Dangerous Impulses


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"Damn, what have I got myself into?" Geoff muttered to himself and glanced out the window to the runway below. He could feel those dreaded knots in his stomach forming even as his hands gripped the armrests even tighter. Geoff hated flying even in the best of times. But it wasn't the dread of flying that was causing him so much angst. No, Geoff's fear of flying would have been a welcome respite to what he was experiencing now.

Geoff glanced over to the seat next to him, taking in the well dressed woman in a single look. It was obvious she was a veteran of flight and Geoff sighed quietly knowing that in moments he would be subject to well meaning but utterly useless advice on relaxing and enjoying the trip. Almost as if she had read his mind the woman looked over at him and smiled warmly.

"There's nothing to be nervous about you know," she offered encouragingly. "Is this your first flight?"

Geoff smothered an urge to roll his eyes at her in despair knowing that she meant well. Smiling thinly Geoff replied "No. I've taken this flight hundreds of times. But I have never been able to shake my dread of flying. Don't worry though," Geoff half joked, "I seldom do more than leave indents in the armrests."

Laughing a little the woman extended her hand in greeting. "Well, maybe if you do some real damage to these seats they'll replace them with something a little more comfortable. My name is Betty by the way."

Geoff loosened his grip on the armrests and took her hand, shaking it quickly before taking up his grip once again. "I'm Geoff," he replied smiling back in return. "And as cheap as the airlines are they'd probably replace the seats with folding chairs if I broke them."

Betty laughed again, agreeing with him. "So are you like me and flying back home now? I always try and arrange it so I can fly back home on Thursday so I can have my weekends at home."

"No such luck for me," Geoff replied wondering if Betty intended to chat the entire flight. "I'm flying up today so I can speak at a conference tomorrow."

"Wow," Betty exclaimed. "As short as this flight is that's going to leave you a lot of time today to waste. I wish I could convince my boss to give me that much time."

"Well," Geoff hesitantly started to explain. "Normally I would have taken a much later flight. But I'm suppose to be meeting someone when I get in today."

And there it was. The real reason Geoff was so much more nervous about this flight. Casual conversation with a stranger forcing Geoff to acknowledge the reasons for his apprehension.


It had all been a mistake. A slip of the tongue. Or in this case, a slip of the fingers since the conversation had actually been over instant messenger. Geoff still couldn't believe how he stumbled his way into agreeing to meet Adam on this trip. Especially since it was something he had promised himself he would never do. Meet in person one of the people who emailed him about the stories he wrote and published on the web. It just wasn't like him.

Geoff was an amateur author - in his mind way amateur - of those stories commonly found on sites people never admitted to in public that they visited. Not that Geoff wrote the blatantly pornographic stories that seemed to make up the bulk of such sites. Geoff strove to make his stories more about relationships and to give his characters depth. He tried to make his stories realistic and not just stroke material. Geoff wanted his readers to believe in his characters, his plots. And more than anything he wanted to show his characters as just average people and not the stereotypes that seemed to populate gay fiction. Geoff was never really sure how well he accomplished those goals, but over the coarse of a couple years he had picked up a small group of readers who seemed to enjoy his work.

Geoff had never dreamed he would one day be writing gay fiction, let alone any kind of story people would read for pleasure. The entire thing had actually started out as a small bet with a good friend one day when they were discussing web based fiction. Geoff had joked that an inebriated monkey could do a better job of writing than most of the people who posted the stories. Later, after a couple more drinks, Geoff had even claimed that he could write better, a claim his friend quickly took him up on knowing how reserved and shy Geoff was.

A few days later, after Geoff had endured enough heckling from his friend to motivate him to fulfil his bet, Geoff sat down at his computer and decided to write a story based on relationships instead of just sex. And surprisingly he found he kind of enjoyed writing. What surprised him even more was others enjoyed his story too. His friend had posted the story on a fairly popular website and within hours Geoff had received a dozen emails complimenting him on the story and asking for more. And everyday after Geoff received a few more emails praising his work. Eventually all the feedback motivated Geoff to write a second story and it received even more notice than the first. Early on Geoff was prompted by several of the people who emailed him to set up a Yahoo Group for his stories and to serve as a means to notify everyone when he posted a new one. When Geoff finally did set up the Group he was surprised by how many people actually joined and by how the Group seemed to take on a life for discussions of anything and everything. Astonishing himself, Geoff even found himself exchanging frequent emails with several of the members on a regular basis.

Inevitably perhaps, eventually some of those core members asked Geoff about using IM to chat. Hesitant at first, Geoff decided to try as long as he made himself follow a couple of rules. Namely, not revealing his true identity, no webcam or even giving his picture out, and definitely not agreeing to meet in real life. It wasn't that he was overly concerned with safety, but more of a shyness thing. And for the most part those rules were easy for him to keep.

But then there was Adam.

>From the first, Geoff had felt something different with Adam. Even the first email they exchanged had seemed different somehow. Although Adam like others had expressed an appreciation for the story, the email seemed more like a continuation of a conversation with an old friend. Adam's emails somehow seemed relaxed and that was different than what Geoff was used to. That casual, easy going conversational way Adam had of expressing himself had Geoff unconsciously lowering those barriers he typically hid behind. And that both drew Geoff in and terrified him at the same time. In only a few days Geoff found himself agreeing to exchange IM addresses with Adam. And that opened whole new avenues of confusion to Geoff's world.

Chatting with Adam soon became a staple in Geoff's day and soon not a day went by where they didn't spend a significant amount of time online with each other. Conversing with Adam was easier and more relaxing than just about any other Geoff had ever experienced even in day to day life. And before he knew it, Geoff found himself relaxing a few of those rules he had made. Geoff let Adam know his real name and not the online persona he went by with others and even exchanged a few pictures of himself with Adam. And it wasn't long before Geoff realized he was very close to falling for Adam in a big way. And that just confused the hell out of Geoff. How could he be falling for someone he had never met in the real world?

Confused or not, Geoff couldn't seem to draw back from Adam. The more they talked, the more Geoff wanted to share with Adam. And the more they shared, the deeper Geoff felt himself drawn. Until finally, just a few days prior, Geoff unintentionally set up circumstances where he would break his final rule. The ultimate protection of his shyness rule. That no meeting in real life rule.

Geoff still couldn't believe he'd been so careless. Stupid might be the better word. He had been chatting with Adam, their conversation as usual jumping from topic to topic without plan or form, when Adam mentioned he thought he might go visit the aquarium over the weekend. Geoff knew Adam was referring to Shedd's Aquarium since Adam lived fairly close and without thinking Geoff mentioned he'd be in the general area on Friday speaking at a conference. As soon as Geoff hit the enter key he knew he'd made a mistake.

After a few moments of screen silence, moments that seemed like centuries, Adam typed back. Since you will be in the area do you want to maybe grab a drink or bite or something?

Geoff wasn't sure how to answer. All of his instincts were to avoid any such meeting. But at the same time he felt such a real attraction to Adam he wasn't sure he could give up a chance to meet him. And yet, what if such a meeting screwed up what they had? Their conversations, relationship even, was special to Geoff and he knew it would hurt like hell if something happened to end it. And after such a long pause before replying he wondered if Adam really wanted to meet face to face. Was he just being polite? Had he felt compelled to extend the invite? Or did he really want to meet? Did he feel the same attraction?

The internal debate went back and forth literally freezing Geoff in indecision. Pros and cons were considered and weighed in his mind pushing him back and forth. The moment stretched into several and Geoff still hadn't replied.

You still there? Adam finally typed in breaking into Geoff's agonized internal debate.

I don't know. Geoff finally typed back. It will be a little weird to actually meet don't ya think?

Yeah, a little. Adam responded with a wink. But I think it would be pretty cool too. I've kinda been thinking about it for awhile truthfully. Seems like I have known you forever.

Geoff was beginning to feel a little trapped and overwhelmed. But Adam had said he wanted to meet him too. And that was exciting and intriguing and frightening all rolled up in one. Impulse finally took over.

Ok. But someplace quiet ok? Geoff typed quickly before he chickened out. I'm going to be nervous enough as it is.

Adam sent another wink back in reply. We'll keep it simple. I know a great little Italian place that is very relaxed and has great food. One bite of their lasagna and you'll swear you are in heaven.

Geoff couldn't believe what he was doing as he found himself setting up plans to finally meet Adam. He even found himself agreeing to fly in early and to extend his stay over the weekend so he could maybe go with Adam to the Aquarium. It was almost like he was in the background watching a stranger setting up all these impulsive plans. And now he was on a plane watching it descend towards the runway and the destiny his impulses had brought on him.

"Oh Hell," Geoff muttered as the plane touched down forcing his thoughts back to the present and forgetting that Betty was next to him. Geoff's grip on the armrests became so tight his knuckles began to turn white.

"It's all over now Honey," Betty murmured to him confidentially, totally misunderstanding Geoff's exclamation. "Just the short taxi to the terminal is all. You did just fine."

Geoff smiled thinly at her, not trusting himself to reply. He shook his head briefly at her in thanks for her comfort, even though it was useless and for the wrong problem.

As the plane came to a stop and the doors opened Geoff peeled his hands away from the armrest surprised he didn't pull the fabric away too. Geoff stood, stretching slightly, and jostled with the rest of the passengers to grab their carryon bags and make their exit. The butterflies in his stomach were beginning to morph into something a little larger and fiercer as he drew closer to the end of the corridor. Geoff briefly wondered how those butterflies transformed into pterodactyls - hungry and angry ones at that. Stepping out into the main terminal, Geoff was briefly overwhelmed by the flood of humanity stretching before him.

And then, his eyes met Adam's.


Geoff recognized Adam instantly. They had exchanged a few photographs in past conversations. But those small pieces of digital color hadn't done justice by half with how Adam looked in reality. Not that Adam possessed drop dead looks. No, Adam was actually fairly ordinary truthfully but still good looking. A little over six foot with brown hair cut in a fairly short style, Adam possessed a body frame of someone who was conscious of physical fitness but not a fanatic.

It wasn't his looks that made Adam so distinctive to Geoff, although Adam was certainly attractive enough. It was Adam's presence that captured Geoff's attention. Adam's eyes seemed to nearly sparkle with his inner energy and the smile on his face, sporting just the hint of dimples, was bright enough to put the sun to shame. Energy just seemed to flow from him and it mesmerized Geoff, catching him in his tracks and causing him to gulp.

"Geoff!" Adam called loudly catching sight of him and rushing forward grinning from ear to ear. "You made it! It's so good to see you."

Geoff gulped again as he felt a charge of energy rush through his body that seemed to settle in his dick and balls. It had been a long time since someone's mere presence had been enough to cause these kind of reactions in him and Geoff fervently hoped he wouldn't embarrass himself.

"Yeah, it's good to see you too," Geoff answered extending his hand to shake with Adam. Adam however simply pushed his hand to the side and grabbed Geoff in a warm embrace. Geoff felt another rush of electricity go through him and began to worry about the impending possibility of sprouting wood. Or more correctly, more obviously sprouting wood. But Damn! Even Adam's scent was intoxicating.

