickly and we were back at work. I was enjoying swinging the hammer, knocking in pegs all over the place. Made it feel like a real job. We worked on till about 3 o’clock when Steve said the first part setting up the reference points was finished. Next, we would be setting out the roadways.

"Take a break whilst I take a look at this next section," he said.

Mike poured us some coffee and we sat near the van chatting. Steve went off walking with his plans looking at how the best way to set out the next stage.

"How's your ass?" Mike suddenly asked.

"It’s fine” I replied, “why?"

"Oh just wanted to know I hadn’t hurt you."

"No it’s fine, I’ve not thought about it with the work and all," I replied.

That was not exactly true. Constantly, replay flashes had kept springing to mind as we worked. In truth, I had got hard again a few times thinking of what we had done.

"Good!" Mike answered, "But I got to tell you we have to do that again. The next time will be even better because you know you enjoyed it. You were nervous this morning, but the second time, you’ll see will be fantastic."

He was so serious as he spoke but as he looked at me and my silence, a big grin broke across his face which cracked me up.

"Come on," Mike said, "Steve will be gone for quarter of an hour; let’s finish what I started this morning."

He didn’t wait for a reply but lunged at my shorts.

"Just a quick one," he said and snatched open the buttons.

His hands were all over and his face followed them down on my cock. Even as he had talked about my ass, my cock had twitched and when he said he would fuck me again, it filled up. It was only a second before it was at full stand and Mike’s head was going up and down its length. It could only have been a minute or two before I started to let go. Mike was doing all the right moves and before I knew where I was, my juice was pumping into his mouth. I wondered if he would be upset, but when he pulled away he was smiling and licking his lips.

"Cuteyqt you DO taste good, oh so fucking good! You have got to be part of my diet from now on!"

"Well Mike you can do that anytime," I said wondering if I was being too forward.

"Don’t worry, we are going to enjoy this job I can tell," he replied.

Steve was on his way back, so things didn’t go any further. Instead, we began laying out the markers for the roads on this section until late into the afternoon.

At the end of the day, Steve called a halt saying the light was not good enough to use the Theodolite. We packed up everything and left the tools and stuff in the store we had made earlier. Then we cleaned out the van from the rubbish left over from our cargo and rolled out a carpet that had been folded up. This had to be Steve’s every mode of transport I thought. After we had finished up and were standing around next to the van, Mike asked me for his bag and dropped his shorts. Steve too had some other jeans he looked like he was changing into.

"Can’t go back to the office looking like that," he said. "Got to keep up appearances, I’m a businessman!"

I did the same and looked for my shirt and stuff.

"Oh, I can see why you like him so much Mike," Steve said as he gave me a good looking over.

I hadn’t seen them talking to each other, well not about me, but it seemed as if Steve knew what had been going on.

Mike said, "Yes isn’t he gorgeous," and gave my ass a slap.

I looked at them and they were both grinning. Mike continued, "You should see his cock, he’s really big."


"Yes," affirmed Mike and grabbed my cock.

I tried to back off but as I was against the van I couldn’t. He went on talking like I wasn’t there,

"He’s delicious as well as gorgeous."

His hand was pulling and squeezing and absolutely against my will, it started to fill out.

"Shit!" said Steve, "You weren’t kidding."

He moved closer and Mike showed off my cock like some kind of military inspection. Then I noticed Steve’s hand rubbing his own crotch and could see he had an erection.

"So what have you two been up to today?" he asked.

My embarrassment had returned but not Mike, "Well he’s no longer a virgin and he now knows a thing or two he didn’t know yesterday, that’s for sure."

"You blew him?" Steve asked a little surprised.

"Of course," Mike answered, "and how!"

"Cutey, would you allow your boss to enjoy the very same?" Steve asked.

I said nothing struck dumb as I was, and raised my eyebrows in disbelief. Mike’s arm was already on Steve’s shoulder pushing him down. When he had taken me in his mouth, Mike dived under him to service his cock as well. Wow! This was incredible. Truth IS stranger than fiction.

This was going to be the third time today. I’m no record breaker and all this was of some amazement.

But Steve stopped after a moment and said to Mike, "You said he’s no longer a virgin?"

Mike let go of his cock and said. "Right!"

"Why don’t you show me what you did," said Steve, his voice wavering in excitement.

"No problem," countered Mike and jumped up and grabbed me.

Spinning me around I heard him spit on his fingers and then quickly he was tight up against my back. He bent me over so although my feet were on the ground, my body was lying face down in the van. I could feel his cock work its way into my ass, then he paused but all the time continued running his hands over my back. I noticed Steve had come to stand at the side but I couldn’t look at him and turned to face the other way.

Mike started pistoning in and out and after a little hesitation on my part, it quickly began to feel wonderful. He kept this up for a few minutes getting faster and faster. Someone was playing with my cock but although I guessed it was Steve, I couldn’t see. When I thought Mike was getting to the short strokes, he stopped and pulled out. Although his hands kept me where I was, he continued tracing them up and down my back. Then he was in again pushing harder than ever. After a few moments, I realised something was different. I had a distinct pressure high in my guts, and well, it was just different. I turned my head the other way to look behind and saw that it wasn’t Mike, but Steve who was in my ass. More surprising though, was that Mike looked as if he was into Steve’s ass. My head reeled at the thought of all this, it was all a bit too surreal.

Steve’s cry’s and groans were nothing but pure pleasure. His cock must have been twice the size of Mike’s but I have to admit it felt damn good. So good soon Steve cried out as he climaxed, pulling out and shooting his load up my back. I think Mike was doing the same to him as well from what I could hear.

But things were not quite finished yet. They helped me up off the van floor but then had me lay down again, this time on my back. With one on each side, they sent me to heaven sucking my cock and balls till I positively screamed with pleasure and climax.

That was one incredible first day at work. And my first experience with other men. For another three days, this was repeated until my time was up and I returned back to college at Fullerton. We did a lot of work on that trip and did a lot of sex too. Steve asked me if I wanted a job in the summer vacation. I would need one and this sounded better than most!

As for Mike, he calls me whenever he can. If I’m not busy and I always try not to be when he rings, he catches the bus over to my place and we go at it like wild animals. He has shown me so much, every time we meet he has a new position he wants us to try. Many times he has asked me to fuck him, but I really love him working me over and up to now, that’s always the way it is. Unfortunately, Steve takes jobs all over the place so we don’t see each other on a regular basis. Sometimes he can be back again in my room in two days, other times its two weeks. Once it was a month when he was away on a big job. But when he is back in Fullerton, he is straight over to my room, and after that knock on my door, there is barely enough time to lock it again before he is ripping off my clothes and devouring my body. I really love it. I think I really love him as well.