Adam broke the embrace after a few minutes, pulling back and grinning in a way that nearly turned Geoff's knees into jelly. "Was the flight really horrible?" Adam asked knowing Geoff's hatred of flying. Adam started to lead Geoff through the terminal, weaving their way around the hordes of people scurrying about.

"Uh," Geoff tried to answer. "I, uh, guess it wasn't any worse than usual," Geoff finally answered a little lamely. Damn! Geoff thought to himself. He really had to get a grip on himself before he made a fool of himself. Geoff shook his head slightly, trying to focus his thoughts and pull his scrambled brains back to the present, thankful that Adam didn't seem to notice.

"I'll take you to your hotel so you can check in and stow your bags," Adam continued. "If we can ever get to the parking lot that is. God! I hate O'Hare!" Adam grumped.

Geoff smiled a little to himself at what had to be the thought of everyone who had ever found themselves in that most frustrating of airports. Adam caught the smile and grinned a little sheepishly back at him. "Well, I do," he said a little defensively. "Fucking place is a zoo designed by sadists on a bender."

Geoff couldn't help himself and started laughing pretty hard. Adam had a way of expressing himself that always amused Geoff to no end. And being able to hear the way his voice inflected his ironic and sarcastic comments was even better and more amusing than reading those comments. And his voice! Man, Geoff thought to himself. Even Adam's voice seemed to ooze sex appeal. Geoff knew he was going to have a constant struggle with himself to keep from getting lost in Adam's presence.

"Finally!" Adam said as they made their way to the parking lot and his waiting vehicle. The annoyance in his voice made Geoff smile again as he continued to follow Adam into the sea of vehicles. "Your hotel is only about fifteen minutes away from here. Did you want to go straight there?"

"I probably should," Geoff answered throwing his bag in the backseat and getting in. "Get checked in and make sure they kept my reservation. And I should probably check my voice mail at the office too." Geoff watched Adam out of the corner of his eye trying to keep him from noticing his scrutiny. "Shouldn't take too long though. Everyone at the office has been threatened with great bodily harm if they pester me while I'm up here."

Adam laughed as he pulled into the main stream of traffic. "It's kinda hard to imagine you making those kind of threats. Or at least anyone taking you seriously over them."

Geoff grinned. "Don't be deceived by my mild mannered alter ego!" he answered getting another chuckle out of Adam. "But you're right. It was my boss who threatened everyone with personal injury. And she can be a holy terror so I think everyone took her seriously."

Adam looked over briefly at Geoff grinning. "So your boss is playing mamma bear protector huh?"

Geoff chuckled along with Adam. "Something like that. Mainly she wants me to relax a little. She knows I hate flying and she really appreciates that I do these stupid talks. Gives the company a bit of good PR. It's why she let me come up early today and extend the trip over the weekend."

"Way different than my boss then," Adam joked. "He'd throw heavy blunt objects at me if I asked to leave early." Adam started laughing. "Actually he'd throw heavy sharp objects hoping to do more damage! The man could terrorize demons."

Geoff smiled at Adam's jokes and continued to listen as Adam laid it on thick and heavy about the horrors of his boss and general working conditions. He knew that Adam was only joking and that he actually loved his job, although Adam had admitted in their previous chats his boss was a bit of a jerk. The man had a chip on his shoulder and felt threatened by Adam's abilities. And worse, he was a bit of a closet homophobe to boot and Adam was openly out at work. Luckily the senior managers all loved Adams work and let his boss know in none to subtle ways that his attitude wouldn't be tolerated.

Almost before he knew it Adam was turning into the parking lot of Geoff's hotel. Geoff had been so totally enthralled listening to Adam that he hadn't even noticed how much time had passed. Once again Geoff shook his head making a mental note that he had to watch it. He knew he was getting in over his head with Adam, but it was getting harder and harder to give credence to his worries.

Adam followed Geoff into the lobby of the hotel and made a little small talk while Geoff went through the process of checking in. Adam kept up his almost constant stream of sarcastic comments about his boss and job, even managing to get the hotel staff laughing at several points. Finally the clerk handed Geoff his card key and the two headed towards the elevators.

Walking into the room, Geoff threw his bag on one of the two beds and proceeded to turn on a couple of the desk lamps while Adam went to the window to check out the view. "At least you get a fairly decent room," Adam commented. "And your view is pretty decent too, if it wasn't misting that is. I always seem to get the dog house special whenever I travel," Adam joked.

Geoff laughed as he sat down at the desk and pulled out a pen and pad of paper. He quickly dialed his office, punching in his security code and pulled up his message queue getting ready to take notes. Adam watched as Geoff sat listening to the phone, a smile forming on Geoff's face. After a minute or so, Geoff laughed and hung up the phone.

"My boss knows me too well," Geoff offered as an explanation. "That was her in my voicemail telling me to get off the phone and stop checking my messages. She went on to tell me that she was going to beat me if I called back again before the end of the weekend."

Adam grinned back at Geoff. "I think that means you are free for the rest of the day mister. And other than your conference tomorrow I'm thinking you have a pass on the rest of the weekend too."

"Looks like," Geoff answered smiling. "I definitely don't want Liz beating the shit out of me when I get back in the office. She may be tiny, but she can be a feisty little terror. So what should we do?"

Adam grinned again at the mental image Geoff painted. "Well, if it wasn't spitting rain out there I'd say we go to the Pier or the beach. We still could if you want but it might be nicer just to go hang out in a bar or something."

"Sounds fine to me," Geoff answered. "I've always liked visiting the Lake, but I don't think I really want to get all wet just to see the waves. Do you have someplace in mind?"

"It's a little early for supper, " Adam answered after a moments thought, "but the place I was going to take you also is a bar and is pretty nice place to just sit back and have a couple drinks and relax. They have several big screens placed strategically and the staff doesn't mind if people just hang out. One of the reasons I like the place so much is how friendly they all are."

"Well lead on my trusty guide!" Geoff joked getting a grin out of Adam. "A couple beers sounds pretty good right now. And I've been looking forward to this heavenly lasagna since you told me about it."

"Go this way Kimosabe!" Adam answered playfully heading towards the door. "Hope you don't mind if I make a stop by my place on the way though. I came to pick you up at the airport straight from the office and I need to get out of these and into some old comfy jeans," Adam said pointing towards his dress pants.

"Seems fair to me," Geoff answered jokingly. "I don't want my guide to become lost 'cause he was distracted by his uncomfortable pants!" Geoff had to admit to himself that he was a little curious to see Adam's home anyway so this seemed perfect.

The ride to Adam's house only took a few minutes and along the way Adam pointed out a few sites. For the most part they were all things that Geoff already had visited or experienced since he was a frequent visitor to Chicago, but he enjoyed listening to Adam talk and didn't bother mentioning it. There was no question in Geoff's mind that Adam's voice was just one of the more attractive qualities that Adam possessed.

As he pulled into a drive and got out of the car Adam turned to Geoff. "C'mon in and make yourself at home," Adam said grinning at Geoff. "I won't be but a minute or two changing and then we can head out." Adam pushed open the front door and held it for Geoff to enter. "Take a seat and make yourself at home," Adam called pointing towards a comfortable looking couch as he started down the hall.

Geoff wandered into the living room noting curiously some of the various items Adam had left strewn about. Adam had left several paperbacks laying on the coffee table as well as a few CD's. Picking up one of the novels Geoff started smiling realizing it was one in a series that he had suggested Adam read. Looking at the rest of the books he realized that Adam had read the entire series.

Geoff walked over towards the computer desk that also shared the room. Adam had put up a couple of pictures on the desk of what were obviously friends at various events enjoying themselves. Several included an attractive red headed woman that looked to be very close to Adam and Geoff picked one up to get a closer look. Then Geoff spied a frame that displayed digital pictures mixed in with the others and realized the pictures included were of him. Geoff smiled again as he realized that Adam was including him in with others in his real life that were important to him.

"That's Kim," Adam's voice said from behind him making Geoff turn around to see Adam's smiling face. "She's probably one of my closest friends. Definitely my oldest friend since I've known her since we were like in diapers I think," Adam said chuckling.

"She looks like she'd be good friend," Geoff answered putting the picture back on the desk.

"Oh she is," Adam answered laughing. "She is also sweet and major pain in the ass. She can be bossy and sticks her nose in everywhere and she revels in being a stereotypical fag hag. Not that she is serious about that - she does it mainly to irritate the living hell out of me."

Geoff started laughing along with Adam. "That's what good friends are for isn't it? To annoy us till we want to strangle them."

Adam shook his head agreeing with Geoff. "That would be Kim!" The two looked at each other for a few seconds and then busted out laughing again. "You ready to go? I think you will really like this place."

"Sure," Geoff said agreeing with him. "Let's go. I think I need to hear more about this Kim person and all the embarrassing stories she has on you. And I think that needs to have a beer for lubrication!"

Laughing, Adam led Geoff out and jumped in the waiting car. He pulled back onto the street and started regaling Geoff with several of his misadventures with Kim. Geoff was fascinated and listened raptly as Adam continued spinning his tales. In the back of his mind Geoff knew he had lost himself again in Adam's presence but he decided not to worry about it.

Almost before he knew it Geoff saw they were pulling into the parking lot of what seemed a fairly large restaurant. "You sure this place is quiet?" Geoff asked a little nervously, apprehension and shyness making their way forward once again.

"Yeah, it's great," Adam answered bouncing out of the car. "Even when they are packed you don't notice it. The way the place is set up you almost feel like you are the only one there. Don't ask me how they do it since it seems really open, but the tables and booths are really private. Kim says they use the Cone of Silence."

Geoff chuckled and followed Adam into the building. A waiter quickly appeared and took them to a booth, taking their drink order before he left. Geoff looked around, noting that even though it was still a few hours before most people would think about ordering supper the place was still about half full. Obviously the place was popular, but true to Adam's word he couldn't hear any of the surrounding customer's conversations. A faint buzz was the most he could make out.

Geoff felt himself relaxing as he and Adam continued to talk. Adam told him a few more of the stories of his misadventures with Kim and quietly probed for a few stories of Geoff and his friends. Geoff found himself telling Adam some of the more infamous misdeeds he and his college crew had committed and surprised himself that he didn't feel self conscious talking about himself. From there their conversation ranged from their jobs and co-workers to current events to the latest books or movies they had enjoyed. Supper was ordered and eaten as almost an afterthought, although Geoff did admit to Adam that he had been right and the lasagna was the best he had ever had.

And then somehow time seemed to jump and they both realized that the wait staff was cleaning up around them. All but the latest few stragglers had already left and Geoff realized it was after eleven and he had to get up early the next day for his conference. "Oh man!" Geoff exclaimed looking at his watch. "This has been so much fun that I don't want it to end, but I suppose I better at least pretend to go to sleep before I have to go to the conference tomorrow."

Adam also glanced at his watch, a little amazed at how much time had sped by. "I'm sorry," he apologized to Geoff. "I didn't realize how long we had been here. Guess I was having too much fun hearing about your hellion days!"

Geoff smiled as they stood to go. "Don't apologize. I had at least as much fun as you," Geoff answered following Adam out to the car and nodding his gratitude to the waitress who had ended up serving them for the night..

"Good!" Adam responded quickly. "That means you'll let me take you out to supper again tomorrow. It will be your chance to meet Kim - she's dying to meet you by the way. You can see for yourself how noble I am for putting up with her."

Geoff laughed again at Adam's joke. "I'd love to," Geoff replied. "I should get back to the hotel sometime around six or so, so just give me a chance to wash up before you plan anything."

"That should work out perfect.," Adam said. "Kim has to work tomorrow too so the timing thing should be fine."

"How should I dress?" Geoff asked as they pulled into the hotel parking lot. The drive back to Geoff's hotel went by quickly since the traffic had thinned considerably and Geoff was surprised at how quickly they made it back.

"Definitely casual," Adam replied with a grin. "I don't do the dress up thing on the start of the weekend unless I just have to." Adam laughed. "I will admit that I don't know where we will be going truthfully. Kim hasn't declared what she is hungry for yet and it's best not to anger the beast when she is hungry. I'll pick you up around seven?"

Geoff laughed again. "Well, anything should be good. I'll see you around seven then." Geoff wasn't sure how to end the night gracefully. He wanted to kiss Adam, but wasn't sure that was appropriate not to mention his shyness was beginning to rear it's ugly head again freezing him in indecision. Luckily Adam reached over and pulled Geoff in a warm embrace, holding it for a few seconds.

"Sleep well Geoff," Adam said as he finally released him. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"You too Adam," Geoff said, smiling as he got out of the car. For a moment Geoff had thought Adam was going to kiss him, but Geoff felt Adam was hesitating not sure what to do either. Although it might have been a little disappointing to miss the kiss, Geoff still felt very good thinking Adam must feel at least a little of what he was feeling. Walking into the hotel and towards the elevator Geoff felt his body tingling with the memory of Adam's embrace and knew it was going to take him a long time to go to sleep.


Adam had no sooner entered his house than his cell phone started ringing. Glancing down at it he saw that it was best friend Kim calling checking up on him. Adam had known Kim since they were in grade school and there was nothing the two of them didn't know about the other.

"Yes mom I'm home," Adam said answering his phone. Grinning, Adam continued towards his bedroom and the welcoming bed to sprawl out on. He knew Kim would want a play by play of the day and his visit with Geoff and he fully intended to be comfortable.

"Bitch!" Kim answered back laughing. "I just wanted to see how things went."

Adam smiled as he stretched out on his bed, sighing in contentment. "It was," Adam paused for a few seconds and then finally finished, "really good."

"Spill it!" Kim growled from the other end of the line. "That was way too vague to be an answer."

Adam laughed at the sound of Kim's frustration. "Ahhh you love it and you know it," Adam answered. "But really, it was good. Geoff is, oh man," Adam paused trying to figure out how to finish. "He fits," Adam finally finished knowing Kim would figure out what he meant. "He's just so totally comfortable."

"Like an old, favorite pair of jeans?" Kim drawled.

"Yeah," Adam answered a little dreamily. "That's actually a pretty good description." Adam stretched again, sighing into the phone. "He's funny after you get him talking. And the shyness thing is adorable. And he is so freaking kind and polite. I think the waitresses were all ready to tip him instead of the other way around." Adam grinned a little wickedly. "And Damn! He's fucking hot! And he doesn't even know it. He has no clue just how good looking he is and that just makes him that much hotter."

Kim started laughing. "So you gonna have to do laundry to get the wet spot out of your pants?"

"Bitch!" Adam laughed back.

"Your dick tear through your underwear yet? Your voice is getting a little higher, must be getting pretty cramped in there," Kim continued teasing mercilessly.

"Are you sure you're not a sailor?" Adam grumped back.

"No, if I was one of those sailor boys you'd have already slept with me by now," Kim laughed. "Or at least blown me," she finished.

Adam growled into the phone. "I'm not having this discussion!" Adam replied testily. "Get off the line so I can go to bed Kim."

"I think you mean so you can jerk off to thoughts of your dream boat," Kim continued to tease earning another growl from Adam. "But I'm glad you had a good time," Kim continued seriously. "Nite Adam. I'll call you tomorrow so we can plan our dinner."

"Nite Kimmy," Adam answered. "Love ya!"


Geoff's day had been a study in minor irritations from the moment he woke up. The alarm clock in his room failed to go off and it was only by chance that he woke in time to get ready. Looking at it briefly before he left he saw that the former occupant of the room had set the alarm to play music and then had turned the volume so low it couldn't be heard. At the conference it seemed all the equipment had been possessed by poltergeists making all of the presentations run late. And then Geoff couldn't find his notes on his presentation and had to wing it. Luckily he had given this particular talk many times before and could have done it in his sleep. Which was fortunate since Geoff was having a hard time concentrating.

Geoff's sleep had been visited with visions of Adam and while pleasant, had not really lent themselves to a restful night. All day his mind kept wandering back to the previous evening and just how much he had enjoyed spending time with Adam. And ultimately his tired brain relived that final hug Adam had given him as he was saying goodnight. The more Geoff thought about that moment the more sure he was that Adam had been inches away from kissing him. And those thoughts simply scattered the rest of Geoff's concentration.

Geoff walked into his room, glancing at the clock and realizing he would need to hustle if he wanted to grab a shower and change before Adam arrived. In fact he wasn't really sure he had the time, but Geoff knew he needed a quick shower to refresh his tired brain. He was also hoping that the warm water would help him relax since he was beginning to get more than a little nervous about meeting Kim. Geoff knew from Adam's descriptions that Kim had to be nice enough, but he couldn't help shaking the feeling of being on inspection since Kim was Adam's closest and oldest friend.

Geoff had no more stripped off his clothes and laid out what he planned on wearing that evening when he heard a knock on the door and Adam's voice calling his name. Swearing quietly at the way his day was running, Geoff quickly wrapped a towel around his waist and opened the door.

"Well, I know I told you casual but I'm not sure a towel will really fit in with any of the places Kim will pick out," Adam teased as he stepped in the room. "Although if Kim gets a look at you she'll probably try and find a place that will work."

Geoff blushed at Adam's teasing and even more at being half-naked in front of him. "I'm sorry," Geoff quickly apologized blushing even more. "I've been running late the entire day and it's been fiiled with all kinds of minor disasters. It won't take me but ten minutes to get ready."

Adam grinned, flashing Geoff his dimples as he took a seat in one of the chairs. "Take your time," Adam answered. "We don't have reservations or anything and this will give Kim time so she won't be quite so late too. I'll just sit and enjoy this room with a view," Adam said smiling mischievously, not even pretending to look out the window and practically leering at Geoff making him blush even more.

Geoff stammered a little not really knowing how to reply and finally gave up and grabbed his clothes to head towards the bathroom. Adam's flirting sent flights of butterflies fluttering through his stomach and made him all jittery and Geoff knew he needed to calm back down. Geoff could admit to himself that it felt pretty good having Adam flirt with him so blatantly, but it was also nerve wracking at the same time.

Geoff turned the water on as hot as he could stand and soon thick clouds of steam were filling the bathroom. The hot water streaming over his body definitely helped loosed the muscles he hadn't even known were tensed and Geoff lingered for a few minutes enjoying the relaxing feeling. Taking a deep breath that also helped calm him down, Geoff turned off the water and quickly dressed and combed his hair into a semblance of order.

Geoff opened the door, stepping out of the still steamy room to find Adam grinning at him. "Damn, you decided to dress after all," Adam teased a little as he stood up. "I was hoping that your room's view got even better the longer I sat here."

Geoff blushed again, ducking his head in confused pleasure, looking a little like a school boy. "Uhm..." Geoff started to stammer, not knowing how to answer.

Adam chuckled again, secretly delighting in just how cute Geoff looked when he was embarrassed. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't tease you so much," Adam apologized, sounding only partly sincere. "You're just so damn cute when you blush I can't help myself! But I'll be good." Adam paused grinning and flashing his dimples once again. "Well, sorta anyway!" Adam laughed.

Geoff looked up from the floor, his cheeks still a little red, and started laughing along with Adam. "All right, so I'm an easy target," Geoff said smiling at Adam. "Be nice to me!"

Adam laughed as he led the way out of the room towards his car. "I'll be nice," Adam agreed as they went. "But I'm positively tame compared to Kim. She's going to love you by the way so you don't have to be so nervous," Adam said knowing that Geoff had to be getting antsy over the upcoming meeting.

Geoff flashed Adam a nervous, weak grin as he got into the car. Adam drove the short distance to Kim's house, asking questions about Geoff's day and getting the story of all the things that went wrong. Geoff felt himself relaxing a little as he told Adam about his day and he silently pushed his apprehensions about meeting Kim to the background.

As Adam pulled into a driveway Geoff assumed was Kim's, he saw the woman from the pictures coming out the front door. As Kim walked towards them Geoff once again felt those butterflies take flight in his belly. He was really hoping to make a good impression with Kim since he knew how close she was to Adam but he was worried his shy streak would keep him tongue tied all evening. And Adam's joking descriptions of his friend didn't really help the situation either.

"Damn!" Adam exclaimed as Kim got in the car. "Mark the day in the calendars! Kim is actually on time and was waiting on us!" Adam grinned impishly at Kim, ducking slightly as Kim reached up to lightly slap the back of his head.

"Shut up gay boy," Kim retorted, waiving a hand in dismissive disdain at Adam. "I'm Kim by the way," Kim said focusing on Geoff. "And all the shit he has told you about me is a big fat lie. I'm actually very nice," Kim said smiling.

"Whoops," Adam laughed back. "Sorry Geoff, we must have picked up the wrong person!" Adam said earning another slap to the back of the head. "Where have you decided we should eat," Adam asked without missing a beat and ignoring Kim's slap.

"I'm thinking Italian," Kim answered. "Definitely Giordano's is in order. You do like Italian don't you Geoff?"

"Uh, yeah...." Geoff started to answer, a little bewildered by the inner play between Adam and Kim.

Breaking in, Adam exclaimed in a disgusted voice, "You always want to go to Giordano's! And Geoff and I had Italian last night. That's a long ass haul just so you can drool over the waiter." Adam glanced over at Geoff grinning mischievously once again. "That's the real reason she wants to go there. She DOES want to eat Italian, but the food is the last thing on her mind."

"Puuuleeeze!" Kim protested, drawing out the word for emphasis. "Just 'cause your mind is always in the gutter doesn't mean the rest of us have to wade in the sewers with you," Kim said with an airy toss of her head. "He is awfully cute though," she finished after a couple seconds pause, grinning. "We don't have to go there if you don't want. Geoff, what are you hungry for?"

"My aren't we polite?" Adam teased gaining another slap to the back of his head.

"Anything, really," Geoff answered, his head still spinning with the rapid back and forth between the two. "I don't mind having Italian again."

"You are soooo much nicer than him," Kim said to Geoff, crinkling her nose up at Adam. "I think I'm going to keep you and ditch him," she continued to Geoff. Then she turned looking smugly at Adam. "You're outvoted," she grinned in triumph. "Giordano's it is!"

Adam stuck his tongue out at Kim spitefully and then started laughing. "It's fine with me," he answered. "You know I love their food." Adam glanced at Geoff again. "You gotta try their deep dish pizza Geoff! It's the best!"

"Oh yeah!" Kim agreed. "Let's get a large and share!"

Geoff smiled, shaking his head a little at the two of them. "Sounds good to me," he answered smiling.

"Oh I love this song," Kim exclaimed almost before Geoff had finished speaking. She reached over turning the radio up slightly so she could hear it better. "Don't you just think the singer - what's his name again Adam?" Kim asked turning briefly towards Adam and then turned back to Geoff again without waiting for an answer. "Anyway, whatever his name is, don't you just think he's GORGEOUS?"

"Oh Lord!" Adam muttered. "Here we go again."

"Shut up gay boy," Kim retorted once again without even looking at him. "You think he's cute too." Kim grinned evilly at Geoff. "Although Adam thought he looked better when he had blond hair. Adam has a thing for blond guys," Kim said conspiratorially, looking meaningfully at Geoff's own blond hair. Adam started coughing and choking, taken off guard by Kim's comments and Geoff started blushing furiously.

Kim started laughing with delight. "WOW!" she practically shouted. "Two with one shot! I'm on fire tonight!"

"You can always walk from here you know," Adam growled at her, more than a little embarrassed. "Thank God we're here and you can concentrate on the waiter instead of us," Adam groused as he pulled into a nearly full parking lot.

"I'm sorry," Kim answered, not sounding the least bit sorry. She looked around the parking lot and finally pointed out an empty spot to Adam. "They don't seem very busy tonight," she said completely seriously, surprising Geoff since it seemed packed to him.

"Yeah, lucky we got here before they did fill up," Adam agreed with her. Turning to Geoff, Adam explained, "They have really great food so they are always packed. I can never decide if I like this place or the place we went last night better."

"This place," Kim told him getting out of the car. "The waiter is cuter," she said grinning.

Geoff cocked his head slightly, looking shyly at both of them out of the corner of his eyes. "But the waiter last night had blond hair..."

Kim busted out laughing as Adam blushed a little. "Ohhhhh! Geoffy can play too!" Kim said happily. "You can be on my team and we'll pick on Adam all night," Kim said wrapping her arm in Geoff's leading him towards the restaurant door. Grumbling a little, Adam followed behind them giving Kim the evil eye the entire way, which she blithely ignored.

In spite of being so busy, the waitress was able to seat them immediately and Geoff found himself being pulled into the booth to sit next to Kim. "You sit next to me so we can whisper about Adam," Kim said to Geoff smiling spitefully at Adam. "I'll tell you all his secrets. Like how when he was still in college he used to wear one of those skimpy Speedo things to the beach to try and pick up guys." Kim paused for a few seconds. "It never seemed to work though," she finished laughing evilly.

Adam shook his head rolling his eyes. "I wore one once," he explained to Geoff in a disgusted voice. Then Adam smiled. "That was back when I was still young and stupid and had the body to wear one of those things. I thought it was a good idea at the time."

Geoff laughed along with both of them but couldn't help thinking that Adam still had a body that would look good in pretty much anything. He was tempted to say so, but at the last moment he chickened out figuring Kim would pounce on it and make him blush.

"What do you like on your pizza?" Adam asked handing Geoff a menu. "Their stuffed pizza really is the best, but all of their other dishes are fantastic too if you don't feel like pizza."

"No, pizza sounds really good," Geoff answered, looking with interest at the menu anyway. "But pretty much everything in this menu sounds great. Italian food is probably my favorite."

"You share that with Adam," Kim piped in. "He'd eat it every day if I didn't make him go to a few other places. I know Adam wants sausage and onion, but he'll eat anything on pizza."

Geoff looked up grinning a little shyly. "That's my favorite too," he said. "But I'll eat anything on pizza too." Geoff paused for a second. "Well, except anchovies," he said crinkling his nose in disgust.

"Ohh, no," Kim agreed quickly. "No hairy fish for me, thanks. We'll get sausage and onion to make you two boys happy."

Almost as if on cue, an attractive, college age waiter appeared and Kim immediately started flirting outrageously with him. Geoff had a hard time suppressing his laughter as Kim practically started purring at the young man while she placed their order. Geoff looked over at Adam to find him grinning openly at Kim's antics and nearly busted out laughing again.

As the waiter left, Adam looked at Kim, arching his eyebrows at her. "Subtle Kim. Real Subtle." He said in a voice that dripped sarcasm.

"Oh shut up Gay Boy!" Kim snapped back at him, tossing her hair a little. "He's interested. I know he is. He always waits on us and he always pays very special attention to me."

"Maybe that's because you all but do a striptease for him when he comes to our table," Adam retorted laughing at her. "And he always pays special attention to you because you never give me a chance to talk when he's around."

"You aren't interested in him any more anyway," Kim answered chuckling. "You like blondes, like Geoff, remember?" All three of them started laughing at what was quickly becoming an old, shared joke.

Geoff decided now was the perfect time to excuse himself to make quick use of the facilities before their meal arrived. Adam pointed out where they were and then followed him with his eyes till he was out of sight. After losing sight of Geoff, Adam turned back to find Kim grinning at him in open amusement.

"What?" Adam asked a little indignantly.

"I do believe you are smitten sir!" Kim answered, using her best, fake southern belle accent.

"What are you talking about?" Adam replied defensively, frowning at her.

"Oh please!" Kim answered rolling her eyes at him. "You've only been staring at him all night like a kitten with a new catnip toy that's just out of reach."

"I have not!" Adam denied, his voice getting a little louder. Adam looked around in embarrassment as he realized he was getting louder. "Have I?" Adam asked after a couple seconds pause.

Kim smiled at him. "Yes, you have and I think it's cute," she answered making Adam blush slightly. "Don't worry about it though. He's just as smitten with you."

Adam blushed again. "I hope so," he said to Kim smiling. "I really like him!"

Kim rolled her eyes at him teasingly. "Really?" she said sarcastically. "The two of you are like a couple of love sick puppies. I think you are going to make all the rest of us in here nauseous." She continued to tease. "I think he's really great Adam," Kim continued seriously. "He seems a little shy though. And a little nervous and hesitant."

"I know," Adam answered, his expression turning thoughtful. "From all of our past conversations I've gathered Geoff doesn't socialize much anymore."

"Anymore?" Kim questioned curiously.

"Geoff doesn't talk about it much but he used to be involved with another guy," Adam explained. "I don't know much about it though - Geoff changes the subject pretty quickly whenever it comes up. I get the feeling that something happened and it hurt Geoff pretty bad. Enough so that he has a hard time interacting with people."

"Oh, that's too bad," Kim said sympathetically. "He's way too sweet for something awful to have happened to him."

"Yeah, he is," Adam agreed. "I'm glad you like him though. He was really nervous about meeting you."

"Little ol' me?" Kim said, again dropping back into her southern belle voice. "Why, I do declare, I'm just the sweetest little thing ever!"

Adam laughed at her. "Only when you aren't being bitchy that is!"

"I'm a first class bitch, thank you very much," Kim replied promptly and primly making Adam laughed.

Geoff had just arrived back at the table in time to hear Kim's comment and looked at both of them a little strangely. "Do I even want to know what that conversation was about?" he asked grinning at them.

"Just asserting all my wonderful traits," Kim answered smiling back at Geoff. The three of them started laughing again. "What do you two have planned for tomorrow?" Kim asked suddenly, jumping topics without warning.

"Geoff and I had talked about going to Shedd's tomorrow if he is still up for it," Adam replied, looking at Geoff for confirmation. Geoff nodded, smiling in agreement and Adam continued, "You are welcome to come along if you want."

"You and your fish!" Kim answered rolling her eyes theatrically. "I would, but I have to go in to work tomorrow and straighten out the mess Todd made, the bastard!" Kim shook her head in disgust. "Idiot screws up an account royally and then goes on vacation leaving me to fix it. And on the weekend too. I hope he breaks his leg," Kim finished spitefully getting a laugh from Adam and Geoff.

The conversation after that was quick and humor filled, pausing only when their order arrived and for Kim to flirt outrageously with the waiter. Once again, Geoff totally lost track of time as the evening seemed to fly by and he was surprised once again when he realized how late it was. The drive back to Kim's house to drop her off was quick and before he knew it Geoff found himself in the hotel parking lot with Adam once again.

"I'll pick you up around nine if that is ok," Adam asked Geoff firming up their plans for the next day.

"Sure," Geoff agreed. "That's fine." Geoff grinned at Adam continuing, "I'm getting used to having you play chauffeur!"

"Hmmm, I'll have to ask for a big tip I guess," Adam joked back in reply, grinning back at Geoff.

"I had a lot of fun tonight Adam," Geoff said, smiling. "Thanks for making my night so special."

Adam smiled warmly back at Geoff. "I did too Geoff." Adam reached over and pulled Geoff into a warm hug. "Have a good night and sleep well. I'll see you tomorrow."

"G'nite," Geoff replied reluctantly breaking the hug and getting out of the car. Geoff was quickly learning to love Adam's hugs and the sensations they made him feel. They played havoc with his senses, but Geoff found he was even enjoying that too. As he made it to his room and prepared to go to sleep, Geoff could only imagine what it would feel like to be kissed by Adam. And those thoughts followed him pleasantly into his dreams.


The next morning Geoff woke early feeling a little nervous and restless over the upcoming day's activities. He briefly thought about rolling over and trying to catch a few more minutes sleep but he knew deep down that it would be pointless. Geoff also realized that if he just lay there thinking about the visit to the aquarium he would only make himself more apprehensive. Grumbling quietly to himself, Geoff got out of bed preparing to meet the day boldly with the best face he could muster.

Deciding that a long, hot shower would at least help him wake up and possibly do a little to relax him, Geoff made his way sleepily to the shower. As much as he wanted to avoid it, he couldn't help thinking about the upcoming day and wondering if he should have agreed to the visit. It wasn't that he didn't want to see Adam and spend time with him. Getting a chance to spend some more time with Adam was about the only reason Geoff could think of for going on this outing. Rather Geoff wondered how he was going to react being inside of Shedd's again. He couldn't help wondering what emotions and memories the place was bound to bring up.

Geoff stepped under the hot spray, letting the steamy water wash over his body easing the kinks of sleeping on a bed that wasn't his own. The hot water was doing wonders of relaxing tensed muscles and Geoff leisured in the spray knowing he had time to spare. He smiled slightly as he imagined the warm droplets of water were each grabbing a little piece of his tension and washing it down the drain. If only those same droplets could grab his worries too.

Finally after he was starting to feel a little like a cooked lobster, Geoff stepped out of the shower and began drying himself. He smiled slightly as he caught his reflection in the mirror thinking back to the day before and Adam's teasing him about wearing just a towel. It felt good to think someone found him good looking enough to admire. And especially good since it was Adam.

Geoff took his time finishing up the rest of his morning ritual of combing, shaving and dressing. Even going at a snails pace he was going to have to find something to do to kill some time before Adam arrived to pick him up. The only things suggesting themselves to him being trapped in a hotel was to watch the morning news or go down to the lobby and grab the continental breakfast. Geoff wasn't much of a breakfast eater but decided that it was better than watching the news.

Taking his time, Geoff decided to take the steps down to the lobby. The staircase was enclosed in glass and gave a different view of the city than Geoff had from his room. Geoff paused for a few minutes on the landing taking advantage of the different vista to admire the view and watch the sun creep up and into view. From the look of the sky, the day promised to be an especially nice one weather wise and Geoff briefly thought about asking Adam to change their plans to go visit the beach instead. Geoff quickly abandoned that idea though since he knew how much Adam had been looking forward to visiting the aquarium.

Entering the lobby area Geoff saw the hotel staff was still in the process of setting out the various items for the offered breakfast. Geoff smiled at the clerk waiving off her apologies at not having it ready and explained that all he really wanted was just a glass of juice and maybe a bagel. The aroma of the brewing coffee was enticing but Geoff had always liked the smell of coffee better than the taste. Picking up a bagel and pouring himself a glass of orange juice, Geoff settled into one of the comfortable looking chairs and skimmed over the paper that was resting nearby.

Nothing in the paper really grabbed Geoff's attention and he found himself paying more attention to the various guests who made their way down to grab a bite as he finished off his own meal. Even though he was shy, Geoff liked to watch people imagining what their personalities or careers were from his observations. After a short time of people watching, Geoff decided he should wander back to his room and wait for Adam there. That decision was prompted more from the advent of an arguing couple and their screaming children than out of any real desire to see his room.

Geoff made it back to his room and took a seat in one of the chairs, flipping on the TV as an afterthought. Not really paying attention to what was on, Geoff sat looking out the window trying to keep himself from borrowing trouble over thinking about the past. He didn't want his troubles ruining Adam's experience at the aquarium and Geoff tried to come up with a way to push his memories to the background, or at least not let them show on his face. Shaking his head a little, Geoff sternly told himself to think about something else and to stop dwelling on the past.

After about fifteen minutes of watching the TV without really seeing it, Geoff heard Adam knocking on his door. Jumping up instantly, Geoff headed to the door gratefully to let Adam in. "Good Morning!" Geoff said smiling as he opened the door greeting Adam.

"G'morning!" Adam drawled, greeting Geoff happily. "Are you all set?" Adam asked more than a little eagerly, his enthusiasm shining through. "I'm a little early I guess."

"Anything to get to see the fishies quicker huh?" Geoff teased a little, smiling at Adam and getting a grin in return. "I'm set," Geoff said following Adam out the door. Adam was practically bouncing as he led the way to his car and Geoff couldn't help laughing at him. Adam was definitely channeling his inner little boy today.

It was only a short car trip to Shedd's and Adam was babbling excitedly the entire way. Geoff allowed himself to be swept up in Adam's boyish enthusiasm enjoying watching how excited his friend was. As they parked the car and made their way to the aquarium's entrance Geoff was beginning to wonder if he needed to get a leash for Adam he was so animated.

As soon as they entered the building Adam grabbed Geoff's hand practically dragging him to the central circular tank in the middle of the aquarium. "This is my favorite display," Adam said needlessly as he stared raptly at the sea creatures inside. "I love this place," Adam said in a quiet, happy voice glancing briefly at Geoff and flashing his dimples before turning back to stare at the tank.

After about thirty minutes of blissfully staring at the first display, Adam reluctantly tore himself away and led Geoff around the various other tanks pointing out his favorites. Geoff found that he was actually enjoying himself much to his surprise and only occasionally did one of the displays tug at his memories. Those memories however, weren't surrounded with the pain he had expected and feared.

After several hours of wandering around looking at the assorted sea life, Adam suggested they stop in one of the little eating areas spread throughout Shedd's and grab a snack. Adam was smiling from ear to ear and Geoff was hard pressed to keep from laughing at him. As they took a seat in a fairly secluded booth Adam looked at Geoff, watching him silently for a few moments.

"Are you ok Geoff?" Adam finally asked, his voice concerned. "You've been a little more quiet than normal today." Adam paused for a few seconds. "At times you've looked pretty distracted. Apprehensive even."

Geoff looked down at the table for a few seconds, and then looked back up into Adam's eyes. "I'm sorry," Geoff apologized. "I was trying to keep that from showing. I wanted you to enjoy yourself."

"Don't apologize," Adam answered quickly trying to reassure Geoff. "I'm sorry you aren't enjoying the place. We can go."

"Oh, no Adam," Geoff said smiling at him. "You don't understand. I AM enjoying myself. I admit I was a little, uh, concerned I guess, about how I would be here."

Adam stared at Geoff, confusion evident on his face. "Why?" Adam finally asked.

Geoff gave Adam a little sad smile. "This was Scott's favorite place in the whole world," Geoff answered after a few seconds, his eyes growing distant. "I think he loved this place even more than you do."

"Scott was the guy you used to be involved with?" Adam asked quietly. "I'm sorry," Adam quickly apologized. "You don't have to talk about this if you don't want."

Geoff refocused his eyes on Adam smiling again. "No, it's ok," Geoff answered. "I should have told you about him a long time ago instead of changing the subject all the time." Geoff paused for a seconds. "You deserve better than me avoiding it and leaving you guessing all these times."

Geoff was quiet for a few moments, his eyes growing a little distant as he stared off into space seeing memories of the past. "I met Scott in college," Geoff began hesitantly, his voice quiet. "He was the first openly gay man I had ever met, although I didn't know he was gay for several weeks." Geoff focused his eyes on Adam grinning ruefully. "I know that sounds a little absurd, but I come from a very small mid-western town where they still roll up the streets at night. I'm sure there were other gay people that lived there, but none were open about it and I sure as hell didn't know of any of them."

"Anyway," Geoff continued, "Scott was a guy's guy and I never suspected he was gay. I'd grown up only seeing the typical gay stereotype in the media and Scott sure didn't fit that mode. I only found out he was gay when he kissed me one night, which totally freaked me out." Geoff said chuckling a little at the memory.

"I was your average suppressed, confused and closeted gay young man in deep denial about my sexuality. And Scott totally blew me away." Geoff paused again smiling faintly. "I think I was in love with him from the moment I met him and just wouldn't admit it to myself. I was still trying to convince myself that I was straight."

"To me at the time, being gay was the worst thing possible," Geoff admitted looking into Adam's eyes, trying to explain. "Like I said, I didn't know any gay people. The only thing I had to go on were the movies and TV shows. And you know how we get portrayed there. Either we are drama filled drag queens or effeminate sissy boys. Or worse, they cast us as sex crazed lunatics. And none of that was me - it wasn't who I am at all." Geoff sighed. "All I wanted was to just be a normal guy. And being gay didn't seem to fit with that."

Geoff smiled again. "And then Scott kissed me," he continued. "And Scott was the last guy I ever expected to like other guys. He played sports and was athletic, drank beer, and a good time for him was just sitting around shooting the shit with the guys." Geoff laughed a little shaking his head at his younger self. "Sounds stupid now I know, but I just couldn't reconcile in my head how this typical guy could kiss another guy."

Geoff paused again, looking off into space. "God! He was so patient with me," Geoff explained, his eyes distant again. "I honestly don't know how he kept from beating the shit out of me while I tried to figure it all out. Figure us out." Geoff looked again into Adam's eyes. "You see, Scott had already decided that we were going to be a couple. He was just waiting for me to get my shit together." Geoff paused again, taking a drink as he attempted to organize his thoughts.

Adam smiled encouragingly at him as Geoff paused once again. Adam had been staring intently at Geoff listening raptly at this somewhat disjointed tale. Adam somehow knew that he was the only one who had ever heard all of this from Geoff directly and he was honored that Geoff would attempt to share so much with him.

Geoff took up his story once again. "It took a while for me to get it all straightened out in my head," Geoff chuckled again. "I was one messed up little puppy back then. Guess some things never change huh?" Geoff said self deprecatingly. "But eventually I got it figured out and Scott and I became a real couple instead of that whatever we had when we first met. It was the best. I didn't know I could ever be that happy," Geoff said quietly, starting to choke up.

Geoff paused again, taking another drink to swallow the lump that seemed to have magically appeared in his throat. "I was so happy, but really we were just...an ordinary couple," Geoff finally continued. "Nothing really spectacular. We got jobs and an apartment. Sweated over the bills and trying to make ends meet. Spent evenings at home camped out in front of the TV watching the game. Argued and loved just like any other couple. And it was the most magical time of my life." Geoff seemed to lose himself in his memories, an almost radiant smile across his face.

Geoff abruptly looked into Adam's eyes, his voice suddenly becoming tinged with repressed rage. "And then about six years ago it was all taken away from me by some fucking idiot drunk driver. The bastard pulled onto the interstate going the wrong way and was doing at least ninety." Geoff shuddered as a sob escaped from him. "Scott didn't have a chance. Died on impact."

Geoff looked away again, reluctant to meet Adam's eyes until he got himself back in control. After several minutes Geoff turned back to Adam and continued. "My whole world ended that day. I'm still trying to pick up the pieces truthfully. There are so many things I haven't been able to make myself do since Scott died. So many places I couldn't bear to see again. It's the reason I was scared to come here today. This was one of Scott's favorite places. He'd make me come visit each and every time we were in Chicago." Geoff smiled a sad little smile. "Not that I really minded no matter how much I gruffed at him. I loved watching how excited he'd get just wandering around this place. In that regard you remind me a lot of him."

Adam stared at Geoff, emotions playing across his face. "Oh Geoff!" Adam nearly wailed hurting for Geoff and his pain. "I'm so sorry. I never would have brought you here if I had known. I never meant to cause you pain."

"No," Geoff broke in over Adam's apology, smiling at him. "No, it's ok. Yes I was scared of the memories this place would dredge up. And being here did bring out a lot of memories, but they were good ones. They were memories of all the happiness Scott and I shared here. Watching you having so much fun, seeing you so excited at each of the displays, it reminded me of how much Scott loved this place. It reminded me of all the good times we had here. If I have been quiet today, it wasn't because I was miserable. It was because I was remembering the happiness here. I was scared to come here, but I think it's time I started facing some of those fears and maybe letting go of some of that pain." Geoff looked down at the table a little shyly. "Scott would have kicked my ass if he had known how long I was going to hold on to all that hurt."

Adam stared at Geoff, a little awed by the strength he saw there. He was at a loss for what to say, nothing really seemed adequate to express how he felt that Geoff had shared all of this with him. "Thank you for telling me all of this," Adam finally said sincerely to Geoff. "It means a lot to me."

Geoff looked into Adam's eyes warmly. "Thank you for listening to it. And for helping me face some of those old pains." Geoff grinned suddenly at Adam. "Lets go back and look at the center tank. I know you're dying to!"

Adam's eyes lit up eagerly and a smile spread across his face that could have lit the entire city. Geoff started laughing as Adam's eagerness caused him to nearly start to vibrate. "Just like Scott," Geoff said fondly as they got up and made their way from the eating area. Adam finally gave in to his inner boy and grabbed Geoff's hand to pull him along laughing.

Once they had made their way back to the center tank Adam stood staring raptly once again at the fish and other sea life it contained, his eyes sparkling with pleasure. Absently he reached behind him to grab Geoff's arms and pull them around him in a hug wanting to somehow transmit his joy through their physical touch. Geoff smiled to himself as he complied, wrapping his arms around Adam and resting his chin against his shoulder, content to watch as Adam mesmerized himself with the sea creature's activities.

Finally, after a fairly long time, Adam pulled himself back to reality and turned his head slightly to look at Geoff. "You have the patience of a stone to put up with my fish obsession this long," Adam said laughing. "Kim has usually kicked me a few dozen times by now when I lose myself like this. That is when I can drag her into this place to start with."

"You're no worse than Scott used to be," Geoff answered grinning. "Only difference I can really see is you don't tease me for using your shoulder as a chin rest. He'd always tease me that I drooled on him," Geoff laughed.

Adam laughed along with Geoff for a few minutes. "I guess we should probably get going," Adam said a little reluctantly, glancing back longingly at the fish. "They are going to be closing here in a few minutes and it will be a mad house trying to get out."

"Ok," Geoff agreed smiling as Adam lingered a few more minutes staring at the fish. "Thanks for bringing me here today." Geoff said as Adam finally tore himself away and they headed towards the exit.

"I should be thanking you," Adam promptly answered. "I don't find too many people willing to still come here with me anymore," Adam continued grinning. "Why don't I reward you by cooking a couple steaks on the grill back at my place. We can eat some cow, drink some suds and maybe watch a movie if anything's on."

"Sounds real good to me," Geoff replied grinning. "I like your idea of a reward! Will you let me take my shoes off and stretch out if I let you babble about the fish on the way home?" Geoff said teasingly.

Adam laughed back at Geoff. "If you let me babble about the fishies I'll let you strip me naked and take pictures while I dance a hula for you!" Adam offered grinning.

"Damn!" Geoff answered in mock regret. "And here I forgot to bring my camera!"

Adam looked at Geoff with a fake serious expression on his face. "Well," he said to Geoff faking regret, "No great loss I'd say. Watching me do the hula would probably make you lose your cookies anyway."

Adam and Geoff looked at each other trying to hold back their grins and finally both busted out laughing at each other. The rest of the short trip back to Adam's house was spent laughing and joking with each other and it seemed only moment later when Adam pulled into his driveway. Adam directed Geoff towards the backyard as he went briefly into the house to grab a couple of steaks.

Geoff wandered around to the back of the house and took a seat in one of the lounge chairs he found there. It was obvious that Adam spent quite a bit of time back there and the small patio was set up very comfortably. After only a few minutes Adam walked out the back door carrying his cooking gear and a couple open bottles of beer, handing one to Geoff in passing.

"Uh," Adam began sounding a little apologetic, "how do you like your steak cooked?" Adam sounded a little hesitant as he looked at Geoff with a strange expression on his face.

"Well done," Geoff answered a little confused at Adams actions.

"Oh thank god," Adam muttered as he turned to throw the steaks on the grill along with a couple of foil wrapped potatoes. Adam turned back to look at Geoff a little sheepishly. "I've never been able to figure out how to tell when something is cooked rare or medium. So all my steaks end up well done," he explained smiling wryly. Geoff couldn't help laughing at Adam's shame faced admission and after a couple seconds Adam joined in. "This is why I'm not a chef!" Adam finally managed to get out between laughs.

Adam took a seat on the lounge chair next to Geoff and the two sat quietly for a few minutes, just enjoying the evening. Geoff was a little surprised at just how comfortable he felt sitting quietly with Adam and not needing to say a thing. Normally if he was in a social situation a stretch of silence like the one he was currently sharing with Adam would have made him nervous. But this quiet time with Adam felt peaceful and had a profoundly calming effect on Geoff.

After a short time Adam got back up to check the food and decided it was done. Geoff grabbed the two plates that Adam had brought out with him along with the other cooking items and held them up as Adam transferred the steaks and potatoes to them. They had decided to eat inside to avoid the odd stray bug and Adam waived Geoff on inside as he stayed behind for the few minutes to turn off the grill and tidy up. A few minutes later Adam walked inside holding his cooking gear and put on a fake scowl.

"We are men!" Adam declared in a deep voice, throwing out his chest. "We have played with fire. We have cooked cow. Now we eat!!

"You nut!" Geoff laughed taking a seat. "But it does look good, Caveman."

Adam laughed back as he took a seat across from Geoff and they fell to eating with gusto. They finished off their meal quickly exchanging lighthearted stories and laughing. Cleaning up afterwards only took a few minutes and then each grabbing another beer, they headed towards the living room to see if anything worth watching was on TV.

"What do you feel like watching," Adam asked as he idly flipped through the channels. "Do you like the old classic horror movies? There's a local channel that usually plays one over the weekend."

"Sure, that sounds good," Geoff agreed not really caring what they watched as Adam settled on a station playing a classic vampire story. The show was old enough that it was still in black and white, but that didn't matter to Geoff since he rather enjoyed the old classics. Geoff smiled as he realized that Adam must hold them fondly in his heart too since Adam seemed to almost instantly be caught up in the movie, smiling and unconsciously showing off his dimples in pleasure.

Geoff couldn't keep his mind focused on the show they were watching. Out of the corner of his eye he kept glancing at Adam, watching his every move and expression, fascinated by his every aspect. It had been a long time since Geoff had felt like this about anyone and those feelings were dredging up things in Geoff that he had thought died long ago. What he was feeling, had been feeling since he first met Adam, was exciting and intoxicating and a little terrifying at the same time. Geoff knew he was standing on the very edge of a cliff and his every instinct, all his habits told him to back away. And yet those impulses he'd been feeling since meeting Adam told him to leap and damn the consequences.

Adam turned to look at Geoff and Geoff blushed slightly as he realized he had been caught staring at him. Adam smiled, his dimples putting a touch of boyish charm on his face and his eyes a sparkling mystery. Slowly, carefully so as not to startle Geoff, Adam leaned in and lightly brushed his lips over Geoff's. Adam's lips teased at Geoff's and Geoff unconsciously responded, opening his mouth slightly and returning the kiss.

Geoff's mind went both blank and burned with an inner fire at one and the same time. It took a few moments for Geoff to comprehend that Adam was kissing him causing all these reactions in him. Adam pulled away slightly, breaking the kiss and looking into Geoff's eyes and Geoff heard himself making a small noise of protest, surprising himself. Hearing the noise Geoff made, Adam's smile returned ten fold.

"I've wanted to do that since you stepped off the plane," Adam said in a low voice sending shivers down Geoff's spine. "Actually I wanted to do a lot more than kiss you. It was all I could do to keep from pouncing on you. I figured getting us arrested for indecent exposure might not be the best first impression though," Adam continued grinning.

Geoff stared into Adam's eyes for a few seconds, trying to force his sluggish brain to respond. Finally giving up he decided to take that leap. "Shut up and kiss me again," Geoff growled huskily.

Finally gaining the permission he had wanted for so long, Adam dived back into kissing Geoff. Their kisses started gently but quickly became much more forceful as need and desire took over both of them. Geoff felt Adam's hands roaming across his chest and stomach, kneading the muscles he found there, and in the process driving Geoff's excitement to a fever pitch. Geoff's own hands were busy exploring Adam's back and attempting to pull him in even closer.

Adam broke away slightly and Geoff groaned in frustration bringing a mischievous smile to Adam's face. Adam began nipping at Geoff's chin and nibbling across his jaw line and then began working his way down his neck towards his chest, slowly pushing Geoff down to stretch out on the couch. Geoff groaned again as he felt Adam lean over him, his fingers leading the way, slowly unbuttoning his shirt so he could nibble at Geoff's flesh directly.

Adam was thoroughly enjoying the sweet torture he was delivering to Geoff and brushed Geoff's hands aside each time Geoff tried to reach in and grab him or to help him open his shirt. The agonizing slowness of his pace was designed to drive Geoff to the edge and keep him there as long as possible and Adam had no intention of letting Geoff hurry that schedule.

Adam continued to nibble and lick his way down Geoff's torso, spending what seemed like hours swirling his tongue around Geoff's nipples, gently sucking on them till Geoff thought he was going to burst into flames from the heat Adam was generating in him. Dimly, somewhere in the back of his mind Geoff felt Adam pull his shirt the rest of the way open and down his arms, removing it entirely before tossing it. And then Geoff felt Adam begin working his way down the rest of his torso. The feeling of Adam's tongue tracing across his abs caused Geoff to draw in his breath sharply as Adam's nibbles seemed to spark bolts of lightening through his body that buried themselves straight in his dick and balls. Then Geoff felt Adam's tongue swirling around his belly button and he heard another animal moan and realized he was uttering those sounds himself.

Geoff felt Adam's fingers fumbling along his fly, seeming equally intent on stroking him through his jeans as he was of opening his jeans. Slowly Adam pulled down Geoff's zipper and pushed his jeans down towards Geoff's knees. Adam then began to mouth Geoff's throbbing dick through the material of his boxer briefs pushing Geoff ever closer to the edge of climax.

Adam pulled away slightly and looked up into Geoff's eyes, grinning impishly once again. Slowly Adam began to work his fingers under the waistband of Geoff's underwear and started to tug them down one agonizing millimeter at a time. After freeing just the head of Geoff's dick Adam paused and flicked his tongue across the sensitive skin causing Geoff to suck in his breath sharply once again. Adam chuckled evilly and went back to slowly tugging Geoff's underwear off, pausing every few seconds to tease Geoff with another flick of his tongue.

Finally, after Geoff was positive every brain cell he possessed had been utterly fired, Adam freed Geoff's dick and pushed his underwear down to join his pants at his knees. Adam paused for a few seconds, taking in the sight of all of Geoff's exposed body and admiring the masculine beauty in front of him. He knew Geoff didn't see it in himself, but Adam thought Geoff was one of the sexiest men he had ever seen.

Adam slowly took Geoff into his mouth, swirling his tongue over the sensitive skin and earning another gasp from Geoff. Adam began massaging Geoff's balls, teasing them and rolling them between his fingers as he began to work Geoff further into his mouth. Adam felt Geoff suck in his breath again and felt Geoff's fingers tangling in his hair. Adam worked his way up and down Geoff's shaft several times, feeling Geoff throb with every increasing tempo and knew Geoff was close to the edge.

Geoff grabbed Adam's head and reluctantly pulled him off his dick. "You have to stop," Geoff managed to gasp. "I want this to last and if you keep this up I'm gonna shoot."

Adam grinned again and managed to run his tongue once more over Geoff's head causing Geoff to gasp once again. Adam let himself be pulled up towards Geoff's mouth and consoled himself by kissing him passionately, exploring every inch of Geoff'' mouth with his tongue. Geoff worked his hands under Adam's shirt and began pulling it up over his head. When Adam's chest was exposed, Geoff allowed his fingers to roam freely over the hard muscles he found there, playing with the slight dusting of hair that fanned over Adam's pecs.

Geoff continued kissing Adam, occasionally breaking away to nibble along Adam's jaw only to be drawn back to Adam's waiting mouth like a starving man. Geoff let his hands explore every inch of Adam's exposed flesh feeling Adam's own hands exploring him. Adam's fingers seemed to be generating an all-consuming fire in Geoff's flesh as they roamed across his body, finding every sensitive spot he possessed.

Geoff was at a fever pitch and he had to explore more of Adam's body before he burst. The need to feel every inch of Adam seemed to take over and demanded to be fulfilled. Geoff began working at Adam's fly, trying to open them so he could explore more of Adam's tantalizing body. Geoff finally got Adam's pants open and wormed his hand down inside, wrestling for a moment with Adam's underwear. Finally Geoff's questing fingers found the prize they had been searching for and he stroked Adam's shaft causing Adam to groan in appreciation.

Geoff continued devouring Adam's mouth with his own, greedily sucking on his tongue and lips even as his fingers continued their dance over Adam's dick. With his other hand Geoff alternated between stroking Adam's back and butt and trying to push Adams pants further down to give himself more access. Geoff grinned as he felt Adam's breath becoming labored and he knew that he was driving Adam to his own heights of pleasure.

After several more minutes of near frenzied groping and kissing Geoff felt Adam shudder as he pulled away slightly. Adam's eyes were lust filled burning coals of desire as he stared straight into Geoff's eyes.

"Why don't we move this to someplace a little more comfortable," Adam suggested with a near animal growl that set every nerve ending Geoff possessed to throbbing. Not trusting his voice to answer, Geoff simply nodded, grinning his own lust-crazed smile.

Adam stood up and helped Geoff, grinning a little as Geoff nearly stumbled with his pants around his knees. "Better fix that," Adam joked as he bent and pushed Geoff's pants and underwear the rest of the way to the floor, kicking them aside. "Besides, I want a chance to look at your body!" Adam said causing Geoff to blush. Having Adam staring at him like a side of beef to a starving bear was a little unnerving but extremely exciting at the same time.

Adam stared at Geoff for a few minutes, admiring the smooth skin stretched over tight muscles in Geoff's body. Adam grinned evilly and reached over to grab Geoff's dick, stroking it a few times. Geoff shuddered slightly at Adam's touch and started to reach over to grab Adam in a kiss. Teasingly, Adam backed away, keeping a hold of Geoff's dick, tugging slightly to get Geoff to follow him. Without thinking Geoff stepped forward, following Adam's hand trying to keep in contact with that teasing touch. Adam stepped back again, grinning impishly and Geoff growled a lust filled growl as he once again stepped forward following Adam's teasing hand.

One step at a time, literally leading Geoff by his dick, Adam led the way towards his bedroom. Adam was thoroughly enjoying the little game he was playing with Geoff and reveled in the low animal moans he elicited from Geoff with his teasing touch. Reaching the edge of his bed, Adam finally let Geoff reach in and hungrily kiss him once again. Adam slowly stroked Geoff's dick while they explored each other's mouths.

With a shudder, Geoff broke off the kiss and surprising Adam, pushed him forcefully to the bed with a low growl. Geoff quickly grabbed at Adam's jeans and pulled them off with one quick jerk and in the process, half pulled Adam's underwear down. Geoff pawed at Adam's underwear, jerking them off with an urgency that burned into Adam's senses. Geoff stood and stared at Adam's naked body for a few seconds with an expression of animal hunger in his eyes. Slowly, Geoff reached down and began running his hands over every inch of Adam's body, no part left untouched for long as his fingers probed every inch. Geoff slowly lowered himself onto Adam's waiting body, taking Adam's dick into one hand and slowly stroking him as his mouth dove for Adam's waiting lips.

Adam's body was quick to respond to Geoff's groping touch and hungry mouth. Adam reached for Geoff's dick with his own hand, wanting to share the feeling building within him and to make Geoff feel just as good as he was feeling. Adam knew that as excited as he was, as much as his body was burning with Geoff's touch it wouldn't take long before he climaxed and he wanted Geoff to reach that place along with him.

After several minutes, and when Adam was within seconds of exploding, Geoff broke his kiss pulling away from Adam slightly. Adam groaned a small noise of frustration as he looked into Geoff's panting face. "I want you inside me," Geoff said to him in a low, animalistic voice. "I want to feel you inside me when you come."

Adam stared into Geoff's hungry eyes, his own crazed needs nearly overcoming him. "Nightstand," Adam finally was able to mutter as he agreed. "Think...condoms there..." Adam gasped, not quite able to form coherent sentences.

Geoff reached over nearly jerking the drawer out in his haste. Quickly locating one of the little foil packets he eagerly tore it open and removed the contents. As he slowly began to roll it down Adam's throbbing cock, he nipped and kissed along Adam's stomach.

"Oh God!" Adam growled, sucking in his breath. "I'm not going to last very long," Adam cautioned as he lay Geoff back onto the mattress. Adam reached into the nightstand himself and pulled out a tube of lube and quickly applied it to Geoff's waiting hole. Adam slowly started to push a finger into Geoff, attempting to prepare him.

"Jesus," Geoff muttered, his chest heaving. "Just do it," Geoff commanded. "Otherwise I'm not going to be able to hold off shooting."

Giving Geoff a leer, Adam took up position and brought Geoff's leg up to wrap around him. Slowly Adam lined his dick up and began to push into Geoff, trying to take his time and not thrust madly like he wanted so badly to do. Inch by inch, Adam slowly sank himself into Geoff's hot body until he was resting against Geoff, fully inside him.

Adam held still for a few seconds, trying to give Geoff time to adjust to having him inside him. Geoff gave a low animal growl, and surprising Adam, he wrapped his legs fully around him pulling him forcefully into him. Adam's surprise quickly turned to lust as he started to thrust in and out in abandon. Adam reached down and began to stroke Geoff's dick forcefully in a fast and furious pace designed to get him off quickly. After only a few strokes Geoff's body seemed to heave and with a loud groan Geoff started shooting long ropes of come across his belly and chest. Geoff's shuddering and clenching body drove Adam over the edge and with a loud cry Adam began pumping his own come deep inside Geoff's body.

After what seemed an eternity of floating in a haze of bliss, Adam slowly pulled himself out of Geoff's heaving body and lay down on top of him, mashing their bodies together. Adam's mouth hungrily dove for Geoff's as he passionately kissed him before laying his head on Geoff's shoulder. Geoff wrapped his arms around Adam pulling him even closer, sharing their warmth as they both drifted into a peaceful sleep.


Geoff felt himself slowly drifting towards consciousness but did nothing to hurry the process. It was very warm and comfortable and he could feel Adam's arm around him, spooning him and holding him tightly. Almost it seemed he could still feel the tingling throughout his body that he had felt the night before while Adam had made love to him. It was a delicious feeling and Geoff was loath to disturb it.

After several more minutes of pleasant drifting, Geoff felt Adam stir next to him and opened his eyes sleepily, smiling as Adam nuzzled softly at his cheek. Geoff shifted slightly, turning towards Adam who busied himself kissing and nibbling at Geoff's stubble covered cheek.

"You're bristly," Adam teased lightly kissing Geoff again. "I'm gonna get razor burn just giving you a kiss."

Geoff blushed a little at the comment. "That doesn't mean you intend to stop does it?" Geoff asked faking a concerned voice.

"Never!" Adam answered promptly giving him another lingering kiss that took Geoff's breath away. Adam eventually came back up for air and pulled back slightly, smiling a little sadly at Geoff. "I can't believe you have to leave today," he said finally giving voice to his feelings. "Somehow it feels like you just got here and also like you've been here forever. It went by way too fast. And yet somehow I can't seem to imagine how it felt like before you got here."

Geoff cocked his head a little, returning Adam's sad smile. "I know what you mean," Geoff answered. "I'm going to miss you like crazy."

Adam sighed then. "I wish you didn't have to go," he said quietly, almost sounding a little lost.

"Me too," Geoff replied sincerely. "But I'm up here fairly often for work. And I can probably manage to make that even more often now. Liz will be thrilled if I pick up a few more of the trips. Save her from having to do them." Geoff grinned mischievously then. "She will wonder why I don't have to spend very much on hotel rooms though!"

Adam grinned at him, laughing. "You'd be willing to brave the big scary plane to come see me?" Adam teased lightly, but couldn't help letting a little of his gratefulness slip into his voice.

"For a chance to get to see you?" Geoff asked staring into Adam's eyes. "Oh yeah," he finished sincerely. "You are definitely worth braving the scary airplane for."

Adam stared back into Geoff's eyes, his eyes shining. "I'm still going to miss you," Adam finally said after a few more minutes of staring at Geoff, his fingers beginning to trace lazy patterns over Geoff's chest. Geoff shivered a little as Adam's wandering fingers sent little bolts of lighting through him. Adam grinned as he caught Geoff's reaction. "You are so fucking cute," Adam told Geoff, letting his fingers wander further and more boldly over Geoff's body.

Adam's fingers were having a definite effect and Geoff felt like his brain had taken fire with desire. Adam's husky voice seemed to set every nerve Geoff possessed to sparking and it seemed his entire body was throbbing with pure want. Geoff shuddered again as a tingling sensation built throughout his body and he reached out to pull Adam to him.

"Uh uh!" Adam chuckled, pushing Geoff's hands away. "I want you to lay back and just enjoy. I want to watch you, admire your body while I jack you off." Geoff blushed deeply making Adam chuckle again. "You are so hot!" Adam said in a low, sexy voice that sent chills down Geoff's spine.

Adam pushed the covers off of Geoff, exposing his body and erect dick. "I want to watch as I get you off," Adam continued, practically purring. Adam's hands wandered freely over Geoff's body, touching and stroking every inch of his body. "Watch as you lose control. I want to watch as your dick shoots come all over your chest and stomach."

Geoff moaned as he heard Adam's plans for him. His whole body was on fire with a need so profound it erased all other thought. Already his breath had become labored and every time Adam let his fingers stroke his dick Geoff felt his entire body spasm.

"So fucking hot," Adam whispered in Geoff's ear setting him even more aflame if possible. "So fucking beautiful." Adam finally took Geoff's dick firmly in his hand stroking him slowly but firmly building Geoff's climax to a fevered pitch. "Shoot for me Geoffy!" Adam whispered softly. "Let me see you come."

Geoff couldn't hold back any longer and with a loud groan he thrust his hip forward as his throbbing dick pumped out long ribbons of come that streaked across his chest and belly. Adam continued stroking his dick, milking every last drop and whispering in his ear, his words seeming to burn themselves across his neurons. Shuddering, Geoff weakly tried to pull Adams' hand from his dick and the sweet torture those stroking fingers were delivering.

Whimpering softly, Geoff finally grabbed Adam's hands holding them still. "You've got to stop or I'm going to pass out," Geoff managed to gasp, his chest still heaving vainly trying to suck in enough breath. Adam delivered one final squeeze to Geoff's dick making him gasp and then released him and leaned over to kiss him deeply.

"That was so damn hot!," Adam told Geoff in a soft, throaty voice making him blush once again. "And you are simply beautiful. So fucking beautiful." The two of them lay in each other's arms for several minutes and Adam continued to alternately kiss Geoff and whisper words of wonder to him.

Without warning, the alarm clock suddenly went off and grumbling Adam reached over to turn it off. "Damn!" Adam hissed looking at the time. "I don't really want to, but I guess we better get up. We can grab a quick shower before we go, but we better get moving so we can get you checked out and meet up with Kim for Lunch before your flight."

Geoff sighed, but then he turned to Adam, his eyes sparkling. "We could save time by showering together!"

Adam started laughing. "Well, I really doubt we save any time, but I sure as hell ain't gonna say no!" Adam said as he led the way to the bathroom and the waiting shower.

Adam turned the water on, adjusting the temperature slightly before stepping in followed closely by Geoff. Geoff stood behind Adam and reaching around him, began to run his hands over Adam's water slicked chest and stomach. Adam leaned back into Geoff appreciatively, groaning slightly. Geoff grinned and slowly letting his hands wander down to begin fondling Adam's erect dick and balls. Adam groaned much more loudly, shuddering slightly.

Adam groaned again and then grabbed Geoff's hands. "We really don't have time to do this properly," Adam told Geoff regretfully.

Geoff chuckled slightly in Adam's ear, blowing softly in it before taking the lobe lightly between his teeth, biting ever so softly and causing Adam to shudder again. "For what I have planned I don't think it's going to take you much time," Geoff whispered as he cupped Adams's balls, rolling them gently between his fingers. "As hard as you are right now," Geoff continued as he lightly stroked Adam's dick, "I think you'll probably be shooting two seconds after I take you into my mouth." Geoff softly bit down on Adam's earlobe again as Adam moaned loudly. "How long do you think you can last when I suck on you," Geoff asked in a low animal voice spinning Adam around to face him. "As soon as your dick hits my hot, wet mouth you're going to lose it."

Adam moaned even louder at those words and Geoff chuckled again, his voice dripping sex. Slowly Geoff began to work his way down Adam's torso with his mouth, licking and nibbling all the way down till he was facing Adam's throbbing dick. Geoff blew a little puff of warm breath across the swollen head and then quickly flicked his tongue over Adam's ridge. Adam gasped a strangled cry as he felt Geoff's wet tongue across his so sensitive skin. Not giving Adam time to catch his breath, Geoff sucked Adam's dick into his mouth, rolling his tongue over the throbbing length, taking him in completely.

As Adam felt Geoff take in his entire length he couldn't hold back another strangled cry. And then he felt Geoff's tongue rolling across his flesh, swirling across every tingling nerve ending sending bolts of pure electricity through his body. Crying out Geoff's name, Adam thrust his hips forward slightly and began shooting uncontrollably into Geoff's waiting mouth. Adam thrust forward several more times, each thrust punctuated with another stream of come, and he felt Geoff massaging his balls, coaxing out every drop.

Adam felt Geoff suck hard one more time drawing forth another shudder from his spent body, and then Geoff pulled off his dick and began kissing his way back up his torso. When Geoff was facing him once again Adam saw him smile mischievously for a few seconds. "Told you so!" Geoff teased making Adam laugh tiredly.

Geoff held Adam for several minutes, letting the hot water stream over their bodies. Then, after Adam demonstrated he could support his own weight again, Geoff grabbed the soap and began lathering up Adam's body, slowly running his hands over every inch and then rinsing him off. The Geoff quickly washed himself off while Adam lightly ran his hands over his body, causing Geoff to shiver ever so slightly. The two were smiling constantly at each other and exchanging frequent kisses as they finished up their shower.

"We better haul ass," Adam said as he turned off the water smiling at Geoff. "I don't want to have to explain to Kim why we are late if we don't meet her on time. I'll never live it down!"

Geoff laughed as he caught a towel Adam threw to him and quickly dried off. "You don't think she'll buy it that you were busy getting a blow job?" Geoff teased boldly grinning at Adam.

"Oh she'd buy it," Adam answered laughing. "I just don't want to have her teasing me for the next hundred years is all. Knowing her she'd ask for the play by play too and not stop nagging at us until we told her."

Geoff laughed again as he draped the towel over the shower rod and followed Adam out of the bathroom to dress. Geoff began blushing as he had to wander through the house to pick up his various articles of clothing to put on. He didn't remember them being thrown about quite so much, but then again he had had his mind on other things than where his shirt might land at the time.

Once Geoff had located all of his clothes and dressed, he and Adam jumped in the car and took the short drive to Geoff's hotel. It only took a few minutes for Geoff to gather his items in his room and throw them in his bag, and then only a slightly longer time was spent checking out. "Where are we meeting Kim for lunch?" Geoff asked curiously as they got back in Adam's car.

"At O'Hare," Adam answered with a grimace. "Kim figured it would be easier and faster just to grab a bite at one of their restaurants. She's probably right, but I'd much prefer taking you some place special to say goodbye, just the two of us."

Geoff smiled at Adam knowingly. In truth he felt the same way. If he had to say goodbye to Adam, Geoff really wanted to spend every last second until that time just focusing on him. But it was sweet of Kim to want to see him before he left and he was grateful that Adam's closest friend was going out of her way to make him a part of her life. Geoff just wished it didn't have to interfere with what little time he had left with Adam before leaving.

Kim greeted them as they approached the agreed upon entrance to O'Hare by kissing both of them on the cheek. Geoff noticed that she paused after kissing Adam, staring in his eyes for what seemed barely a second before breaking away. Somehow Geoff knew that Kim had read every emotion Adam was feeling in that single glance and understood the pain he was feeling at parting with Geoff. Indeed, after that brief, intense glance into his eyes, Kim seemed to be going out of her way to be sweet to Adam and refrained from her usual boisterous ways.

Kim led the way into the heart of the airport, chatting non-stop at both of them about every topic but the fact that Geoff was about to leave. Her constant stream of small talk and gossip mostly covered that both Adam and Geoff were unusually quiet and spent most of their time simply staring at each other. In the back of his mind Geoff knew that he was being ridiculous. He'd be able to chat with Adam on IM just as soon as he got home and in all probability would be able to arrange another business trip to Chicago in just a few weeks, or a month at most. But even so Geoff felt like he was leaving a part of himself behind. By the look in Adams eyes it was very apparent that he was having similar feelings.

The conversation at lunch was mostly subdued and neither Geoff nor Adam really tasted anything they ate. Again, Kim carried most of the conversation, but managed to get both of them to talk a little by asking how their trip to Shedd's had gone. Adam actually smiled again as he talked about watching the various fish and Geoff laughed as he confided to Kim how adorable Adam had been romping from tank to tank.

With lunch finally finished, the three of them exited the restaurant and stood in the airport aisle as they made their goodbye. Kim tactfully went first, giving Geoff a big hug and a kiss. "You make sure to get back up here real soon, you hear?" Kim said seriously. "And when you do, you make sure this big goof bring you around to see me too. I don't want to lose touch with you."

Geoff smiled back at her. "Thanks Kim," he answered. "I don't want to lose touch with you either. I need someone to help me keep an eye on Adam after all." Adam pushed him lightly, smiling at him. "I had a lot of fun meeting you. Thanks for going out with us." Kim smiled as she gave Geoff another hug and then stepped several feet away so as to give Geoff and Adam an illusion of privacy.

Geoff turned to Adam in time to see Adam bite nervously at his lip. "I'm really going to miss you,' Adam said softly to Geoff, his heart in his eyes. "Let me know as soon as you get home."

"'K," Geoff said, his voice getting a little thick with emotion. "Thanks for...," Geoff paused trying to come up with the words to express himself. "Well, I guess, thanks for everything Adam. It was..." Geoff choked up again. "Oh hell," Geoff finally finished, pulling Adam into a tight embrace. "I'm going to miss you so much. I promise I'll get back here as soon as I can."

Adam squeezed Geoff even tighter, not trusting himself to speak for a few moments. Finally he whispered in Geoff's ear, "Ok," not able to get anything else out around the lump in his throat. The two continued to hold each other for a few more seconds and then a voice over the loudspeaker called Geoff's flight.

Geoff squeezed Adam even more tightly, whispering, "That's my flight." Adam couldn't answer and just shook his head letting Geoff know he heard. Geoff held the embrace a couple more seconds and then broke away. "I better get going or I'm going to end up bawling here in a minute." Geoff forced a grin on his face. "We already established I'm not one of those drama queen gay guys."

Adam couldn't help himself and laughed in spite of feeling like his heart was breaking. "Have a good flight Geoff. I'll see you real soon," Adam finally managed to croak out.

Geoff just nodded his head one last time, smiled weakly at Adam, and then abruptly turned to head towards the gate, pausing along the way to glance back once. Both Adam and Kim waved when he did and then stood watching as he continued to walk away.

Kim reached over and touched Adam's shoulder. "Hey," she asked concerned. "You ok?"

"No," Adam replied, looking over at Kim, anguish in his eyes. "I'm not." Adam stared at Kim for only a few seconds, pain obvious in his expression, before turning and running down the corridor towards Geoff's retreating figure. Dodging between bystanders and stammering harried apologies to those he jostled against, Adam ran hell bent on catching Geoff and stopping him.

Finally, after leaving a wave of chaos at his back, Adam reached Geoff and grabbed his shoulder. Spinning Geoff around, Adam stared into Geoff's eyes, breathless and unable to speak.

"Adam," Geoff asked confused. "What is it?"

"Stay." Adam blurted, his voice was thick with barely contained emotions as he answered Geoff. "Don't go! Please, just stay." Adam pleaded, his eyes starting to water. "I know it's sudden. I know it scares you to act so impulsively. I know. But I don't want you to leave. Please."

Geoff closed his eyes involuntarily trying to hold his racing mind in check. A slight shiver ran through his body as Adam pleaded with him.

"I think we could be good together, for each other," Adam continued, his words almost tumbling over each other. "You are everything I have ever looked for. I feel like I have known you forever. You've become my best friend, a piece of me. And I don't want to let that go. I don't want to go back to just exchanging emails and instant messages. I don't want to give up having you here, physically with me. Not ever. Tell me you don't feel the same."

Geoff couldn't answer. Adam meant so much to him and made him feel things he thought had died away so long ago. And the intensity of his feelings scared him. Geoff looked down at the floor, swallowing hard, trying to keep himself in check.

"Please stay," Adam pleaded quietly, drawing closer to Geoff. "Stay with me." Adam reached over, touching Geoff's arm lightly. "Don't leave me here alone, wanting you, loving you, and not being able to have you.," Adam's voice was barely a breath. "Stay with me always."

Geoff was quiet for a few moments, staring at the floor, trembling slightly. Finally he looked up, raw emotion playing across his face, his eyes sparkling with unshed tears. "My boss is going to be so mad," Geoff finally answered, smiling at Adam.